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Welcome To Russell Brunson’s Marketing Secrets Podcast. So, the big question is this, “How are entrepreneurs like us, who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital, who are spending money from our own wallets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and services and things that we believe in out to the world… and yet still remain profitable?” That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Russell Brunson, and welcome to
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Apr 29, 2014

The new pre-frame that almost always doubles conversions on any type of Facebook traffic campaigns.


Hey, everyone. This is Russell Brunson, and I want to welcome you to a beautiful, sunny “Marketing in Your Car”.

All right, everyone. I hope you’re having an awesome day. My first question for everyone out there is, “Do you guys think we should do new theme song for our podcast?” [laughs] I keep getting comments about it. It’s funny, because I bought the domain, MarketingInYourCar, almost ten years ago. When podcasts first came out, I was like, “That’d be a cool idea for a podcast, so I’m going to buy that.” Then one of my buddies, Paul Colgin, had a friend who used to write jingles, and he’s like, “You should have him write a jingle for your podcast.” So he wrote that almost ten years ago, and then it was almost ten years later that I finally worked on a podcast [laughs]. We put it in there, and it’s been kind of funny.

Today, I have something fun to tell you guys about, because I think this is something that could be a game changer for most of you guys. I don’t want you to dismiss it, because I almost dismissed it. I actually did dismiss it once. The second time, it was like someone hit me in the head with a bell, and I thought, “Ah, I see what I’m missing.”

In my high-end $21,000 Mastermind group that Daegan Smith and I run, one of the guys in our group is a guy named Glen Ledwell. He owns At our first Mastermind meeting, he was talking about in their business how they never get traffic from Facebook to convert – that for whatever reason, it just wouldn’t work, and so they were trying all of these different things. He said that finally they decided just to add a quiz in front of their landing page. They have their landing page, and all they did was add this little quiz, and the quiz is not even a real quiz. It doesn’t do anything. It asks five or six questions about something, and then it lands on a page that has their sales video. Actually for them, it was landing on a webinar registration page, and then they just recently did one with an “Invisible Funnel” webinar page as well – [coughs] excuse me – so that was the concept, right?

He showed us the numbers. At the first Mastermind, he said, “Hey, we did this, and it doubled our conversions,” and I’m like, “Oh, nice.” I didn’t think much about it. Then at the last one, he showed us, and he actually showed us some very specific numbers. It took these campaigns that were at break-even or losing on Facebook and instantly doubled them. Let’s say he was getting a 1.3 percent conversion rate. He ended up getting 2.6 or higher conversion rate, not by changing anything, just by adding a quiz in the front of it. I thought, “Man, isn’t that interesting?”

So right now, I’ve been working on this new campaign, and I thought, “You know what? I’m going to add a quiz in front of this campaign and just see what happens.” That’s what we’re doing right now. Hopefully in the next day or two, I’m rolling out this new funnel thing that we’re doing, and you’ll notice in the front of it, it’s got a quiz. The quiz asks six different questions, but it doesn’t really do much, other than just ask questions, and then it lands them on a page to sign up for something that costs a little more money. I’m really excited to see the test of that versus just going directly to the page, and seeing what happens. I’m really interested.

For you guys, especially if you’re driving traffic from Facebook, I recommend trying that – try and put a little quiz. Again, the quiz is very simple. You’ll see mine. Mine’s basically, “Take this quick two-minute quiz, and find out how to double your traffic, conversions, and sales.” The first question is, “Where did you hear about us from?” and they pick an option. The next step is, “How much traffic are you currently getting on your site?” The next step is, “How many split tests do you run?” The next step is, “What are your...” Just some basic questions just to get them engaged. It’s an engagement device, where they start taking these little micro-commitments and clicking on something. They’re taking this quiz, and for whatever reason – it doesn’t make logical sense to me – for whatever reason, it gets somebody in a state where more people now will take action, just because they’re clicking on these buttons, and you’re asking them questions.

The other interesting thing, now that I think about it is, I went to this Mastermind group earlier this year. It’s called the “Ocean’s Four Mastermind Group”, with a bunch of guys, and one of the guys, Ryan LeVeck, was talking about how he quizzes in all of the markets that he’s in, as well, and how great of a big thing it is. I think it might be the new big thing, you guys, so if you’re running campaigns on Facebook, try a little mini quiz ahead, before you land somebody on your sales video page, and just see what happens. I think you’ll be amazed with the results. I know I’m excited to find out, and I will return and report and let you guys know what we find out in the next week or so, after we run our first real quiz.

I’m at the office. I’m going to go implement this stuff, and I will talk to you guys soon.

Apr 28, 2014

Short message from Russell on his drive home from the tournament. And how, what he learned this weekend, relates to your business.


Hey, everyone. This is Russell Brunson. I welcome you to the Marketing in Your Car podcast. As you can tell right now, my voice is almost gone. Hopefully I will make it for the next four or five minutes to share with you my weekend.

Basically, I am guessing there are a lot of people listening for the very first time. I just finished my Jiu Jitsu tournament and everyone is asking me. I thought, “Instead of telling them the answer, I am going to make them all go to the podcast and listen to hear what happened.” That is the game plan here; I am going to tell you what is happening.

If you are a first-time listener, welcome. You are going to love it. Every day I do a five or six-minute podcast as I am driving to the office. I share a couple of cool marketing tips. I want to welcome you as you start listening. Please listen to some of the backup episodes. Usually we talk a lot more about marketing, conversions, and sales and fun stuff.

I want to welcome you. I had a very fun tournament. The last time I competed in Jiu Jitsu was a year and a half ago. I do not consider myself a Jiu Jitsu guy; I am still a wrestler who is trying to learn Jiu Jitsu.

It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot of cool stuff. I won a couple of matches and lost a couple of matches. It is fun to get back out there and try to kill yourself.

I have a couple of lessons I learned this weekend that are valuable from a marketing standpoint, as well. First, I am still kind of learning all the rules. In my first match I went out there against this dude with a long beard.

Just to put this in perspective, I still cannot grow a beard. This dude had a six-inch long beard. We started rolling and I almost took him out at the beginning. I did not quite get it and he put me in his guard, so we had no points. It was zero to zero. Then, literally, he locked his guard so tight that I could not get out of it, so the match ended zero to zero.

I assumed, as a wrestler, that we would go into overtime and I would have a chance to take him down again. I did not think he was that good. However, the match ended and he got the win and I was super confused. I found out the rules afterwards and that he basically won.

The first lesson I learned was that when you go into any situation, you have to understand the rules. I wish I had understood because I would have done a lot of things differently. I would have scrambled better and tried to open him up more. I thought we were tied, so I thought, “You know what? I am just going to hang out here until we can break and go into overtime.” Apparently, they do not do that in Jiu Jitsu.

I think that many times in business people just do not know the rules either. You get into something and you are scared to do stuff. You think, “Should I do this or that?” You do not realize where your boundaries are. Marketing is one of those things where you have to understand your boundaries because you have to push them. You have to be a bit aggressive in order to get people’s attention. It is interesting. You are competing against so many other people. It is kind of funny. In my first eight or nine years in business I never looked at it as a competition.

In January, I had a chance to go to an event and hear Kevin O’Leary from “Shark Tank” speak, and it was interesting. He was talking. He’s the bald guy on Shark Tank who’s just always angry and that kind of stuff, but he was talking [coughs] – excuse me – and he was talking about how business is like a war. He was like, “You have to go out there and find out who your competitors are. Your job is really to go out there and figure out how you can beat them.”

I’ve never looked at business that way. I thought it was always just like, “Oh, everyone’s happy. Let’s all get along,” and we’ve done well with that, but if you want to dominate your space and become the number one person, you’ve got to look at it more like a war, or like a wrestling match, or jiu jitsu, or whatever, where you’ve got to beat them. You’ve got to figure out the strategic things behind it, and part of it is understanding the rules – what you can and can’t do, and then after you know that, go and push it. Push the envelope hard to beat them.

Then the next is, because this is give and take, it’s just like a wrestling match or a jiu jitsu match. You’re going back and forth. I think more of us need to get more aggressive in our businesses a little bit and realize that we’re competing with other people. Find out who your competition is now, and how you dominate, how you beat those guys. Just something to think about.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the last little while, especially as we’re getting close to launching Click Funnels. We’re going head to head against some big companies. One of our biggest competitors just got $5 million in VC funding, so they’re starting out with a bunch of cash and people and a team and an existing customer base, and we’re coming head to head against them. I don’t think they’re going to know what hit them. We’re going to attack and it’s going to be fun. We’re going to try to take their customer base very, very quickly. It’s war. It’s going to be fun.

Then some of the other software products we’re going to be competing with are big companies – companies like Infusionsoft. It’s a war that I’m ready for, and a war that I’m going to win, and I’m excited for it. Think about that with your business. Think about how you can be more aggressive, who you’re competing against, and how you can beat them.

Now a lot of times, there’re rooms for partnerships and friends and that kind of thing. At the same time, you’ve got to look at this as a sport. Business really is a sport.

Back to the jiu jitsu tournament. I lost that first match, and I won my next two matches. One guy, I came in for a headlock, and I choked him out on his feet. He literally went completely out, like passed out. He started attacking. I attacked once, and he was gone, and so I feel kind of bad. He just sat on the mat for four or five minutes afterwards trying to come to. That was kind of fun, and then the guy that I lost my first match to, he lost, so I had a chance to go against him again, and this time we wrestled. I wrestled a lot better, and then he caught me in this weird funky arm bar thing that I had to tap, which is no fun, by the way. Tapping’s the worst thing in the world. And then I went to some other divisions. I went to this “absolute” thing, and I had to wrestle some big huge dudes who were way bigger than me, but anyway, I had a fun time. I’m glad to be back. My voice is shot. I’m almost home. I’m going to go take a bath and then pass out for three or four days and then get back to work, so it should be fun.

Anyway, for all of you guys out there who are thinking about living your dreams. You’re nervous. You’re scared. Hopefully, you’ll get some inspiration that me as a 34-year-old dude that hasn’t really competed in ten or twelve years, just went up against a bunch of young guys who trained a lot more than me and just went head to head. I hope that gives you some inspiration to really just – don’t be afraid of things. Just go out there and do it. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You get tapped out. You lose some money. Whatever the worst case scenario is, it’s really not that bad. It’s more about the journey and the fun and having some joy in it.

That’s it for today, everyone. I am home. I’m going to go pass out. Thanks for listening, and if this is your first time, please tune in. We’ll share a lot more cool marketing and sales stuff, and I think you’ll really enjoy it. Thanks, everybody, and we’ll talk to you next week.

Apr 25, 2014

The only strategy you need to get stuff done today.


Hey, everyone. This is Russell and welcome to another episode of Marketing in Your Car! Yesterday I pretty much just talked about Jiu Jitsu and kind of spun it with some business at the end.

Today may be kind of similar. No, there are some good lessons. Tomorrow I am fighting in a Jiu Jitsu tournament. I am in three different divisions, so I probably have ten to 15 matches tomorrow as long as I don’t get tapped out. It is going to be a lot of work and a lot of fun.

One thing, though, is that I weigh-in tonight. Tonight I have to weigh seven pounds lighter than I weigh right now. A lot of you are asking, “How do you lose seven pounds in a day, Russell?” The reality is that I am going to lose seven pounds in less than an hour.

We do it the old school way like we used to do it in wrestling. In fact, I went to my garage and I found a huge thing we had which had all of my old weight-cutting clothes. I had my plastics; I had my sweat suits; I had everything. For me, it was really exciting and nostalgic. It brought back so many memories. There were even my old t-shirts I used to cut weight were in there, my sweatpants, and everything.

I had some fun today and put them on. The pants with my plastics are pretty tight now. I am not quite the size I used to be, unfortunately. It was very, very fun.

Today I am going to work for a couple of hours and then head over to the gym, put on my plastics, and wrestle hard for an hour. In an hour—especially for the fact that I am not fat but I have some stuff on me—I should be able to lose the seven pounds in less than an hour. In fact, my record from cutting weight was 12 pounds in an hour. That was the most I ever did. My record for most total weight loss in a week was 30 pounds.

It is not natural weight loss. Do not ask me to teach you the secret to losing 30 pounds in a week. It is all dehydration. You put these plastic suits on and they suck the water out of you. You literally do not drink for three or four days. It makes me laugh when people say, “You can live without food for a week, but you cannot live without water for more than a day.” That is B.S. I have lived without water for multiple days while sucking water out of my body. It is definitely possible.

It is interesting that when you start cutting weight you stop eating and you stop drinking. Then you start trying to suck the water out of your body. As soon as you start getting dehydrated, your hunger pains disappear. It is kind of cool. You are not hungry, but you are thirsty the whole time. As soon as you weigh in you drink something and boom! Your hunger pains come back. It is interesting. Thirst is definitely worse than food.

Why am I telling you this? First, I am excited and I am going to cut weight today which is kind of a fun thing. The second thing is that I was thinking today about how we are in the middle of a huge project which we are about to launch. You have probably all heard of it, ClickFunnels. I am trying to get all of these things out.

Last night at 10:00 at night I was not done with our stuff. I came back into the office and worked for another three hours to get stuff done. One of my buddies, Xan Spencer (some of you know him) is one of the students who went through one of our courses a while ago. They actually won a Corvette from us and built a huge business.

He moved to Boise, he and his wife, a while ago and they are launching a new business. I showed up at the office last night at 10:00 and he was in there stuffing envelopes for these bracelets he is selling now. I thought, “Isn’t this awesome? We have entrepreneurs here late at night busting their butts to make their dreams come true.”

I was thinking about next week when Todd, our programmer for ClickFunnels, is flying in and we will probably pull five or six all-nighters in a row to get this thing done so we can roll it out and launch it the next week.

I want to talk to you about the fact that you have to set deadlines, otherwise nothing ever gets done. If I did not have weigh-ins tonight at 6:00, I would never lose these seven pounds. Because I do, an hour before I am going to suck it out, I will make weight, and I will weigh-in. If I did not have a deadline for launching ClickFunnels, it would never get done. Because there is a deadline, we are going to pull all-nighters until it is done.

I find it interesting that it does not matter if my deadline is a week from now or six months from now. Any way I do it, the week before I will be pulling all-nighters every single night to get it done. It is just the way it always works.

There is a tape I bought a long time ago from John Carlton and Gary Halbert. They were talking about the concept of silver or lead, “plata o plomo” or something like that. The concept was that when the Mexican drug lords down in Mexico want to change a law, do they try to run it through congress? Congress would be, “No!” We’re not giving you that law. Are you crazy?”

What they do is break into their homes that night, find the people who are the decision-makers, and they come to them with a gun and a bag of silver. They say, “You have two options. You need to change this law. You can do it through “plata or plomo,” through silver or lead. Either we will shoot you and you will die or we will bribe you, give you money, and you will change the law.”

When you have those two options, “plata o plomo,” lead or silver, what are you going to choose? You are always going to choose the money, right? It is a no-brainer, so that is what they do.

When I first heard that story, I started thinking of it for myself. I have to set “silver or lead” deadlines or else nothing will ever happen. Maybe it is just me, but if I do not have those deadlines, they will not happen. When I pick any project, I say, “This is the project and this is the deadline. This is when it has to be done.”

It is not like, “Oh, here is a soft deadline. Hopefully, eventually it will get done.” When you do that, it will keep moving forever. The second you set a hard date and say, “This is the day it will happen, somehow, magically, it will happen. It does not matter if it is a week from now, a month from now, six months or a year from now. Those last two or three days you will be pulling all-nighters to get it done. It is just the way it is. I do not care how much you plan. The week before or a couple nights before, you are going to have to kill yourself to get it done.

Most people just keep pushing it and pushing it. Because of this, they never get to their goal; they never actually hit it. It gets pushed into infinity.

For you guys, I recommend that for all your core projects you set a “silver or lead” deadline. It does not have to be on the project as a whole. Sometimes it is so massive it is hard to do it. Set a goal for each element, though. You can say, “This is step number one in this process I am doing or creating. Step number one is this and my silver or lead deadline is June 16<sup>th</sup> and it will happen on that day. It is not allowed to happen on June 17<sup>th</sup>. If I cannot sleep for three days, I will not sleep for three days because it is silver or lead; either I am going to get cash from this or I am going to die.”

If you can trick your mind to really believe this, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. People always ask me, “Russell, how do you get so much stuff done?” A lot of it is because of my “silver or lead” deadlines. This is it. In my head I know this is the date and we cannot miss it. Sure, we could miss it, push it, and bump it another week or two. However, when you do that, it just keeps getting bumped and keeps getting bumped.

In my business, in my career, there have been the times I have been soft on my deadlines. We had a site we launched a little while ago and we literally kept pushing it for six months from our initial deadline. We said, “Oh, we will do it,” and we kept pushing it and pushing it. Six months later we finally sat down and said, “Boom! This is the ‘silver or lead’ deadline. It has to happen!” Guess what? It happened.

I hoped this helps you guys understand how to get stuff done. It is how I am going to make weight tonight. I am going to lose seven pounds in an hour. It is how we are going to get 10,000 people on ClickFunnels. It is how we are going to increase our coaching. All these things we are doing have “silver or lead” deadlines attached. If you do not have them yet, it is time to start creating them for yourself.

This is what I have for today. I am at the bank and I am going to pull some money out because my wife has been remodeling our house and this is what husbands do, right? That is my plan for right now. I appreciate you guys and I will let you know how the tournament goes after it is all said and done. Talk to you guys soon.

Apr 24, 2014

Structuring your business so you can do what you really love.


Hey, everyone. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome to another exciting episode of Marketing in Your Car.

Hey, guys. Today it is kind of raining and I am heading to the office. I am actually excited because this weekend I have a Jiu Jitsu tournament. I am fired up! I have not competed in about 18 months or even more than that.

Here is my Jiu Jitsu journey. As most of you know, I was a wrestler through high school. I was a high school state champ and I took second place in the country. I was an All American in high school. I wrestled with BYU for a year and they cut the wrestling team, so I went to Boise State for the last four years. My senior year I ended up being ranked 14<sup>th</sup> when it all ended, I think. I did not quite meet my goals, but I did have a lot of fun. Still, my favorite thing in the world is wrestling, by far.

In my senior year, for all the UFC guys out there, I wrestled Johny Hendricks my senior year and I lost to him by one point. That little punk, I was actually turning him in a power half, I had the leg right and I was turning him, and he started screaming like a little girl. The ref stopped the mat and did not give me any points. If the ref stops something when you are in a turning position, you should get at least two, if not three, points. I did not get the points and he ended up winning by one point.

For all you guys who are Johny Hendricks fans, he cried when I tried to turn him. There you go.

Back to this, I got done wrestling, I got into business, and I got fat. I had a lot of fun and a few years later I decided I wanted to start wrestling again. We built an entire wrestling team out here. I did a podcast about it in the past, so I am not going to talk through the whole story. It went for a little while and then we had business issues and everything went crazy, so we had to shut it down.

I did not doing anything for a couple of years. Then one day I was flying home from Vegas and one of my buddies who wrestled at Boise State was on the flight. We sat next to each other and we were talking. He said, “Yeah, I am doing Jiu Jitsu now,” and he was really good.

I said, “Wow,” and he said, “Jiu Jitsu is kind of like wrestling for old, fat people. You do not have to be in good shape to be really good.”

I said, “That’s awesome! I might actually be good at that. My only thing is I could not take a punch. If I got punched, I would be pretty embarrassed. I would start crying or something.”

He said, “No, there is no punching in Jiu Jitsu. It is like wrestling, except you can tap somebody or choke them out or whatever.”

I said, “All right. That would be kind of fun. I might try that.” I got home and I was talking to one of my buddies who did Jiu Jitsu and he said, “There is a tournament this weekend. You should go to it.”

I said, “All right. I have nothing else to do, so I might as well show up.” I literally went to one practice the night before the tournament and I had somebody show me the basics of Jiu Jitsu. I did not know much other than that and I said, “I’m ready to go.”

I went to the tournament the next day and my very first match I did gi. I had to borrow some guy’s gi because I did not know what that was at the time. I put this gi on and I went out there. I was going against the first guy and I was beating him like a little girl and I thought, “This is the easiest sport in the world!” I was picking him up and slamming him down.

I found out if you put your knee on their belly you get four points. I thought, “Sweet!” and I just kept doing knee on belly over and over. I beat this guy 16 to nothing and just thrashed him. All of a sudden he reached up and grabbed my collar on my gi and he did some weird, funky thing. Everything started getting dark.

I thought, “Oh, no! What do I do?” He was choking me out. My eyes started getting hazy and he started getting darker and darker. I thought, “I don’t want to tap out. This is embarrassing! I was killing this guy. I don’t want to tap out!” Eventually I was almost gone and I tapped.

It was the worst feeling in the world. Getting pinned in wrestling is bad, but at least you can tell a story in your mind about how it did not really happen. When you tap, you have to tap and it is pretty embarrassing.

After that in the next three or four matches in gi I won. I had to take second or third in the tournament. They had no gi afterwards which, by the way, I found out I loved much more. I did no gi and in the very first match I was beating a guy and then I got caught in a triangle lock. I had never seen this before and I had to tap out. In the next match it was the same thing. I got caught in a triangle lock and got tapped out.

I thought, “Man, this is frustrating.” I was beating the guys on our feet every single time, but on the mat they triangle locked me. I remember walking out that day and a guy grabbed me. He was an old wrestler and he said, “Hey, just so you know, triangle is like kryptonite for wrestlers. All you wrestlers, when you take some guy and you cover—which is the setup for a triangle—if you just learn some basic Jiu Jitsu, you will be able to stop that from every happening.”

I thought, “All right, man. I am going to learn this thing.” I went back to the drawing board and started practicing. I had some buddies that were doing it; it was not formal practicing. We did it once or twice a week for the next six months or so. It was just the basics of learning not to get triangle. That was the core concept.

I participated in another tournament and I won both styles which is cool. Six months later there was another tournament and I won in both styles there. It was pretty fun, but then life happened and I kind of forgot about it for a while. I missed the next tournament, but I thought, “I want to keep doing it.”

About eight months ago or so, I decided that I wanted to get good at Jiu Jitsu. I did not have anything else going on. I was just doing business and family and everything. There was a lot happening, but I thought I could carve out a couple of hours a week just to do this and it would be fun. It is close to wrestling and it would be fun to do.

I hired a guy named Jason Flynn. He is a stud; he is a black belt dude. He had classes, but I thought, “I don’t want to do classes. I just want to do private one-on-ones with you twice a week.” I started paying him for that and for the last eight months I have been twice a week one-on-ones with this dude who is one of the toughest people I have ever met.

It has been very, very good. I finally learned the art of Jiu Jitsu which is fun. The tournament this weekend will be the first time I have competed in Jiu Jitsu where I actually know how to do Jiu Jitsu, so it will be fun. I am excited. I have to practice today and I have to cut weight tomorrow because I am a little heavy. I have to lose five pounds tomorrow. In about 45 minutes to an hour I should be able to lose that and have weigh-ins.

The party starts on Saturday. That is what is happening. I know it has nothing to do with marketing, but it has a lot to do with what I am passionate about. For all of you out there who have a passion, for me, if I could go back, if I could give away my business and start wresting as a freshman in college, I would do it in a heartbeat, no questions asked. I would walk away in a heartbeat.

I think all of you have something like that; a passion, something you love or you miss that you did in your prior life, right? I would try to look at your business as something that can facilitate that. All of us get into business for a purpose. You got in because you wanted freedom or time or whatever it is. After a while you get so addicted to the game that all the other stuff falls away and I think that is a shame.

For me, it was almost seven or eight years where I completely forgot about the stuff I loved. Make it a priority that your business is created in a way to fuel your real passions. Your business can be a passion, but do not let it be the core driver. Otherwise, I think you will get burned out and you will not love it long term.

There is my advice for today. For all of you guys out there, go get a workout in; go do some Jiu Jitsu; go do whatever it is you love to do and then get back to work and let’s make some money.

Thanks, everybody. We’ll talk to you soon.

Apr 21, 2014

Why Russell deleted his entire webinar and spent the last 4 hours rebuilding it from scratch.


Good morning, everyone. This is Russell. It is 4:13 A.M. and I am just driving home from the office. I want to welcome you to a late-night, special edition of Marketing in Your Car.

You guys probably think I am crazy, but it is definitely 4:13 A.M. and I have a Webinar eight hours from now which I am very excited about. We have been pruning it all week long. Hopefully most of you  will be on there because it is going to be awesome.

This week has been so crammed with everything. I am working with a writer to write my book; we are trying to launch ClickFunnels, and a lot of other stuff. Every day I kept trying to find time to prepare the Webinar and I just have not had the time. It has been kind of crazy.

As you know from my last podcast, I want to do Jiu Jitsu and lift weights and everything else. Eventually it comes down to crunch time and you just kind of do it.

I worked on it today for a while and got my slides finished up. They are not finished, but I had four or five slides done when I left the office. I really needed to come back to the office to get some stuff done, so I came back to the office. It has been a long time since I have written a brand new Webinar from scratch. There was a time when I was writing a Webinar almost every month and I was very good at it.

When Automated Webinars came out, we did a DotComSecrets local one. That one just blew up. I think we did a million dollars the first 90 days with it. That one went on to do about $3 million. For almost a year I did not write another Webinar and then I wrote the DotComSecrets X Webinar. This one has been crushing it now for almost two years now. Maybe it is more than two years.

Anyway, I have gotten lazy. I have not had to do a Webinar for a long time and I have kind of forgotten how to do them. I am trying to get back into the flow of it and do stuff. I am going through a lot of notes and I remembered a guy who is really crushing it on Webinars. I almost paid him $50,000 to write a Webinar for me, for my Supplement Secrets offer. It kind of fell through last minute. I still may do it, but we did not end up doing it for this product.

Wow, there is somebody else out here driving at 4:00 in the morning. How strange is that? I am on some random, small road, and we came to a T and we both came at the very same time. That’s interesting.

I almost paid this dude $50,000 to do Webinars. His name is Jason Fladlien and he is crushing it with Webinars right now. It kind of fell through at the last minute and I was wondering if he had anything to teach in his Webinar system. I would be very curious to look at it to get some ideas.

I went to his Web site and there was a $1,000 product and a $50 product about how he does his Webinars. I thought, “Well, I don’t have time to go through a $1,000 course in the next hour.” It was probably about 10:00 at night when I got into the office and started doing this research.

I bought the $50 course. It was an ebook, so I printed it out and started looking through it. Actually, before I printed it out I scrolled through the PDF to see if it was going to be of value. I started scrolling through very quickly and I thought, “Oh, man! This is really, really good stuff.” There were different ways to present a Webinar which I have not done before.

One core concept, I am not sure if I did a Webinar or a podcast on this. I may have just talked about it at our mastermind group. It was talking about finding the one core thing and focusing on one belief, not trying to get people to believe a lot of things.

I was looking at the existing presentation I was creating. I was trying to get people to believe three or four things and Jason’s template works very much on the one belief thing. I took all my slides, all my notes, everything I had worked on for four or five hours today at the office, plus everything I had done up to that point and I deleted it all. I read through an 80-page ebook in an hour-and-a-half or so and remapped the entire thing.

I then spent from midnight until 4:00 A.M. building out the slides for my presentation. They are not quite finished yet. I would say they are probably about 80% finished, but I am excited.

Anyway, I just got home. I am going to take a nap. My wife is going to lift weights in two hours and then the kids should get up in three hours. Three hours from now my kids will be awake jumping on me. I have to get them breakfast and then I will hopefully have enough energy to come back, and finish the slides.

Also, we do not have the order page up or anything. I have to get the order sales page to flow  and the product is not completely finished either. It is close. I have to do all that stuff before noon Mountain Time which is less than eight hours from now.

Wish me luck! I am excited to see what happens. I will report back and let you know if I either bomb or if it is a huge success. I think it should be good, though. I think the pitch is pretty powerful. It is something I would pay for in a heartbeat. It should be good.

That is the game plan. I am going to get some sleep. I appreciate you guys listening. Hopefully you get a kick out of the fact that I am still up. I will talk to you guys soon.

Apr 17, 2014

Four life lessons that Russell learned this week, that you can implement to, hopefully, make your life a little bit better.


Hey, everybody. This is Russell Brunson and I am doing a special Marketing in Your Car from inside the Mommy Mobile. Yes, I am inside my wife’s car and I am ready to do a great podcast.

I have no idea what direction we are going to go today on this podcast. Usually I have a theme I want to think about, but I have a lot of cool stuff happening and I am excited, so I am going to just start rambling. Hopefully something cool will come out of it and you will get some value out of it.

First, right now I am on day seven of my modified juice fast and I feel amazing. I want to talk about this because I think I just stumbled on something new. I am not sure if it is totally healthy and I may very well die in the near future from it, but I think it is awesome.

This is what I am doing. When I walk up in the morning I do my Bullet-proof hot chocolate which is the Mormon version of Bullet-proof coffee. It consists of chocolate, organic grass-fed Kerrygold butter, MCT oil, cocoa powder, and some Stevia. I blend it up and that is my breakfast in the morning. When I do this, I am not hungry and I feel pretty good the rest of the day. It is pretty awesome.

The second step is that I have been juicing and I was making a gallon of juice per day. This was fun, but all my juices kind of taste nasty because I just juice everything I can find in one huge gallon jug. I carry it around all day and keep drinking it.

I don’t mind it, but it is kind of gross, so I went to a place called Tree City here in Boise. They have this juice cleanse. Every day I go in the morning and they have six juices for me to drink throughout the day, so I have been drinking those. At night, just because everyone else is eating and I feel guilty (I don’t feel guilty, actually; I just get hungry) I usually eat some eggs. I don’t eat carbs, but just eggs.

I have done this now for almost a week and I feel awesome. I am not as tired; I have energy; I am not craving food. Well, I am not going to lie. When I do crave something in the middle of the day, I have been eating Quest Nutrition Bars. From a nutritional standpoint, they are the best protein bar you can get in the world. From a taste standpoint, it is like eating candy. I could live on Quest bars alone. You can go to their Web site, <a href=""></a>, and look for the cookies and cream one. Man! It is like eating Oreo cookies, but a thousand times better. They are all super high protein and very low carbs.

This is what I have been doing.

Second, I am actually driving right now to Jiu Jitsu. This week has been so slammed and so crazy. Typically, when I am this busy I cancel my Jiu Jitsu. Today my wife said, “You really should just cancel it.”

I said, “You know what? No! This is the thing I look forward to.” This is the reward at the end of the tunnel for me. It is going to beat up dudes. I don’t know why, but it is so appealing to me. This is what I want to do.

So many times we cut out the part of our life that brings us a lot of happiness because of work and other things. I was thinking about this in the case of many of us. Everyone has the things they like to do, right? Many times life gets in the way of those things. We need to make it more of a priority and say, “Look, this is what I do.”

For me right now it is Jiu Jitsu. Twice a week I want to do it, I am going to do it, and everything else has to fall to the side because I am going to do it; that is, outside of my family. With work, many times it fills the space you give it. If you have eight hours a day, it will fill eight hours. If you have 20 hours a day, it will fill 20 hours. Anyway, make sure you tie in those things you really want to do.

The reason we became entrepreneurs is that we wanted to do a bunch of stuff. We wanted more time, more money, more freedom, or more whatever. However, we then shackle ourselves down with our businesses to the point where because of our business we cannot do the stuff we want to do. It is kind of interesting.

There is another life lesson for today.

What else? Oh, the next thing is ClickFunnels. We are almost done with our initial beta. I cannot tell you how excited I am. I literally built an entire membership site last night in 20 minutes from start to finish to everything. It used to take a ton of time.

There is one limitation: You can only do a membership site the way we have it. If you want a fancy membership sites with a lot of other stuff, you have to use WishList Member (that’s a plug for Stu, my man!). However, if you want a basic membership site, man! In 20 minutes, start to finish, I had a membership site that I could start selling.

We were going through sales funnels that fast, automated Webinars; I am going through and creating all of these right now. Even if I never sold a single license to ClickFunnels, it will change my business forever. Now we can sell it and share it with everybody else in the world which is very, very exciting. It is going to be awesome.

We also just hired a full-time accountant which is a crazy thing. She has been coming in. This is the first time in my business where I have had someone do tons of in depth, not analytics, but almost like an autopsy. It is like doing an autopsy of our books, digging deep and trying to figure out everything. Where is the money coming from? Where is it going? Which of our offers are profitable? Which are not profitable?

Right now everything we do kind of gets lumped together, so at the end of the month we are thinking, “Yeah! We are profitable!” I have been learning one thing from my favorite show The Profit. Today, by the way, is the season finale. It is interesting because he goes into companies and tries to find where the profit is on each of the things they are selling. He gets rid of all the low-profit stuff and tries to sell more of the high-profit stuff.

Last night’s episode they were in a pie company. This pie company had an 80% margin on their key lime pie and they had a 10% profit margin on everything else. However, everything else took up 90% of the store. He got rid of all of it and transformed the store to 100% key lime pie and nothing else. Boom! All of a sudden it became profitable.

It was interesting like that. One of my big takeaways is looking at all of my funnels. We have a lot of them. Our support has to be in all of them and there are things happening and costs associated with each of them.   Which ones are actually making us money and which ones are not? We are trying to identify this, to drill down, and to figure out which products are profitable and which ones are not?

We are also looking at advertising sources. We used to group everything like, “Here are solo ads; here is Facebook; here is whatever.” We are digging deeper to figure out everything about our business. We have always been pretty good at numbers, but now we are getting very, very good, stripping out everything that is not profitable and focusing on the good stuff.

It is sad. We are shutting down Web sites, funnels, and pages that I love, but they are not making money or they are costing too much in time, energy, support, and headaches. It does not make a lot of sense.

Anyway, I am at Jiu Jitsu now. I am going to go in here. The dude I am going to roll with is way tougher than I am. I am going to try to beat him up today. That is my goal. My goal, actually, is to not get tapped out today from him. He is a stud, but it should be pretty fun.

Hopefully out of this you got something. If not, then just wait until next week and I will have some more good stuff. I appreciate you guys. Look for It is coming out soon. We are not far from the public release. Like I said, this will change our industry forever. It will change my business forever and I am sure it will change yours, as well.

That’s it for today. Thanks, and we will talk to you soon.

Apr 14, 2014

Russell’s new concoction to give him more energy, flush out his toxins, and loose a ton of weight in a very, very short period of time.


Good morning everyone. I want to welcome you to another exciting, awesome, fun adventure in the Marketing in Your Car Podcast.

A lot of people actually who messaged me this weekend asking me about my cleanse, so I want to give you some updates on how it went. If you Google the “lemonade cayenne pepper cleanse,” you will see what I started doing.

I did that the very first day. I did the salt water flush. I just started drinking it the first day and it was pretty nasty. After drinking about half a gallon of it, one of my friends who was doing it with me started looking at what we made. There is lemon water, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup.

He called me and said, “Do you realize there are 55 grams of sugar in a fourth cup of maples syrup?” We put a cup in and he said, “There are over 200 grams of sugar in here!”

I said, “Are you kidding me?” and I stopped drinking it. I said, “Dude, that’s not good.” I got rid of it, but I was already mentally into this cleanse mode. I thought, “I have to figure out a way to keep doing this,” so I kind of made up my own cleanse.

The reason they probably did the cleanse that way is to give you some carbs to keep your energy throughout the day. I think I have talked about this before on some of our podcasts. I have been studying the benefits of fat and using fats instead of carbs for energy and so on.

I thought, “What if I blend some stuff? What if I do the Bullet-proof hot chocolate thing for my energy?” I did it in the morning and the afternoon. It is organic, grass-fed Kerrygold butter and MCT oil mixed with some cocoa powder and some Stevia to make it taste good. I drink that and the rest of the day, instead of having this horrible sugar juice, I got a real juice.

I went to the grocery store and bought a ton of stuff: carrots, apples, cucumbers, celery, fennel, and anything that looked like it could be shoved into a blender or into a juicer. I brought it home and produced a gallon of juice and I drank that throughout the day instead. I have done this the last two days, so it has been three days now that I have been on this makeshift cleanse.

The amazing thing is that by doing the Bullet-proof and the juice cleanse and mixing those two together, I did not feel hungry the entire day. Right now it is the third day and I am supposed to be done, but this morning I woke up and I had no desire to pig-out like I normally would have done in this kind of situation. I just had some more Bullet-proof hot chocolate this morning, I juiced some more stuff, and I am just going to keep going with it.

Also, I checked my weight before. I was 206 pounds before and I was 200.4, so I lost almost six pounds in the last three days. I think I am just going to keep riding it. I am going to get down about ten more pounds, so I will keep riding this for another week or so and see how it works.

As I said, I am blending together the Bullet-proof hot chocolate thing with the juicing cleanse. So far I feel amazing. Who knows? This may be the new diet fad or the new cleanse, at least. I was thinking of names to call it like Butter Juice or something like that.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and did it again and I feel awesome. I am almost to the office right now. I have a consult today. Somebody paid $2,500 for a one-hour consult, so I get to dive into their business for the next 60 minutes, rip it apart, have some fun, and show them how to take it to the next level.

These guys seem really cool, so I am hoping they will upgrade and join our mastermind. If they want me to really affect their business it is the best way. I can then work with them throughout the entire year. That is the game plan.

If any of you want a $2,500 consult like these guys, it gives us an hour. It may sound like a lot of money, but I promise you I will make you ten times, at least, in that hour. Just let our office know. If not, just keep listening in and hopefully you will get some more good ideas.

I am at the office and my call starts in ten minutes. I am going to jump in there and give these guys a call and get into some fun, business-building activity. It should be fun.

For all of you who are interested, let me know if you want to know more about the Butter Juice diet. Maybe I will write up a little plan and call it The Butter Juice Cleanse and show you what I am doing. It is awesome and I feel great. I have a lot of energy and I am excited to drink my juice today. You can hear it in my gallon.

Thanks, everybody. I will talk to you soon.

Apr 11, 2014

Russell shares his hypothesis for the best way to convert his buyers into actual coaching clients. Listen in to see if this will work for your business as well.


Hey everyone. This is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you to an amazing day and another fun episode of Marking in Your Car.

I just got back from a two-day mastermind event in Washington, D.C. It was amazing. We had such a good time.

One of the guys in the mastermind group is one of my favorite people. He is super high energy and awesome and he is a mastermind junky. I think he is in seven or eight groups. After two days, he pulled me aside and said that it was the best mastermind meeting he had ever been to which meant a lot.

We started early; we went late; and we did some awesome stuff for everybody. It was very cool. I had a lot of big breakthroughs, as well.

The mastermind group is one we initially sold at an event called The Invisible Funnel. Some of you may know this concept and some of you may not. It is a cool way to sell things without selling. A lot of the attendees are doing Invisible Funnels, so we spent a lot of time talking about them, dissecting them, and figuring out ways to make it better.

On my flight home yesterday, I was working on a book I am putting together called The Black Box. One of the steps in the Black Box is the Invisible Funnel, so I was writing out that whole process again. All of a sudden, I think a light bulb came on for me. A light bulb definitely did click. I have yet to see if it is a good light bulb or a bad one, but I think it is very good.

Here is the concept behind it. We are selling a ton of our printed products. This is back in our coaching business, so I want to preface that. Our goal, obviously, is to convert people from a front end customer into a coaching client. That is the entire goal, right?

We were trying to figure out how to convert those leads from people into someone who has applied and is kind of raising their hand for coaching. We have been getting a lot of coaching application leads, but not in the volume we want. I do not want to say they are not the quality of people we want, but half of the people applying really are not ready for it. They are not at a point in their life where they can afford it; they are just not ready for it.

I want more of the qualified people, right? When I was writing the section of the book yesterday about the Invisible Funnel, I was thinking about how it came about. There is a story behind it.

I was working with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes on their company called Business Breakthroughs, International. Chet mapped out their business model for me. It was really cool. They would drive radio ads into a call center which they had built. The person would answer the phone and say, “Welcome to Chet Holmes, International,” and they would give the caller the report for which they had called in.

Then they would say, “Hey, by the way, Tony and Chet are doing this event. It usually costs a thousand bucks to come to Vegas plus your hotel and your flight. Now they have a version where you can do it from home. It is really, really awesome and you need to be part of it.

“Because of this, we are going to let you get on this Webinar. It is a $300 Webinar, but we want to make sure it is something you believe in, so we are not going to charge you anything for it right now. You can come for free. All you have to do is put your credit card in and we will bill you after the Webinar if you love it. If you do not love it, then do not worry about it.”

That was their pitch and their hook. I thought it was really, really cool. When you look at their model, it just crushed it with that. People would come in, register for the Webinar. They would get on the Webinar and stay on there for three hours. If they loved it, they would pay the $297. If they did not love it, they would not be billed for anything. This is how they ran this business. This is how they built this company.

I do not know how much volume they are doing, but it grew into a very, very big company. This is where the Invisible Funnel concept came from initially. I could never figure out how to turn it into an online process, but Daegan Smith figured it out. He started creating Webinars where you would register by putting your credit card in and they would bill you $97 after the Webinar was over. He made a ton of money with it. We modeled it and we made a ton of money with it. It worked.

This is a quick explanation of the Invisible Funnel. I could go on. We literally did an event earlier this year. It was a three-day event talking about the Invisible Funnel, so there is a lot more to it. This is the core, quick concept, though. It is a premium Webinar. Someone puts their credit card in ahead of time, but you do not bill them until after the Webinar is over if they loved it. At the end you can offer them your high ticket products, services, or things like that.

I have been thinking about this as a tool to convert our buyers from buyers into applications. I was thinking that most of the products we sell now are tied to either traffic conversions or sales. I thought, “What if every single week every Friday I did an actual live Webinar?” This is what scares me, honestly. It is my biggest scary part. It would not be an automated Webinar, but an actual live Webinar. It would be three or four hours long and I would teach my entire process for doubling traffic conversions and sales.

“What if I started doing this?” This was my thought. I am kind of nervous about it, but I am going to do it. I will have people come on and try it for free. It would not cost them anything. They would put in their credit card for no charge and then, after the Webinar, if they loved it they would pay $97. That is the process I am going to go through.

I will teach them all of our best stuff for three hours. Then, at the end, I would use it as a tool to get them to apply to be part of our coaching program. This is what I am going to test out and I am very excited about it.

We have done Invisible Funnels on the front end before, but I want to use it as a backend tool for all of our traffic sources. If you look at my business model, I envision someone buying DotComSecretsLabs and DotComSecrets X or purchasing anything we have. They come in there and then the immediate sequence is, “Hey, Russell is doing a live Webinar! You need to get on it! Come here to register.” This would be the core thing we are focusing on, pushing, and promoting.

We would use this as our conversion piece. It would convert people from buyers into clients, I guess. Maybe that is the process. The first step is to get traffic to convert to buyers. This is the conversion. The second step is to convert buyers into clients, into people with whom I am actually working. Invisible Funnel is that conversion piece.

This is an interesting way to look at it. I am learning this stuff with you guys as we are going. You always learn stuff when you start a fleshing it out like this.

Anyway, I am very interested in trying this. It is my goal. Next week we have another Webinar and the week after I am going to test this process out and see if it works. If it does work, I think it is going to be very, very cool. It will be Operation Converting Buyers into Clients. Should we call them “clients” or “students?” It should be “clients.” That is the game plan!

I want to issue you the same challenge. If you are listening to this right now, you have buyers that are buying stuff. Hopefully you have mastered Operation Traffic into Buyers, right? This is the first focus for us. The second is Buyers into Clients and we do this through Invisible Funnel. I think it is the perfect mechanism to get people to switch over.

Anyway, I am excited! I am fired up to try it out! I will report back to you what happens after we do it. You guys can look out for it. You will see me promoting it here probably a week from now. I am going to test it out quickly to see if it works half as well as I think it will. If it does, it will be an exciting thing for us.

That is the game plan for this week for me. It feels weird. It is Friday and this is actually my first day of working. I had a parent-teacher conference for my three-year-old this morning and I am getting my hair cut right now. I will get to the office about noon today to work for three hours and then I am kind of done for the day and done for the week. This is tough for me because I am a workaholic and I love this stuff! Hopefully my wife will not mind if I sneak away and work a little bit this weekend, but you never know.

All right, guys, that’s it. I am heading in to get my hair cut, so I will be a little bit lighter, hopefully.

Oh, there is one last thing I want to tell you. It has nothing to do with marketing; it just has to do with what is happening today.

I am typically a very healthy eater. I am pretty strict and I try to do stuff, but this year has been a travel year so far. We had a lot of stuff happening. We went to D.C. with Daegan and with Daegan, man, we had the best Indian food I have ever had. We had these crab cakes. I ate so much stuff that was not right for me to eat and I felt like garbage.

I got back yesterday and I wanted to cleanse myself and start over. I think many times I say, “I’m going to start over on Monday,” and it never actually happens. I really wanted to flush and reset. Some of you have probably seen this lemonade diet before. It is horrible. You make lemonade with cayenne pepper and you do salt water flushes. It is a horrible process.

Last night I said, “You know what? I am just going to do it.” I always talk about doing it and I needed a hard reset now that I am back. I am home for two or three months before I have my next thing. I want to start these next two or three months going on the right path as opposed to just continuing to eat out everywhere.

This is my goal, to do a hard reset and boom! Start over. I am doing a three-day cleanse with this cayenne pepper and lemonade and salt water flush just to get all the toxins out of my body. I am basically not eating for three days while just doing this cleanse just to reset my body. From there I will move forward in a healthy manner again.

I am not recommending that all of you do a diet, but I am recommending this: When you decide to take a step towards something like in business or relationships or health or whatever it is, most of us say, “I’m going to do that!” and we start doing it. Then we slip back into our old ways.

You have to do a hard reset; otherwise it is very difficult to stick with it, to keep going on. I recommend that whatever big thing you are moving towards in your life—a relationship thing, weight loss, business, or whatever—do a hard reset. If it is business and you are starting a new business, do a 30-day no-TV reset. You get no TV for 30 days maybe.

One of the resets I am thinking about is one a couple of guys in the mastermind are doing. Daegan just did it, too. They are resetting their productivity. Before, they had Skype, Facebook,      cell phones, text, and all of these things. They said they wanted to reboot.

Daegan changed the password on his email. He does not know it; he just gave it to his wife. He changed his Facebook password; he got rid of his cell phone. He got rid of any way for anybody to communicate with him. He just turned it off completely and he is hard resetting right now.

He is going to do it for a month or something like that. I don’t know how long he is doing it, but he is cutting off all internal communication to himself to allow him to only focus on doing proactive things. When he wanted to reach out, he will talk to his wife to log into his email and send an email. It will be much harder to do this. This is his process to completely reset.

He did that and he has a couple of other people in the mastermind to do it. I am kind of tempted to do it, as well. I am nervous (I’m not going to lie). He will do the reset and then start reintroducing things back into what he is doing.

If you say, “I am just going to take Twitter away for a day and then Facebook,” it will never happen. It is like pulling off a BandAid, right? It is too slow. You just have to rip it off, go through the pain, and then slowly reintroduce things which you think are necessary. I promise you that during the reboot you will find out how many of the things you are doing are not necessary.

It is kind of interesting, so I wanted to throw it out there for you. Think about the big changes you want to make and figure out how you can do a big reboot just to flush everything out. Then when you are focusing in that thing, you do not have lingering stuff that is keeping you from accomplishing your real goals.

That is what I have. I went a bit longer today because I am driving to the hair cut. I am here now, so I am going to end for now. I appreciate you guys. Look for my Webinar over the next couple of weeks. We have two Webinars coming up. Next week we are going to talk about how we do our high-ticket selling. That will be fun. The next week I am going to test this Invisible Funnel to convert buyers into clients. I am excited and I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks again, everybody, and we will talk to you soon.

Apr 4, 2014

A simple three step strategy to make sure you’re in the highest tax bracket.


Hey everyone, this is Russell. I want to welcome you to Marketing in your Car. I just got done meeting with the accountants, which if you've been listening for any length of time you know is by far my least favorite thing in the world. I would have rather gone to the dentist and get my teeth drilled but it is what it is.

I met with the accountants to do our tax return stuff and sign a million papers, all that fun stuff. I also had the chance to find out that thanks to Obama, my tax bracket is now, I think we pay 47 percent. Isn't that crazy, almost half of our money. We're sitting there first and talking about obviously why it makes us angry.

Then there are basically two options. One option is fire everyone and make less money, and just get taxed less or option number two is go and try to make tons more money. You get 50% of it so let's just double, triple, or quadruple what we're making. We thought, “You know what? Not only am I going, obviously set a goal to make a lot more money. I want people on my team to max out their tax bracket too.”

How cool, yeah, you maxed out your tax bracket but let's set a goal for our team. I want three or four people on my team to max out their tax bracket too, to make that much money as well. That's my new goal is to not only max out mine but everybody else's. It basically comes down to you got to make $450,000 to max out your tax bracket is my understanding, is what the accountants told me today.

For all of you guys, I think that should be instead of looking at it as a negative thing because it is a negative thing but when you're negative about it, it just takes your focus off, it takes your eye off the prize and makes you angry instead. Let's look at it as a positive thing. For all of you guys, that should be your first goal right now.

Everyone has, “I want to make a million dollars,” or whatever but let's make the goal I want to max out my tax brackets. I need my income to be $450,000 so that boom, I maxed out my tax bracket and the government is going to take half my money. As depressing as that is, that can now be a cool, exciting, fun thing to shoot for.

After you've done it for yourself, you got any partners, then boom, that's your next one to get your partners to max out their tax bracket. Then let's get our employees. Let's get everyone on our team to max it out because then we're making a lot of money. That's fun. That was my big takeaway from the accountants was just let's shift our focus on what our goals are and figure out how in the world we can max out our tax brackets.

There are a couple of ways you can do that. This is the education part of the podcast. I'm assuming that all of you guys here have your own business. If not, you need to start your own business. Let's get that out of the way. After you've got a business and you're focusing on growing it, there are only a couple of ways to grow a business.

A lot of you guys know who Jay Abraham is. If not, he's a really cool guy to study. As a person, he's kind of weird but his products are really good. He talks about there's only three ways to grow a business. He says there's one way you can get more customers. That's the way a lot of us focus on. We're always talking about traffic, advertising, customer acquisition because that's the first way to grow a business, to get more customers.

It's also the most expensive one. The second way to grow your business is to get your customers to give you more money, to get them to spend more. You can do that by increasing your prices, adding upsells, all these types of things to get them to spend more money. Then the third way is to get them to buy more often.

You have more products, more services, more cool things for them. Those are three ways to grow a business. What's interesting is that most people, they focus just on the first one which is more traffic, more traffic. It's interesting because I'm relearning this lesson. It's fun when you know something and relearn it through the school of hard knocks.

For example, last month, Neurocell, I don't know if I mentioned to you guys or not but we made more in Neurocell. Actually, I think it was pretty close to 50/50. It wasn't quite 50% but Neurocell was almost 50% of our income last month which is crazy, really exciting and cool. The problem is that we spent I think $85,000 in ads to get those things, our customer acquisition. We were getting new customers.

We got tons of customers but that is the most expensive piece of the puzzle as well. We're usually doubling over on our ads but then we still have our product costs, shipping costs, fulfillment, support, call center, all the things that go into fulfillment of it. When all was said and done, we were probably making 20, 25, probably closer to 20 percent which isn't bad but that's what it is on our customer acquisition part of it.

So if I want to grow it, there are a couple of ways I can do it. One is I can go acquire more customers but again, that doesn't geometrically grow your business. It just adds more fuel. You're getting more customers at that 20 percent. The next thing is how do we get them to do step two in the phase which is get them to buy more.

What can we tweak or change in our upsell flow? What do we need to add? Can we add another upsell, can we increase the price, can we add a sixth bottle option? What else can we do? In the supplement space, it's about more products and bigger ticket. In the info product space, one thing I saw Daegan Smith do that was really cool, he had an upsell where the upsell was first I think $500 for this product. It did well.

Then he was like, “Hey, what if I sold $500 for the product or $1000 for the license to sell the product?” He did that boom, people started taking the license to sell the product. He doubled the prices and his customer value just shot up dramatically. Then he was like, “Wait a minute, what if I instead of doing that, there was a one-year option license or a three-year, or a lifetime option? The lifetime option is two grand.”

He added that in there. It's basically the exact same thing he's selling. He just put a license and time limit on it. Suddenly, all these people started taking the $2000 option because they didn't want to renew it after a year, and increased it as well.

What things can you add to your existing sales funnel to increase the average transaction value? That's the second thing. The third thing is how do you get people to buy more often? What else can we sell them? That's been, for the last, we're in April right now, the last four or five days here since we got our month end reports, I've been looking at our sales and our profit.

Man, for as much gross sales as we did, our profit was horrible on our supplement. I was like, obviously everything we sell after this to these existing customers, we don't have the customer acquisition costs. We don't have all the other pieces that are involved. That's why I'm like how else can we monetize this and get people to buy more often.

We started looking at more products in our product line. For me, I don't want right now to go and buy more supplements because inventory costs drive me crazy but obviously the people that have supplements keep buying supplements. We found some friends that have supplement companies and we're partnering, selling some of their products.

We won't have as much profit on them but I don't have to spend ads, do shipping, inventory fulfillment, any of that stuff. They take care of all of that for us. All we got to do is tell my customers about their products. That's what we're adding in this month. I was thinking about it. What's cool is let's say we sell 30, 40, 50, 60 thousand dollars of affiliate commission on these products? That's just pure profit to the bottom line. There's no fulfillment cost, no nothing.

It will take that 20% profit margin we're running at right now with the supplement, and it will make it now 30, 40, 50 percent. That's how we grow a company.

This is some fun stuff. I am sure you have probably heard the Jay Abraham stuff before. I am curious if you are looking at this in your business and thinking about it in this way. Again, I learned about this ten years ago and then again five years ago. Over the last three or four days it has become real to me again. I am looking at how we can grow this company and thinking, “Rats! We are focusing everything on number one which is good, but it is the most expensive by far. How do we add more of number two and number three?”

For us it is specifically about number three. With number two we are doing pretty well with the supplement.

Let me step back and take a look at DotComSecretsLabs. At DotComSecretsLabs customer acquisition is doing awesome and our resell stuff and backend monetization is also doing awesome. However, in the middle our profit per sell is, I think, where we are struggling.

In fact, you have heard me over the last two or three months. I have rebuilt the upsell process for DCS Labs probably three, four, or five times. We could not get the average transaction value high enough.

Finally, we cracked the code with this last version and we got it now. This is kind of cool because for every free book we give away we are averaging $49 in cash from the upsell flow. This is exciting. Obviously, we still have to print the books and ship them, so there are still other costs involved. It is cool, though, because we can now spend $20 to $30 on a book and when all the costs are added we are getting pretty close to breaking even. This gives us the ability to buy more media, get more affiliates, and to do all the other fun stuff.

It is kind of cool to look at each of our businesses, each of our funnels, and think about those three things and focus on all three of them. Like I said, the money is going to come more from number two and number three most of the time, but all our focus is on number one, including me. We focus our time on traffic, traffic, traffic! It is getting more customers, more people and more people as opposed to focusing on the other two.

This is some interesting stuff that you guys can use in your businesses to help you max out your tax bracket, then your partners’ tax brackets, and then your team’s tax brackets and everybody’s. I am not sure if I am going to tell all my people that this is my goal for them. They are going to really want that much money. However, I think it is a good goal to set. I am going to talk to them and have them set this goal for themselves, as well. They can start focusing on this and try to figure out ways inside of our company, inside of what we are doing, to increase what they are making. Together we can figure out other ways to add value to reach the point where they can max out their tax brackets, as well.

It is a fun goal! I hope it gets you excited. It gets me excited! It is the one exciting thing I got from the accountant today. Everything else is what it is.

I am almost to the office, you guys. If you like this podcast, please go to iTunes and let us know.

Also, we have started our beta for ClickFunnels. A couple of you guys are in there and it is going crazy. I think there are about 30 people in this beta group. One guy listed off, “This means I can cancel Visual Web Site Optimizer; I can cancel Lead Pages; I can cancel GoToWebinar.” He listed off all the things he could cancel and it added up to $300 or $400 a month in fees he could cancel by using ClickFunnels. He could get all of this at about a tenth of the price which is pretty exciting.

Three or four people said almost word-for-word, “This fills in and solves all the problems I have ever had with Internet marketing; figuring out how in the world to get a sales funnel up.” This is exciting, too. I am fired up about it and I think it is going to be exciting. We will spend two weeks or so in beta getting everybody in there. We are finding bugs in the templates and little things like that. We are knocking them out as quickly as we can. It is kind of a fun process. I have never gone through this before.

This is what we are doing right now. We are cleaning it up and adding more and more templates. After that we are thinking about launch strategies. I do not want to do what a lot of companies do.

Some of my friends own a company called Kijabi. When they launched they had a huge, Internet marketing-style launch. I have no idea how many members they got, but I am sure it was 3,000 to 6,000 people in there. People came in, but with that many coming in that quickly, you just cannot keep up with support. They had headaches, issues, and all the stuff that comes with that. A lot of people dropped out quickly, as well, and there were a lot of bad reviews written about them, about how it did not work and so on.

Eventually, within a couple of months they had it all figured out and now it is a very, very good product. However, you have only one shot to make a killer first impression and they lost that. The people did not come back and they will not come back.

For me, I was thinking that I should have joined Kijabi a long time ago. Why didn’t I? During the product launch I read a review from someone who talked about how bad it was. That was four or five years ago and because of it I never opened an account. I am sure it is now probably the coolest thing in the world, but because of someone’s bad experience, it kept me from even attempting to try it.

We do not want to have that with ClickFunnels. We want to do it differently. I am thinking about more of a delayed rollout. It would be kind of like going to the DMV. You take those little stickers with the little number on it which tells you where you are in the line. We would have something like that where everybody takes their “sticker.”

Each day we would unlock it and say, “Today we are going to let 50 people in, so that is numbers one through 50. Your number is now live. You can come in and get a beta account.” We would let 50 people in and they could spend a day or two in there. We would make sure there were no issue or bugs and then boom! We would open it up and let the next 50 people through.

This is how Gmail launched. You had to be invited by somebody. It was a slow rollout and it caused a lot more mystery, buzz, and excitement. I think we will make it where those 50 people come in under an agreement. You have to create a funnel the first day otherwise we kick you out. We want to make sure people are using it.

Second, if they like it or hate it (I don’t really care), either way they have to write a review about it on their blog or on their Facebook. We want to cause buzz, get people talking, and make everyone want it, right? I think this is the rollout strategy we are looking for. I want to make people go crazy.

Also, we will have the ability from a support standpoint to handle it, to grow it, to scale it, and when we are ready to open the floodgates and allow a million people through, we will have the infrastructure and everything in place. All the bugs will be gone and it will be a rock-solid product from day one.

This is kind of what we are looking at. I am excited. It will be fun to see how we end up deciding on the execution. This is what we were talking about yesterday a bit. I think it would be fun. It would be like a big game.

In a couple of months I think we could get 4,000 or 5,000 very active, very solid customers this way. With Labs, I think we have sold 4,000 or 5,000 DCS Labs books now. We do not have any affiliates promoting it yet. We have a couple that have picked it up, but we have not asked any affiliates to promote it yet. It has just come from our own traffic and Facebook. I think we can do something similar with ClickFunnels.

Anyway, I am at the office. I had a long drive from the accountants’. I hope you did not mind me rambling this whole time. That’s it for today. Have some fun! Go to max out your tax brackets and we will talk to you guys again soon.

Apr 1, 2014

Russell’s new strategy to take home more money without increasing sales, and what’s the #1 reason why business exists…


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to a very rainy Marketing in your Car. It's raining today. I'm heading into the office and I'm really excited for today. This morning, I had my accountability call with Carl White. I talked about it in an earlier podcast about the power of accountability calls, and finding an accountability partner as someone to hold you accountable.

So far, it's been going really good. What's fun is it's nice having Carl. He's such a very opposite personality from me. I think that what he brings to the table for me are just things I don't have right now that are really cool. One of the things he was talking about which I appreciate him so much for this. It's going to be my big focus for today is he was talking about in his company before, he would look at how much money he would make and then look at what he was actually taking home, and that percentage.

He was like, I don’t remember exactly, 15% or whatever. He was like, “How do I change that to 40 percent?” That became the goal. That was his focus. It needs to be 40 or 50%, whatever the number is. He started working and working on focusing on that. How do I take home a bigger piece each month?

He said that became one his key drivers, not how much money does the company make but how much money does he actually get to take home which is interesting to me because I think my problem is my focus has always been what's our top line revenue. It's a good goal to have. In fact, this month we just broke our record which I was really excited about. We had an awesome month. We did that literally without, I don't think we hardly emailed our list at all. We didn't do a product launch or anything and it was still probably one of the best months we've ever had.

I think the only time we've had higher months was back when we had the call center. We had 100 employes but definitely since we've shrunk down to about 13 people now, definitely the biggest month we've had by a long shot. Being with that, what I took home from that wasn't that exciting to me. That was my frustration today on my accountability call.

What I decided to do and I'm really excited for this actually, which is funny because the least favorite part for me in our business is accounting, and accountants and stuff like that but we just hired an accountant in house. What I'm going to be doing with her is going through all of our stuff and probably spend two or three days just going through and really trying to understand the numbers because again, they're like my enemy right now. I hate them.

Understanding them a lot better and figuring out how do I change our business so that I can take home a bigger percentage, I'm not even sure right now what percentage I'm taking home but change that to whatever it is to how do I take home 30, 40, or 50 percent. In business, that's really the only thing that really matters. That's not true. There are two things that matter. One is that you're providing value to the end customer and number two is that the owner is getting paid, the owner is making money.

It was funny, when I was at Boise State, I had this finance class. I also had an economics class. My economics teacher asked a question. He said, “What's the purpose of a business?” He was like, “Oh, to create jobs, do this, and do that,” all these things. In my finance class, my teacher who I really liked, he said, “The only purpose of a business is to make the owner money, that's it. If it's not for that, what's the purpose of it?”

Obviously hopefully you're selling something that's going to provide value to the end customer but the only purpose of the business is to make money for the owner. I think I'm probably more in the middle of those two schools of thought but it made me think about that. Having a business, creating jobs and stuff like that is good but if you as the owner is not getting what you need out of it, what's the point of it? You just have an average paid job, depending on what you're doing.

That's my big focus for this week. There's going to be less of how can I sell more stuff. I think we got that under control. It's going and growing. It's exciting, but more of let's look at the numbers and really figure out what we are actually making, take immediate costs away, this and that, and then what's it going to take for me to increase what I'm taking home. How do we change our commission structures, our profit share structure with our internal team so that everyone is incentivized to pay me more?

It's kind of exciting. I'm not sure what's going to come of it. I have no idea. That's part of the fun of the creation of it all. That's my goal is to sit down in front of a whiteboard for four or five hours today and try to map that out and figure out a way to make that work. I'm excited.

If I figure out the solution, I’ll report back to you guys and let you know but just start thinking about that in your business. Start thinking about how can you set up things so that the goal of the business is to pay you, and one of your KPI, your key performance indicators should be how much money, what percentage of the money that the company is making, you're able to take home each month.

I think if you do that, even if it doesn't increase your money, gross sales, it should increase the money you take home which is really the point of this whole game anyway. There's some advice for today. I’ll let you know how it turns out for me. Other than that, I'm at the office. I got to get out in this cold rain and run to the door. I'm going to jump off now and I’ll talk to you guys soon.