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Welcome To Russell Brunson’s Marketing Secrets Podcast. So, the big question is this, “How are entrepreneurs like us, who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital, who are spending money from our own wallets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and services and things that we believe in out to the world… and yet still remain profitable?” That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Russell Brunson, and welcome to
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Nov 28, 2016

Important insights on developing your future based mission.

In this episode Russell talks about starting a supplement business with a friend and some of the challenges he faced with naming it. He also talks about what inspired him to name it what he did and how he will achieve a cult following.

Here are some cool things you will hear in this episode:

  • Why Russell decided to get into the supplement business again.
  • Who Russell plans to sell supplements to and how he came up with a name.
  • And What Steve Jobs quote helped inspire his vision for the business.

So listen below to hear how Russell plans to build a community with his new supplement business.


Hey everyone, good morning and welcome back to Marketing In Your Car, I’m so glad to have you guys here today. It’s been a little while. We just got done with our Thanksgiving vacation, instead of doing what normal, sane people do and stay home and make turkey we decided to take our kids on a Disney Cruise, which was a lot of fun. other than more than half of my kids throwing up on the boat, which is a story for another day. But it was awesome, we had a good time.  Glad to be back now, getting back to work.

Pretty much, last night after spending a week off, I plotted out world domination and I have a blueprint and game plan and it is insanely exciting, so I’m excited to get to the office and executing on said blueprint. Because it’s going to be amazing. And my goal is to get all of them before the live event, which is 3 months away. By the way, last year we were pushing tickets all the way to the last week or two. I think we’re going to sell out today. Today we raise the price, because it’s black Friday today, and so we’re raising the price at midnight and I do not think we’ll have enough tickets to keep selling after the price raise, so it may just sell out today, which is insane because it’s getting bigger every year. So I’m excited for that.

But today, what I want to talk to you guys about, excuse me. I almost did a podcast on the boat two or three times but between puking kids and everything else it just never happened. Been working on my book as you know, we’ve talked a lot about this, I cannot wait for you guys to read this, it’s going to be awesome. But in the book, one of the things I mention a lot is how to build a mass following, and there’s three things. The charismatic leader or attractive character, then there’s the future based vision of where things are going, and then there is the new opportunity. I’ve talked a lot about new opportunity, but today I want to talk about the second piece there which is the future vision and stuff like that.

Because, this is one of the things….I didn’t craft any of things for me initially, but they’ve been crafted as we’ve been growing and it’s been fuel for the fire. So the big part I want to talk about today is, first off, identifying exactly who your market is and from there creating something that calls them out When we first launched Clickfunnels, funnel hackers is what we became. The community became funnel hackers, they identified with that. They got t-shirts that say, “I am a funnel hacker, I funnel hack.” And it became a part of this mass movement, which is kind of cool.

As we launched the funnel hacking event this year we came up with the headline, and not a headline, it’s more like a rallying call that became the headline. It’s funny because the headline initially, I don’t know if I told you this story or not. It was like, “You’re one funnel away from becoming rich.” “You’re one funnel away from quitting your job.” “You’re one funnel away from growing your business to the next level.” And every time we…..every variation of that headline was lame because that’s true for a small percentage of people, but everyone’s different. Then finally I deleted everything, I was about to start writing again, so I deleted everything. It just said, “You’re one funnel away” I looked at it like, that’s it. That’s the rallying call. That’s it.

So I shifted my emails, every email comes now says, “Ps, don’t forget you’re just one funnel away.” The headline from the event, “You’re one funnel away.” I started doing these Facebook Live’s where it’s like the state of the union address and I sign off all of those, “Don’t forget you’re just one funnel away.” Drew Canoli, my buddy who owns Oganify and Life TV, I initially saw him do this with his movement and I thought it was so cool and I was jealous that I didn’t have one, so I got one and I want you all to have one too.

So his was, he always says, “Don’t forget guys, we’re all in this together.” So he gets everyone to be like, we’re all in this together. We’re all losing weight together. We’re all juicing together. We’re all…….it becomes more of a community. We’re all part of this thing. That’s how Drew did his.

So mine now, with the whole, “Don’t forget you’re just one funnel away.” It gives hope and vision. It’s so inspiring, because you hear that and you’re like, even if you failed ten times, “Man, I may have failed ten times, but I’m one funnel away. The next funnel’s going to be the one.” It gives you a reason to keep moving forward and keep driving.

In Clickfunnels side, it’s been fun but recently, one of my buddies, Darin Stevens, who will be speaking at Funnel Hacking Live. A year ago actually, he came to me, “I want to start to do this supplement company.” I was like,” I sold my supplement company. I’m not really interested. Unless it’s a new tropic company, I’m totally obsessed with new tropics, and it would be cool to make supplements for entrepreneurs. I would be totally interested in that.” And I did have some other stipulations like, I don’t actually want to own the company. But I do want royalties on it and stuff like that. He was cool enough to work, it worked out good. We’re basically, I do the cool parts that I like to do, but he gets to do the cool stuff he likes to do. We’re working through some stuff.

One of the very first supplements we’re going to do is, it’s interesting, a supplement I created in the past called Ignite, it was actually based on a supplement one of my buddies did a while ago called Fighter Fuel. It was energy for MMA fighters, which is kind of cool. We found out Fighter Fuel, after he had sold a whole bunch of them, was trademarked, as good entrepreneurs do, we don’t check that out ahead of time, so we had to change the whole thing. So we changed it to Ignite. It was called MMA Ignite. So we went off in the MMA world, but we found out that, I thought MMA would Ignite all the different martial arts, but turns out it pushes all your markets away. So I’m like, crap.

So then we were going to do, maybe we’ll call it Gamer Ignite and go after gamers.  Or call it CrossFit Ignite, go after CrossFitters. So we re-branded again, called it just Ignite, so we could leave it kind of open. But then it was kind of this vague thing. We never sold any. I have a whole warehouse of it. But Clickfunnels was literally built on Ignite. Everyone, that’s how we pulled as many all nighters as we did. If you go back about two years in the podcast when we were launching this puppy, you’ll remember my late nights coming home at 4 in the morning every single night. Ignite is what we used to get through.

So with Darin, I said, “How about Ignite. I love that supplement. It tastes good, people love it, we just never sold it.” At my live events I give it to people all the time, people are trying to order it. I’m like, “We don’t sell it.” They’re like, “But I need it. I’m addicted.” So it’s always a good problem when people are trying to buy something you’re not selling.

So anyway, we decided for the first supplement for our new company we were going to sell Ignite. What’s kind of cool about it, we were trying to go for a long time with a name. I wanted a cool name that would be cool. We couldn’t name, we tried a whole bunch of names that were good names, but nothing that was amazing. Then one night, I was watching Limitless, the TV show. It was actually the pilot and on there he talked about how “when you take NZT it unlocks your mind and you have unlimited potential.” I was like what? Unlimited potential, U P, Up. I was like we should call it UP Brain. So I ran upstairs and bought Up Brain, bought every variation of that domain. So the supplement company is going to be called UP Brain, unlocking the limited potential of your mind, which is kind of cool.

So that’s like the overarching theme of the company but then each supplement is kind of different. We had this Ignite thing, before the cruise we were kind of finishing the boxing. It’s called ignite, but I’m like, “What is this, an energy drink. Who’s it for? Everyone?” That’s the problem with most energy drinks, they’re for everyone. Pre-workouts are for body builders, there’s all sorts of energy drinks, but they’re kind of for everybody. I was like, if we need to carve out our segment, we need to call out our people. This comes back to the cult building 101. We need to call out our people and get them to come to us.

So we’re like, who are our people? Initially I was like, its entrepreneurs. Let’s call it Ignite: Energy for Entrepreneurs. But it’s not entrepreneurs that take this, in my world it’s the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The people inside the company who are helping us drive this vision and mission. I’m like, who are our people? If I can’t call them out, then how am I supposed to advertise to them?

All the sudden, like a bolt of lightning, I had this inspiration. It was a quote from Steve Jobs popped into my head. I’m going to try to read this quote while I’m driving. I’m at a stop sign right now, hopefully this won’t kill my recording. Let me see if I can record this. Hopefully it will work.

The quote says, “Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

I think that was Steve Jobs. It said Steve Jobs before but I was searching for it when I was driving and some other guy’s name came up. But I think it’s Steve Jobs, so I’m quoting Steve Jobs. I said, that’s my rally call. That’s my people. That’s people I want to market to, it’s not body builders or fitness anything, it’s the people who are……what we came up with was people who see things differently. So the supplement is Ignite: Energy for people who see things differently. Then we’ve got Steve Jobs quote on the side. Boom. And then every single packet has Steve Jobs quote on it.

People say, yes that’s me. I see things differently, I’m the rebel. Or whatever, that’s my people. It’s the entrepreneurs, the intrepraneurs, the people who are trying to change the world. That’s who this supplement is going for. So that’s what we came up with. Then it comes back to, how can I make a t-shirt out of this? I need them to be able to self identify with the movement. So the t-shirt says, “ I see things differently.” Boom. How cool is that? I cannot wait to have that shirt and wear it and drink the supplement and have all those pieces come together.

We still want to have the rallying call, the “You’re one funnel away” or “We’re all in this together”. That’s the next step here in the building of a future vision of this new supplement company. I’m excited by it. I hope that you guys are excited to. Just thinking about the things in your business, because they’re the same right. How do we build a movement that’s bigger than us? If you’re thinking your business is a product, you’re going to become transactional and it’s tough. It’s something where you’re constantly looking for the next kill, the next thing.

I have a lot of friends who, that’s their businesses and I love them, but man they’re going……Eat what you kill. And they live off of that and they die off of that. I’ve seen businesses grow and collapse because of that. You really shift your thinking from I’m selling products, transactional things to I’m building a community, a culture, whatever you want to call it. These are some of these elements that come into it, where people self identify with the brand.

I told people with Clickfunnels, I don’t want people thinking Clickfunnels is Russell’s business. I want people thinking Clickfunnels is our company. This is us. I want them to be part of it. And that’s what makes it cool. I want the same thing with the supplements. Yes, I see things differently, that’s why I take these supplements. Because I’m different. I want people to identify with that.

Sorry I’m at four-way stop with tons of construction. That’s why I was able to sit there for so long and read my stuff because…Now I’m going and trying to figure out the route I’m taking a bunch of weird streets.

Anyway, hope that helps you kind of start thinking through those things for your business because with Clickfunnels a lot of things I didn’t think of, luckily we stumbled upon them and as they happened we saw the impact of them, so we tried to engineer those more now that we’re thinking through it. And now, especially with new companies to work with, and people in my inner circle, those are the things we’re talking about. How do we create those things? Because the better you create those things, the more powerful it will be for you and your community. It will take your business from a transactional thing, where you’re hustling for each deal to something where it’s more than that and it become part of people’s lives.

When that happens, that’s when life gets really fun. Think about the products and services that you interact with every single day, they’re not a product to you, they’re part of your life. For me, Clickfunnels is definitely a part of my life. There’s supplements I take that are part of my life. My phone is part of my life. There’s those things that aren’t products for you anymore. My iPhone, and I don’t know if you have this same issue, iPhones have been crapping out lately. I thought it was just mine. Mine would hit 30% and then it just dies. I’m like, Oh, my phone’s dead.

Then someone on Facebook posted and 800 other people were like, it’s happened to me too. So apparently its global. I was telling my wife, “Man, I’m so pissed, my phone keeps collapsing, every time it’s 30% it dies and I have to reboot and recharge it. It’s a huge nightmare.” She’s like, “Oh, we should get Samsung’s.” I’m like, “No. That doesn’t make any sense.” She’s like, “But your phone doesn’t work.” I’m like, “Yeah, but I’m part of this really cool cult. And we all have these phones and it’s cool. I don’t know, it’s different. It’s not transactional at this point.”

So there you go. Hope you guys get some benefit from this, I’m almost to the office, I’m going to bounce. I will talk to you all again soon. Have a great day and remember you’re just one funnel away. Thanks everybody.

Nov 15, 2016

My reasoning behind my recent investment.

On today’s episode Russell talks about being in Scottsdale, Arizona for a $100k Mastermind group. He talks about how he can justify spending so much money and how he believes it will help his business.

Here are a few things you should listen for in this episode:

  • What $100k Mastermind group Russell joined and why he thinks he needs to invest that kind of money in others, so that people will invest in him.
  • How he thinks this Mastermind group will teach him to think differently and how that will help Clickfunnels grow.
  • And what Clickfunnels goal for growth is this year and next year and why it’s so ambitious.

So listen below to find out why Russell is spending $100k to be a part of this Mastermind Group.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Hotel Room. There’s a weird echo. That is why…..I think yesterday I did one from my house. We’re not even in a car anymore, we should change the title of this thing if we’re going to keep this pattern down. Just kidding.

I’m here tonight because I am actually in Scottsdale, Arizona and I’ve had a bunch of people asking me why I’m here, second off, more specifically why am I here? Because I recently joined a part of…..I mean, I’ve been in mastermind groups a lot for ten years now. And I joined Bill Glazer’s back when my business was floundering and I didn’t realize how much it cost to join the mastermind group, all I knew was that I’d gotten some Dan Kennedy cd’s in the mail that were Dan Kennedy talking about his platinum group and I listened to them and it was the most amazing conversation I’d ever heard. So I was like “Holy cow I just wanna be in that room.”

So I called up GKIC the company at the time, I said, “Hey I want to be in Dan’s platinum group. I heard about it and I wanna be in it.” They’re like, “Sorry, it’s sold out for three years.” I’m like, “No I need to be in it.” They’re like, “Sorry.” We keep going back and forth and finally after I bugged them enough, I had a friend on the inside who got me in. And they said, “You’re accepted fine. Here’s the money.” And they sent me the order form and I didn’t realize it, I thought maybe it was 5 grand or something but it was $25 thousand. I was like, “Goll!” So I didn’t have that money, but I didn’t want to tell that after I bragged about how cool I was to get into the group that I couldn’t afford. So I just did it.

And I jumped right in and went to my first event and I thought it was Dan Kennedy’s mastermind group, and I got there and Dan Kennedy was nowhere to be seen. There was this old guy in the back, who later became one of my first real mentor. His name was Bill Glazer and he’s someone I love and respect a ton. He’s like my marketing dad. And he was in the room and I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down, and it was my first mastermind. The experience at first it confused me and then it transformed me.

For the next six years I was in that mastermind group and it went from having a tiny business to making a million dollars a year to making ten million dollars a year to losing it all and then growing it back up. Kind of this huge cycle of my life, it was awesome. Then Bill sold the company and I decided to not keep going to it. I was looking for other mastermind groups, and I joined a couple other ones. I won’t mention their names because none of them were that awesome. I plugged in and there were pieces that were good and people that were good, but it was just never home for me. So I tried a couple of times and just didn’t have any luck.

Finally I was like, “you know what? If I’m going to do this, I need to create it. I don’t think there’s anyone who’s created what I wanted. So that’s when I created my Inner Circle which has become amazing. As you know, last month, or this month, we did 8 days of meetings that were a hundred people in the Inner Circle. We have 4 groups of 25 and it’s just amazing. I facilitate mine very similar to how Bill Glazer used to facilitate his. Although at this meeting, the last meeting we had, Garrett White came and added some really cool things, we’re going to start adding to our meetings. So it was really awesome.

So it’s been really, really good but at the same time it’s really hard. When it’s your event you have to be on the whole time. You don’t get to sit back and just be there. So I kind of miss that. And I was hoping and looking and joined a couple other programs, and I even…..and I’ll say this now. I joined Joe Polishes 25k group, and if I’m completely honest the networking was amazing. I would say the networking is second to none. But I didn’t get what I…..what I want a mastermind for is different. Networking is good, but that’s not why I’m there.

I’m there because I’m trying to learn in a different plane, different level, different vibration, whatever you want to call it. Learn on a different level and I never got that in 25k. So I wasn’t planning on renewing and then I was there, they offered this 100 thousand dollar thing, so I thought about it for 5 seconds and I said I’m in.

A couple reasons why and I want to share them with you because hopefully it will help you understand why I’m here and hopefully it will give you guys permission to invest back into yourselves. The first reason is Joe Polish is running it with Dean Graziosi. Dean has been on more successful infomercials, has done more successful infomercials than anyone I have ever met. And he’s done it with books in the financial space, which is “hey, by the way, I have a book coming out in financial” or the how to make money space. Similar.

Part of me wants to do an infomercial or a radio deal and he’s been crazy successful in infomercials and radio and events and a bunch of things that is in the avenue of business I’m a part of, so that gets me excited. Second Joe Polish is one of the best network connectors I have ever met in my life. And I didn’t want to lose….I wasn’t planning on rejoining 25k because I didn’t get what I was looking for out of it. But I didn’t want to lose that relationship with Joe because there’s a lot of value there. He’s super cool, and super connected to everybody on planet Earth.

So I was like, I don’t want to lose that relationship and this could be the ability to have that at a higher level. Third thing is that, you know ever since me and other people have 25 thousand dollar group, a lot of people have them and a lot of people get into them. Joe’s is, I know other people have done it, but he was one of the first pones that’s done 100k group. And I thought the people signed up to do a 100k is typically a different caliber of people. Those that can write a check for 100k is a different caliber of person. So it’s going to get me the ability to be in the room with people at a higher level and hopefully plug in and find out the next two days what we get. Hopefully they have some different ideas and different things that are thinking different levels that I typically do. That’s what I’m really excited for, that piece of it.

Then I’m trying to think of the reasons. I know the last one. The last one is one that hopefully will be good for you guys. The last one is because I’ve thought about doing a 100k group before. I don’t know if I will or wont, I have no idea. I’ve thought about it but I was like I can’t ask somebody to give me 100 thousand dollars, if I haven’t given somebody 100 thousand dollars. There’s something about that. After Bill Glazier took my 25 thousand dollars happily I decided I wanted a mastermind group and I sent out an email while I was at the first mastermind group and I got 30 applications and I launched my first mastermind.

Because I’d spent 25 thousand dollars I felt like I had permission to do that. Justin and Tara Williams, when they joined my Inner Circle the first time, they had a $2,000 product, and I think the very first meeting, we were all like,  “You should launch a $25 thousand program.” And I think it was partly because they had done it, they had paid 25 grand, second off, they got permission from all of us and they went and did it. I think they said, I can’t remember the number, but it was like 18 people paid them $25k off the first promotion. They didn’t even have a sales team in place. They just sent some emails and took credit cards, which is nuts. It’s so cool.

But it gave them, the best part, we gave them permission. I think it’s funny how sometimes we’re not congruent with ourselves. We want to ask people to buy stuff, but then we don’t buy things. I have friends who pirate everything. They don’t pay for videos or movies or games or anything. So they’re basically stealing everything and then they’re trying to sell people their products. There’s some kind of incongruence there that, I don’t think it’s possible. I’m sure it’s possible for some people.

I have a friend, there’s this pirating website, and I don’t know the call but, where you can get basically every internet marketing course known to man is on it. You have to have a secret login and then you can download…kind of like Napster back in the day, but it’s kind of like internet marketing Napster. Every product ever is on there.

I had a friend that was on that site and he was downloading everybody’s products and courses and going through them. And he told me that for 5 or 6 years he never made money online, despite the fact he had every course known to man. Then one day he woke up he realized that, “If I’m going to ask people for money, and I’m not willing to pay money then I’m a bad person and I’m not going to be successful. I canceled my membership to the account, deleted the account  and then started buying people’s things. And just by the nature of me no longer stealing and actually investing, people were more willing to invest in me. I grew a company and business because of it.”

So another big part for me is just that. I should be able to invest something like this so that when if I ever someone for 100 thousand dollars, I’m not going to be freaking out because I’ll know, was it worth it for me? I’m going to create something that will be worth it for them. Those are the best couple of reasons. So that is why I joined the 100k group, that’s why I’m here. I’m going to be here the next two days and I’m excited to see what I get, what I learn, if I get any big aha takeaways, I’ll come back and report and share with you the good stuff.

But it’s also good to just step away, I’m so much in the heat of business for a long time, it’ll be nice to sit back and be able to think. That’s what’s happening. That’s why I’m in Scottsdale and that’s why I invested that much money. Hopefully the fruits of this will be good. I’m going to be speaking to the group actually tomorrow about some ninja funnel stuff, which will be really cool.

My real goal of this, some of you guys know, Clickfunnels we just passed 23 thousand active customers, maybe more than that now. We’re trying to get to 30 thousand by the end of the year. We’re getting close. We’re pressing a little. We got a big campaign in December, those things should hit it. And then next year we’re trying to get to 100 thousand. It’s a more than 3x leap, which companies don’t do that. Especially now with DC capital. We did, we set a goal, a big hairy audacious goal.

Anyway, we set the big goal and that’s what we’re trying to do next year. If I’m going to do that I gotta think different. I gotta look at things differently and have a strategy going into it. Some of the people in this room I think are going to be key to that strategy actually  working. We will find out what I will know soon. That’s the game plan. Appreciate you guys, I’m going to go to bed, because I’ll be busy tomorrow and I need to get some rest. Appreciate you all. Thanks for listening and now it’s time for you to go join a 100k group, or 25k group, or 10k or whatever it is for you. Because that investment will somehow magically give you the ability to let people invest in you too. I don’t know how it works, but it does. There you go. Alright you guys, appreciate you all. Have a good night, talk to you all tomorrow.

Nov 14, 2016

What I learned tonight while writing my book.

On this episode Russell talks about editing his upcoming book Expert Secrets, and having a breakthrough by discovering there are only two types of new opportunities.

Here are some of the coolest things you will hear in this episode:

  • Why improvement opportunities don’t work, and you need to position things as a new opportunity.
  • What the difference is between the opportunity switch and the opportunity stack.
  • And why you can’t have the opportunity stack without first having the opportunity switch.

Listen below to see why this breakthrough is game changing stuff.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing At Your Desk. I am not in the car right now but I just gotta share this with somebody and everyone’s asleep so you guys get it.

So I’m working on a book and it’s funny writing a book, it’s so cool. I recommend everyone writing a book at least once in your life. Because it looks at what you do through so many different lenses and angles. So just write a good book, some people just write a book. The entire time writing a book, for me, when I’m writing this book I want it to go down in the histories of time, Dotcom Secrets book the same way. I want them to be evergreen. When I die I want people to read it and be like, “Dang.”

I was telling my kids the other day, “How cool will it be when I’m dead and you actually read my book. Who knows if you’ll be marketing guys or not. But you’ll read it and be like my dad was actually awesome.” That’s the goal. So I’m working on this book and it’s supposed to have the final draft by today. I’m going back through so deep. I’m on page 50, I have 250. Not getting it done today. No way on earth. But it’s okay because… fact, Bowen just came up and said, “Dad you’re only on page 50, supposed to be done today. Are you scared?” I was like, “No, it’s more important that the book is amazing than it’s done on time.” So there you go.

Okay, you guys ready, this is so exciting. Some of this is going to be out of context for some of you guys who haven’t been geeking out with me the whole time on this journey recently. Some of you guys this will be the next step, the next layer. One of the things I’ve been talking a lot about in the Inner Circle, I think I’ve talked about it a bunch on this podcast as well, the difference between an improvement offer and a new opportunity. If we build a mass movement you cannot……not only a mass movement, but if you want to make money, flat out. Improvement offers are horrible.

The analogy I keep using in the book. If you have a Volvo, there’s two things you can do. One is you can sell people how to make this Volvo better. Lets paint it, get the dents out, make the engine run better. Or…do you think people want that? No, they want a new car. That’s the new opportunity. Don’t offer people ways to make them better. If they admit that they’re……If you’re selling, “I’m going to show you how to make yourself better.” The nature of them giving you money, they’re admitting they’ve failed. So it’s a huge hurdle.

Then it’s never inspiring, exciting. They’re just like, “Yeah, this is a little bit better.” So the goal is to always to position what we do as a new opportunity. So I’ve been geeking out talking about a new opportunity. Everyone’s in a different aspect. How do I position my sell as a new opportunity? And I’m like, “That’s a good question.”

Inner Circle, the last two or three weeks, we talked a lot about this in a lot depth and details with everyone. Iv’e been thinking about it and writing about it. In fact, I spent three hours the other day trying to explain this and in three hours I got one page written, which is why this book’s never going to be done. But if  it ever does get done that page is going to be amazing.

So tonight I had another big breakthrough. I’m trying to think, how do you position your new opportunity? And initially I had ten different ways and I started widdling and I’m like, these two are the same and these are the same. Finally when it all broke down to it, there were only two ways to position your new opportunity. So this where it gets good. You guys ready?

So the first way, what I’ve written down here, I’m calling it an opportunity switch, and the second way is called an opportunity stack. I’m just gonna read a couple of paragraphs.

“While there are a lot of ways to start your improvement offers, there are only two ways we can position a new opportunity. There’s an opportunity switch or an opportunity stack. The first thing you need to understand is that when anyone runs into your new opportunity for the very first time, they’re either looking to change from whatever opportunity they are currently using to try to get what they want. Or they are looking at ways to get more from their current opportunity.”

Says opportunity like ten times, I might clean that up a little bit, but regardless, the gist of it is when they come to you, you know the first time they’ve been trying to lose weight, lets say that’s the vehicle they’re going into, “I need to lose weight.” They’re looking around, they’ve tried other things. You’re not the first typically. Or they’re trying to be more happy or make more money, whatever their thing is, you’re not the first.

They’re currently in an opportunity. They’re in a vehicle driving around doing something and they see yours. So when they see they do either one of two things. They’re like, “my car is awesome and I need, I want more from this.” Or they’re like, “I hate my car, I need a new car.”

So it says, “Regardless which of these people you’re talking to the answer for them is your new opportunity. But you need to present differently based on if they’re looking for change or if they’re looking for the same.” So the first opportunity switch. Opportunity switch is like, hey you’re currently doing this, but I’m going to shift and do this instead. O this comes back to, “you’re driving a Volvo and your Volvo sucks. So do present an improvement offer, which is new paint or whatever.

You shift them over and say, “Look your Volvo sucks. We’re selling you a new car. We’re selling you a Ferrari.” Or whatever that new opportunity is. So that’s the opportunity switch. So if your in the weight loss market, you’re like, “you’re on the Atkins diet? The Atkins diet sucks. We’re switching you over here to the Bulletproof diet.” Or whatever that is. You’re shifting the opportunity of whatever they’re doing currently to get their end result to whatever it is you want them to do.

The second thing is an opportunity stack. They already have an opportunity and loving it. You’re saying, “I’m not trying to get rid of this opportunity, I’m trying to stack on top of it.” So let’s just say, you’re an internet marketer, and you’re loving internet marketing but you’re like “I was to invest my wealth.” So I’m stacking. Keep your internet marketing, but we’re going to take some of your money and put it into real estate, stacking opportunity. So that’s kind of an example.

It’s me like, if you got a Volvo I’m like “Cool, I like your Volvo. Keep driving it to your office every single day, but on the weekends you need a Ferrari.” So we sell you a Ferrari.  So it’s stacking opportunities. So I’m doing those and I just wrote that whole section of the book and I’m like cool that breaks them down for you to think through. My position is an opportunity switch or an opportunity stack. And almost every offer, it’s really easy to see how this is an opportunity switch, that’s easy. But the opportunity stacks are harder.

Some things, I feel like everything can be positioned as an opportunity switch, almost. Some things can’t be a stack, if that makes sense. It’s harder. So I started thinking, what should people do? All the sudden I realized, holy crap, so I actually wrote this paragraph and be completely transparent. This book is an opportunity switch. I’m bringing people in, read this book and my goal of the book is to give you an opportunity switch. I want to switch you to my book, if you don’t know it’s called Expert Secrets. I’m shifting you, trying to give you this opportunity switch from whatever you’re doing, you’re in network marketing, real estate, you’re an employee. Whatever it is you’re doing, I want to switch you to have the opportunity to this expert career. I want to make you an expert.

So there’s the switch. Then after they’ve switched and I’ve got them, then I start doing the bolt on opportunity stacks. Now you say I’m an expert, cool. The next opportunity for you is Clickfunnels. I’m going to stack that. You get Clickfunnels and I’m like, the next thing you need is called Funnel Scripts, I’m going to stack that. Then there’s fill your funnel, I’m going to stack that. Then there’s Clickfunnels certify, I’m stacking. This becomes the value ladder.

I’m looking at, if you guys could see my image here, it’ll be in the book I just sketched it out. It’ll be in the book, don’t worry. The front says opportunity…. it’s kind of a value ladder, the front says opportunity switch, it’s got the picture of the expert secrets book. The side says opportunity stack and it’s got a little value ladder. And it’s taking people up and each rung in my value ladder is a stack. So I’m stacking, stacking, stacking all the way up. Isn’t that crazy.

People always ask me, “Russell I’m building my value ladder. Where should I start? Front, back, middle?” Now I know the answer, I never knew the answer before. But the answer is you start your value ladder wherever the opportunity switch happens. Someone come to you initially that’s your first job, is the switch. Now that I’ve switched them, they’re in your value ladder, and you do opportunity stacks. You’re stacking on these opportunities. Holy crap, I don’t know if that made any sense to you guys, but I am freaking out right now.

This is like, it just opened my mind to so much coolness that I didn’t even know was there. So I hope that you got a little bit out of that, if not read the book. But that’s the key you guys. You lead with an opportunity switch, and after they’ve switched then the rest of your value ladder becomes the opportunity stacks. That’s why a lot of people will build 4 or 5 webinars and they’re like “Only one webinar works.” And that’s the reason why.  For the most part, a whole different marketing efforts, depending on paid efforts, should be focusing on one thing, switch.

After they switch and then all the other things will all into that current audience. that’s the transition from cold market, to warm to hot. They come in cold, they get switched, they get warm. And then from the switch they get hot and then you send them up the value ladder. Holy crap this is so cool. So freaking cool, so exciting.

I cannot wait for this book to be done you guys. You are all going to love it. So awesome. So that’s all I got. So what’s your opportunity switch. Think about it, people are coming to you, they’re already driving some vehicle, they’re already doing something to try to get the end goal they want. But they’re probably not happy, so you gotta come in and say, “You’re Volvo is driving you where you want to go, but you’re miserable. Time to get out and go over here. I’ve got a Ferrari.” Or I’ve got a Lambo or a…..whatever, a jeep. Whatever your opportunity is, bring in the opportunity, opportunity switch. Now they’ve switched you can focus on opportunity stacking. Holy crap, game changing stuff.

This books literally going to re-change how selling is done, I think. At least for the people that read it, the rest of the people won’t even know. All of you guys and me, who all geek out on this, we’ll just take over the world. Appreciate you all, thank you for listening, I’m going to get back to work. I will talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody.

Nov 9, 2016

When you look at their intentions, it changes your perspective.

On today’s episode Russell talks about people having good intentions in the aftermath of the US election. He discusses a story he heard at a Tony Robbins event that illustrates why he feels people always have the best intentions in mind, even when they do horrible things.

Here are some interesting things to listen for in this episode:

  • How overhearing a phone call made Russell realize that even someone who was voting for the opposite political party, still had good intentions.
  • Why Russell believes that people don’t inherently have bad intentions.
  • And how that has given Russell an invitation to continue to love friends and family even when he disagrees with their religious and political choices.

So listen below to hear Russell’s thoughts on the election and good intentions.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I hope that you all had a good election night last night. Some probably good, some probably bad, some just confused in the middle. Totally understand that. You know what, this morning I woke up, the sun is shining. My little daughter, Norah did not want me to leave today, so she was crying when I left, she was sad. I drove around to the front of the house she was there and gave me a kiss. So that was….It made the whole day good.

So yesterday was kind of an interesting day. I don’t know if you follow Snapchat, or all the other channels were publishing stuff so you see kind of behind the scenes of what we’re doing. Part of Funnel Hacker TV, one of our episodes with this guy named Robert Jones, who’s super talented man in the beauty space. He was in town and we were filming some videos with him and it was just really cool day.

We werer working on his software and overall a really good day. It was the last free day I have until my book is done. I’m going in the office to lock myself down and do nothing but write my book. It was a fun day and then we came home and the election stuff was, we were eating dinner. And then the kids were all into the election because at school they’d been talking about it. They all had maps out and they were coloring the states as they went to red and blue. It was kind of a fun experience.

Robert and Bart and Sunny were all at our house, then they left and we just sat on the couch with the kids and watched the news. Just watching as the day unfolded. Obviously now at this point, we all know what happened, but it was kind of crazy. We were watching it and we all passed out on the couch. I woke up at about 1:00 or 1:30 in the morning, whenever it was that Trump was giving his speech talking about the fact that he’d won.

And I was watching it and I was like, “Wow.” It’s just kind of crazy. Two days ago the media convinced everyone that there was no way that he would win and then he wins. It was crazy. I was sitting there and I looked at Facebook because I wanted to see everyone’s responses. Honestly it was kind of sad. I saw friends on both sides, yelling at each other and fighting. I just felt kind of a sick feeling. And what was interesting a few hours earlier I had an experience that kind of put this whole crazy thing into perspective for me.

So I opened up Facebook live, and clicked play. I didn’t know what I was going to talk about, but I started talking. Some of you guys may have seen that. I want to kind of go back to that conversation because I think it’s important. I think I was half asleep, so I was watching it this morning and some of the stuff I said, didn’t make sense, wasn’t very concise. So this is my shot to make it permanent on the podcast and hopefully it’ll help some of you guys who are……wherever you may be in your journey right now, with this and with other things.

And basically what I talked about, a few hours earlier that night, Robert Jones and I got in my car and we driving from the office back to my home. And he came over for dinner along with Bart and Sunny. Robert is someone I have so much love and respect for. What he does, how he serves, the value he provides this world. And we obviously do not see eye to eye on some things.

If you look at me, as most of you know at this point, I’m a very devout Mormon on this side. And he’s got very different beliefs and things on the other side. Which is totally cool and it doesn’t bother me. I’ve got friends and family members and partners and things that they completely disagree with me on many things, I completely disagree with them on other things. And that’s why I think it was so important for me.

As we get in the car, we’re driving, he calls his significant other and they were talking, and they were obviously rooting for a different person than I was. I kind of overheard ten seconds of the conversation. They said basically, “Hopefully it will go good, say a prayer and pray for the best.” or something like that. And as I was driving there I was thinking, “Wow.” Because in my mind, I don’t know, I think we get into the heat and the marketing of the elections, which by the way has been really fun. We should do a whole marketing podcast on the election stuff later, could be really fun.

But we get into that and it’s funny because you start perceiving people, I’m thinking candidates specifically as evil. This person is evil because of this and this. And then the other side, this person is evil because……it’s almost how we start perceiving these people. I was thinking about that last night as I was saying prayers with my kids, and praying for what I thought was right for the country and looking at what Robert was praying for and it was completely different. The polar opposite of me. And that’s okay, because Robert’s not evil; the person he’s voting for is not evil. I’m not evil. We’re all acting out of what we think are the best intentions for us, our families, and the country.

And I started thinking more and more about that last night at 1 or 2 in the morning. It got kind of fuzzy after a while. But as I’m thinking this I’m like, you know what, all of us, and I would argue in every situation that we make our choices based on good intent. What we think is best is for us or for our family. Things like that. I don’t think people act out of malice or hate or spite. They do it sometimes, but not because they’re hateful, because they believe that that is the right intent.

Sorry the construction guy I drove past, and he’s giving me thumbs up for my car.

Anyway, they believe that that’s the right intent. I was thinking back, and I’m probably going to slaughter this story and I wish I knew the details better, but the principle’s the same. I was at a Tony Robins event and he was telling this story about one of the Day of destiny’s he was at. Day of destiny has 3 or 4 thousand people in the room and usually have partners and your working through things and you have workbooks.

I guess one of the attendees had written down that his plan was after the event he was going to go home and murder his wife and kids and then commit suicide. The guys partner was looking at his book and was like, “Wow, my partner is an evil person who’s trying to kill his wife and kids and I have to stop him. This guy’s got evil intentions.”

So he goes and finds some of the tony Robin’s staff and says, “Look, this guy is a psychopath over here and you guys should fix him.” So they’re going through the event and Tony finds out about it, and I don’t know the exact details, but Tony does interventions at his events. So he does an intervention because he knows that this guy is going to go home and slaughter his family. If you look at that from the outside, what do you think? How do you feel when I say that? That this man’s intent is to go home and slaughter his family and kill himself?

You think that this guy is a psychopath, this guy is evil, the worst of the worst. So Tony does this intervention with this guy and finding out why. What’s the purpose behind why he’s doing this? What is the underlying issue? Comes and works through the whole thing and finds out when this guy was young, and I can’t remember if his dad died or left or something. But this man’s father had left him and when his father left him, his whole life collapsed.

His mom, it was horrible for his mom, the kids, the family. So much so that he associated his dad leaving as worse than death. He wished he would have died because his life after his dad left was so painful and so horrible, that death for him would have been a release. So this man was in a situation now where he was in a marriage or family that he was not happy with and he knew that he needed to leave.

Whatever that looked like, I don’t know the details. But as he was looking at that he was thinking about his kids that he loved so much. I love my kids, I love my wife, but I have to leave. But if I leave it would be better for them to be dead than for me to leave. Because if I leave it will destroy their life; but I have to leave. So because I love my kids and wife so much, I have to kill them so they don’t go through the pain that I went through. That was his perception of the world.

When you hear it from that lens you’re like, “Wow, this guy, yes, the method and the process were wrong, but the intentions were good.” He honestly thought this is what he needed to do to save his wife and kids.

I think about that with all of us. I don’t think people inherently have bad intentions. I look at history. And I don’t know these people; let’s say the worst of the worst. I think about Hitler and I think about any of these people, what they did was horrifically bad. No excuse, wrong and evil. But in their minds, their intentions were probably not bad. This is what we need to do. The lens that I’m viewing this world through, this is how I’m going to make the world a better place. Yes, the lens and direction were wrong. I’m not excusing that because it’s horrible what happened. But their intention was probably good. And maybe there’s situations where people just really do have bad intentions, it’s probably there, but I think that for the majority, 99.999999% we have good intentions and that’s why we make the decisions we do. What we think is best for us.

I think about, for me, I have close friends and family members who’ve left the church that I love. There’s times that I get sad and angry and frustrated, all those kinds of things, but I look at them and I love them and I love their families. I look at that and I’m like, despite the fact that I don’t feel the direction they’re going is right, I can love them because they have good intentions. They’re not doing this out of malice or hate or anything. It’s because they feel like for them, this is the right direction. So I have to respect that even though I disagree with it because it’s their good intentions. They’re trying to do what’s best with the information they have.

It’s the same with politics, religion. It’s the same with, I think most things. So I hope that as this political hailstorm has ended, that as we’re looking around at our candidates and our friends and family members and people around us who disagree with what we’ve picked, that we remember that. They didn’t pick it because they’re evil, they didn’t pick it because they hate things. They picked it because for them, that was……the intentions were right. They honestly felt that that is the best thing for them.

And I think if we look at that through there, hopefully it will not divide us but make it have more love and respect for each other. But it’s hard. I get that, I understand that, especially when you feel people are doing things that don’t make sense and you don’t agree with it. And sometimes it makes you cry because it’s so painful. We can still love them because we know that they have pure intentions. That’s the key.

I hope that helps. It helped me yesterday. Like I said, when Robert made that comment when he was in my car and I heard it, it gave me a change of heart and more love and respect for him and just for everyone around me. And I hope that this helps you and all of us as well. That’s what I got.

Anyway, now the elections are done, it’s time for us all to get back to work. Because despite the fact that we all voted, no offense, none of your votes really even matter. There was no election, it came down to two people.  Anyway, just joking. The only thing that really matters is what we do, what we give, how we serve. So I recommend all you guys focus on that and continue to have good intentions and continue to try and change the world in the way that you see as right. And as you do that, good things will happen. With that said, appreciate you all. Have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you guys all again, hopefully tomorrow. Bye everybody.

Nov 8, 2016

If I could sum up the theme of the last eight days, it would be this…

On today’s episode Russell talks about the two biggest take-away’s he got from the Inner Circle.

Here are some of the informative things you will hear in this episode:

  • Why entrepreneurs, including Russell, should focus on just one thing at a time, rather than a thousand things, as they tend to do.
  • Why it’s important to open yourself up and be vulnerable to your audience.
  • And what some of the things you can do to be able to achieve both of those goals.

So listen below to hear about the two most important things Russell learned from this Mastermind Group.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to a late, late night. I guess it’s not that late. You guys have hung out with me when it’s like 4 in the morning. So a kind of late night of Marketing In Your Car. Alright, it’s 10:15 I’m driving home from Barbacoa. If you guys ever come to Boise Barbacoa is by far the best restaurant here. We had a group of some of the people in our...anyway, they came to dinner with us. Sorry my brain is so fried.

It’s been insane the last, and you guys heard me talk about this, but over the last two weeks, we’ve done four mastermind groups of 25 entrepreneurs in each group so we’ve had a hundred entrepreneurs come through. And what’s amazing, compressing decades into days is literally happening. It’s insane. I was able to get insights from a hundred different business owners on what’s working right now and get feedback on ideas. There’s so much gold and so many little tangible takeaway’s that I wish we had 8 days and I could share them all with you guys.

But I thought you might be interested in, “Russell, what’s the core thing?” People always ask me, “Where do you think internet marketing is going? What’s on your mind right now?” But it’s crazy because there were two definite things over the last 8 days. What’s cool is the last two days Garrett White and his wife attended the inner circle the last two days and so for those of you who know Garrett, he’s pretty intense and it was just cool because a lot of stuff we’ve been talking about everyday were dramatically amplified in this last two days. He brought a bunch of cool tools and things that we’re going to be adding into Inner Circle meetings from now because it had a huge impact.

Anyway, there were two core things that if I was to give you the most important pieces of this, and I feel bad because no matter how cool I try to make these sound you are going to be like, “Oh cool. Awesome. That sounds great.” But it’s like when you see it happening in the room, when you see an entrepreneur who’s trying to so hard to not only change the world but to change themselves. And there’s this pressure and this stuff we’re hitting against and you see when this is given to them, it’s this release and I can’t tell you how many people broke down in tears, myself included over the last 8 days, which was unique. That’s never happened in my groups before, to be honest. But it happened consistently, a lot of times because of these two things.

And again, when I share these two things they’re almost going to seem to simple and I don’t want you to dismiss them because of the simplicity. Because they are probably, my guess, are the two issues that most of us, me included, in this have the biggest problem with. So you ready for them? Drum roll please.

In all seriousness, I just wanted to make sure you, I try to build up the drama so that you pay attention, but please pay attention because these are important. The first thing is focusing on one thing. Sounds so simple, we’ve heard it a million times. But all of us entrepreneurs are doing more than one thing. How many things are you doing right now in your business? If it’s more than one, you need to stop. I’m talking to myself right now, and you included. What’s the one thing you’re trying to do?

And it’s kind of a sub-thing from that, I can’t tell you how many people have things that are successful that they stop doing. Whatever’s working, keep doing that. We keep looking for what’s the next thing. It’s just the nature of entrepreneurs. What’s next? We’re adding things we’re layering things, we’re doing things. One of the pro’s and cons of the Dotcom Secrets book, I talk about a concept called the value ladder, which is vitally important to the long term growth of a company, but it’s also one of the things that stifles someone from immediate growth because they’re looking at what’s next. So some of those things, it’s important to understand and to know where you’re going, but not to get caught up in this value ladder of, “Whatever is working, I made a thousand bucks last week, gotta build a high ticket item.”

No. just do one thing on the value ladder and master that. Make a million dollars on that and then you can go and layer stuff, but don’t do that now. Look at what’s working and do more of that. Just do one thing, focus on one business, one core part of your business and have people on your team focusing on one thing. There’s a million different angles that that matters and is important, but it’s all coming back to what’s the one thing. And if you focus that, you can call it the 80/20 if you want. What’s the 20% that gives you 80% of the results and focus there.

Because for some reason we get caught up in all these things that don’t actually impact or do anything. So that’s number one, focusing on the one thing. And the second thing, and this one’s hard. It’ something I’ve struggled for a long time. Years and years and years. I still struggle with it. It’s something that I don’t think was essential even ten years ago, but now the world we live in today, it’s the only thing that matter. It’s the most important thing. And it is being vulnerable with your audience in all situations. Not just selling, but definitely in selling.

We had people in our group who I’ve known for a long time and for whatever reason, because of the environment and the people and the situation and whatever, were finally willing to get vulnerable and share things with the group that they normally wouldn’t or have never shared before. And because they were vulnerable people connected and it opened up so many things.

Because they opened up and they were vulnerable with me and other people, it was just great. I wish I could share stories but some of them are……they’re all way to personal of stories for me to tell. They’re not my story to tell, so I can’t. But because they shared those stories, they were able to have the breakthroughs that they needed.

And the same thing is in your selling. It’s hard, especially when we’re communicating with our audience, the front that we have, you guys know. Here’s Russell on stage, he’s got stage presence or whatever. There’s this thing, but the reason people connect with me is not because onstage I seem like whatever, it’s because I’m vulnerable, it’s because I share things like this through my podcast and through Snapchat. I share things like that through videos. I’m vulnerable, I open things up. As embarrassing as it is, I’ve cried on video. But that vulnerability is what causes connection, which lets people in and let’s people trust me, which is the reason why I’ve got so many great connections to so many great people, is because of that.

And I think about areas of my life that I’m not happy, it’s primarily tied to me not being willing to be vulnerable. Because I’m afraid of fear or rejection or fill in the blank, whatever fear it is for you. So this isn’t just a business lesson, this is a everything lesson. Being vulnerable, because as soon as you are it softens the people to whatever it is. If you’re trying to build a relationship, or you’re trying to sell something, whatever it is. Trying to build a connection, it’s you opening yourself up and being vulnerable that allows people in.

It’s scary because sometimes people are bad people and when you open things up, they say bad things, do bad things, I get that. But I feel like putting your barriers down and opening yourself up is what allows amazing things to happen. and those two things, it was really coming back down and saying, “Look, focus on one thing, number one. And number two, be open, be vulnerable, share your story and then don’t do it once or twice, but do it consistently.”

It was funny, in the last group, again I wish I could share the stories, but they’re too personal. But someone was talking and it was just Garrett kind of came back and said, “Look, for me to learn my message this is what I had to do. I did a podcast everyday for 600 days. I did warrior weeks, every month for 76 months. I did video on Facebook three times a day for 5 years. I did this and this and this and consistently.” And when he said that I said, “How many Marketing In Your Cars have I done? I’ve probably done, I don’t even know what episode we’re on. 3 or 400. I’ve podcast, I’ve blogged. I’ve done this so many times.” And Garrett asked me, “Why do you keep doing them.” I said, “I’m still trying to learn my message.”

And he’s like, “Do you hear that. Russell’s been doing this for 12 years and is still trying to figure out his message.” So for people that come in and try it once and to dabble and…..”I did a podcast and it didn’t work. I tried a webinar and it didn’t work. I did whatever and it didn’t work.”  The difference between me and them, I didn’t stop. Garrett didn’t stop. The successful people don’t stop. How many webinars did I have to do to learn to discover, to create, whatever you want to call it, the perfect webinar. It was a lot, it’s in the hundreds and hundreds.

The Clickfunnels webinar alone I’ve done at least fifty times. Over and over and over and over again to learn my message, to learn how I tell my stories, to learn all these kinds of things. So if you want to be in this game, you want to succeed in this game and you want to change yourself. You want to change other people. You want to change the world. It’s a commitment, a sacrifice. And again, the two things.  Number one, focus on the one thing, focus on that thing. Number two, focus on consistently doing it over and over and over and over again. And open yourself up and being vulnerable. That’s how you cause those changes.

I hope that helps you guys. Again there’s, laced inside of that, probably a hundred pages of notes for myself and action items and to do’s. Those are definitely the overarching things that I think everybody can gain value from. I wish and hope that someday each of you guys will have a chance to experience our inner circle, not because I want or need money, that’s not the point of this group. But because of the transformation that comes from it. It’s a group I love, I care about all the people in it. I’ve built some friendships and relationships that will last the rest of my life.

I care more than you have known about, about all your businesses. But these ones I have a chance to really affect and be a part of. With that said, someday I hope to have you in our group so you can be part of it, you can experience it at that level. Because that’s where I feel the best transformation I can provide people comes from.

With that said, I’m getting close to home. I’m really tired and kind of thirsty. So I will talk to you guys all again here, very soon. Probably a few days. I need a couple days to chillax. Next week though, next week’s crazy because I have got to finish the Expert Secrets book. I found out for me to have the printed copies in time to give them out to all of the attendees at our live event,, I have to have the final draft to the editor by the end of next week. So I am spending next week in a hard core editing, rewriting, book focusing thing that’s going to be crazy intense, but will be good. So that’s what I’m doing next week, so I’m sure I ‘ll be sharing some of the ups and downs of the immersion week I’ve got next week to finish my book. Appreciate you all, talk to you again soon.

Nov 3, 2016

Holy crap, this works for email too!

On this episode Russell talks about the Perfect Webinar and an epiphany he had involving it while at a recent Inner Circle meeting.

Here are some of the interesting things you should listen for in today’s episode:

  • A quick recap of what The Perfect Webinar is, and what you can get out of it.
  • What one Inner Circle member did with The Perfect Webinar Script and how it inspired Russell.
  • And How Russell plans to use The Perfect Webinar Script in an email sequence.

So listen below to find out why The Perfect Webinar in so perfect, and why it’s not just for webinars.


Hey everyone, good morning, this is Russell Brunson and welcome back to Marketing In Your Car. I’m heading in to day 7 of 8 of our Inner Circle, Mastermind meetings. We got a new group coming through today, which is going to be so awesome. Not gonna lie, I’m a little bit worn out and tired, but I get so fired up by hanging out with these people that it’s all worth it and amazing.

Each new group, it’s interesting there’s such a different dynamic for each group that comes. I get so much different value from each one. Everyone’s like, “Which group is your favorite?” I’m like, “Each one is so unique, there’s so many different reasons. It’s just amazing how it all just works.” Anyway, I don’t know. I’m just grateful and blessed to have a chance to be part of this, and be able to facilitate it. It’s insane. I gotta pinch myself. I can’t believe this is my life right now. I get to hang out with all these amazing people.

So that’s awesome. I’m heading in, so I wanted to give you guys, I’m driving right in the sun, I literally can’t see anything. The car in front of me, I’m just looking at his tires, hoping that he doesn’t slam on his brakes, because I cannot see his brake lights. Anyway if I die, if I crash, that is why. I’m driving into the sun.

Alright, so I got a big insight that I got yesterday that I thought was kind of cool. The Perfect Webinar, as you guys all know, it’s perfect. The only time it doesn’t work is when people screw it up. Because it’s perfect, you don’t mess with the Perfect Webinar. It’s perfect. In fact, if you don’t have a copy of the script yet, got to, I actually owned but it expired somehow and some dude bought it and wanted to sell it back to me for like 20 grand. I’m like, you know what? I’m going to buy perfectwebinarsecrets. Take that, $10.

So if you haven’t got the script go get it. We over the last two and a half years here in the Inner Circle stuff; we’ve gone deep with people. I can’t even tell you how many millionaires have been created from the Perfect Webinar Script, which is so cool. In fact, Expert Secrets, the whole book, is basically focused on building out the perfect webinar, but it goes insane deep. gives you the script and the psychology behind it. When Expert Secrets comes out it’ll give you how to build your cult based on the perfect webinar. So cool. I mean culture. I can’t even wait.

One of the big insights I had yesterday, which was interesting and I’m excited to test and I hope some of you guys will as well. If you look at the Perfect Webinar Structure, it’s based off convincing somebody of one big idea. What’s the one big domino that if I can convince them of this one thing, then they have to give me their money. For example, if I can convince you that you have to have a sales funnel to make money online and that Clickfunnels is the only sales funnel software on earth. If I can convince you of that, then you have to give me money. There’s no other alternatives.

So that’s the goal, every business. How do you create that one belief. If I can get them to believe this, then they have no choice but to join my cult-ture. They have to. So that’d be the first part of Perfect Webinar, and again I talk about it in the original script, I know that. It took two years of working with hundreds and hundreds of people on their webinars to figure that out. That’s number one, figuring out that. What’s the one big domino that if you knock down that domino everything else becomes irrelevant? It either knocks down every domino or they become irrelevant. So that’s the number one thing to figure out for your perfect webinar pitch, or any pitch. I say webinar, because I always talk about webinars. This is actually the point of this podcast that this works outside of webinars. But I digress.

Let me step back, so that second thing after the big domino, I gotta get someone to believe that. So there’s a lot of things we do to cause that belief. Seriously the guy in front of me just stopped in the middle of the road. Come on.

So there’s a lot of things to do. We talked about the epiphany bridge story. We talked about how we tell the stories to get people on the same state that we’re in when we had that epiphany. These are all things I’ve talked about tin the podcast in the past. If you look there are typically 3 core beliefs that keep somebody from believing whatever your big domino is you’re trying to knock over. The first thing is they have to believe in the vehicle you’re trying to convince them. So I had to get people to believe in funnels. Then I had to get them to believe in ketosis. You had to get them to believe in membership sites, whatever it is that have. You have to convince them of the vehicle, the right vehicle. So that’s secret number one, tied to their false belief pattern around the vehicle and convince them the vehicle is right.

After you convince them, yes the vehicle is correct, I do need funnels. Ketosis is a way for me to lose weight, whatever that thing is. Then the second thing that happens, people are like, “That’s cool but I don’t know how to use a funnel.” or “that’s cool but I can’t not eat candy.” So the second one is that you’ve got to break down their false believes about their internal believes. What do they believe about themselves? “I can’t do this because I’m not technical.” Or because, “I don’t have willpower. You gotta convince them, it’s so easy, you can do it. Let me show you why and how.

So the second secret is always tied to a belief in the internal self. Third secret is typically tied to some external thing. Well I believe funnels is the way, I believe I could use Clickfunnels, but I don’t know how to get traffic, so even if I did it wouldn’t matter.

Okay, I believe that ketosis is the way for me to lose weight, I finally believe that I have the will power to do it. The problem is my spouse. My wife makes me chocolate ice cream for breakfast everyday and there’s no way she’s going to stop. Or whatever, what’s the external things you’re going to blame it on? Because after a while people are like, “Well I could do it, but this thing over here is causing me to not have success.” So you gotta figure out what’s the external belief and smash that one too.

And then you transition to the stack, the pitch, the close, all that stuff. There’s like a five minute run-down of the perfect webinar that is hopefully, if it’s the first time you heard it, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. If you’ve gone through a little bit, you’re just like, “oh Russell, just went another level deep.” So I hope that helps. If it didn’t help go get, watch the video and then come back and listen to this and this is just the next layer on top of that.

And again, when the book comes out, it’ll go deep. Deep in a cool way, not like a nerdy deep when you’re so lost and confused where you’re just confused. But deep like, you’re like, “This just gets cooler and cooler every page.” Hopefully. That’s the goal.

So I digress, once again. Sorry ADD coming back. Alright so the whole point of today’s podcast is during Inner Circle I had some epiphany. Obviously I perfected the perfect webinar standing on stages in front of a big audience trying to sell them stuff. Which is the best way to master a skill because what happens when you’re in front of a thousand people trying to sell something? Either they stand up and run to the back of the room and give you money or they don’t. There’s no way to fake that. Everybody can see.

So after being humiliated on stage multiple times, not selling anything. I thought I have to master this. So I spent about two years of my life on this circuit. On the road speaking and perfecting this thing and it’s still always evolved, as you can tell from today, it keeps evolving. But initially it came from me onstage speaking and selling. So that’s kind of where it started and then it transitioned over to tele-seminars, which was awesome and then it transitioned over to webinars.

So I call it Perfect Webinar, but I almost feel like I’m cheapening it by calling it that. In fact, in the book I’m trying a different name for it. It’ll still have the word perfect in it though, because it is perfect. Don’t screw it up. The Perfect Webinar, we’ve done it on stage, teleseminars, webinars. So a little while ago I wanted to see, “I wonder if this work in sales videos?” so I did a couple of sales videos. We did one in our market. We did Funnel University, we did it as a sales video. I just created one for Have It All Moms, which is a weight loss product we’re part of. A couple of other places, and guess what? It worked as a sales video script. In fact, I think it’s superior to any other script ever.

In the DotCom Secrets book I call it, star, story, solution, but it’s not as good as Perfect Webinar. I gotta think of a name because you don’t want to be like, “Here’s my VSL webinar.” No. so obviously VSL is truncated, it’s shorter, stories are faster, but it’s the same pitch. Identical, in fact you’ll be able to see those soon. The Funnel University one’s a longer one. It’s almost like a real webinar. But I’ve done ones on Facebook Live that are shorter. I’ve done ones, Have It All Moms is about a 25 minute video I think. It’s compressed but it’s the same process.

You take them through, what’s the one big domino? What’s the vehicle? What’s the internal believe? What’s the external belief? Move them through the stack and create an irresistible offer. So that’s kind of how it works.

Yesterday, one of the guys showed me that he did a whole product launch, kind of like a product launch but not really. He didn’t want to go create a whole webinar because he’s like, “If I do a webinar and it’s 2 hours long, and I do it and people don’t buy, I don’t know what spot kept them from buying. I didn’t know, so I didn’t want to do a webinar until I figured it out.” So what he did, it’s John Hutchinson by the way, he’s a super cool dude in the financial market. So he went and recorded a video of each thing, so the intro and a video of secret one, secret two, secret three stack, and then close. Then he made it, I’d say a product launch, but it’s not really a product launch.

But he drove people to the first video and they watched it and then on the video it’s like, “click here to go to the next page.” Or “see video number two”. Clicks there, boom takes them now to secret number one, then click to secret two and secret three and then click to close. So what he did, he was watching what happens between video one and video two. Video two and video three. So he could see, where’s the drop off point? What is not inspireing people to go to the next step?

What’s interesting is the transition from video one to video two and video two to video three sucked and three to four, four to five and five to close were amazing. So he’s like, I know the last two thirds of my webinar is flawless but the first third is boring people because they are not progressing at a high enough rate. So he’s going back now and tweaking those things. He’ll keep testing it and eventually turn it into a webinar.

But I thought that was really smart, really intelligent way to think about things and look at things. And while he’s doing that, all the sudden I had this thought. Some of you guys may know this, some of my emails recently have been super long. I hired this dude named Levi and what we’re doing is, when I write emails and I write them out, I don’t know why I hate writing email copy. And I had these cool storied, but I get annoyed writing copy so I just truncate them so they’re not cool. So I hired this guy Levi and I vox him an email. So I’ll send him a ten or fifteen minute vox, he transcribes it, tweaks it, cleans it up and turns into an email, throws it in the auto responder, I read it, make a couple of tweaks, re-read it and click send, which is why I’ve had a whole bunch of these 2,000, 3,000 word emails that are converting like crazy.

Just telling stories, the way I would tell a story if I was talking in person. I thought what if, what if I did the Perfect Webinar as an email sequence? Email number one is addressing the big domino and telling my first epiphany bridge story. Email number two was secret one. Email three, secret two. Blah, blah, blah. Like that. And I was like, “Holy crap this is the perfect webinar in a five day email sequence. This could be as good, if not better than even actually doing the actual webinar.” How insane is that?

So what I’m going to do, I’m going to test this either next week, or the week after. I’m not sure when. I will try to return and report my results to you, but basically I’m going to vox Levi all of the emails in a five email sequence that goes through the perfect webinar and send them out and we’re going to see what happens. My thought is it’s going to be amazing. So I’ll find out, and I’ll report back to you.

The moral of this story is that this perfect webinar script, as perfect as it is for webinars, is the perfect selling script. The perfect selling system, the best way to create and present a pitch or an offer since the history of mankind. I don’t want to take the credit for rediscovering how sales should work, but I’m going to take credit for it right now. Just kidding.

It’s funny, I was trying to hire all these researchers to go and figure out who was the fastest growing non-VC backed SASS platform in the history of the world, and I realized there’s no way to test that because if they’re not VC backed they don’t have to report the numbers so there’s no way to know. I have to realize that I think I am the number one and if I’m not, someone should come challenge me. But I’m going to just tell everyone that I am from now until the rest of time. So if you guys wonder what Clickfunnels is, it’s the fastest growing non-VC backed SASS company in the history of the world. And I’m sticking to that until somebody proves me wrong, because I’m pretty dang sure I’m right.

Same thing with this. I’m going to call this the greatest sales something, something……..nothing cool yet. I’m going to think on that. If any of you guys have an idea, shoot it over to me because I honestly wouldn’t……when I was putting this together, Steven Larsen on our team was like, “this redefines how sales as a whole should be done forever.” I was like, “holy crap, it is.” It’s so amazing. I’m excited for it. I’m proud of it.

I cannot wait for you guys to have the Expert Secrets book, but until then go to, go get the script. It’s $4.95 shipping and handling. It’s free. I think we order form bump the power point slides, which I know that 47% of you will take that, because it’s the greatest up-sell order form bump I’ve ever had. So thanks for that. But you’ll get the power point keynote slides, so you can just rebuild your webinar quickly.

Then there’s an up-sell where we did a three day event on a perfect webinar. I’d recommend getting that too because in that course, at one of our Ignite events I had 100 people in the room and I actually did the perfect webinar live on stage with an audience. We made like $30 grand and everyone watched me do it live and it was super, kind of intimidating and scary. But that whole video’s in there of me doing it. So you can see not only me doing the pitch, but see from how I stand, how I actually deliver it. All that kind of stuff. I hope it helps.

Anyway, I’m at the event center. I gotta bounce. I am one minute early. That’s actually not too shabby. Appreciate you all and we will talk to you guys all again soon.

Nov 2, 2016

You wouldn’t outsource your love making, why would you outsource this?

On today’s episode Russell talks about how the marketing part of running a business is comparable to the sex part of a marriage. He also talks about the upcoming US election and why it will only suck for 5 minutes.

Here are some cool things that you will hear in this episode:

  • Why marketing is so important and why you should never outsource it, much like the love making portion of a marriage.
  • Why outsourcing marketing should only happen once a company has already been well established by a hard working entrepreneur.
  • And how Russell’s experience cutting weight in college when the rules changed is similar to how entrepreneurs will be resilient after the US election.

So listen below to find out why you should never outsource your love making, or your marketing!


Good morning everybody, I hope you’re doing amazing today. I’m feeling a lot better. I gave you guys a podcast yesterday while I was a little bit stressing out. Today’s a new day, it’s beautiful outside. Halloween was amazing, I’m feeling good. So no one will stress about me, pressure is gone and I’m back to a million percent. So I’m really, really excited.

I’m going to be heading out to go hang out with the inner circle members and I can’t wait. The next four days are going to be amazing.  I pinch myself knowing that this is my life. I get to wake up, go hang out with entrepreneurs from around the world who are changing the world in their own little way and they paid me to be here, which is crazy. I would pay to be in this room and I’m hanging out with these rock stars, it’s awesome and I’m loving it.

I’m driving in right now to go hang out with those guys. It’s interesting, I gotta something to share with you guys. I hope that’s alright, I hope you don’t mind. I’ve never really done client work before, until just recently on a couple of projects. Mostly because I’m using my super power, ninja funnel building skills to win friends and influence people. I look at Tony Robins, I built him a funnel. We built Dave Asprey a funnel. We built Milt Strauss a funnel. We built five of Marcus Lemonis’ companies funnels, we built the Flex Watch funnel. With Funnel Hacker TV we’ve been building funnels for people.

Anyway it’s the first time in my life where I’ve done other people’s stuff. Not going to lie, it’s not my most favorite thing on planet earth. I would rather just do my own stuff all day long. But because of circumstances, that’s been happening and I’ve done a bunch. It’s interesting, very, very interesting. In fact, I think I mentioned, I did a rant last week about people wanting me to do their funnels for them and stuff like that.

Yesterday one of my friends, they have a really successful ecommerce business and they lead a blog and did that. Someone on their team is trying to figure out Clickfunnels and that person is frustrated. They started to email us and the subject line was “Clickfunnels limitations.” I thought it was so funny. “The limitations in Clickfunnels is, we can’t up-sell people into our Shopify store.” I can’t even…..It just made me laugh.

Because we built Clickfunnels because of limitations of a traditional shopping cart. You can’t do anything important. All you can do is have a random store with a bunch of crap in it. And this girl is complaining to them and it just got back to me. “Clickfunnels is too limited.” Are you kidding me? The only thing that’s limited…I told them, “This girl sounds awesome, but she’s all concerned about a couple of pennies over here, but if she would just turn her head there’s tens of thousands of dollars over there. And she’s tripping on these pennies because she’s getting all caught up on that. But if you look at it from a different perspective, turn your head a little bit you’re like, ‘Holy crap, wait. Screw those little pennies. There’s a crap ton of money right there. Let’s run that direction instead.”

So I’m trying to explain that to them. And then one thing while I was talking to him, I sent them an email and then I recorded an audio to explain to him a little more. I said something to him, just the top of my head that all the sudden was a big aha moment for me. What I told him, “So you guys have this company that’s doing well and you want to grow it. The problem is you’re outsourcing the marketing.” I understand outsourcing the fulfillment of the marketing, but outsourcing this strategy of the marketing to somebody that doesn’t understand it. If you look at the marketing and the sales, that piece of it, that is the sex of business. It’s the most pleasurable, most fun, best thing in the world. That’s how you get customers. That’s the best part.

Then afterwards you’ve got customers, now you’re going to soccer games, you’re doing homework and all the other stuff, and if your kids are awesome like mine then it’s amazing. But the reality is the best part of business is not the fulfillment of the products, or anything else, it’s the selling. That’s the best part. And I was like, “Literally, right now you are outsourcing your love making. Why on earth would you ever do that? That’s the best, most important part of the entire business. Everything else is just the stuff you have to do so you can go and have sex again.

I apologize for those listening like, “Russell, you’re my nice Mormon friend. Why are you saying these things?” But it’s true. Think about this you guys. That’s what that is, and if you are outsourcing the strategy for your marketing, you are literally outsourcing your love life. How well do you think your marriage is going to be if you are outsourcing that piece? It can’t be good. It doesn’t matter, it cannot be good.

What I’ve found with all these people I’ve built funnels for, not all but for the most part, the one commonality is the entrepreneur is the artist who’s good at doing the thing. So their trying to outsource their love making and they want their company to grow. You cannot do that. You can’t. If you outsource that in your marriage it would not grow. And this is the exact same thing in business.

Again, you could hire people to do that actual fulfillment, but you as the entrepreneur, has to be able to think through the strategy because that’s the key. That’s the most important part of this entire business. People always laugh. “Russell, I’ve got this kind of business, I don’t know if what you do would even work for me.” Are you kidding me? What I do works for every business. It’s the strategy behind it. You can give me any product off the street and I can plug it into one of our strategies and it would work.

I’m driving down the street and I can a payday loan place, a cigar walk-in place, there’s a cabinetry place, an ink place. What else we got? Home furniture, the DMV. For every business there I drove past except for the DMV, their screwed because they’re run by the government, which is a whole other story for a whole other day. Every other business, I don’t care which one, you could hand it to me and I’d plug it into one of our strategies and it would work. Because I understand that piece of it and it’s the most important part.

So I told my friend, I said, “Look the people I like working with are companies that the entrepreneur still runs the business and the entrepreneur is obsessed with the marketing of the business.” And I started thinking about that. Hey tomorrow I get to see the Inner Circle members and guess what? The one commonality with every single person in our Inner Circle is that the entrepreneur still runs the company and the entrepreneur is obsessed with the marketing of the business. And guess what the commonalities between all those companies are? Holy crap, they’re successful.

I don’t care what it is you do right now. You could be selling fish, you could be selling McDonalds, whatever it is does not matter. Until you become obsessed with the marketing of that thing, you’re going to struggle. You will hit plateau’s you will not be able to grow because you’re outsourcing your love making. And until you take that back in and take the responsibility and the own-ness on your shoulders, you are going to struggle consistently until you do that.

So that’s my message for you guys today. If you are an entrepreneur listening to this and you run your company and you’re obsessed with the marketing, which I’m guessing if you’re hanging out and listening to me you probably are a little bit into that. And if not you’re going to be getting more and more into it.

I would say become obsessed with it. That is the only thing that actually matters in a business. So crazy is the fact that in 2008, the economy’s crashing and everything, and my friend works for the marketing department of some company and the economy started collapsing so what do these morons do? They went and they fired the marketing department because it was too expensive.

Do you guys see any problems with that? That’s like driving a car and it’s about to run out of gas, and you’re like, ”Crap, I can’t afford gas.” So you stop putting gas in it. And what happens? The car stops running. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. It’s insane. They fired the marketing team because they were tight on money and the whole company, bankrupt. How do you not see that one coming?

I remember there was a Dennis Leary stand-up comedy thing one time. He was talking about different deaths. He was like, “Did you ever hear of Lou Gehrig? He died of Lou Gehrig’s disease. How did he not see that one coming?” That’s how I feel. Oh crap, our company’s struggling, lets fire marketing and sales. They cost the most. They’re the only ones that actually matter. That’s what gets customers to give you money, which makes everything else work. Everything else is fulfillment. And obviously your fulfillment has got to be good or the customers will not come back to you. You can sell something amazing once, but if the support and fulfillment is not awesome, that’s the other side.

There is value in that, just like after you……in your marriage, then you have kids and your kids are amazing and there’s so much value and blessings that come from that. But if it wasn’t from that act. You cannot have a family unless you have sex, it’s impossible. Look around, there’s a whole bunch of people around. They all got here the exact same process, without any exception. There’s only one way it comes in. Same thing, the only way cash comes into a business, is through this one thing. If you are outsourcing that piece to somebody else then your marriage, your business is in trouble.

So now it is time you guys, to take it back upon yourself and say, “Look, I’ve been trying to outsource this, but I care enough about my business, customers, and the fact that hopefully I want future customers someday, that I’m going to make this my priority.” So the next question, “How do I do that? How do I geek out on this?”

First off, hopefully keep doing what you’re doing. Listening to my podcast, reading my book. There’s other great marketers out there as well that you can geek out on. I’m not saying that I’m the only one, because I’m definitely not. There are people way cooler than me. But plug in somewhere and study and learn and become obsessed and think about it. If you sit there and just think for a while, it’ll be amazing all the ideas that kind of pop into your head. And that’s the core piece you guys. Nothing else really matters. So whatever business you are in, realize that the only business you are really in is the marketing of that thing. It’s the only business that actually matters because the other business of the thing that ou actually do, will not survive long, will not get into the hands of people. Will not change people’s lives or the world unless you become obsessed with the marketing of that thing. That is the commonality among everyone successful that I work with.

It’s funny, I was talking to one of my buddies., BJ Wright, he was talking about how in business there is the is initial lift off time where it takes an entrepreneur with pigheaded disciple who doesn’t have any logic or reasoning to go and to push this thing into orbit. And it’s hard for those of you guys who have done it or are doing it right now, you know it is not easy to lift one of these puppies off the ground. It’s just like there’s a rocket on it. A rocket goes off and you look at the space shuttle, there’s this spaceship and there’s all these huge rockets and so much force and momentum and inertia to get it out of the atmosphere and eventually you get it out into where it’s in orbit. Where it’s not being sucked back down by the gravity of it all. It’s in orbit, hanging out and floating around the world.

At that point you can go plug in the Harvard MBA’s and all the professional people and that kind of stuff. What’s funny is at that point unless they totally screw it up, you’ve got enough momentum, you’ve got enough critical mass that it’s going to survive. I’ve got, I’m going to pick on some companies, one really good example of a company here in Boise. I have so much respect for the people who began it and some of the people who run it. They’re in kind of this boat and it’s Clickbank. Clickbank, there was a time when it took a lot of initial inertia to get it off the ground and get it into orbit. And now it’s up there floating around the world and the moon like a satellite. It’s out there.

It’s amazing how many things that these Harvard MBA’s to bring in to run it, how many things they have done to try to destroy this thing. For those who have used Clickbank over the last 5 or 6 years, you’ve seen it. They’ve done so many things, it’s almost like when Trump gets up and starts talking and says something. You’re just shaking your head like, “Are you serious? You said that? Why don’t you think for 5 seconds before you start talking? It would save everybody a whole bunch of headaches.”

And it’s kind of the same thing. Clickbank does thing after thing and it’s just like, wow. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were already in orbit this whole thing would be crashing into the earth and it would be done. It would be dead. But they have so much critical mass, some entrepreneur’s worked their butts of to get into orbit, no matter what these people do, it’s really hard to break a business. And that’s when you outsource your love making. When it’s in that spot and it’s gonna be alright.

But everything prior to that, it’s got to be you. You are the only one who cares enough to be like the 3 huge rocket things that with the jet that push it into orbit. That’s the hardest part. You can’t pay somebody to do that because they don’t care enough. It’s not just something like……I think that’s why… know how anti-VC money I am, but that’s what screws up most businesses. You get this person with an idea, they then get someone to come in and give them, here’s $5 million. They strap on these rocket engines and it shoots into orbit. Now plug in all the MBA’s and the MBA’s freaking screw it up and it’s not really in orbit because there was no foundation built by an entrepreneur to shove that thing up into the atmosphere. And these companies collapse.

That’s the Dotcom Secrets bubble over and over and over again. Nobody freaking pushed that thing into the atmosphere. Someone just cheated and bought their way in and because of that, these companies collapse. It’s rare that you get companies that survive that.

I got a long ride this morning, you guys. You have to bear with me, we’re at 14 minutes, that’s like twice the length of a normal podcast. I hope that that makes sense. And I hope that it inspires you as the entrepreneur to get your mind back into the marketing of your thing. Because you are the few that will get into orbit and someday it will be up there and you can plug in some MBA’s and they’ll screw it up for you but it won’t matter because you did such a good job getting it off the ground that at that point it doesn’t matter.

But today’s the time for you to become obsessed with the marketing of that thing that you do. And that’s the most important thing you can do. There you go guys. I hope that that helps. I got eleven minutes til Inner Circle starts and I’m stuck in freeway traffic not moving. So my friends in the Inner Circle, if you hear this and I’m not there yet, I apologize, but I’m hustling and I will be there soon.

With that said, you guys, I appreciate you all. Thank you for being entrepreneurs. Thank you for focusing on your marketing. Thank you for caring about your customers because if it wasn’t for people like you, the world would not keep spinning. It would keep spinning literally,  but… would be in trouble.

I’m looking as we’ve got this whole election thing happening in the next week or so, how messed up we really are. There’s no hope. No matter what happens, its bad news blues either way. The only thing we can control is what we do and ho we market our business and how we change people’s lives. So quit focusing on the election, it doesn’t matter, your vote doesn’t count. Just kidding it kind of does. I’m going to vote, don’t worry. Don’t stress about that, it’s so far out of our control. Focus on what is in your control.

The government is going to jack it up. They’re going to give us new rules, a new set to play. It’s like you’re a kid and you’re playing a game with your sister and you’re thrashing her, and she’s like, “Oh wait, the rules just changed.” And she’s changing them and then for a while she starts thrashing you and then you figure out the rules again and then you win.

Wrestling is the same way. When I was in high school, we used to cut a lot of weight. I was cutting about 30 pounds a week. I would weigh in on Monday at 160 and I would wrestle on Friday at 130, so I was cutting tons of weight. Then my senior year two kids actually died. Two or three kids in a month period of time at the college level died cutting weight. So they changed all the rules, which they should. It was great, and it’s been a thing that’s been good for wrestling.

But they had these new set of rules of how to make weight and they were ridiculous at first. I would have had to wrestle heavy weight based on their rules. I was no, I got to be a 165 pounder. So I’m in college and the first year everyone is freaking out because no one can make weight and it’s all jacked up. But then within a couple of months we figured out the system and how to beat it. And even with us beating the system it was still better for wrestling, first off. Don’t say that……’s awesome. We figured out how to bend the rules. What we found out, so the way that……..sorry it’s a long commute, you guys get all the stories in full detail.

So the way that the new rules would work is that basically you come at the beginning of the season and they test your body fat percentage and then you had, they test your body fat percentage, and you had to wait, and then you had to do a hydration test at the same time. And based on that they give you a calculation of what you’re able to cut your weight down to. The problem was, you come in and they take your body fat percentage and that’s first thing. The wrestlers were skinny. I was like 7 percent body fat back then. The more your body fat percentage was, the more weight you are able to cut, because they figure if you’re a 5 percent body fat, what would you be at? And that’s how they figured out the ratio. So what we learned is someone does a pinch test and they have to pinch you, if you flex your muscles, it pops you up about 3 or 4 percent body fat. So we figured out one way to try to tweak the system.

Number two is if any of you right now were to go take a hydration test like the test we had to take, you would fail. It’s literally impossible to pass hydration tests. Unless you sit there and you drink four or five gallons of water right before. So what’s the problem, a gallon of water is 8 pounds. So just to pass hydration test, you basically have to gain 8 pounds, which is all sorts of messed up. So we’d fail our hydration test, but we had so much weight that we couldn’t hit the metrics.

So finally one day, I don’t know who the genius was that figured it out, but somebody figured out, “Hey what if we get super hydrated, drink a whole bunch the night before, come in the next morning, don’t pee, hold all that hydrated pee inside your bladder and then go put on your plastics and cut weight for 12 hours, lose 15,20 pounds, then when you go to do your hydration test you”……because you had to do all three of these things at the same time, body fat, hydration and the pinch test. So then you got this hydrated pee in your body, even though your body is completely dehydrated, but your bladder is full. So basically for 12 hours, you’d have to pee so bad, you were going to die because you just drank a gallon of water the night before. You’re like, I’m going to die literally.

But you have plastics on, weight cutting. 12 hours your cutting weight and you’re trying to hold this pee in, and then you go and you do your hydration first, so you pee and all the pee in your bladder’s completely hydrated because it’s from the night before, and then you pee out 8 gallons, so you lose 8 more pounds and then you lost the other 15 pounds through cutting weight that day, and then you flex on pinch test and move between those three metrics, now you’re able to hit the weight you need to hit.

So it’s like, the rules are going to come out and they’re going to suck, but as soon as we think through we’re going to find a way. And as entrepreneurs that’s what we do, right? I mean, the wrestlers figured it out, and I love my fellow wrestlers, but we’re not the sharpest group of males in the bucket, you know what I mean. So we figured that out, I just know the entrepreneurs, the government is going to jack things up. Raise taxes or change things or do stupid things that only make sense to people that aren’t us, and it’s going to suck for 5 minutes. We’ll figure out a work around and be back to normal. So don’t stress about it, just stress about learning how to market your thing better because that’s the only things that’s really going to matter.

So there you go guys. We are twenty minutes in and I am right close to the hotel. So I’m going to leave for today. Hopefully you got your money’s worth and a whole lot more. Now if you guys ever need to cut weight you know the secret, which is pretty awesome. I hope that helps. Alright guys, I will talk to you soon. See you guys later, bye everybody.

Nov 1, 2016

Intimate, behind-the-scenes, message from Russell to Russell.

On this episode Russell talks about being under a lot of pressure and tries to coach himself through it before turning off “Business Russell mode” and turning on “Dad mode” for his kids’ Halloween activities.

Here are some interesting things you’ll hear in today’s episode:

  • What are some of the things Russell has committed to that are making him feel the pressure.
  • How Russell coaches himself through the pressure and what some of things he can do that will relieve it.
  • And why it’s important to remember that no matter how busy he is, that he should always make time for family.

So listen below to hear how Russell plans to relieve some of the pressure he’s currently under.


Hey everyone this is Russell Brunson and I’m excited to have you here for Marketing In Your Car. It is Halloween, which is my favorite holiday and it’s one day that I look forward to most in the year. It’s funny because so far today has been a tough one. It’s 2:17 and I’m heading to the kids school for the Halloween parade that I’m really looking forward to, and then the Halloween stuff tonight.

I’m just curious, people always ask me all the time, “Russell, how do you get so much stuff done.” And I usually pride myself, I can usually handle a lot of weight on my shoulders, but today collapsed a little bit underneath that weight. I know we don’t normally talk about those kind of things, but I just want to kind of talk through it because it’ll make me feel better probably.

But on the other side, hopefully it helps you guys somehow. Who knows? It’s funny, Dan Gable, he’s the Michael Jordan of wrestling. I was watching a thing one time when he was coaching, you know he was one of the best wrestlers of all time, but also one of the best coaches of all time, of any sport. He won like 20 or 30 NCA championships in a row. Someone asked him I f he believes in pressure. He said, “Well I believe that pressure is there, I just don’t believe in putting myself underneath it.” I think for the most part, I try to take that approach. I’m not putting myself under pressure. Its there, but I’m dodging it. I’m getting around and we just keep moving forward. But today was one of those days where I thought I could get all just hit on my shoulders, and I just couldn’t handle it all. It’s actually good that I’m leaving.

It’s kind of crazy. We had the Inner Circle last week for 4 days, which is so much fun and I love it. It’s hard though at the same time, because it’s four day, pretty much 5, pretty much a whole week that you’re not in the office moving things forward, so there’s stuff happening, especially when you’re running a big company there’s a lot of stuff. And usually we have a couple of weeks between each mastermind, but this time, because the timing sucked, they had to be back to back. In fact, mastermind starts tomorrow. So basically I had one day today, well part of a day, til 2 to get it done, all of last week and all next week.

So basically after that I’m kind of out of commission again. I had a whole bunch of stuff I’m trying to get done. Today was like, “Hey Russell, you’re here.” And the brunt of everything is all falling and its tough because…..oh and then this weekend, we’re trying to get the Expert Secrets book done in time for the live event. And they told me to do that we’d have to have it all done in the next two weeks. Which means I have to have it all done this weeks, which means, we don’t have this week to do it. So I spent all day this weekend editing the book. I spent all day yesterday, and I spent half of today and so far I got the introduction and part of chapter one done. So I’m totally stressing about that because if I don’t have the book for the event, it throws off this huge timeline sequence of events around that, so that’s kind of crazy.

And then for my church, I’ve got two callings. I am the eleven year old scout master, and I’m also the secretary for a group called the Elders Quorum, so that’s two assignments. And then we called yesterday, they called us and asked if my wife and I would take on the ward Christmas party, which means basically you’re in charge of throwing a party for 500 people. Plus my wife also has the company Christmas party a week after that. So it’s like, there’s new pressure there.

If I told you all the things I’m doing, most people wouldn’t believe me. There’s a whole bunch of stuff on the Clickfunnels side. There’s a whole bunch of stuff on the sales side. I’ve got tons of Inner Circle members messaging me questions. It’s fun, I love going back and forth but sometimes it adds up. Right now I’ve got probably 30 messages from Inner circle members on Voxer that I’m behind. Half of them will be here tomorrow so I’m stressing, trying to catch up on those.

And then the Funnel Hacker TV episodes we’ve been filming, it feels like a lot of the entrepreneurs we’re doing stuff for coming back needing help and getting stuck and can’t move through the process and need me to rewrite webinars or review things or check things. And then I got, I feel bad, one of the guys on my team, he wrote a book and wanted me to write the forward for, and I’ve been telling him for two or three months I was going to, but I haven’t had time. So today he was asking me about that, and to meet about something else. All these things and it was just like, all these things just came to a point today where I was like, “I don’t know what to do.”

So yes, I feel pressure. Yes, some day’s it’s tough. Some day’s it’s really, today was really tough. Not gonna lie. It’s funny because I’m so excited to go see my kids in the parade, but I’m feeling guilty because of that. I have so much to do, but what’s the point of doing any of it if I can’t go to my kids Halloween play? That’s kind of where I’m at right now. But I don’t want anyone to be concerned about me.

It’s funny, any time I do a podcast where I kind of rant a little bit, seems like I always get people messaging me trying to help. It’s not that I need that; I just need a place to vent. And hopefully it gives you guys whatever it is you need. Because I know all you guys go through that as well. We all do it, where there’s so many things happening. I’m the king of over committing. I get so excited by things so I say, “Yes, I’ll do this.” And it gets to a point where I can’t handle it all.

Anyway, so before I left the office, there’s a couple of things. I tried to buy myself an extra two weeks on the book, which is relieving pressure. I haven’t heard back, but I just kind of trying to go back to all these commitments that I have and place more realistic timelines, and cutting some things out and do things like that. And it’ll be good. By the time we’ve got mastermind this week, which again, I’m so excited. Two groups are coming, it’s going to be nice. For me to just unplug and stop stressing about everything and just hang out with some amazing entrepreneurs.

It’s funny, I don’t normally care about politics too much, even the stress of this election. Because I’m stressed out if either side wins. I don’t want either of those, the election’s coming. I’m really excited to hang out with entrepreneurs who are trying to change the world, for the next four days. I’m looking forward to that, and it’s going to be good.

I’m just going to kind of…..I think one of the problems that I have, one of the things that make me good at what I do, it also becomes one of the constraints, is I’m really good at placing…I’ve talked about this a lot in different trainings. Lead or Gold. I set deadlines for myself of when things have to happen. Sometimes I forget in my mind that I set those deadlines, and they’re not actual deadlines. So I think it’s me coming back to a lot of my lead or gold deadlines for things I have and re-shifting them, which is against what I tell you guys to do. It’s like, set a lead or gold deadline and don’t deviate from it unless you’re going to kill yourself. I tell you guys that because it’s true for me. When I set a deadline, this has to happen this day. It HAS to happen that day.

It becomes so real for me, that I put myself in insane amounts of pressure because of that. For me, things come back and I just got to tonight, hopefully get some extensions like on the book and a couple of things like that. And then kind of reset some timelines. I gotta get better at telling people no. I get so excited about opportunities and everything that I just say yes to things way too easy. So I gotta get better at the magic word no.

I feel like I’m coaching myself. If one of my Inner Circle members voxed me the last 7 minutes, I know exactly how I’d coach them. So I’m kind of coaching myself as if I’m me. “So Russell, the first thing I would do is, you gotta set realistic expectations. I know you think you’re the man, but you’re not. You can’t survive everything. The second thing I would do is, you gotta go back to the people you made commitments to and you gotta tell some people no, and it’s going to be hard, and it’s going to hurt their feelings sometimes. But it’s not personal, and you know it’s not. You just have to tell them it’s not and you love them. It’s just not possible. You’re going to crack and everything will fall apart for you and for everybody if you don’t. So that’s the second thing I would do.

The third thing, Russell, that you should do is, you need to get your book extension. If you’ve got to pay more money, whatever it takes to just tell them that you gotta make the extension and that you will pay whatever it takes to make that work. And that money will hopefully help solve that problem, get that out of the way. With these other people, you’re working with in Funnel Hacker TV. Remember these are businesses you’re helping with; you’re not doing those businesses, so you need to put the owners back on them. Get them to work harder, get them to think through things. You can’t answer every question for them. And they need to understand that. Let them kind of run with it and just do it. And that’s going to help them grow more. You’re so stressed about them making money that you forget that it’s not about money, it’s about growth for them. And if they don’t grow, every time you take your eye off the focus, it’s all going to collapse on them again. Help them understand that.

Leverage people on your team, everyone wants to help you, and sometimes you’re scared to ask for help because you know that everyone is doing so much anyway and you just think you can add it to your plate and not worry about it, but they’re there to support you and help you so make sure you leverage them. Because again, if you’re not able to handle this, it’s really bad for all of them. They’ve put their lives, and hearts and soul into it as well and it’s important that they do what they need to do and you do what you need to do. And they want you to be there. So those are the things I’d recommend Russell. I hope that helps. We’ll talk soon.”

So that’s how I’d vox myself. So there’s my advice for myself. Hopefully take it for yourself as well. I actually feel a lot better just saying that out loud. So thank you guys for bearing with me. The other things that’s interesting, we talk about hiring consultants all the time and it’s funny, we’re always like, “Well if we’re going to hire a sales consultant, what would we tell ourselves?” And usually we know all the answers. You guys just saw me do it here live, I just consulted myself. You should try consulting yourself the next time you have an issue and you’ll probably solve all your problems.

So with that said, I’m at school. I’m about to run in and go see my kids dressed up  as Halloween costumes, which is going to amazing and a ton of fun. And everything else is going to fade away and I’m going to get into a state and be with my kids and family right now. Business Russell is turning off because none of that stuff actually matters, and Dad is turning on because that’s what matters.

With that said, you guys don’t forget the famous quote from David O McKay. “No success can compensate for failure in the home.” So go to your kids Halloween parties, have some fun. Talk to you guys all again soon.