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Welcome To Russell Brunson’s Marketing Secrets Podcast. So, the big question is this, “How are entrepreneurs like us, who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital, who are spending money from our own wallets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and services and things that we believe in out to the world… and yet still remain profitable?” That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Russell Brunson, and welcome to
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Dec 28, 2015

Here are a few of the things I’m doing over the next few weeks to prepare me for the new year.

On today’s episode Russell talks about some basic rules of thumb to use to feel much better and more energized. He also lays out his new years strategy and what he’ll be focusing on each day.

Here are some awesome things in this episode:

  • Russell gives some interesting menu ideas to help you feel better and dominate the world.
  • He goes over his strategy for the new year to be able to focus on different aspects of his business.
  • And he also gives you some new ideas about different networks you can use to advertise other than Facebook.

So listen below to hear Russell’s strategy to be able to hit the new year running!


Hey everyone, good morning. This is Russell and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. All right, all right, all right. As you can probably tell, I sound a little better today than I did yesterday. I wanted to send you guys that message from my death bed, so you could ... Two reasons: One, I wanted to document it for myself, how crappy I felt. And number two, I wanted to make a point that most people are living like zombies and they don't even know it. If you just change a couple little things, you feel so much better. Especially, when you're trying to dominate and take over the world. You've got to feel good if you're going to take over the world. If not, you're kind of in trouble. The whole way around it's not good.

I wanted to give you guys some practical advice today, because some of you guys aren't going to want to change your diet and do a bunch of crazy things. Some of you guys don't want to lose weight, you just want to feel amazing all day.

Here is the basic rule of thumb, if you just want to feel amazing so you can dominate everybody. Step one, first thing in the morning, do not eat any carbs or any protein. Your day needs to begin on fats. That's it. Just fats. What that means is, if you are a coffee drinker I'd recommend googling, Bullet Proof Coffee, and learn how to make that. If you're not a coffee drinker like me, you can make a variation of that. Basically, it's high fats. What you're looking for are: butter, MCT oil, and if you are going to eat a whole food its going to be avocado. That's your morning domination.

I did a Periscope the other day called the avocado bomb, which if you missed it, go search avocado bomb on the blog or if you go to, you can see it there as well. Basically, it's an avocado, you chop it in half, you pull out the seed, you throw some salt on it, where the pit came out you fill those full of MCT oil, and you eat that. That's like an amazing breakfast. All you eat for breakfast are fats. That's rule number one.

Rule number two, is the first time you introduce proteins into your diet is around lunchtime. Lunchtime you can have tons of vegetables, lots of oil again, fats are good, and then if you want to introduce some meat; that is where you introduce it is at lunch. Still, there are no carbs. The second you have carbs, you're done. Your day's just screwed at that point. You should just go to bed, because it's pretty much over. We start introducing proteins at lunch if you want to.

Dinner time is where you have it more complete; where you have your fats, your proteins, and then you can introduce a carb at dinner. At that point, you are just going to go to bed anyways, so it doesn't matter if you feel like crap. The carbs we're introducing, though, are not going to be donuts and stuff like that. Usually, what I'm going to have is sweet potatoes or yams. If you go to Whole Foods or probably most stores, they have bagged, pre-chopped up sweet potatoes that are awesome. They taste like candy. Just taking those, basically, you're eating your chicken, your broccoli, asparagus, whatever, and then some of those. That's your dinner.

If you guys just did that alone, most of you would probably start losing weight; but you would definitely start dominating more, because you wouldn't feel tired. First time you feel tired is after dinner; but because it's yams and not donuts, it wouldn't be a bad tired. It would be like, "I feel good. This gave me the glycogen boost." I don't know. The health guys are probably making fun of me, because I don't really know what I'm talking about. I just know how I feel when I do it this way. That's it. High fat. Leading with high fat in the morning. Introducing proteins at lunch. If you want carbs, then have them at dinner. If you just follow that alone, you'll feel amazing. I feel great today.

The next day, all I did this morning was I drank some butter, and I feel great. I, almost, hate having lunch, because that's when I start introducing some of the other stuff. I just like having just this. There's my hint for those who are wondering how to quickly get out of a slump, and it's amazing. Yesterday, I was feeling like crap, so about lunchtime I had my high fat thing, and it just flipped it all around. I felt better almost instantly afterwards. It's amazing how much your body is craving, your brain needs the high fats. Avocados, MCT oil, and butter; that is the staple of your diet, if you want to feel amazing.

With that said, I'm headed to the office today. It's a couple days before New Year's, and my job is to get a bunch of stuff done so that when we hit January 1st, I can run really, really, really fast. A couple things, if you've been listening to the podcast, especially, over the last week or so; I did one sharing with you guys the business model for the year. That's our business model. We've got two core businesses. One is DotComSecrets, which is the training side of our business. Then, ClickFunnels, which is the ClickFunnels side of the business.

In both of those businesses, we have a webinar that will be happening once a week. The other cool thing I was listening to Justin and Tara over at, their podcast is the only podcast I really listen to right now. I really enjoy it, so you guys should go check theirs out if you're not listening to it yet. They were talking about compartmentalizing, and how they structure their day. For them, Thursday is content day, and things like that. I really like that a lot. In fact, I'm going to go, and today one of my goals is to figure out my week. Where I know every Thursday is sales day. All I’m doing Thursday, I'm waking up, I have nothing else on the docket, except for selling. I'm going to be doing a webinar for DotComSecrets, and the webinar for ClickFunnels and that's it. When those are done, I go home and I don't do anything else.

Thursday is sales day. That's all I'm allowed to do, and I'm going to figure out what the other days like, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are maybe Funnel days. I hope, those are my favorite days. Friday might be content day, where I'm building out the content for the next thing. That's where I'm leaning towards. I'm going to be planning out my weekly schedule, and really start to focus on that this year, as well. I think, before, I'm kind of all over the place; where I'm doing this and I'm doing that and I'm everywhere. As opposed to, Friday is content day, therefore, what I have to do today is I've got to write three blog posts, ten emails on both companies, all the emails, record these two modules for this training, and blah, blah, blah. Whatever those things are, but it's just content day and that whole day is only allowed to build content. I'm not allowed to build on Funnels. I'm not allowed to do anything else. Then, maybe Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are Funnel days. Really, Monday would be advertising day. Tuesday, Wednesday are Funnel days. Thursday's sales day. Friday content days. I don't know. Something like that.

See how powerful that is, if you know that going into it. Most of us, our brains go to what we enjoy the most. To me, my favorite thing is building stuff. The problem of building stuff is, in and of itself, it doesn't make you any money. Things that make you money are marketing and sales. The funnel is the thing in the middle that converts that, but I've got to be selling and I've got to be marketing. Monday might be my marketing day, where I'm sitting down with John for an hour, who does all of our ad stuff; Brent, who does our inbound stuff; Dave, who's doing our partnership stuff; and having one hour each with those guys. Just planning, brainstorming, figuring out, moving the needle forward, so that day's all focused on how to get new blood in. Tuesday, Wednesday focused on building cool stuff. Thursday sales. Friday content. I'm kind of liking that. Anyways, I'll figure it out for sure.

I recommend for you guys is figure out some kind of schedule as well. If you don't block out time for the necessities with stuff you have to do to make money; I promise you that all the stuff you want to do will creep in and drown the things that you really need to do. I know this from experience. When we were doing webinars consistently, we made way more money, and then I'm like, "Oh. Let's do automated webinars." Then, I started ... When the focus is off of sales, everything drops, so trying to make it where we really have hard focuses like that. That's my game plan, and I recommend you guys doing something similar, so when we hit January 1st, which is not far off, we can all run really, really, really quick. That is kind of what's happening over here. I hope that gives you some ideas.

What else is awesome? I don't want to leave you guys while I've got you here. So many fun things that we're think about, doing, and talking about. A couple other things that we're going to be doing this year that hopefully give you guys some ideas, as well. Everyone, I think, has become so reliant on Facebook ads. It's become the crutch for almost everyone. It scares me for my own business, for your guy's, and everybody's. This year, I recommend trying to find out new sources for you.

A couple of things we're doing; some of you know Success Magazine, we're going to be buying some ads in Success Magazine. Plus, their online stuff, we're going to be testing out a whole bunch of things there. Our dream clients are reading and subscribed there. That's one big thing we're going to be focusing on. Also, I'm excited for this. I'm not sure if you guys have ever been to, but really cool advertising platform that we haven't tested yet. I'm going to spend some time in January trying to learn that network. They've got really good customization, where we can target business owners, entrepreneurs, and things like that. You'll see if you go to; you see what it is and how it is. I haven't used it yet, so I'm not sure. I'm going to be focusing a lot more on that and those types of things, just to diversify.

We're also going to be focusing, and I'll be sharing this with the inner circle in a couple weeks when they're all up here; but focusing hard on building up conservative, Republican lists. I think over the next twelve months is going to be a chance, for those who take advantage of it, to build up million plus person email list and Facebook followings in the political arena. Just so you guys know on our side, we buy a lot of ads on political lists. If I can be the one who controls that political lists, that's even better. Right? That's one of the big focuses that we've got for this year, as well. Just some hints for some cool things that we're doing on our side. That's about it. All right guys. I've laid down some hints. Given you guys some ideas. Hopefully, gives you some fuel for today to think through some things.

Hopefully, change your diet a little bit, so you have a little more energy. A little more focus, so you can take over the world. With that said, I am pretty much at the office, you guys. I'm going to bounce. Have an amazing day. We will talk to you guys all again very, very soon. Bye.

Dec 28, 2015

Is what you eat directly affecting your daily performance?

On this special day-after-Christmas episode Russell talks about using the holiday to eat whatever he wanted all day maybe wasn’t a good idea. He also talks about why the Flu shot is a scam.

Here are 3 interesting things on today’s episode:

  • Why Russell regrets what he ate on Christmas.
  • Why Russell thinks the Flu shot is a scam and why he believes the Flu is actually caused by the garbage we put into our bodies.
  • Why changing your diet will help you take over the world.

So listen below to hear what Russell ate yesterday and why he feels like crap today.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Bed. That's right, I am still laying in bed right now. Hey everyone, so this is a special episode. It is the day after Christmas and I am laying in my bed, like I said. I am not going to be driving to the office today. I'm hanging out with the kids, having fun and yesterday was Christmas and it was awesome. The day before Christmas, I think I did a podcast, it was snowing and so we went and built huge snow forts, which was awesome.

Then Christmas eve, we were up super late. My family tradition, my wife and I's tradition, well it's more mine, I don't think she really likes it, my favorite Christmas show is Family Man with Nicholas Cage. We stayed up all night watching Family Man and wrapping presents, which was awesome. Went to bed at about 2:00 and then the kids have a rule that they're not allowed into our room until 7, so I think they were up at about 3:00 in the morning and they're sitting there in their rooms waiting until 7. At 7:00, they run down and wake us all up for Christmas. I only had four or five hours of sleep, so we were pretty beat.

We did Christmas and then, I thought, you know what, it's Christmas, I'm going to eat and do whatever I want. I had like 20 bowls of cereal. I had Fruity Pebbles cereal. I had Reese's Puffs cereal. I had Marshmallow Mateys cereal. I had every cereal we had, I had a bowl of that. I bought my own pint of egg nog. I drank that. Oh, so good. By the way, egg nog, I found out, for a half a cup has like 23 grams of sugar. Maybe it was 33. It was something crazy like that.

Yeah, yesterday, I was like, "You know what, screw it, I'm eating whatever I want." I ate whatever I want. What was interesting is throughout the day, I could not keep my eyes open, I couldn't keep my body awake. Collette and I both kept passing out. She would pass out on the couch after the whole opening presents and they're playing and she's passed out and I wanted to too. I was like, "Okay, I've got to stay awake," because of Norah. She could choke on half the new stuff we got. I'm watching Norah. Collette slept for two hours and then Norah fell asleep, so I laid down and boom I was gone.

Then the whole day, we were half awake, half asleep the whole day. I felt like a mummy. I felt like I was like this ... I don't know, I couldn't keep my eyes open. Then, this morning I woke up and I feel like I got hit by a train. I feel horrible and I realized, my voice sounds kind of funny right now, it had to do with the fuel I was putting in my body. I was putting in horrible food because I could barely keep my eyes open throughout the day. It is amazing, because I eat pretty clean typically. If you follow me at all, you know I eat a really high-fat diet, low carbs, things like that, and I usually feel amazing. I usually have a ton of energy and I usually just feel really, really good.

Even the fact my testosterone levels are super low and my testosterone doctor was like, "How are you standing right now?" I'm like, "What do you mean?" He's like, "This is really low, you should not feel good." I'm like, "I feel great." He was like, "That doesn't make any sense."

Because of my diet, I feel really, really good all time. Yesterday, after eating probably what most people eat normally, I felt like garbage. I couldn't even keep my eyes open. I literally, the whole day, felt like I was in this foggy haze where I couldn't even keep my eyes open. It was horrible. Today I'm going to start eating normal again. I'm really excited just to feel the difference again.

It's interesting, the fuel you put in your body, how big of an effect it has, I was thinking, I don't think most people in the world, and maybe you at this point, and this is why I'm sharing this, if you're eating cereal for breakfast and stuff, it's destroying your performance. I can tell you now, after seeing the way that most Americans eat, it's bad. I couldn't keep my eyes open. How do you function? How do you expect to come in and dominate whatever you do if you feel like that? It has 100% to do with the fuel you're eating.

You know, it's interesting, I was just like that my whole life. I never knew it, because I know it had a bad effect on me because you're always in that state, you assume that's what you're supposed to feel like, right? I was always in that state and then first when I started thinking about it differently is when I went to a Tony Robbins event and I still remember one of the interesting things he talked about was, he talked about the flu, and showed the science behind a flu shot and how basically the whole thing is pretty much a big scam.

All it is is a way for these guys to make billions and billions and billions of dollars but how there's no actual proof that any of it really works. Then they started showing the proof of what is shown that the truth is, is Halloween comes around, we eat a whole crap ton of candy and then Thanksgiving comes, we eat a whole bunch of horrible food and then Christmas comes, then New Year comes, and it's like a month and a half, two months of just horrible eating. By about January, so our body is so broken down that we start getting the flu. It shows its direct correlation to the holiday eating patterns and flu viruses and how that's how that goes, interesting.

That year, I remember we went down to my parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner, or for maybe it was Christmas, I can't remember. Yes, it was Thanksgiving. On the drive down, we all got sick. My wife got sick. My daughter got sick. They nicknamed that Thanksgiving "Tsunami Collette" because my wife started it, she got sick first, and by the time we were done, everyone in the whole entire house, all my cousins and everyone had gotten sick.

I was thinking about it. That was the first time I started thinking, "Man, it's because of all this crap we're eating," and that's what Tony said. Now I try to, especially during the holidays, I'm very conscious of what I eat. Last week, we did a juice fast the whole week before Christmas. I'm like, "I want to protect myself from feeling the way I feel right this second." Yesterday, I thought, you know what, who cares, I'm just going to go and live it up for a day. It's just crazy interesting, and I believe in what Tony said, you know, that year we all got the flu and that year, it was weird because that year we actually had flu shots.

Then every year since then, we have never had flu shots, so I think we're pretty anti-flu shots now and we've never been sick during a holiday since. It's really, really weird the correlation of what we're eating and how we're feeling and how we're getting sick and the flus and all these things, has 100% to do with the fuel we're putting our bodies. Just wanted to record this for myself and for everyone else, to document why as I'm laying here in bed, how I'm feeling. I feel ... My nose is stuffed, my brain's all foggy. I feel like, ugh, I don't even want to move. It all is from yesterday's carb binge. It was horrible. It was amazing, it tasted good. I'm not going to lie. Yeah, it was really, really bad.

If you're not feeling like you're in a spot every morning when you wake up where you just want to dominate the world and take over everything, and you feel like just ugh all the time, or if you don't feel great all the time, you just feel normal, normal is not a good thing. I think what I felt yesterday is what normal people feel like every day. It scares me. I feel so bad for everybody now. If you want to feel amazing, it's time to shift your diet and think differently about how you're eating. Yeah, that's my message for today.

I am going to eat really, really good today and see how quick it can counteract. Our bodies are amazing how fast they can respond to things. I'm going to go eat some good stuff, flip it around and see if a day of amazing eating will counteract a day of crap eating.

All right guys, so that's it. Getting out of bed now. Going to go conquer the day. I will talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody.

Dec 28, 2015

Something cool I discovered while buying Marshmallow Mateys for my kids…

On this episode Russell talks about a new idea he had about opt-in’s and why it’s super easy. He then walks you through the steps you need to take to do it too.

Here are 3 cool things you’ll hear in today’s episode:

  • Why Russell only buys sugary cereal for Christmas.
  • Why not every business is cookie cutter and you should use different tools to build your list.
  • And see how you can start your own Almond milk making business

So listen below as Russell walks you through his list building strategy.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. I'm out in the snow the day before Christmas, and we're about to lay down some Marketing In Your Car.

All right everyone, we've been hoping, we've been praying, we've been wishing, we've been dreaming of a white Christmas and sure enough, Christmas is tomorrow and today we woke up and it is snowing. We are having an official white Christmas. We didn't think we were going to get it, but we got it. I'm excited.

I'm actually driving to the store because one of our family traditions for Christmas is, Santa brings every single kid their own box of sugar cereal. We usually eat super healthy all year round, but on Christmas day, we don't. That's a tradition we've had since I was a little kid. We use to do it when we were little kids, we would each get our own boxes. Santa would ask what we wanted for Christmas, it wasn't never I want a pony or a bike. It was I want Marshmallow Mateys, or I want Lucky Charms. Eventually it morphed into everyone ...

At first, the first few years it was all over the place cereals. Some people getting Cocoa Krispies, some getting Fruity Pebbles. It was all over the place. Eventually we all found out that the best is Lucky Charms. That became the staple. Then we found out that if you go to the generic brand, the Malt-O-Meal or whatever, you can get the big old bags of Marshmallow Mateys which are basically like Lucky Charms only it's in a huge bag at half the price. You're getting twice the cereal and Santa Claus is basically hooking you up for a lot longer. We’d each, by then… the last 10 years of my childhood, we'd each get our own bag of Marshmallow Mateys. The huge old bags, right?

What we would do Christmas morning is, we would get a big old salad bowl out, fill the whole salad bowl full of Marshmallow Mateys. Then we eat out all the oats and not eat the marshmallows. If you ate a marshmallow you lost. We would eat the whole oats, and it's like an hour long process. By the time it was done, you got a big ole salad bowl full of milk and marshmallows, and it's pretty dang amazing. Then we eat those down, and that's Christmas.

Christmas isn't Christmas without cereal. I'm going to get cereal right now for myself and my kids, and yes, Santa Claus is bringing me my very own bag of Marshmallow Mateys and I'm not going to share with the kids. It's going to be awesome.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you, because I was thinking as I was driving here, I don't know if it's the same for you guys, but my brain feels like it's this track where it's always moving forward and looping things and ideas are coming in and out and every once and a while one's exciting. I had one while I was driving. I wasn't planning on doing a podcast, all of a sudden, this was like, "Oh crap, this is a good idea!" I'm going to share with you guys, and I'm going to be doing it.

It's been interesting, a lot of people that I work with are trying to create lead magnets and all this crap. I feel bad because if you remember a year ago or a few years ago, Ryan Dice and Perry Belcher came out with this whole "This is what a funnel is. You have to have a lead magnet, then a tripwire, then a core offer, then return maximizer," and all this stuff, right? Which is kind of true but kind of annoying because now everyone that I talk to is like, "Oh, this is my lead magnet. This is my core return maximizer offer," and all these things, and it kind of drives me crazy because I don't know. I hate when people act like business is 100% cookie cutter because it's not. Everything's a little different.

People are like, "Russell, how come you don't have your ... Why aren’t you driving traffic to a lead magnet? Why are you driving directly to your free book offer?" I'm like, "Because my free book offer gets three times conversion opt-ins as do any kind of lead magnet." Someone else, one of our coaching clients last week, they had this really cool funnel that some people built for them and their lead magnet was boring. It was costing them $18 to get an opt-in. Then, their tripwire was not that cool. Their core offer ... This is all based on their philosophy ... was awesome. I was like, "Dude, get rid of all the other crap and sell the core offer. That's what people want. Why would you hide your sexiest thing, the thing that's going to get people to actually respond to your ads? Make that the offer." He's like, "But I thought I had to have a lead magnet and a tripwire," and all this crap.

Anyway, so there's my little rant for the day. You don't. You've got to find the coolest thing that's going to get people to respond and that's what you lead with. Always. Sorry, that rant wasn't supposed to come up either, but there it is.

Anyway, with that said, for me, I lead with my sexiest thing, so free book offers, webinars, things like that. After awhile, if you've been promoting something for a long, long, long, long time, it starts getting what we call ad fatigue, where the more and more people have seen it, it gets more expensive, so you have to change the ad, change the landing page, all sorts of the things, or what I like to do now is start putting in bridge pages, which are basically a squeeze page. A page to get somebody interested and get their email address and then we can follow-up with them and sell them the main things we want to sell again.

The problem is it's kind of a pain to go and create all these op- in pages and lead magnets and all that jazz, right? I was thinking. This is what spurred this whole podcast. I was driving here and I was thinking about a blog post that Steven did. Steven is our blogger over at ClickFunnels. He was on an episode of Marketing  In Your Car. He's from Australia, he's awesome. He wrote this one, it was 14 Tools for Funnel Hacking. Something awesome like that. It was a blog post. I was like, "Crap, dude, that should be an opt-in page." "Hey, who wants the 14 best tools for funnel hacking? Opt-in here." They give me their name and email address. I redirect them to the blog. Now I've got them on my email list. I can sell them Click Funnels, I can sell them whatever else I want, right?

I was thinking how easy is that? I don't even have to create this content. I can go to Youtube, find the videos in my market that get the most views and that video can be the opt-in. I'm like, "Hey, free video at Robert Kiyosaki, telling you why" blah blah blah blah blah, whatever. People opt-in. I send them the Youtube video of Robert Kiyosaki talking about whatever, and then boom, now I've got them on a list and I can start selling them my stuff.

Isn't that easy? One of my big a-ha's I learned from Neil Patel when he came out here to Boise is that ... I used to think he was writing blog posts based on keywords or whatever, and he's like, "No, I go to, I search my keyword, I find out what articles are already being shared and I write another article almost identical to those." I was like, "Oh, that makes a lot of sense."

Just go to, find the articles in your market that have been shared 100,000 times and have 18,000,000 reads, and that might be something that people in your market are interested in, so why not just make this landing page offering them that blog post for your email address. Use the same title that they're already using because it's proven to work, and boom, now you've got these new lead magnets. I hope you guys got that because it's pretty powerful. I'm going to be busting out a crap-ton of landing pages here that aren't going to take hardly any time at all, and all they'll do is opt you in, redirect you to that landing page and then you'll be added to my list and I'm going to sell you cool stuff that you need and want.

This works in other markets, too. Let's just say you're a brand new beginner. You've got nothing, right? Let's say you're like, "Hey, I want to be in the ..." What's a cool market? You want to be in the almond milk making business and I say that because this morning I made almond milk, which is awesome. I've never made almond milk before but I did it and it was one of the coolest things ever.

I don't think there's really a market for that, but let's just pretend like there was because there should be because it's amazing. It tasted way better than regular almond milk and it's not going to kill you because there's some ingredient in regular almond milk you buy at the store that will kill you all. Just FYI, learn how to make your own. It's really fun. You have to buy a $6 sprouted seed bag or nut bag or something. That sounds horrible. Anyway, that's the only thing you need is that and almonds. Anyway, it's pretty awesome. For a $6 investment, you can make your own almond milk.

All right. Back on track, Russell. Sorry, my ADD brain is flying. The snow is not helping. The thought of Marshmallow Mateys is keeping it going. All right, so sorry you guys. I'm sorry I'm putting you through this.

Back to focus. We decide we want to go into the almond milking market. We want to sell the crap out of people who want to learn how to milk almonds. First thing we want to do is go to and we search almond milk and we find out that there's this blog post that they say has been shared 150,000 times about how to make your own almond milk. People are going nuts about almond milk. I go to and I find four more products about how to make almond milk, almond cake, almond flour, almond blah blah blah and I'm excited. Then, I go to Click Funnels, I set up a really quick landing page that's called Almond Milking Secrets and then I'll have a little thing underneath it from Meet the Parents. It'll have that little clip where what's-his-name is like, "I can milk anything with nipples," and then the other dude's like, "Well, can you milk me, Focker?" I'll have that clip underneath the thing so it'll be funny and will make it go more viral. I'll have an opt-in.

Then, boom, I'll go to Facebook. I'll target almond milking people, and they see this landing page saying, "Hey, here's my almond milking secret." There's this funny video from Meet the Parents. They opt in, boom, I redirect them to the exact blog post article that already has a billion views because you know that's what people want. I've got a follow-up sequence now where I start selling them almond milking products, almond making flour, almond making whatever else.

Now I'm in the almond business overnight. Now people are buying. Now I can ask them what they want and I can make my own product. Boom, now I've got a huge business.

You see how that works? That's for the almond market. Imagine if we did that in a market that was actually making some money. It’d be pretty cool, right? Anyway, I hope that helps because this is a strategy you should use no matter what. If you don't have a business yet, this is how you could start a business very, very quickly. If you do have a business, go out there and find all the viral, crazy articles in your market. Blog posts, Youtube videos and things like that, and just ask for name and email address. Share those with people and boom, you're in.

There you go, guys. That's what I've got for today. Hope that helped. I'm jumping in to go and get my cereal and I will talk to you guys all again maybe tomorrow. Who knows? If not, we'll talk to you guys soon. Thanks everybody. Bye!

Dec 23, 2015

WARNING: Ignore this advice at your own peril!

On today’s episode Russell talks about THE one key to keeping money flowing in your business. He also tells you exactly how to do it and how to make it grow.

Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode:

  • Russell walks you through the steps on how to start a weekly webinar to get money flowing.
  • He then walks you through how to keep that money flowing and grow your list.
  • And why Russell will do a LIVE webinar every Thursday from now until the end of time.

So listen below to hear how to keep money flowing in your business.


Hey everyone, this is Russell. Tonight it is cold outside, but we're still about to do a Marketing In Your Car.  Hey everyone, I hope things are going amazing for you. Heading home from the office today, and just keep getting more and more excited about how simple and stupid my plan is for next year. The angle's always world domination, and the strategy's changed so many times, but look at the people in our coaching group that have made the most amount of money, the things that have made me the most amount of money. It's all had to do with one core focus. It comes down to this. If you’re taking notes, write it down right now. If you're in a car, pull over so you can focus a 100% because this is the key. Okay, and I talked about his on my periscope, the one that I told you guys about yesterday that we did 150k sales on it. The key is having a live event every Thursday, and the one singular goal of your entire company is to get at least a thousand people a week onto that webinar.

That's it. It's kind of like the whole 'apple a day keeps the doctor away'. A thousands registrants a week for your webinar keeps money flowing. We were doing the math on that. Let's just say, and I don’t have the numbers in front of me cause I'm driving, as you guys know, but say you have a thousand people a week to register. This is all sources, so Facebook, solo ads, email ads, Twitter, social media. Everything you're doing is all pushing towards this one event that's happening ever single week. You're just focusing on that. Okay, and so you're doing that. You have a thousand people to register. From that, you get thirty percent show up rate, right? That drops to three hundred who show up, and then your call to action ... Let's say you follow the perfect webinar script, if you don't follow it, you get like 1% closure. You follow the perfect webinar script, you're at 10% close rate. That means of the 330 people give you a thousand dollars from that webinar, so you just made 30,000 dollars.

The math on that, let's say you should be averaging between 3 and 5 dollars per webinar registrant. Let's just say we spent 5 dollars per registrant, and we've got thousands. You pay 5 grand, and you make 30, okay. Now, what is that? If I was talking to my kids right now I'd say, "Son, you call that arbitrage, okay." I put in 5,000 dollars on Monday through Thursday. Thursday night, I get 30,000 dollars back, boom. I didn't just get that because a couple other things are going to happen.

Second off, from Thursday night to Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we're going to be focusing on our replay sequence, okay. Now, there are a lot of different things you can do in a replay sequence. You can just send out the replay. You can send out urgency and scarcity we talked about a couple days ago. You can do a whole bunch of cool things, but if you do it right, you should be able to double your sales from the replay sequence, okay. Because think about it, you had 1,000 register, only 300 showed up. Only 10 percent of those people bought. You only had thirty people out of a thousand. That means you have a whole crap ton of other people haven't bought yet, and so you're job is to follow up with those people and get them to buy. Give them some urgency, some scarcity, do some cool things, maybe do a periscope, rant close Saturday night trying to get them to buy, whatever it is. You're pushing these people to take action and to give you money and to close.

If you do it right, you should double your sales. That means that 30,000 now turned into 60,000. You have 5,000 dollars in, 60,000 dollars back out. You have more than 10X your money that week, which is pretty good, right? You're like sweet this is a good business. I put 5 grand in on Monday, I get 60,000 back out by Sunday at midnight. You do that every single week.

Let's say that was all you did. I don't have a calculator here, and I'm not smart enough to do the math while I'm driving, but if you do that, 60 grand times 52 weeks, what's that end up being? Whatever, 3 million bucks or something, right? Your cost, 5 grand times 52 weeks, you're at 250 grand. You put in a quarter of a million bucks, you made 3 million, or whatever that is. That's a great business. That's more than most people will do ever. That's really, really exciting right there.

That's the first step in this. The second thing to think about is every single week, you're adding a thousand people to your list. Okay, so by the end of the year, you have 52,000 people on your email list. These aren't normal people. People who have gone through your webinar registration funnel, seen your indoctrination series, they've been on your webinar, they've been indoctrinated, they've learned from you, they've seen you pitch. Those people will love and respect you a lot more because of that process that you went through with them. Now you've got a better quality person.

If you screw this up, if you don't treat your list very well, you should be averaging at least a dollar per name, per month on your email list which means by the end of a year, you should be averaging an additional 52,000 in sales just from other exterior, I know there's a different word for that, but other things you sell that list. If you do it correctly, and you follow the whole DotComSecrets modeling, you do a value ladder, and you have upsales, and you have high ticket things, and you have other webinars and things like that, you should make a lot more than that. You should make five, or six million bucks off of that list to be a hundred percent honest.

All that came from one solitary focus. One thing, the apple a day, it came from every Thursday we do a webinar, Monday through Thursday we fill that webinar, Friday through Sunday we close deals. And that is the fuel. That's the business. I just today, right before I left the office, I went on Thursdays, for me I do mine at noon, from noon until 2 o'clock, I put on recurring, and said every Thursday from now until the end of time I'm doing a webinar. Some people say, "Well do I do a new webinar every single week?" No, it's the exact same webinar. “Well Russell, shouldn't I do it automated?” No, you shouldn't, maybe someday, but right now you're going to do it live.

I've done my Funnel Hacks webinar at least thirty, maybe forty times live, and I'm going to do it live every Thursday next year that I am in the office. I will automate it the days I'm not there, but I'm going to do it live.

A couple reasons why. Why would you do it live? It's the same pitch Russell, it's probably word for word, and it is at this point. This is the reason why: On Thursdays when I’m doing a live webinar, guess what happens? Everyone is focused on this live webinar. Support staff’s ready, we've got people answering chat, tech guys are watching everything making sure that everything's working. We've got everyone’s focus and attention on this one event that's happening. Guess what happens when you focus on something? It's really weird. Whatever you focus on will grow. If you focus on how many leads a day you get, that will grow. If you focus how many webinar registrations you get each week, that'll grow. If you focus how much money you want, it'll grow. If you focus how much weight you want to lose, it'll grow, or you'll lose. Whatever it is on that side.

There's this weird thing that whatever we focus on grows, so hey, let's focus on that, and it'll grow, and get better. We focus, everyone focuses. Thursday, this is sales day. This is the day we all focus on selling, okay. Monday through Thursday is marketing, Thursday is sales, and the rest of it is follow up. If you do that, you guys, that's the prescription for an amazing business next year.

I was talking to Liz Benny, and I told her, I said, “Liz, I've seen you when you were running the webinar model consistently, you have the right numbers. Everything was working”. I told her, I was like, “I think that you can do 5 or 6 or 7 million dollars”, I have a hundred percent faith she can do it. I know she can, and she knows she can, and she's going to. Guess what she's doing? She's coming back to the same model, going back to basics, all of us. I'm doing it, my entire Inner Circle's doing it, I'm going to be sending this podcast to everyone and forcing them to listen to it because this is the basics. Again, if my son was trying it, I'd say “Son, that is the basics”. That's what we're focusing on, and if we all do that collectively, we'll change the world in our own little ways.

That's what I'm doing, I hope you guys follow suit. I'm excited, and I hope you're excited, and it's going to be a lot of fun. I want to warn you, there's going to be some ups and downs. Sometimes Facebook's going to kick you off. Sometimes other ad networks won't work anymore. Sometimes you get crap leads. Sometimes your JV partners will screw you over. Sometimes no one will show up to your webinar. Sometimes the close rate won't work. Sometimes GoToWebinar will drop you, or webinar jam, or things are going to happen, and it's going to be frustrating and annoying and lame and hard, and you're going to be discouraged.

Every time you get discouraged, I want you to think about the apple a day, and think about, I've got to come back. This is the focus, and every single week I'm going to get better, I'm going to get better, I'm going to get better. Maybe the first week I'm going to get ten people to register. Next week I get thirty. Next week I get fifty, and if I make that my focus, whatever we focus on, what happens? It grows. We're going to start focusing on that, and what's going to happen in the next 12 months is your business and your life will be transformed. It can't not be, and the lives of the people you're serving will be transformed.

You say, Russell, this is cool, but I can't afford to buy Facebook ads right now. I don't care if you can't buy Facebook ads, go spam Facebook, okay. There's a lot of ways to get traffic for free. Go out there and do it. Write blog posts, promote them, go talk to people, do joint ventures. There's other ways to do it, and if your excuse is that I can't do it because my Facebook account got shut down. I can't do it because I don't know any JV partners. I can't do it because, fill in whatever excuse you want, that's all those things are excuses. There's a lot of people with a lot of good excuses out there, but the ones who don't have excuses, and just think, how can I figure this out? They focus on it. It's weird. What happens when you focus again? You get things done. It starts to grow. Start focusing on, what else can I do? I'm broke, I can't buy Facebook ads, what else can I do?

I just saw my man Ryan from Hardcore Closer just been watching. He joined Inner Circle a while ago. I've been watching him. Just been crazy impressed with him, all the stuff he's doing, and just grateful he joined because I have a chance to see this glimpse of what he's doing and it's just been amazing. I'm watching him do these blog posts, and he's getting hundreds of thousands of millions people reading these blog posts, and it's just ... He focuses on that and it grows. I saw him post the other day how his goal of the first of the year is to get 100 thousand visitors a month, and I think now he's getting 100 thousand visitors a week, or something crazy like that. It's what you focus on grows, and he's doing that through free traffic, and he started making money, and then he started spending his money on Facebook to boost those posts, and that's the model. That's how it all works.

Anyway, I hope that all makes perfect sense to you. I hope that gets you excited. I hope that it inspires you because that's the model, my friends. That's what we're focusing on here. That's how we're going to take our company from 8 figures to 9 figures and beyond. That's how you should be taking it from 6 to 7, from 7 to 8, from 5 to 6, from 0 to 5. It's the model. It's what works. It's what's working today, and there's nothing else you should be focusing on, I don't think.

There you go. You've got it on a silver platter now, on a napkin, you have it in front of you. You just gotta pick it up and run with it, and if you do then I only want you to send me 10 percent of what you make. I'm just joking. All I want you to do is serve other people. Help other people, get your message out there, and hopefully you'll tell people about Click Funnels along the way because we love it, and it keeps getting better every single day. Thanks everybody. I'm almost home. I'm going to bounce, and have an amazing night, or day whenever you're listening to this, and I'll talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody.

Dec 21, 2015

How I structured my 25 minute periscope to close $150,000 in sales and win my own cryo-chamber.

On this episode Russell shares his experience with using The Perfect Webinar Script on Periscope and Facebook Mentions, and made almost $200K.

Here are a couple of cool things in today’s episode:

  • Why Russell decided to use The Perfect Webinar Script and Periscope to promote a product and ended up making nearly $200,000.
  • And how it also helped Russell win a Cryosauna

So listen below to hear how Russell used The Perfect Webinar Script and Periscope to make an insane amount of money.


Hey, everyone. This is Russell Brunson, and welcome to a rainy Marketing in Your Car. Hey, everyone, I hope you're doing awesome. I'm actually pretty happy right now that my voice is mostly here. I teach a Sunday school class, and yesterday I couldn't even ... I kept trying to talk and my voice is like peeking out. It sounded like I was a 15-year-old teenage boy with my voice cracking all the time, so today it's doing alright. I've been up for a few hours. I already had lifting and wrestling practice, which was awesome and amazing. Now, I'm heading to the office for a little bit. But this week, it’s our Christmas week, so I can't work too hard because I've got to play with my kids too, but I do have some big things that we've got to get out of the way and get done.

I wanted to share with you guys kind of a unique win that happened this weekend that was ... It was kind of unexpected. I hope that everyone starts funnel hacking this and copying this because it was really, really cool. As you guys know, and as I've been preaching for the last few months now, my thoughts on Periscope, and Facebook mentions, and all those kinds of platforms, right? We've been trying to slowly and organically grow our audience, and make it bigger and better each time. It's been pretty cool. Last week, Mike Filsaime was launching EverWebinar, which is an automated webinar platform.

It's kind of this weird thing. We didn't want to promote it because we have our own automated webinar platform, but he's also our number one affiliate, and his software is really, really good. It was kind of this thing finally we decided last minute, "Yeah, we're going to help promote this, but we've got to do it in a way that's different and cool and help people understand." Yes, ClickFunnels has automated webinar software, but this is kind of like if you want to take that concept deep. This software does a lot more then what we offer, to be honest. That's kind of what the promotion was.

We started the promotion, and made a really good bonus offer, and it didn't sell very well. I think we sold like 30 the first day, and it was like 10 the second day, and then like 1 or 2 after that. I was like "Huh. Well, that sucks." We tried to help him out, and I was just like, "Ah, it's not really working." I think the biggest problem they had was they're selling automated webinar software, but they didn't do a webinar to sell it, which I thought was kind of strange. I thought, "I'm just going to do my own webinar," because I think that's a better way to do it.

Last Saturday, so a little over a week ago, I started scripting out a webinar. I had it on paper, but I actually didn't get to the slides. Last week ended up being crazy, all these things I was trying to get done, so I never had time to do the webinar. It comes to Thursday, and Mike's like, "Hey, you're in the lead, but these other dudes are catching up to you. And you should promote it again." I was like "Oh crap. I was going to do a webinar, but I didn't." I was just like, "I don't think anyone else is going to buy it based on how I was doing it." Then I had this epiphany. It was like angels from heaven were singing and they said, "Why don't you do the Perfect Webinar live on Periscope and Facebook Mentions? That way you don't have to create PowerPoint slides." I was like "Sweet!" Because I know the pitch, I know what I wanted to put in there.

I was like, "I don't think people are going to spend 90 minutes on Periscope, but maybe I can do a condensed version." So I got out my white board, I wrote out the one thing, wrote out the 3 secrets. I have these cool white boards that slide over, so I slide it over, and the second white board I built out the stack. I had the stack, and then I got these white pieces of paper to kind of cover up the stack, and I covered it up. That was all my prep. I opened up Periscope, opened up Facebook Mentions, and I started talking, and I did a 25 minute version live of the Perfect Webinar. It was awesome. I did it in front of the white board, and I slide it over, and I showed the stack. I pulled the papers off each one and did the whole thing exactly the way I show everyone.

I scripted it out to go over the 3 core belief patterns, and I followed it to a T. We did that. What's crazy is I used the one ... I'm using terminology from the Perfect Webinar script, so if you don't have it yet, go to and go get it. It's 5 bucks. I used the one thing as the title in my Periscope and my Facebook Mention, which worked really good. We got a lot of people on. I did the whole pitch. I think we had 3,000 people live between Periscope and Facebook Mentions who saw me do the 25 minute pitch, which was crazy. How often do you get 3,000 people live on a webinar? Let alone with the click of a button, with no advanced notice. I did that, and then as soon as it was done, John, on my team started promoting the Facebook version because it was on Facebook. He started blowing it up. Within 3 days, I think, we had 30,000 people had seen that video, which was crazy. The crazier thing is that from that we sold 160 copies the next day of Ever Webinar and the day after that we sold 78 more copies. It was crazy.

We became the number one selling affiliate. My affiliate commissions jumped to well over $100,000, and I won a $50,000 prize. That's not counting re-bills and stuff like that. When all said and done we made $200,000 off of 1 Periscope, Facebook Mentions where I just used the perfect webinar. It was amazing. I hope you guys listen to that, and I hope you take it to heart because it gives you the ability just to test, really quick, a webinar offer and see if it's going to work. I wish I would have done that before I created some other webinars that didn't work. It would have saved me a lot of time.

My guess is you will see me over the next upcoming months, once or twice a month probably, doing a micro Perfect Webinar pitch on Periscope and Facebook Mentions. Because if you can make that much money, that quick, why not just do it, and why not do it every once in a while? That's kind of what happened. It was kind of fun. If you haven't seen it yet, if you go to, that's where we store them all. If you go to, they'll be listed there too. I think the title is something like "How to Make an Extra Seven Figures Next Year Using this Webinar Model," or "How to Make at Least Seven Figures Next Year Using this Proven Webinar Model," or something like that. If you search for that, you can see the video, and just see me do the pitch, and all that kind of stuff.

This is the best part. For those of you guys who know anything about bio-hacking, or doing weird stuff to try to increase your awesomeness. One of the coolest bio-hacking things you can do is a cryo therapy unit. Tony Robins has one in his house, Dave Asprey has one in his house, and then usually most people have to go and travel to go find one. There's one dude in Boise that's got one in his clinic. I've always wanted one, and I've been begging my wife, and she keeps telling me, "No because it's ridiculous. It's way more money then you should spend on something stupid like that." I don't really have an ideal spot in our house. Well, I kind of do, but anyway ...  The affiliate prize was $50,000 towards the BMW of your choice. I don't really want a BMW, but I do want a cryo unit, which happens to be exactly $50,000.

I emailed Filsaime and I'm like, "Hey, man. If I win can you buy me a cryo chamber, or whatever you call them, instead of a BMW?" He said, "Yes." I actually won a cryo unit from doing the Perfect Webinar on a thing, which is freaking amazing. Now, I've just got to convince my wife that I need to remodel one of our bathrooms and turn it into a cryo chamber, so that's the next challenge. If I can close that deal I will have one in my house.

Anyway, I'm kind of excited as you can tell. My voice, as you can hear, is starting to fall away. If you guys made it to the end of this I apologize my voice is going, but I hope that gives you an idea. Don't forget, you guys, there's a lot of ways you can pitch. This whole game is about building audiences and then figuring out how to convert those people. I feel like we stumbled upon something really cool with growing our audiences like we've been doing, and then using this as a mechanism to convert those people into sales. Pretty exciting. Hope you guys get some value from this, and I hope you guys try it. If try it let me know. Post the video on Facebook afterwards and tag me, and I'll check it out. I want to see it. We have to think of a cool name. Should we call it the Perfect Periscope, or the Perfect Blab, or the Perfect ... I don't know. We'll figure out a cool name for it for anyone else who does it.

Anyway, there you go you guys. I hope you guys can use that. If you're ever in Boise and you want to come my cryo chamber, if I have it, you're welcome to come. I'm just joking. My wife probably wouldn't want you to come to my house. Not because it's you, just because it's those weird people on the internet. You know what I mean. Anyway, I'm going to stop before I get in any trouble. I appreciate you guys. Have an amazing day and we'll talk to you guys all again soon. Bye!

Dec 17, 2015

Check out this case study of what happened when we applied these two simple words.

On today’s episode Russell talks about the two magic words that made Russell more money than anything else. He also shares why those two words are so powerful.

Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode:

  • Learn what two words have helped Russell in his business and how he is trying to figure out how to use it in more aspects of his life.
  • Why Russell stopped selling Ignite and now is only focusing on Inner Circle
  • And how Russell used those two magic words to sell spots in the Inner Circle.

So listen below to hear how Russell used urgency and scarcity to make a ton of money.


Hey, good morning everybody. This is Russell Brunson, and welcome to Marketing In Your Car, everyone. Today is the day I'm going to talk about two of my favorite words. These two words have made me more money, than I think, pretty much anything in the history of my life. If you could learn these two words, it's done, that's all you need.

Well, that's not true. You've got to have a good offer, good product, good reputation, good brand, all the things you got to do it right. If you have all those and you want to turn that into money, the two magic words are, you ready for it? Number one is "urgency," and number two is "scarcity." That's it. If you can have those two things, along with an amazing offer in front of the right audience, it's game over.

Here's the back story. Last January, so a year ago, it's not quite January yet but almost, Vince Palko from, super cool dude, he's the inventor of the hand sketched doodle video. Anyway, he messaged me, "Hey man, what are your goals for next year?" I'm like, "Why?" He said, "I'll make you a cool gift." I wrote down about a handful of goals and sent them over to him and he ended up sketching this amazing… it's awesome, it's just the coolest thing, it’s like this huge picture with all my goals drawn out in cartoon format and this really progression between, it was amazing.

He does that if you go to and message him, "Hey Vince, here's a million bucks please draw my visions so they can become true," and he'll do it. He did that and sent it to me and I got it blown up and I put it on my wall and it's just been there. I didn't even think about it at the time but it's a year ago, my goal was only work close with 100 entrepreneurs in my Inner Circle, that's what I said.

At the time back then I think we only had 25 people in the Inner Circle, and it's $25,000.00 a piece and to get a 100 I think that would be pretty awesome, but it was outside my reality, but it was a goal I put up there. Then fast forward over the last 12 months we have our Ignite program at $12,000.00 and our Inner Circle at $25,000.00. We've be selling both of those and it's been doing well. Obviously a lot of people are going to the Ignite program. I think we sold 180 or so people into Ignite and Inner Circle kept growing as well. It’s been interesting, as Inner Circle has been moving forward it's exponentially been growing, I think that's the right word, where it keeps getting bigger faster. I think that we do a really good job with that. I'm really proud of it. Then people find out and then more people find out and it's just kind of growing organically really quickly.

About a month ago I was looking at it. Inner Circle has grown actually faster than the Ignite program which is interesting because it's more than twice as much money. The people in the Inner Circle are honestly my dream clients. Most of them have some amazing things happening. They just need some directional things, or feedback or bounce back ideas and just cool stuff like that where it's awesome.

I had this idea and I was actually looking at my sketch with Vince and I saw it said, "Work closely with 100 people." I think right now I'm working close with the 50 or 60 that are Inner Circle and then a little bit further distance with Ignite and then everything we're doing. I was like, "What if we just shut down everything except for the Inner Circle and just focus on getting 100 people in there and I just really close with those 100 people, and if someone leaves and a spot opens we can refill but just actually close it down. Say there's a 100 spots and when they're gone, they're gone and just kind of do that."

It took a little while to get all the pieces in place so that we wouldn't drop any balls and we can continue to service all the people who had bought Ignite up to this point. A few weeks ago we stopped selling Ignite, no more selling Ignite. We're servicing those who are in but we are not selling anymore. Let's just focus on Inner Circle. If we're going to get 100 people, then how's it going to work? There are some mastermind groups where they have 100 people in it's like stupid, it's like going to a seminar. I didn't want that. Our groups can facilitate about 35, 35 is kind of high, even 32-33 is about perfect in a group. I'm basically going to have to have 3 group, if we do 3 groups of 33.3, so somebody is going to be chopped into thirds, I'm just kidding. If we do that it will work, so we went and we actually booked all the hotel rooms for the year, and everything is kind of finalized.

I'm like, okay cool, now we need to get, I think at that time we're about 65 or 70 people in the Inner Circle so we need to get 25 more people. All the guys on my team are like, “you realize it took us almost a whole year to fill up 2 groups and a lot of work.” I was like, "I think we can fill up the last group though in December." They're like, "That's not possible, December is the worst month for sales and all these kind of things." I was, "Yeah, I think we can."

On Monday I sent out an email that basically said, "This is how many spots are left, we are only having 100 people in when they're gone, they're gone." I used those 2 magic words. I used "urgency" and I used "scarcity." They were true urgency and true scarcity. What's happened since then has been insane, it's been literally insane. We've had almost 200 applications. I've only got 2 guys who are doing the phone calls, they can't even keep up with it. After you apply, if you've gone though my high ticket training, you know the big focus is after someone applies, try to get them to inbound call you. We've had I think like 30 people leave voice messages from inbound calls like begging us to call them back as quick as we can. Our guys are as fast as they can calling people and making sure they're qualified because we have a high standard in the group. If they are, then signing then up.

It's crazy, it's like every hour yesterday I get a message, boom Russell, so and so just joined Inner Circle, boom Russell so and so just joined Inner Circle, just going boom, boom, boom, boom and it looks like we're probably going to sell out all the last, and I can't remember it was like 22 or 23 spots as of Monday. I think now we're down to like 17 or 16, I don't know, but I think we're going to sell them out before the end of the year which is crazy. That should have taken almost a year to fill up but instead we did a couple of days because of 2 magic words, "urgency" and "scarcity."

I look at webinars we do and the different between webinar that does good and a webinar that does amazing is 2 magic words, "urgency" and "scarcity." The better your urgency and the better your scarcity on your pitch the better it's going to do. We used to do a webinar on Thursday, and we do replays Friday, Saturday and then we kind of end it and then Monday we'd start the process over again. A little while ago we started adding in urgency and scarcity on the last day, saying, "Hey the replay really is coming down tonight, so go and watch it," and then like 6 hours before we pull it down say, "Okay 6 hours and then we're pulling it down." What's interesting is that last 6 hour call, I'd send 2 emails on Sunday, one Sunday morning and then one Sunday 6 hours before we pull it down. What's crazy is that 6 hour warning email where I'm applying urgency and scarcity typically makes as much money as the live webinar does which is crazy, just nuts, it doesn't make any sense.

Anyway, I'm smiling today just thinking about how can I apply urgency and scarcity in more spots in all aspect of my life. How can I apply that to get my kids to do stuff and get things done. How can apply to force myself to get things done. How can I to get my employees to do things, my team and other things like that. Those 2 things are amazing. Try to figure out ... Oops excuse me, I just honked the horn, I hope the person in front of me is not upset. Anyway, trying to figure out how do we create cool bonus structures or cool promotional things with affiliates, how can we do that.

I remember when we did the DotComSecrets Book launch, I think in the first week we were paying out 40 percent commission to the whole Funnel and the second week we transitioned to $20 per book and then we had a countdown. Then at, whatever day it was, Thursday at midnight when we closed the contest down it went back to 40 percent commission. We had this big urgency and scarcity, every book you give away for the next 24 hours, 12 hours, 3 hours you'd be getting 20 bucks as opposed to the other thing and people went crazy.

Anyway, those are my 2 favorite words. I'm not a tattoo guy but if I was I'd tattoo those to my forehead or my arm or I don't know maybe I'd get one of those sweet, I don't know what it's called, barb wire chains around my bicep that would say, "urgency and scarcity" weaved into the barb wire, that would be pretty sweet, right? No, just kidding. Anyway. I'm such a dork. All right guys, well, I better stop before I embarrass myself anymore but think through those 2 words, urgency and scarcity. Figure out how you can apply them to all aspect of your business and your life because they are magic. It's amazing. You can move mountains if you've got urgency and scarcity. Without them people just aren't inspired to take action.

In fact, last night there was a dude who applied for the Inner Circle about a year ago and he's what we call, this is probably politically incorrect term, but we call him a stroker, somebody who comes in, they call, they ask a lot of questions, they listen to the whole thing and they're trying to see how the process works and trying to get information and they're not really buyers. We call them strokers for whatever reason. This guy, a year ago stroked us and went through the whole process which at the end of it it was kind of annoying because is was like eh. I knew he had the money, I knew he wanted to be in it, but it was just like he didn't have whatever else to push him over the edge.

Apparently he applied on Monday and then again on Tuesday and on Wednesday because last night I was going to bed, and on Skype there was like 10 messages from him, all in caps, "Russell I'm trying to get in Inner Circle, no one's calling back, Russell let me in, I need to get in before it's ..." like freaking out, I was like, "This dude a year ago went through the process and didn't get involved for whatever reason has been sitting for a year, but now that we've got some urgency and scarcity in place, now not only is he reapplying, he is flipping out, Skyping me trying to get in. Those are good signs? There you go, you've urgency and scarcity. Have some fun with them. Actually that's your Christmas gift from me for this year, so Merry Christmas. Urgency and scarcity from Russell. Hope you love them. All right guys, I'm out of here. We'll talk to you guys soon. Goodbye and have an amazing day.

Dec 16, 2015

How to become more by increasing what you expect from yourself each day.

On today’s episode Russell tells a story about a guy from some Tony Robbins’ events and why he expected more from himself and how that made his story is so inspiring. He also talks about how wresting helped Russell expect more form himself.

Here are 3 cool things to listen for in this episode:

  • People expect a lot of you, but what do you expect from yourself?
  • Why the more you expect out of yourself, the more successful you will be.
  • Why letting yourself off the hook is not always a good idea.

So listen below to find out why you should expect more out of yourself in order to be successful.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to a snowy marketing in your car. All right, all right, so we've got snow out here in Boise Idaho and it's beautiful. It's supposed to snow for the next three days, so I'm hoping we just get dumped on because it would be really fun to take a day or two off with the kids and just do snowball fights, and snow forts, and all of that fun stuff. Cross your fingers that we get dumped on for a little bit here. I just wanted to jump in real quick because I just listened to a podcast and someone said something and it sparked something and I wanted to jump in here. It has to do with what you expect from yourself. We have all sorts of people in our lives that have expectations on us, right? Our wives expect us to do things, our kids, our co-workers, our employees, our parents, our friends, our brothers and sisters, everyone expects things out of us, right? That's one thing.

I'm curious, what do you expect out of yourself? We were at a Tony Robins event and if you've ever been to UPW there's this little, not little. There's this guy, he's a little shorter, but like a stocky, bald dude, who's always on Toby Robins security, and at every UPW. If you ever go you'll see him, he's usually one of front guys in the front. He's always standing there flexing, making sure nobody gets to Tony. Anyway, the last day when Tony sells Business Mastery, usually this guy will get up and tell the story, and how basically when he was growing up ... I can't remember how bad his life was but he went to a Tony Robins event, it changed him. He started just going to every Tony Robins event and just trying to just be there all the time, and be around it, and talked about how it changed his life from being this homeless kid to being a multi millionaire, and all of these things, it was just a really inspiring story.

Afterwards we pulled him aside and we were just talking to him, me and four or five of our friends, we were just talking to him and the dude was like oh, so motivational, I just wanted to hire him just to come yell at me once a week. He was talking, and one thing he said that was interesting is we asked like, "What made the difference. Why do you come and work for Tony for free five times a year, and why do you do all of this stuff?" He said, "Where I grew up from nobody expected much from me, so I didn't do much. When I came here," he's like, "Everybody expected a lot out of me." He's like, "The reason why I'm so successful now, I expect more out of myself than anyone can imagine." I remember thinking about that like, that's the driving force. What do you expect out of yourself? You think about why we get depressed in life, or why we have issues, or whatever it might be, I think it's usually because we expect something out of ourselves and we don't do it.

I look at the things in my life that I really struggle with and that cause me pain, and almost all of them are associated with this is what I expect from myself, and this is what I'm doing. It's like when you were a kid and your dad is ... you do something really, really bad and you're expecting him to beat you and you're preparing for a whooping, and then he comes in and he just looks at you and shakes his head and says, "I expected a lot more out of you," and walks away. You're like, "Oh, daggers in the heart. That was way worse, why didn't you just beat me? I could have handled that." I think that's a big thing, and I'm curious for you right now, and everyone listening is in different parts of their life, different times, different seasons, and different parts of their business as well. I'm curious, what do you expect out of yourself?

People always ask, "Russell how do you get so much stuff done? How do you blah, blah, blah," all of these things. I don't feel like I do that much but I feel like I expect a lot out of myself, because of that I don't sleep in, in the morning, I don't go to bed early at night, when I'm at the office I don't goof off, I'm not surfing Facebook and if it's not making me money, if I'm not helping someone, I expect so much out of myself that I don't, I just keep working, I keep moving forward because I expect it out of myself. I look at one of my favorite coaching clients from the last year and a half is Liz Benny, you guys have heard me talk a lot about her. People ask me, "What was different about Liz? How come she was able to grow so fast?"

The reality, if you listen to the Voxer messages she sends me, I don't know anyone that expects more out of themselves than her. She is always on herself, which is part ... I'm like man, you're doing awesome, lighten up on yourself. That's why she's so successful, she expects so much out of herself. She always says, "The Liz Benny that I am is not this, I am here, I need to be here, I need to get there. I expect so much out of myself." I think that sometimes we just let ourselves off the hook. If you're struggling, it might be because you're letting yourself off the hook. I don't know, it might not be, there's life circumstances, there's things. Even when I expect a lot of myself we still had issues and headaches, things that come up so I get that, that's a real thing. If you're not progressing, and not progressing your own life, your clients lives in the way that you want, I wonder if that's the issue. I wonder if you're not expecting as much, enough out of yourself.

I'm just going to put it out there, and I may be wrong, I don't know. If someone was to ask me now thinking back on it like, "Russell why are you having so much success?" There's a million external forces that have made it, there's so many. My partners, my employees, and my friends, people that have made this happen, right? Internally for me it's because I expect so much out of myself, that's it. I woke up this morning excited to get to work because I expect so much, and I want to do so much, I want to help, and serve, and change, and I can't do that without it.

Anyway I just kind of wanted to throw that out there today, again I was listening to a podcast and that just popped into my head, and thought I would share it and hopefully you get some value out of it. Yeah, it's interesting, I think the same thing was true when I was a wrestler. My Junior year I was the state champ, and the next year there was a national tournament, you had to be a Senior and a state champ to go to so I was like, "Okay, I'm going to go," and I expected that I would be an all American. That was what I expected out of myself. My Senior year the state tournament I lost to this punk kid who's not very good in just a really bad match. I ended up taking third place in state that year, my Senior year. I won it my Junior year and third my Senior year and I was destroyed, it ruined my self image. Everything that I was disappeared that day and I was so mad, but I expected so much out of myself and I was like, "No, I'm an all American. I know that already, that's not something that's up for debate just because I lost this match."

I was so mad and I remember we had two months before the national tournament and as like Russell right now is not an all American but I am one, I know that, that's what I expect from myself, and that's what I need to get. For the next two months we went crazy, I was working out on average ... I remember one time when Dan Gable, when he's training for the Olympics was working out for seven hours a day, that was the standard I set for myself. I need to work out at least seven hours a day, so I'd lift, I'd go to my high school workout, then I'd try to find another high school close to me that had guys that were also training for the national tournament. I'd travel there, so I had to do two to three wrestling practices a day.

During that time, that two month period of time, I went from being a good wrestler to being a great wrestler, I went to national tournament and because I had won the state tournament my Junior year I qualified, but I was probably one of the only dudes in the room who didn't win the state tournament that year. Came in, and because I expected so much out of myself over that two month period of time I came in and in a tournament that I think prior I would have done alright in, I don't think I would have placed in it, you walk in and the bracket has eighty six state champs in it. I came in and I beat almost everyone, I beat a two time state champ, I beat a three time state champ, I beat all of these people and I actually made it to the finals. The finals I lost by two points from a kid from New York.

I made the national finals, I took second place in the country, I became an all American, and it wasn't something I was surprised about, I expected that out of myself, but I wasn't there at the state tournament. It took that loss and that setback, which we all have in life, it took that kick in the nuts, whatever you want to call it, that took me back, for me to really step up and say, "Look, this is what I expect from myself and I need to achieve it all costs." I did in that situation, anyway, I hope that helps. I know that again everyone's in different times in life, you may have just lost your state tournament, figuratively speaking, or you may be on the two month process where you're trying to become who you know you need to become, and maybe you just placed, and maybe you became an all American and now you're kind of figuring out the next step.

Wherever you're at, the more you expect from yourself the more you're going to achieve. Yeah, that's it for today, hope that helps. All right I'm at the office, it's snowing, and actually I have to go to head shots today so I'm just grabbing my juice, we're on the juice fast still, and I'm headed in, headed back to get my head shots then I got a webinar today. That's my plan, appreciate you guys, have an amazing day, and we'll talk soon.

Dec 15, 2015

It looks like my email yesterday struck a chord with a few of you…

On this episode Russell talks about his juicing diet that he and his team are doing for one of his Inner Circle members. He also talks about why he has decided to shut down his Ignite Program.

Here are a few things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • Russell explains why he is shutting down his Ignite program.
  • Why he is only focusing on his Inner Circle program and how many people he is letting join.
  • And how you can sign up to be a part of the Inner Circle and why you should.

So listen below to find out how you can be a part of Russell’s Inner Circle.


Hey, everybody. This is Russell Brunson, and welcome to "Marketing in Your Car." All right, everybody. Hope you're having an amazing day today. I'm heading in to the office and we have sun shining. It's beautiful. I think it's still cold, but the sun's up, so it makes you feel like you're ... Makes you feel better, so that's exciting.

Anyway, I'm really excited for today. We actually started a company-wide juice fast yesterday, so one of our ... We have a new person named G from over in London. When I was in London I met her, and then she joined the Inner Circle, and she's working on a juice cleanse product and a bunch of stuff like that.

I was like, "Basically, we needed some results," and she's like, "Well, I've got a lot of people I’ve done it for, but I don't have any videos." I'm like, "All right. I'm going to drop everything on this side. I'm going to get my entire company to do it, and we're going to become your testimonials." It's kind of cool. Everyone, this week, is on a week-long juice fast and documenting the process and creating cool video content for her, for her new upcoming launch, which will be fun.

Just one of the fun things we do for our Inner Circle members that's cool. Anyway, day one was actually really fun. It was interesting. I do weird stuff all the time, as you guys know if you've listened to this podcast for any amount of time. I'm drinking and eating and trying all sorts of weird stuff. I actually really enjoy juicing.

When I juice, typically it's hardcore. I don't put any fruits or berries or those wussy things that make them taste good. I just go straight for the hardcore. I'm using cucumber, fennel, celery, and some lime for some taste and that's what I drink. Most people think it's disgusting but I love it. It's glowing green, so you drink it ... I feel like I'm drinking ooze from Ninja Turtles. I feel my whole body just, boom, exploding with alkalinity and power and energy.

Yeah, it doesn't taste that good. It doesn't taste bad, and in fact I like it a lot. I've become very accustomed to that, so I like it. If I give that to the average person the first time, they'd just be like ... It's like it's a kick in the face or something. Is someone honking at me? I don't even know. Anyway, that's what we're ... I feel like someone's honking at me but I can't figure out who. I like pretty strange stuff. My taste buds are acquired to weirdness because of it.

Most of them aren't, so we have this place called Tree City here in Boise and so I paid for a week of juicing, so they're going in and we grab ... Basically they give you six bottles of juice you drink all day. There's one that's called the Vitarrific, which is pure greens and ginger and really strong, which I think is awesome, but most everyone in the office is gagging on it and trying to keep it down. It's pretty funny. Then there's a coconut one, there's one called CAB, which is carrot, apple, beet, which is really good. There's coconut, there's almond milk. Anyway, it's really, really good.

Yesterday was fun. I was drinking them thinking it was like drinking candy and most of these guys are dry heaving. They're in the bathroom every five minutes. It was awesome. Anyway, I love putting my team through crazy stuff like that when I can. That's what we're doing over here.

Yesterday I sent out something that got a lot more attention than I thought. A lot of you guys know for the last two or three years we've been running two coaching programs, our Ignite program and also our Inner Circle program. As they've grown way bigger than I ever had initially thought or hoped ... Initially we thought we were going to get maybe fifty people in Ignite and twenty-five in Inner Circle, but it's grown to the point where we've got almost two hundred in Ignite and Inner Circle now we're about seventy, which is crazy.

The other thing I'm looking at is how much time it's taking from me, and it's just been really hard as it keeps on growing. My thought was, "Do we keep growing it? Do I shift focus from other things to just keep expanding this, or do we change it and shrink it?" With ClickFunnels growing as amazingly as it has, it doesn't make sense for me to keep adding more things on that side.

We actually, yesterday, announced that we're shutting down our Ignite program. Everyone who's in, we're going to continue to fulfill over the next twelve months of their contract. We're just not allowing anybody new into the Ignite program. That's happened on that side, which means those hundred and eighty people, there's nowhere else for them to go now.

On the Inner Circle side, again, we're at seventy-something people. I thought, "You know what? I think realistically I could run three groups." I really enjoy running those groups. It's the coolest entrepreneurs. People get such big results. Everyone who's in those groups are doers who are having success. We basically got two and almost two and a half groups filled up.

I sent an e-mail yesterday saying when the third group's filled, it's done. I'm locking the doors, and the only way we'll ever let people into the Inner Circle again is if someone drops out. As you guys probably know, it's not a cheap program. It's twenty-five grand a year. What's cool is that most of our people, after the year's up, have been re-signing up, which just makes me feel awesome, obviously.

I've been trying my best to serve everyone at the best level I can and it just means a lot to me when people do come back. That's what's been happening. Yesterday I sent an e-mail saying I think it's seventy-four are filled, so that means there's twenty-six spots left. Within an hour we had over a hundred applications, which was awesome. Randy and Derek on my side are going like crazy today, trying to get back to everyone and get in touch with them. I'm pretty sure those spots are going to sell out really, really quick.

If you're listening to this, listening today and you're interested, this is the last shot. Every year I join a Mastermind group. You need to be in one. Ideally you should be in mine if you can. I hate to be ... Obviously I'm biased, but I've been in probably eight or nine different groups and ours is by far the best, for a couple reasons.

First off, the facilitator's pretty sweet. I know him, he's a good guy. Second off, just the quality people we have has been amazing. It's such a huge honor for me that that is the group we've put together. It gives you guys, if you're in there, the ability to be surrounded with just amazing, amazing people.

Other masterminds that I've been in, usually I come in and I'm the smartest dude in the room, which I hate that, because it's just ... I feel like I'm the one facilitating the whole time, where this time, in our groups, I honestly feel ... There's times I sit back and I'm like, "I can't believe I'm getting paid to be part of this, just to be in this room. I'm learning so much from everybody else." It's just a huge honor for me.

If you're going to be in one ... Again, everyone should be in at least one a year, otherwise you're crazy. If you want to be in ours, now's the time to get in there. All you have to do is go to Yep, I changed it over to, so that when people ask ... I was always telling them this long URL before. Now, if you're interested, go to and you can apply there. I would apply in ... There's a phone number on the thank you page. If you're serious, call that number, because they got insane amounts of apps.

If you're listening to this six months or a year down the road, I would still go through the process, even if we're sold out. I might guess that each month, one or two spots will open up for people who have ... Their year's up and for whatever reason they don't renew. The only way to get in is to be on that waiting list. That'd be the other thing, if you're later on down the road. That's what's happening.

It's interesting. I look at my business, my life. I really... The only thing that I want to be doing is obviously ClickFunnels, I want to focus eighty percent of my time there. I want to work really close with a hundred entrepreneurs, which is the Inner Circle. Then I want to be working on my own little things. That's what I'm doing now and it's pretty exciting. Anyway, I'm definitely, definitely excited for it. I'm excited to meet the last twenty-six people who enter into the Inner Circle. Our first meeting's coming up in January and it'll just be fun to get to know a new group of people.

Yeah, so I'm excited. We have a couple other really cool announcements coming up. I can tell you guys because it's official now. I can't remember if I told you guys yet or not, but we've got the signed contract, we've paid the down payment. For Funnel Hacking LIVE Event, Marcus Lemonis from "The Profit" is coming to speak, which is so exciting. That's pretty cool. We'll have more info on that hopefully next week or so. That's just something I'm fired up about, as you can tell. Yeah, it's pretty exciting.

With that said, I don't have too much more for you guys. I just wanted to let you know that that's what's happening with my coaching stuff. People were freaking out, like, "Are you really retiring?" I'm like, "Well, kind of. Not retiring, but retiring from Ignite program, and Inner Circle we're just locking it down. A hundred people will be in at a time, and that's it."

One of the other Masterminds I joined was supposed to be a small group, and it ended up getting a hundred people. Instead of breaking it up and doing the actual work, they just bundled everyone into one big group. I was at a Mastermind meeting with a hundred people, and I'm like, "You can't, in two days, effectively work a hundred people in a group." Our sweet spot's about thirty-five people, so that's basically how we have it broken up.

There's three different groups. We meet thirty-five at a time, and we can actually get some work done and do some cool things in that kind of a format. That's how we run ours. What else, what else? I think that's it, you guys. I'm almost at the office. If you haven't applied yet, go apply. If you're already in the Inner Circle, then you're in. Congratulations. You've locked it in. Don't let your spot slip away to somebody else.

Anyway, that's about it for today, you guys. Have an amazing day. I'm excited to go try to take over the world in my little way. Hopefully you're doing the same thing as well, and we will talk again soon. Bye.

Dec 11, 2015

A short lesson Russell learned from his time at spam school…

On this episode Russell explains why he dabbled in being a spammer and how it went. He also talks about why he no longer makes decisions based on SEO stuff.

Here are 3 fun things to listen for in this episode:

  • Why Russell used to feel like he was running away from the cops all the time, and it made it hard to sleep at night.
  • How much money Russell paid to go to Spam School, and why it was valuable even though spamming ultimately wasn’t for him.
  • Why Russell says instead of hiring a person over a long period of time to teach you things, you should hire the person who is best at it and suck all the information from them in a really short period of time.

So listen below to find out why Russell used to be a spammer, but why he isn’t any more.


Hey, everyone, this is Russell Brunson, and welcome to another episode of Marketing In Your Car. Hey Everyone, so today is a cold, rainy day in Boise, Idaho. It's Friday so I got a couple big things trying to get done, and then I'm going to go see ... I'm really excited for this, Rand Fishkin, the CEO and the founder of SEOMoz is actually going to be coming to Boise and speaking which will be cool for a couple reasons. First off, last ... how many years ago? Five or six years ago, maybe longer, I spoke at ClickBank Exchange and Rand was speaking as well which was cool. I felt bad because I had the big stage and then Rand had this little, tiny room. I went in there, and that dude is brilliant, so smart, it was awesome to listen to him and loved it back then. Just been a big fan of their stuff for a long time. I'm excited to go hear him speak, and I'm not sure if he's speaking about SEO stuff or other things, but regardless, it'll be fun to go and get some cool stuff from him.

It's interesting ... He has a different philosophy on business than mine. I remember a little while ago, reading this huge article he wrote about how they raised all this crazy amounts of money, and all these things, that for me seem ludicrous, some of the worst business decisions in the world yet they're having success. There's different paths and different things. It'll be fun, I'm excited to hear what he's got to say and see what's going down in the SEO world nowadays because it's been a long time since I focused on it. I used to geek-out big time. For a while we had twenty, thirty people all in Peru doing SEO stuff for us and it was awesome. We were getting ranked for all these really difficult terms and it was amazing. We were very, very aggressive and so it was awesome because you could get really cool things to happen fast ... But then the problem was when Google got smarter than us then we started losing everything.

It was this thing where I always felt like I was chasing my own tail. We would go and we would be running, it felt like we were running away from the cops all the time. It felt like, we used to call it ... I'm not going to brag about this, but a little while ago, a few years back, we dabbled a little bit in spamming and trying to learn that game. It's the same kind of thing, it was hard to sleep at night because it felt like… we used to call it the “smash and grab”, where it felt like you were walking in, smashing a window, grabbing a TV and running down the road while the cops are chasing you. That's what it always felt like with SEO and with spam. We got away with it for a little bit, but eventually they always catch you, you can't always get away with it. I hated it, a little while ago, we quit the spamming thing really, really fast.

More so, I wanted to understand the psychology of it so I hired this dude, I was like, "How much would you charge me to teach me how to spam?" He's like, "Twenty-five grand," I'm like, "Done." I recorded all the sessions, and I remember I called it 'Spam School'. It was like eight calls or something like that. I'm like, "Okay, I got Spam School today," it was awesome. We got up and running, we had to buy all these servers, and these tunneling servers, and all this intense stuff. I know the process now, and I'm sure it's evolved since we kind of played with it, but back then we were totally geeking out on it and within two weeks of starting the process, I realized I hated it and so we stopped. I'm not a spammer, I was someone who was intrigued spam and dabble, but we gave up pretty quick after those feelings. In SEO we tried a lot longer, probably two or three years. We focused, we built it up, and we'd get these rankings for amazing words and the traffic started flowing, flowing, flowing, gone.

I remember we kept making all these huge business decisions based on SEO, and I remember one day, coming to the office and being fed up, and slamming my hand down and said, "We will never, from this point forward in this company, ever make a business decision based on SEO. Anything that happens from SEO is like a nice gift, but it will not ever be our focus again." That's been my philosophy for the last three years, and so it'll be fun though to hear what's happening. I think, if you guys have been listening, we hired Neil Patel a little while ago and flew him out for a day. Paid him twenty-five grand for a day, and learning from other people and I think there's going to be a time I'll get back into more and more SEO, just because mostly I think the SEO and social. There used to be a big divide between the two business models, but now that line is blurred or maybe even gone. That's why I'm excited, I'm hoping he's going to talk about that today because that's kind of my understanding and kind of the results we're starting to see from it, is that it's a blend of social and SEO.

I think if it's not happening now, logically, the only thing that makes sense for SEO is no longer to base stuff on linking because we can spam linking. The only thing it's smart to base it off of is social interaction because that's harder to fake. Anyway, I'm excited for that. I hope you guys got something out of that, and hopefully the only thing you got out wasn't that Russell's a spammer. In fact, the lesson I hope you got out of that, and this is really, really important, is... this is key, and I hope you guys all get this, is that you can learn a lot from someone in a really short, finite period of time. I remember a couple times I hired some employees because they were amazing, on paper, and they'd done these amazing things so we hire them, pay them a ton of money and salary, and all these things. What was interesting is they come, in the first thirty to sixty days, they would have all these amazing things that would transform things, and after that they were kind of useless. They use up their bag of tricks and they were gone.

I feel like everyone's got that. I've got that. For some reason, they come in… I've got my bag of tricks and things I know how to do to grow a company really, really quickly, but then after that, I don't have as many things. I think my skill set's a little deeper than most people, but for most consultants, they've got a one-trick-pony. They got that thing, and so we learned a while ago, instead of hiring employees who are really good at something, hire the dude who's the best, but for a short period of time. Have him come and teach you because you'll get ninety percent of the value out of him immediately. That's kind of my philosophy, it's like Neil Patel or I'm like, "Hey, we're going to start blogging. Who's the best blogging dude?" Boom, Neil Patel, twenty-five K, sucked everything we need out of him, now we've got a game plan to go run with. Things like that, it's finding out who's the best and then just buying an hour or a day, or whatever the time.

Last night I was hanging out with one of my buddies, BJ Wright, and we were talking about a site called, and if you haven't ever heard that site, you should, it's awesome. It's all these dudes and ladies who are amazing, who you can buy time with them per minute. He was talking about this app he was going to build, and he was like, "Hey, this is the dude that launched," what was it? That mafia game on Facebook, and the dude's like two bucks a minute to call, and he's like, "If you invest a hundred bucks you get thirty minutes of this dude's time. You can pick his brain on whatever you want." It's just interesting. So, I think my Christmas gift to myself this year is going to be… I'm going to look at the three or four things I'm really focused on in my business.

Obviously we're a SAS company, so that's one. We're doing growth hacking and stuff like that, so three or four things that I'm focusing on and then go to and find the best one or two people in each of those categories and buy thirty minutes, an hour of their time and just get all their info. Get it all in a condensed, quick, fast period of time, and that's how you can press decades into days, days into minutes, and it's really, really cool.

That's how I learn, people always ask me, "Russell, how do you learn now?" It's honestly getting harder and harder. The more you progress in this or any business, the harder it is to get new things. It gets harder. The way that I'm progressing myself, my knowledge base, outside of funnel hacking the crap out of everyone I can because I love watching what they do, even worse than what they say, but number two is that. I hope that is a value to you guys. Give yourself a Christmas present, go to and find someone you want to learn from and buy an hour, and just suck their brain and I think you'll get addicted to it. You'll find that, again, it's way better than reading a book, just hire the author and be like, "Hey, just tell me what I should do. Based on all this stuff you got, like, what would you do in this situation?" You can get there a lot quicker.

I hope that helps, that's what I'm going to be doing a lot more of, this upcoming year. It's pretty amazing how inexpensive you can get some of these people's advice and ideas which is cool. That's what I got for you guys today. Hopefully you got some good out of it besides Russell used to be a spammer, other than that, I appreciate you guys. Oh man, this is going to be transcribed, so I better be careful what I say. **Note: Russell is not a spammer.

If you want to see the transcripts of this show, or any of our shows, go to and I think I got an outro thing, we added this cool little music outro now. I think the music outro after this is also going to push you there, so go there, check it out, and if you're not part of the Marketing Quickies Show, go to, install the periscope app on your phone and we can be hanging out live every single day. I do quick, five to ten minute periscopes once a day, sharing marketing quickies and they are awesome so if you are not on that yet, go to and come hang out with us there as well. That's it for today guys, appreciate you all, and we will talk soon. Bye!

Dec 10, 2015

If this doesn’t get you excited, then nothing will.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how to convert cold traffic and put your offer in a way that’s understandable to the masses. He also mentions survey funnels and why they are a perfect cold traffic offer.

Here are a couple cool things in this episode you”ll want to hear:

  • How to convert cold traffic to warm traffic and be able to see to them.
  • And how to go on Facebook and meet people where they are at, and build your own email list.

So listen below to hear how to warm up a cold audience and convert them to sell to them.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Car.

Hey guys and gals, we probably call this a 'quickie in the car' if you're blending the Marketing Quickies show and the Marketing in Your Car show. By the way for those who are wondering we decided to keep it 2 separate things, so we've got Marketing in Your Car happening like this and Marketing Quickies. If you're not listening to Marketing Quickies show, please go to and subscribe. It's our daily periscope show. People love it and it's fun and we'd love to have you involved in it as well. Other than that, everything else is staying the same.

We are ... I'm actually heading home real quick to go to wife .... go to wife ... go to lunch with my wife because that's what we can do, whatever we want to do, right? That's why we do what we do, so I'm going to go do that. On the drive home I just wanted to hopefully drop some bombs for you guys so this is what I call 'cool crap' and I'm really, really, really, really excited about this. This is the reason why.

We've been playing with some concepts over the last little bit. In fact, we did an event for our Ignite and Inner Circle members called 'Funnel Catcher', some of you guys were there. It was going into this concept deep, right? It was going into ... let's say you're selling a product, right? You're hot market ... your own list buys it easy because it’s like they love you. Then you go back to your warm market and people who may not necessarily know you but you know what they're interested in and so we target them on Facebook. We know, okay I'm going to target Tony Robbins fans because they may like me because they're interested in similar things or whatever that is. That's where warm traffic is.

The big secret sauce is how you get to cold traffic because Facebook runs out of ... Facebook is like having a Ferrari on a dead-end road. You go really, really fast and then you run out of space because the interest groups dry up fast. How do you get to the point where you can sell to the cold hard masses? If you can do that, it opens up your business infinitely wide. That's been my big focus over the last couple of months. How do we do that? What are the different ways and techniques and tools and things we can do to go to the cold hard masses and ... some cool stuff's happening.

We started implementing some stuff and that's why we did the 'Funnel Catcher' event to show, here guys, here's what we're doing, this is the direction we're going, this is where you guys should be running with if you want to go and convert the cold traffic. The biggest thing with cold traffic is you've got to meet people where they're at. Using email and funnels things like that to warm them up to where you need them to be, right?

A good example if you have an offer that's going to work in cold traffic is going to the ... woah, excuse me that was a big sneeze. You guys got this live, I apologize. With cold traffic, imagine going to the food court at your mall and standing there and yelling at the top of your lungs, "Who here wants to learn how to build a funnel?", no one is going to raise their hands. That means my offer is a warm traffic offer. Now ideally, I still want to sell Quick Funnels, that's funnel-building software but no one understands that so if I go to cold traffic and I'm like, "Who wants funnel building software?", no one is going to give us money, right? But if I go to the food court and I stand up and say, "Who here wants a free money-making website?", everyone at the food court wants that. Everyone is going to raise their hand. That's why you have to think about cold traffic. If you went to the food court at the mall and yelled out what you're selling, how many people raise their hand? If it's less than 10%, your offer will not work for cold traffic. If it's above 10%, you've got something that ... you've at least got something to start working with.

You've got to figure out, how can you change the messaging and the wording of what you're selling to get cold traffic to raise their hand? Let's say it's a free money-making website, they come in with that. Now that I've got their name and email address and we can start warming through the process. Here's what a website is and here's a free website but it's actually what we call a funnel and this is why a funnel is important. Now we can educate them and warm them up and get them interested in what we want. That's the goal of funnel catcher, was we figure out where they're at and we speak to them at that language they understand and then after we get them, then we can indoctrinate them through emails, videos, funnels, whatever, to get them to believe and desire and want what we actually want to sell. There's the overarching, long, really cool concept for you right there.

Let me step back. A couple of the things we were doing like quiz pages and survey pages and a bunch of stuff like that. I've been out there trying to figure out ways ... we've got a bunch of them going, they're doing well. I stumbled on this guy. He's one of the main guys who built all of the email lists for big companies like NewsMax and a bunch of those type of sites. He doesn't work there anymore, now he does this kind of on his own. He builds out these survey funnels for people. I had him show me a bunch of these funnels, they're so cool. I've seen tons of these. One of them ... I'm sure you guys have probably seen before it's like the big banner ads all over like, 'Should we impeach Obama?' How many of you guys have seen that, right? I've seen that all over the place. You click on that and there's a little survey that if you think you should impeach Obama or not. So if you were to walk through the food court like, "Who here wants to impeach Obama?" It's going to piss off half the audience and get the other half really, really excited. It divides and conquers, that's exactly what you need to do. But you're going to get a response from everyone in the food court and they're all going to want to tell you their opinion. A perfect cold traffic offer.

Anyway, from that one little campaign, 'do you want to impeach Obama?', they built an email list of over 2 million people and made insane amounts of money because now they have a political newsletter, they can sell ads to survival people and biz-op people, everybody else. Or they can sell their own products and services or a variation of both. That was one example. Then they showed me probably 20 or 30 other quizzes like that that they've done and they're amazing.

I just wanted to give that to you guys as a hint. That's the path we are going down is trying to create cold traffic offers that we know that we can take. I don't know if I would do a political one because those kind of people aren't going to necessarily turn into business opportunity people. We did something similar on Facebook. We did a 'Donald Trump for President' fan page which got 150,000 followers for a couple thousand dollars. Now we're leveraging that because Donald Trump is a business-person in entrepreneurship and leveraging that to get people into our other programs, which is working really good right now.

Those are the kinds of concepts. Meet people at cold traffic where they're at, talk about something that they're going to be passionate about, get them now into your sequences and the goal at that point is to convert them, warm them up and convert them into what it is that you're selling.

Hope that gives you guys some hints. You will start seeing more and more of these things coming out from me in the near future. If this works with this dude and we build 1 or 2 of these for ourselves and it works, maybe we'll refer them out to everyone else but I don't want to ... I want to test it before I do. Conceptually, it works and I hope you guys start thinking along those lines, that's what we're thinking as well and it's a lot of fun.

One more bomb of gold I'll drop on you guys. This is a trick that we've been doing. One of our guys who was at 'Funnel Catcher' just crushed it with it. He got 13 thousand opt-ins for 30 cents apiece off Facebook doing this exact same model. I won't tell you the market he did it in but I'll tell you the market we're doing it in so you can get an idea of the concept. Same kind of thing, right? You go on Facebook, we meet people where they're at. The campaign that we ran is…Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof executive guy, he’s got a huge following, we went and bought $1,000 worth of bulletproof stuff and then did a contest saying, "We're going to give away $1,000 of bulletproof stuff for free, just put your email in to qualify." Guess what happened? We started getting everybody from Bulletproof's audience to give us their email address and got really, really cheap leads. We did drawing, sent someone $1,000 worth of these products and started marketing to those people, different products and services that we needed to.

Hope that gets you guys excited, if not you're on the wrong podcast. This is the crap that I care about, it's so much fun. I'm out of here guys, I'm going to go hang out with my wife. Appreciate you guys all listening in, I hope you have an amazing day and we'll talk soon.

Dec 10, 2015

I would share his exact quote, but he dropped 3 F-bombs…

On this special late night episode Russell talks about some cool things that happened to him today including helping Ryan at Hardcore Closer who did his first webinar and made his entire investment back. He also mentions the book he’s writing called The Three Funnels.

Here are 3 other cool things to listen for in this episode:

  • What things helped Russell have a good and exciting day.
  • How Rich Schefren helped Russell with webinars and basically saved his business and life.
  • And how Russell has been able to repay Rich for the things he has done.

So listen below to hear why Russell had such an amazing day.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to a Late Night Marketing Your Car. Hey guys and gals, and everybody else hanging out with us today, hope you're having an amazing time. It's been a little while since I've been doing podcasts and Marketing In Your Car because things have been so crazy busy. I'm stuck in traffic right now heading home, which my house is like 5 minutes from my office, but the traffic is still here so I thought we should hang out and just talk about some cool stuff. Because I really had a good day today for a couple of different reasons, and I just through it would be fun to talk about it with you guys. Hope you don't mind.

One exciting thing is Ryan over at Hardcore Closer, he joined our inner circle program a little while ago. Which as you know, is not a small investment. He paid $25,000 to get in, and he was nervous, and all these things. I kind of showed him the business model I thought he should be doing. He went and executed on it, and he's just a doer, he ran with it and did his first webinar today. I got a Vox, and I would show it to all you guys or let you listen to it because it was really exciting, but he dropped the f-word 4 times in about 3 seconds, so I'm not going to forward it because I don't want to hurt anyone's ears.

He basically said, "Russell, I did my first webinar." He said, "$20,000. I made my money back in the very first effin webinar. I effin love you." Something, something, something. It was awesome. That makes your day when some dude invests $25,000 and within in 2 weeks before the first meeting even happens, he get his money back. Now he's got 364 days now of coaching for free, and we're just going to keep growing it and blowing it up. I'm super proud and excited. That was fun to hear. It was awesome. That was cool.

What else? What else? Oh, so I've been writing this new front end book. Not a book. I'm calling it a book, but it's not. Maybe it's a report, or a manifesto, or somewhere in between. I'm trying to relaunch our continuity program and I wanted to make a really good offering. I want something really unique and exciting, and so I'm writing this book called The Three Funnels. I think I might have mention this to you guys before, but basically in our business three funnels make about 85 to 90% of all of our income. Instead of teaching all the flashy flare, let's talk about the fundamentals, and that's what this book was about. Here's the fundamentals. I didn't go into to amazing details. It's really exciting all the cool stuff I pulled out, like here's our funnels, here's our stats on every single page. Here's what you should be looking at. Here's this. Here's that.

Anyway from our three core funnels, which are Tripwire, Webinar, and High Ticket Funnel. I'm really proud of that, and I finished it today. It's been this project that's been annoying me. You know how you have the projects that in your mind there's so much pain associated with it and you don't want to do them? That's how this has been. There was so much pain. I have all these other things I need to get done, but this one I had to get done because it has to be done, and then I have Brittanie, who does the all the design and publishing, she needs it, and then we got to get it printed, and then shipped all within like the next week and a half, two weeks. It's like I had to get it done, so the last like three days I've been locked down, and I finished it today. I know you guys probably felt that where you finished a book or finished something, and it's just like relief, just gone. It's over and you can now move on to other stuff. That was exciting.

Also, one of my friends, Rich Schefren, some of you guys may know him, he actually helped me out a lot a couple years ago. If you are a Marketing In Your Car fan, you know all of my ups and downs. I'm pretty honest with you guys. We had built up this big company, 100 employees, and then the whole thing crashed around me. I think one of the earlier podcasts I told that story, and maybe I'll tell it again someday for the newbies. Anyway, it was a horrible experience and a lot of pain and suffering on my side, and fear, and everything. I didn't know what I was going to do when I grew up, and I still had people working for me I was trying to support, and all these things. I'm trying to figure out, "What should I do?"

At the time I was like, "Who's really having success right now in this new economy and with the things that changed and all the new things?" I was looking around and one of the people that was crushing it right then in that moment was Rich Schefren and he was doing it through automated webinars. I didn't have one yet. I didn't even know how to do one. I called him and I was like, "Hey man, can I fly out and just pick your brain for a day?" He said, "Yes." I'm so grateful for that. I flew out there and he gave me a day of his time for free and it was awesome.

I went back afterwards, we launched a webinar that literally saved my business, probably saved my life in some ways. Paid off all of our debts, paid off the tax, the government, and a whole bunch of other just scary things, and it was awesome. I always feel like I've owed him for that. The initial deal was if we promote his webinar he'd do that, and we did do that. I felt more than that because it was big for me. One of the few people at that time who really helped me make a big shift that I needed, and so I'm just always grateful for him.

Anyway, he's been kind of going through a shift in his business and business models trying to figure out ... He's got kind of this new stuff he wants to sell and trying to figure out the right process to sell them, and he's been struggling. I saw him in London actually, and he spoke, and he didn't sell very well. I feel like some of the things that I've learned over the last few years, especially through the Perfect Webinar ... For those of you who have gone through the Perfect Webinar training, I felt like I knew, and I might be wrong, but I felt like I knew what was wrong with is presentation, and his pitch, and his offer, and stuff like that.

We spent an hour on the phone today and really pulled as much as I could out of his brain and I figured ... Because Rich's stuff is always amazing. He's so smart it doesn't make sense to average humans sometimes, right? That's the hard part. It's trying to figure out how do we make this simple so that everyone wants to buy it because the stuff's amazing. The fulfillment always amazing stuff, but it's like the selling, so he went through and walked and talked through everything. I asked a bunch of questions and I pulled out what I think was right, and we restructured the offer, the webinar, the pitch, and I'm really proud of it. I sent it all to him. I recorded a bunch of videos showing how I'd pitch it and I hope that it's something that's going to benefit him. It felt good to be able to kind of return the favor.

You know when you have someone that does something big for you and you don't know how to repay that favor? Because it's kind of like, how do you repay that? Right? I'm just happy that I got to be part of that today. Hopefully it will help. If not, that's fine, but I felt like some of the gifts that God's given me in the last few years I was able to kind of repay him and that felt good. All these good things are happening today, which is awesome.

Then we just booked, I think, our final speaker for the Funnel Hacking event. He's got to sign the contract and then I can announce that too, but we got some amazing, amazing, crazy keynote speakers coming. Just all sorts of fun, awesome stuff's happening. As you can probably tell I'm excited. I'm excited because cool stuff we're doing, cool stuff our students are doing, cool things we're doing with our partners, and just everything's good.

I'm having a good day, and I'm heading home, and it's going to be awesome. Hope you guys are all having a good time. Sometimes on this show we share my ups and my downs, and everything. I just wanted to share with you guys an up because I'm happy and I hope that you guys are as well. If you're not, I was looking at the things that made me happy today. One was obviously the book, which was the me project. Which kind of is, but it's also something I'm trying to create to serve. The other two were all things we’re doing for other people, and so ... Anyway, if you're struggling, you're not happy or whatever, I think I heard Tony Robbins say this, but start serving someone else around you and you can't help but make things better.

Anyway, that's it guys. I'm almost home. I'm go inside see my kids, have a good time. I appreciate you all listening and caring enough to tune into the podcast. Make sure you guys are coming to Funnel Hacking Live. It's going to be amazing. We're about to announce all the lineup and I know tickets will sell fast, so do not delay. With that said, we love you guys. We appreciate you guys, and we are excited to keep serving you. Like I said before, you are an audience worth serving and just grateful to be in a spot and have an opportunity to be where I'm at to help you guys. Thanks again, and we'll talk soon.

Dec 7, 2015

My feelings after spending 10 hours yesterday with my 9 year old, doing homework.

On today’s episode Russell talks about why he hates school and struggled there.He also rants about why he’s frustrated with the school system that his own kids are in and why he thinks a lot of it is just busy work.

Here are some frustrating things Russell talks about in this episode:

  • Why Russell thinks that kids shouldn’t have homework.
  • Why he is frustrated by his twin boys’ different 4th grade teachers doing things different and overloading one of them with homework.
  • And why Russell thinks you should be tested on how the real world works, instead of just memorizing the right answer.

So listen below to hear why Russell is frustrated with the school system his kids are in.


Good morning everybody. Welcome to a very, very, very rainy Marketing in Your Car. All right everybody hope you are doing amazing. I think we have a lot of new Marketing in Your Car followers and listeners. We just started promoting it. We just got set up It's got all back episodes, links to them, transcripts, and a bunch of other cool stuff. So if you want to get on the e-mail list, to get notifications when new podcasts come out, and just see a cool thing go to Other than that, I’m excited to have you guys here today. Today is going to be a rant day. I hope you guys are okay. Today I wanted to rant a little bit about a thing that we like to call school. I don't know about you guys but school for me was really, really, really difficult. I think it is for most entrepreneurs. I'm guessing that if you're listening to this you probably fall in that same camp and you have struggled like I did, like most entrepreneurs do.

I never really understood why until recently. This guy named Alex, he wrote a book called Entrepreneur Personality Type. There's only 500 of them in circulation. Anyway he did a talk at a Genius Network ... and he’s actually speaking at our next Funnel Hacking Live. So if you're not coming, go to and get registered for our seminar. He's going to be speaking about the entrepreneurial personality type. When he explained it the first time I got chills like 20 times. I was like, that's me. I finally understand myself. It made me understand why I hate school and why I struggle with it, and all sorts of stuff like that. This recently I had a reason to even hate it more. So, as you guys know, we went to London a couple weeks ago and took my family out of school for a week, and it was awesome.

Before we go we ask the teachers like, "Hey, give us some homework so we can make sure the kids don't fall behind." Right? So one kid basically gets no homework, one gets a couple things, and one the teachers like, "I haven't done my plans yet so we don't have any homework for you." So like all right. So we go on the trip, and out there we're like we're in London, we're seeing these amazing things, go into history they say the Buckingham Palace, they saw the Tower of London, they saw all these amazing things. On top of that my kids just recently read Willy Wonka, or Charlie's Chocolate Factory or whatever it's actually called.

So we saw the Willy Wonka play, which was amazing. Just all these cool things, right? So we come back from that. We get to school and this is just ... It drives me crazy. We have twins so they're in the same grade but different teachers, right? One teacher's like, "Oh cool, you got tons of culture and history. You're good. You don't have to worry about any homework." Then my other twin the teacher who didn't have of her assignments done now gave him every single paper they'd done in school. Plus every homework assignment for that entire time. They were insane. We sat there for the last two weeks every single night, we spent about two to three hours with him trying to this stupid homework. He's a fourth grader, right? Then like Sunday we spent probably eight or nine, maybe even ten hours with him just trying to get his homework done.

Like dozens, like everything that you would do in school she gave him for homework. It doesn't make any sense they'd do that. Then the funniest thing is that they had a whole homework assignment on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We had read the book, we seen both the movies, and we just saw the play live in London within the last 30 days, right? So we're going through trying to answer these questions and I don't even know the answers to these things. Like it's ridiculous. It's like reading comprehension but it's asking a fourth grader all these questions that have nothing to do with anything.

If I'm getting stumped on these questions at this point in my life, for fourth grade homework assignment on a play ... On a book .... On a play we just barely saw, it's just ridiculous, right? It goes on and on and on. It's just like this mass amount of work for them to do just to keep them busy. Like I almost think it's like parents and teachers don't want ... Like their kids are so crazy busy doing all these cool things like learning, and studying, and reading, and running, and playing, and having fun, and developing themselves as humans. They don't like that because it's like chaos and it's not structured like they want it to be. So they give us all this insane amounts of homework to like structure your kids so that they're not bugging you. It drives me crazy. They go to school at 8 in the morning, they're home about 4. Then they had like two hours ... Hour ... Two hours of homework every night as well. The entire day is taken up with school work. Which none of it has any point. You know what I mean?

I remember in college writing papers and then the papers are done and then you threw them away. Like there's no purpose and no point to any of it. It's just all just manual, menial work that doesn't actually help you in any way whatsoever. It just drives me crazy. So I just wanted to go on a rant today with you guys. I'm sure most of you guys can empathize with me. If I was a teacher and my kids were going to London for a week, I'd think, "Man, this is such a great experience. What I want to you do is I want you to write a report about the cool cultural things you saw, and then what you learned at the Willy Wonka play." Something like that that's actually is going to be so much more useful than like here's a bunch of math problems that don't mean anything. See if you can solve them. Oh, and then here's a bunch of questions on that book that are so hard that don't make ... That aren't even like logically ... Things you have to go back and reread the book like 16 times to be able to find these random, obscure things you want to bring out in a quiz, and on and on and on.

I only know that because I had to reread Willy Wonka like 20 times yesterday trying to find all these little remote answers. Just ridiculous. Anway I just think that it's crazy. I think it's out of control. I think that our kids are stuck in a school system most the day anyway and the last thing they need is to come home and do homework. I think what they do when they get home they need to get home and get away from that, and relax, and have fun, and play, and grow and, be kids, and be creative, and stop trying to recite answers, and look up things, and figure out math problems. They do that all day at school. If they're not doing it at school there's an issue with the teacher I think.

There's kind of my rant. Yeah. I'm sure some of you guys I probably deeply offended with that. For me it's just ridiculous. It makes me ... We're not going to for a lot of reasons, I see a lot value in the homeschooling because of that. Where you can actually have your kids study things that matter and create assignment and things that help them grow as opposed to just like, "Oh, here's a book. You read it all. Now you've finished reading, go back and reread to find the answers that I wanted to pull out to try to stump you." It's just ridiculous. It's not how we learn in the real world, right? I think like the math ... Even math ... It's funny because they spend all this time trying to teach us how to do math. Which I understand it's good to know the basics. Since I've been out of college I've never done math once. There's these things called calculators we use. I almost think like they should have the kids focus 50% of assignments on learning on how to use a calculator. That's the real world we live in today, right?

I remember one of my friends is right now in college. He's writing like a thesis statement or something like that. He's got to write this thing. I was like well you should just hire someone to write it for you. Hire a ghost writer, you do the research, tell them what to write, and have them write it. He's like, "No, that's cheating." I'm like, "Are you kidding me? That's cheating?" Guess how it works in the real world, guess what happened when I wrote my book? I did the research, 10 years of hard work, and then I found a writer to help me write it. That's how the real world works. Okay? There's not ... I bet one out of ten books on the New York Times Best Seller List were actually written by the actual authors. There's people that help you with that. That's how the real world works. So why aren't we tested on how the real world works?

It drove me crazy in one of my programming classes, I couldn't figure out answers so I'd hire people in India and Romania to help me figure out the answers, and I'd get the problems right. My teachers would get upset saying, "You're cheating." I'm like, "How am I cheating?" In the real world, guess what I do when I can figure out an answer? I hire someone who gives me the answer! That's such a more valuable skill than spending six weeks trying to figure out an answer. In fact I would fire one of my employees if they had spent six weeks trying to figure out an answer instead of just asking somebody who might actually know. That's a skill that is transferable. That's what school systems should be based on. Is who here can actually find the answers to questions? Not who knows all the answers to every single question. Who can memorize things and regurgitate them? Who can find these things? Who can open Google and find the answer?

That should be what tests are because the real world is. If we're not ... If the real wor- Great. I'm in the intersection and my car just died. Darn stick shifts. Sorry I'm not used to driving a stick shift while I'm ranting. It's hard to do two things at once. That's just how I feel so anyway. I have a lot of sympathy for my little kids who are going through this right now. Part of me just like, "Why are they even have to do this? Like they shouldn't even worry about turning it in." I'm trying to be a good parent and help them understand the value in it. It's hard. So I just needed to rant to you guys who get me because I am helping my kids. I'm making sure they get homework assignments done. I'm not talking bad about their teachers. I'm trying to help them in that way.

The reality is I just don't think that that the world works that way anymore. So for me, I'm just saying that I do not like school. If you guys agree with me, please share this podcast. If you go to you'll find a link to it. You can grab and share it with your friends and family, other people who may or may not agree with me, I love to get feedback. Go comment on the blog. Let me know if you disagree. It'd be awesome to have a fun conversation there. Anyway I'm at the office. It's rainy. So I'm going to jump out of here and go get warm. I'll talk to you guys soon. Have an amazing day. Don't let your kids go to school. Just kidding. They should go to school but just for the social reasons. Don't let them stress out too much about homework. All right. I'm out of here. Talk soon.

Nov 23, 2015

Some interesting things that I discovered while on the road this last week in the UK.

On this special early morning episode Russell recaps his trip to London and why he’s happy to be back home. He also talks about the differences with selling to audiences in different countries.

Here are 4 cool things in today’s episode:

  • How amazing it is that you can connect with people who are in the same industry as you all over the world.
  • How weird it is that people in the UK made fun of Russell just because he’s American, and how that taught him how to transition his presentation to accommodate them.
  • How people in Australia are different from people in the US or UK.
  • And why Russell didn’t have any expectations for how well he would do in the UK, but how he is grateful either way.

So listen below to hear how Russell’s trip to London went and why it was better than when he was in the UK 5 years ago.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson, and welcome to an early morning fricken-freezing Marketing in your Car. Hey guys! So we just got back from London, woo-hoo! It was a long, long, long, long, oh so long trip to get back. We made it and we are excited and now it's like 6 in the morning. My kids have not fallen asleep yet, because they're still on London time. We kind of passed out for a little bit, but we're awake now. Our cute little baby, who we haven't seen in a week, we’ve been playing with her. Even though she's tired, we're not letting her sleep, because she's too dang cute. A whole bunch of stuff and it's not even 7:00 yet! I'm actually driving out to go grab some food because our house is out of food. That's what's happening over here.

Other than that, I'm just excited to be home. I'm not traveling again for, hopefully for forever. You know how you feel after you eat Thanksgiving dinner, and you're so full you just want to pop. You're like, "I'll never eat again, ever!" Then five minutes later, you're hungry. That's how I am right now. I will never travel again, ever. The last 30 days, it's just been insane. We're back! We're excited, a lot of fun things. I'm excited to get my hands dirty again, and get into work and get into stuff. Speaking, and traveling, and selling, and stuff like that, it’s fun. I just miss sitting behind a computer and just funnel building, funnel hacking. I’m so excited! It's all good.

We had an awesome time in London, and it all turned out really, really good. It was fun. It was cool going there and seeing all these businesses. It's interesting because you think about however many, 20 years ago even, people sold things in their communities, right? If you lived in Boise, you sold things to other people in Boise. That's kind of how things were. The Internets made it so it's everywhere.

What's cool, a couple things that I kind of got from it. 1, going over there, you see these entrepreneurs from that other side of the world. What's interesting is their hopes, their dreams, their desires, their vision, their desire to change the world in their own little way is the same. It's not different than it is here. I think entrepreneurs; we have something weird inside of us. It's not an American thing, or it's not whatever. It's an entrepreneur thing and it's everywhere. People there have the same bug that we have here. It's awesome and I just love being around entrepreneurs. There's nothing better for me. That was really, really cool.

What was interesting though, this is kind of cool, people don't see this a lot. You don't notice it online either. I wonder, I don't know if I'll do anything because of this, but it makes me think. For example, in the last 30 days, I've spoken in Australia, United States 3 times, and then in London. The 1 thing that is different, culturally things are different. It's just fascinating. I remember the first time I spoke in London and I tried to sell. I did my normal pitch that in the States was awesome and it bombed over there. I was like, what in the world? These people hate me. I found out later they did hate me.

I remember, this is kind of sad, but after the event was over, I sold a couple, but not like what I normally would have. This is probably 4 or 5 years go. Then I went on this forum later, it was a free event we did, all this stuff. I'm on this forum reading people critiques of the event and all these people were making fun of me. They weren't making fun of my presentation, or anything. They're making fun of me because I was American. Wow! I never thought that that was a thing, it was so weird to me. After that I had friends that told me when they sold to the UK, they had to sell different, they had to speak different, they had to do things different for it to work.

I hadn't had the chance to speak in the UK for 5 years, so I never really tested that again. I've spoken twice in Australia since then. Australia was completely the opposite. Australia feels like, maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think the people in the UK always like Americans. I think they think we're stuck up. We kind of are. The more cultured I am becoming, the more places I go, the more I realize how annoying Americans can actually be. We are pretty, it's kind of embarrassing looking at it now. That's just how American's are, right? I the UK, if people don't necessarily like us as much, but in Australia it's the opposite. Australians love us. It was really interesting, I was in Australia, anything I said it felt like I was walking on gold. It was a completely different cultural experience. That was kind of just weird to me.

This time I spoke in the UK I was very aware of that. It thought if I'm going to be successful with this, I think the wrong approach ... The approach in Australia was almost more like I'm this American authority, let me show you all this cool stuff I did. In the UK the way I transition my presentation this time, I had to kind of make fun of myself more. What do they call it, self-deprecating humor or whatever? I tried to make fun of myself more throughout the presentation. What's funny is in America, even Australia, if you close people, they stand up and they start going to the back, when they get excited and they rush. The UK, none of that. Nobody moved. I'm doing my close and I'm telling them, "Get up right now, go to the back!" I'm doing all my stuff that normally get's American's jumping over each other and fighting to get to the back, and nobody budged. They just sat there.

I'm so confused, did I not make fun of myself enough? What's happening? Then after the presentation was done, people slowly stood up and walked over and signed up. The promoter told me afterwards, he's like, "Your close rate was amazing for the UK, just so you know." Really? It was way less, it wasn't way less, it did well, but it was less than I thought it was going to be. He's like, "You're close rate was amazing for the UK audience." It's just interesting.

When I think about a lot of times I think we craft ourselves messages for all people. As I'm getting more and more deeper into this business, what I'm learning more and more is that I think this is really the power of where Actionetics inside of Click Funnels is going. Changing based on people. This one is making more money, speak to them this way, less money, speak to them here. If they're male speak to them like this, if they're female speak to them like this. Whatever those demographics are. I almost think that if I really want to go deep in this, I don't know if I will, but I might, especially offers that we really focus a lot of time and energy on. I would even change the sales message based on culture, based on geography. Somebody in the UK was watching video sales, I would speak much different than somebody in the United States.

Just interesting I thought. One other thing, this I just want to share with you guys, and hopefully it will resonate. I hate this, I've got so many coaching clients who, and I get it, you want to forecast and set goals, and expectations, and things like that. I think it hurts. I always have these, our clients, our friends, or people that I hear are like, "Okay, webinars going to happen, I'm going to do this ..." They have numbers built up in their head, "If I only get this percent, and this happens and dahdahdah." All these things they figure out. They do it, and they don't get it, and they're destroyed mentally and physically that destroys them.

I'm a big believer in not, not not setting goals. I'm a big goal setter. Not setting expectations of outcome. You can't control those things at first. When I spoke at this event, Dan kept asking, he told me how many sales I did. Dan's the promoter, was like, "Is that good for you? Bad? What were you expecting?" I was like I didn't have any expectations coming in. I want, when it's done, for me to be happy with whatever, and if I have expectations, then no matter what I'm not going to be happy. You know what I mean? I didn't have any expectations. If I didn't sell anything, I was coming to try to serve and try to help. When I speak, even I've been doing this forever, I get nervous. Before I speak, I pray and when I pray I pray that I can give value and help serve people to the best of my ability. That's what I'm praying for and I like how many sales I can close, I'm legitimately here to serve people. That's the way I go into it. The people buy, I'm so grateful afterwards that it's awesome.

But if I would have thought, think ahead of time, looked at Dan's audience and said, "My typical audience converts this much." Really though through it and really focused on that number, I probably would have been disappointed, because it made less money than it should have, based on if I would have thought through things. I try not to, I just kind of put it out of my head, and don't think about that. Just focus on giving, and serving, and helping. I even told Dan that, I didn't really have any outcomes, I wasn't really hoping for anything. I just come in and serve and hopefully we can get a lot of people into Click Funnels because they need it. I honestly feel like you can't be successful in life without it. I feel like they need it. I want to give that to them.

From this, I'm sure people know who I am now. If they enjoyed it, they're going to keep following me. They're going to buy more stuff. A lot of them will ascend up and come in our inner circle, things like that. Good stuff will happen from it. I'm not tying an outcome to it. I can't tell you how many people, over, and over, and over again, in my coaching programs, they have these numbers in their head. When they don't hit it initially they're just destroyed. It's hard to recover. If you go into it with no outcome, with no projected outcomes of your own, you just go and you do it. You try to serve and you see what happens.

Then you can take that data and you can look at it, and you can make decisions. If I was to keep speaking in the UK, I would look at the presentation and say what things didn't work. There were a lot of things that didn't work. I could tell, because there was this weird energy when you speak in a room. You can feel it, you can not feel it at times. There are things I would definitely change. Again, I'm not speaking in the UK all the time, so it's not the same for me. My first webinar, not my first webinar, but my first Funnel Hats webinar, I had no idea if it was going to do well or not. I was speaking at Mike Filsaime’s event, and I did it. When people started running back, I was so shocked. Oh, wow!

The next one was, oh! Every time I was so excited about what happened. Eventually, after we've done it so many times, we have projected outcomes, and we have things like that. Now we've got something to shoot for. I let the chips fall where they may at first. Then we can look at that, analyze the data, change things. Let that happen a bunch of times before we start making these projections, these models, and tying our happiness outcome to them. If you do, unless you hit it out of the park the first time, it's hard.

Most people do webinar the first time, they're not getting 10% close rate. They're not getting 5%, they might be getting 1-2%. That's where we start at. That's what we've got to do a billion times. That's why I've done the Funnel Hacks webinar, in the last 12 months, I would say a conservatively, at least 50 times live. It gets better every single time. It just makes me feel for people who create it, have this vision in their head, launch it, and they don't hit it. They are attaching so much personal emotion to it. I feel for that, so hopefully if nothing else you get from this, stop attaching all these things to you initial work. Just do it from a point that you want to serve, you want to give, you want to help.

Let the chips fall where they may. Then take the data, change it tweak it, then keep doing that. Eventually, when you have a model that is working, now you can come back and you can be stressed out about the results. Don't do that now. We have enough stress in our lives. You're building a business, it's fun and it should be an enjoyable process. It's going to be hard at times. It's going to be good at times. It's going to be bad at times. You're going to lose money at times. You're going to make money at times. You're going to be broke sometimes. Sometimes you'll be rich. That's just kind of the process in this game. If you don't have the skin for that, it might not be the right game to play.

I'm at the store, I've got to buy my family some food. Some eggs, some banana's. Some stuff for us to eat. I better go. Thanks for listening to my ramblings today. Hope that there is some value in there for you. I appreciate you guys. For those of you who are my new friends in London, thanks for letting me come hang out. I had an awesome time. I appreciate you guys allowing me to serve you. Thank you so much, and I'll talk to you soon.

Nov 19, 2015

This one was hard for me to share, but I’m so glad I did…

On this episode Russell talks from his hotel room in London about what happened with Clickfunnels over the last few days and how it almost all fell apart. He also talks about why being honest about your mistakes is important.

Here are 3 interesting things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • What happened with Clickfunnels while Russell was on the plane to London, and why everything had to be rebuilt.
  • Why he decided to be honest about what happened.
  • And what Russell learned from the whole experience.

So listen below to find out why being honest about your mistakes can be a good thing.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Hotel Room.

Hey everyone, yes, I am in my hotel room here in London, looking out over the whole city, which we've got a beautiful view from where we're at right now. Just did a periscope, saying hi to everybody, but I wanted to kind of come in here and shoot an audio for you guys as well because I haven't talked in a while. I've been on the road and we didn't get to do marketing in an airplane or marketing in the Uber, or anything like that, so we're doing it from the hotel room. I just want to share with you guys something that was kind of cool this week, a good lesson, hopefully can benefit you guys as well. As you know, in business unfortunately everything isn't always sunshine and roses. I wish it was.

We try to make it that way and we try to make it outwardly look that way to everybody because that's human nature. We don't like people seeing the mistakes or seeing the holes in our armor or things like that. We try to put on a straight face and show that part, which is understandable. That's what leaders, at least in my mind, leaders do. Tony Robins always says "Leaders see things as they are but not worse than they are," and then, "Leaders see things better than they are and leaders work to achieve that." That's the three steps of leadership from Tony Robins and I've always believed that. I've tried to always have that, I try to see things better than they are, I try to work as if we're there already and then we get there.

This week is ... Any of our faithful Click Funnels members know, and if you're not a faithful Click Funnel member, come on now. You're listening to Marketing in Your Car everyday and you're not in Click Funnels, this is insane. If I haven't sold you at this point, you're hopeless. When I landed here in the UK, I obviously checked everything to make sure life's good and that there's no issues, and it's blowing up from everyone wanting to kill me, and everything's down. Todd, who's my partner and main developer in Click Funnels texted me saying that we're down and it's not good and said something like, "If we survive this, then blah blah blah blah blah." I'm just like, whoa, I'm checking my bags off and reading this which is not what you want after a 20-hour flight or whatever we'd been on. I had all my kids with us and we had a huge, long ride to get to our hotel, it was just crazy.

I get on here and we're trying to figure out things and it was bad. Our database server we were using is called ClearDB, they've been kind of handcuffing us. Been trying to move off them, they wouldn't allow us to, they were kind of holding our data, they would have given it to us but we would have had to have been down for 24-hours which obviously was unacceptable. We just couldn't do it. There was an easy way where we could have transferred over to these Amazon servers but they wouldn't allow us to do it. It was thing we've been struggling with and most of our issues we've had over the last month or so had been because of ClearDB because their service couldn't handle what we were doing and they wouldn't allow us to move over to Amazon which we needed to. Anyway, that was a whole issue, so Todd basically messaged me and says, "Hey, everything's down. We're trying to restore from backup but it's going really, really, really slow. It's been 48-hours or so and it's still not restored on ClearDB which is crazy."

He messaged me and says, "Hey, we're going to call an audible, basically we're going to rebuild the whole thing on Amazon and we're going to race. ClearDB's reboot versus us on this new Amazon thing and whichever one wins is who we'll keep running with." Which is not a small task. I know for me and you, we probably don't understand any of that, I didn't, but it's basically rebuilding this whole huge structure and huge new infrastructure and doing that within an hour. My guys did it. It was amazing. I was thinking about this, if I was to go to war with someone, who would I bring with me? I can tell you who, their names. People like this who just figure it out, I'm just so grateful for them. During this process Todd messaged me, "Okay, it's working. It's already past how far ClearDB is. We're just looking at four, five, or six hours before it's live." I'm like, oh man, it's not something I can hide from, and again, here's the leadership in me saying look at things better than they are and move towards that.

We're trying to do that but people on Facebook are blowing up and finally I said, "I just need to tell everyone what's happening." It was hard and it was embarrassing, it was frustrating, it was like all these emotions, but I said, "That's what people need right now. They need some certainty that we know what we're doing and that we're not just goofing off." So I made a video in the hotel room, maybe you saw that. I was upset and frustrated and as you could tell in the video, but I just told the story. This is what's happening, I'm more-so upset than you are, I promise you that and kind of shared that with them and told them what sucks and the goods coming out of it. Just asked everyone to wait and hopefully we'll be back soon and posted that. As I'm looking at that post, 161 people have commented on that, 360 people liked it, and of the 161 comments, all of them were positive.

People saying 'We're with you, we love you, we care about you, we're here for the long haul, whatever happens we're here we're not leaving," and just gave me that assurance I needed to keep moving forward. It was kind of crazy, on my side it's like leadership isn't showing weakness or showing the issues. I can tell you I probably got 20 private messages on Facebook saying “Thank you for being a leader like this,” it was backwards from what I thought but it was cool. Yeah, luckily my guys are amazing, they got everything back up and since then, the last two days things have been even faster and better. I just made a video talking about the good news and posted it but what I learned from this and I wanted to share with you guys is when things aren't all sunshine and roses in your business, I think for most of us, our common sense is to hide it, not to share it. To kind of keep it away from people, but my experience from this is the opposite.

It's share with your community, let people know and people will respect your transparency, they will respect that you're on the front lines fighting with them and they'll rally with you. It was really, really cool. We were nervous that we were going to see a huge spike in cancellations and refunds and all these things, we didn't. Pretty amazing actually. It was just a good learning experience. So for you guys, I would say, the more open of a dialogue you can open to your community, the better, and I'm going to start doing…in the message thing I said, “How many of you guys want me to do these fireside chats once a week and just tell you guys the status of where things are in Click Funnels?” I posted that video a few minutes ago and we've already got ten comments, people saying they love the fireside chats and they want to keep them.

That is what we are going to do and I'm going to build a better communication and bond with our audience and I think that nothing bad can happen from that. It was a good learning experience for me and I hope that's something you guys can learn from as well, so when you do make mistakes or something screws up or whatever, instead of trying to hide it and show a flawless exterior, just tell people the truth. That's what they want, that's what they need, and it was awesome for us. Hope that helps, I am going to get some sleep ... I'm not getting sleep, who am I kidding? I've got a project I'm working on, I'm really excited, so I told people on Periscope I'm going to bed too, but I'm not.

I got about two or three hours in me, I've been working on a book called The Three Funnels. It's not a book, it's like a booklet, it's going to be a free-plus-shipping offer we come out with in December or January that you're going to want. That's what I'm working on tonight, so that's my plan. I'm getting back to work, you guys should too, or get some sleep wherever you are in the world. Appreciate you guys, thanks for listening, thanks for being part of our community and my world. You are a community worth serving, I'm grateful to be in a spot where I can help and grateful for you guys for listening and we will talk to you guys all soon, thanks.

Nov 11, 2015

How a few words from my son put everything into perspective.

On this episode Russell talks about a bad experience he had with his family at a restaurant he had been so excited to take them to, and how his son Aiden changed his perspective.

Here are some interesting things in to listen for in today’s episode:

  • Why Russell was so excited about a specific restaurant.
  • All the things that went wrong during what should have been a fun night out.
  • And how Aiden helped Russell realize what is really important.

So listen below to hear how an evening went from a terrible night to a really great night by just a change of perspective.


Hey everyone, good morning and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. All right, all right, I've heard your cries. You've said Russell, do not change the name. It may be a lame name but it's your name, so I'm leaning more now towards keeping Marketing In Your Car. It's like one of those cult classics where it's just weird but like, the right people like it right.

I think I'm going to keep it. I don't know, we'll see. I'll let you know. I hope everyone's having an amazing time today. Wanted to share with you an experience that happened last night, that was one of those humbling moments that I think was really good.

I had this idea, there's this Thai place right down the street from us. It's called Sawadee or something like that. They have these coconuts. They can take a Thai coconut, chop it open, take all the coconut water, and they fry rice in it, and then cut coconut meat, and they put shrimp in it. Then they stuff it back in the coconut and they bring out these huge coconuts full of amazingness and you eat it and it's awesome. I've had it a couple of times.

This week I was telling my kids about it. I was like this is like the most amazing thing. I got them all excited. I'm pretty good at selling people on stuff, sold my kids on these coconuts. They were going to be amazing. Last night we took there there, and then Brent on my team, he brought his wife and kids as well, and we all go to this Thai place to get these coconuts. We're so excited. We've told our kids all about it, and they're so excited and so we get there. Pretty much the worse service I've ever had ever. We show up with eleven of us, and there's no big tables, so they say let me seat you on a bigger table. She brings us back and there's a table that has six seats, and she's like, "Here you go."

I'm like, "Okay so there are eleven of us here." She's like, "Oh so this won't work for you?" I'm like, "Well no there's six seats there. There's eleven of us." She's like, "Oh okay hold on." We go back to the front, we wait, and she comes back. She sets up two tables, brings us out there, and there's seven seats around this table. She's like, "Here you guys go." My wife's like, "There's eleven of us. That's seven seats. We need another table." My wife was kind of upset right, it was awesome.

Finally they bring another table, now there’s enough seats for us. We sit down and start ordering and I'm like, "I want that coconut thing that's cracked open. It's got the rice and the shrimp and the everything." She's like, "Oh, the whatever?" I'm like, "I don't know what it's called. Whatever that is, that's what we want." She's like, "Oh okay." I'm like, "I want three of them because we're going to share them with our kids," and it's going to be exciting right.

The lady's stressing out, she's can't even like...Anyways, it was just the worst server I've ever had ever. Even in the very beginning when we're like what drinks do you have for the kids, she's like, "We've got lemonade, Sprite, and root beer." My son Dallin is like, "Cool I want some lemonade." She's like, "We don't have any Lime-aid." He's like, "I want lemonade." She's like, "We don't have Lime-Aid." Finally, I'm like, "Lady, he's asking for lemonade like you said." She's like, "Oh we have lemonade." I'm like, no duh. It started off bad.

Then she couldn't even hear us taking our orders and then I kept telling her, "I want the coconut thing that's cracked open, that's got the rice and the thing." She's like, "Oh you mean the whatever." I'm like, "I don't know what it's called. That thing is what we want." She's freaking out, "Well it takes twenty minutes to cook those. Let me put the order in real quick." She runs back, puts the orders in, and then comes back, finishes taking our orders, and kind of chaos.

Then after awhile, I remembered that one time I had the coconuts, they were really spicy, so I grabbed her and we're like, "These aren't spicy right? You did the no spice?" "Oh yeah we did no spice." It's taking forever, the kids are going crazy, and luckily we ordered some sushi for appetizers so the kids were eating sushi so that kind of calmed them all down. Then she brings out the coconuts and she freaking ordered the wrong thing.

There's no rice in them, there's no anything. They're coconuts but it's the wrong one, wrong thing. It was super spicy, tasted horrible. It was like, "This is not what we ordered." "What did you order?" "The coconut thing that has the rice and the shrimp in it." She's like, "Oh the this?" I'm like, "Yeah." She's like, "Oh well that's not what you ordered." I'm like, "That's what I asked you for. You told me that this was what it was called. I don't even know what it's called."

I was lividly mad. The stuff's spicy so our kids can't eat it. It doesn't even taste good. I'm eating it just because I have to and I ordered three of these things and they're freaking huge. It was just bad all around. I was so upset. I was so mad. I was ready to stand up and upturn the table and start throwing things. I was so angry and then my little five year old, Aidan, is sitting next to me and right after the lady drops off the stuff and I'm so mad. The kids can't even eat, so I'm like we're going to freaking McDonald's and eat McDonald's because these coconut things I've been telling them for the last week, we can't even eat because it's the wrong ones and they're spicy. They can't eat them anyway. I was just going off, and I'm nice to the server, but she could tell I was not a happy camper at all.

Then my little Aiden, my little four year old, nuzzles his head underneath my arm and looks up at me. He's kind of laying on lap, looks up at me and smiles, says, "Dad, this is the best night ever, huh?" I just sat there and I said, “he's right”. I'm so concerned about getting this thing perfect and all he wants to do is hang out with me. He doesn't care that the coconut's spicy and it's the wrong thing. He doesn't care about the coconuts at all. He just wanted to hang out with me. I looked at him, and I was just like, I just kind of smiled and I laughed, and it just broke my state completely. I said, "You're right bud, this is the best night ever." It just changed that fast. I think about how many times in my life, and I'm sure you guys are probably the same thing where, we're in the middle of stuff and we're going crazy and all these things are happening and it's not what we planned and we're so frustrated at other people around us who are making the experience less than favorable.

We have this vision what we want it to be for for the people we're trying to serve, our family, our client, whatever it is. I'm just grateful for my son, Aidan, who gave me that moment where I realized I was focusing on the worldly stupid things and he was focusing on just being with me. It just changed me and I felt bad, and I was still upset with the lady, but I tipped her well. I was just like, I got to spend time with my kids and it was really, really cool.

That is how I went from probably one of the worst experiences at a restaurant ever to the best night of my life, so it was awesome. Love my kids, they're amazing, and I hope that that gives you guys some inspiration, and spend more time with your family. I've said this once, I'll say it again. David O'McKay said that no success can compensate for failure in the home, and it's true and our kids just want us. They just want more time. They just want to be with us, so we should be with them.

Anyways, that's what I've got for you guys today. I'm going to head to the office. I'm going to get out early today. I'm going to go back home, and I'm going to surprise Aidan an hour or two early, and we're going to play early and we're going to play hard, and it'll be awesome. That's what I've got for you guys today. Have an amazing day and I'll talk to all you guys soon.

Nov 9, 2015

Is it just me or does this happen to you too?

On this episode Russell talks about how he focuses despite having A.D.D. and why he views it as a superpower.

Here are three things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • Why Russell has three computer monitors and why you should too.
  • How A.D.D. contributed to Russell’s losing focus and getting bored with projects he works on.
  • And why he thinks A.D.D. is actually a superpower.

So listen below to hear how Russell gets stuff done even though he has A.D.D.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson, and welcome to Marketing in your Car, or Quickies in your Car. Marketing Quickies, I'm still having an identity crisis. I'll figure this out soon. Hey everybody, hope everyone is doing amazing today. I just got back from most of my whirlwind trips around the world. I think I told you guys, two weeks ago I was in New Zealand, Australia, Phoenix all in seven days. From there I had a week home, then I went to Utah. My dad got put in the Utah Wrestling Hall of Fame. Then went to Denver, spoke at a GKIC event. We closed $200,000 in sales, which is always exciting and fun. Then went to Armand Morin’s event out in Phoenix again. The groups a lot smaller and I think I did about $24,000 in sales, something like that, not too bad. $225,000 or so in sales on the week, which is fun.

Now I'm back and I've got a week to be with my family and kids, and then we are packing up and flying to London to go have some fun. It's pretty cool. Right now I'm heading to the office to get come stuff done. The kids are all at school and it's a rainy, rainy day. I'm just excited to go and actually sit behind a computer with three monitors and work. I don't know about you, but I can't stand working on a laptop. I can't get stuff done, the screen's so tiny. I'm addicted to having three huge monitors.

In fact, I remember the very first time I went and met Rich Shefren, I went in his office and he had three of the thirty inch Mac monitors. I was like, "Dude, it feels like you're in a space ship!" He said there is some study that proved that the more desktop space you have, the more productive you are. Of course I had to, because the studies proved that that's how it works, I had to go get some. Anyway, I would never go back. I think one of the best things to do to increase your productivity is buy more monitors. I've given you all permission to get three, not one, not two, three thirty inch monitors, so you can get more stuff done, and you'll love it. If you don't want to get three, at least get two. You can just switch from one to two, it will change your world dramatically. Then when you go to three, you're just like, "I don't even know how people work on laptops." I honestly can't stand it.

I haven't gotten hardly anything done in the last two or three weeks, because of that. Today I'm going to go get some stuff done. I've got a huge to-do list, I'm going to pound through it all. I'm really excited actually. I know that's sad, most people are like, you get home from a long trip, you want to take the day off. I feel like I've been taking too many days off. I want to go and get some stuff done, that way I can relax and have some fun when we are in the UK, where I'm taking a legitimate week off. I won't even have, I'll have my laptop, but that's about it.

I'm excited. I have a question for you guys. Is it just me, or if all you guys are this way. I'm guessing you guys are like me. You probably all have horrible ADD. For the last, let me walk back, for the last twelve years of my business, this is how my process has been. I get an idea, and I focus on it and make a whole bunch of money, and as soon as it makes a bunch of money, I get bored. Then I go and I want to launch like ten things, and I launch like ten things. Then one or two of those ten things will make money, but then everything else suffers because of it. We never increase our income from it.

Then it gets worse, and worse, and worse, and I'm juggling a million things all at once. Then I finally decide to cut everything except the one thing that is making me money. I focus on that and it starts growing and it makes tons of money, everything is awesome again. Then I get bored and I'm like, "I'm going to launch like twenty new things." I launch like twenty new things, and one or two of them actually make any money, but everything else drops down. Then we start losing money, and then I start spiraling down. I get stressed out and then I cut everything again. I focus on one thing and it grows.

Have you guys done that before? That's been my pattern for twelve years now. It drives me crazy, but that's how my brain works. For example, right now a year and a half ago we started cutting everything. We cut our supplement. Everything outside of my coaching program, we cut so we could focus on Click Funnels. Guess what happened? Click Funnels grew and it's growing and it's doing amazing now. It is so hard now, because the more successful it is, and the more hands off and more automated it is, the more I want to do more things.

It's just hard. I want to have a supplement line I'm designing, I have this really cool real estate thing that I think is the greatest idea of all time. Real Estate slash air b and b thing that I want to do. Then I have all these things I want to do now and it's stressing me out because I know that if I do, everything else will collapse. I keep trying to push them off, and they keep nagging at me. They are these little ideas that are really good ideas, like everyone in and of itself, if we launched it this year, would do between three and five million dollars. I have no doubt in my mind. But at what cost?

I don't know what the answer is, you guys. This is my therapy session for the day. I have so much stuff I want to do and I know that if I do, then Click Funnels will, not that it's going to struggle, but my eye will be taking off that ball. I need to focus my eye on that ball. I owe it to my partners, my team, my friends, and to all of you guys who love Click Funnels. There's my conundrum. I'm sure you guys deal with that as well. I'm trying to figure out a happy medium between the two. I don't know what the answer is yet. I'm sure I'll find it eventually.

I just wanted to let you guys inside my brain for a little bit. I'm guessing that some of you guys are the same way. Based on this, I would tell you guys this, I'm guessing that most of you, if you are entrepreneurial, you have the same issue. Entrepreneurs are really bad at focusing on one thing. I remember in school, I used to always struggle, teacher would talk and I would say, "I can't even pay attention to what they are saying." I learned that if I would do multiple things, if I tapped my pencil and moved my fingers, and flip a coin in my hand when a teacher is talking, somehow magically I could pay attention. I couldn't just be sitting there quietly with my arms folded like they want you to do. I can't do that.

Most entrepreneurs can't. That's the trick, as an entrepreneur, if you're trying to focus and you can't, grab something in your hand. Start tinkering. Start moving. Start drawing. You have to be doing two or three things for you to be able to focus on one. It's weird. It's our super power, though, right? I'm guessing that most of you guys who are entrepreneurs that are listening to this are probably the same way, right? You get excited and you start focusing on a business that starts growing and you want to start tinkering all over the place.

What I would say, what I would coach Russell through, if I was coaching me, is just focus on one thing. Find something that you are passionate enough about that you can create new front ends and new things to drive all traffic and leads into that one thing. That's how, for the last twelve months, I've been able to focus on Click Funnels. It wasn't just Click Funnels, it was what other things can I create to bring people into Click Funnels? I was able to use my ADD super power to focus it on and towards that.

Just something to kind of help you guys to know that you're not alone. I do the same thing. Even like you would think after twelve years of this, I would be like, "Oh I can just focus." No, I can't. It's impossible. It's in our DNA, it's how our brains are wired up. It's not a bad thing, it's a good thing. It's why we are all crazy successful, because of that. It's just learning to harness that which can be really, really hard. If you are in that phase right now, I would say find something to focus on. What you focus on will grow. Then use your ADD to figure out multiple ways to make that thing grow and that becomes awesome.

The only other question, I don't have the answer to, is after you've done that and it's growing through multiple facets, then what? Do you launch a new supplement line or do you just not? These are the voices in my head yelling at me. Appreciate you guys. I hope you don't think I'm that weird. I hope you guys feel the same way, because it's hard. It's really tough. I'm going to go in there and focus today on things I need to do. Then slowly push forward some of those things that I probably shouldn't be doing, but keep me engaged and keep me excited. Keep me waking up in the morning. That's what we've got to do.

I appreciate all you guys. Thanks for listening to my rants, my rambles. I hope you get some value out of this. With that said, I'm going to check off. I'll talk to you guys all again very, very soon. Thanks everybody! Talk soon.

Nov 2, 2015

Only listen if you want to hear the thought process inside my head of what we’re doing and why…

On today’s episode Russell talks about the strategy behind his new book.

Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode:

  • The different types of traffic and how to convert them.
  • How to create bait to get the right customer.
  • And how Russell came up with the title for his new book Expert Secrets and what it will focus on.

So listen below to get excited for Russell’s new book, which is coming soon.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. All right everybody, I hope you guys are having a great day today. For me it was daylight savings last night, which meant I got to go to bed late, I got to wake up early, and I feel awesome. I think that daylight savings, for those of you guys who take advantage of it, is the greatest thing in the world. Now when I wake up at 5:00 in the morning, my body thinks it's 6. I get to start waking up an hour earlier by not shifting things, and I get an hour more out of each day. I hope you guys are doing that as well because it gives you the chance to just get free time. Then if you stick with that schedule it stays. I'm trying to do the same to my kids, like now trying to put them to bed an hour earlier, and keep them on that schedule and I'll get an hour on that side too. Anyway, I don't know if that makes sense, but that's what I'm trying at least. Because I woke up today and it was like 6 am but it was really 5 am, and it was awesome. So, I got way more stuff done today so, it's kind of fun. We also had a great Halloween, hope you did as well.

And, I was just thinking about something that I was going to share with you guys. And if you haven't read the DotComSecrets book yet, this may be a little over your head, but if you have read it, and you should, then this will make perfect sense to you. So, you know in the DotComSecrets book I talk about the secret formula, which is figure out who it is you want to serve, and then create bait that will attract them. Find where they are congregating and put that bait out in front of them, then you can get them as a customer, then you can ascend them up and give them the results you want to give them, right? And so, I talked about, in the book how when we wanted to change who our customers were, we changed our bait. And, how simple, basically, business was, as soon as you figured that out. Like who do you want to be selling stuff to in the future, and be working with. Figure out and identify who that person is, and then just create the bait that will get that person excited, and get them to want to enter your world, join your list, give you money, etcetera, etcetera.

And so, you know look at Click Funnels for example, over the last year since we launched it we've been trying out a lot of different bait to get different types of customers in the front door, which has been really really fun. Now, the next part in the DotComSecrets book we talk about is hot traffic versus warm traffic versus cold traffic, right? So hot traffic is like your own list. They love you, they're warm, they'll pretty much buy anything if you just say “hey, go buy this thing”, they'll go buy it. So, that's an example of your hot traffic.

Then your warm traffic is like people that don't have a relationship with you yet, but they have a relationship with somebody else, like a joint venture partner or friend or, you know, they read a blog or listen to a podcast, whatever. And, the warm traffic is that person giving you an endorsement, saying like “Hey, Russell's awesome, go buy his crap.” And then they're going to go buy it, because they have that relationship, right?

Then the last is cold traffic, and cold traffic's got no idea who you are, have no relationship, and so it's a little harder to convert them. In fact we did a little two day workshop here, for my Ignite members called Funnel Catcher that went through the details of how to convert cold traffic. It was really fun, it was fun to kind of show people that concept because when you learn how to convert cold traffic it opens up your doors to the world, right? And so, for me my warm market is either a Click Funnels member or else I delete them off my list, right. Like if you haven't bought Click Funnels at this point, and you’re still listening to me. You think… I mean, you just don't have respect for me or what I'm saying, is kind of my opinion, right… So my warm market is exhausted. Like they know about click funnels and they're using it, right? My warm market, and we're still going hard and heavy after… In fact this month we had our best month ever because it's a year in, we're still doing 5 or 6 or 7 webinars a month to our warm audience and getting people into Click Funnels.

And now we're trying to look at, how do we go more into cold? And it's funny, because for a long time I kept thinking that my market with cold was small business owners. In fact, when I went to Australia my whole thought process was what's the bait I'm going to create to get the chiropractor and the dentist and the financial planner, all these people to come into Click Funnels. And, I was thinking more and more about it, and I realized what's the big benefit of Click Funnels. It's a person who's building web sites, and who's done it before hired outsourcers and just got so frustrated, when they can figure out that they can do it themselves, that's the big “ah ha”. That's our market. And, I'm thinking, like, most dentists probably never edited a web site, never tried, never thought about it. They hired some dude, the guy made a website, they never thought about it again, right?

So, for me to show like, here's click funnels, watch this, I can move an image, I can add a count down clock. Like, it means nothing to them, right? So, I kept coming up stuck. We figured out some cool ways to market to those guys, and we're still going to, I'm not saying we're not. I'm just saying that they're not, that that's just a really really cold market. They don't even know there's an issue. They paid 5 grand for their brochure website and they're happy. They don't even know there's a problem yet. And so, I can and we will go after those people. But I was like, one rung up, like a little bit warmer than freezing cold. Like, who would those people be? I started thinking, that obviously our dream people are authors, speakers, consultants, things like that, right? Those are our people who are typically figuring out their own web sites, or they have a small team that are doing it, or whatever. And when they see Click Funnels it's like, mind blowing for them. They're just like, “Oh my gosh, I can fire the dude in India, and I can do it all myself.” That's really our market, and I was thinking we can keep going after them, and we are, but how do we create that kind of a customer now? How do we create a new author, or a new expert?

It was funny at our Funnel Catcher event, I did an exercise with people, I said this is how you know if your offer will convert to cold traffic. Sorry, they’re doing some construction here on the road. You can probably hear…there’s the jack hammer. Anyway, I said the way you can tell if your offer will convert to cold traffic is, imagine going down to the food court at the mall. There's like a hundred people all eating lunch, going crazy, and if you were to stand up on a chair and yell out, “Hey how would you like to learn how to build a sales funnel?” And listen, out of people in the food court, how many people would turn around and raise their hand and say, “Yes, me!”? Now, if I walked up to the food court right now here in Boise Idaho and I stood up on a chair and said, “Hey, who here wants to learn how to build a sales funnel?” Nobody's going to even pay attention, right? Even if I said, “Who here wants to see my sales funnel that makes $17,947 per day?” Most people still don't know what a sales funnel is, right?

You have to change the language patterns. But, if I said, “Hey, who here wants a free money making website?” The entire audience would raise their hand, right? So, that's the test to see if it's going to work to cold traffic. So, I started thinking about this, like obviously I can go and target experts that are already there, but who, what bait can I create that's going to get people who aren't already in that world? Like, how do I expand my universe, as opposed to just fishing out of the existing universe, right? And so for me, what we kind of figured out, I had this epiphany, it was literally at dinner last week. At genius network and I'm sitting there talking to Dean Graziosi about his business and infomercials, and about an hour earlier, Rob, we have a product called Expert Secrets and Rob, one of our designers sent me logos for it. And the logos are very similar to the DotComSecrets logo but a little bit different. And all of a sudden there was this “ah ha” moment where I was like…that's it, Expert Secrets.

I can go in the food court, and every single person in that food court feels like they're an expert at something. And if I can convince them that they can turn that into a business, and then to be able to do that they have to have Click Funnels, now it's a very short gap for me to fill. And the light bulbs went off in my head and that was it, that's my next bait. And so, minutes afterwards I was calling the person that helped me write my first book, I was calling my publisher, I was calling like everybody. And, within like a day and a half we figured out that I'm writing my next book. It's going to be called Expert Secrets, it's going to be kind of cool. It's going to be like the companion book to DotComSecrets, right. DotComSecrets is like, here's how to market and scale any business. Expert Secrets is like, how do we focus on just information style products and businesses.

And I was thinking about like you know most people, like Dave Asprey for example, wrote the Bullet Proof Diet, which is the strategy behind it. And the second book is the Bullet Proof Cookbook, which is like the “how to”. You know, here's the guide that goes with it. And this is kind of similar. I feel like DotComSecrets is the overarching strategy, and Expert Secrets is going to be like the practical, like example of that. It's going to be cool. So, we're going to be getting a whole bunch of really cool case studies in the book, of just people in different businesses showing off like what they're doing and how they're doing it. It's going to be awesome. But, it will be a book that will convert to the masses. It'll not just be focused on marketers, like the DotComSecrets book kind of was. It will be focused on the world. And my goal is to help all these people. I'm watching the cars drive by me right now. Like that dude right there has got something he's awesome at that he could share to change the world. So does that person right there, so does that dude, so does that lady. Everyone does, right?

We're going to do it initially as a book. I think we're going to try out an infomercial, a bunch of other things and just try to expand our universe and I'm excited. I'm inspired, and I just want to share that with you guys today, because you're probably one of the few groups of people in the world who care, about my rambling thoughts. That's why you're listening in, right? I hope that as I kind of work through my thought process out loud that it helps you guys think through yours. Like, you know, with you're business you're probably targeting hot traffic, and then warm traffic, and you want to transition down to cold, and what do you look at? And then what are you doing where your markets like getting educated so much it's difficult. Like how do you find the right bait to get the right customer, and how do you create bait that will grow your market as opposed to just fishing out of your market, and a whole bunch of stuff.

So, hopefully there are a lot of good valuable things in this one for you today. And, I'm excited and you'll see over the next two or three months I'm going to try to get this book done fast because it's bursting out of me now. Now that it's been, now that I've begun and I see the vision, it's moving fast in my head and I'm excited to get it out and share it with you guys and really use this as a tool to expand my world, expand Click Funnels reach and give all these people in all these cars driving by and everywhere in the world the ability to take their god given talents and abilities and information and advice and turn it into businesses. And then give them the platform, the tool, Click Funnels to be able to do that. I'm excited, I'm fired up, I hope you guys are as well, and that's what I got for you today.

Outside of that, I think that my marketing quickies, we have this really cool animation intro for the Periscope show that's coming out. Also, so Periscope and Mentions… So Mentions, right now for me, is catching up on Periscope. Like on how many viewers are showing up and watching. But then mentions gets way more shares afterwards, and a lot more longevity, which is kind of cool. Then Blab, I'm sure you guys have heard of Blab. Blab's like the new one that's like Periscope, but they just launched this new thing now where you can have multiple people on. So I can do like Blab interviews through a Periscope style thing and have like five, four or five people on. Anyway, just fun. Technology is exciting, you guys, it's opening up our world in so many cool and exciting things. But anyway, I'll keep playing with it. I'll keep reporting back what I find. But, so far it's been amazing and that's it. All right guys, appreciate y'all, I'm out of here, have a great day. I'll talk to you all soon.

Oct 29, 2015

I was SHOCKED to see that this guy’s sequence was 190 weeks…

On today’s episode Russell talks about why he likes the idea of having a longer email sequence and the benefits that could come from it.

Here are some cool things that are in this episode:

  • Who showed Russell that having a longer email sequence is actually a great idea.
  • What benefits Russell thinks will come by making his own sequence longer.
  • And how to subscribe to The Marketing Quickies Show

So listen below to find out why your auto responder email sequence could and should be longer.


Hey everyone. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Or Marketing Quickies. Or Quickies in Your Car. I don't even know anymore. We’re in the middle of a re-brand. I can't figure out what the name is yet, but as of right now, I'm pretty sure we're still Marketing In Your Car.

Hey Everyone, I hope you guys are having a fantastic day so far today, heading into the office. I've been dragging my feet a little slow. I'm not going to lie. I took yesterday off to hang out with the kids which was just awesome. While I was there in our wrestling room, I got a big old squat rack, I did squats and Romanian dead lifts and box jumps and everything that you can think of to destroy my legs. Today my legs hurt. It's I don't really want to move so I've moved really, really, really slow today but ... Finally in the car, heading in to get a little bit of work done for the day. I'm actually really excited. I haven't had a chance to sit down and work for like a week and a half, so it will be really good. I'm going to share with you guys something that I think was really interesting and good. I've been fighting it internally in my head for the last two days since I heard it. But I think, I think he's right. I'm pretty sure. I might be wrong.

It was funny because on the trip, I like ... You know traveling and time zones and all sorts of stuff, I didn't have time to really email my list at all which if you don't email your list, you don't make any money. I found that if I go a week without emailing my list, my open and click through rates drop dramatically. It's crazy. If you're not emailing your list at least once a week, you are kind of screwing yourself over. Honestly, you should be doing at least three or four and probably every day. That's kind of what I found. So I hadn't emailed my list because I landed, I'm tired and I don't know where I'm at. I don't have internet access and, you know, hotel internet access is horrible and just a million other excuses and various reasons why I didn't email my list. That's kind of what was happening.

When I was at Joe Polish's event, Brendon Burchard, he's been a friend for a long time. Somebody that I like a lot and look up to. Anyway, he got up and he was talking about some stuff. One of the things he talked about was he asked everyone, he said, "When someone joins your list, how many emails do they get automatically?" And then he said, "I bet you I can judge your income based on how many emails are in that sequence." So I was like, "Okay, I'm going to play with this a little bit." Just curious.

My sequence is typically seven to ten days and then I move them to a broadcast list, which is the model I talk about in the DotComSecrets book, which I still believe in, by the way. He said for him, he said that when someone joins his list, they go through a sequence of one hundred and ninety weeks. A hundred and ninety weeks. That is, what fifty-two weeks in a year, two years, three years, about four years. He's pre drilled out a four year auto responder sequence. He said, "The reason why I can seventeen weeks off every single year is because of that one hundred and ninety week email sequence." I was like, "Dang, dude. That's pretty dang cool."

I'm kind of jealous that I don't have that right now. I've always fought that. I think there's value and power in having emails that are happening in real time based on what you're excited about today, with the atmosphere, with the environment, with what's happening ... You know, kind of tied to that. That's kind of been my belief pattern and I still believe that. At the same time, I also really like the idea of having longer sequences or things that are happening.

The other thing he talked about is that sequences ... The whole goal with sequence is to, kind of like when I talk about the value ladder, how you are ascending up your customers, it was kind of something similar where he's talking about ... Oh man, a police cop, or a cop on a motorcycle just drove by and looked at me. Gave me the look. Gave me the eye. Anyway, ascending people up through the sequence so you're giving them each piece they need and helping them to expand their mind and their vision as they're moving through product catalog. I thought that was kind of cool so I started thinking back about all the products I have and what's the sequence I’m introducing to people. Honestly, it's kind of all over the place. I don't really have a super good path that I take people down.

I think part of that's because there's products that I know I want to create that I've got partially created that I know would be valuable and need to be in a certain order. Right now they're not so I was like, "How do we ..." Anyway, so I think one of the fun things I’m excited to do today is I'm going to go through all the products that we certainly have and the ones that I know that I need to have done for this to kind of work. I'll lay it out and then figure it out. When somebody comes into my world, they join my list for the first time, what's the first logical offer that makes sense? Where's the second and the third? Where are we taking people over a fifty-two week period of time? That's kind of what I've been working on.

The cool thing about Actionetics too, which is nice, is you don't have to just go build out a hundred and ninety week sequence. What I'm going to do is build out smaller sequences. I think fourteen day sequences that focus on one topic, so let's just say that we got a product coming out called Trip Wire Secrets. It goes through all the depth and detail of how to create Trip Wire offers. We've got Perfect Webinar Secrets. We've got all these different High Ticket Secrets, so we've got these different products in our product catalog. It's figuring out how can I do a fourteen day sequence around that? What videos can I create? And training and blog posts and articles and all these things so that there's cool, fourteen days worth of content  that are wrapping around one of our core product lines, right?

Build out that fourteen day sequence and that becomes one action funnel, right? Do all of them. What I can do is start daisy chaining them together so when someone first enters my world, whatever product they bought, let's say that they just bought the DotComSecrets book so they'd get a fourteen day sequence about the DotComSecrets book. When that's finished then the action funnel then pushes them to funnel number two which maybe is Trip Wire Secrets and they go through that fourteen day sequence. When that’s done, that pushes them to number three which is maybe Perfect Webinars Secrets. Then, you know, from there it's the next thing and the next thing. Oh, I forgot I was driving a stick shift. I was stopping and totally forgot to put my foot on the clutch. I don't know if you guys heard that. I almost just killed it live on air.

Any who, so that's kind of what I'm thinking. I'm not positive I'm going to do that yet, but I think I am. That way, I got these different soap opera sequences that are kind of daisy chained together in an actual process. I still think I'll put people on a broadcast list after the first fourteen days I believe. Anyway, I'm going to play with that a little bit. I'm going to think through it a lot. I will let you guys know what I come up with, but I think that would be kind of cool. That's my plan.

I hope that gives you some idea. You can kind of think through that, you know, how long is your sequence? I know that in my brain, I have so much pain associated with auto responder sequences. I hate building them. I hate doing them. I hate everything about it. It causes a lot of pain to think about it for me. Honestly I don't really want to do it, but it's one of those things where I know I need to do something like that. I might block out like a week of time during the holiday seasons coming up and just like say this week is auto responder sequence week and I do not get to have any fun. I just get to go through this pain but by the end of it, if I do, I'll get to do something cool and figure out some cool prize for me if I can make it through a week of sequences which, again, sounds like a lot of work to me. It'll be good though. That's the game plan.

Any who, that's what I got for you guys today. I hope you guys are doing awesome. I hope your businesses are growing. I hope you are getting a lot of value out of this. Also, make sure you get on the daily Marketing Quickie Periscopes. People are finding a ton of value in those. They are a lot of fun to do and I'm doing them from all around the world. If you're missing out on those, in real time you're missing out. If you go to the blog,, there's info there on how to subscribe to the daily periscope or just download the periscope app.

Search Russell Brunson and there should be one ... I think there's two. Someone got a fake account under my name. Punks. So there's the fake Russell Brunson account and then there's one called the Marketing Quickies show. Subscribe to that one and everyday you'll get a little chirp on your phone when I jump on live and we'll hang out. I'll drop some value bombs for you guys and it will be a lot of fun. So, anyways, hope I can see you guys over there on that platform as well. I appreciate you all for listening and hanging out. I'll talk to you guys all again soon.

Oct 28, 2015

All the cool stuff I learned on my journey.

In this episode Russell talks about some of the highlights of his trip to New Zealand and Australia, including meeting Liz Benney and her family and being able to sell a huge percentage of a room where everyone already has Clickfunnels.

Here are some fun highlights to look for in this episode:

  • How Liz Benney found success with the help of Russell and Clickfunnels.
  • How Russell was able to sell to a room full of people who already had Clickfunnels.
  • And how Russell got Sean Stephenson to come speak at the upcoming event.

So listen below to hear those and some other cool things that happened to Russell on his trip.


Hey everyone. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everyone. I hope you guys have been doing well. It's been a little while since you've heard from me. Actually you did hear from me once in Australia. I was ranting about that sushi place, so you have heard a little bit from me, but anyway it's like 6:00 in the morning, we are driving to go get passports done for the kids before school, and I just wanted to jump on and say hey. It's been a little bit.

Last week has been a crazy whirlwind. We flew last Monday, we flew from Boise and we flew over to New Zealand to go see Liz Benny and her family, and we had a super, just an awesome time. A chance to go see her. Liz joined our coaching program about a year ago and we had a chance to work with her for the last year and she's gone from being a successful social media manager for people and helping a ton of businesses, to taking her skills and expertise and teaching it to other people. She's helped thousands of people now become social media managers. She's put them in business and she's got success stories from people making 40 to 50 grand contracts and just so cool. So cool to see how her and her personality have been able to go out there and literally change the world in her way, and she's just getting started. You guys will hear more from her. It just keeps growing.

It was really cool. Actually the last part of the trip I had a dinner with some people, and they're all people that make tens of millions of dollars, and we were talking about just the impact we've had over the last year, and I just kind of shared the story. I said, "You know, I went to New Zealand and I was sitting in the house that Liz was in, and she was in the process of packing up this house because she's moving to their beautiful new home they just purchased."

She showed me, she was like, "This is the chair I was sitting in, this is the computer I was looking at when I saw the ad with your face on it, and I clicked on it and then this is where I filled out the application." She's like, "I spent hours going over the application because I was so nervous and all these different things." She was like, "I put my heart and my soul into it. This is where I applied and then this is where you guys asked me for $25,000", and she's like, "We were driving around here and I was saying, "No, we can't do it. It's too much money and we had saved that money for our future home and all these things."

Finally she was like, "We were in this room when we decided to do it, and then we had our first call, and this is where I was sitting, and this is where Kristy and I were sitting when we had our first Skype call, and she's now a year later and done almost a million dollars in sales. We just purchased our dream house and all this good that's come from it", and it was just I don't know. We get in this business and we think about the dollars, the numbers, and the conversion, and all those kind of things. That trip just gave me a chance to make it more real and to see the end result of what we're doing, why we're really doing it. It was emotional for me, and it was exciting, and it was awesome to see her, and see them, and meet her little kids. They're super cute. Anyway, it was just great.

We were only there for like 24 hours and we went and cruised around, made some videos, we went to the place where the filmed Chronicles of Narnia, and we had a quad copter and filmed Liz out in the middle of this huge field where the war was at and the quad copter flying over the top of her. There's going to be some cool videos that come from that I'm sure. Anyway, that was pretty awesome. Yeah, it was just overall it was just a great little trip.

From there we flew to Australia. In Australia, we met with a guy named Ian Marsh. He was business partners with a guy named Mal Emory and then he actually bought Mal's business from him. Mal is always called the Dan Kennedy of Australia which is kind of cool. I've known Mal for probably six or seven years now. He interviewed me back in the day for his CD of the month club, and that's how I got to know him. I went and spoke four or five years ago for them. Flew out to the Gold Coast and spoke for him and then this time, so we went out there to that event. They had a smaller group. It was just a really neat group, and I had the chance to share Funnel Hacks and Click Funnels with everybody.

It's kind of funny. It's awkward when you're in a room and you're about to sell Click Funnels and you ask, "Who in here has click funnels?" Everybody's hand goes up, and then you're like, "Who in here's ever seen this presentation?" Half the hands go up. You're like, "Man, how am I going to convert this audience?" How am I going to make some money selling? But I ended up selling over 25% of the room. Yeah, over 25% of the room. Which, when you consider who already had click funnels, it was like 150% of the room that I closed, so that's pretty cool.

Then later on they wanted me to sell our higher end coaching program, but I felt bad the audience had been sold a lot over the week and I was like, "You know what? I'm just going to serve and give and just help", so I did a really cool session. It's the very first session we do inside of our ignite program, and I did that with everybody. I think it turned out really cool. It was awesome.

We did that, and then hung out there, jumped in the water, it was freezing cold, and went and saw Sydney, the big, huge bridge, and the opera house, and did that. I got to hang out with one of the coolest people I know. His name's Darren Stevens. He joined our mastermind group this last year, and so he's come to Boise three or four times and had a chance to hang out with him there, which was awesome. If you read the book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, he's the dude that did all the marketing behind that. It sold like 40 million copies of the book. One of the smartest people I've ever met, so I had an awesome time hanging out with him and getting to know him better, and just really cool, just a great experience.

One of the things in my mind I kept thinking about while I was there, I was thinking about a book. I'm like, "I want to write a book that I can use to target small business owners to get them into click funnels", right? That was kind of my thought process. The whole time I'm in Australia, I'm trying to think through that and I couldn't get the right angle, the right hook, so I kind of just that uneasy feeling when you're trying to create something, but you're not sure what it is and you're not sure of the right angle or direction, things like that.

Anyway, that was kind of happening. Then the next day after we finished hanging out with Ian and Darren and all those guys, then ... Oh and it was funny. We were out filming on the back patio in Australia, the hotel, filming some testimonials and all of a sudden this guy comes out and he's like, "Are you Russell Brunson?" I'm like, "Yeah, who are you?" He's like, "Dude, I'm a Click Funnels member. We have a dog training business", and he's like, "I love Click Funnels." He's like, "This is so random. I was here at my buddy's wedding. I look out on the back porch and Russell freaking Brunson's sitting there." Which was pretty cool. Anyway that was cool.

Then we flew to Phoenix for Joe Polish's 25K group, which was really cool. It's interesting, I almost joined his group four years ago and I went to the initial meeting, and I'm like, I'm not super good at networking. I always kind of struggle with that. I usually go to events more for the content. Honestly, and if Joe hears this, I'll feel bad, but the content wasn't ground, earth-shattering. That's what I remember four years ago, and so I didn't join back then.

This is now four years later, I decided let's join again. I went to the event. It was kind of similar. The content was good. There was nothing amazing, but the network of people he put in the room was amazing. Again, I'm not a very good networker, so I don't think I really benefited from it last time, but this time I brought one of my friends, Dave Woodward. He's on our team. He's a really good networker, so he came with me and we kind of used that together to tag team and to network. That turned out awesome.

I probably will from this point forward be a genius network member. Just the people in the room were amazing. So many cool people. People that in different markets, I would have only have dreams about getting to know that I became friends with and it was awesome. He's done a good job there. I did hear a couple presentations that were inspiring, and got one and maybe two speakers from there that are going to come speak at funnel hacking live, which is exciting.

Some of you guys may know Shawn Stevenson, he's this little short guy. If you search Shawn Stevenson in Google, it's someone who I've looked up to for a long time, and I had a chance to hear him speak. Then afterwards his wife came up to me. She's like, "Russell", she's like, "We love click funnels." I'm like, "You do?" I'm like, "I love you guys", and I was so excited, and so I'm like, "What would it take to get Shawn to come speak at our event?" She's like, "A little bit of money." I'm like, "Done, let's do it", so that's going to be awesome.

I'm going to pause this because I'm driving the car behind my kids and they just voxed me, so give me second to check out what they just said.

All right. I'm back from listening to my kids. They were singing me songs on Voxer. So stinking cute, I love them. I hope it recorded that because I came back and that clip was closed, so crossing my fingers you guys didn't lose the first half of my message.

Anyway, so Shawn Stevenson, who is the man, is going to come speaking at the event for sure. This other dude that, it was really cool, he gave a cool talk on us entrepreneurs, and about how weird we are, and how it's normal, and how we're not alone, and it's cool. I think I'm going to ask him if he wants to kind of come speak. I'm not real quite sure the tangibles from his presentation yet, but I got chills like five times. As an entrepreneur, I was just like, "Oh, this guy gets me." Anyway it was cool.

Anyway, there was some really good things. I just, those of you guys who know me and how I teach at my events, everything is very tangible and you leave with like 80 pages of notes, where this one I really didn't leave with any notes at all, but I left with feelings. I guess that's more, that was probably more so feelings of how do I change things, how do I focus more on family, focus more on, the one thing Joe said that was cool was like, "Multiplication through subtraction." How to do more by cutting things out. I think it was more of a week, two days of reflection for me of like what I can do different as opposed to here's cool stuff I could do. Which I guess is good. It's backwards from what I'm used to, and kind of what I typically like, but anyway. There you go. It was good though. I appreciated it and Joe's a class act. I like him a lot, so yeah. There you go on that.

I did that for two days and then last night flew home, and I'm in the airport, we're hanging out eating dinner, me and Dave, and all the sudden this guy comes up to me, he's like, "Excuse me, are you Russell Brunson?" I'm like, "Yeah." He's like, "I've got your book in my backpack. I'm flying home right now." I was like, "Were you at the genius network?" He's like, "No, what's that?" I'm like, "So you're just randomly flying through the airport and you just saw me?" He's like, "Yeah, I got your book." He's like, "I'm improving. I'm drinking my keytones." We were literally drinking keytones right when he was there.

It was just awesome, so did that, jumped on my plane, flew home, get in an Uber on the way home and on the drive home the Uber dude was like, he was like, "I'm just driving Uber while I build my business." I'm like, "Oh yeah? What's your business?" He's like, "Oh, I'm creating an online membership site teaching people how to whatever." I was like, "Are you serious?" I was like, "Dude, that is my world. That's all I know, and that's the only thing I know how to do." He's like, "What?" It was just, so I totally sold Uber dude some Click Funnels, which was pretty awesome and he was so excited, so anyway it was a great week. A lot of just cool things came from it.

I did a couple Periscopes on the road. If you guys missed them, I did one with Liz in the coffee shop where she kind of built her business, which was cool. I did one, where was the other one I did? Oh, I did one with Darren Stevens which was awesome. He told the strategy how he sells usually on average, about $80,000 worth of sales from his book before he even starts printing his book. Which was like the coolest ninja strategy on earth, so that was cool. Then I did a Periscope from Phoenix talking about all the cool things that Tony Robbins taught. Tony Robbins spoke at the event, which was cool. Tony Robbins spoke and it was awesome, and so I kind of shared all the highlights from Tony's presentation, and also John Paul Mitchell. I guess his name's Austin, it's not Mitchell. John Paul Dejoria or whatever, he spoke too, which is kind of cool how he became a billionaire. That was pretty sweet.

Anyway, if you missed any of those Periscopes, go check them out. Go to and those periscopes should be listed in there probably about the same spot that this podcast is, but go watch those, they were awesome. If you’re not on my Periscopes, you need to get on them. Cool stuff's happening everyday I'm doing Periscopes, dropping some bombs, dropping some gold, and I promise I will make it worth your while for you guys to come and hang out on those.

There you go. I'm almost to the passport place, still pitch black outside, totally tired and jet-lagged, and my body doesn't know what time of day it is, or night time, or anything, but that's okay because I'm home, and I'm with my kids and my wife, and this morning it was just so fun. At the airport I found these little minion tic tacs, so I brought them all home minion tic tacs. I woke them up this morning and gave them minion tic tacs. Every single one of them were all drowsy and they look up and they see the minions and they say, "Oh cool dad." It was just the best $2.00 I ever spent. Anyway I'm rambling. I'm out of here. Appreciate you guys. Have an amazing day, and we'll talk soon. Bye.

Oct 22, 2015

Where did all the entrepreneurs go?

On today’s episode Russell talks about his experience at a sushi restaurant in Australia. He mentions some of the pro’s and con’s of eating out somewhere that, unlike restaurants in America, doesn’t accept tips.

Here are a couple of fun things in this episode:

  • Why people working in a restaurant are different than entrepreneurs.
  • Why waitresses not working for a tip means Russell is thirsty!
  • And find out if the sushi is actually any good.

So listen below to hear what Russell thinks of Australian Sushi.


Hey everyone. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to a beautiful, rainy, Australian Marketing In Your Car. All right guys. I'm not actually in a car now. I'm walking. This is my mode of transportation for the next three days. So, we're considering this the car.

I'm here with Brandon and we're in Australia filming some really cool stuff. We just wanted some sushi. We walked by this sushi place. It looks amazing. It's called Sushi-A-Go. S-U-S ... Sushi-A-Go? A-Go?

Anyway, just walked by. It's lunch time. We just flew here from New Zealand so we haven't eaten yet today. So, we're starving. We walked by and the sign says, "Opens at 11:30am." So, it's like 11:25. Let's walk up the block a little bit. Then, we turn back around. Because we come down ... It's 11:28 when we get back. So, we're two minutes, technically, early. We open the door. We walk in to the fine establishment. There's a bunch of actual Chinese people rolling sushi. Which you know it means it's going to be good. It's not like in Boise where you get the white dudes rolling sushi. Or, the Mexican guys rolling sushi. This is legit sushi people making sushi. And, I can see the ocean from here. You now it's not flown in from across the world. This is going to be the good stuff.

Two minutes early and we walk in. The lady stops us at the door and says, "We're not open yet." We're like, "Yeah, it opens in two minutes." And she say, "Yes." She looks at her watch and says, "You're right." So, okay, cool. I said, "We'll stand here for two minutes." She said, "No, you need to leave." So, she just pushed us out the door.

Oh, okay. So, she pushed us out the door. She just walked back out and now she's allowing us in. Is that insane? So, my question for her and for you is where are the freaking entrepreneurs? The entrepreneur in the business would have been out here five minutes early. Probably an hour early hustling up business. Running around handing out flyers. Talking about how his sushi is actually legit sushi and not like crap sushi. He would have been out here selling it. Where the employee just pushed us out the door two minutes early because they were not ready yet to service us. Which is just insane to me.

For all you guys, this is a lesson. You need to be better entrepreneurs and train your staff to be entrepreneurs. I guarantee entrepreneurs wouldn't have pushed us out two minutes early because they didn't want to work yet. Anyway, they opened the door and now we’re going to go and have some legitimate sushi. Actually, I'm going to pause this podcast. I've never done this before. I'm going to pause it and we're going to come eat. Then, I'm going to follow up to let you know if it was worth it. I'm sure you guys are curious now. So, I'm going to pause it. We will meet back after lunch.

All right. We just got out of Sushi-A-Go's. I don't know. What did you think Brandon?

Brandon: It was pretty .... Actually, it was par.

It was par. So, they have the sushi belt that goes around. The dudes were cutting sushi. It was all right. This one part they had these ... I think it was salmon. Then dude brought us a big old blow torch and was like, woosh, blow torching all the salmon, which was really sweet. Then put on the stuff. Had this really good like smokey flavor. It was pretty good.

What's interesting ... This is another interesting cultural thing. Here in Australia, they don't tip. Because of that, the service sucks. The lady brought us out a water. The water cup was the size of one sushi roll. Usually when I eat sushi, I get really thirsty. I'm usually downing like six or seven large glasses of water. She gave me a little cup. Literally, it was probably ...

Brandon: Like a shot glass.

Like a little bit bigger than a shot glass of water. I had to keep asking her to fill it back up. I'm going to go find some water because I'm kind of dehydrated. Anyway, that's been our Australia trip so far. I’m sure will send you guys more. Just wanted to give you guys a glimpse of what we are doing. Is that Randy?

Brandon: No.

Oh, it looks like him.

Brandon: It totally does.

Weird. Anyway, we lost one of our ... One of the people in our party. We're trying to find him here in the streets of Australia with no internet access or anything. I appreciate you guys. Have an amazing day. I will message you guys again soon. Thanks everybody!

Oct 19, 2015

If you’ve ever thought that procrastinating was bad…listen to this now.

In this episode Russell talks about mastering the fine art of procrastination. He talks about how procrastinating can actually help you get things done faster.

Here are some fun things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • Why Russell says it’s okay to procrastinate.
  • How Russell used his procrastination skills to graduate from college.
  • And why procrastinating means you have pressure and a timeline that forces you to get things done quickly, and as long as you do it the right way, its an awesome tool.

So listen below to find out how you can be an expert procrastinator like Russell.


Good morning everybody and welcome to marketing your car. All right, so the title of this podcast is one that I think is going to get met with some opposition, so it's Mastering the Fine Art of Procrastination. We've always been told throughout our lives that we shouldn't be procrastinating, like, "Don't procrastinate. Don't procrastinate." We should be planning ahead and preparing and all these things. I agree to that to a point, but I also think that procrastination, if done correctly, will increase your productivity and help you to focus on just those things that are actually important. That is the title of this podcast.

One of the reasons why is, in about 6 hours from now I am boarding a plane to fly on a weeklong trip to New Zealand, Australia, and then Phoenix. It was funny because I had people on Friday at the office like, "Hey, so you started packing yet?" I'm like, "No." They're like, "Oh, ho, ho, like you're probably going to wait until Sunday to pack huh?" I'm like, "No, I'm going to wait until Monday to pack. I'm not leaving until Monday." Some of you guys are probably thinking, "You probably packed this morning before you head into the office, right Russell?" I'm like, "No! My flight doesn't leave for 6 hours, why would I start packing right now?"

Okay, there's some law, and I don't know who’s the law is, Parato or some dude, I don't think its Prato though, some dude. He's got a law that basically says, "However much time you have to complete something, somehow magically, you will fill all that time up." This is the problem with planners, they will say, "Hey, I'm leaving on a trip in a month," and so for an entire month they will start packing. They waste so much time and energy and effort on the packing process that somehow they fill up the entire time with packing, and then they've wasted all that time. I want to do the opposite. I know that to pack, if I focus really, really hard, I'm looking at maybe 30 minutes. If I started packing on Friday, I'm looking at like probably 30-40 minutes on Friday and 30-40 minutes on Saturday, and 30-40 minutes on Sunday. Then today is when I'm actually flying out, I'm going to sit down and spend another 30 minutes making sure I have everything, right.

I could have just done that once, but because I was planning I felt this desire to fill up space and time with all this crap that doesn't even matter. This is probably why I struggled at school because it was always my philosophy in school where in school I think there's ... I think it is good to study a head of time, I probably would have remembered things better if I did. I did graduate from college, so my mom is proud of that. This is what I did. This is how I graduated college. All the entire semester long I would focus on wrestling and on dating girls and then we'd have final week. My first year was at BYU and they have this really cool thing called the testing center, and you could schedule out your finals any day you want. I'd like, Monday is my math final, Tuesday is science, Wednesday is whatever and I would take the final at the very end of the day.

What I would do is on those days I'd wake up at like 6:00 in the morning, I would go down in the basement of my dorms and there was these little tiny room, and I'd lock myself in the room, I'd read the entire book in a day. Then I would go in and take the test. While all this cool stuff was on the top of my head, I would take the test and then 3 minutes later it was gone. I just deleted it, didn't need it anymore. Boom, gone and I graduated that way. Okay. Again, I say that with a caveat knowing that had I been trying to learn something that I needed to know, that's not the right way to do it, but to pass a test that is the right way to do it. Now, I could have studied for the entire semester and wasted who knows how many hours, where instead I was wrestling and focusing on girls where I think college, most people's minds should be.

I don't know, that's maybe my opinion, maybe it's misguided, but I think it's true. One of my friends the other day came over to the wrestling at the wrestling room and he was talking about cutting weight. He cuts weight over a 2-3 week period of time, which I think is insane, because now for 2 or 3 weeks your body is going through this stress and this pain and this anxiety and all of the mental things that come with not eating. When I cut weight, I was losing 20-25 pounds every single week, week in and week out for an entire college and high school career. At first, I would spend a week trying to cut weight and when I found out I was miserable and angry and hungry and thirsty for a week. I figured out that if I wait 24 hours from match, start my weight cutting, I would kill myself for 24 hours and it sucked. It was so much pain. I was thirsty. I was hungry. I was tired. I was angry, but I only felt those feelings for 24 hours as opposed to an entire week. Then when I got on the mat, I'd eat and I was back to normal and I could compete because for an entire week I felt good. I felt strong. I felt energy. I felt amazing.

For me, I think that there is a place and a time for procrastination. I think a lot of you guys plan so much that nothing ever gets done. I would say stop planning, figure out the least possible time it's going to take to do something, set a launch date and go because when you do that ... It's interesting, when we launched ClickFunnels or any of the things that we've rolled out, anything in the last, man, 12 years of doing this, we always pick a date, like this is our launch date. For us, we send out packages to our joint venture partners. We're letting the world know so that that way that date is hard coded, you can't change it even if you wanted to. That's step 1. Now that date's hard coded and I don't push it out 6 months, I push it out 3 weeks so that I have this pressure, this timeline that makes me get things done.

It's funny, we've had launches where we push things out 3 months, and then like 3 weeks, and then 3 days, and somehow magically everything gets done no matter what. I'm like, "How come this one took 3 days instead of 3 months?" That's because I allowed 3 months for it. Somehow you are able to fill up time with all this crap because the time is there. Again, that's that one dudes law, some old dude, I think he's dead now. That was his law, however much time you have, you're going to fill it up with crap. If you understand how to master procrastination, use it as a tool, you can reverse engineer how much time you think it actually is going to take, set the hard deadline, and then just do those things you have to get done.

It's funny, in every one of our launches, we get down to crunch time, it's an hour before launch and we start cutting things, "Hey, can't get that done. Can't get that done. Can't get that done." Boom, and then we end up with the minimum viable product that we need to actually make money, and wow, holy cow, we actually make money. Where otherwise, if I had have pushed that out 6 months, we keep adding things, and changing things, and tweaking things, and modifying things and waiting for it to be perfect and we never make any money. What I'm doing for you guys is twofold, one is I'm giving you guys the a-okay that it's okay to procrastinate because I know that for your entire life you've been told that it's a bad, evil, horrible thing. That's gift number one.

Number two is you only are allowed to have that gift if you use it correctly because if you do use it correctly, you will be able to leverage it to get so much more stuff done. In fact, one of my major projects for my personal self is to start mastering procrastination on a daily basis. Right now, I go into the office and I work 8 hours a day because that's how people do it and you go in there and you work all day. I just do that because ... It's funny because I always have stuff to do, I never run out. I'm not like the typical ... Anyway, I won't make fun of employees, but typical employees who come in and they work, they hang out, they talk. Not for me, I'm like the second I walk in the door, to the second I'm out, it's hard core, 100% the entire time. I'm filling up my time, but what interesting is that I fill up that time because the time's there.

For example, today, my flight leaves in 6 hours. I'm headed to the office at 10:00, 11, 12, 1. I've got 2 hours and I've got a 30 minute call with our coaching client's rep, so I've got 2 1/2 hours. In the next 2 1/2 hours, I will get done as much, if not more, than I would in a typical 8 hour day. For me, I'm thinking, how do I start mastering this procrastination better? What if, instead of working 8 hour days, instead of coming in at 9:00 in the morning, what if I came in at 3:00 in the afternoon. I still leave at the exact same time, but magically I've got less time, so therefore I get the exact same amount of stuff done. It's really weird how that works. I hope that helps. I hope that it helps you see my mindset of how things work.

For those of you guys who are planners, those of you guys who are probably A students in school who would study for test for months on end, this is probably going to make you feel really anxious and nervous and you're going to hate it. For those of you guys who are entrepreneurs, who are the B and C and maybe D students, or some of you guys probably didn't go, this will probably be a gift in thinking, "Wow, it's actually okay to procrastinate especially when I use it as a super power." There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Now, procrastinating just to push things off until mañana and then keep pushing it forever is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about setting a hard date and then procrastinating things so that you can just get the most out of every single hour.

That's the game plan. I am getting in the office 2 hours to rock and roll. When that's done, I've got 30 minutes to do my call, heading home and then I will start my pack. 30 minutes after my pack is done, my kids will be home, and I will play with my kids one last time before I jump on a plane. That, my friends, is the right way to procrastinate. All right, hope you guys have an amazing day. I'm going be broadcasting to you guys from around the world over the next week, so I'll say, "Hi," from New Zealand, from Australia, and Phoenix. I know that's not very exotic, but that's the last place my trip takes me this week. It'll be fun. I should be on Periscope. I should be on podcast. I'm going to be having some fun with you guys, showing you guys the world. Tune in and I will talk to you guys all again soon. Thanks everybody.

Oct 15, 2015

What I’m doing to get more crap done everyday.

On this episode Russell talks about how he manages projects and is able to get so much stuff done. He also talks a little bit about his Periscope show and how you can get involved with that.

Here are some fun things in today’s episode:

  • How Russell manages projects and how the process works to get funnels out.
  • Why the project managing software Trello helps Russell to get stuff done.
  • And find out how you can watch Russell’s Periscope show and why it’s cool.

So listen below to hear about Russell’s project management skills and to find out a little more about the Periscope show.


Hey everybody. Good morning. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Car.

What's up? What's up, everybody? I hope you guys are having an awesome time today. I am ... I was at the office late last night. I've been pulling a lot of late nighters lately. I've got some magic stuff happening. Anyway, building out some really cool things inside of ClickFunnels and I was trying to get it all done before I head on my worldwide sprint over the next thirty days. Trying to get some stuff done last night and now I'm up and I'm heading to the office and just excited about some cool things. We've got five new funnels should be rolling live today which means this week we have rolled out I think eight funnels this week so far, which is exciting.

Some guys are thinking, "Russell, how in the world are you able to roll out eight funnels in a week?" A couple of things. First off, I have a lot of stuff that's we did in the past that's still amazing that I want to sell but we just haven't because I haven't just finished the process. I'm sure a lot of you guys get this way. You get a bunch of projects and they're all get 75% done and they never all get all the way done. Right? I'm guilty of that. I hate to admit that but I have that problem. My entrepreneurial ADD just slows things down to a screeching halt sometimes.

With that, I am trying to always focus but then get a process to still get these things done because there's value in them and I don't want to think a lot through them so I'm trying to get things placed out there. Stuff like that. That's been kind of my process. Over the last two weeks or so, I've been trying to figure out how do I systemize this so that we can move things through this funnel fast. I did a episode with Trey Lewellen and he was talking about how his team, they're trying to launch a funnel a week. I'm like, "Sweet." We need to be doing at least a funnel a week if not more than that. Like different front-end funnels to get people into your programs, right? I was like if I do that, that's me building a funnel a week and I'm like, "That's a lot, right?" I started figuring out how do I create a system to make this possible.

First thing I did, I started looking at the funnel process. What part do I like the best? There's one piece that I love that gets me fired up that I just want to spend all day on it. Then there's like eight out of ten pieces that I don't love, that I don't want to be doing. For my first thought was that I need to hire a funnel assistant. Someone who knows ClickFunnels and does funnels and who can do things that I don't like to do and can finish projects ... I can be a starter and he can be a finisher on things. I hired my first funnel assistant. He came, flew out to Boise the last three days and we sat next to each other and it was awesome. We were able to work super fast. I got things to the point that I like to get them to and then I could hand them off to him and he was able to run through and finalize them which was awesome. That was really, really super cool.

Next was actually building out a process. I used a project management software called Trello. I actually did a Periscope the other day on it. I think I called it ... If you go to you can go look at all the archives of our Periscopes. What the Periscope was called something like my project management funnel and so it kind of showed what I built out in a space like a funnel or a first steps idea phase. I drop all my crazy ideas there. They can just live there. They don't have to progress. I can just put them there so they're out of my mind and they're somewhere. Excuse me. That's step number one.

When I'm ready to start moving forward with an idea, then I move it from project, from the idea block, over to the branding. I got this guy named Rob who is the best designer I have ever seen. He does all branding. Logo packs, design, all that kind of stuff which I love so he gets that finished. Then from there bumps over to the next thing in Trello, the next part of the funnel, which is what I like to do. Taking the logo and building out the initial page structure, design, layout, et cetera. I go build out the initial structure and when I'm done then in each funnel, there's like a dozen other pages you have to do that I hate doing those parts.

I move over and Jimmy grabs it. He's my funnel assistant. He runs the next piece. From there, it gets moved over to somebody who does the mobile optimization. From there, it goes over to somebody who does testing and then it goes live. It's this really cool process now. This week was all about systemizing it, testing it, just beating on it. I've been doing that, running people through this. We ran eight funnels through it in like four days. It's working and it's exciting and now I've got a framework that I can move very, very quickly on. That's really exciting.

The next phase I'm going to start building out, hopefully while I'm on my trips, is the traffic. Now the funnel is done, now what happens to it? It all goes into a new Trello board, a new funnel. This is our traffic funnel. Here's the process and here's what we got to do and here's all the pieces to execute on that and start driving traffic into the front of these funnels. Building a funnel is cool but if no one is coming to it or seeing it then it sucks. Right? There's no purpose so we're trying to do both sides of that. That will be my next big project. It's kind of fun. It's exciting. I wanted to kind of just let you guys know behind the scenes of what I'm doing and how I'm doing and some of the reasoning and hopefully that kind of helps you guys a little bit. That's kind of the process that I'm doing and it's working. So far it's working really, really good.

It's funny. People are always saying, "Russell, how do you get so much stuff done?" Now I'm thinking like, "Man, you guys haven't seen anything yet. Now imagine when I've got this process in place what we'll be able to get done." It's going to be exciting and inspiring and cool. That is kind of what's happening. Also, I wanted to give you guys an update on Periscope. For those who haven't been following, you should go follow my Periscope show. If you just go to the blog, blog ... Oh, crap. I just killed the car. Darn stick shift. I'm at a green arrow and I just killed the car. I'm sure the people behind me are so mad like, "Why is this dude talking on his phone and then he kills his car and now we're all going to miss ..." Oh, good. The guy made the light. I thought I was going to make him miss the light. That would've made me feel like a real jerk. All right. Okay. Back. Off my shiny object.

If you go to and see any of our Periscopes, I think there is info on how to subscribe. You should be getting on those for a couple of reason. One is they're fun. Number two, I'm learning so much in the process and you guys are kind of seeing it. I'm seeing how to engage the audience by figuring out what topics, what headlines get people to respond, get them to show up. Which ones don't. I'm finding out which thoughts and ideas are share worthy, where people are actually sharing the videos afterwards. It's been fascinating all the cool stuff I'm learning from it.

One thing we started doing is ... Facebook has got a platform that's kind of like Periscope called Mentions. I know there's another one call Blab. We haven't started using Blab yet but we started with Mentions so Mentions I think you have to have 30,000 followers and then you can apply to get a verified account where now you're an official celebrity. I got that done. Now I'm an official celebrity. They gave me in Mentions thing, so now when I do my Periscope, I've got two phones. I've got my Mention phone and my Periscope phone and I kind of have them play with each other and talk to each other. It's kind of fun.

What's interesting is I get way more engagement live on Periscope. More people are engaging, talking, commenting. All that kind of stuff. When it ends, it kind of just ends there. It doesn't move forward whereas the Mentions one, I get way less engagement live but then when it's done, it posts on your Facebook page and from there, even the ones that we haven't… most of them now we've been boosting them. You spend ten or fifteen bucks to push them out there but a lot of them we didn't and if my message is right on, people are sharing them. I think the last one had forty shares. I never had anyone share anything of mine on Facebook which was awesome. People were sharing it, liking it, commenting. It's causing tons of engagement so the Mentions side on that, it's the long tail is way better. The blend of those two has been really, really, really cool. Really exciting.

Anywho. Just some updates on what's happening. I got to the office. I'm going to go in and have some fun today. Appreciate you guys. Have an amazing day. Get some work done and we'll talk to you soon.

Oct 8, 2015

One of the top marketing guru’s in the history of planet earth called me today and offered me this…

On this episode Russell talks about receiving a call from Jay Abraham and what he learned from him over the years.

Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode:

  • How Russell is using what he learned from Jay Abraham in Clickfunnels.
  • And what it was like to talk to Jay Abraham on the phone and how he talked Russell into taking his family to the UK.

So listen Below to find out how Russell got a free trip to the UK.


Hey everyone. I am really excited. First, I’ve got to give you some intro music…

All right. Welcome to the Marketing In Your Car Podcast. If you're a first time listener, this is probably not going to make much sense to you, but if you are a faithful, I'm excited and I just want to talk to you guys because you are my people. You listen, you care, and something cool happened to me over the last 24 hours. If you were to ask: “Who were the top two marketing consultants on planet earth?” Not like new internet dues like me. Marketing direct response dudes. There's two that are in my mind are the guys. Can you guys guess? I'll give you a hint. One of them wrote the forward to my book. Yes, you're right, Dan Kennedy, that's kind of cool. Who's the other one? Who's the other person who I would put up in the top two of all time, of the history of the world, I think even more so than a lot of the big names who have passed on?

The second person is Jay Abraham. How many of you guys guessed Jay Abraham? I'm sure some of you guys did. I have been a huge Jay Abraham fan for pretty much my entire marketing career. When I first got started, someone wanted me to promote one of his products. They sent me this huge box of Jay Abraham stuff. If I was to buy all that stuff, it would have been probably 10, 15 grand. I had it all and I went through it all, and it was amazing, just amazing stuff. Because I have been a fan for a long time. In fact, I look at ClickFunnels, one of the core principles of our growth right now. I learned from Jay Abraham. This is what he talked about was, he says there are only three ways to grow a business. Number one is get new customers. Number two is get those customers to spend more money. Number three, get them to buy more often. Only three ways to grow a business. You can't do it any other way.

To grow your company, it's got to be one of those three ways. More customers, get those customers to buy more, and get those customers to buy more often, or spend more, and to buy more often. There you go. That's huge. ClickFunnel's goal of year one was customer acquisition, which is the first way to grow a business. For year number two is ascension. We are trying to get all of our customers to spend more money. We're trying to get everyone to extend from a $97 a month level to a $300 a month level. That's why we gave Actionetics and BackPack and made this thing amazing because we want people ascend and to upgrade. We're focusing on growth strategy number two from Jay Abraham this whole year. That's my number one focus this year is ascension so you guys will start seeing that a lot. There you go.

Even today, we are talking Jay Abraham, and quoting him, and implementing what I learned from him all those years ago. The guy is a legend and just amazing. I get a call from Rich Schefren. He's like, "Hey man, Jay Abraham wants to talk to you." I'm like, "All right." He's like, "Here's his number. Text him and set up a time to call." I'm like, "Okay." I text Jay Abraham. I'm freaking out. This is like texting Michael Jordan if you're a basketball player. I text Jay Abraham trying to act cool. I'm like, "Hey Jay, Rich told me to give you a call. Let me know when's good." He's like, "Call me right now." I call him up super nervous, but I'm trying to be all cool Russell.

I'm being all cool and we're talking and he said, "Hey, we never met in person. Right?" I'm like, "No, I've been to some of your events and stuff but I never actually met you." He was like, "I didn't think so, but he's like, I keep hearing about you. People keep talking about you. Rich talked about you and talked about you and talked about you're with ClickFunnels, which is amazing. Then this other guy, one of my clients that we're doing these big events, he does these big events in the UK. I asked him who he wanted to be a speaker on his stage and he only gave me one name. He said it was you." He was like, "I don't know you, but I feel like I should and I wanted to introduce myself and say Hi." I'm like, "Well, I've been a huge fan of yours for a long time. I'm very aware of who you are." He's like, "Oh, thank you." We start talking and he basically asked if I could come speak at this event out in the UK in less than a month from now.

Those of you who are my faithful followers know, for me just to drop everything and travel across the world is not easy. I got a beautiful wife, five amazing kids who are in school. One that's just a newborn. It's just not easy. I nicely declined and then gave him an excuse of why I couldn't make it. "I'd love to go but it's short notice and my wife, I've got five kids, and there's just no way I could leave them for a week." Jay, who is amazing at closing deals, comes back and says, "Well, how about we do this. When I was younger, I took my family to the UK in the wintertime and we had an amazing time. I was speaking and I brought them and it was so great." And like sold me on this whole experience. I'm like, "Oh, that sounds cool."

He's like, "What if we did this. What if I cover your flights, and your wife's flights, and all your kid flights. Put you guys in business class. Put your kids in coach. We will fly you guys there. You can spend a week. We'll cover your hotel the whole time you're there. You'll live in luxury and we'll give you spending cash as well. Then you can come speak and sell to a group of 1200 entrepreneurs who are most of them are InfusionFoft users. You can sell ClickFunnels to them and keep half the money. I was like, "You're telling me, you're going to fly me, and my wife, and my kids, and my entire family out there. You're going to pay for everything. Plus, you'll give us spending money so we can blow some money while we're there. Plus, I get to sell."

Just so you guys know, right now I think the worst I've closed the ClickFunnels pitch in front of a live audience. Well, that's not true, not the worst. The very first time I did it. The very first time I ever did the presentation, I closed 38%. The second time I did 48%. The third time I did 93%. If I screw it up and I only close 50% of the room at 1200 people, that's 600 people times a grand. That'll be $600,000. I get half that. It would be $300,000. And you can say basically he's paying me $300,000 to come and speak. I was like, "How do you say no to that?" I'm like, "Let me call my wife and I'll get back to you." I had to go and call my wife and pitch her on it. Luckily she was closed by the irresistible offer as well, and so we're going to London, we're going to UK, and I'm excited.

Anyway, it's just super cool. No real reason to tell you guys for the podcast other than I'm excited. I hope you're excited. Maybe you got a tip or two out of Jay's Three Ways to Grow a Business. It's pretty cool. I'm excited. I'm on cloud nine. I feel like a rock star. It's like Michael Jordan calling you like, "Hey, man, we want you to play basketball for the Bulls. Are you in?" And you're like, I can't do that. He's like, "How about this, you can move into my house and you and your family can live here while you're playing for the Bulls." That's what it feels like. I don't know if that analogy makes sense. I'm not really basketball guy. I am a Michael Jordan guy though. That is one dude who I would love to meet.

Actually I should do like a success telesummit just with the only goal of getting Michael Jordan on it. How awesome would that be, just coordinate some really cool event just so you can have Michael Jordan be a part of it so you can talk to him? I might actually try to pull that off because that guy is amazing. There you go you guys. I am heading home to go play with the kids. I hope you guys are having a good time. I know I am excited right now. I'm a little tired because the next 30 days I am going to Australia and now the UK. Actually, this is my travel plan for the next 30 days, which is insane. Then I'm taking six months off. New Zealand, Australia, Arizona, Utah, Denver, Arizona, Phoenix I think, and then the UK. Then we have Thanksgiving right after that. It's nuts, but it will be fun. Helping the world know about ClickFunnels because it's important. That's how much I believe in our mission and what we're doing.

I hope you guys believe in what you're selling. If not, start selling something different. If you do, go out there and share your message with the world because you can change people's lives. I believe it. Hopefully I am showing you guys out there how I perform and what I'm doing. All right, with that said, I'm out of here guys. I appreciate you all. Have an amazing day. We will talk soon. Bye guys.

Oct 5, 2015

Whatcha think about a re-brand…

On this episode Russell talks about his Ignite group and the Inner Circle group and how those and other Mastermind groups have helped his business. He also shares his idea for re-branding Marketing in Your Car, or co-branding with Marketing Quickies.

Here are some cool things in today’s episode:

  • How Russell used Mastermind groups to make more money and why he started his own.
  • How Russell is thinking of re-branding the Marketing In Your Car Podcast
  • And hear some fun stats of how many active members there are on Clickfunnels.

So listen below to hear about the possible future of this podcast.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Car.

Hey everyone, we are at day 6 of my 6 day event and I don't know how I am able to keep my eyes open. In fact, I am kind of struggling, I'm not going to lie. But it has been an amazing experience; it's been really interesting. For those who are just listening the first time, I've got a group called Ignite, that people pay about $12,000 to be a part of and then we've got a group called the Inner Circle, they'll pay $25,000 to be a part of, and the Inner Circle's grown a lot over the last year. In fact, we had to split it into two groups this time because I just couldn't hold it all in one group. That's kind of what- what's been going down, but it's been really fun.

Monday and Tuesday we had our first Inner Circle meeting. It's kind fun, like we split them up into groups and we don't really think too much through it, and it was interesting that first group everyone just fit right. It was weird, like literally half of the group were vegetarians which was interesting because we had brought in lunch and we didn't have a vegetarian lunch, so we kind of blew it there. But half of the people were vegetarians and then they're just like, all their businesses kind of fit together and the second half of the group there wasn't a single vegetarian in the room, everyone's super high energy, a lot of ... Anyway, it was just weird. It just worked perfect, like the way that the personalities fit in a Mastermind A, Mastermind B, which is interesting.

Then in the middle on Tuesday/Wednesday we did more of a big event called an Ignite event where I taught on stage for 2 days and we did a big hang-out, everybody got to hang out and get to hang out with each other. It was pretty cool, that's kind of what we did and we had a good time and this is the last day of the last Mastermind so I'm heading in right now and it's going to be awesome.

What's cool about this ... It's funny when I got into this business I wanted- I joined my first Mastermind group and it was Bill Glazer's and it was awesome, I was in that group for 6 or 7 years, and just it- it took me from being a 6-figure year business to 7 and then to 8 and it was amazing. I really ... It was one of the major things that was responsible for my growth and I just love Mastermind groups.

Later, Bill Glazer, he kind of retired. He sold his business off and I didn't decide to keep going with it, with the GKIC Mastermind group. I tried to find another one, I went to a lot of different groups, I'm not going to mention them by names but I went to a bunch of them and I couldn't find any of them that I felt like I was getting the value I needed and wanted out of it. I always felt like I was one of the smartest guys in the room, which I just- I don't like that. That's not the point of those things. Finally, I was like, "You know what? Screw it, let's make our own," so we went out and built our own.

I tell you what, the last few days have been amazing. There's people that are in those rooms that are brilliant that are bringing in all these different ideas. In fact, a whole bunch of things that I'm changing my business based on the group, and I'm just grateful to have that group for myself and for them and I feel almost guilty getting paid to facilitate a group like this with the caliber people that are in it. It's amazing, so there you go.

Now one of the things I've been thinking about, and I want to get your guys' opinion on this, I have no idea how you can respond back to me on this but if you can I need to figure out a better channel to respond to Marketing in Your Car stuff. When I started this podcast, whatever, 2, 3, or 4- I can't even remember how long I've been doing this for now. Since I started driving. You know I called it Marketing in Your Car because that was my first idea, I had that idea the first time I heard about podcasts. It was kind of cool, and the concept's cool, and I'm not going to change the concept, I'm still going to do this while I drive because just- my life's so much easier.

But from like a branding standpoint, it's not really the coolest thing. Like, "Hey, go listen to Russell's Marketing in Your Car podcast," and it's kind of weird, right? My jingle- I'm not going to lie, my first jingle was pretty bad; next one's not too much better. I was like, "I want like a freaking sweet brand." I want something where you're searching iTunes and you see it and you're like, "Oh, I got to join that thing," and I don't think Marketing in Your Car is really it.

I'm thinking about doing a re-brand, and I've been thinking like if I'm going to do it, how I'm going to do it. I've kind of gotten an execution plan if I'm going to do it. Which don't worry on your side, you won't have to do or change or move anything. You just keep doing what you're doing and you'll keep getting it all. I've been trying to think of a couple names and ... Anyway, when I started my Periscope channel the first 10 periscopes is me just randomly talking about stuff and some of them went really long. Which Periscope I'm kind of finding the shorter the better.

One day I did this thing- I'll tell you, I didn't ... The name's not my own, I didn't come up with it. When I first got started in this business there's this guy named Andrew Fox, and he had a product called- Andrew Fox and Lee Benson- and they had a product called Marketing Quickies. They were just like, almost like quick marketing ideas. I always thought that was kind of cool and...  Anyway, I thought it was cool so one of my marketing- or one of the periscopes I just called it a marketing quickie and, "Hey, here's a marketing quickie," and I jumped on it, did a quick 5-minute thing and our response rate and our share rate and everything from that thing was through the roof. I'm like, "All right, that's kind the concept, we're going to call this the 'Marketing Quickie Show'" and each time it'll be me sharing a quick marketing idea or tip or thing, right?

Which honestly it's kind of like what Marketing in Your Car is like, it's me sharing a cool thing. I was thinking, "What if we co-brand these things together and we called it the Marketing Quickie Show," where it's like, "Hey, you get quickies in your car, quickies in the office, sometimes it's on iPod's and then it's on periscope and it's these cool, random marketing ideas or thoughts or just Russell's random thing of the day and it just comes in his head," right?

Anyway, I was kind of excited about that and then I started mentioning to some people- and I kind of thought this but maybe most people won't, but just the sexual side of quickies and quickies in your car and marketing quickies and ... And I don't know if me, Russell the clean-cut Mormon kid, if that's a good branding or bad branding- I don't even know. I don't know, but definitely thinking about doing some kind of re-brand on the podcast but then co-branding with the periscope and blending those 2 things together so that these things are together.

I don't know, what do you think? Is Marketing Quickies cool? Is it stupid? Is it a little too innuendo? Or, I don't even know how to ... Anyway, I don't know. That's my thought process right now, so this may be branded in the near future to something different but I don't know yet. We will see but I wanted to kind of just share that with you guys. Because you guys are my faithful, you are the ones who are listening to Marketing in Your Car.

I had ... One of the guys yesterday was like, "Yeah, like I heard people talk about it 3 or 4 times but I never like, was inspired enough to like, to go listen to it." Because it wasn't, it was just Marketing in Your Car, and then after I got into this and then I loved it and I went back I listened to all of the old episodes and it was amazing, but it wasn't something that sucked you in. I get that, it was a branding idea from 1998 that I had, or whenever podcasts first came out. Maybe it was 2002, I don't know. Yeah, so there you go.

In fact, the reason why I did call it Marketing in Your Car when I did launch it, cause I had the idea a long time ago, some dude wrote a jingle for me, it sounded like the 1970's for the first hundred episodes. I never used it for 5 or 6 years, and I did launch it and I'm like, "Aw, I’ve already got a jingle that's done! Let's just do that," so I started recording them. Then my brother, I had him go find the jingle and then I was like, "Oh yeah, it sounds like this is like a 1970's sitcom." I was like, "You know what? It's done, screw it, let’s just run with it." That's kind of how- why we stuck with that direction. Anyway, there you go.

But that's kind of what going on in my head right now. I hope you guys are having fun in your business right now. There's so much fun stuff happening, like Click Funnels, we just passed 10,000 active members which is crazy, and by 10,000 active members, I’m not giving you stats, like some companies drive me crazy. One company I won’t mention is like, "Oh, we have 80- we have 80,000 customers," and then when you did deeper, it turns out they've had 80,000 people take their trial, but they have 200 people that are actual members, right? We've had 60 or 70 thousand people take our trial but we have 10,000 active people who have made it passed the re-bill and are continuing to be re-billed.

We are now a legit software company, right? In fact, we had someone make us our first offer to buy us which was kind of cool. I'm not interested because I'm having way too much fun but it was flattering and it was crazy big which was kind of cool, so that's exciting but don't worry guys, we're not going anywhere. We've got a lot more envisioned, we are- we've got to finish before we even contemplate anything like that, so no worries on that side.

I remember at the Funnel Hacking event someone asked that, "Are you guys going to go public or sell out, or what's your plan?" I was like, "Screw that, I'm having so much fun!" This is my future, I don't want to do anything else. Nothing else is nearly as fun as this. Anyway, it was still flattering, you got to ask, right? It's like if a really cute girl comes up to you and- and you got to know ... Anyway, there you go. I don't even know why I brought that analogy, that's a stupid analogy. It's probably because I'm so tired, and you guys ... Sometimes you get the worst thoughts because I'm so tired, so I apologize for that.

I'm actually running a little bit late to the Mastermind group, I hope that these guys can forgive me but it was just hard to get out of the door this morning. My little daughter is so stinking cute and I just didn't want to leave, so there you go.

Anyway, with that said you guys I'm trying to ramble and I don't want these to be the rambling show, these are quickie shows, right? Maybe. Appreciate you guys listening, I hope that you have an amazing day. Go do something good, go change someone's life, and get your message out there to the world. All right everybody, have a nice day and we'll talk soon.

Sep 30, 2015

I think I discovered the fruit that keeps us moving forward.

On this special midnight episode Russell talks about being tired and a little burned out in his business and how he will get past it. He also talks about being able to serve and help others and how that keeps him going.

Here are some interesting things to look for in today’s episode:

  • What types of things have Russell feeling tired and ready for a break.
  • Why serving and helping others is so important for Russell.
  • And why he continues to do what he does.

So listen below to hear how Russell, just like everyone else, sometimes feels tired and burned out.


Hey everyone. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to midnight Marketing In Your Car.

Hey everyone, so I am two days into my six day event. I've been doing a lot of events lately. I need to stop this. I need to get back to just working hard. Literally, I'm kind of getting, not burned out, but just ... I guess, stop doing events. We did a five day event for this certification in Boise and now six days. Our high end Mastermind group, our Inner Circle grew so big that we had to split it into two groups.

Then we have our $12,000 program, Ignite, and then we did an event in Boise for them as well. I kind of like bundle them all together. Monday, Tuesday, we had a Mastermind. Wednesday, Thursday, we had the Ignite event and then Friday and Saturday, we have the next Inner Circle. Kind of a crazy week, but the first two days, it's always interesting ... This is me getting vulnerable, and it's almost one in the morning and I'm tired, so maybe I'll listen to this later and be like, "Why in the world am I sharing all this"? You guys are getting it because you are here listening when I'm talking.

Anyway, it's funny because I'm sure all you guys get this, at a point where you get some burn out in your business. Right now, I'm kind of feeling that a little bit. I think partially it's just because the last twelve months since we launched Click Funnels, we've been running fast and trying to grow and scale, a company, which luckily has been working. That's exciting, right? That's a big thumbs up. Then cut off all the other businesses so we're shutting things down.

The only business we really have besides Click Funnels right now, that's live and active is the DotComSecrets business, which it has a bunch of employees and you know there's things happening there as well. Our high end coaching, things like that. It seems like recently, coaching has exploded, which takes a lot more time, and seminars, and trying to speak to sell Click Funnels and this-and-that. Thing after thing after thing, it just getting a lot.

Right now, from this week, and then I have two weeks off, and then I'm going to Australia for a week, then I got three speaking gigs in a week. Then after that, I've got a two or three month break, which is going to be really, really nice. It's just kind of chaotic, right? A lot traveling, a lot of time away from my family and I honestly, all I want to do is be at home in my wrestling room playing with my kids.

I'm trying to get through this backlog of commitments and then we're going to really be restructuring things. We are trying to protect my time a lot more after the first week of November. So part of me, coming to this coaching, which is like, do I want to keep doing that? Do we just shut down DotComSecrets and focus on Click Funnels, that's on us, where the big opportunity is.

Monday when I was driving to the Mastermind, I Voxed Liz, a lot of you guys know Liz. I said, "Hey, what would be your thoughts if I did stop doing the coaching stuff?" I was curious, and she messaged back this really great thing about the impact I had on her life and anyway, it just made me feel really good. Then we started the Mastermind and honestly, I was nervous at first because there was a lot of new faces in the group. I hope everyone gets along. I hope that everyone is providing value, and I just want to make it an amazing experience for the group. We did it day one and day two, and it's been kind of hard because I'm also planning for the events happening the next two days.

I pull an eight hour day with the Mastermind, then I go back to the office for six or seven hours working on presentations. And then all day mastermind and I just got done spending eight more hours working on presentations for tomorrow. I was just tired, worn out, and beat up. It was amazing at the end of the Mastermind today, I had everyone go through and say, "What was your biggest ah ha"? It was awesome. Just seeing people who came in on Monday and within 48 hours, I completely transformed, not just their businesses in a lot of situations, but their lives.

We had one guy, an older gentleman, started bawling his eyes out when he was sharing his take away. Then we had someone else who it completely changed the trajectory of his life, moving forward. For me to have a chance to be part of that, to have facilitated that and to be around that is so neat. I remember I got back to the office and I had all this stuff. I was stressed out and overwhelmed at all these things and I got a Vox from this dude named Noah, in our group, and he left me the coolest Vox, thanking me for the experience and all these kind of things. I'm sitting there tired and I just want to go home. I'm worn out and he was inspired that I was putting this much effort into the event the next day.

It just made me so grateful for that. I think that it's interesting; I get a lot of value personally, out of that. Out of the helping and the serving and seeing people's lives and businesses affected in that way. It's just interesting. It's funny, after all the stress and headache, the tiredness, almost trying to figure out, should we just stop doing this? What's the plan after a day like that? I was like, you know what? What we are doing is good. It's worth it. It isn't just me selling something to make money, but it's people having life changing effects because of it which is ... I think, one of the main reasons most of us get into business, especially a coaching type business.

With that said, I'm two days into a four day event. I'm sure I'll message you guys again throughout the week telling you the ups and the downs. I'm sure there will be some of those as we make it all through it. I'm just excited. I really enjoy this. I love the chance it gives me to share, grow, and to think. To try to think bigger than I normally do. To try to inspire and bring new things. I'm just going to say, for you guys, whatever business it is you're in, I would try to add some kind of coaching component to it just because when you do you start making connections and you start seeing ... I don't know how to explain it.

I've talked about it in different podcasts. When I was in high school, my senior year, they had me start coaching at wrestling camps. I remember trying to break down moves for people and learning and really starting to figure out why these things work. I could do the move but I started realizing why the move worked. When you understand that and you're conscious of it, you can change things and you can make things better and execute things better.

I think a big part of that was for me, when we were putting this event together and we're calling it Funnel Catcher. It was kind of walking through the content promotion strategy that we're starting in our business. I really had ... To be able to get the information, to be able to share it the next two days with everybody. We had to test a lot of things and we had to try a lot of thing. I had to learn a lot of things. I had to think through things. I had to try to figure out why does this work or why isn't this working? How could this work, potentially on this network and that? It just made me think at a different level than I would if I was just in my business the whole time.

I am grateful for that. It's pretty cool. What's cool is that we have the presentations over the next two days and it's going to be a good framework for the entrepreneurs who are at the event, to take it and to run with, but it also has forced me to build a foundation as well. Where we would go for something, we're kind of onsey, twosey doing to here is the framework in a defined way.

Anyway, it's pretty exciting. I don't know if my ramblings meant anything or mattered tonight, but hopefully it did. Hopefully you guys feel that in your business sometimes, where you're stressed, you're overwhelmed, you're tired and you just want to give up sometimes even, but after you do finish through and execute, you see the fruits of it and how it can affect people. That's the recharge. That's what gets you going again. It keeps you excited. That's it! I am home. I have got a whopping five hours of sleep I got to get tonight before I'm on stage tomorrow and I'm on stage the whole day, so I'm going to get some sleep. I will be ready in the morning to deliver and serve.

For all of you guys who are in Ignite or Inner Circle, I'm excited to see you guys in the morning and hopefully, what I bring tomorrow will help transform you and your businesses and get you to where you want to be. I appreciate everybody for listening and we will talk to you all again very, very soon. Thanks guys.

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