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Welcome To Russell Brunson’s Marketing Secrets Podcast. So, the big question is this, “How are entrepreneurs like us, who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital, who are spending money from our own wallets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and services and things that we believe in out to the world… and yet still remain profitable?” That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Russell Brunson, and welcome to
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Mar 28, 2014

Over the last 30 days we completely shifted our target market, our ideal customer, and how we communicate with our audience and the results have been amazing…


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to the Marketing in your Car podcast. I hope you guys are having a great day today. I am fired up. It's the last day of spring break so I've been home with the kids. We were juicing, having some fun. Then I'm going to finally head into the office and get some work done.

I want to talk about something that makes me mad that I'm excited about this because I always make fun of this. You know everyone that's into the whole law of attraction thing, attract, put out what you want and it will attract things to you? I remember when the Secret first came out. We all watched it, a bunch of my friends and I. There's parts of it, obviously putting out what you want and attracting stuff back or whatever but I've had an experience this last week that's been really interesting.

I've been talking about this a lot. Those of you guys who have been listening know what I've been doing but we've been really trying to shift our business away from business opportunity seekers and more towards traditional, not traditional but more towards established business. I've spent the last probably eight or nine years focusing on helping people get started in business which has been fun.

It's been fulfilling. You see people who go from nothing to something. It's exciting but it's so much easier to take somebody from good to great than it is from nothing to something. Kind of my big conscious decision over the last year or so has been we want to start working more with traditional business owners. Traditional is not the right word but established businesses, people that are already making money.

That's more appealing to me. We can do a lot more cool stuff, all this advanced stuff that we're doing now. We can add those things to a business and see insane results. If they have a funnel that kind of converts, we tweak it a little bit, boom, we can take it from a one percent to a four or five percent conversion rate.

Then we can come in and say, “Hey, now that you're at this conversion rate, now we can spend some more money on media,” and introduce some media buyers through channels. We can take a company from $30,000 or $40,000 a month to a million dollars a month very quickly just by identifying those pieces, changing them, tweaking them, and scaling the traffic.

I've seen in our business with our new Neurocell offer, we went from the last three months, it's tripled every single time. In fact, this month, one third of our income came from Neurocell which is exciting. It fires me up. My goal is to have at least half of our income not coming from coaching and internet marketing this year. We'll be there by next month which is exciting and fun. I'm really enjoying it.

Our big goal was to start attracting the right kind of businesses, the businesses we want to work with, and not stop focusing on the beginners but not doing coaching with beginners, saying, “Hey, here's products that will help you but until you're at a certain level, we can't work with you.” To do that, we had a couple of strategies.

One was to dramatically raise our prices. We used to sell a $5000 coaching package and traditionally to beginners, which is a lot of money for a beginner but that's what it was. What I did is I stopped selling it at $5000. We made our lowest package $8000, and then we made a $15,000 and a $25,000.

I told our guys, “All I want to do is sell $25,000 packages. That's the goal. That's who we want to work with. People who can write a check for $25,000 are the kind of people that can spend money on traffic and do other stuff. We can really scale their business quickly. That's who we want to work with.”

I think at first they were really scared to sell higher ticket things but as soon as we got one person at $25,000, boom, the next week, we got three more. All of a sudden, the belief level is coming where if someone can only pay $8000, we don't even talk to them on the phone anymore. We just want to work with people that have legitimate businesses. It's been interesting.

I talked about this in one of the earlier podcasts. We changed our bait. We went away from here's how to make money on the internet to here's 180 split test results. Our next front end product coming out is a product for coaches and consultants. We're putting bait out there that attracts the kind of person that's going to come in, that's going to have the kind of money we need.

The third thing we did, this still blows my mind. I've been sending out emails that are our inner circle program. Applications have been coming in really good. We have some good people that have come through it but yesterday, I did some Ben Settle style reverse marketing. I wrote an email, a daily Seinfeld email. Some of you may have seen it.

Basically, we had this guy who applied. The way he applied and the way he went about it was weird. He had a really good business. We could have done some really cool stuff with him but he was rude to our salesperson and ended up hanging up on her. It ended weird. I wrote an email about that and called him out, and talked about what he did and the kind of people we like to work with and what I would have done in his business had he been humble enough to come through our process the way we have it structured but he didn't.

Because of that, this happened and this happened. I shared this email. It was fun. I wrote it in a way that was entertaining, sent it out. What's happened over the last not even 24 hours yet shocked me. It's been really interesting. Using what Ben Settle calls repulsion marketing, talking, kind of calling out people, calling out your customers and setting a line in the ground saying, “This is what we believe and this is who we're trying to work with.”

I put that email out there. I tell you what, we've got over 40 new applications came in from that email. I would say over 20 of them, more than half of them are people whose businesses are doing over $20,000 a month right now which is my perfect dream client. It was really interesting. It's been a fun exercise over the last few months as we've been tweaking this, changing our front end bait, raising our prices so the people we don’t want can't afford what we have, and putting out emails that draw that line in the sand.

The results so far have been crazy. We have three new clients. That's $25,000 this week. I think that for this new group, we'll probably get four or five more. It's exciting. For all of you guys out there who are struggling or not sure about your business, or it's not where you want to be, or you don't like your customers or whatever it is, I heard people like Frank Kern forever talked about how he got tired of the beginner so he changed his business.

It was funny because his initial business, he had a product called Underachiever Secrets which I had bought the whole company from. I heard this interview with him right after I bought it, “Yeah, I just got rid of my biz-op stuff and started focusing on consultants. Now I've got clients that I love.” Dang it, I just bought the clients that he hated.

It's interesting. Just think about that. You really can write your own destiny. You can pick whatever business you want to be in. You can shift it very quickly. I look at our business, ten years of business opportunity seekers and within a month, we've completely transitioned away and we're actually making more money easier and I had a chance to hang out with awesome businesses I can do so much more for. It's pretty cool.

Anyway, if you're in that situation or around there at all, those are some strategies we're using that work really well. I'm at the office so I'm going to check out these applications coming through and see who I get to work with. We're doing our first big inner circle meeting here in Boise in May. It's going to be awesome.

If any of you guys who are listening would like to be part of our inner circle, it's not cheap but I promise you, it's less expensive than going through the trial and error on your own. You can apply at That's about it. I'm going to go hang out with my team, call some of these people, have some fun with them and see who we can work with. Thanks you guys. I’ll talk to you soon.

Mar 25, 2014

Russell just had an epiphany that changes the way he will forever communicate with his email list. Listen to this podcast episode to find out what it is and how you can apply it too.


Hey everyone, this is Russell. Welcome to the Marketing in your Car podcast. I hope you guys are having a great day today. Some good news, I was right. If you listened to my podcast yesterday about the one thing, we did the tests and it is crushing it. I'm excited. I'm glad that my hypothesis is doing good.

It more than doubled sales from the two other versions. One was written by me and one was written by a really good copywriter who is not me. I'm excited and fired up. That's good news. If you missed that episode, go back and watch it. Today, I had an idea.

If you look at our business, we have a bunch of really cool front end products. My end goal is to get people into my inner circle. My inner circle is where you get to hang out with me, we get to do cool stuff, I get to work on your business, way more fun. I can change your business better than anything.

We kind of set it up where anyone buys anything from any of my funnels, they come in and then we have a sequence that tries to push them to apply for inner circle. The applications have been coming in but I wanted to get more. I wanted to make it more consistent. I think today I had an epiphany, I think. Again, I'm going to test it out and I'll get back to you guys and let you know.

It's been interesting. I'm looking at Ben Settle. If you guys know Ben, I talked to you guys awhile ago about the Seinfeld emails. Ben is the one I referenced that taught me that concept. He does these daily Seinfeld emails. It's really cool the way he does it. He just keeps pushing and pushing these emails to go out.

Everyday, he's promoting one product. He has his email players where every single day, there's an email promoting that one product. I kept thinking in my mind, “My business is tough because I have so many different products and services. What do I send out? There's not just one thing I do, teach, or talk about.”

But when I started thinking about it this morning, but my one thing, my core thing I want for people is to be in my inner circle. I make the most money out of it. I help people the most. I have the biggest impacts on a business or company in there. It's like the best, I think it's the best thing we have.

I started thinking, “What if my typical auto responder sequence is someone comes in, they get some emails and I'm pushing everyone into this sequence where the daily emails are all pushing back to our inner circle?” Everyday, I just find something really cool to share, talk about it, and then be like, “Hey, by the way, if you're on in our inner circle yet, join here.”

Then the next day, I share a story about someone in the inner circle, talk about how we helped him, boom, if you're not in our inner circle, go here, and just start emailing every single day, pushing people back to that thing. I'm really excited and intrigued and interested to see how that concept works and goes. That's what I'm going to be testing out.

For you guys, I want you to think about that. What's the one core thing you want people to ascend to? What are you trying to push people to? I think I always struggle with this a little bit because Ben's main thing he's pushing people to was a $97 a month newsletter but that's like the only product he really sells. He kept pushing people and pushing people there.

Again, because we have 30 different products, what do you do? Do you just push people to a different one everyday? What do you do? I think it's really coming back to how can you affect people the best. For Ben, that's his front end and his back end. That's his only product he sells. I always thought the goal of it was to push people to your front end but I think the goal of daily Seinfeld emails is to push people to your back end.

That's an epiphany I just had today. I'm going to be testing it out to see if I'm right. I think I am. That way, I can bring people to any funnel I want but then I'm always pushing them to apply for our inner circle and the right people will weed themselves out, kind of interesting. I'm excited by that. I hope some of you guys, that gets you excited as well to start sending out daily emails.

I'm excited because my daily emails are going to be awesome stuff. Some of you guys have seen a couple we've been putting out lately where I'm pushing really cool videos, content, and ideas. I'm going to put out the best stuff possible because I think that's what is going to attract the right people in the inner circle. I'm going to say something, teach something, or show something cool and people will be like, “Man, Russell has taught me a little nugget. Imagine what he would do if he could work on my business directly. I'm going to go apply for his inner circle.”

Focusing on that every single day, I think everyday will get a new group of people coming through. I'm fired up. It gets me excited. I hope it gets some of you guys thinking about it as well. I'm at the office right now. For any of you guys who want me to look at your business and play around with it, tweak it and make it better, you should come to my inner circle. Maybe I’ll start pitching that more on these podcasts.

Look, these podcasts are fun. Hopefully you guys get good ideas and things from them but if you really want me to affect your company and your business, we have to play at a different level. There are two ways to really get to that level in life. One is to go and to work your way in which is what a lot of us do. You work hard and eventually over a couple of years, you get there or the second way is to buy your way in.

I remember I was at an event one time and I met this guy. I can't remember, he had a weird name like Scovia Smith or something like that. He was a young kid. I remember meeting him at this event. He was telling me how he joined every mastermind. First off, I'm like how can you afford that. Second off, why did you do it?

He told me, “Russell, there are two ways to be successful in this life. One, you can work your way in and it takes a long time. Number two, you just buy your way in.” That was the first thing he told me. Then he said, “What I did, I had an email list of people. I emailed them all. I said, 'Hey, I'm single. I have nothing else going on right now. I can go to all these different events but I can't afford them. If you all want to pony up some money, I’ll go to all these events and come back and teach you what I learn.'”

I think he got 10 or 12 people to send him 10 grand. Then he used that money to go sign up for everyone's mastermind groups, and he bought his way in. He got to know everybody, got direct access to his business and worked really quick. There's definitely a lesson inside of that. I've taken that lesson and bought my way into a lot of things. It's a lot faster sometimes than working your way in.

If you're interested in the inner circle, it's just Thanks you guys and gals. I'm at the office. I'm going to go check out some applications and see who I'm going to be working with today. I'm excited. Talk to you soon.

Mar 24, 2014

How to increase your conversions by un-muddying your offers, and a whole bunch more…


Hey everyone, this is Russell and this is a special late night edition of Marketing in your Car. I hope you guys are doing awesome. I am actually driving home from the airport right now. I had a really fun weekend. Some of you know if you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw we just launched or created a brand new supplement for the MMA called MMA Ignite.

I was actually in Dallas, Thursday flew to Dallas to go film us actually making the product because we also, sometime in the future, I'm going to be creating a product called I just wanted to be able to have that footage of them actually making our first batch of MMA Ignite so I flew down there, brought a camera, and filmed the whole process.

It was cool, you see them. We made our own formula. They go and buy all the raw materials. They have boxes and barrels of all these powders and stuff. Then they take them all, mix them in this huge mixer, and take them into the other room and put them in the machine that puts them into the bottles, and then the label machine puts the labels on, and the thing seals the top. It was a really cool process.

We filmed the whole thing. I'm sure you guys in the next few months will see that when we come out with that product. It's a fun thing. I was just planning on doing that, then I realized that this weekend was the NCA Wrestling Tournament in Oklahoma and Daegan Smith was going to go. My birthday was two weeks ago, so Daegan was like, “Hey, I just bought you a birthday present. You're coming to NCAs.”

I flew from Dallas to Oklahoma and had a chance to go watch the NCAs yesterday which was really fun. Daegan came through. He got us front row seats so we were front row, right in the section where the wrestlers run out in the mats. It was pretty sweet. My wife and my kids were watching the tournament from home.

Because we got such good seats, I guess they saw me on TV every couple of minutes so it was kind of fun. My little son Bowen texted and he was like, “Hey dad, you're on TV. You're famous,” so that was fun. It was just a really fun weekend. It was cool on the flight home, I had some delays.

It was probably ten hours I've been in airports. I had a chance to work on this new product we're putting out, another one of our free plus shipping products, just finishing up the front-end book for it. It got me excited and thinking a lot more about marketing and things like that. I want to share with you guys a concept that over the last four or five days, I've been thinking about this.

I shared the concept with Daegan. I might have mentioned it on a podcast but I've just been thinking a lot about it. I have another probably 15 minute drive to get back home so I thought I would just dump it on you guys a little bit, and hopefully give you guys some ideas because I think I'm going to talk about this a little bit, the Dot Com Secrets Lab Funnel.

I rebuilt it three different times. I think the next, I haven't seen the stats yet but I think the one we built right before I left out of town, I'm hoping that it converts a lot better. I think that the psychology behind what I was trying to do, I explained this whole concept with Daegan. I think that too often, we try to sell things, we're trying to sell stuff.

When I first got into this business, people always talked about you create an offer and you create bonuses, and the more bonuses you have the better. Then you get your features and your benefits. You're trying to explain all the amazing stuff about this product. The theory is that if you drop 1000 different bullet points, that one of those little bullet points is going to speak to somebody and they're going to want to buy.

Because you're not speaking face-to-face, when you try to sell somebody face-to-face, you have an advantage because you can see what their concerns are and things like that whereas in print and video and stuff, you don't so the theory is you're just giving everything you can think of and throw it out there. One of them hopefully will be the one that closes them.

I've been thinking a lot about that. I don't necessarily think I agree with that concept. One of the big things I was just writing about in my book that we're going to be launching, talking about the different free plus shipping offers we've been doing and why they've been working so well, one of the things I've been writing about is the fact that the free plus shipping offers that do the best aren't the ones that are this free course or something big like that.

The ones that do the best are the ones that are very singular focused, one concept, one idea, one thing that you're selling. I was thinking about if you look at, talking about concepts you guys probably don't know yet because you haven't read the book, but this funnel that we take people through, this free plus shipping, we put them through an invisible funnel. At the end of it, we sell them your coaching program.

Your coaching program is the end-all, be-all, right? It's all the stuff you have, teaching them how to do everything. That's hard to sell because it's so big that it's hard for people to grasp that. Then you take your entire coaching program or whatever and pull one piece of that out, the one most sexy part of that. That becomes what you train on during your invisible funnel training.

Then from your invisible funnel training, you pick the sexiest thing and pull that piece out. That becomes the free plus shipping thing, very much one focus. The new upsells that I did for Dot Com Secrets Labs, I kind of did the same thing. One of the upsells is a new traffic upsell. In there, there's a whole bunch of videos and things like that about different ways to get traffic. It's a good product. It's a great product.

When I was writing the copy for it, starting the traditional way, talking about you're going to learn this traffic system and this, you dump on all these different systems, I was like, “Man, I don't think people really want that. What people want is the one thing. What's the one thing that the product is going to give me if I buy it? That's what I want. How is it going to solve this one thing?”

I took all the, I think it was seven different traffic systems in there, and I just focused on one. I talked about one and made it so mysterious, exciting, intriguing, and cool. I talked about that and was like, “There's a bunch of other ones too but I don’t have time to talk about this. This one alone is worth more than the price. You're getting that plus seven more.” I just talked about that one thing, that one bullet point.

I just went deep into that and made that the bait, the thing to get them to have the desire to come in, instead of throwing out every feature and benefit, a bunch of bonuses. I just picked the one thing that I think is going to be the best bait. That becomes the entire focus of the sales message, the same thing with the second upsell inside Dot Com Secrets Labs.

The traffic one is a new upsell that I hadn't done before whereas this one is one that has been in every version of the upsell flow. We're selling the Seven Figure Shortcut, which is our automated webinar and sales training. I thought, “I'm going to do the same thing on this. I'm going to figure out what's the one thing in this entire course.”

This course is big. I think it's six or seven days worth of videos. It's two different workshops and a whole bunch of other stuff, probably one of the best products I've ever created. The problem is when I try to sell it, people don't want to buy seven days worth of videos. There's just so much stuff, they get overwhelmed and it seems like a lot of work.

Of all the seven days worth of content, what's the best thing? What's the one most intriguing or sexy, the one thing that had the biggest impact on me, the reason why I put that in the course? What was the one thing that had the biggest impact on me? I was thinking back. The one thing that had the biggest impact on me was when this guy named Armand Morin taught me a thing he called the stack.

It's the way he did his close when he sold from stage. He taught me this way to close. I did it and I've always struggled to sell from stage or on webinars. I learned it and the very first time I did it, I closed 40% of the audience. Then I took that and added it to every presentation I've ever done. I think I counted 23 or 24 different webinars and presentations I've created that all use that.

Every single one that I've used that has been successful. It was this one thing. I talk about that. I say, “Look, I did this whole course that taught everything else I've learned about how to script a webinar and how to sell things. There's some amazing stuff that I don't have time to go through it all, but just this one thing alone, the stack, that one thing has made me millions of dollars. That's something that's inside of this course. I don’t know anywhere else in the world you can get it, but you can get it in this course. For $297, you get the course. You're going to learn about that one thing but you’re also going to get all this other stuff I'm not even going to talk about, a bunch of other things that can help you get traffic. That one thing is by far worth the price of admission.”

That's the way I pitched it. I'm not sure how sales have done over the weekend since we launched it. I've been out of communication with all the wrestling stuff and the supplements but it logically makes a lot of sense to me. I think us as product designers and developers, we get so into all of the stuff that we create and the packages that we create that have so many elements as things, whereas I think sometimes the power is just figuring out the one thing they desire the most and really focusing on that.

If it's what they want, not what they need but what they want, that's going to be what drives them to buy. I think the other things will muddy the waters too much. I think all the other stuff, the bonuses and all that crap that we normally throw in just muddy the waters. It takes the focus off of the core desire they have. That's my thought process right now.

It gets me excited because it changes the way that I present things and I pitch things. I was also thinking a lot about upsell flows, the right way to do them. I used to for years, I would just go and have my front end product. What's the upsell? I would pick a random product, and just do random different products in the sales process.

For some reason, it used to work alright back in the day but today, it doesn't. Thinks have to be very congruent. That's the other thing I've been thinking a lot about. What is your front end offer? What are your upsells and things like that? This black box is turning into some of our high end clients. We're having everyone create a free plus shipping offer. The upsell is the invisible funnel that they’re doing.

As of a week ago, I would have thought that the best way to do it was have your free plus shipping be teaching this process, and then the invisible funnel is you going deeper into that process. What I've found from our testing with Dot Com Secrets Labs, I did that. We set it up where a free book was the front end product and the first upsell was invisible funnel style training where they got to be on this webinar where we went deeper into testing and all that kind of stuff.

The take rate was horrible. It was really bad. I think it's because if your upsell is more of the same thing, it's not what people want. They want the next piece of the process. The new upsell flow, by the way, if you look at the Dot Com Secrets Labs one, if you look at Dot Com Secrets as a whole of my company, we have three missions we try to help people do, help them with traffic, conversions, and sales, those three things.

Dot Com Secrets Labs is the conversion product. The upsell is the traffic product. Hey, we just helped you double your conversions. Now I want to help you double your traffic. The second upsell is the third pillar of our company which is sales. Hey, we just helped you double your conversions. If you took the first upsell, we helped you double your traffic. Now we want to help you double your sales.

It's taking that path of logical next thing they need. By buying your product, what's the gap that they're missing? Not so much the gap but what's the next thing they're going to need after that. If you can figure those things out, it just makes your upsell flow work a lot better. Thanks for allowing me to brain dump.

I've been thinking about it but it always helps me to put it out in words. I'm now at my home. It's late at night. I'm excited to get to my wife and give my kids a kiss. I appreciate you guys and hope you enjoyed this podcast. I hope you're enjoying the stuff we're doing now. We're putting out a lot of fun stuff and having a good time. Watch what we're doing. We're making more money than we ever have. Model what we're doing. That's the best way to make more money. Thanks you guys. I'll talk to you all soon.

Mar 20, 2014

Russell will walk you through the process he goes through when one of his offers doesn’t convert like he wants it to.


Good morning, good morning. Today is an awesome day. I'm excited to be here with you guys with the Marketing in your Car podcast. Today is exciting because I'm flying to Dallas, first off, because our new supplement MMA Ignite is being produced and I want to film the whole thing so I'm flying to Dallas which is exciting.

Then I'm flying to Oklahoma for the NCA Wrestling Tournament to go hang out with Daegan Smith and some other friends. It's exciting. I'm excited but today, I have about four hours at the office. I want to tell you what I'm doing today because this should hopefully give some of you guys encouragement who have been playing this game we call internet marketing and not having the success you want.

I have been doing this for a long time, over a decade now. You would think that I would get really good at creating the perfect funnel and perfect offer every time. In theory, you would think that after doing this as many times as I have, I would be pretty good at it. I think I am pretty good at it but even with that said, there's still times it just hasn't worked.

One of the funnels we have, we have a really good front end offer that's converting great. We had an upsell path that was doing alright. It wasn't doing great but it was doing okay. We wanted to tweak it and change it. We rebuilt it all last week, took a whole week to rebuild it, make new upsells, new sales videos, everything. I thought it turned out awesome.

We rolled it out. Today, this morning, I just got back some stats. From almost 200, 170 front end sales, we only had 10% take the first upsell and one percent take the second upsell which is horribly bad for what I need the numbers to be. In fact, our old upsell is doing way better so I'm trying to figure out what my next step and my next move is.

I think what I'm going to do is go back through today and rip the whole thing apart and redo it. It's kind of a pain but that's what it takes to make these things work. I know a lot of you guys, you tested out something. You created a product or offer, and you put up your sales video. You did everything and it didn't work.

You're like, “Ugh, this thing is a scam. It doesn't actually work,” but it's not. It's hard work. You've got to go in and tweak it, and change it, perfect it until you do get it to work. After you get something that works, it's just crazy. For example, our supplement offer, we ran it for 18 months. It was doing alright but nothing to brag about, 18 months before finally – and we had redone the sales letter. I think we paid two or three different copywriters to rewrite the sales letters. It just kept not working and not working.

Then this last version, we spent a lot, 20 grand. Again, it was like rolling my dice, rolling the dice, “Please let this thing work,” and luckily it's been working. Now we can scale it. Now that it works, it's literally like a slot machine. You put a dollar in, boom, ten come back out and it's really fun.

It took us a year and a half to get that to work on our supplement. This offer, I'm hoping that it doesn't take me a year and a half to get it perfect because we're selling a lot on the front end. I just need the upsells to work. Anyway, just something to think about when you're creating your offers is just you've got to be persistent.

If it doesn't work, then you tweak it. If it doesn't work, tweak it. Just keep working and working it. Eventually, if you stick with it and keep studying, keep learning, keep figuring out how to make it work, eventually you'll get the right formula where boom, it's going to start working but you can’t just give up after one.

I think too many people, they just give up. I think that's probably the difference between me and a lot of people is I just get angry and stubborn. I fall in love with my products so much, I want them to sell so I just keep pushing it and working it until it gets it. Man, after it works you guys, it's exciting.

That's what I encourage you guys to do. Think about that today as you're going through your projects. Look at ones that are working, ones that aren't working and just figure out, “What do I got to do? What do I got to change?” Don't be discouraged by that. Be excited. I'm kind of excited. I've been thinking all morning now since I saw the numbers. How can I tweak this offer?

For example, one of our offers was for this really cool webinar thing. I just don't think I made it sexy enough. I'm trying to think of what else can I add to it to make it really sexy, and then I remembered a couple of years ago, I did this interview with Gary Halbert. I've never shared it with anybody before. I have the audio file. It's talking about the same topic the front end product is talking about.

I was like, “Man, if I make my whole spin around that, the secret phone call with Gary Halbert literally months before he passed away where he passed the torch on this new concept that we were able to take.” Everything that we've done has been based on this one conversation I had with him, this call has been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to me. How would you like to have it? You could only get it one way, boom, by buying this product, picking out one really cool sexy thing and using that as the hook.

A lot of times, just changing the hook, changing the bait, that's what you're doing. We're basically out there fishing. I talked about that I think it was yesterday, to attract the right customers, you've got to have the right bait. A lot of times, if they're not buying what you want, you got to change the hook, change the bait, keep working it around until you find the right thing. When you find the right thing, man, it gets to be really fun.

That's it. I'm at the office. I got to build a whole new upsell flow in the next four hours which is exciting. It will be a lot of work but I think it will be cool and I think it will pay off. Cross your fingers for me that this time, it will convert the way I need it to and for you guys, go back to the drawing board, do what you need to do. Don't get discouraged because man, when one of these things works, it's definitely worth it.

I appreciate you all. Have a great day. I will talk to you guys all again maybe on my trip. Maybe when I'm out and about, I’ll drop some ideas for you guys. That's about it. Thanks. Talk to you soon.

Mar 19, 2014

Want to change your customers… Change your bait. A simple way to attract the right customers into your business.


Hey everyone, this is Russell. I am driving behind my wife to take my kids to the dentist. We're going to do a very special Marketing in your Car. Like I said, we are heading to the dentist right now to take all of our kids to the kid dentist which is usually a lot of fun, but about a 15 to 20 minute drive so I'm going to do a Marketing in your Car.

What I want to talk about today, this is probably one of the coolest phenomenons I think that I've had in my business for a long time, my own personal insight. If I look at my business, especially over the last probably four or five years, just because of what we were doing, I was trying to attract more people that are business opportunity seekers.

You could tell by the products we've created and services we've created, they're very much geared towards that, how to make your first money online, how to – it was all starting, starting, starting type stuff. It's interesting because we were able to find a lot of traffic of beginners so we built a big business based on that but the problem that I've had is the beginners are so much more work, more effort, and it's so much harder to get them to where they want to go, even though I think our coaching programs and everything we have is awesome. It's just harder to get people.

We always say it's easier to go from good to great than it is to go from nothing to something that's good. I've always wanted to work with people who have more traditional businesses. We've done some work with people like that but not to full scale. I think my biggest concern was always if I create an offer that's build towards business owners, they’re harder to target. It's not as easy as people who want to start a business.

It's really easy to find people who want to start a business. Finding people who already have a business and helping them to launch it and grow it, that's traditionally the harder part. Because of that, I think I've had a fear of doing that, being able to grow our business bigger and all those kinds of things. We keep going back to more the beginners.

We were trying to create our new Dot Com Secrets Labs product. It was interesting, we first launched it as a print newsletter. It was $97 a month. We marketed it hard. It was hard to get people in. We had a couple hundred people but it never grew bigger. That was shocking to me because I really thought it was our best product we ever created. It was more valuable and more useful.

The problem was I was really good at attracting opportunity seekers, but not as good at getting actual business owners. For an opportunity seeker, you talk about split testing and it doesn't really make sense to them. Why would I? I don't even have a website. Why would I split test? I have to get something to work for them to try to make it better, right?

It never really took off. We ran it for six or seven months. Finally, I was frustrated because of how much effort and work had to go into it and how much money came out the back end, it just didn't add up. We couldn't keep doing it. Then the girl who was publishing it for us, she just had her second baby and she basically came to me and said, “Hey, I want to retire from publishing the newsletter.”

We decided to stop. The stuff we produced was the best stuff we had. It's super amazing and it's changed our company almost overnight. I think other people to look at it and model it, it could have huge impact on them. Because of that, I didn't want it to die. She gave us one month notice.

I said, “For the last month, instead of making a whole new issue, let's just take the best of all of our tests and plug them into one book and sell it for $400 or $500. Because it's just for business owners, kind of a high end thing, we just won't sell a bunch of them but we'll have that there and that will be one of our products.”

We created the whole thing. When it was finished, it was amazing. Most of you guys hopefully have read the book. If not, go to <a href=""></a> and get it. It's literally the best thing. I have a copy on my personal desk. I have one next to my bed. I have one on my office desk. It's a product that we have actually used every single day.

I'm always flipping through, looking at pages, copying and testing to get ideas for what I'm going to do. It should literally be the bible for everybody I think that has a website. You should have it on your desk at any given time so you can have it there and go through it. We created the whole thing and it turned out amazing.

We were planning on selling it for a couple hundred dollars. That's when I had the idea, “What if we just gave this away for free?” Anybody who is on the newsletter who got the tests, of all the people that were on it, if people bought that book and saw it, they would become raving Russell Brunson fans.

They would buy everything we had. They were coming to our events. They believed in us. What if we got this in the hands of everybody out there? We're going to lose money up front but if we got it in their hands, they're going to become a raving fan if they get this thing because it's our best stuff, and everyone who has seen it so far has become a raving fan. Let's just make it free and give it to everybody, get it in every single person's hands, which is kind of scary since this is a 140 page book. They're not cheap to print.

We said, “Let's just do it.” We created it, went out there. We've launched it and we're averaging about 1000 books a week we're giving away. The even cooler, more amazing part of it is the type of people who are getting the book, they're not the opportunity seeker. The opportunity seeker is not going to be like, “Oh cool, a split test,” but anyone who is a real business owner is going to  flip out and get excited.

What's been interesting is just because I think of how cool it is, we have people emailing us, begging us to promote. We haven't even let affiliates promote it yet and they're begging us, “Please let us, we want to promote this, we want to promote it.” We're like, “No, we're still testing the upsell flow. We don't want to just give it away yet.”

Everyone is freaking out about it. We've just been mailing our list and buying Facebook ads. That's all we've been doing so far. Like I said, we've given away like 1000 a week which is pretty exciting. This week actually, hopefully today we're going to start turning on the heat and open it up to affiliates and partners.

What's cool about it is again, the only type of people who buy this product are people who actually have a website, they actually have a business. They're 1000 times more qualified for any of our mastermind groups and everything else that we want to do. That's what we're finding is the people that are coming to our funnel now that are calling us and want to join our mastermind groups and things, they're like my dream client, the person I wanted to work with forever but I never could get.

It's just interesting. What my big ah-ha was whatever that front end thing you put out there, I've heard it be called bait before but I never really thought about it that way but it literally is bait. The bait you put out there really does attract the type of person you want. There are times and places when you want to cast bait so wide that you bring in everybody. A lot of our business opportunity offers are like that where they're mass appeal so we can get a lot of people but there are times when you don't want that, when you know exactly who your dream client is.

What my whole thought now is you've got to create an offer that specifically speaks to them. If you do and you put it out there, they will rise to the top. There may not be as big of a mass of those people. In my case, there's not as many people so it's harder for me to break even immediately but the quality of person that comes through, most of these that are coming through, they don't have an issue spending $15,000 or $25,000 on a coaching program whereas the opportunity seekers, we're lucky if we can get $5000 to $8000.

The depth of your funnel is a lot deeper. It's just interesting. We started looking at who would be our dream clients. The next category of what we thought was our dream clients really would be consultants and things like that. We created a front end product. It's a new book that teaches our three-step system for consultants.

That's going to be our next free plus shipping thing we launch and put it out there. Our whole goal is to attract a bunch of consultants. It's kind of interesting. For you guys, I want you to think about that. Think about what is your front end offer.

First, think about who your dream client is. Write that person out, everything about them, and then figure out what's going to be the thing that's going to be the most sexy to them. Then create that thing and give it away for free, free plus shipping so that they pay to be on your list. Boom, you'll start getting your dream client coming in the door. Fish with the right bait, you’re going to get the right type of fish.

I'm at the dental office now and I'm going to go hang out with my four kids. Hopefully they don't have any cavities. I appreciate you guys. I will talk to you all again soon.

Mar 18, 2014

A very simple process, to double or triple how much you achieve every two weeks…


Good morning everyone, this is Russell. I want to welcome you to another beautiful day. Welcome to the Marketing in your Car podcast. It's nine o'clock in the morning. I've actually been up for four hours already. The reason why is kind of fun.

There's this dude I've been watching for the last two years named Carl White, someone I've been really impressed with but I've never had a chance to get to know him. He doesn't know this yet, but one of the main reasons why, probably one of the top three reasons why I joined Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher's mastermind group was I wanted to get to know Carl.

We had our first meeting a month ago. Carl was there. It was kind of funny. When we began the meeting, everyone had to talk about the one main thing they're trying to get from this. I said, “I'm trying to make more money without increasing any employees, staff, or overhead.” Everyone laughed. Carl came over to me afterwards and said, “What you said was dead on. Everyone laughed at you but you're the one who is thinking the right way. How do you make more money without increasing your costs?”

We hit it off then and went to lunch. We talked about some stuff and was really impressed with him and what he's doing. At the end of it, we started talking and he brought up, “Hey, how would you like to be my accountability partner?” I was like, “How does that work?” He said, “This is how it works. You write me a check for $2000. I write you a check for $2000. It's got to be a personal check, not a business check because it needs to hurt. We'll keep that. Every two weeks, we do a meeting for about an hour. We set goals, the next two weeks, I'm going to do this, this, and this. Then we go out there and do it. Two weeks later, we meet back again. If you didn't reach your goals, then I get to cash your check. If I didn't reach my goals, then you get to cash my checks.”

We got this thing on the line where we're basically holding each other accountable and it's tied to cash. I was like, “That sounds like fun, let's do it.” We did our first one two weeks ago. It's kind of cool. We got to know each other a little bit and said, “Okay, two weeks from now, this is what I want to accomplish.” We're  very careful not to set goals that were tied to things outside of our control like, “I'm going to make $100,000,” an income goal, a leads goal, or something that no matter how hard we work, it might not be dependent upon us but to do steps goals.

For me, it was, “I'm going to have this new funnel completed.” This week, my big one is going to be building out a commission structure for our traffic team and getting them motivated. You pick very specific things that you either do or you don't. I had mine. He has his. That's kind of what happened.

Today, we had our little check-up. It was good. It was painful a little bit. I had reached all my goals, and then some of the other ones that I had set last week which had to do a lot more with one thing that Carl is good at but I'm not is saving money and building up your wealth, all those types of things. He's trying to push me.

I told him, “Of all my issues, we can drive traffic, make sales and make money but I want to learn how to make it so that when I'm done with this game or this business, I have money in the bank and money for my posterity.” That's what he's been coaching me through a lot is that, getting set up all these different investment vehicles, putting away a certain percentage and all these things.

There's one thing I don’t really want to do, I'm not going to lie but he keeps pushing me towards it. Two weeks from now, I have to have it done or else he's going to charge me two grand, which is setting up a separate bank account and putting 25% of my income into that that's untouchable. I can't touch it to buy a house, I can't touch it to do anything. It's just to have, to save and to be able to have for whatever comes up, either retirement, a rainy day, or whatever it might be.

It's really good. I have somebody who is stretching me and pushing me to do things that I know I need to do but I never would do on my own, just a cool process. I had my second call this morning at 5:30 in the morning. We went through it and it was awesome. I just want to encourage you guys and gals, and everybody who is listening right now to go out there and to actually find an accountability partner for whatever it is you're doing for your business.

I would do it similar to what Carl and I did where you put some cash on the table. Write them a check, have them write you a check for the same amount, and hold up where if someone doesn't fulfill on it, then the other person promises to cash that check and hold you accountable. Each week or the way we're doing it is every other week, twice a month we're meeting, and having our little meeting to report back what we did and set new goals.

I can already tell just from this, I was anxiously trying to get projects done yesterday because I knew I was going to meet Carl today. If I didn't do it, it was going to cost me two grand so it got me pushing and running, and doing a lot of stuff that I wouldn't normally have done. I'm a pretty driven guy without that but even with that on top, it's really taking it to the next level for me.

I want to encourage you guys to do that. Find an accountability partner, someone who is the same business or different business, it doesn't really matter, but somebody who you can trust and you can share parts of your business with or your life, whatever it might be that you may not feel comfortable with normally. Have them hold you accountable.

Make it a set schedule where it happens every two weeks, you're holding them, they're holding you. I'm excited to see what the next three or four months comes from this on my side but I think from you guys, you can do some amazing things as well. That's what I want to encourage you to do.

The cool thing about this too is it doesn't always have to be just business goals. Some of Carl's goals today had to do with exercise and fitness, and things like that, just really cool. I encourage you guys to find an accountability partner, put some cash on the table. Make it fun and see how fast you guys can get each other moving forward.

That's what I got for today. I'm at the office. I have two weeks now to get my next set of goals done. I'm going to get to work and have some fun. I will talk to you guys again soon. Thanks everyone.

Mar 17, 2014

A unique way to close sales indirectly, and get more people to buy your stuff, without ever actually selling your stuff.


Good morning everyone, this is Russell. I want to welcome you to the Marketing in your Car podcast. Hey guys and gals, we are here today in Boise. It is a super windy day. It's going crazy. It's like a tornado is coming through. It's kind of fun. Hopefully I will not get blown off the road while I'm driving to the office.

I want to talk to you guys today about something fun that we're doing, that maybe will give you guys some ideas. It's a way we've been trying to position and sell our high end coaching. We've been having some fun with it. We just added in a couple new levels and an opportunity for people to come to Boise a couple of times a year and hang out with me, and have me work with their businesses one-on-one, or I guess eight-on-one, ten-on-one, or whatever, but in a more intimate situation.

I'm really excited about that. We're trying to figure out different ways to pitch it and sell it. Selling a mastermind by itself is kind of hard because there's a lot of people that have masterminds. What's the difference between yours and everybody else's? The real difference is the person who is facilitating it. What do they bring to the table? What do they know, and stuff like that?

It's kind of hard to sell that. How do you brag about yourself versus other people? So I've been trying to figure out what's a better way to promote that and sell that. I remembered probably five or six years ago, I got sold. I love getting sold. I hate going to seminars and you hear speakers, and nobody is able to close. I'm like, “I'm not that hard to close. You just have to give me a cool enough offer.”

It was Armand Morin's, I think it may have been his last or second to last big seminar. I went there and was hoping that somebody would sell me because I hadn't been sold for awhile. I just love that experience. I'm going through every speaker. Every speaker is like eh, eh, nothing really got me to move.

Finally Armand got up. Armand is a legend, especially when it comes to stage selling. He was doing this presentation. It was fun watching him go through the whole thing. Sure enough, by the end, he sold me. What was interesting is that he was selling this seminar he was doing called Persuasion X which was his public speaking program.

Like I said, he went through the whole presentation on Persuasion X and then he sold it. It was whatever price, like five grand or something, “Dang it, that's a lot more than I was expecting,” but I really wanted it and was really happy. Then he came back and said, “Or if you're a member of my AM2, you get it for free.”

I was like, “Say what?” I knew about AM2. I had heard about it for years but I had never signed up for it though, which was kind of like his inner circle thing that we're rolling out. I always heard about it and thought it was really cool but never had anything to really push me over the edge to have me join his mastermind.

I think Armand is brilliant, but what am I going to get from him versus some of these other masterminds I'm in? Persuasion X though, that seminar or workshop that I wanted so badly, that I could have got for five grand or I could join AM2 and get it for free, what am I going to do? Sure enough, he closed me and I went and joined AM2.

I think you pay $500 a month for it, and all this stuff but he closed me. I was so excited. This weekend, I was thinking about how to position our inner circle, trying to figure out the right way to do it. Again, every time I've tried to write the copy or try to do a webinar, or anything I was trying to create to sell it, I always come back to me, me, me and I feel so stupid.

I hate that. I'm not the kind of person that likes to sit there and brag about themselves and why you should listen to me, why I'm the best person to run the mastermind, and all that kind of stuff. I was like, “You know, let me just not mention me at all. Instead, let's figure out something really cool. Let's close in our coaching program right now.”

We've been going through this it was supposed to be an eight week course. We've turned it into probably it will be a 20 week course, teaching our new Black Box concept which is just killing it for people. What I did instead is I wrote a four page sales letter talking about Black Box, how great it is, and how it literally changed our business and is changing other people's, and just talked about that concept, how amazing it is.

I talked about right now, everyone in our inner circle is actually going through the coaching program for free with it. That's the only way to get it. Otherwise, if you're not part of my inner circle, you can't have it, and really sold this Black Box training but then said you can't get it unless you're in the inner circle. If you want to be in our inner circle, go apply here.

When it was all said and done, when I looked at it, it was so cool and so refreshing. There were no income claims, no bragging, none of that other stuff that was selling. We just talked about this one really cool concept that I think is revolutionary, that I think is changing the way business works and if you want to know how it works, the only way to do it is being part of our inner circle. If you are that, then go apply over here.

I finished the sales letter. It turned out really cool. It's four pages long. If you bought DCS Labs or anything else from us, you'll probably get a copy of it here in the mail in a little bit but we're going to start promoting it and sending it out with everything we do. I think that positioning is really strong. It's just different. It's a cool way to do it where you don't seem like a jerk and you don't seem like you're bragging about yourself.

You just have one thing that's really powerful that people want. For you guys, think about that with whatever it is you're selling. A lot of times, we go directly and try to sell the product, sell the product or sell the mastermind, the coaching, whatever your thing is but sometimes it's more powerful to figure out what the bonus could be and sell that, and the only way to get that is by joining our program.

I have a chiropractor that's one of my close friends. He's doing something like that right now. I'm really impressed with him, how he came up with the idea. He's been trying to sell people coming to get adjusted forever and he's been struggling with it. He went and created this presentation that teaches people this 30 minute morning routine you go through every morning.

It has exercise, yoga, stretching, and all this stuff. Then what he does at the end of that presentation is he gives you a foam roller, a bottle of MCT oil and this meditation CD but only if you come to his clinic and get adjusted. He's just trained you for 30 minutes on why you need these three things. You can go out and buy it on your own, or if you're part of his program, you can get it for free, really powerful positioning.

He just finished that whole offer and he's going to start presenting it to different businesses. That was cool. Think about in your business how you can do something like that. I think I'll find out really soon how well ours works but I think it will do really well. I think it's a cool way to sell something without having to actually sell it and get a lot of really cool, excited people in.

That was my thoughts for today. I'm at the office and I'm excited. I have a fun week coming up ahead of me so it should be a lot of fun. I appreciate you guys all listening and we will talk to you soon.

Mar 5, 2014

Russell just discovered a simpler way to sell to your already warm audience. Listen to learn how a simple iPhone video can change your business forever.


Good morning, everyone out there in Marketing in your Car world. I want to welcome you to today and welcome you to the podcast. I just stumbled upon an interesting realization today. This goes back to this whole evolution of selling stuff for me. I look at when I first got started online, I did sales letters. Then we moved to me in front of a camera doing Russell talking trying to sell stuff.

Then we did PowerPoint videos, then doing some sales letters again. Today and yesterday, we've really built out our Dot Com Secrets Labs Funnel. Instead of doing sleek PowerPoint style videos, I've just done iPhone videos, literally got my iPhone out. I bought one of these iPhone lav mics on Amazon for $60 and they're awesome.

The one thing bad about iPhone videos is usually the sound so we got this little thing and it works. All of the sales videos that were in the sales process, I've replaced them now. I tweaked the offers a little bit too but we replaced them with me just in front of a camera and conversions are crushing it. It's interesting.

I think I came into an ah-ha and I may be wrong. I'm going to test it out a bunch. I think that with cold, cold traffic, I think still having the PowerPoint style videos is probably the best because it gives you the most controlled environment to make sure you deliver the message correctly. It takes away people's ability to judge you and things like that because the one biggest problems with videos of you in front of the camera is people make instant judgments.

If someone comes into my funnel and they see me, they're like, “Wow, he looks like he's 11 years old. There's no way he knows anything about internet marketing,” they're going to prejudge me before they can hear my message. For cold traffic, I still think it's probably more powerful to lead with a PowerPoint style video just because, again, it takes away all the judgment of you as a person. It gets that person in.

Then I think as soon as they have come through your funnel and they are introduced to you, and they understand your value, and you've been positioned as a spot of authority or whatever you want to call it, as soon as they believe that, I really think at that point that the most important thing, not the most important but the best way to convert on the next thing you sell them is through an iPhone video.

I think at that point, they have a relationship with you and it's so much more powerful to have them just see you, see your excitement and passion, to see you unscripted where you're talking about this thing, showing it and making it tangible. I think if you do that, it's just going to crush it. It is for us right now.

If you look at Dot Com Secrets Labs Funnel, it started with the PowerPoint video. I made a quick video of me in my office holding up the book and talking about it and posted that. I was going to use that just to send out to my list but then I was like, “Let's just put that as the video,” and sure enough, it beat the PowerPoint.

Then we changed the upsell to where we're giving away a free shirt and they join a $20 a month membership site. We tweaked that. After we did that, it was just a video of me in the office showing the shirt, talking about it, putting it into a box. I tried to make it a tangible experience. They saw me putting the t-shirt in the box.

I'm going to shoot this box, if you just click yes down below, “Ooh, I want that box,” I was trying to make it a very tangible experience for them. Then the third one, I just went to my home office. I'm actually driving back to the office right now from my home office. I just filmed it and I'm excited to see how it does.

We're upselling this webinar. Instead of having a PowerPoint of me talking about the webinar, I had the webinar up open on my screen and I show it. I show pieces of it. I made it tangible, “This is what I talked about and this is why it's important. This is what you're going to have a chance to see.”

I just really tried to open it up so they could see exactly what it was that we're doing and that they're going to get. It's interesting. I think I had a big paradigm shift today. I've definitely been in the process over the last four or five years to script out every video and have it all perfect. While I still think that's important when you're bringing cold traffic in, I think after you've got a relationship, I think the iPhone style videos are going to convert best.

There you go, you heard it here first. You will probably see a lot more from me doing this in the future. I'm at the office. I'm excited to get this video uploaded and tested out in the funnel. I appreciate you guys and hope you have a good time, and make an iPhone video today. Throw it up and sell something and see what happens. Pretend like you're Billy Mays and you'll be amazed at what happens.

In fact, here's a homework assignment for all of you out there in Marketing in your Car land. Go to Google and type in “Billy Mays Rich Schefren,” and it's going to pull up a blog post on <a href=""></a> where Rich Schefren wrote, right after Billy Mays passed away, Rich Schefren wrote this huge blog post about it.

I tell you what, I would have paid $97 easily for that blog post. It goes over how Billy Mays was the best pitchman our world has ever known, his scripts, how he did it, all that kind of stuff. If you go through that, it will give you the exact outline of how you need to create an iPhone style video. You'll notice one of the big things he talks about is product demos. That's what I'm trying to do, even with digital products, I'm trying to do these product demos, showing them the computer screen, showing them the demo, giving them some kind of wow moment.

If you do that, that's how it all works. I appreciate you guys and gals and we'll talk to you soon.

Mar 4, 2014

Listen as Russell tells you about a new technology that will literally change the future of your business forever!


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Today, I want to welcome you to the Marketing in your Car podcast and I'm going to give you guys a glimpse into the future. It's been a little while since I've done a podcast. I've been traveling like crazy, learning some cool stuff and been finishing up a secret project that very few people know about. I've hinted towards it a couple of times so I wanted to announce it now to our faithful Marketing in your Car listeners so you guys get a sneak peak above everybody else, not a sneak peak but just know what's happening so you can prepare for it.

I think it will change your business and honestly, I think it will change your life. That's how passionate I am about this. I think what we've created is probably the best, most needed software product in the industry. I'm fired up about it. It's almost done. I'm freaking out. I've had a demo of it to play with today. It's amazing.

I'm going to tell you about it. The software is going to be called Click Funnels. What's cool about it is there's other web builders out there, right? There's ones like Lead Pages, you can create a landing page. There's automated webinar software out there. There's cool hangout software, there's membership site software. There are a bunch of things out there that are all good but you've got to daisy chain together a whole bunch of different products to make a real funnel.

What Click Funnels does is you log in and look at all the different funnel types. If you say, “Hey, I want an automated webinar,” boom, you click a button and it will create every single one of the pages for the automated webinar for you, boom, boom, boom. Then you show each page, you click on it, and you can pick a template, change the headlines, all the text, kind of similar to Lead Pages, how easy it is to edit stuff. We modeled them on their editor but instead of creating pages, it's a funnel.

We have automated webinar funnels, we have membership site funnels. We're literally log back in, click a button, add a tab, copy, paste in your content, boom, the entire membership site is built out in ten seconds. We have micro continuity funnels, we have free plus shipping funnels, we have tripwire funnels. We have basically every funnel you can dream of.

In fact, to launch this, I'm working on a report where I'm going to map out my top favorite funnels. I've actually been drawing them out on the iPad. I'm having one of my designers sketch and make them look really cool. I mapped out like 14 different funnel types last night. It's cool. Our software will create every single one of them in the click of a button.

Let's say for example you wanted the micro continuity funnel. In that funnel, there's five different pages. There's a squeeze page, a free CD page, an upsell page, a thank you page. You click a button and boom, it creates all those pages for you and it also creates a micro continuity member's area so you can go in there and say week one, unlock this content, week two, unlock this, week three, and literally, you can build out an entire micro continuity site in 20 to 30 minutes.

We also have them for product launches so if you've seen all the product launch funnels, boom, you've got a product launch funnel. If you want an automated webinar, we mapped out all the pages for that. You click a button, boom, it's done. If you want an invisible funnel like what we've been doing, boom, click a button, and you're done.

It's super cool. I can't even wait to show you guys. Our goal is to have a beta out in the middle of March and then by the end of March, launch it. I'm going to call my shot right now. I really think this will be probably the biggest game changer product that has hit our industry. I think it will stretch beyond our industry. Literally people that have local businesses can use it. People that have network marketing companies, people that whatever it is, it gives you the ability to do anything.

Right now, it takes me a team of four or five designers and programmers to get done. You can do it literally by clicking a button. I'm going to fire half my staff after I have this. No, not really but we're going to change my staff to where all they’re doing full time is just creating new funnels, new templates, new pages. I'm really fired up for it.

You will see we're doing a lot of really cool stuff. You'll notice I'm going to be doing some fun things over the next two weeks talking about funnel types where people can go, all these funnels I'm sketching out, we're going to have it where we'll actually ship you out a physical copy of each of these funnels so you can look at it and determine for your business what funnel is the most important.

A lot of people lately, funnels is the hot topic of conversation in our industry. It's what everyone is talking about. Everyone has, “This is the funnel.” They're talking about one but the reality is most businesses have multiple funnels for different reasons. I'm marketing to my list, I have to have pattern interrupts, different ways I'm selling different things, different price points just so you can engage with different people.

I'm going to be giving out these hand outs so people can pick what type of funnel they need, and then right afterwards, we'll be rolling out the software to do it all. I'm fired up. I hope you guys are too. I think you're going to love it. We're setting it at a price that's cheap enough that anybody can use it. I want 20, 30, 40,000 people using this by the end of the year so it's going to be awesome. I'm at the office.

I'm going to go implement this stuff and get it knocked out. It's going to be a lot of fun. I appreciate you guys. If you like this podcast, if you're getting good ideas, if you get excited by the future of what's coming, then please go to iTunes and let me know. I love reading those. It makes me happy to see the reviews. That's about it, you guys. Thanks so much and I’ll talk to you guys again soon.