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Welcome To Russell Brunson’s Marketing Secrets Podcast. So, the big question is this, “How are entrepreneurs like us, who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital, who are spending money from our own wallets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and services and things that we believe in out to the world… and yet still remain profitable?” That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Russell Brunson, and welcome to
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Feb 29, 2016

A meeting I’m excited for, as well as some random things I did not learn from my friends.

On this episode Russell talks about meeting with his mentor, Alex Mandossian, and the stuff he learned from him. He also talks how shampoo companies changed how much shampoo people consume.

Here are 4 things you will hear on today’s episode:

  • Why spending $1000 on a course ended up being a good thing
  • How shampoo companies talked people into consuming more shampoo.
  • Why Russell’s webinar for Funnel Scripts was so successful.
  • And why Russell is going to get in trouble for teasing his friends.

So listen below to hear about Russell’s mentor and to also hear him make fun of some of his friends.


Hey everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey guys and gals and anybody else who’s listening to this. Hope you guys are doing awesome. We’re officially past 200, we are 201. We’re like a legit podcast now. I don’t know, now that we have 220 + episodes, there’s not a lot of podcasts that can say. Even though my podcast is not like a normal podcast. It’s more like, me hanging out in my car, hopefully some people like what I got to say. Appreciate you guys for being faithful fans and followers. And we could have never have kept doing it without you guys here. I finally after 200 episodes, I finally have a call to action at the end of the podcast as well. As you will see when this is over, there’s a call to action. I’m totally a legit podcaster now. I went from being this dude in his car driving around talking to himself, to being a legitimate podcaster all within 200 episodes. It only took 3 years. Appreciate you guys all.

I’m excited for today, I’m actually going into my office right now to meet with a legend. When I got started in this business, there were a few people that were my mentors, that I looked up to. I’d say, some of the initial ones, it’s crazy it’s back 10 to 12 years ago now, guys like Armand Morin, and Alex Mandossian, and Steven Pierce, all the people that were at Armand’s old big seminars. They were my people, that’s where I learned a lot of stuff initially from. I’m excited because today, Alex Mandossian is flying into Boise, I think he flew in last night, technically, but he’s here today. We’re going to hang out, its’ going to be really fun. I look back at the stuff I learned from Alex, impactful stuff that had a huge directional changes in my business. One of the first higher ticket products that I bought was Teleseminar Secrets, which is his product teaching how to do teleseminars. I remember debating, it’s funny because now I’m always trying to convince people to buy stuff, I remember back in the day, I was making money. I think I was making 10 grand a month or so when he came out with Teleseminar Secrets, and most of my money was coming from teleseminars. I’m like, “I already know teleseminars, Do I buy this thing or do I not. It’s $1,000.” You know all the drama that we go through in our heads when we’re trying to make investments. It seems like a big deal at the time, but later you’re like, it’s $1,000, come on now.

I remember Tellman Knudson was like, “Hey do you think you could learn one thing from that course to help you make an extra $1000 on one of your teleseminars?” I was like, “Yeah.” He’s like, “Then why wouldn’t you buy it.” I’m like, “that’s a good point.” I stood up from the dinner table, walked over and I bought it. That course made me a heck of a lot more than $1000. That was amazing when he had another one called Stick Strategies, which were all these ways that you could get customers to stick longer, which was amazing. He had a report I read one time on a flight and I remember I was flying somewhere and I had this report called Consumption Theory I believe. And it was talking about the importansce of consumption and I think one of the stories he talked about, I think I shared this a little while ago with you guys, it was talking about shampoo companies, PertPlus or I don’t know one of the shampoo companies and they used to have on the back of their bottle, the instructions, maybe they didn’t even have instructions, and then some smart dude added instructions that said, “Wash, rinse, repeat” and it went from people who used to shampoo their hair once a week to get the oils out, now it’s like wash them every day, to hey you should wash them multiple times per showers. Consumption.

Shampoo went through the roof, and it was all about consumption theory. Getting your customers to consume that product and how important that is and how that is what can fuel everything. It’s  funny because recently that’s been a big topic in our company is consumption. How do we get our customers to consume Clickfunnels. The more people who consume Clickfunnels the better, more they’re going to stick longer the more they’re going to be all these kinds of things. My initial thoughts around consumption, what we can do and how we can do it, all came from ten years ago from a report I read on a plane from Alex Mandossian. It’s just kind of crazy, and he is actually here in the office today! I’m exciting. We’re going to be making some promo video for Clickfunnels, he’s doing a big roll out for one of his newproducts and on the back end we’re going to plug in Clickfunnels, it’s going to be really, really cool. I’m excited because I’m totally geeking out. When one of your mentors come into your office, you’re just excited no matter what. But he keeps telling me, “This time the teacher’s coming as the student. I’m coming to learn from you.” I’m like, “Dude, everything I learned I learned from you guys.” Anyway, I’m just excited. It’s going to be really fun. Hopefully some gold can come out of it. If I get some cool things I’ll share it with you guys tomorrow or tonight or some time.

So that’s kind of one thing that’s happening today that will be really, really fun. I’m excited for it. A couple of other fun things, we did the Funnel Scripts webinar last week. I told you guys about that. It completely crushed it, we closed 45% people online, and it’s been selling like crazy all throughout the weekend, so today’s the last day. I’m pulling down the page today. So we’re doing a big urgency scarcity push and hopefully in the next 18 hours or so we’ll sell a lot more. That’s kind of the goal. For those of you guys whoever follow product launch stuff, there’s Jeff Walker is like the father or product launches, but he had they call it, the Walker W, if you look at the typical product launch. You look at the graph of sales, at first there’s like a spike on launch day,  and it goes down a little, usually in the middle it peaks up again, then it drops down, and the last day it peaks up again close to the first day. It looks like a big W, so it’s always called the launch w or the Walker W. Hoping to get the W, otherwise it’s just going to look like an E that tipped over or something like that. Something weird. So hopefully today sales will be close to what we did on day number one, which would be awesome.

We have a bunch of other….anyway, it’s kind of funny, a lot of you guys, I talk about stuff that’s always happening, and I’ve had 5 or 6 people message me, “Dude, why didn’t we know about Funnel Scripts before it happened?” I was like, “I guess I haven’t really talked about it on the podcast.” Mostly cause Jim Edwards was doing most of the work behind the scenes on the script and everything, and I just started this week on the webinar pitch, I started on Monday. I mapped out the one thing and the three secrets, Tuesday I ran out of time, and Wednesday I put together the presentation following The Perfect Webinar Script. Which, guess what guys? It still works, in case you’re wondering. I’ve had people tell me this week, “If everyone is using it, it won’t work anymore”. I was like, “Dude, if everyone just copies my slides it won’t work anymore, but if you listen to what I’m saying,  you understand the one thing and the three secrets and how to do the stack and how to create an amazing offer, it will always work.”

It’s kind of funny, when I was speaking at a Tony Robbins event in Fiji, this is probably, how many years ago now? It’s before Aiden was born, he’s five, so probably six or seven years ago. I was in Fiji speaking at a Tony Robbins event. You know he’s friends with Frank Kern and all these guys like that and they must have said something about squeeze pages and they weren’t working anymore. I remember at the event I talked about landing pages and how to get opt-in’s and how to follow up and that kind of stuff that was ground breaking for people especially seven years ago. And after I got offstage, tony came up, “Thanks, by the way, is it true that squeeze pages don’t work anymore and that soon they’re going to be non-existent?” I was like, “No.” I kind of laughed, “I don’t know which of your guru buddies told you that, but that is definitely not true. Yeah, crappy squeeze pages will always get crappy opt-ins. But great squeeze pages and great hooks and curiosity based headlines will always work, until people stop being curious they will continue to work for forever.” It kind of made me laugh. It’s kind of like when videos first came out, I’m going to get in trouble for teasing all my friends now, this is when video first kind of came out and people putting videos on landing pages and everyone was talking about it. I was at a Mastermind Meeting with Bill Glazer, and Bill gets up and shows conclusive stats that video does not out perform text copy on a landing page. He showed this stuff, and everyone in the Mastermind group was taking notes, “No videos on landing pages”, taking all these notes and stuff. And I’m like the only one looking there, from somebody who’s actually ran split tests. Looking around like, so I raised my hand, “Hey Bill, first off, no offense man, you’re not that good on video. Have you tested someone’s who’s good on video, versus copy, versus someone who’s bad on video? Cause my guess is it’s not the video doesn’t convert on landing pages, it’s your video that doesn’t convert on landing pages.” It was kind of a joke, but at the same time I was like that is the truth, my friends.

Anywho, that’s what I got. I’m at the office, I got a busy day, I gotta go. I don’t what I’m going to keep rambling. I’m going to get in trouble if I keep teasing my friends. Anyway, I would not be where I am now, so as much as I tease you guys I love you all. Hope you guys got some fun today, I will report back in on what I learn from Alex over the next few hours. Appreciate you guys, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you all again soon.

Feb 26, 2016

After you’ve mastered consistent new customer flow, then you’re allowed to do this…

On this special 200th episode Russell talks about his Funnel Scripts Webinar and closing 45% of people on it. He also talks about if you put out more stuff for people to buy, they will buy it.

Here are three fun things you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • Why people will buy more from you, as long as you continue have new things for them to buy.
  • One of the cardinal sins of why people’s businesses have shrunk or disappeared.
  • And what two things you need to do for your business to be successful (gaining new customers, and having new products for them to buy).

So listen below to hear why you need to both gain new customers, and keep them around by having new products for them to buy in order for your business to continue to grow and be successful.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing….oh crap….In Your Car. I just ran a red light. Oh man today is already starting out amazing. Welcome everybody I hope everyone is doing awesome. I think this is episode 200, if not then tomorrow will be, but I think it’s today. I think today is the day that we crossed 200 episodes. That means you guys who have been my faithful followers, have been listening to me for 10 minutes a day for 200 days-ish. I think we’ve been recording it now for 3 years and I love it. So thank you for listening and subscribing.

I always hear people I meet at an event and who are like, “Russell, I ran into one of your podcasts, then I binged and I went through all of them in the next week. And I’m like, “holy cow, that’s a lot of intense listening.” So I appreciate all of you guys, glad to have you and hopefully these have been valuable and have served you for a long time.

What to talk about today…….Well, today on our, hopefully…I should’ve known this before I jumped on, but I’m already driving and I don’t want to search. Anyway, I think this is the 200th episode and if it is, we have a special episode for today. I wanted to talk about something important, some of you guys know yesterday I did a webinar for a new product we created called Funnel Scripts, and we had 5,038 people register for the webinar, which is crazy. Goto Webinar only let 1,000 people on, we had all sorts of technical issues. I can’t even tell you all the problems that came with it, but even with those things in place, we closed 45% of those who were on. Like 450 sales which was nuts. It was not what I was planning, I was thinking 100 would be awesome, 200 if I did well, so yeah it was insane.

And I was thinking about that and it reminds me of when I started working with Drew Canole at Fitlife TV. He had one product he’d been selling for 5 or 6 years and they sold an insane amounts of them, but pretty much the market had bought his product and they were struggling financially, they couldn’t do anything else. Outside of trying to fix and tweak their existing funnel, which we did. Next thing, I was like, “These people want to buy from you. I bet if you offered something else, they would buy.” In fact, I knew because I bought Drew’s stuff and then he had nothing else to buy. He had one thing, a 100 dollar kit, it came with a vegetable scrubbing brush, a water bottle. Anyway, I bought that, and he told me I was one of three people that ever bought that. I was like, “I want to buy more stuff from you, I assume everybody else wants to buy from you as well.” And I think that us, as marketers, we have this thing where we feel guilty, even if we don’t think we do, we feel guilty selling more stuff, because we’re like, Man, they already bought this thing, I don’t want to sell them more things.” But the reality is people like to buy things.

One of my friends and mentors, David Fry, I few years back he told me, “The reason why I don’t make more money, is I don’t make more offers. Russell, you make more money than me because you make more offers. You put more offers out there and people continue to buy because you give them stuff to buy.” It’s been interesting the last year of my business. We pretty much stopped promoting affiliate offers, we don’t really sell other people’s products anymore, which has been a good thing. Except for obviously I miss the revenue that came from that, but we’re trying to keep everything more internal. We’ve sold Clickfunnels a lot, in fact I’ve talked about it probably everyday for the last 18 months. Because I’m in love with it. And we’ve sold a lot of it, we’ve got 11,000+ active members now. It’s growing rapidly, it’s been amazing. But I haven’t really sold anything else, we haven’t really come up with another product. We’ve had some little things here and there, but nothing…We have little free+ shipping offers to get people into Clickfunnels, but nothing big and new and exciting.

So This is the first thing. So similar to what happened with Drew Canole, they launched their new supplement called Organifi and now they sell a million dollars a month selling Organifi to an existing audience who was just waiting. They were bursting at the seams just waiting to give him more money. It kind of happened to us yesterday, I think. We had a 45% close rate which is crazy. But people are looking for more stuff, they want to continue to buy and consume.

What I wanted to talk about, is that, but I wanted to also give a huge warning sign because I’ve been doing this a long time. 12+ years now, and one of the, I’d say the cardinal sins of why people’s businesses shrink and eventually disappear, I’ve seen it, I can’t tell you how many friends and partners and guru’s and things that I’ve seen in the last 12 years go through the cycle.

I’ve got a lady literally going 3 miles an hour in front of me right now. Are you kidding me? You’re not even above 5. Alright, she’s gone. Oh and now she’s about to turn into me, holy moly.

Anyway, that was weird. I’ve seen these people who’ve had business who have shrunk and just disappeared and they’ve lost relevancy and I think the reason why is because they just start selling their existing audience more stuff, and so while I think that there is a spot when you can sell your audience more stuff, this is the big warning and the big caveat, is that you should only start selling your existing audience more stuff is if you have a front end funnel that’s bringing in new traffic, new leads, new blood into your business. If you don’t have that, this is what happens.

This is the pattern, I’ve seen it hundreds of times to people who, I’ve seen them at the top of the world. They come in and they’ve spent a some amount of time building up a list. Sometimes it’s through a product launch, sometimes it’s through whatever, and they get this audience. Let’s say the audience is 30,000 people and then they stop doing things that get new blood in. They have this 30,000 person list, then realize the way I make money, I sell something new to this audience, and they make a new thing. And they make a new thing. And they make a new thing. And they make a new thing. And they keep doing that and every time they do that the list goes from 30,000 to 29,000 to 28,000 to 27,000 to 26,000 and it keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller. Because their entire business consists of creating new things to sell to their existing audience, and you can do that for a while, but you have to be very, very careful because that will eventually disappear. And I’m not saying that in theory, I’m saying that, in I’ve seen it hundreds of times in people who were ten times more successful than me who are no longer relevant, who’ve disappeared because their entire existence, their income became on just completely selling new things to their existing audience and they stopped focusing on front end traffic.

So this is the lesson and this is the warning. The lesson is, you’ve got to have two things. One is a front end funnel that’s bringing in new blood into your ecosystem, your world. That’s number one, and number two, then when you have that, if and only if you have that first, then I will allow you to go and start creating new offers for this existing audience. One really good example, if you look at Agora publishing. So Agora spends insane amounts trying to create new front end offers so they can bring new traffic into their whole world. They set up a whole team that’s what they’re doing and that’s what they’re best at in the whole world. So they’re bringing all these people on their $50 a year newsletter, they upsell them on lifetime access for $500 and that’s their break even funnel, then after people are in, they do once a month webinar selling their new training course, and that’s where they’re actually making money. But they have insane amounts of time and effort all focused on bringing new blood into their world. And then once a month they do a big internal promotion to those existing customers  selling them the next thing. They’re doing, I think on average, 12 new webinars a month to now monetize this audience. Not a month, year. 12 new webinars a year to monetize this audience. So that’s a really good strategy, but it works for them because they continue to be adding new blood, new leads, new people into their world.

So I want to make sure that you understand a couple things. First off, you can’t turn off the spigot that fuels your company. Because that’s going to be a temptation because you’ll be like, “Wow, I made more money selling my existing audience.” Yeah, you will but that happens and that works because you had the faucet filling up the audience bucket and you cannot turn that off. That’s the first thing. Keep an ey on that, keep that up, keep that happening. Keep doing your weekly webinar. Go back to the archives of Marketing In Your Car you should listen to the one that’s called, “The Model for the Next 12 Years” That episode is one of the best episodes we’ve ever done in all the 200 episodes of ours. Where I walk through the webinar model. That should be the fuel you’re never turning off. That should be happening every single week. Every single Thursday you should be doing that. That has to stay, now while that’s happening, now on the other side, now you can start focusing on what are cool things I can create to monetize this audience. What are other products and services and things they will want?

Now when you start thinking through that its exciting because there’s a million things you can do, there’s a million partnerships, there’s a bunch of stuff. I would steer you heavily away from doing traditional affiliate things. Because that’s another way people burn their lists out really quick, they start promoting other people’s offers, they’re like, “I don’t’ want to create something else, I’m going to create, promote this person’s offer.” And you do that but the problem is as soon as you promote that person’s offer, those people are on that person’s list and you lose them. You lose you brand you lose your credibility. So if you look at the webinar I did yesterday with Jim Edwards, he had a bunch of software that wrote sales letters, so if he would have come up to me initially and said, “Hey Russell, would you promote my sales letter course to your audience?” I would have told him no, because it didn’t make sense for me. I would have been diluting my audience, I would have been pushing them over to somebody else’s business. It didn’t make sense for me, but he was very strategic and very smart.  He said, “Hey let’s partner on this thing. Let’s build it together, I will customize it to your script, to your brand, to your thing.” So we created this thing called Funnel Scripts. And now this is a new product I get to add to my arsenal, it’s a new thing under my brand, under my umbrella. It helps build my company, helps build my business, but it was a partnership.

So the joint ventures I look for now are ones that are more strategic like that; where it’s building my company, my business, our brand, all those kind of things. And so it gives very smart, very strategic for him. So look for that in your side, either create your own thing or find people you can partner with, but you can bring it under your own brand. That’ll help your existing audience stay within your world and continue to buy, to send up, and to keep buying your cool things. So that’s my suggestion.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful for you guys. Again, create new stuff to sell to your existing audience, that’s important, but only if you have dialed in the front end faucet to drive new leads into your business. That’s more important. More important is getting new customers into your business and making sure that is consistently running. If that‘s doing it, if that‘s running, if it’s working, then I recommend now creating new offers and new things to sell that existing audience. And that’s what I got for you guys. Hope that gets you excited.

We’ve got a bunch of cool things coming out. Funnel Scripts is obviously doing well. We’re gonna do a bunch a replays the next few days and see how many more people we can get into that program before we shut down the initial beta, and then with Funnel University coming out next. We rebuilt from the ground up our whole survey software, which is part of what’s going to be inside Funnel University which is exciting. That should be happening. My birthday is March 8th, so if you guys want to pre-plan presents, send them to me. Just kidding. I’m totally kidding don’t give me presents, unless they’re Gold or Silver. Those are exciting. I’m just kidding again. But my goal is to launch that either on my birthday, or the day before, day after. Somewhere in there. So look for that, because that’ll be our next big, cool, exciting, fun, amazing thing we have rolling out. After that it’s just focusing on filling the event.

Oh, and we have this really cool thing called Funnel Graffiti coming out too. Dang, we got too many cool things happening. It’s fun, right? Alright, guys that’s what I got. Happy 200th episode, or maybe 199, but I think it’s 200. If not, we’ll celebrate again tomorrow, which would be awesome. We can celebrate our birthday twice in a row? Why not? Alright, guys, appreciate you, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Feb 23, 2016

A little lesson I was reminded of yesterday, when dealing with a very difficult circumstance.

On this episode Russell talks about intentions and why he thinks everybody has good intentions. He gives a few examples of why he believes that to be true.

Here are 3 cool things in today’s episode:

  • Why Anakin Skywalker had good intentions, and how he just went about it the wrong way.
  • Why a man thinking about killing his entire family, actually had good intentions.
  • How people who seem to be doing and saying things that you think are wrong, doesn’t mean that they don’t have good intentions,and why you need to try to understand their point of view.

So listen below to hear why Russell thinks people always have good intentions.


Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everybody, so I’m driving right alongside the other car my kids and my wife are in and going to the Little Gym. They just drove past. So that’s exciting.

Anyway, I wanted to say hi to everybody today. And I’ve got an important lesson I think. Yesterday started out awesome, and then it ended out really weird. I’m not going to get into details of the weirdness because it doesn’t really matter, but some weird stuff happened. It was really weird. So this took a good two or three hours of my life away from me, while I was trying to resolve things that were just weird. So there you go. There’s the weirdness that you’re all wondering what in the world I’m talking about. I’m not going to get into details even though it’d be fun to. That’s a rant for another day.

What I wanted to talk about is my thought, this thought kept coming to my head during this process. I’m grateful for this thought because it helped me to respond a little differently and I think it was valuable so I wanted to share it with you guys today. And it’s all about intentions. What are people’s intentions? What are your intentions? What are people’s intentions? And not so much that people with good intention or bad intentions, but I’m going to argue today that everybody goes towards having good intentions. I know it seems backwards, but even people that are doing really, really bad stuff, I think they have good intentions.

Not to flash back to Star Wars or anything, but my kids we took them to watch Star Wars part 7 a couple of weeks ago and then I was trying to explain to them on the drive over about the whole story about Anakin, Darth Vader, Luke and Leia, so that they’d have some context. Then they wanted to see all the movies so we watched all the movies. I watched them and as The emperor and as Anakin became Darth Vader in part 3, and his goals weren’t evil right? He had to go to the dark side of the force and going about the goals the wrong way, but Anakin’s whole goal was he wanted to restore peace for the galaxy. He had good intentions right? He just felt that this was a better way to get those intentions. I think a lot of times we look at people and we think that they have these bad intentions. He’s trying to screw me over, he’s trying to hurt me, or whatever it might be. But I don’t think people do that, I think that about people as a whole, not most people but all people.

And I think the first time I really got this was at Date with Destiny with my man, Tony Robbins. And he was telling a story that was interesting. He was talking about this concept of intentions and he kind of said, “People always act out of the best intentions.” I was like, “Whatever dude. People have screwed me over all the time. People have done things like, they have bad intentions.” And he was arguing, “No, people always move towards good intentions, sometimes the path they choose effects other people negatively, but they’re always moving towards good intentions.”  A story he told, he said he was at Date with Destiny a few years back or whatever, and they do different exercises, if you’ve been to that program, you write down different things. I guess one of the attendees was writing out stuff in the book that he was planning on mass murdering his entire family.

So the partner he was sharing his thoughts to, during the breakout sessions, starts panicking like, “Oh my gosh, this guy is about to kill his entire family.” So he ran up to Tony between the break, this is the work…I can’t remember if he gave him the work book or just told him about, but “There’s a guy in the audience who’s planning on killing his entire family and he’s mapping out during this presentation.” And Tony obviously is alarmed, he used it as a teaching experience and finds out who the guy is and brings him up on stage and tries to figure out why this is happening. He hears something like, hey this dude’s about to go kill his wife and kids, that’s guys got bad intentions, he is a horrible person. In our mind, we just cast him as this horrible person doing this horrible thing. But when Tony brought him on stage and started talking and going through this whole process and figured out why was he going to do that, the reason was that when he was a kid, his father had left. His father had left him and his wife or excuse me, his mom and brothers and sisters. And in his mind, it destroyed his life. It was the worst thing on earth, his father leaving. So much so that he wished he would have died. Because it was such a bad experience it destroyed his childhood, it destroyed his older life. Everything bad came from that one pivotal thing, when his dad left.

And his dad was at spot now where he wanted to leave. He wanted to either leave or commit suicide, or something. He wanted to leave himself from the world, but he knew if he did that he would cause so much pain to his wife and his kids. The same thing he went through as a kid. That pain was worse than the pain of losing a father and he did not want his kids and his wife to have to endure that pain, cause it was so intense for him. So his solution, “Well if I kill my wife and my kids they won’t have to go through that pain that I went through as a kid, and I’ll be saving them from this thing.”

And you listen to that and you realize that as twisted as the outcome was for this thing, he did it because he had good intentions, he thought that was the right thing to do. And I started looking around at people and business people and family people. People that make decisions that don’t make sense and you feel like it’s Anakin Skywalker, they’re going to the dark side. And maybe they are and maybe their intentions aren’t, not the intentions, maybe the direction and what is happening isn’t right. And you feel it’s wrong and it scares you and it makes you nervous and unsure, but I honestly believe that everyone does what they do out of good intentions. They think that they’re doing the right thing for them or their family or whatever.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. Like Darth Vader becoming the Sith Lord of the entire universe was not a good thing for everybody. But he thought it was the right way, it wasn’t, he was trying to become evil. He was trying to do something but he went about the wrong way, but his intentions were right. And I think that if we use that lens when we talk to people, and we realize that even though what they are doing or saying or being completely goes against what you believe and that you know is right, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a bad person. They have good intentions; they’re doing it because a reason that have convinced themselves of is right. And I think that when we look at people and situations through that lens, hopefully it gives us a different perspective and hopefully we judge them and the situation differently.

It’s hard. Its hard cause in your mind they’re still wrong. You know what I mean? But I think when you understand the intentions right, it gives you the ability to still love that person, even if they hate you. Because, you realize that what they’re doing is not out of spite or out of hate or out of whatever it is. It began with the positive intentions. So, there you go.

You may think I’m crazy. You may think, “Nope, Russell that dude’s got bad intentions over there.” But I think that if we sit back and we try to look at it though a different lens we’ll find interesting things. So I hope that helps a little bit. It helped me last night when I was dealing with some really strange things that I didn’t enjoy dealing with. But realizing that people were overreacting the way that they did, or attacking the way they did, were not doing it out of spite or out of hate, but out of what they thought was good intentions for them. I can love them and respect them for that, even if I disagree with the route and the path, but I definitely understand a little more why. And I hope that that lesson serves you guys as well.

That’s it for today. Appreciate you all, have a great day. Make sure you don’t choose the dark side, even if your intentions are pure. Anakin could have done so much good if he just would have not been evil. But there you go. Alright, guys. Appreciate you all have an amazing night, or an amazing day, whenever you’re listening to this, and I’ll talk to you all again soon. Bye.

Feb 22, 2016

There’s a reason why no one is buying your stuff…

In this episode Russell talks about how to turn up the sexy in your business.

Here are 4 interesting things about today’s episode:

  • How Russell learned how to turn up the sexy in his dating life and later within his own marriage.
  • Why if people aren’t buying your stuff, it’s because it’s boring and you need to turn up the sexy.
  • The steps you should take turn up the sexy in your own offers.
  • And why Russell had to delete his Facebook app, and how that can help you.

So listen below to hear how Russell turns up the sexy in his business and life.


Hey everybody, this is Russell Brunson, and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everybody it’s a beautiful Monday morning after an amazing weekend. Right now it’s sunny outside, I’m wearing shorts. What more could you want in life? Seriously. I did ten rope climbs this morning, trying to get back to the time when I used to be tough. My dad growing up he built a big huge rope climb in our backyard, he spent a whole ton of money buying playground equipment and stacking it up and we had to climb the rope ten times each night before we could have dinner, and I became the best rope climber in the world pretty much. Because for wrestling rope climbing is the most important exercise on earth, so we got really, really good at it. Since then I became weak sauce, so we hung ropes in our wrestling room and I’ve been trying to get back into it. So right now I’m not doing ten times a day, I’m trying to do ten times once a week. This is my third week in a row. I did ten this morning and it was hard and my hands hurt. But I did it and I’m proud of myself. So there you go.

So today, oh crap, driving a stick shift again, I gotta remember how it all works. I just killed it. My kids preschool, so all the preschool moms are laughing at me, but it doesn’t matter because nothing can make today not amazing.

Alright, so today’s message, is turn up the sexy.  Now let me give you some back-story before you just think that’s a weird thing. It’s interesting to me, that people come into my programs, they ask me questions like, Why isn’t my funnel working, or why isn’t anyone buying my thing, or whatever it is. There’s a lot of reasons right, sometimes the sales pitch sucks, sometimes whatever, but the core issue behind why people don’t buy your stuff, is because it’s not sexy enough. That’s it. So you gotta look at everything you’re selling and figure out how can I turn up the sexy. How can I make this sexier? Because most of the stuff that people are selling, if it’s not selling well, it’s because it’s not sexy. Nobody cares, nobody wants it.  You’ve gotta figure out how to turn up the sexy.

So I bring this back to a real world example. Obviously I’ve been off the dating market now for, man, thirteen or fourteen years. Quite a while, so I don’t really remember this 100%, but I do remember enough to know that when I was in dating, prior to falling in love with my beautiful wife, when I went out on the market. When I just went out normal, guess what happened? Nothing, because I wasn’t sexy, so guess what I had to do? I had, well, I shaved my head back then, but if I had hair I would have combed my hair. If I was going out on the market trying to find a date or a woman, or a wife, I would turn up the sexy. I would comb my hair, I would put on some nice clothes, I would try to shower before I went out, so I didn’t stink. I would try to have some interesting things to talk about when we went out to dinner. I would try to be a cool person. I would try to help other people. I would try to be the best me possible. I would turn up that sexy as much as possible. Because, guess what women want? They want some sexy.

Same thing the other way. If you see a woman, and she’s all frumpy and angry and frowning, guess what you’re not going to do? You’re not going to ask her out on a date. But if she looks good, she’s put together, she smiles. She can carry on a conversation. She’s turned up the sexy in her life, then guess what? That’s the kind of person you’re going to be attracted to. Now one thing I found out about marriage goes on, you still gotta turn up the sexy every single day for your spouse. Because otherwise they’re going to get bored with you and they’re going to leave you. It just happens; I see it happen to too many of my friends. So a big part of that is you gotta learn how to turn up the sexy in your relationships, all the time. Otherwise people aren’t going to be interested. Your spouse is not going to care about you if you don’t do that. So there’s little things we have to do to keep the other person in our relationship attracted to us. So there you go, there’s my dating advice for today, and my marriage advice.

Throughout your life you have to figure out how to turn up the sexy. The exact same thing is true for your offers. My guess is that most of you guys, if nobody’s buying your stuff it’s cause it’s boring. I can’t tell you how many opt-in pages I’ve seen in Clickfunnels, where people are like, “Give me your name and email address and I’ll give you a three week e-course on how to do something better.” Are you kidding me? That is so boring, there’s no sexy in that. Give me your email and I’ll give you my free report how to do things better. That’s the pitch for the most part. That’s not exciting. I don’t want a free report. Maybe back in the 1980’s that was cool, but today there’s 18 bagillion reports, we’re in the information age. The last thing on earth I want is more information. Unless it’s packaged in a really what? Sexy way. We’ve got to turn up the sexy. If I had given away a free report called Dotcom Secrets, guess what? It would have been hard for people to opt-in. But because I made it into a physical book, I turned up the sexy, I made it interesting I made it intriguing. I made a video that was interesting. I turned up the sexy. I made it seem mysterious and cool, and I made it as sexy as possible. Guess what happened? A Lot of people bought my book.

We have a new offer coming out in the very near future called Funnel Graffiti. It’s stickers that you can put on to build out funnels on your mirrors or windows, or anywhere you want. That’s a sexy offer. Most of the reason why people aren’t buying your stuff you guys, is it’s not sexy enough. So look at every single step in the process, look at your ad, is it sexy? The pictures aren’t sexy, and I don’t mean sexual, because that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about having ads with girls with big boobs on it. That may help some markets, but in most markets it doesn’t. I’m talking about being sexy. What does your market want, What do they desire, what gets them excited? What’s going to be fun for them to click on. They’re in Facebook bored out of their mind trying to find something. What picture is going to be sexy enough that they’re going to click on. It’s probably a picture of you doing something stupid. When I’m in Facebook I’m looking for my friends and people who do stupid things. Most of our best converting ads are pictures of me doing stupid thing.

That’s the first step, the second step was in my opt-in page, sometimes into the landing page. Why is it sexy? Why would someone give me their name and email address on that page? If it’s not something sexy they’re not going to do. “No one’s opting-in my page, my conversion on my page sucks. I did what you said Russell.” No you didn’t, you did the least that I said. I said make a sexy, exciting, interesting, intriguing offer that’s going to get somebody to give you their email address. Curiosity based. On the landing page, my video sales letter, my webinar whatever it is, if the thing is not sexy, they’re not going to want it. So that’s my message for today you guys. Time for us all to turn up our sexy because that, my friends, will get some people to take action. It gets them to ask you on a date, it gets them to ask you to marry them, it gets them to click on an ad, it gets them to opt-in, it gets them to buy, gets them to buy again, it gets them to a send up. The sexier your stuff the better. So watch over the next 60 days, some of the offers and things we’re rolling out and one common thread I want you to notice is, Has Russell turned up the sexy. I think he has, I think he’s going to a whole other level. That’s what we’re doing here, and that’s what you need to be doing on your side as well. Because your market, they’re bored. That’s why people buy from you, just in case you’re wondering. It’s not because they necessarily want your stuff, it’s because they’re bored out of their mind. They’re on Facebook goofing around all day, stealing time from their boss, looking for something to entertain them. I mean it’s sad, but that’s true. That’s how most of our buying decisions are made. It’s in a state of complete and absolute boredom. That’s when they’re going to see your ad, that’s when they’re going to click. If you are engaging and entertaining and if you turn that sexy up, it’ll get involved, get engaged, they’ll buy and continue to buy. Because that is how the world works today. It’s funny we’re on Facebook and we’re all connected, but we’re bored out of our minds.

I removed the Facebook ap from my phone a while ago, I think I told you guys about that, because I found at night I would try to go to bed, and I’d be like, “Let me see if there’s anything cool happening in the world.” And I’d sit there and scroll through Facebook for 20, 30, 40, 50 minutes sometimes, trying to find something exciting and I wouldn’t. I’d go to bed bored out of my mind. I was like, I can’t keep doing this. This Facebook thing is sucking the life out of me. So I deleted the ap, got rid of it, and guess what? The quality of my life is up. I’m going to keep preaching to everyone that you should do that, but most people aren’t. So you’ve got to realize that’s the state you’re getting them in. You’ve got to be exciting and sexy and fun. Again, I’m not saying sexual, I’m saying sexy. Making it intriguing and exciting and engaging. Because that’s what’s going to get them out of that state and into the state you need them to be in to buy.

I hope that helps. Turn up the sexy you guys. I’m going to go inside to the office and turn up my sexy. I encourage you guys to do the same, not only in your business but in all your relationships. I’m going to be called the love coach now too, I guess. No, just kidding. I just wanted to illustrate that. Hope that helps. Peace you guys. Have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you guys soon.

Feb 16, 2016

Here’s a quick recap of everything I shared during my lunch consultation today.

On today’s episode Russell shares some cool things he shared with some clients at a lunch consultation. Hear all that good stuff in just 7 minutes…

Here are 3 cool things in this episode:

  • How funnels on line basically replicate funnels in real life, but how it’s cheaper.
  • How Russell gets leads into his funnels.
  • And why you need to create desire and belief to get ads to convert.

So listen below to hear about Russell’s seven minute lunch consultation.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey guys and gals, this is actually the second Marketing In Your Car I’ve done today. Do you wanna know why? Because I’m in my car again and I’m driving, so because of that you get to get me again, because I had nothing else to do. I just wanted to share with you guys. I had a really cool lunch today with, there’s a company called Kount K O U N T, which is a really cool fraud protection company, and the CEO is one of my close friends, he used to be the CEO of Clickbank, in fact, Clickbank and Kount are owned by the same company.

Anyway, I had a chance to go eat lunch with them today, which was really fun to get to know the guys and their sales team and marketing team and stuff. I enjoyed it, and I learned some cool things, not things that I learned, but I shared some cool things with them that I think would be good for everyone so I just wanted to share some of the thoughts and ideas that came from it. Hopefully it’ll give you guys some value.

The first question they asked me, “Clickfunnels sounds cool, but we’re selling BDB. With BDB, do funnels work, is that just a BDC type thing?” and it made me laugh because first thing I said, “Cool, how do you guys get clients in the door right now?” He actually used the word funnel, “Well the first step of our funnel is…” Then I kind of smiled and then he explained the whole thing, “We go to trade shows and we get leads, and we put the leads, and these guys call the leads, and leads forum, and then leads score guys, and if they’re good they go to these guys and then sell to them.” I kind of smiled, I’m like, “Okay well that was a funnel right there. All we’re trying online is replicate that. How do we make it so that instead of you having to have a guy or a gal or somebody do each of those steps, a lot of those things happen online.” I told him about how back in the day, some of you guys know my story, we had a call center that had 60 full time sales people who were outbound calling every one of our leads find people qualify them and all those kinds of things. And while that worked, it was expensive. That’s a lot of people. Everybody had to dial 100 dials a day and all that jazz. It was just super inefficient, expensive and honestly, wasn’t a great experience for people. People don’t want to get phone calls all day long. So when we shut down the call center, we reinvented the model and kind of changed it around. We started driving traffic into a funnel, the funnel sifted and sorted and qualified people and just gave us leads and customers who were ready to sign up today. And that was the transition, that’s how it kind of moved.

We went from having 60 full time sales guys to now we have two.  While they don’t do quite the same top line revenue, they definitely do more profit. Considering two guys versus 60 its pretty dang close to the top line, which is exciting. Anyway, I think that was cool illustration of a funnel. So the next question was, “How do you guys get leads into your funnel?” So we kind of talked about that a little bit, I was like, “We’re doing a little bit of everything. We’re trying a lot of things. We have a Facebook ads that run.” And theyre like, “Facebook ads don’t run for us.” I’ m like, “Really? Why not?” they kind of talked about their messaging on it, and their messaging was very specific li,e, “Hey you can increase your transaction value for this.” I was like, that’s not what people are looking for. Your product is fraud protection you’ve got to create a desire in their minds. When we launched Clickfunnels initially we started selling like, here’s funnel software. And nobody bought it no matter how excited I was. We had to change it. How to get people excited about funnel software. We had to explain what a funnel was and get them excited and show examples of your funnels and what’s actually possible. And that’s why I built the funnel hacks webinar. To show them, here’s what a funnel is. Here’s how it works. Here’s how you funnel hack somebody else. Here’s how you go to Clickfunnels and actually build it, and here’s how you get traffic. I gotta create desire and belief that what I have is gonna actually help somebody.” And I showed them that the reason that your Facebook ads not working is because you’re not creating desire or belief. That’s another goal of funnel, it could be through a sales video, it could be through a webinar, it could be through whatever, but you gotta create desire and belief, those are the two core things you’ve got to create through your funnel. That’s the goal, if your funnel can create desire in the thing that you sell, and belief that it will work for them. Notice that I didn’t say, not that it’ll work, but it’ll work for them, that’s how you get ads to convert. So that was the next thing.

Then we talked about other ways to get leads, and all the things we were doing. I asked them, “One of the things we’re doing, we’re building out kind of a front end call center, who are going to call leads and start selling our programs. Have you guys ever heard of” they said, “Yes, we used but it didn’t really work.” I’m like, “How did it not work?” they said, “we had guys exporting lists of hundreds of thousands of leads and they were calling them all day and getting 1800 numbers and dead calls and things like that. So if you guys know builtwith. is this site where you can say, hey show me all the sites that were built with Leadpages, show me all the sites that were built Unbound, show me all the pages that were built with Infusionsoft. It shows you all the pages and then gives you full the contact info of those people. I said, “That’s the problem. You’ve got these sales guys that are cold calling all these unqualified, cold, freezing cold leads. I don’t want my sales guys talking to anybody unless they’ve raised their hand. There’s a really cool business model that we’re implementing right now that you guys should look at. It’s a book called Predictable Revenue. I think I’ve mentioned it to you guys before in the past, but if not go to, I believe, and go buy the book, it’s like a $10 book. The books not really well written but the concept is awesome.

So what they do in this book, it kind of documents the case study of how sales went from 0 to $100 million in sales and they did it basically, getting lists that they knew had conceptually the same thing. You get this cold call list and instead of just having your sales dudes just call and burn sales out, you have the sales guy take 100 leads and then email 100 people and say, “Hey are the person in charge of marketing at this company?” and typically the person is like, “No I am not. So and so’s in charge of marketing.” Then they introduce them to so and so. Now the person’s got a warm introduction to the person who’s in charge of that aspect of the business and that opens up a great call. Then you’re only calling people who’ve raised their hands and said, “Hey, I’m Joe and I’m the marketing guy you’re looking for. Let’s get on a phone call and talk.”  So your sales guys are only talking to people that are warm. So that book, I think the model and I don’t know exactly the numbers, each sales guy emails 100 people a day, from that they should get 11 responses and from that they should have 6 calls or whatever. And they just kind of….that’s the model. Now your sales guys aren’t trying to make 100 dials a day. Your sales guys are sending 100 emails and talking to 11 people who actually raised their hands. It makes for a better experience and way more profitability and less headaches and costs, and all the things that are associated with the other model.

That was kind of another little tidbit and idea. There you go guys. There is the end product of our lunch consult for today, I did with the Kount guys. I hope it gives you guys some ideas for your business on the funnel process, converting ads, different places, different way outside of just Facebook to get leads. A cool conversion process to convert those leads and a bunch of other things. So there you go. Seven minutes and fifteen seconds of gold I hope I dropped on you guys. If you get some value out of that, let me know. Share this episode on Facebook or whatever that would be sweet. If you want to see any back episodes go to, You can find all the old episodes. Get the transcripts to the old shows and a bunch of other amazing things. Again, I appreciate you guys, Hope you enjoyed our seven minute lunch consult. Talk soon.

Feb 16, 2016

Today we had a little bit of a rant…

On this episode of Marketing in Your Car Russell talks about why he hates when people complain about things that don’t matter. He also talks about how if you look for reasons that you are not going to be successful, you will find them…

Here are 4 fun things on today’s episode:

  • Why you don’t need to worry about integration with Clickfunnels until you past 10 million dollars a year.
  • Why you should never respond to people on Facebook, because it never ends.
  • Why if you search for a reason to not make money, you will find it.
  • And why you shouldn’t complain because Clickfunnels actually saves you money and makes everything easier than it was not that long ago.

So listen below to hear why you shouldn’t complain, because your flying!


Hey everybody! Good morning and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright guys and gals and everybody else who’s hanging out with us today. Today it’s a beautiful day in Boise, Idaho so I broke out the corvette. I think so far in Clickfunnel’s we’ve given away 9 or 10 of these things this year. If you haven’t won yours yet, it’s time to join the Clickfunnels affiliate program. I just want to give you a car, that’s all I want in life.

I hope things are going amazing for you wherever you are today in your business. If you’re not smiling yet, please smile. It’s amazing how much more goodness will come to you when you smile. Alright, I wanted to talk about something that made me laugh. I kind of hate Facebook for a lot of reasons but the main one is there’s like a million people who have unlimited access to talk about you and tag you and it’s so annoying.  And then message you. Facebook blocks out a lot of people, but every once in a while someone gets through and I’m like, “How did that person get the ability to get in my inbox and annoy me.” Anywho, there was this dude that comes in, and this is a lesson for everybody, so he’s stressing out like, “Russell, I want to use Clickfunnels, but I can’t because your integration with Infusionsoft doesn’t pass all the data it only passes part of the data. And your integration with Ontraport doesn’t do something specialized that I need for my thing, and I was talking to these people over at Leadpages and  they were making fun of me for using Clickfunnels because Leadpages does integrate with them better and blah blah blah.” All this crap.

At first I was just going to delete it, but then a part of me was like, this guy is complaining about a bunch of things that don’t matter at all. I was like, “Hey why are using Infusionsoft?” he’s like, “because I need to do tagging.” “Why don’t you do tagging inside of Clickfunnels?” “Clickfunnels can’t do tagging.” “Yes, it can. Why do you even need tagging? I don’t know anything about you or your business, but my guess is if you’re not making at least ten million dollars a year right now, there’s no purpose, no need, no reason that you need to be doing tagging. The only thing you need to be doing is selling a product. I’m curious, what are your revenues? Are you selling a lot or are you not?” Guess what he came back at, “No I haven’t launched my business yet or one of my funnels, I just got Clickfunnels, I like it and I’m trying to figure it out. So I was researching people who are talking about this and that. How this doesn’t work and how that doesn’t work and all these kinds of things.”

I was like, “Dude, right now our average, our members are making on average $600,000 a day through stripe. Inside of Clickfunnels, right now we’re making anywhere from $40 to $50,000 a day through clickfunnels through stripe. For you who has no business yet, is stressing how our integrations with other companies. Dude, first off don’t integrate it. Do not worry about our integrations, you don’t need integrations. That’s why we have Clickfunnels so you don’t have to do integrations. I run my entire business through Clickfunnels.” “Yeah, but right now you don’t have advanced tagging like Infusionsoft.” “Why do you need advance tagging. You don’t even have a business yet. You’re not even selling a product yet. I don’t even use advance tagging yet. You have my permission as soon as you pass $10 million a year in sales. Then you can start stressing out about advance tagging. Until then the only thing you should worry about it selling your product. You set up a Clickfunnels page. On the first page you just have an opt-in, on the second page you just have a sales button that goes through stripe, third page you should deliver the product you just sold. And you should focus on driving traffic, that’s it. He came back and he’s like, “Wow, thank you. You’re right, all this time I’ve been stressing on these things that don’t actually matter. I was in analysis paralysis or whatever. Right now I not even making a quarter of a million a year, I’m not making ever $100,000 a year. I’ll be honest, I’m not making any money right now.” And I said, “Well, therein lies the problem. You’re worrying about all this stupid crap that doesn’t matter. Clickfunnels does everything you need to do. Don’t look outside, Don’t look for Infusionsoft, you don’t need it, don’t look for Ontraport  you don’t need it. Everything you need is right here. Just use Clickfunnels.” And he’s like, “Oh man, this is awesome.”

So I thought I solved this big problem right, so I thought. So then yesterday, two days later, he comes back to me and this is why you should never respond to people on Facebook because it never ends. So he came back to me and he had screenshots from all around the inter-webs, different Facebook groups and things and he had blackened out all the people’s names to protect their innocence from me. All these kinds of things, all these posts of people who supposedly were upset at Clickfunnels, were canceling Clickfunnels or didn’t like the way that the integration with Aweber, or whatever those things were. He went and scoured the internet. You could tell he spent days looking for all these different possible things, issues that might possibly happen that he didn’t want to mess up, and didn’t want to not make money so he was just finding any way possible to not use Clickfunnels. And he came back, “Russell, there are all these people who are friends of yours, and there are people who are insiders, and one of them used to be an employee and you fired him and you should let him back because he was so good….” All these things and he showed me pages of screenshots from all these people.

And then he started talking about how, If only we had a Zapier integration, then he could do everything, you just need to Zapier…If we could just have all the tech guys focus on Zapier for him then all of his problems would go away. And I wrote back and I said, “Hey, how many products have you sold this week? Dude, you’re stuck in your same problem. This is why you’ll never be successful. You’re searching so hard for a reason to not make money, and you’re going to find it if you keep looking. Right now we eleven thousand members and its growing rapidly, most those eleven thousand members, guess what they do? They just make money. They use Clickfunnels and they make a crap-ton of money and they’re fine. But guess what, there is a fraction of a fraction of a percent who are frustrated. And guess what that fraction of a fraction, those are the ones the go to Facebook and complain about, “This didn’t work, my aweber integration didn’t work. I’m pissed at Clickfunnels and I’m canceling.” Let’s say 1 percent of our customers vocally complain, that’s 1000 people a day vocally complaining on Facebook and it’s not that. So you take 1 percent of 1 percent. That’d be 100 vocal people on Facebook a day, and it’s not that. It’s like five, five or six. You take 1 percent of 1 percent of 1 percent and a half of that, you’re looking at how many people are actively mad on Clickfunnels and they’re the ones posting and those are the people whose opinions you’re freaking out about. Look at the other 10,997,000 or whatever the number is, who are happily just using Clickfunnels and making a crap-ton of money with it. That’s who you should be looking at and focusing, not the complainers, not the people who have some issue.

I was looking at one of the complaints he sent me over, and again the name was blurred out to protect the innocent, and in this thing this lady was all upset because the Aweber integration didn’t work the way she wanted it to work, and I understand that. That’s frustrating. But there’s a work around, so the support person gave her a work around and she was so mad. “Support didn’t get back to me for 24 hours and I’m upset. I’m cancelling, I’m refunding my money. I’m getting my $100 back.” I started laughing. “You’re upset over $100. Look at what we gave you, the ability to create amazing sales funnels. The ability to have upsells and downsells and membership sites and affiliate programs and all this stuff for $100. It reminded me of a dude I heard at a standup comedy thing, and this guy is sitting on a plane, and they’re flying over the Atlantic Ocean somewhere. And the guy sitting next to him is upset because it’s too hot, or it’s too cold, the food didn’t taste that good. All these things he’s complaining about thing after thing after thing. And the guy looks at him like, “You’re flying. You’re in a airplane over the Atlantic ocean flying. It cost you $100 or $500 for this ticket. 300 years ago, 1000 years ago kings would have given everything they owned for this experience and you’re complaining because the food doesn’t taste good, because your seats not big enough. You’re flying.” Oh my gosh, quit freaking complaining.

So I was laughing, a year ago, pre-Clickfunnels, for you to create what you just created, worst case scenario it would have cost you $1000 to get a designer, a programmer, an analytical. Worst case $1000. Here you get all that times a million times more, for $100 a month, and all you got….and one little hiccup makes you freak out. I want to tell you about my experience prior to Clickfunnels when we were paying a designer $50,000 a year and a programmer $`100,000 a year and 8 other people involved to just get one funnel live, and guess what? 90% of the time the shopping cart would break and the auto-responder would break and the sites would go down and on and on and on and on. And now those things are almost zero. I don’t say zero because there are little issues here and there that happen, but it’s almost zero and guess what you’re paying for that? $100 a month. You’re flying, quit complaining. Look at the positive. Look at what we’re giving you for $100 a month. It’s insane to me.

What is the moral of this story? The moral of the story is you’re freaking flying. Quit complaining about the bumps and the air, and the fact tha you don’t like the food. You wish the food did something different. And you wish you could eat steak or sushi, or you wish you could have a shower on your plane, or whatever it is. Quit complaining, you’re flying. With Clickfunnels you are flying. I understand there will be hiccups or things don’t work the way you want them to work, or whatever it might be, but you’re flying. Don’t forget that.

Alright, that’s it for today guys. I’m going to go and help some more people fly and if you’re the one looking for 1000 excuses about why you can’t be successful, I promise you, you will find them. But if you’re like the rest of us who are just doing our business and making money and realize there are going to be hiccups and bumps. Just work around them. If that’s you, then welcome to my world. You’re the people I want to serve, you’re the people I care about. And you are the people who are benefiting from Clickfunnels and the training, and everything else that we’re providing for you guys at an insane rate. Its still is insane to me, what you’re able to accomplish today for $100 a month. If you were to rewind and look back 12 months ago, 18 months ago, 24 months ago it was a different story, a whole different world and the world you live in is amazing. Be grateful because you guys are flying now. I’m out of here, appreciate you. Have an amazing day. I’ll talk to you all again soon.

Feb 11, 2016

How to get so much stuff done that people don’t think you ever sleep.

On today’s episode Russell shares his secret about how he gets so much work done and why it seems like he doesn’t sleep. He also talks about how to find a great team to work for you.

Here are 3 cool things on today’s episode:

  • How Russell gets tons of sleep and possibly even works less hours than the average person.
  • How you can find an amazing team like the one Russell has.
  • And why you need to treat your amazing team well so that you can keep them around.

So listen below to hear why Russell seems so amazing all the time!


Good Morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson and today it is on like Donkey Kong. Alright guys, so today I have my yellow shirt on that says, “It’s on like…” and then there’s a big picture of the 8 bit Donkey Kong.  You know what that means right? Its means it is on, it means we have a webinar today and we are gonna get paid. It’s going to be payday today. So I’m excited. It’s officially on like Donkey Kong and I’m really, really excited.

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a live, live webinar. I kind of took a couple weeks off and let auto webinars run, because I’ve been buried in so much stuff. So I’m getting my hands dirty today, I’m getting out in the trenches and doing it. I’m excited, really excited actually. We’re doing it with Jason Fladlien’s audience, who are all Amazon sellers which is cool too, so we’re going to be converting everyone from the world of Amazon to the world of Funnels, which is a great, really great thing. So I’m excited.

With that said, I gotta share some cool stuff with you guys today, so I was trying to think about what we have….I don’t even know how to explain it, but kind of the back-story. Some of you guys saw, if you follow me on Facebook, I don’t know if you follow it, it was on my personal Facebook, I don’t know if you can follow it. But if you are one of my personal friends on Facebook, you probably saw I posted the manuscript for Expert Secrets. We finished the first manuscript and I printed it out and was going to start reading and editing, so I printed and posted it there. Which was really cool. Tons of people commenting and stuff. Someone’s comment was, “When do you sleep?” Which is awesome. And it made me smile for a couple of reasons.

First off, I sleep a lot and I play with my kids a lot, and I goof off a lot and I don’t work as much as people think I do. In fact, my bet is that I work the same or maybe less hours than most people, but when I’m working I’m on. A couple of things about that, first off when I’m working I’m on. I heard somewhere, some study, or I don’t know, something. They’re talking about how the average employee at the office gets I don’t know, two hours of work done in an 8 hour day or whatever. My guess is some of you guys probably do that right? You’re probably on Facebook goofing off, checking emails. If I’m at the office for 8 hours, I work for 8 hours; it’s not me goofing off. People want to come to the office and see what’s happening, it’s me working. It’s not exciting. It’s exciting for me because I’m working on cool stuff, but there it is.

Okay, second thing, and this I think is the big secret, this is if I could give you one thing today that I think will be the most valuable for you is, the reason why I get so much stuff done and it seems like I don’t sleep, is because I have built up over the last twelve years, an amazing team of people that can help me with all the different aspects of what I want to get done. If I’m like, “Hey, I wanna do…I have an idea to sell something.” Most people it’s going to be like a 6 month process to have it come to fruition, where for me first off I know, here’s the twelve things that need to get done. I know here’ s my video guys, Boom, here’s my graphic guy, here’s who’s doing the logo, here’s who’s writing the concept, here’s doing copy, here’s doing…..and so as soon as I have an idea, I send it in Trello, which is where I do all my magic, I post some things and within five minutes we have an idea every single person who I have found to be the best in the world in my humble opinion. Have messages on what to do, and then they just do it, and they send it back and within a week I’ve got back everything I need. It would take a normal person 6 months to a year.

It’s not that I’m magic, because I’m not at all. In fact, I’m not talented at all to be honest. Don’t tell anybody. What I have though, I have built up an amazing team of people. And they’re not all employees, a lot of them are contractors as well. They’re kind of both. I think about when I first got started and it took me a long time to get stuff done and I think about that, why was it hard? And I think it’s because I didn’t have the people in place. I look at now, I know who does my logos, I know who does this, I know all those pieces right. It took me a long time. Sometimes, I didn’t find those guys for 5 or 6 or 8 years into my business before I found them. But when I found them I treated them really, really good. Because I want when I have a crazy idea at 2am and I want it done by 4am, I want to be able to message those guys and they take care of it. Same reason why when I have babysitters, we pay them a lot, and the reason why first off, I got 5 insane kids, so that’s kind of crazy. But second off, I want when I call them to see if they’ll come babysit, I want them to cancel other babysitting jobs and come to my house instead. If I’m paying them more, it’s a better experience, and all those kind of things. Same with contractors, I want to be able to take care of them, so much as a boss, that when I’m like, hey I need this, it just happens.

This is really, really cool actually. Vince Palko, some of you guys know him from Adtunes. We had this idea for marketplace when we were trying to get done in three days, and it’s like 8pm or something and I vox him like, “Hey man I have an idea we’re trying to launch Thursday. Is there any way you can get it done in time?” And his messaged me back, and he was like, “For most people that would be”…I can’t remember exactly what he said, but something like, “For most people that would be impossible, but for you it’ll be done.” And I was just like dude, that’s awesome! I try to make it so my relationships with everyone who is doing things is like that, so they’ll drop other projects and other things because I take care of them and I care about them as people and things like that.

For you guys I’d recommend, because everyone’s on different cycles in their business, but I would be looking at where you are now, a big part of it when you’re going out there and you’re trying to find your team. Everyone’s gotta have an amazing…I’ve got an amazing team of people. Everything from graphic design, to artist, to web, to copy, to animators, to sketch artists, to traffic generate. Every piece of this puzzle I’ve got really good relationships with people that can do all those things, and that’s how I’m able to get stuff done so fast.

It wasn’t always that way. I was thinking about when I first kind of started I was trying to find programmers and I was using a site back in the day, called Scriptlance, it was recently purchased by, but same thing as and, it was a site, right? And I would start hiring all these Indians, and Romanians, and Filipino’s and all these people on projects. I would say on average, I would probably hire 15 to 20 people before I found someone that was reliable, someone that was actually good, that I was like, wow, this person is good. I’d be like, “Hey, I wanna do more stuff with you, you cool with that?” and they’d be like, “Yeah, sure.” I’d give them more projects, and eventually some of these guys became friends. I’ve had one of them actually moved here from Ukraine.

When I find people who are good, I treat them well and I try to involve them. Either I make them an employee or a contractor, or just one of our go-to people that we use over and over again. And that’s kind of what we do. So for you right now I would start hiring people, a lot of people. And even if they’re for dumb little tasks, a lot of them, my projects that I hire people for on those sites are just stupid little things that don’t matter. But, I’m trying to find talent. People who respond who take care in their work., people who are awesome. That’s kind of how it works. When I see somebody’s sit e that I like, or I see a logo that I like, I try to find who did that logo, where are they at? For designers I go to this site called Dribbble. D R I B B B L E .com. Three b’s it’s kind of weird. I go there and I swear I spent an hour and a half last night, but I do this all the time. I search for stuff and I find people that have awesome UI design, or awesome logo design, or awesome….whatever I’m looking for and then I just contact them and I’m like, “Dude, that logo is amazing!”And they’re like, “oh, thanks.”Cause they’re designers and they want you to talk about it. I just like, “Man, I respect good design and your stuff is amazing. You’re awesome. Are you hirable, can I hire you in the future to do something? Cause this is awesome.” Then they tell you yes and you go from there.

I would think one of the biggest things you can do to have more success today, but even more so tomorrow, and the next day, and it’ll make it so as you’re growing your business, it’s like a ball or a big rock rolling down a mountain and it’s getting bigger and bigger the whole way down, is by identifying those team members and people that could become your go-to people to get stuff done.  I would spend a huge focus on that cause that’s so much more valuable than you getting smarter, or you figuring out how to do things. It’s all about finding out who are the people that you can trust, that are rock stars that you can put on your team. And then when you find those people treat them awesome. Don’t be mean. Do whatever you can to bring value to their lives and if you do that they’ll do whatever they can to serve you back. And it’s awesome.

That my friends, is how you get so much stuff done. Not because of me, because I understand all the pieces and I found a team that can do all the pieces and because of that we can move fast. So there you go. Hope that helps. I would say right now there’s probably 15 projects that I have that are in Trello, not in transit, they’re in some level of thing and there’s people from all around the world building pieces of those while I’m sleeping. So I can sleep at night because those pieces are all happening and moving forward, which is awesome.  There you go. With that said, I am almost to the office. So there is your homework assignment today you guys. Start building your team, and then it’ll be on like Donkey Kong. So go get a shirt that says, “On like Donkey Kong” for your sales days, it’ll help.

Actually I hope. I will let all you know if I crush it today. If I bomb, this shirts going in the garbage, going in the fire. It’s gone. Alright, I’m out of here. Have an amazing day everybody, and I’ll talk to you all soon.

Feb 9, 2016

What to do about pirates, copy-cats, and unethical people.

On this episode Russell shares why people can copy your message but they can’t copy your fire. He also talks about how the universe has a way of evening things out, if you are ripping others off.

Here are some fun things in today’s episode:

  • Why people can’t clone your passion when they try to copy you.
  • Why Russell doesn’t fear the people who steal from him.
  • And why if you rip others off, you will be less successful.

So listen below to hear what to do when somebody rips you off.


Good morning, everybody. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright, everybody, hope that you are having an amazing day today so far. I wanted to have some fun on today’s podcast. I had like 4 or 5 ideas that we could talk about, but this is the most fun because it’s one that drives us, as producers crazy, yet when all is said and done it’s really not that big of a deal, but it still drives us crazy.

This morning I was listening to one of Garrett J. White’s podcasts about how they can….I can’t remember the title, something about, they can copy you, but they can’t clone your fire, they can’t copy your fire or something like that. He was talking about some other friends, who in his mind, he just kind of knocked them off, or they kind of knocked him off. And he’s talking about how you can copy the marketing style, you can copy the message, you can copy all those kind of things, but you can’t copy your fire. I thought that was really cool, and it was interesting because we had, last month when we were doing our hack-a-thon, we had all our Clickfunnels team out here and that was one of the concerns we had. Do we have all developers move in house, we can have tighter controls on our codes, nobody can steal the code. You know, all these different things. And what was interesting is that, this is me as the outside marketing guy being nervous, like, “I don’t want people to copy us, or what if somebody got our code and they hack Clickfunnels and they’re competing with us?” It’s this fear mentality mindset. The developers kind of laughed, “you know like have the stuff we’re doing is open source and we’re open sourcing it, we’re giving it to the communities so people can build on it to, and all these things. If someone wanted to steal the code it wouldn’t matter because most was out there anyway.”

Anyway, I don’t know how the open source is, but apparently we’re donating most of our code to open source for other developers to develop on and make cooler things and all these things, and I’m just like, “It’s so weird to me because it just seems backwards.” But one thing….I can’t remember if it was Todd or Ryan, but somebody said, “This is the deal. Somebody could go and they could copy our code, or parts of our code, or whatever that might be, but there’s intangibles that they can’t copy.” Similar to what Garrett talked about, they can’t copy your fire. They can’t copy our message and our community, and our work ethic, and our team, and our vision and all the other pieces that go into growing an empire.

They can clone things, but they can’t do all the rest of it. It was funny, I was reading an article last week, I had 10 people tag me to it on Facebook, but it was about a company in the UK that basically knocks off every big hit. Amazon came out, they knocked off Amazon. Groupon came out they knocked off Groupon over in the UK. They knock them off, and build them up really fast. They straight just rip everything. You look at the sites, color scheme is the same, layout is the same, everywhere in the menu set up the same spot. Everything is just identical, and they were saying they have teams of people that all they do is monitor these sites daily, and if Amazon shifts the menu one pixel to the right, they shift their menu one pixel to the right. They’re assuming that Amazon is doing all sorts of crazy testing, so they just straight rip them off. Their whole model is they just rip these guys off and then come back to the original companies and sell them. They’ve sold their Groupon clone to Groupon and they’ve done it others. These guys made over a billion dollars, just ripping people off. So it’s like, you see things like that, and you’re like, I don’t want to be ripped off.

It’s funny because I see people that all the time, my stuff’s up for sale on eBay, I see the pirate sites, as soon as I create a course it’s for free on the pirate sites. The other day I was looking for one of my logos, I couldn’t find my logo file. So I just Google imaged it, and I found the original logo file to my design, I’m like, wow! Who has this on their site? How cool is that? I can’t even find it on my own computer. I went to the site, and on the site there was this thing, “Hey here’s Russell Brunson’s course, I’m going to buy but I need people to pony up some money.” There’s like 100 people that all ponied up like 50 bucks to be able to buy my course so they could all just rip it off and share it together. It’s just ridiculous. It’s funny because there was this time in my life where there was so much fear behind that. I was just like, Oh if they rip it off, then this and that and all these kind of things, and I’ve had people come to me, who are like, we are eBay’s company and we’ll police eBay and we’ll knock off anyone who steals your stuff and posts it. We’re going block it and all these kind of things.

In fact, we had this guy, I probably shouldn’t name names, but I have to name names for the story to be funny. His name was Cody Moya, and he used to clone everything we did. We created a product, and I would announce, we’ve been spending three months on this product, and we would announce that we were launching it. And that same day he would send me an email launching his version of what we did, and he’d somehow just put it together really quick, and he’d have the identical product as us. It was crazy. So we used to call him Cloney Moya, because he’d just clone anything that any of us did, it was so interesting. This is a funny part of the story. Joel Comm had…He bought a copy machine in his office, a big huge copy machine. The tag was like, the Copy Master 2000 or whatever, and he broke the tag off and put his own tag on and it was called the Cloney Moya. So he’d do photocopies on the Cloney Moya. It was so funny because….that guy had some success for a little while, but has anyone heard of him since then? No! It’s because you can copy the sales process, you can copy the content, you can copy whatever, but like Garrett said, you can’t copy the fire. I thought that was really a powerful message for me today.

It’s funny, I had a guy that we published for a little while, and I asked him about his journey, like “how did you get successful online?” He said, “You know what’s interesting, I used to go to…..” some pirate website in internet marketing space, where you can get pretty much everybody’s product for free, he said, “I used to go that thing and I would download everyone’s products and I’d listen to them, and it was the weirdest thing, I had all this information in my head, all these things, but I was never successful. One day I realized that I was straight ripping everybody off, and I’m trying to go out there and provide value to world, and trying to help, to sell my own products. There’s some weird thing with the universe, if you’re ripping other people off, you’re stealing their intellectual property, other people aren’t going to pay for theirs. One day I just got sick of it and cancelled my accounts. I went to some of the products that had the biggest impact on me that I’d stolen, I went and I bought them just to pay the authors for those things. When I did that everything changed. Suddenly my product started selling.” Everything good came after he had done that. I thought how interesting that was.

I’m not too concerned when people rip off my stuff anymore, because they’re not the kind of person I want to serve anymore anyway. The dude who’s okay going and ripping a product and consuming it, and can sleep well at night, is not the kind of person in my coaching programs, using my software. I’m not okay with that kind of a person. So if they want to do it, that’s cool and hopefully someday they’ll see the light, but I’m not concerned about that kind of person. The customers I want are the customers who are going to pay me because they know the value I provide to them.

In fact, if you look at my business now, almost everything we sell now is free. You know what I mean? All our best stuff is free plus shipping. We do have upgrades where you get more, you know upsells and stuff like that. For the most part it’s all free. I give all my stuff away from free. People always ask me, like my Perfect Webinar script, “How much is it going to cost?” Just go get it for free, for 5 bucks we’ll ship it, just go get it. And they’re like, “No, I’ll pay you for it.” And I’m like “Just take it.” And they’re like, “Why do you do that?” and I’m like, “If you actually implement the perfect webinar, guess what’s going to happen? You are going to make a crap-ton of money and then you are going to come and give me $25,000. And that is so much more valuable to me than getting $97 from you today.”

For me, I’m all about giving away all this stuff, so that people can consume it and get a ton of value, and then they’ll want more. They will come back if what you give away is amazing. Just a side note, I’d never heard of Dan Kennedy, this is back in the day. I was on eBay and some dude ripped off Dan Kennedy and I didn’t know, but it was like this marketing thing, and I’m like, “sweet I like marketing.” So I bought these Dan Kennedy Cd’s for a $100, and turns out it was like $1,000 course, but I didn’t know that. So I was listening to this course and it was awesome, I got so much good stuff. So because of that…in the product he kept talking about his Platinum Group, and I was like, “I want to be in the platinum group!” This whole course kept indoctrinating me and I eventually call up DKC and I begged them to let me in and I paid them $25,000 to be in the platinum group and I was in that group for 6 years.  So they made, $150,000 off me, plus I spoke at their events, I sold their products. I’d say they conservatively made 3 or 4 million bucks off me during that time.

I came into their world because somebody else ripped them off. And I remember, Bill at the time, was all freaking out about the pirates stealing his stuff. I’m like, “Dude, do you understand that I am in your world today because some pirate ripped you off and unbeknownst to me was selling your product on eBay and I bought it and now I’m here and you’ve gotten 5 or 6 million bucks from me. Was that worth it?” Yeah, let the pirates have fun, if they want to go do that they’re spreading your message, they’re spreading your word. Just don’t deal with it, because a couple of things, first off, the right people will pay. The people who stumble upon that stuff, if your stuff’s awesome they will come back for more. It’s the drug dealer close right? You give them the first one for free and then they gotta come back.

That’s how I feel, I want to make content so addictive that when they have it, they gotta have more. I don’t know if that helps at all. The biggest thing is don’t stress out about people knocking off your stuff. I don’t put password protect stuff on my download pages because I don’t care. Again, people who are going to rip me off, can rip me off. People who want to buy are buyers and they’re going to continue to buy. And those are the ones who I’m catering towards and to and that’s all that really matters for me. So there you go. If you are stealing stuff right now, knock it off because it’s probably keeping you from where you want to be. As weird as that might sound, I don’t know how or why but for some reason, that’s just how it all works.

Alright guys. I’m at the office, I’m gonna go create some cool stuff. Hopefully go change the world and hope that something comes out today that’s going to help you guys.  Appreciate you all, have an amazing day and I will talk to you guys all again soon. Bye.

Feb 8, 2016

The three steps to get any blessing in life that you want.

On today’s episode of Marketing In Your car Russell relates a Sunday School message to marketing.

Here are 3 interesting things in this episode:

  • Why you can become who you want to become as long as you follow someone who already is what you want.
  • What Tony Robbins said is the best way to be successful.
  • And how after you find someone to model, you have go back and put in the work to get what you want.

So listen below to hear what Russell’s church lesson has taught him about marketing.


Good morning everybody, and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright guys, so I’m driving cautious today because I couldn’t find my wallet this morning, which happens more often than I’d like to ever admit. But that’s where we’re at today. So I don’t have my license with me. Good thing it’s all back roads from my house to the office.

So I hope you guys had an amazing weekend. For me it’s Monday morning right now, it could be any time for you. I mean some of you guys might be listening to this ten years from now, I could be dead, for all I know and iTunes just doesn’t shut it down and you guys listen to this 100 years in the future. It’s pretty sweet, that is the power of what we all do.

As of today, I’m really happy. I had an amazing Saturday, I remember sitting there looking around, and feeling like, this is one of the most amazing days in my life. If every day was like this it would just…..anyway, it was amazing. I was home with my kids. I was out in the wrestling room with the kids. We went hot-tubbing with the kids. Then I went on a date with my wife to go see The Piano Guys. It was amazing. Days like that make everything, kind of puts everything into perspective makes it all amazing. So that was really fun.

Then yesterday, so I am a Sunday school teacher at my church. Some of you guys may or may not know that. So I teach the 14 and 15 year old kids, which is a fun age, because about 15, 16 is when kids go insane. At least that’s when I did. So I’m hoping to have a chance in my own little way, to touch their little hearts before they get to the insane stage. So it’s a fun age to teach, and I have 21 kids in my class. Which is just way more than one teacher should ever have to teach, but it is what we got. So it’s kind of fun teaching them.

The stuff I taught them yesterday, actually really applies to you, who is listening. So today, I’m going to put on my church hat and I’m going to be Brother Brunson today. And I know some of you guys, you obviously didn’t come listen to this to hear a church sermon, but I promise this relates to you. Even if you don’t believe in anything, even if you don’t believe in God, it doesn’t really matter, I think this is still something that is valuable to you. And I hope that you get some value out of it. So, there you go.

Alright, there’s kind of three core pieces I taught them that I thought was really cool, and it’s kind of been like a guiding force in my life, so I wanted to share them. So the three core concepts you got to understand, so I’ll share all three and then I’ll kind of tie them together.

So the first one actually, so in Mormon theology, we have a couple books of scripture, one is the Book of Mormon which I’m sure you’ve heard of, the other one is called the Doctrine and Covenants. And in the D&C there’s a really cool scripture.  It’s D&C section 130 verse 20 and 21, and this is what it says, “There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated. When we obtain any blessing from God, by obedience to that law upon which is predicated.” I don’t know about you, but that is amazing. So it basically said in heaven before we got here, there was a law irrevocably decreed, which means it cannot be taken away, it’s there forever, from the beginning of all time til forever. Irrevocably decreed upon which all blessings are predicated, not some blessings, but all blessings are tied to these laws, right? And then if we get a blessing from God it’s because obedience to a law that is tied to that blessing. Is that pretty cool?

So to the class there and said, “What blessing do you want?” So again, these are 14 year old kids, and I’m like, “What blessings do you guys want?” Ones like, “I want a hot wife.” So I wrote it on the board. And one’s like, “I want a 4.0., I want to go to school.” Anyway, they had everything from wanting a hot wife, to I want to watch TV all day. So we had all these blessings on the board. I was like, “Cool, so these are the blessings you guys want,“ and I was like, “I don’t want you to think about worldly blessings, but who do you want to become?” That’s a blessing right? “Who in your life, bigger than just like, I want blah. Who do you want to become?” We wrote down some of those things, like who they want to become. “I want to become a great father.  I want to become someone who contributes to society. I want to become someone who changes the world.” So then we start having some of these blessings that were who they wanted to become. So that was kind of the first step and then I pointed, I said, “Each of these blessings you guys want right now, as we now know, they are irrevocably tied to a law. And If you follow that law, then guess what happens? You get the blessing.” Again, irrevocably is a powerful word, God cannot take it away, it is irrevocable. If you follow that law you get that blessing. So I’m like, “ “Sweet, now we know that, all we got to do is figure out, what’s the law that God created that then gives us that blessing?”

So that was step one in this process. Step two I started talking about Tony Robbins. Now, a bunch of 14 year old and 15 year old kids and none of them have ever heard of Tony Robbins. Like, “Dangit. Well he’s this big huge giant with big hands and big teeth. But one thing that Tony taught me, he said, “If you want to be successful in this life, all you have to do is find people who are successful and then model them.” Step number two, I was like, “If you know who you want to become, there’s got to be somebody else who’s already become that, which means that they followed some certain laws to get that blessing. So if I want that blessing in my life, the first thing I need to do is find someone who already has that blessing. Because they’ve done something right, they followed some law and God gave them that blessing. So step two in this is modeling, find somebody who already has what you want, what you want to become. So I was like, “Who do you guys have? Who’s a potential mentor, someone you like at like, ‘Man if I could be like that person, that’d be amazing.’ So that’s step number two, finding that person and modeling them.”

I talked about how; when I started wrestling I was a really bad wrestler. I think I’ve shared this story before, but one of my first days of wrestling practice, I found a guy who was better than me, his name was Adam. I was like Adam is better than me, I’m going to model him. We went out and were running the track, and he kept slowing down and taking short cuts and all these things. I’m like, oh well, he’s good, maybe if you’re good it doesn’t really matter. You can just take short cuts.” So I’m taking short cuts with him and I’m just following him as my mentor. And unfortunately, what I didn’t’ realize at the time is that he was doing things wrong. And the very first tournament I went to I remember watching Adam, and I’m like “this is my mentor, this is my guy. He’s so good.” And I remember watching him get beat badly, just getting thrown around like a little girl. I was like,”I picked the wrong mentor. I picked someone who’s taking short cuts. Who’s not taking short cuts I can model.” I looked and there was this guy name Matt Wood, he was a three time state champ from my high school, he was about to be a three time….. I said, “You know what? Matt is the new guy I’m going to model.” I realized he had a blessing that I wanted. I wanted to be a state champ. So what are the laws he had to go through to get that?  And I looked and watched him work. I watched his work ethic, I watched the moves he would do, I would model him. And within 2 and a half years of making that decision I became a state champ, and it was all about finding someone who already had it and modeling them. Same thing happened in business. I was not a smart kid. I would say, I remember when I applied for college, they have you get a rank of where you fall in your class, my graduating class was 950 people, was a pretty big class, right? But I was on the lower half. More than half the class was smarter than me. It was a lot more; I was in the bottom third. I was like, “not only am I dumb, but I’m one of the dumbest kids in this school.” And that’s what I thought about. I struggled through high school and struggled through college, but when I got in business I found people who were successful. People I remember modeling, guys like Armand Morin, I looked to him every day.” Man, he’s doing what I want to do. He’s making software and he’s selling it and people love him. I want to be like Armand.” So I modeled him and guess what happened? In a very short period of time, I had a company similar to Armand’s. I found other mentors and I modeled them. So the second step is after you know what blessing you want, is finding a mentor that’s already gotten that blessing and then modeling them. Because they have, either consciously or unconsciously, they have followed that law to get that blessing. That’s step number two.

Then the third step, and this one is very important. And this is again, scriptural. It’s a concept we call the law of the harvest, I asked the kids, “who knows what the law of the harvest is?’ and one of them said something that was right on, he said, “ you reap what you sow” I said “yeah, a lot of us we look at what we want to become. I want to become whatever that thing is down in the distance where we’re going.” And we get started, say, I want to get in shape. So we work out three days and like, “I’m not in shape, this sucks, I’m out.” And you just quit. That’s not how it works. Let’s say I own a farm, I bought this land, and I’m like, I want broccoli for dinner tonight. You can’t walk out there and throw broccoli seeds out there and then get upset that by dinner I don’t have any broccoli. That’s not how it works. It’s all about we have to sow first. You can’t reap until you sow, so you sow, you put the seeds out there and you water them, and you weed them and you do all these things. And you protect them from the elements. You do all the things you have to do to sew seed.  And then when the season comes ripe, then you can reap the benefits of that. It’s the same thing for you. Just because you find a mentor does not mean you’re suddenly going to start eating broccoli that night. You’ve got to go back and sow the seeds. You’ve got to put in the work and the effort and the trials. And there’s going to be a lot of them.

It’s funny, I moved into my new ward, and I look like I’m eleven. Some of you guys know that. We have a bigger sized house and I get people all the time who are confused, like, “What do you do?” and I think sometimes they think that I got lucky. But they haven’t seen the twelve years of sewing that I’ve had to put in to get to this point. It’s insane, if I could show you the battles that I’ve lost, and the scars that we have. I’d look a lot more than eleven if you could see that side of it. But I’ve sewing, sewing, sewing, and finally we’re in the season that we’re reaping it, and it’s exciting, but it’s not something that happened over night. It’s the law of the harvest. So, that’s the third step, you know the blessing, you know who you want to become, you found a mentor, you found someone to model. So you can find out which laws they followed and then you have to put in the work. It’s the law of the harvest. You’ve got to go and plant the seeds, you gotta do the work. If you do the work, which by the way, you’ll notice from your mentors how they got there too, they sewed. That is how they got to where they are now.  But if you look at that, that’s how you’re going to get to where you want to become.

So for you guys, I want to challenge you to start thinking about this, start thinking about who you want to become. Find a mentor to model, then start living the law of the harvest. Start planting the seeds and it may not today, may not be tomorrow, might not be a year from now, might not be three years from now, but if you sew, based on the law of the harvest, you will reap. And that’s something I also believe in as well. So there you go.

Hope you guys didn’t mind my church lesson for today. I hope you see how it’s applicable to you in your life, no matter what you believe, no matter what faith you’re in. It’s something that my faith has brought to me, it’s gotten me excited. I hope that it gives some value to you as well. So that’s it you guys. If you don’t have your tickets yet to funnel hacking live, you’re insane, go get them. is the place. The tickets are on sale now, but they are going quickly. This event may be the last I ever do, because I have no idea how I’ll ever top this. We’ve got Marcus Lemonis from The Profit speaking. It’s going to be amazing. So be there or be square.

Some people are like, “Russell, tickets are expensive.” Are you kidding me? I spent almost a hundred grand just to get Marcus there so he could talk to you. And other people, I have to fly out my whole staff, and get a hotel. I don’t make money on this event, just so you guys know. I’m risking hundreds, not one hundred, but hundreds of thousands of dollars to entertain you for three days. And if you’re not willing to spend you know, whatever tickets are, 5, 6 or 700 bucks for flights and hotels to come out here and do it, you’re insane. I remember Tony Robbins talking about one time, he’s like, “You know what drives me crazy? People will go to this movie, and people have risked hundreds of millions of dollars to make this movie, and you come in and pay ten dollars and sit there for three hours and come out and say, that movie sucked. Are you serious, someone risked hundreds of millions of dollars to try to entertain you for 180 minutes and you’re complaining because you didn’t think it was good. You think about kings back in the day. The most wealthy, powerful people on earth, they’d have a court jester to entertain them and you have people spending hundreds of millions of dollars and you pay ten dollars for that experience.” It just makes me laugh. I’ve never said I hated another movie since then, when I kind of realized, wow, people are putting in their time and effort to entertain us and the cost is ten bucks, fifteen bucks. Insane, be grateful for what is out there, it’s pretty amazing what’s happening now days.

Anyway, that’s it guys. I’m here at the office. I got a fun filled week of work, while the rest of my community is at Traffic and Conversion Summit. So I’m going to be working while they’re playing.

One last story, some of you guys know Dan Gable. He’s like the Michael Jordan of wrestling. Dan was undefeated all through high school, all through college. His last match in college, he lost to Larry Owens from Washington. Only match he ever lost. He went on, three years later to be an Olympic champ, nobody scored on him in the Olympics. Not a single person scored on him, that’s amazing. But, while he was training for the Olympics, he would put in 7 hours a day at the gym, because he was so obsessed and wanted to beat the Russians.  The Russians were the powerhouse at the time. And he’d go to bed at night and couldn’t sleep because he knew the Russians were awake, training, and it made him sick to his stomach. So in the middle of the night he’d wake up and be like, “the Russians are training, I can’t let them beat me.” So he’d get up and go running at two or three in the morning, because he knew that he didn’t want to be sleeping when they were training. I thought it was pretty powerful and that’s kind of where I’m at right now. This week is kind of about, while everyone else is asleep, I’m training. That’s what’s happening. Appreciate you guys. Have an amazing day and I will talk to you all again very, very soon. Bye.

Feb 5, 2016

A glimpse behind the scenes of our new offer that we’re rolling next week.

On this foggy episode Russell talks about the rebirth of the continuity program, and why he thinks the continuity program is so valuable. He also discusses Funnel University and why it’s unique.

Here are 3 fun things in today’s episode:

  • Why Russell thinks he will see tons of other continuity programs popping up in the next few months.
  • Why Russell is also bringing back the video sales letter.
  • And what Russell sees as his role on the internet right now.

So listen below to get excited about Funnel University, continuity programs, and video sales letters.


Good morning, everybody. Welcome to a foggy Marketing In Your Car. Alright, so I’m driving through the fog right now. It reminds me of, have you guys all seen, what’s it called, Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer, the old clay-mation one. Where Yukon Cornelius and them are running away from the abominable snowman and they’re going through the fog, and he’s like, “this fog is as thick as pea soup.” Anyway, this feels like today, we’re going through pea soup, I can barely see the stop lights in front of me. But it’ll be fun, so that’s kind of what’s happening.

So today, I’m excited. I’ve been kind of on lock down. I feel bad, I haven’t done a Periscope this whole week. At least I’ve been talking to you guys right. I’ve just been in work mode, it’s been awesome. I had, I think it was Monday I had a bunch of calls and meetings, and Tuesday same thing. I can’t remember, anyway. But Wednesday and Thursday, all I did all day was build a new funnel we’re launching called Funnel University. I’m so excited. I’m so proud of it.

But, I want to call my shot so I’m going to pull a Babe Ruth on you all and I’m going to call my shot. So, I look at what’s happened to our marketplace since we launched Clickfunnels a year and a half ago. And back then there were people doing a lot of things, and since then we kind of launched really hard and heavy with the Webinar Funnel and the High Ticket Funnel, that’s what people have seen. And it’s been interesting as I’ve watched my clients, my students, and even Clickfunnels members as a whole, everyone seems like they pretty much…not that they only have, but as a whole the masses have focused on…and also excuse me, Trip Wire funnels, the masses have focused on those. There’s been Trip Wires, there’s been Webinars, High Tickets. And I would say 98% of pages I’ve seen in the last year has been one of those three things which is cool, which is awesome cause those are the ones we’ve been pushing hard. You know people are funnel hacking me and the process and then everyone else is doing it and funnel hacking each other. It’s been fun and interesting.

But what’s been weird for me, cause I’ve been doing this for a long, because I think this is year 12 or year 13 for me. I’ve been doing this a long time, and I see cycles of what people are focusing on, what they’re doing, how they’re selling and stuff like that. So the cycle’s been Trip Wires, Webinars, and High Ticket, which is cool because, I mean the new book we’re launching called Funnel Stacking focuses on Trip Wire, Webinar, and High Ticket, that’s the thing. But there’s two pieces that I feel like are super valuable in this whole marketing game, that in times of my career have been the most important thing. Again, I watch the trends, and two trends that I feel like have been dead in the last two years, and I’m calling my shot and maybe this is just me, I don’t know and maybe I shouldn’t be saying this, maybe it’s me thinking I’m cooler than I am, but we’ll see. So I’m calling my shot right now. Two things that I’m bringing back with the Funnel University launch that’s happening, it was supposed to happen yesterday, but we missed our deadlines. The lead or gold deadline was not hit, somebody’s going to be shot in the head. No, just kidding. But we’re going to be launching it, rolling out next week.

Two things that are going to be unique number one, is we’re launching a continuity program. And obviously that’s not a new concept, but I haven’t seen someone launch a continuity program in a long, long time. Have you? I’ve seen SAAS businesses, but I haven’t seen a traditional continuity program. It’s funny I remember when I joined the Dan Kennedy world way back in the day. Man, it’s probably ten years ago now, dang I’m getting old. Anyway, they launched their entire continuity program based on the “free plus shipping” with the big huge package and their greatest free money making gift in the world and they put you on a continuity program which was a print news letter. And in the internet marketing space no one was doing it back then, so I saw and I was like, “Sweet!” So we made a free dvd offer and put people on a forced continuity program and we launched and I think in month one we had 800 people within 6 months we had 6000 people on this continuity program with our print newsletter and we were just crushing it, and then guess what happened? Everybody and their freaking dog did it too, it was kind of crazy. Soon it got to a point that there was 8000 print newsletter in the internet marketing industry, and all of them sucked except for mine. Well, no I’m going to say that they really did. I joined all of them cause I was thinking that they were going to be good, but no, they were all pretty bad. And maybe I’m biased, but I don’t think I am.

And then, what happened, eventually they all died away. And I’ve been the only one, we’ve been consistently doing a newsletter now for almost a decade, almost 10 years. Which is kind of cool. So, there you go people who’ve come and gone, we’re still going hard and strong. Alright, so that’s number one, is continuity program, and I’ve figured out a really cool way to do the pricing, the pitch, everything. That’s number one the new thing. So watch, I’m calling my shot over the next six months you will see dozens if not hundreds, of continuity programs launched modeling this one. So that’s number one.

Number two is the rebirth of the video sales letter. I was going to do a webinar to launch this, and I thought you know what I don’t want to do a webinar, I don’t want to do this. So I didn’t, so instead we did a video sales letter. We went back to the old Dotcom Secrets Labs book, and we went through all of our split-tests and there’s like, I don’t know, 50 split-tests are all based on video sales letters. Because in the cycle when we were hot and heavy with that, with the testing for that, we put it into the book, everything was video sales letter driven. Every one of our products, everyone else’s products. That’s how products were sold back then. But I’ve seen very little of it in the last 12 to 18 months in our worlds, so I decided I’m going to come back and do a video sales letter, you’ll see the video spoiler box, you’ll see all the elements that were proven winners from back then I have built into this page, which is excited. I’m excited for it, you should be excited as well. That is kind of what’s happening.

So that’s two things we’re launching. A video sales letter version, a selling system to sell a continuity program. So I’m calling my shot, I will see that knocked off more times in the next 6 to 8 months than anything prior to that. It’s going to be the rebirth of continuity programs and the rebirth of video sales letters. So, I’m excited. Because I feel like my real goal in the Dotcom Secrets side of the business is to push the envelope and do cool things and everyone else can funnel hack me and model it for their business. That’s kind of how I view my role right now. And hopefully I’ll make a bunch of money in the interim while I’m kind of going through that process. I really want to be a good example of ways to sell things and cool things to sell. That people can then model for their individual businesses. That’s really how I see my role right now.

I think that there will be a time where Russell Brunson and Dotcom secrets brand will fade into the night and disappears. But, until that happens my goal is to be a shining beacon and you guys can all copy me. Just kidding, but that’s kind of how I look at it, is I want to be a perfect model of cool stuff you can take and emulate. It’s been fun in my coaching program, people like, “Russell I want to sell Mash print, how should I do it?” Boom! Go to, funnel hack that funnel, that’s how you should do it. “Everyone wants a webinar, what should I do?” Boom! Go to, and should do that. You know and I just, I can show them perfect examples. “Russell, I want to do a continuity program, what should I do?” Boom! Go to and kind of point people to our models of each different selling models. “How do I do an invisible funnel?” Go to Like exactly. That’s what I want me to be, is creating models that people can use as selling systems to reach each of their different things they’re selling. So there you go.

Hopefully that gets you guys excited a little bit. But that’s what’s happening. So I’m excited to roll south for nothing else, except it looks dang cool and I’m excited. Oh, there’s another thing that I did. So typically when we do a video sales letters, and if you’ve read the dotcom secrets book you know this too, we use the star story solutions script to write a video sales letter typically. The problem is star story solution script works but it’s kind of hard. It’s a lot of work, to be completely honest. I think of all the selling things to do it’s probably the hardest one which is why I think a lot of people have gravitated away from that, because it’s a lot of work. Which is why typically for good video sales letter, you pay a copywriter 15 or 20 grand to write a really good star story solution script. That’s just, in my experience, how it kind of goes.

I didn’t want create a star story solution script and I was going to do a webinar, so I was like, “What if I just do a webinar for a video sales letter, and I just make it a really cool video. High production value, but I’m just doing my webinar pitch. So I’m doing the perfect webinar pitch for my video sales letter. So when you see it you’ll see that’s what it is. I recorded it at my house in a couple of different locations. I teach three secrets, I do the whole belief pattern. I take the belief patterns, I crush them and rebuild them, do my stack.  I basically I did the perfect webinar for the video sales letter, which I’ve never done either so I’m excited to see how that does, it could completely bomb, but I think it’s going to crush it.

And the reason why, it’s funny it’d never even crossed my mind as an option until we did that Periscope, a little while a go, I did a podcast talking about how we did $150,000 through Periscope. That one I took perfect webinar script during a live Periscope, it took me 25 minutes to do it. We did $150,000 in sales, so I was like, “Man, this perfect webinar concept can work in other places.” And it was funny I was looking at a lot of weight loss video sales letters. Cause still into weight loss industry people still sell things in a traditionally do video sales letter. There’s a lot more content and base stuff like, “Here are three foods that are going to make you die. Or the three foods you think make you skinny that actually make you fat.” So those still work. Those are structured a little more like a video sales letter, excuse me, more like the perfect webinar script. So that’s the reasoning behind testing it. We will see, but hopefully people will start transitioning their webinars into videos like this.

A couple of other cool things we did, again, it’s not just me, it’s me I’m teaching, I printed out a bunch of websites. I have them up on a easel and I’m showing cool stuff on them in the video. I got this cool graphic GUI animation guy to animate the graphics as well. We’re trying to make some cool stuff, so hopefully you guys can look at those and model with your offers and your videos. Hopefully you get some inspirations.

That’s what’s happening. I’m at the office right now, in this thick fog that’s as thick as pea soup is keeping me from getting there on time. Decade In  A Day starts in 3 minutes, 2 minutes now. Hopefully I get there before it starts. And then I got that for 4 hours, I’m going through 4 new inner circle members. I’m doing intake calls from them. Which will be fun. We call it process Decade In A Day, if you wanted to be part of that just go apply for inner circle at  And then after that I’ll be focusing on getting in the rest of Funnel U live and hopefully by Monday or Tuesday next week you guys will see Funnel University. You have my permission to model it.  Hope that helps, appreciate you guys. Have an amazing day and I will talk to you all again soon.

Feb 3, 2016

No one’s ever progressed by watching four hours of football…

On this episode Russell talks about turning off the football game and getting back to work because people are wasting their lives away watching sports.

Here are 3 interesting (but possibly offensive) things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • Why spending a significant amount of sports is not a good use of time.
  • What Russell recommends if your number one hobby is watching sports.
  • And why you should find out what part of your life you are passionate about, that doesn’t involve watching other people succeed.

So listen below to hear how Russell is going to piss off all the people who love sports.


Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Car. Hey everyone, I hope you’re having a good day today. It’s freezing in Boise, I don’t know what it is but I keep thinking it’s going to be summer, and then no. And the way our new house is built, I don’t know if I told you this, It’s one of the pains of our house. So, it’s a little bit bigger of a house and there’s four different heating zones. And my bedroom is the last one, and also the heating system and the water system are tied together. So what happens is, because we’re the last room, we have those cool nest controller things, so we have the temperature set in our room to 71 which is perfect normally. But when it gets cold it’ll show 71 is where it’s trying to get to but it’s only actually 67. And for some reason, if it gets to freezing or below, I’m just pretty much screwed. That part of my house is freezing. At night we’re freezing cold. We have all these space heaters, and we’re trying to warm it up and everything, but it can’t get warm. We’ve had 5 guys come, so that’s part of the issue. But that’s okay cause we can bundle up in blankies and stuff to keep warm. The other part though, and we’ve learned this, if I look at the temperature in my room on my nest, let’s say it’s 71, but it’s actually under 71, that means it’s not able to get the heat it needs to warm my room, which is also tied to the hot water heater, which means my shower cannot make a warm shower. If the gauge on my room is 70 or 71 right now, I’m going to have a warm shower, but if it’s not I’m going to have a freezing cold shower. For the last 3 days it’s been below. Any other showers in our house are fine, so I have to go shower in the kids’ rooms. But my own shower won’t and that’s kind of weird. So that’s where we’re at.

I wanted to talk today about something that I’m probably going to offend somebody. And if so, I really apologize. I don’t really apologize; I think it needs to be said. So this is my thought.  I was asking someone the other day, they were trying to figure out what to build, their passions and stuff. I was like, “there’s got to be something you are crazy passionate about. Where you would do it for free and you could inspire others. All of your free time you’re focusing there and you’re learning about it and reading and watching.” And maybe I’m just the weird one but I assumed everyone was passionate about something. I assumed there’s things you follow that you’re obsessed with. For me, obviously marketing, I’m obsessed with it. I read every blog post, listen to every podcast, reading insane amounts of books and courses. I’m just obsessed with that concept, but that’s not the only concept.  There’s a lot of other stuff. For a while it was NLP that became a passion. I was studying, I was learning, I was reading books and courses and cds. It was consuming, immersion of NLP. I had a time I was selling. How do we sell, trial closes, and tonality, and all that’s from when I became obsessed with the selling part for a while. Right now, I think my passion is bio-hacking. What are all the weird crazy cool things I can do to get more out of my body. More energy, more focus, more weight loss, more happiness.  Maybe I’m just insane, because of this bio-hacking phase; we’re in the process about to begin to build out this huge bio-hacking room in our house. It’s going to be insane. I’m hoping I finish it before I’m out of my bio-hacking phase. But as of right now, I’m in it. I’m neck deep and I’m obsessed and it’s so much fun and exciting. Every day there’s a fun new thing. I’m reading the blogs and the podcasts. I’m starting a whole cool company based around it. Just a bunch of crazy, cool things. So that’s kind of what’s happening.

I love it and I have so much fun with it and I assume everyone’s got something like that. So I ask this guy, “What are the things you are passionate about?” And he really struggled trying to find it. Finally he came back, “You know what I’m really passionate about? Sports, I love watching football.” I was like, “Oh man,” I wanted to ask, “How many hours a day do you watch football, how many hours a week do you watch football?” I don’t even know where to go with this. Maybe it’s just because I’m not the kind of guy that likes to watch sports. I love being entertained, I love going to a two hour movie and watching and getting entertained and then coming back to the real world and doing stuff again. But it feels like with sports, especially football. It’s four hours and you watch other people live their dreams and you sit there and you don’t. And you talk about things that don’t matter. And again, some people sports is their thing and it matters, I get that. I’m a wrestler, I get passionate, I watch other people. I get that. But, I think a huge majority of people are just wasting their life away watching sports. Watching other people achieve their goals, and their dreams and things like that. Again, an average football game is four hours, and how many football games do you watch a week or weekend?

My brother, I love him to death, but he watches football all of the time. We were at his house, and he’s a lot younger than me, we were talking and he’s talking about all these super bowls that happened before he was born, that he went back and watched the videos of them. Dude, you watch videos from people who are from before you…You wasted four hours of time watching something that you could have just seen the score. You knew the outcome and you watched four hours of this thing. And it was just like,” Ahhh”. I see people watching golf, and baseball and it just doesn’t make sense to me. You know, it’s been interesting. I love going to sporting things. I went to the wrestling match of the kids the other day. I like going to baseball games and football games. For me, it’s a lot less of going to watch the sport. And the sport part is fun, I get that, but it’s the people, the atmosphere. I enjoy that part of it. But sitting down in front of the TV and pushing play while your wife and kids do other things and you’re just zoned out. It just makes me sick thinking about how many hours are wasted. They could be doing so many more productive things. Helping to enhance you and your life and family and people around you, people you could serve. If you took that four hours a week, assuming you’re watching one game and not twelve. The four hours you spend watching a game and use it to read a book or to read blog posts, for crying out loud, just something. You can develop skills that can actually help other people and change the world in your little way. That’s kind of my thought. I just feel like, there’s nothing inherently bad with sitting there watching a football game. What does Garrett White say, “You’re sedating yourself, so you don’t have to deal with all the rest of the things.” I’ve been to people’s houses where I go over there and their watching football and their wife and kids are in the other room, and they’re missing it!

So if you’re number one passion or hobby or talent is watching sports, I recommend deleting ESPN or ESPN2, or ESPN the Ocho, or whatever. Whatever you’re watching, turn it off. It’s not that important. Have them text you the highlights of the game. Watch the news, the recap for three minutes. They show you all the important plays that happened and you don’t have to waste so much of your time, energy and talents on that.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I think I’m just very guarded of my time, every waking minute. Because I know that there’s so much to do, so much that I want to become, and I feel like, four hours, or three hours or one hour, of whatever sport you’re in, that’s a big sacrifice. If you’re billing your time that four hour period of time, it’s not making at least 5 grand an hour, if you’re not making 20 grand from there, there are way better ways to spend that time. So I encourage you guys to turn off the TV and stop watching sports. Watch the highlights, I’ll allow you to do that because I even like the highlights, even sports I don’t like, it’s still fun. Like golf, I will never watch golf or baseball or pretty much any sport to be honest, but I love watching the highlights, because you get to see the one cool thing that happened in 4 hours. I get that, so I give you permission to watch the highlights, but turn the darn TV off, pay attention to your wife, your spouse, and it’s time to cultivate a hobby or talent that isn’t involved watching other people succeed. It’s around you helping and serving and changing somebody’s life. Think about what aspect of your life you are passionate about. Is it financial, is it health, is it business, is it recreational, is home building, is it gardening? I don’t care what it is, pick something. Start doing that, because first off, when you start doing it, you’re going to become a better person. I don’t know anyone who becomes a better person watching four hours of football. It doesn’t happen. Maybe you know players names better or you can guess the scores or you can cheer for people, but it doesn’t make you a better person at all. I almost think, it’s the second you turn the TV on, your progress in life starts moving backwards. I feel like we’re always either moving forward or backwards. The second you push play on ESPN you start moving backwards, because you’re no longer contributing, you’re just being entertained. It’s like a movie you guys, that’s it. So there you go. I’m sure I pissed off a lot of people who love sports, but I care more about you and about what you can become and who you can serve. So turn off the TVs, let’s find a passion, find a hobby. Something that, first off, is going to better your own life, and second off, you can use that to better other people’s lives. That’s the secret spot where you’re going to find a business guys. If you’re not passionate about something yet, turn off the TV and go to Barnes and Noble. Lock yourself in there and walk around and read every book until….read the first chapter of a different book in every single section, and the book you’re not able to put down, that’s the one. Go buy it and go start consuming it and go buy all the other books around that topic.

That’s how you should begin your journey. Turn off the TV, go get a book and that’s it for today. I’m going to go in there and get back to work on writing a book. Book number two, first draft is done and we’re working on getting it all done. Hopefully have the first printed draft live at the funnel hacking event. So I’m excited. Appreciate you all, have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon.

Feb 2, 2016

What is t-shirt video publishing schedule?…

On today’s episode Russell realizes why other marketers wear white shirts every single day. He also talks about why he hasn’t worn white shirts in the past, but why now he might consider it.

Here are 3 cool things to hear in this episode:

  • Why Russell has to go buy all new clothes for Funnel Hacking Live.
  • How if you watch enough videos of Russell you will know his shirt rotation.
  • And why Russell is considering wearing boring dress shirts every single day.

So listen below to hear about Russell’s t-shirt drama and learn which of Russell’s shirts are his favorites.


Hey everyone, good morning and welcome to Marketing In Your Car.  Alright, so we are on the way to the office as usual. I had a thought.  I think I figured out why people wear slacks and a white shirt, finally. It took me a long time to figure it out. Yesterday, for example, we had 4 of our Clickfunnels certified consultants, who are just crushing it, come in and we filmed their stories; which are really inspiring. One of them is doing over a million bucks a year from what he got in the certification program; which is crazy inspiring because it was 8 months ago. One of them is a stay at home mom.  She’s got 12 full time clients now paying her between 1200 and 2500 bucks a month which is super cool.  One is a network marketing guy who was struggling with network marketing and now he’s doing this and just crushing it.  Another one is Donna. She’s a graphic designer. She went to the certification program. She doesn’t just sell them graphic design now, now it’s funnel building.  She’s able to 10x what she charged each of her clients.  It’s really fun hearing all of that. I was going to go meet them and I had to pick my wardrobe. I was going through all my stuff and I’m like, “I’ve worn this shirt at two different events and I’ve probably filmed 12 videos in it. And this shirt I’ve worn to three events and I’ve probably filmed 15 videos in. Everything single thing of clothing I have I can remember multiple, like 5 to 10 videos that I’ve worn it in. I don’t have a ton of clothes. But my wife is always mad at me because I always go buy more clothes. I’m like you don’t understand because I make a video and that video is out there forever and everyone has seen that thing. And it’s funny because I’ll go to an event and I’ll have a shirt on and people will be like, “Hey I saw that shirt in whatever.” And people will say stuff like that.  And I don’t typically wear a white shirt and a tie, or a white shirt and a sports jacket or whatever.  I just wear t-shirts or I wear button up shirts like that.  But the problem is when you wear something like that’s got color or flare or whatever you want to call it, or it’s a t-shirt with a funny saying. After you’ve worn it once, then it’s in stone on a video. You can’t wear it again. For Funnel Hacking Live, I have to get all new shirts, because everything I’ve worn, a percentage of the audience has seen me wear before and its awkward because their like, “Does Russell wear that shirt every day? I thought he was successful.” It’s like this horrible thing.

I was thinking about my friend, Ryan Deiss, he does his events and videos and he always has a white shirt and a suit jacket on. I used to think he’s trying to be all business-y, which is the anti of me, but now I kind of get it. If he wears a white shirt and jacket, people just assume you have on a new white shirt every time, but it could be the same shirt. He can wear the same shirt every day, for the last ten years and nobody would know, because it’s a white shirt.  And people assume, “oh if you’ve got a white shirt and tie, you’re a business person and you’ve probably got like 50 of them and they’re all dry-cleaned every single day. For all we know, Ryan’s wearing a shirt and no pants.  Or it’s the same shirt and he never washes, he goes to the office and he’s just got one hanging up there, throws it on and boom, does a video, but nobody knows. So, there’s something to think about for today.

I have no idea why I brought that up, outside of the fact for any of you guys, especially doing daily periscope videos I keep preaching and telling everyone to do. After 5 days everyone’s seen your wardrobe. If you go back through my periscopes, you kind of know my rotation. Monday I’m probably wearing this. Tuesday I’m probably wearing this. It drives my wife crazy because there’s only 5 shirts I like. I got this really cool one that I got online. Its yellow and it says “It’s On Like Donkey Kong” and it’s got a big picture of Donkey Kong. I love that shirt. I would wear it every day if I could, but people would see it. “Hey Russell, three periscopes in a row and you’re still wearing the Donkey Kong shirt. Why?” I’m like, “Dangit!” Even if I bought three different versions of that shirt people would still think it’s weird.  I’m like, “No I washed it, I can wear it two days in a row, because laundry night was last night. So I can wear it.” But no you can’t. It has to be two weeks out. I have to plan, “I wore this last week, I have to wait another week.” Because you don’t want people to think you’re weird. I have two American Fighter shirts that I love, that are my favorite. A blue one and a red one, and again those ones I would wear every day. But the problem is the same thing. You’d think I wore the same shirt every day. So I have this dilemma where some of you guys who are bloggers or podcasters, you can wear the same clothes every day and nobody would know. But because I had to choose videos as my medium it just ruins everything. I’m trying to think if I should go and find a white shirt. Or a shirt that is plain enough, and you’re like, “oh, maybe that’s just one of many dress shirts that are similar.” Then I could just wear the same thing every single day. I don’t know. Then I have to start wearing dress shirts which is not going to happen. So there you go.

I guess the moral of this story is, if you’re going to pick a daily video thing, make sure that you’re okay with the fact that people are going to see the same shirt every 5th episode or whatever. It was funny, a while ago I started this….I’ve tried to do this whole consistent publishing thing forever. It’s kind of hard. In fact, the new daily periscope thing has been the best one that’s been consistent along with the marketing in your car podcast. But one thing that I remember is when I started doing that, is because I was doing this daily one. I would do this daily sketch, and I did 12 days in a row, at that point I’d be through every shirt. I’d start over, and they kept coming. After 3 cycles of that, jI was like, “This is embarrassing.” Then we did this thing where I was like, “Hey if you want me to wear your shirt on my show, send me your shirt and I’ll wear it.” So we got all these people sending the weirdest shirts. Some things I was like, “I can’t wear this.” But of course, that’s what people wanted you to wear. “Let me order the weirdest thing possible and make Russell wear it.” So that kind of died. I quit doing the show and a lot of it was because I felt dumb about wearing the same clothes every single time.  I’m not sure if you can relate to this, but I hope that……Again, I don’t know if I’ve provided any value today, but hopefully there’s an entertainment factor.

So I’m at the office now. I gotta get to work. I’m wearing one of my 5 favorite shirts, so if I do a periscope tonight, you guys will see it. It’s a maroon one that says, “Obey” on it. So if you see that tonight that’s why. I apologize, but I’m out of shirts, I got nothing else.

So I’ll have new stuff for Funnel Hacking Live. So if you don’t have your tickets yet, go to and get your tickets. So you can see what new outfits I have. If nothing else, that should be of value.

Also, Marcus Lemonis is speaking, Sean Stephenson, Alex Charfen, Kyle Cease, me, Liz Benny, a whole bunch of other amazing people. Do not miss it, it’s going to be awesome. Have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you guys soon.