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Welcome To Russell Brunson’s Marketing Secrets Podcast. So, the big question is this, “How are entrepreneurs like us, who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital, who are spending money from our own wallets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and services and things that we believe in out to the world… and yet still remain profitable?” That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Russell Brunson, and welcome to
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Jun 29, 2016

If you can use this one secret, you can sell anything.

On today’s special LA version of Marketing In Your Car, Russell and Dave Woodward talk about how Russell nearly spent $33,000 on a rare copy of The Book of Mormon and why he felt like he had to have it.

Here are some fun things to listen for in this episode:

  • Find out what kind of items Russell searches for on Ebay.
  • Find out why he was willing to spend such a large amount of money on a book.
  • And see what this experience taught him about marketing and how he’s going to use it in his business.

So listen below to find out what kind of stuff Russell buys on Ebay and why he’s willing to spend some serious cash on a book.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to a special California, LA edition of Marketing in Your Car. Alright guys, I’m here with Dave Woodward tonight. How you doing?

Dave: Hello.

Russell: We just got done at Tai Lopez’s house, filming a bunch of video promotions for the big promotion I’m going to do for Clickfunnels next week. Last webinar promotion they did, they did 1.8 million dollars. So it was worth flying to LA to contact some of your dream 100 to get them to hopefully make you at least that, if not more. Actually our goal is more, we’re going to try to do 2 million bucks, which would be amazing. Then tomorrow at 9:15 in the morning, we are going to go film with Marcus Lemonis, an episode of the Profit. How insane is that? People always ask me if we’re on the show as a business. No, we’re not on the show as a business. There’s another business, we’re coming in as the internet dudes, funnel dudes. It’s going to be so crazy.

Anyway, we wanted to do a late night impromptu Marketing In Your Car because I just had this crazy powerful marketing experience. I was telling Dave what happened and then we both at the same time we were like, “This needs to be a podcast.” So on Ebay today…..Most of you all should know at this point in life, or in the podcast, that I am a Mormon, if you’re not, I drop it all the time. I’m not shy, but proud as can be. So you should know that at this point. So in the Mormon faith there’s a book called the Book of Mormon. Oh, that’s kind of, pretty complex, right? So there’s this book that is amazing and in 1830 was the first printing of it, and there were 5,000 copies printed. It was cool because it was printed, instead of like, if you look at it today, it looks like scripture, chapter and verse. But this was like a novel, like a book. There was no chapter or verse back then when it was first printed in the 5,000 copies. And probably today there’s only, they speculate there’s only 500 of them still in circulation, the rest have been destroyed or whatever. They’re gone.

A couple of years ago I saw one on Ebay that sold for $120,000 and I was like, “AHHH! How cool is that?” Anyway, I only go to Ebay once every 4 or 5 months, and when I do I go and search for every term on Earth that I’m interested in and I end up spending way too much money. So I search for, should I tell you the terms that I search for? Is that interesting?

Dave: Yes, it definitely is.

Russell: Matt Furey, Farmer Burns, rare LDS, rare Mormon, rare marketing, Dan Kennedy rare, Tony Robbins rare….Anyway, these all….

(crossover talk)

Russell: Now you know what I’m looking for. But I always, those things I always search for, Jay Abraham rare, Chet Holmes, looking for things I don’t own. So I always look for things rare or unique. Anyway, so that’s the stuff I’m searching for, and then I always search for 1st edition Book of Mormon, because who knows? Last time I checked, earlier this week there were two. One of them was listed for $70,000 and one was listed for $33,000. I’m like, “$33,000, that’s 90 grand discount from the other dude who bought one a couple of years ago when I saw it.” So I’m like “How cool would that be?” Then I’m like, “I’m not going to pay $33,000 for a book. That’s completely ridiculous.” But of course there’s a little watch button, so I watch it. I’m like, I’m just going to watch and see how much some dude ends up paying for this book. So I’m watching it, and I’m looking at it and every day I go back and then Ebay texts you on your phone. Like, “Hey somebody else looked at it, you should go look again.” So I’m like, okay. And I go look again and all these things to get me engaged in the process. Finally one day a couple of days ago. I looked down and there was this spot to buy it now for $33,000 and I was like, “Oh my gosh! Someone’s going to get this for $33 grand.” And they had a button next to it that was like, you can make an offer. So I was like, I’m going to make an offer. So I made an offer that is ridiculous when you think about, it’s a book, right?

Anyway, I was like, I could realistically justify this, so I put in an offer for a price, and then an hour later, he rejected it. I’m like, “Dangit, how did he reject my price.” That was a lot of money for an old book that’s falling apart. I’m like, dangit, so I’ll just wait. Then I’m about to come here to LA, so I look down and there’s 4 hours before the auction ends and I’m like, “Ahh. I don’t really need it.” And I’m sitting there talking to Brent and Steve and a couple other guys in the office. I can’t remember who it was, but we were talking like, “Can you imagine how cool it would be to have that book and read it to your kids. Let them hold it and then actually read the entire thing to them through one of the original books. One that Joseph Smith probably handled.” Whatever it was. And I was thinking about it, how cool it’d be just for yourself to read that and be able to read one from back in the day. I put myself.. I was thinking how cool that’d be.

I was like, “I have to have it now.” I told Dave, “I’ve now experienced that moment and it was amazing. And my kids haven’t had a chance to experience it yet and I want them to experience it so bad, because I experienced it and It was amazing even though it was in my head. But I imagined it and I want to have that experience with them now.” Anyway, long story short, I didn’t win the auction. No one did. It ended. Oh, I made a new offer. I made another offer that I was like, “There’s no way he’s going to say no this time.” Put that offer in and then he just ignored it. He didn’t reject it, just ignored it. I was like, he’s got to be playing a game. I’m sure he’s going to wait til….it’s like a game of chicken. Two guys are driving cars at each other and one steers off at the last second. I’m like, I have my bid in there, I guarantee he’s going to wait til there’s a minute left and then be like, accept.  Because he wants my money, right?

So I’m waiting and waiting and then he doesn’t accept. And it ends. The auction ends and I don’t get the book. So now I’m like, he’s going to email me and be like, “okay man, I’ll take your offer.” And he didn’t for like 3 or 4 hours and I’m like, dangit. So finally I caved and wrote him, “hey man, what’s the lowest possible amount you’d take for that book?” So he may or may not write back. I don’t know. But the lesson, the moral of the story is if you can create a selling thing, where your customer actually visualizes themselves consuming the thing that you have. That happened to me when Brent or Steve, I can’t remember who it was, maybe it was a blend of this conversation. Talking, “Can you imagine reading that book to your kids and holding an original copy and letting them touch it and turning the pages.” And I did and when I had that vision in my head, I couldn’t get it out, because I wanted that experience. Because I experienced it already and I wanted to share that experience with other people but I couldn’t unless I consumed, unless I bought.

So think about that. How can you create in all that you’re selling, your webinars, your sales videos, your letters, your videos, everything you’re doing. How do you create an experience where they visualize it so strong that they can’t live without it? When you do that, that’s how you close book sales for $33,000 a book, which is insane.

Right now we’re driving up to the Bulletproof Coffee shop, I’m so excited. As you know now, I’m a Mormon, I mentioned earlier. I don’t drink coffee, but I’m a huge fan of Bulletproof stuff and last time we filmed Dave asked for his book funnel here, we ate at this coffee shop. They have food to die for. So we’re in LA, we just drove here and I’m about to eat everything on the menu, except for the coffee.

Dave: This actually goes back to having a cult following, because we drove half hour out of our way, just because it is that good, because we had one experience. Goes back to having an experience. We had the experience and we’re like, I don’t care where it’s at, we’re close enough we’ll find a way to go re-experience what we’d already experienced once before, because we craved it that much.

(crossover talk)

Russell: The crazy thing too is the first time we were here, we ordered one thing off the menu that was so good, that we ordered 3 more things for lunch, then we left and came back for dinner. We weren’t even hungry, but we did it again. I ordered 3 or 4 things because I wanted to try everything because it was such a good experience. So many good marketing lessons in this whole 7 minutes and 43 seconds you’ve been here with me so far.

Dave: Create the experience.

Russell: Create it, have them envision it. Have them experience it in their minds and then they will desire it in their lives. Alright guys, we’re out of here. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day and if anyone wants to send me some rare stuff from Ebay, now you know my keywords. Thanks guys. We’ll talk to you guys all again soon.

Jun 27, 2016

If you’re not happy with your opportunity…change the vehicle.

In today’s episode Russell talks about finding a vehicle that is able to take you where you want to go. He also discusses finding your superhero team that can turn into Voltron and take you to the next level in your business.

Here are some fun things to listen for in this episode:

  • Find out why Russell isn’t as smart as his doctor friend, but manages to make way more money.
  • Find out what Russell means when he says you need to find a vehicle that will take you where you want to go.
  • And see how having a Voltron team will take your business to the next level.

So listen below to find out how Russell is able to be so successful.


Good Morning everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car.  Good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you’re from, wherever you’re at right now in your life. I am on my way to the Clickfunnels Certification Program, so I’m excited. We’ve got about 20 or so Clickfunnels people who are all going to be there. The way we have certification is setup, we kind of learned something the last time we had certification, the first one. We sold it, we had like 100 people come, they all came at once and it was really hard to facilitate and manage, the weirdest thing is, I think it was a 4 or 5 day event, we had everything planned, and I was excited because I was going to be like, this….and as soon as we got there we realized, one of the first question I asked was, “Who here has never logged into Clickfunnels?” and half the audience raised their hands. Are you kidding me? And then the other half was super advanced. We had this really weird thing where I had to be teaching beginner stuff, while keeping stuff interesting. Anyway, we had the event, it made it kind of hard, we had some ups and downs and I had 2 yahoo’s that shouldn’t have been in the room that made it more difficult on me. It’s one of those fun things you get when you jump right into something. But as a whole it went really good. One of our biggest takeaways afterward was, we need to have people go through a pre-program before the show up, so that way everybody is on the same page.

We’ve had about 100 people who were eligible to come to today, only about 1/5th of them, 20 of them or so, have finished all the homework assignments up to today so they were able to actually come. It kind of makes me smile, dude, everybody, you all should have been here. We thought we’d have closer to 50 people. But there is the human nature. And some people obviously couldn’t make the dates of the event and stuff like that. That’s kind of what’s happening. So I’m heading in there today. What’s cool is now we’ve got Norah, who is amazing. A thousand times cooler than me, she is actually running the whole certification program now. I get to come in and talk this morning about some cool stuff and then she’ll be running the rest of the event which will be pretty awesome.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of cool  things that I’ve been mapping out this morning trying to figure out what could be the best thing I could give everybody and make it inspirational and motivational, but also the  tactful things you need to go and implement and stuff. So the presentation called the Anatomy of the Successful Funnel Consultant, and it’s pretty cool so I’m going to share a couple of things that are on the top of my head as I’m driving in. I can’t go deep on everything because it’ll take me 2 hours. Some of the fun things, one of the things that I’m going to talk about, that I think is interesting is just the level of the opportunity that you’re in. I’ve done a podcast on this back in the day, for the hardcore fans who’ve listened to everything, if not, you should go binge watch it all, and catch up. Anyway, it talked about level 10 opportunities, it’s interesting a couple of my friends here that go to church with me, so we moved to a new area, which is a little more affluent, bigger homes,, bigger things, so it was kind of like, when you go to our church, the way Mormon church’s work, we have things called Wards. Wards are all the people geographically close to you. So in our Ward, all the people who live close to us all go to the same ward. So it’s interesting, you go there and everyone there is like a doctor, or dentist, or an entrepreneur, or a blogger, or a network marketer, or a builder, they’re all business type, or people that…higher income type people. They’re just kind of cool.

One of the doctors, I don’t know, I love the doctors, one of them is usually funny. We went and hung out with him and his wife and they were talking about how, “In this ward, in this area, we’re the, the doctors are like the welfare, because you have all the entrepreneurs who are making crazy money and the doctors seem like the poor ones.” Which is kind of a funny thing. Then one of the other doctors I was talking to, he kept asking me, “I don’t understand what you do? I went to school forever, I cut people open, I operate on them and do all these things and you’re obviously making way more money. I don’t understand it.” We got into this debate and he’s like, “How are you that much smarter than me?” and I was like, “Are you kidding me? You think I’m smarter than you? Dude, you’re a freaking doctor, you cut people open. They could bleed out on your table, you’re dissecting arteries and gluing them together and doing all sorts of….you are way smarter than I’ve ever dreamt of being. It’s not even a remote conversation. Put two of us in a room, ask anybody. You’re way smarter than me. The only difference right now, the reason why I’m able to make more money than you is not because I’m smarter. I would argue that day and night, that you are way smarter than me. The only difference is the vehicle that I chose to apply my knowledge in has the ability to make more money. That’s it. I probably spent as much time studying marketing and sales as you have doctor stuff, that’s the official term, the only difference is the vehicle.”

That’s what’s so cool about this whole, I was thinking through this with these funnel consultants, is just you’re going to have to put in time and effort and energy and work, it’s not just a slam dunk, easy thing over night. It’s not hard, like going to college. You got to go for 6 years and hope to figure something out. You can figure it out in a couple of months, but there’s effort that goes into it, but the power in it, is the fact that the vehicle you’ve chosen, has the ability to generate lots of money. People will pay $10, 15, 25 thousand more for a sales funnel. The vehicle you chose is the right vehicle. Now it’s like, I get really good and focused on driving that vehicle and doing a good job with it. So for all you guys, and I know a lot of you guys listening in, aren’t funnel consultants and things like that, what makes for me at least, makes me think about the vehicles we choose. Is the opportunity you’re in right now with your business, is it the right vehicle. Is it the vehicle that has the ability to get you where you want to get in life. If not you should go get a different vehicle, because there’s tons of them.

There’s so many opportunities. That’s the biggest problem for me. There’s all these vehicles people are handing me and I’m like, “oh, I could drive that one, or I could drive that one. They’re so cool. All of them are so cool.” But when you find the right vehicle it can grow exponentially. In the podcast I did a little while ago, I was talking about one of my friends, named Bill Harrison, we were in Kenya together 3 or 4 years ago. He was talking about this concept, he said, I think the company that he owns right now, I don’t know their numbers, but I think he said, “We do somewhere between 5 and 10 million bucks a year. “ If you know this guy, he’s one of the few people who geeks out on marketing as much, if not more than me. I haven’t been to his house, but one of my friends was at his house, and he’s a single dude, he said the whole house is like, every room is book shelves from floor to ceiling. You walk in and see the chair and there’s like a stack of 30 books on each side of the chair. This dude is hard core and he told me, “I feel like I have a level 10 understanding of marketing in sales, but I feel like I’m stuck in a level 3 opportunity. I can do whatever I want, but I can’t scale past this size, because this is the size of the vehicle that I decided to choose. I’ve had friends that don’t know that much about marketing and sales, and they’re not that good at business, but they walked into a level 10 opportunity and they’ve sold companies for hundreds of millions of dollars.”

So part of it is looking at, it doesn’t matter how good you are at the thing if the thing is only this big. If the vehicle is not bigger than that, you are stuck at your limit and you can’t get any bigger. My friend who’s a doctor, it doesn’t matter how many lives he’s saved, he’s kind of limited. The vehicle is what it is. He’s going to make a lot of money, but that’s the size of the vehicle. So we have to look at what vehicle are we putting ourselves into. That was a big conversation, when I talked to Bill about this; I was like, “Wow.” I look at myself like, what’s the opportunity I have. I’m looking around and the best companies in the world are doing what I was doing at the time, we’re making maybe $10 million a year. There’s also the stress and liability and all sorts of things associated with that. I was like, I don’t like this. I’m looking at this vehicle and looking around. I don’t really like this vehicle very much. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in it. So I had to consciously change my vehicle and I look at it now, and my vehicle is Clickfunnels and this funnel stuff that’s associated with it, and that vehicle the sky’s the limit, at least in my mind right now.

This year we’ll probably do between 3 and 5 times of our best year ever in the past, it’s just, it’s not that I got much smarter, it’s not that I’m working harder, it’s that I stepped into a better vehicle. So it’s something to consciously think through. What’s the vehicle you guys have selected for your life, for your business? Because your vehicle can only go as fast as it’s able to go. So if you take that and strategically pick the right vehicle first off, second off strategically become level 10 at your skill set, you have that double mix, then it gets crazy. Then you can start writing your own paychecks all day long for the rest of your life.

That was kind of one cool thing I’ll be talking about that I think is really, really cool. What else? What else do you guys want to know about? I’ll give you the next point. This relates to everyone. I may have talked about this. I’m doing so many little publishing content in a lot of places and I can’t remember everything I say. So if I ever repeat myself, please forgive me. But if I ever repeat myself, it’s because it’s essential for you to hear it twice. There you go.

One of the guys in the mastermind, Henry, who is a designer and a super stud and just someone who I love and respect, he talked at mastermind. He was talking, do you guys remember that cartoon, Voltron? It was like Voltron, and Thundercats, and later on Power Rangers. Similar concepts, right? Where there was like 5 superheroes, and they go and fight bad guys, but every once and a while the bad guy gets too strong so they have to morph together into this super thing to become Voltron, which is the head and arms and legs, it’s these 5 people coming in to one super person, who they can now go and beat the bad guy.  So what Henry said that was kind of interesting, “When I first got started out here I was kind of a superhero, I was good at my thing, but my thing wasn’t complete. It was part of a whole. I was going out there and I was doing good at my thing, but I was missing other parts. I’m a really good designer, but I was missing strategy and traffic and execution and testing and these other pieces. What I had to do is I had to become Voltron. I had to assemble my team of people that have the superpowers that I don’t. I started assembling that team. As soon as I had my Voltron team, I was able to take over the world.” And I think his first year he did $600,000 after he assembled his team. So for all you guys, a big piece of that is, think about that, if it’s Voltron or Power Rangers, it doesn’t matter, pick one of them for the analogy. But the key is, it’s time to start building that out. I need this person and this person. Start figuring that out.

Because all of us want to be the owners and think we’re geniuses and all that kind of stuff, but the reality is, okay however good you are, you’re not good at everything. And even if you are good at something, there’s probably people who are better or should be spending time in it. For me, I think about my level 10 opportunity, the only way I was able to step into that level 10 opportunity was by partnering with level 10 people who are also level 10 opportunity. They became my Voltron. I can be the best salesman, marketing dude in the world, but if I don’t have a cool product to sale, what am I going to do?

Same thing, I look at Dylan and Todd, who are the co-founders of Clickfunnels, Dylan who has been making amazing stuff from the beginning of time, but he needed a marketing and sales guy. Todd is building amazing things, but he needed that. So it’s like, when we brought our powers together, we’ve got Dylan doing the front end stuff, Todd doing the backend stuff, me doing the marketing and sales, and from there we’ve brought in other people as well and built our own Voltron, inside of a level 10 opportunity. The sky’s been the limit. There’s some analogies for you that I hope help.

One cool thing about an analogy, that we learned at Inner Circle from Darin Stevens, he talked about how metaphors and analogy’s speak to the subconscious mind, which is kind of cool when you start thinking about it. The more that I learn about persuasion and speaking more, I understand the subconscious mind. And this is funny for me, because I don’t care about politics, whoever wins…..I don’t know, my belief pattern is, if you’re religious at all, there’s some really good books that have been written by people who are inspired that tell us how things are going to end, and we know it’s not going to end good. It’ll eventually become really, really good, but we gotta go through some really, really bad first. So it’s inevitable, I don’t care whether it’s Hillary or Trump, to me it does not matter. We’re going to go through a bunch of crap, and we know how the story ends, so it doesn’t matter to me. So I’m not a big person that cares about politics at all, outside of the fact that I love watching the sales and the techniques behind what’s happening.

So anyway, Trump just did this whole speech last week, totally just ripping on Hillary. It was like, the greatest speech of all time, in my humble opinion. Because he was……it was just awesome. The way he speaks to the subconscious mind is awesome. He never……he always is associating labels with people, all the time. It’s never, “This is my opponent, Hillary Clinton.” He’s like, “Hillary the criminal, Hillary the scam artist.” He’s just so shady, but he uses these words with the name so our subconscious mind starts linking these two things together, which is so powerful and so crazy and so cool. It’s just fun to watch. I don’t know if he’s going to win or not, again I don’t really care. It’s entertaining to watch and watch his language patterns.

We were talking at the inner circle meeting about, for persuasion, people want to be really good at speaking. You’ve got to learn how to speak at a third grade level. If you look at good copy, the best copywriters, if you look at their sales letter, if you take a look at them, they’re written at a third grade level. When you go above third grade, that’s when it gets too complex, you lose sales. So it’s all about simplicity and dumbing things down, which is kind of cool. Anyway, there’s websites you can go and take a sales letter run through and it’ll say what grade level it’s written at. So people took Donald Trump’s speech and ran it through, a bunch of speeches, and he’s speaking at a third grade level. So he’s speaking correctly, which is amazing. Anyway, a lot of cool stuff.

With that said, I think the moral to the story as I  get closer and closer to the hotel… Man, I got 20 minutes before it starts. I always plan incorrectly. I thought this road would move faster, but there’s tons of traffic, so I hope I’m not late to the event. One time we had an event here in Boise, I was driving and I got a ticket on the way and I ended up showing up 15 minutes late to my own event, which was super embarrassing, so I hope I make it there in time. Whoa, I almost just killed the car. Too many things happening at once.

Alright, so what was I saying. So my moral of today’s lesson, that I wanted you to kind of think through was, first off figuring out the vehicle that you want to pitch your tent in. What’s the vehicle you’re going to be using? Because if you pick the wrong vehicle, you’re stuck. But if you pick a vehicle where, let’s say you’re a doctor, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re happy in that vehicle, that’s awesome. I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk the other day, and he was talking about, “I’m not speaking to people who are content. If you’re content playing video games and eating cheerios all day, good for you man. If that’s the vehicle you picked and you’re happy there, you should be happy, that’s awesome.” I wish I was better at being fulfilled. There’s a Tony Robins talks about the science of achievement, and then the art of fulfillment. Science of achievement, science is very step by step, so any of us achieve anything in life can figure out the science. There are the steps to go and achieve this thing. Then the other side, is the art of fulfillment. So how do we become fulfilled? That’s not a science, that’s a way harder, more complicated thing, especially for entrepreneurs, to feel fulfilled because we’re always wanting and seeking more, and trying to get more. So kind of like Gary Vaynerchuk, if you’re fulfilled, good for you man. Don’t listen to anything I’m saying, because if you’re fulfilled and happy, that’s awesome. Good for you. But if you’re not, it’s probably the vehicle that you’re in. You’re sitting in, I can’t even think of a bad car, what’s a crappy car? You’re sitting in a Volvo and you want to drive 100 miles an hour, it’s probably not going to happen, that thing’s going to break down. But if you’re in a Volvo and you’re like, “Dude, I just want to drive around my town.” Done, if you’re happy there, don’t worry about changing the vehicle. But if you’re not happy that what you got to work out, change the vehicle.

Then the big part of the change the vehicle, often times, maybe you can’t drive it by yourself. So you gotta start building out your Voltron team. So those are my two big takeaways, hopefully for today for you guys. Change the vehicle and build out your team of superstars. So that’s what I got. Anyway, I’m going to bounce. I appreciate you guys. Thanks for listening, this is an 18 minuter. You get long sessions when I’m not driving to my office. We’re moving to a new office that’s like 3 minutes away from my house if I’m walking, actually it’s a little bit longer than that. But still, you guys may get really short Marketing In Your Cars. I’m going to start walking so I can talk for 5 minutes, which would be awesome. Alright, with that said, appreciate you all, have an amazing day. I’ll talk to you guys soon.

Jun 23, 2016

What really happened to get launched.

On this episode Russell talks about how he went from one Snapchat follower to over a thousand in under 24 hours. He also shares how you can make Snapchat work for your business.

Here are some fun things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • How Russell was able to substantially increase his Snapchat following in a very short period of time, and how it continues to grow.
  • How Russell used skills he already had in marketing to market his Snapchat account.
  • And How you can use Snapchat to help your own business grow.

So listen below for the Snapchat gold Russell is handing out on this episode!


Hey everyone, good morning, good morning, good morning. I’m excited to be with you here for longer than 10 seconds on a special edition of Marketing In Your Car. Hey everyone, so yes, yes. I’ve been going a little Snapchat crazy for the last little bit, and I’m excited to be on a platform where I can talk to you for a little longer than 10 seconds. Anyway, as you guys know, I got intro’d to Snapchat a little while ago, a couple of days ago, and wanted to try it out. Did the first day and thought it was really fun. I thought it was actually a really good platform for me. Especially with next week we got some crazy stuff.

Next week we’re flying out Ty Lopez is doing a webinar for us, I’m flying out and hanging out at the mansion for a day. Dude, just kind of get some people excited about that webinar, which will be cool. After that, we’re going and Marcus Lemonis is having us on The Profit, crazy, crazy, crazy. So we are going to be filming a part, I’m going to be in the episode building funnels for people. So we are going mainstream, funnels are becoming mainstream, which is cool. And a bunch of other cool things and I’m like, “How do I show that to people? I can talk about it post-production in here, Marketing In Your Car, which is fun, I can go into more details and share the cool stuff, but how do I take you behind the scenes, snap by snap. So we’re going to be snapchatting the crap out of that trip along with everything else we’re doing.

Anyway, it’s worth trying to figure out Snapchat, if nothing else, to see behind the scenes of next week, which is going to be amazing. So I think I found out if you go to, I think it adds you directly, or faster or something. Alright so, this is kind of the behind the scenes. I thought Snapchat was cool, did the first snap, had one person watch it, and I was like this sucks, how do you get people? So I got to figure out a way to get people. I was like, what if I just create a page that educates them on why they should be following me and snapping and all that kind of stuff? So I create this page and it kind of goes through what to do and how to do it and all that kind of stuff, which is kind of cool. So then I started promoting that a little bit and we got a little bit of traction by people who already knew what Snapchat was and they jumped on and that was kind of cool. But then it just kind of died real fast. I was like, that was a lot of work, the juice was not worth the squeeze. Now I got 12 people watching my snaps, so that’s not any cooler.

And I was like, how do we grow this? As I’m asking myself this question, I want you guys thinking about this for your business as well, so from a podcasting standpoint, from an affiliate program, from a blog, from a Facebook, whatever it is. For me, the question in my head was how do I grow Snapchat faster? And again, I think the process I’m going to walk you guys through is the same process I would be going through if I was asking any of the other questions. How do I grow my affiliate program? How do I grow my podcast? How do I blah, blah, blah? So that’s kind of the thought right? So what I did is I started going back, and this is, and we’re jumping all over the place for the faithful followers of Marketing In Your Car, so if you jump back to the episode where I talked about an epiphany bridge. So I started thinking about what gave me my epiphany to want to actually care about Snapchat? And I was like, for me, it’s cool. A couple of days ago I met Brandon and Kaylin, they showed Snapchat, I was like this is cool and they showed me how they get 20,000 people per snap to watch this thing. I’m like, dang. They put in a year’s worth of effort, but now they get 20,000 views every time they push a button, which is nuts. I don’t know any other platform you can do that on. You can be on informercials and you can’t get 20,000 people to watch at the click of a button. They get 30 a day that 20,000 people watch, it’s pretty cool.

So that was kind of my big epiphany. Like wow, if I could build it up that’d be awesome. Then I was like, the only reason I’m getting on Snapchat, is because now I understand the benefit, I’m going to try Snapchat. So I want to see what other people are doing so I can understand how they’re doing it, how they’re engaging. I’m going to follow cool people, so I started following people. Now, it’s funny, I’ll log into Snapchat 50 times a day, refreshing to see if people I’m following posted anything. I’m annoyed when they haven’t. I’m like, crap this is a cool platform because I want to be annoyed. When I’m, this is probably more than you wanted to know, when I’m going to the bathroom I want to see a bunch of snaps from the few people I’m following. If they haven’t posted something I’m annoyed. Dude, wake up you guys. Do something funny. You need to entertain me now.

So I was like, crap, this is kind of cool. I can just keep doing stuff and people during their bathroom breaks or whenever, I don’t know when people Snapchat, they can catch up on all the weirdness that we’re doing. I was like this is a cool platform. I need to take people through the same epiphany I had. So we set up, that’s what my page was initially telling them how to follow me, but I was like, let’s step back. What if I can get Brandon and Kaylin to give everyone the same epiphany they gave me? So that was my first thought, I was like, cool. This is literally yesterday morning. So then I Vox those guys. I’m like, “Hey can I interview you for like 30 minutes talking about Snapchat?” and they’re like, “We’re about to jump on a plane, we can’t really do it, unless we do it at this time.” I’m like, “Sweet, let’s do it. We’ll do Google Hangout, We’ll jump on and talk to guys for 30 minutes about Snapchat to give everybody the same epiphany I had. So that’s step number one.

Step number two is I’m about to leave my house to come to the office and I’m like, well how am I going to get people to actually want to register to watch this training? I gotta do something different, unique and fun. So what if I Snapchat me selling Snapchat and telling about the epiphany I had with snapchat and then introducing the people that gave me that epiphany. So I’m weaving 20 different marketing things into one, I hope you guys are seeing this. So then I’m  like, what am I going to Snapchat? And I was like, with video’s, what does really well is if you’re taking someone on a journey. If you are just you in your office like, “Hi, my name is Russell, I’m in my office. Let’s talk about something.” It’s not nearly as powerful as you starting somewhere and taking somebody on a journey and a process with you. It’s kind of like you are taking them on this whole epiphany with you. So I was like, I’m about to go to the office, what if I take them on this journey? “I’m leaving my house, going to the office, talking to Brandon and Kaylin, you guys are kind of going on this journey with me, opt in and you’re going to see the same conversation I’m about to have.” So that’s what I did.

I got out Snapchat and I started Snapchatting my whole journey. Me putting my backpack on, walking out the of my house. Getting in the garage deciding do I take the Corvette or do I take the bike? The bike’s way funnier so I took the bike. Me, driving my bike while I’m Snapchatting this message.  And then I’m out of wind and it keeps cutting me off because I only get 10 seconds. So instead of trying to be all polished I played off of that, let me complain like 5 times about how short these things are. So I’m taking them on this journey to the office and then I go into the office, go to my desk, and I share what they are going to learn, and I show pictures of Kaylin with her ripped 6 pack abs to make people want to hear what she’s gotta say. So I create this whole video of like 20 or 30 ten second Snapchats, and I’m trying to make it fun and entertaining. I had my brother edit one upside down because I wanted a pattern interrupt because it was like 5 shots in a row of me riding my bike and it just got kind of boring, even though it’s ten seconds at a time. I’m like flip it upside down that way it’s a pattern interrupt so they don’t get bored during the 4 or 5 sessions of me riding on my bike.

Anyway, we made this video, honestly on my ride to the office, had my brother edit it, flip that thing around, then we posted it on Youtube. Then I made and posted that Snapchat video of me Snapchatting talking about Snapchat with an opt-in box. Next page then, I had just a really simple process, 1, 2, 3. Number one watch the training from Brandon and Kaylin, so as soon as we did the Googe Hangout, then I put the embed code on that page. Even though Google Hangout dropped 2 or 3 times, we didn’t edit anything. Because I was like, I don’t want to; I just want to go fast and hopefully show people you don’t have to be so polished to make things cool. So we did that. Step two is like, “Hey go to this page now to follow me.” So then it takes them to a page I created the day earlier that walks them through how to find me, how to follow me, how to watch my snaps or my story or whatever. I should learn the terminology. Then step three was like, “Hey you guys should share Snapfunnels with your audience because if you could educate them on how to do this, then they’ll be more likely to follow you as well. So what I’m going to do is if you share then we will give you a share funnel link for this funnel then you can use this funnel for your marketing.”

I used a script I’ve been looking at for the last month of so that I thought was cool and I was wanting to use it. It’s called Upviral. It gives a little widget you put on your page, like share this, then you share it, you earn points and things like that. It’s pretty awesome, so we had people go and to get the share funnel link you had to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I think or something like that. So they share it, boom, boom, boom. After they share it all three places it unlocks and emails them the share funnel link  for that funnel and now they’ve got that, which puts people into Clickfunnels if they’re not already a Clickfunnels member, which is cool. So we did that whole campaign and by lunch time it was all done. Busted it out on Clickfunnels, got it done, post on Facebook and we started watching it grow. Instantly it started growing, which is cool because I had a meeting right after that, so I wasn’t able to promote it or anything. I just posted on Facebook and people started sharing it and opting in, and sharing it and new people opt in, and it started virally growing on its own, it was crazy.

Then last night, finally before I left, I emailed the Clickfunnels list saying, “Hey, here’s the Snapchat funnel, go get it for free.” So they could go do that, and then I emailed my list just talking about the title, which is how to ethically build a cult following in Snapchat. Anyway, it’s been cool. It’s been less than 24 hours since we had the idea. We had, I don’t remember the exact numbers, over a thousand people have opted in. It’s growing, people are watching my snaps, it’s starting to grow really fast, it’s exciting.

So why did I share that with you? One is because I was kind of recapping in my head, which helps me to get it out, and realize what we did. And number two, that same process you guys could use for anything. Think back about why you started your affiliate program. Think about why you started your podcast, or started your blog. What was the epiphany you got? Create a training video giving people that epiphany and then create a funnel that gets them in the training video, which then gets them to subscribe to your blog, which then gets them blogging, because if they’re blogging they’d be more likely to read your blog. People who write blogs, read blogs. I don’t write a blog, so I don’t read a blog. I only Snapchat because now I Snapchat. So educate people on what you want them to do, or how to do that thing that you’re now doing and then in the process teach them to consume your part of it. And then throw in a viral campaign to make it go viral and see what happens.

So there you go. Oh, and also by the way, I could have named this Snapchat Cult Secrets, but I’m the funnel guy right? I talked about this 3 or 4 episodes ago. Funnels has become our thing, so I called it snapfunnels. What does it have to do with funnels? I don’t know, it’s Snapchat and there’s funnels and things like that. Anyway, it’s syncs with the branding. Anyway, I hope….that one little campaign took us three or four hours to put the whole thing together, it turned out amazing and it was all just pieces of the stuff we’ve been sharing through the podcast. So I hope you guys are picking up the gold we’re dropping, because it’s powerful strategy for anyone to build their following. So use it, abuse it. I will be using it and abusing it more. My guess, I’m hoping Dave Woodward who runs our affiliate and our business stuff, is listening to this. Dave, let’s do this for the affiliate program stuff. I have a really cool epiphany story, I haven’t launched our affiliate program, so boom, me and Dave are doing that. It’s done and done and happening. So that’s exciting. We should do it for our podcast, I mean a lot of different ways, maybe we’ll do podcast funnels, actually I’m totally doing that. It’s coming soon to a funnel near you. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day. I’m at the office, time to launch Biohacking secrets, it’s going live today. And also is going live today. So we got two cool things happening. So I’m going to go promote the crap out of both of them. So appreciate you all, have a great day and we’ll talk soon.

Jun 20, 2016

Today I get to practice what I preach.

On today’s episode Russell talks about starting to use Snapchat and how you can follow him to get some behind the scenes of the behind the scenes stuff going on with Clickfunnels. He also talks about his Funnel Swag website and how you can get a new, cool, limited edition t-shirt every month.

Here are some other cool things in this episode:

  • How Russell is doing with Snapchat so far on his first day, and how you can be a part of it.
  • How you can get a hold of some cool Funnel Swag like backpacks, t-shirts, and a water bottle.
  • Find out why Russell’s wife, Collette, thought he drowned over the weekend.
  • And hear about the sweet gifts Russell got for Father’s Day.

So listen below to hear about Snapchat, Funnel Swag and some of the fun stuff that goes on at Russell’s home.


Hey everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey guys and gals and friends and a bunch of people I care about. Today’s been fun; I started my first day of my Snapchat journey. So I don’t know if I’m doing it right or wrong, or if I’m annoying. I don’t know but it’s been fun. So for those that aren’t Snapchatters yet, time to download the Snapchat app and search my name, it’s Russell Brunson. I think you can find me that way, I believe. I don’t know, I’m still figuring that part out. I would recommend doing it, because I’m showing behind the scenes. Everyone’s asking me what I do all day long, “What’s your morning routine?” So I’m showing it in quick little 10 second chunks. I think that’s how you do it right.

Basically the concept is throughout the day I go and as I’m doing cool things, I show the cool things I’m doing. So this morning I woke up, I was in the supplement closet, it showed me taking supplements, which ones. Then I had a morning coaching session with Tara and then I was working my Trello board, so I showed that. Then I went on a run and I showed that. I was about to start this Marketing In Your Car podcast and I showed that. So I’m showing all these little pieces of it, so I think for you guys it’s like once a day, if you log in, you’ll see behind the scenes of behind the scenes.

So as you probably, I’ve been talking about lately, one of the big things, we’re trying to do and I think what you guys should all be doing, but what we should all be trying to do is try to get our community more engaged in the process. So we’re doing a lot of hangouts and live streams, showing behind the scenes of what’s happening, which has been fun, but then Snapchat for me is kind of behind the scenes of the behind the scenes in quick little ten second snips. So you can basically catch up on a full day in like 2 minutes.  Anyway, it’s going to be fun, I’m going to be posting some unique, cool, crazy, funny things and introducing you to some people that I won’t be doing anywhere else. So if you’re not on Snapchat yet, now is the time to go and to become part of that.

Today I’m excited because I’ve been in Inner Circle all last week, and it’s kind of one of those things when you have these projects and things you wanna do and everything’s bottling up and you just want to move and go and do. So finally I have a chance today to move and go and do. I’m excited. We are, this week launching Biohacking Secrets with Anthony which will be cool. But then the other thing, on our side, we have a whole bunch of new updates coming, with just our company. One of the cool things we’re going to be doing that I’m excited for is, and depending on when you hear this, it’ll be live or almost live, we’re changing the Clickfunnels Facebook Group. People don’t like really bonding with the company, it’s kind of bland, so we want to make it more of a movement. So we’re going to change the name of it to Funnel Hackers/Clickfunnels official group or something like that. So that way we can all self –identify with the group and who we are, and not just the software product, which is kind of cool.

And then what’s going to happen is when you first login, and the first time I really saw this I thought it was cool. There’s a Facebook group called the Cult of Copy, it’s a really good copywriting group with really good copywriters hanging out and talking all the time and when you go in that group, Colin, who runs the group, Colin Theriot, I think I can never say his last name right….but he’s got a sticky when you first go in there that’s like, “Hey welcome to the Cult of Copy, here’s all the rules, here’s how it works, here’s the lingo, here’s the core products you need to buy.” Just a list of all the core things when you first join the group. So that’s one of my goals this week, is to build out, maybe even today if I have time. Kind of like, “Here’s the mission statement of our group, here’s the core products and services you need to be able to run your business.” And the cool thing we set up, and it’s not live as of right now, but hopefully by the time you hear this, it’ll be live. If you go to we have an official Funnel Hackers Kit where you get a Clickfunnels backpack, you get the Funnel Graffiti, you get the I Build Funnels t-shirt, Clickfunnels water bottle. Everything you need to be an official funnel hacker. So basically, I think it’s $100, it basically covers our hard costs and shipping, we’re not making any money on this, we just want to get everyone a Biohacking, not Biohacking, a Funnel Hacking Kit.

So we’ll mail this kit to you, and then from there you get put on a $20 a month continuity program. The $20 a month goes towards a new t-shirt each month. So what’s happening, each month we’re making super cool t-shirts. In fact, if you go to you can see 5 or 6 of the shirts there. And basically, we’re going to be doing limited edition shirts. So each month, whoever’s a member of that, we will see who’s bill went through that month and we will ship you out that month’s shirt. And they’re going to be one off printing. So that means if you get it, you get it. If you don’t get it, you miss that shirt forever. So there’s some urgency and scarcity built in, because I believe the only that sells anything in this world, besides good copy, and building a good following and personality, there’s a lot of good things. But the number one thing to actually get people to pull their credit card out are urgency and scarcity, so we kind of want to do that. Again, I make zero dollars, in fact, I lose money, I think I lose money on almost all of these because we have so many international people. But I just want to do it so that you guys all have cool funnel swag from us every single month. We also might be slipping in some other cool gifts along the way with the t-shirts. I’m not going announce those, they’re unadvertised bonuses, but cool things you guys will want as a Clickfunnels member.

So that’s kind of what Funnel Swag is all about, is getting you guys all consuming our stuff, wearing our shirts, using our backpacks, water bottles, Mac stickers, oops, did I slip that? We’re working on Mac stickers and a bunch of other cool things for you guys that’ll be part of the Funnel Swag Monthly Kit. For sure, each month you’ll get a t-shirt that will be limited edition and just super cool. Anyway, these are just a few of the things we’re doing, and I hope that it serves as a model for you guys as you’re building up your community and your following and your cult…ture.

That was one of the big things through all of the Inner Circle meetings, was that, as I kind of mentioned through some of these podcasts. So I’m going to start implementing and applying these things and you guys will be able to see them and hopefully you’ll run with them as well. I think I mentioned this before, I see my mission as building cool, creative things and you guys taking them and knocking them off for your community. So feel free to R and D, rip off and deploy these concepts in your market as well, for your people because I think they’re kind of cool.

So that’s what’s happening today. I’m really, really, really excited as you can probably tell, to get to work and to do all these kinds of things. Another cool update, we got last week the float tank in my Biohacking room, so Saturday I wasn’t supposed to float for 3 or 4 days, you’re supposed to let the salt do whatever, but I got excited so the second day I jumped in and floated, is that the right word? Flooted? Floated? So I floated and it was cool, I laid there for 20 minutes and I passed out and woke up 3 hours later. It was almost 1 in the morning and I was getting out and Collette came out like, “I thought you were dead, I was afraid that you had drowned out here.” I was like, “I don’t think it’s possible to drown because there’s a thousand pounds of salt in there to make you float to the top, so I don’t think I could drown if I wanted to.” But I appreciated the thought so, that was cool. And then yesterday was Father’s Day, which was super cool. I don’t know, my kids are the coolest, just seeing them. One of my boys, he drew a big picture of a minion and said, “Dad, you’re one in a minion.” It was so awesome. And then my other son drew a big picture of Yoda and it said, “Dad, Yoda best dad ever!” It was so sweet. I thought that was the two coolest things in the world.  Anyway, it was a good day. With that said, I am almost to the office. I’m going to get to work. I’m building up our community and I hope this gives you guys a couple ideas on things you can do as well. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you guys again soon.

Jun 17, 2016

One cool trick I picked up from the mastermind.

On today’s episode Russell talks about a little nugget of good information he received at the Inner Circle Mastermind group. He also tells a story of something cool he did twice at the mastermind.

Here are some fun things to listen for in this episode:

  • What part of the mastermind group made Russell have his “ah ha” moment, and why he thinks nobody else caught it.
  • How this simple golden nugget will change some of the ways he does things.
  • And why he wrote one of the Inner Circle member’s webinar pitch.

So listen below to find out what simple golden nugget Russell got out of the mastermind group.


Good morning everybody, well not everybody, just the important people that actually listen to this podcast, good morning. Welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey, hey everybody, we survived another 4 days jam-packed Inner Circle smack down, it was amazing. It was legitimately amazing. So instead of bragging about it, so those that aren’t in feel guilty that they didn’t make it in, I just wanted to say it was awesome and I appreciated everyone who came and played full out. It was really, a great 4 days.

Now I’m at the end of that and I’m tired and I’m worn out and my body is shot. And one thing that’s funny, when I used to go to masterminds, when they’re not your own, you can kind of pay attention or dose off, or whatever. But when it’s your own, you gotta be present all the time. So unfortunately I had to use a little too much caffeine this week just to keep pure, perfect focus. So I’m going to be detoxing my body for the next few days so I can get all the caffeine out of my system. Because even, it’s weird during the middle of the night you’ll wake up and you’re like, “I should be so tired and I can’t sleep.” Anyway, it’s weird. So I am detoxing from caffeine, so if I go through withdrawals, if I start crying on one of these meetings with you guys, that’s why. Just joking.

Anyway, I’m heading in right now, about to do the second episode of Friday Funnels, which is exciting. I hope you guys come and check it out. I hope you guys come participate in it. We had a lot of fun. I talked about last week, I hope that you guys, if you haven’t done a Friday Funnel yet, or a Funnel Friday, or whatever it is for your business, something like that, it was really fun. We did 30 minutes, put a countdown clock and then tried to build a funnel as fast I could and everyone was watching and going crazy and it turned out really cool. It was a great….it was a lot of fun for the cult community and everything, so that was really, really cool.

The interesting thing I wanted to talk to you about today, and this is one of the more simple nuggets that I kind of picked up from this weekend, but it was one of those simple nuggets that I needed. Because sometimes in my head I get things over complicated, I get excited and I try to build super complex things. I think that for most people, I’m still, my funnels and my concepts and my process flows are still pretty simple. I’ve seen some of your guys stuff, you send me over my maps and things and they’re insane. I open them up and I just want to go back to bed because they’re so stressful. So mine are pretty simple, but I still have some things happening. And a couple of things, one thing I shared in the mastermind was about, in Clickfunnels now, when you join Clickfunnels, there’s a 21 day ignite your funnel process that we take people through. Basically each day you get a short 3 to 5 minute video and I give you one task to do over 21 days. There’s a whole bunch of reasons and strategy behind it, and I’m not going to go into it now, its outside the context of this podcast, but it help reduce our churn by almost double digits. It was insane. It got people consuming our software and a whole bunch of other really cool things.

So I was like, man that would be cool if someone came into Clickfunnels and go through this big indoctrination process, they start using our software, consuming, we help build a relationship with them, it’s just really powerful and a really cool strategy. So then one of the couples in the Inner Circle, Brandon and Kaylin, they’re in the weight loss space. They’ve been doing perfect webinar, they’re crushing it, they’ve been doing Periscope webinar, just like I talked about with you guys 50 episodes ago, they killed it on that twice now. They’re just, they’re doers, they’re cool, I just really enjoy them and watching them. One thing that was cool that I saw that they were doing, they have their Facebook Live’s where they’re promoting a webinar on Facebook Live, they’re promoting a product or something like that, but in between they’re doing a lot of cool training stuff. And so she talks about a cool concept, and at the end of it she’s like……oh wow, I just drove by this truck that’s jacked up on a…..that was really weird. Sorry. A.D.D….

Okay, so they do these things and they just push to the end, and I can’t remember the….dangit, they’re going to kill me for not knowing this, but they have a domain name, it’s something like, or faststartweightloss or something like that. And they’re like, “Hey go get your free fast start guide. Go right now.” And they always push people to this free thing, which is an opt-in. People opt-in and they go through their on-boarding indoctrination process through email. I think last month they got 50 thousand opt-in’s through that little channel, which is crazy. I was like, right now I have all these other squeeze pages, I’m driving people to all these places and all sorts of stuff, which is good, but what if I had just one squeeze page that I focused on instead of 20 and that was the goal to get people into that.  So I think I bought or something like that. I probably should check out the domain names before I promote them live. It’s something like that; it’s not live yet anyway, so it doesn’t matter. So that’s kind of the thing and I’m going to use that as a call to action in everything that’s not selling an actual product. So it’ll always be pushing everyone into that.

And then my thought is treating that kind of like, doing an indoctrination process when someone joins Clickfunnels that I’m doing to my list. I need to take them through an indoctrination process, which is similar to what we talked about with soap opera sequence, those type of things. But I was like, we’ve got a big product range and in my mine, there’s an order that people should consume our products, so I’m going to use that and make this really fun, exciting. I don’t know how many days it’ll be, 20, 40, 50 days, but walking them through this concept. Some will be teaching, some will be referencing, “Hey go get the book.” “Hey get on this webinar.” Or something, and push them through our product line and product offerings, while teaching, educating along the way and using it like a funnel fast start. Here’s the fast start. Come through this process. Now everyone who enters my world goes through this process, they get indoctrinated, they go through my soap opera sequence, they build the relationship with me as the attractive character, but the time they end the process, then they can come in our normal, Seinfeld sequences. They’ve been indoctrinated; they’ve kind of gone through this really cool process.

Anyway, it’s not something new. We talked about it in the Dotcom Secrets book, taking you through a soap opera sequence, but I think that after doing it as a consumption sequence, after somebody joins Clickfunnels and they see the power of the 21 day, daily chunked out videos, I think I’m going to use that in our actual email sequence and then make that become the core focus of where we try to drive all the traffic. So, I don’t know, I’m excited. I’ll be testing it out and I’m sure I’ll be bragging about it as we go through. But that’s kind of the one little nugget, again it’s one of those little tiny things they just mentioned in passing and I bet most people didn’t even catch it in the group, but I was like, “Whoa.” You know that feeling when someone says something and it wasn’t the big aha, but you have the big aha and everyone else is just quiet and you’re seeing this thing, everything starts, all these connections start being made instantly. That’s kind of what happened in my head. So I’m trying to explain the connections here, I have no idea if I explained it right or if the connections will make your connections. But it was super cool.

Anyway, there’s just one little nugget, I hope that was useful for you guys. Alright now, last thing because I’m about one minute away from the office. I was really nervous about this last Inner Circle group, because we had less people just because of circumstance, but a bunch of overseas people in that group that couldn’t make it, things like that. But what was cool, because of that we had a little less time, or a little more time. So we gotta do some extra sessions, which was cool. So I did some training sessions and then twice we had people who were kind of working on webinars, they just weren’t quite hitting it yet, so instead of just trying to coach them through and then move on to the next person, I was like, “Alright.” And I jumped out of my seat and walked up to the front. I sketched out their whole webinar and then I pitched the webinar for them live. I did it twice and it was cool. I think it was cool, I thought it was cool. But we basically just built the entire webinar for them and they gotta watch me pitch it and they recorded it and then had this tool that they could go pitch. So it was pretty cool.

I’m curious how many of you guys would pay me a crap-ton of money to just write your webinar pitch and then pitch it for you real quick and then you guys can just copy my pitch. That’d be pretty cool actually. Alright I’m at the office. I’m going to bounce and get back to work, and I’ll talk to you guys soon.

Jun 16, 2016

My thoughts on building your culture every 10 seconds.

In this episode Russell talks about his current Inner Circle Mastermind Group and how one of the members convinced him to use Snapchat. He goes over why he no longer thinks Snapchat is stupid and how it will connect him to his customers better.

Here are a few fun things you won’t want to miss in today’s episode:

  • What Inner Circle member was able to convince Russell to use Snapchat and why.
  • Why allowing a customer a glimpse behind the scenes is good for business.
  • And why Russell wants his customers to see Clickfunnels as their business rather than Russell’s business.

So listen below to find out what changed Russell’s mind about Snapchat.


Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing amazing. I am heading into day number 4 of our Inner Circle Mastermind. Actually, technically it’s day number 8. We did 2 groups last month and we had 2 groups this month. And then we will have gone through all 100 people in our Inner Circle, which is pretty cool. We’ve had a really good time.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little worn out. It’s a lot of work when you have back to back mastermind groups, but it’s how we roll. It’s been fun though, the first group was a little bit bigger, we had a few more people in that one, which was cool. It was just fun, a lot of the people I have been working with through Voxer and stuff like that, remotely for a long time. Had a chance to sit down and actually hang out with them for 2 days. A couple of them, this will be day 4, they kind of hung out for the whole time, which has been so much fun.

And it’s interesting just watching….I feel like everybody in the room has a superpower. But everybody’s superpower is different, so it’s so cool when you get everyone in a room like and there’s this overlap where it’s like, “I’m really good at this, but I’m really bad at these things.” And there’s always somebody in the room who’s really good at the thing you’re bad at, and it’s just the coolest, I don’t even know how to explain it. I guess it’s probably where they get the name Mastermind Group from. I think the story behind that, if I remember right, it was….I can’t remember if it was… was in Think and Grow Rich, right? I haven’t read that book for forever, I think decades. Dang, I’m getting old. Anyway, in that book, I think it was Henry Ford, or was it Napoleon, I don’t remember, but it was someone. Telling the story about how they were interviewing, I think it was Henry Ford, I could be completely wrong, don’t quote me. But the concept of the story is right. Basically they were saying, I think someone was interviewing them or something and they were kind of mad, because he was this rich dude who wasn’t that smart, and they’re like, “He’s not that good at anything.” And after 4 or 5 times of quizzing him he was like, “I don’t know the answer. I don’t know. I don’t know.” Finally he’s like, “You know what, what I have is a mastermind group of people that any question that you asked me, I can get the answer within 1 person, because of the mastermind group of people who I surrounded myself with.”

And I think that’s where people started calling things mastermind and stuff like that, but it’s true. In this group, at least for me, every one of my problems can and will be solved. Because while I’m really good at a few things, everyone else is good at a lot of other things I’m not, so we can leverage that and share the things that I’m good at. And they can share the things they’re good at and we can all win together. It’s very amazing. I honestly, I feel so, and I’ve said this probably every time I’ve done a podcast during Inner Circle, I can’t believe I get paid to facilitate this whole thing. It’s nuts. I’m learning the coolest things. In fact, finally somebody, Kaylin, she is one of my Inner Circle members, she runs…..anyway, they’re crushing it, they’ve been here the last 3 days and they are coming back in tomorrow, or today I guess. My brain.

Anyway, I’ve been very hesitant to Snapchat because I think it’s stupid, and she convinced me that it’s not stupid, that it’s actually awesome. So now I think it’s awesome. So I’m going to start Snapchatting here soon. And I’ve got a whole process and a method behind it. One of the themes from last Inner Circle and this one that I’ve been trying to talk to everyone about is how to build your own cult, I mean culture. Cult is the root word of culture. So how to build your own cult, how to build your own culture, how to build your own community, whatever you want to call it. So we’re sharing all sorts of things like that, and one of the big things I was talking about was letting your cult in behind the scenes of what you’re doing. I think that’s part of why Marketing In Your Car has been adopted so well. Because everyday I’m just talking about what we’re doing and sharing stuff and just giving it all away and people like that. The Periscopes and Facebook Live and we’re doing this new reality show thing we’re filming. All these pieces, people just want to see behind the scenes of what’s happening.

It’s like the reality show is cool. We’re taking 2 weeks of time and chunking it down to 30 minute episode, so you’re seeing pieces of it. Snapchat was cool because, I finally got it. It was like, a reality show behind the scenes every single day of all the little aspects of what’s happening, in 10 second increments. So I’m really excited to start focusing on that and growing that. So you’ll see me, hopefully next week, start this out, but starting the process of really focusing on the building of a Snapchat following because I was want to bring people into the cult. Brent just passed me. I’m driving to the Inner Circle meeting and Brent just drove by honking. If you listen back a few episodes, Brent was the same one who got into a wreck on his way to one of the Inner Circle meetings. Maybe I shouldn’t follow him.

Anyway, for everyone, if you haven’t been sold on Snapchat yet, it’s just a really cool way to get your really hyper-active fans the ability to see a glimpse of everything that’s happening throughout your day. I was watching one or two where people snap 800 times a day, which I think is stupid, but I think if you do 10 a day and you’re taking people through the progress. “Hey, picking which supplements I want.” Boom. “In the car driving, about to start my podcast.” Boom, “At the office, about to start working on this funnel.” Boom, “Funnel got done.” Boom, “Heading to a meeting.”  Just showing little 10 second clips of the process of your day and sharing those with people.

Again, it’s like the behind the scenes. It’s building the culture. One of the things I keep stressing with everyone here in the mastermind is just if your customers perceive you as “Oh, there’s this guy and there’s his company.” Then that’s not the right thing. What we need to be focusing on is getting our people to say, “this is our company.” I want our customers to feel like Clickfunnels is their company. Like they are part of this. They are part of this movement. They’re part of this cult. They’re part of this culture. Whatever you want to call, we want them to feel like they’re part of it. I want them to feel like Clickfunnels is their business. This is their platform. This is their home where they build their company. I don’t want this to be Russell’s company. I want this to be our company. That’s the big thought.

So the more you can let people in behind the scenes, the more they feel part of what you’re doing and not looking at what you’re doing, if that makes sense. Anyway, I think that’s kind of my big thing I wanted to share with you guys today, because I think it’s interesting and exciting and cool. It’s just figuring out more ways to shift it from, this is Russell’s company, to this is our company. And I want all of our customers feel like it’s theirs. And I’d love for you guys to discuss this. In fact, come over to our Clickfunnels group and let’s talk about it. Come hang out and say, “Hey I listened to Russell’s episode, and these are things I’m trying to do to build my cult, or culture.” Or whatever you want to call it. But things you’re letting in people behind the scenes, how you’re doing it. You’re talking to people about other things to build that building and language patterns. You’re going to see some cool stuff next week in the Clickfunnels group. We’re working more on changing it from the Clickfunnels group, first off, to the Funnel Hacker group. People identify themselves in our culture as funnel hackers and they are and you are part of a community. It’s not just, “Oh I use Clickfunnels.” No it’s, “I’m a funnel hacker. This is my identity. This is who I am, I build funnels.” If you look at the t-shirts we’ve launched, they’re all focused on that, identity based. That’s what we’re trying to build. So anyway, hope that gets the wheels in your head spinning, because that’s what my wheels have been spinning on and it’s really fun and I really enjoy it. Alright, well I’m pulling in the parking lot for the mastermind. So I’m out of here. Appreciate you all and we will talk soon.

Jun 13, 2016

I’d prefer you to be amazing, but can you at least be competent?

On today’s episode Russell rants about some incompetent people he’s come across while trying to improve his yard. He also tells a short story of an incompetent employee on his team.

Here are some things to listen for on this episode:

  • What made the guys at Tate’s Rental incompetent.
  • How he dealt with an incompetent guy he’d hired to help remove Goat-heads from a field in his yard.
  • And why you need to at least be competent in your job, and then eventually become great at it.

So listen below to hear how Russell deals with incompetence in his life.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to a slightly annoyed Marketing In Your Car. Alright, so I was not planning on doing a podcast today, but I am so shocked at people’s incompetence. I just wanted to share something with you guys. I’m going to give you the moral first, and the story later. So the moral of the story is this: Just be competent. That’s it. It shouldn’t be that hard, just be competent. Be competent in your job. You do it all day, every single day. You don’t have to be amazing, you don’t have to be phenomenal, I hope you try to be, but at least just be competent, it’s not that hard.

Oh man, It should be a lesson for all people everywhere. Alright so the back story. So today is Saturday, my kids wanted to camp, actually this is kind of funny, because this story is actually someone else being incompetent on top of it. So my kids wanted to go camping last night, so we had a camp fire outside our house, which was cool and we set up the tent and slept outside, and it was a really good time. And as I woke up this morning and looked out over the field next to my house and it has grown huge and I thought, you know what, today I’m going to go rent a mower like I did last year and just mow these weeds down. Because that sounds like a fun thing to do on a Saturday. So I call up Tate’s rental I’m like, “Hey guys this is the deal. I want to rent the same mower I rented last time.” Actually at first I said, “I need to rent a weed mower.” And they’re like, “Alright do you want a blah blah, or a blah blah?” I was like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” And they’re like, “Do you want this or this?” I don’t know the difference. I was like, “I have a huge field. I have tall weeds that I need to mow down. What do you recommend?” he’s like, “oh you need this kind.” I was like, “Okay, cool. I rented last year, is that the same? I want the same thing as last year.” He’s like, “Yep, done.” I’m like, “Okay, cool. Do I need to reserve it?” and “He’s like yeah, you need to reserve it because people check these things out all the time.” So I was like, “Okay, cool. Reserve me.” He said, “When are you going to be here?” I said, “Thirty minutes.” “Cool, see ya in thirty minutes.”

Jumped in the car, drive on down and get to Tates. I walk in, go to the front desk dude. I’m like, “Hey man, I’m here to pick up my mower thing.” And he’s like, “What’s your name?” I told him my name. He’s like, “Uh, the mower’s not back yet.” I’m like, “What do you mean?” He’s like, “The mower’s not back.” I’m like, “Back from where?” and he’s like, “From the person who already has it.” I’m like, “I reserved it, therefore it should be here for me.” He’s like, “Well there’s no mower here?” I’m like, “Well, I’m here and I came to pick it up and I reserved it, do you have another mower? And he’s like, “Nope, there’s no other one’s here.” I’m like, “Okay.” He’s like, “If you come back in 2 hours the guy should have the mower back.” I’m like, “Dude, I don’t need it in 2 hours, I need it today, that’s why I called ahead, that’s why I reserved it, that’s why I came down, because I need it today, I need it right now. That’s why I reserved it, that’s why I drove all the way across town to come get it from you.” And he’s like, “Well, sorry man. If you come back in 2 hours.” And I’m like, “So there’s no other thing I can rent from here that can chop down weeds. I got huge weeds and I need to chop them down.” He’s like, “Nope, nothing else.” I’m like, “You’re kidding me, the guy on the phone told me there were a bunch of them here and I need to come down before some people got them.” He’s like, “yeah, nothing here man.”

So I’m starting to get Russell angry, which is like, I wanted to start throwing fists and stuff. And then the guy from across the table’s like, “Hey why don’t you just give him one of the other one’s? Those guys haven’t picked up theirs yet.” I’m like, “Are you kidding me? So there’s a whole bunch of them out there and I’m the first one here, I had one reserved and you’re reserving it for somebody else that hasn’t even showed up yet? And because of that you’re telling me they aren’t even here.” Oh man, I was like……So the guy’s like, “Okay, I guess I could do that.” And I’m like, “Are you freaking kidding me? So they were there, somebody else reserved them, but you were holding them for someone else who had reserved them, even though I had reserved one, for somebody else is coming in the future, because apparently you thought that person was more important than me for whatever reason.” Anyway, all this was going through my head as I’m sitting there angrily staring at this guy and I was like, just be competent. This is your job. I saw you last year when I was here. You should know how these things work. You don’t have to be good at your job, just be competent. That’s all I’m asking for you to do.

And then I go out there to do the thing and they haul the thing over to me and it’s not the same one, it’s half the size as the other one. I’m like, “Dude, this is half the size.” They’re like, ”The one you got last year is broken.” And I’m like, “Why didn’t someone tell me that an hour ago when I called you on the phone trying to get that specific one?” and he’s like, “I don’t know.” I’m like, “Okay.” And he brings it out and is kind of standing there. And I’m like, “So do you have a trailer for it?”  and he’s like, “Oh, you need a trailer?” I’m like, “Yeah! I’m not going to carry this thing on my hands. Normally they come with a trailer, the one I rented last year came with a trailer.” He’s like, “That’s because it was bigger.” I’m like, “Okay, well…..” I’m just like, this is what you guys do for a living. Wouldn’t the guy at the front desk have been like, “Hey do you need a trailer? Because most people do.” Instead of just assuming I did.  There you go you guys. Just be competent, it’s not that hard. This is what you do for a living. Just think through it. Look at it from the customer’s perspective.

Another good example of incompetency as it relates to my field. We were trying to get rid of the Goat-heads in this field, there’s millions of Goat-heads, some of you guys call them prickers, different names for those little things that you step on and they jam into your feet and it hurts really bad. So right now, if my kids will walk in the field, if you take one step in the field you fill your foot up with like 15 of these Goat-heads in your feet. It’s horrible. So I’m trying to get rid of the Goat-head problem. So I hired this dude to come and to scrape the top 2 inches of dirt off, put it in a dump truck and take it away and therefore Goat-heads will be gone and I can then poison the crap out of the ground and make sure nothing ever grows back, right. So we call the dude, I’m like, “Hey this is what I want.” He’s like, “No you need to rototill them under.” And I was like, “Dude the Goat-heads that are stabbing our feet are seeds, therefore if I roto them under they will be planting seeds and more will grow.” And he’s like, “No that’s not how it works.” And I’m like, “I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. Even if it’s not how it works, I don’t care, I want the Goat-heads gone and I want you to scrape the top 2 inches of soil off my property, dump them in a dump truck and take them away from here so they disappear forever. That’s all I want. I don’t care about…..this is me as a customer. I want to pay you anything you want to make this thing happen.”

And so the guy comes out and he’s like, “Well the weeds are too long.” Actually he didn’t come out first, I knew the weeds were too long, so we hired goats. I think I did a podcast on this. We brought these goats in, they came for a week, they ate all the food down, it was awesome. The kids had a good time; the field is now down to nothing, the perfect time to come in and scrape the field off. So we call the dude, have him come scrape and he says, “Well I need to come see the field first.” I’m like, “Okay, cool.” So he comes and he looks at said field, looks around, surveys it and comes back with a quote saying, “Based on the size and everything in this field, this is the quote.” I said, “Cool, come out and scrape this and dump it. “ and he says, “Okay I’ll be out next week.”

The next week comes, he decides not to show up, for whatever reason. His own excuse. So he doesn’t show up. So now we’re a week past goats being here and the fields are growing faster, so I’m like, “Dude, you gotta hurry because the freaking weeds are growing back. Come and scrape this, before I have to hire goats again to come scrape this thing down.” He’s like, “Okay I’m coming.” So then he comes out the next week with his tractors to do what I’d paid him to do. And then he calls Melanie on the phone, the first thing he does…Melanie’s my assistant. Calls Melanie on the phone, the first thing he does is start complaining about the weeds are too long, I can’t take anything away. He’s like, “You have to come and mow these weeds down and I can come and actually pull them away.” I’m like, “Are iyou kidding me? Are you incompetent? Are you seriously this incompetent? Two weeks ago you were here, the weeds were gone. That’s the first thing. They’re tall now because you didn’t show up when we hired you to show up, so it’s kind of your issue now, not mine.” Then he comes back and says, “I didn’t realize the field was this big. It’s going to be a lot more money.” I said, “How did you not realize the field was this big? You came two weeks ago and measured it. Based on your measurements you gave me a quote. How incompetent can you possibly be? It doesn’t make any logical sense to me. You came and measured it with your own measuring stuff, it wasn’t me giving you a quote of what I thought it was, it was you coming and looking at it and giving me a quote based on what you saw.”

Anyway, it was just two or three things and finally I was like, “This guy is incompetent. Let’s fire him.” And we fired him. It’s just like, I don’t want people…..I mean I like for people to be good at their job, I like people to be great at their job. But I need them to at least be competent at their job. That’s it. And this goes for; my guess is if you’re listening to this, you’re probably competent. But I guarantee there’s people on our team who aren’t. For example, at our Funnel Hacking Live Event, I found out some of the employees on my team are incompetent and it drives me crazy. We had one who….there was a….the person’s job was to check people in, and if they didn’t have a nametag just see if they had a nametag or whatever and print a nametag. The only role the person on my team was to do was just that. So there’s someone who came in, who had a mistake so we had to make their name badge. So instead of being like, “Hey, this is my job. I’m here anyway. I got nothing else to do and I’m sitting here behind a chair, playing my iPad and my only role is if someone comes up to do this.” And it was like complaining, and rude to the customer, all sorts of things like that. And then the next day, someone forgot their nametag at their hotel room, which is 45 minutes away. He came in like, “Hey I need a nametag.” So instead of being like, “Oh, cool. Yes, I remember you. Let me help serve you.” It was like this huge problem and why they were so upset and pissed off and saying, “You have to go back to the hotel and get it before you can walk through the door.” And all these things.

So I’m hearing about this from somebody else. Someone on my team is treating one of our customers this way and I’m like, “Why are you incompetent. Your only job is to serve our people and not be a horrible person to them. That’s it. You don’t even have to be good at it, you just have to do it. Just smile, even a half smile, doesn’t have to be a whole smile, just a half smile and help people. That’s it. Do you not see me on stage killing myself to give a good experience to everybody? And when you come in and just do a stupid thing like that, it looks…….ugh.” Just be competent. There’s the moral of today’s lesson. Just be competent. And if you got employees in your team, you’re fearful might not be competent. Maybe they’re good, maybe they’re not be great, let them listen to this and say, “Hey just be competent. It’s not that hard.” And after you’re competent, then become good at your job, and after you’re good, then focus on becoming great. And after you’re great, when you’re great, when you’re a A Player people will pay you whatever you want. So there you go. Quit being incompetent. that’s what I got. I’m going to go mow my lawn because that’s what I want to do today. It’s going to be fun. And hopefully I’ll find someone competent to help me get these Goat-heads out of my yard so my kids can play out there in bare feet. So that’s the goal. Still haven’t found the competent players to help me make it possible, but that’s where we’re going. Alright guys, that’s all I got for you today. Have an amazing time. Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you guys soon.

Jun 10, 2016

If this works, this might be my new favorite way to sell.

On today’s episode Russell talks about Funnel Fridays, a new idea he had and is starting today where he’ll do funnels live for everyone to see. He explains how this will help people learn how to consume his products and make them want to buy them.

Here are some fun things to listen for in this episode:

  • How Russell came up with idea for Funnel Fridays.
  • Why Funnel Fridays will make people want to buy Clickfunnels, Funnel Scripts, and Funnel University.
  • And find out how you can watch Russell build a funnel live.

So listen below to hear more about Funnel Fridays and why you should be a part of it.


Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson and I want to welcome you to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everybody, today is a special day, it’s a very special day for a lot of reasons. One, it’s Friday, number two is it’s the last day of the hack-a-thon, and number three the most important, is today is the first day ever of Funnel Fridays or Friday Funnels, I can’t remember what we called it. It’s either Funnel Fridays or Friday Funnels. I think it’s Friday Funnels, no Funnel Friday. Oh crap.

Anyway, I’ll learn it more as we keep doing it. But I think I’ve figured out a cool new way to sell stuff that’s going to be really, really, really, really cool. I hope all you guys knock me off because I’m pretty sure it’s the coolest thing ever. If you look at our typical sales process, we’re driving ads, we’re doing stuff and people were coming into the beginning of a funnel, they go through the process and they either buy it or they don’t. And then there’s upsells and their moving from funnel to funnel to funnel and eventually they kind of drop out the back and then they’re people, they get your emails and their doing stuff, but they’re not actively engaged into any kind of sequence. So I’m like, how do you….what do we do for all those people? Because I’m sure they have money they want to give to us. How do I make them re-inspired to give us money? So that was where this thought came from.

If you listen to my whole perfect webinar concept it’s all about doing these webinars weekly and on and on and keep going forward, and doing the same webinar every single week and filling them up with people and keeping that consistently moving forward. And I still believe in it, I still think it’s the model of the future. But after people go through that, when do you ever sell that thing again? Because the reality is a lot of people want to buy stuff, they just didn’t at that time, but they might 3 months later, 6 months later it might reignite them.

In fact, it’s funny back in the day, and I should probably more with my business now, but we had a webinar called Dotcom Secrets Local and we would do our webinar to our own list every three months, and I was like everyone has seen this, I pounded it like crazy three months ago. And we do it and we make the same amount of money as we did three months prior. And we’d do it four times a year, same webinar to our same list and every single time it worked. I was thinking, last year Mike Filsaime did the Clickfunnels webinar 3 times to the same list in one year and every single time he did over a hundred grand in commissions, so two hundred grand total sales. Jason Fladlien just did our webinar twice in the last 4 months. So it’s like, our list will keep buying a lot more than we think, but I think we get bored of it, or we don’t whatever. So we have these limited beliefs. So there’s one thing and the second thing, maybe that’s the third thing now, I can’t remember. The third thing is that I was listening to Pat Flynn a little while ago, maybe a year ago, maybe two years. He was talking about how every Friday he was doing a webinar and people would get on and he would just talk about podcasting and the whole time call to action. Like home shopping network style, he pushed people back to go buy, and pushing them back to go buy, and pushing them back to go buy.

So I kept having this idea for a while, this is cool, what if I set up something where every Friday I did something cool, that made people want to come hang out with me and talk, and then in that thing I could home shopping network style sell people. Never blatant like, “Hey go buy my crap.” But it could be like, “Here’s me using Clickfunnels.” And they’re like, “I wish I had Clickfunnels.” And then I’m like, “Here’s me using Funnel Scripts.” And they’re like, “Funnel Scripts is awesome.” “Oh here’s me using Funnel University.” And they’re like “Oh!” and they see inside of me using all of our products and see that, “Wow, Russell’s not only”….what do they say on hair club for men? “Not only the president, but I’m also a member.” They see that I drink my own kool-aid, and see us doing stuff, and it becomes this fun, exciting viral thing that grows and then through that process we get people to buy our stuff every single week and share it with their friends and it becomes viral and all those other fun things associated.

So that’s the thought. Today’s day one. And it’s either, or, I can’t remember, but I’ll learn that better and get back to you on it. But basically what I’m doing is there’s a page and at the top of the page is a Google Hangout, I’m doing the Google Hangout live and what we’re going to do, I’m going to build a funnel each week in 30 minutes. I told everybody to ship me their product so a whole bunch of people are over-nighting their products, so this morning I’m hoping there’s going to be a bunch of different boxes in the office when I show up so that I can pick one. So we’re going to pick one and then we’re going to live build out a funnel. I’m going to have a 30 minute countdown clock on the screen, countdown from 30 to 0. And I’ve got to get the funnel done before the clock hits 0. It’s going to be and Jim Edwards is coming on because he’s going to write the scripts in Funnel Scripts. I’m going to be busting out the funnel inside of Clickfunnels. We’re uploading images inside of Funnel University and just…..people are going to see my work floor and how I build funnels, so it’ll be cool.

And then down below it’ll be like, “Hey get your funnel stuff. Number one, here’s Funnel Hacks, you get a discount, you get Clickfunnels for free for 6 months. Number two, buy Funnel Scripts here. Number three, get Funnel University here.” So it’s pushing them to all of our core offers. It’s kind of funny, back, this is rewind time, it’s pre-podcast, maybe it’s right when the podcast started, I don’t remember. But we were launching this company called Rippln and this is how we grew. We did daily hangouts, which was a nightmare, but we did daily hangouts like this and we’d tell everybody, “Hey, we’re coming back tomorrow, bring your teams back.” And every single day people were bringing their teams back, and bringing their teams back and they kept organically growing like that. Now it’s kind of the same thing, we’re going to do this Funnel Fridays each Friday and then we’ll let affiliates promote them. And the coolest thing about doing a hangout is, you do the hangout live but it’s not like if someone misses it live they miss it. Because they can come back to the page anytime after and the things already embedded in there and they can watch it now, all week long the one you just did.

So affiliates can promote it all week long and keep getting, it’ll show the most recent episode and then when the new one comes, it just floats out for the new one, so it’s a really cool process. So that’s what we’re doing. And then the other thing we’re doing, we’re having crazy success right now with Facebook Live or Facebook Mentions, whatever you call it. So I think we’re going to have a Facebook Mentions or Facebook Live for this Friday Funnel from behind the scenes while I’m doing it, which will hopefully get people more excited because we’ll get Facebook Crew all coming over as well. That’s kind of the game plan. So it’s going to be pretty awesome. Anyway, the good thing is its happening soon. The bad news is its happening in 45 minutes, and I’m late. I was supposed to get to the office an hour and a half ago, I slept in. Now I’ve got 45 minutes to promote it, set it up, figure out what funnel I’m going to build, blah blah blah, and all that other fun stuff. So that’s what’s kind of happening now. I’m really nervous, but really, really excited. Worst case scenario, I totally screw up live in front of everybody. Best case, we inspire some people, get them excited about using our products, they get to see how I build stuff which might inspire them to build more stuff and get them consuming our product. It’s all about operation consumption over here.  That’s my goal, is to each Friday consume our product live in front of our audience so they learn how to consume it.  And I think that’ll be a big difference for us. So that’s what I got you guys. I hope that gives you some ideas for your business, for your products. I think it’s something that any of us and all of us should be doing. But I will set the model, I’ll show it to you guys in the next few weeks, and then I hope you guys copy me, knock it off, use it. Because it’s going to work. Alright, that’s what I got for today. Thanks everybody, I’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye.

Jun 8, 2016

This hack-a-thon has been different than all the rest.

On this episode Russell talks about some things that he and his team are working on at the hack-a-thon, including building a foundation with the development team to get things moving forward faster, and the decision to rebuild Backpack.

Here are some cool things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • How Russell’s tendency to over commit is making this week crazy.
  • Why Russell’s team decided to work on Backpack rather than Actionetics.
  • And why the Inner Circle mastermind group will no longer have to rent hotels to get together.

So listen below to hear how the hack-a-thon is going and to hear about the exciting new things happening.


Hello, hello, hello everybody. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everyone, I hope you guys are doing awesome. I am heading into day number 3 of the hack-a-thon, well of the official hack-a-thon it’s day 6 or something of when everybody started coming. It’s been a little nuts. It’s been really, really good.

I don’t know if you guys ever do this, but sometimes I have tendency to over commit to a whole bunch of things at once. For example, right now we’ve got Anthony and Brandon at my home filming stuff about a product for Biohacking Secrets. We’ve got a cleaning lady in the house, cleaning. We’ve got people out fixing our pump, because the well broke again. We’ve got people working on the poolhouse. We’ve got my wife and two of her friends working out with a trainer. We’ve got our accountant, who’s related to Collette, my wife, who slept over last night, on top of Dave. Plus we took 30 people to this really amazing restaurant called Barbacoa last night. All the people, all the programmers in marketing are here. It’s been nuts trying to juggle and do everything, but it’s been really good.

It’s been interesting, normally when we do our hack-a-thon, we come in and talk for 15 minutes and everyone locks down, well I don’t code, I wish I did. But we code, and I write copy or do pit funnels or whatever, and we just go, go, go like crazy. And this has been a little different. Not different in a bad way, just different. And it’s funny because the person in me is like, I just want to go, go, go, go and this has been interesting, it’s been a lot about bringing in our developers from around the country, bringing in our marketing team and trying to build better relationships with everybody so that everybody can work faster. It’s one of those thing, take 2 steps back so you can take 3 steps forward type of thing. It’s funny, because me and Dave and a couple guys on the team are very, move things forward every second of every day focused, it kind of is driving us loony toons, and crazy, but I see the value in it as well, in fact, the first two days these guys, the programming team, they spent 2 days together and it wasn’t us coding and solving problems and fixing bugs and adding new features and stuff like I assumed and thought it would be, it was a lot more helping the entire dev team really understand why Clickfunnels matters. Why it’s important. Why our customers want what they want. So it was hours and hours and hours of discussion explaining to them this whole world and what internet marketing is, and affiliate marketing and why we want tracking ideas and why we want subID 1 and subID 2 and why we need our stats right. And why this part of the stats don’t make sense and helping them to understand it, which again isn’t moving things forward, but building a foundation so we can move forward a lot faster.

So It’s just been one of those things that’s been necessary but that drives people like me bonkers, who just want to move forward. But I think it’s been good and will be interesting to see what happens over the next three months. Because we’re spending this week to build this foundation and get a good understanding, set the goals and road marks and the game plan to move forward before they go home, they basically got a 3 month sprint to get these certain things done. And then month 4 we’ll meet again, so once a quarter we’ll get back together and kind of do this same thing. Hopefully the future ones will be less talking and more coding, just because everybody getting on a better foundation.

And then every 4 months everyone flies back in, set new goals, set new foundations, set new ground work, and then everyone goes back and boom kind of doing that in and out thing every quarter, which is kind of the game plan. We’ll know more over the next sprint of 3 or 4 months, what we get done. So one of the major things we’re working on for the Clickfunnels hyper users like me, we’re kind of rebuilding Backpack. Not rebuilding it but a lot of it was we were trying to figure out how to make Backpack the best shopping cart affiliate platform in the world. I think when we built it initially, we knew we needed it, so we built it and it was out there and it works, but it’s not the best. So we had 2 thoughts, one is we kill it or number two we make it the best. So we spent one day just basically going through every shopping cart and affiliate platform out there, we’ve got a lot of accounts and we went through all of them and categorized the pro’s and con’s. And this one’s awesome because it did this and this, and this one sucks because it doesn’t do this, and this one’s great……looking at all this stuff, which was really fun actually, seeing how everyone does different things. And then from there breaking it down to like, what do we want ours to do? How do we want ours to function? How do we want ours structured? So we took, I feel like we took the best pieces from a bunch of different spots.

And then another cool thing, this is new to me and our world, one of the guys in our team is UI, User Interface and User Experience guy and he does the design, the coding part of the user experience, but more so, he tries to really understand. So we went and found 10 or 15 hyper users of Backpack, so he called them on the phone and talked to all of them. Found out what they like and what they don’t like, and what they wish it did, and what they’re……and all these things. Then he did the same thing with me, which was kind of cool because we saw these really weird commonalities among the hyper users. We all want it to do certain things it doesn’t do. And they were all the same things and there’s this really cool crossover blend. That was really cool too.

Anyway, I don’t know if that helps any of you guys, but hopefully it does. Hopefully it makes you think through the process and things that you’re doing and give you some context or some ideas.  So yeah, that’s kind of what’s been happening. So I’m excited for the new Backpack. The plan initially with this hack-a-thon, is we were going to focus on Actionetics, that was going to be the big driving point, but when we had Todd, Dylan, Ryan and me, and Dave and the guys here, and we were looking at what we thought we needed to work on in the next 3 months it shifted from Actionetics to Backpack. So it’s been interesting. So Backpack will be our focus for the next, hopefully the next 3 to 4 months, and then at the end of summer, a little after summer, is when we do our next hack-a-thon, we’ll get back together and we’ll shift focus, hopefully as long as we finished our initiatives, to Actionetics.

One of the other interesting things we’ve done, it’s just funny how all these lessons apply in so many areas of your life. It’s like, right now the way our dev team has worked, everyone is spread across the platform working on different things. It’s like, okay this guy is integrations, this guy is doing bug fixes, this guys is bug fixes in Backpack, and this guy is bug fixes in Actionetics, and this guy is building a feature in the Marketplace. Everyone’s kind of all over the place and because of that it seems like nothing ever gets done, because everything’s incrementally inching forward. And I think that most of us entrepreneurs have the same problem. We’re doing 12 companies at once and because of that none of them are making any money. What our focus is for the next 3 months is for everyone to focus on Backpack, which is going to be a really interesting experiment where basically everyone is focusing on one thing. That way when we do our daily standing meetings and things like that, everyone’s dealing with the same problems and everything is inter-related and we’re hoping there’ll be a lot more value for everyone because of that.

Anyway, just a couple of things we’re learning through this process that hopefully will benefit you guys as well. Anyway, that’s about all I got for today. I have been up early this morning, we did some Wim Hof Method, which doesn’t make any sense to you yet, but when Biohacking Secrets comes out that’ll make more sense. It’s crazy, I actually did the process and held my breath for 3 minutes, which doesn’t make any logical sense to me outside of the fact that we did it. It’s crazy, the first time I did it, I think it was 1:30, the second was 2:45, and the last one I did was 3 minutes, crazy, cool, ninja things that are happening. Anyway, if you guys want to geek out on that, when comes out you’ll be able to kind of dig deeper and see all these weird things we’re testing on ourselves and how that actually relates back to performance in anything. It can be sports, could be business as entrepreneurs, as a leader, as a speaker, whatever it is that you do and you want to do better.

Anyway, that’s what I got you guys. I’m almost to the hack-a-thon office. I don’t know if I told you, we rented an office for the hack-a-thon because we had too many people to fit in our other office. Which actually worked out really good, because in our other office the air conditioner broke. And this whole week it’s been like over 100 degrees here in Boise, which is really hot for this time of year. So my main office, it’s horrible. It’s insane right now. So I had to go back yesterday to do a webinar, we had a big webinar with Jason Fladlien. I get back there and it’s like 120 degrees in the office and I’ve got on long pants, so I go and we did the webinar, which I did my webinar, and then Jason goes and he’s one of the best webinar pitchmen in the world, so he gets excited and he want to plug in what he does. So my typical 2 hour long webinar totally ended up going for 3 ½ hours we were on that thing. So we got done and I was light headed and sweating, and my legs were soaked from my pants. It was pretty crazy, but we survived it. So I think the air con guy was supposed to have everything fixed today hopefully. So we’ll be able to be back into a normal office here in the next little bit.

And the other cool thing, so many cool things are happening, way too many things at once. Next week we have Inner Circle, so that made me think about this, our Inner Circle’s next week. One thing about the Inner Circle is that, usually we do them in hotels here in Boise, but we’re tired of renting hotels, so we’re like we should get our own. So basically we just bought a new office that we’re turning it into, it’s about an 8,000 square foot office, so half of it, we’re going to chop off and turn into a mastermind room where we can fit about, well we’re not going to have masterminds this big, but we can fit 80 to 100 people in our office, and the other half will be our new office, which would be amazing. So we’re building our own Inner Circle Mastermind room, which we’ll also use for our Certification event.

Speaking of certification, we are launching a new certification today. I bet you guys think I have the worst ADD ever, for juggling so many things, but they’re all coming out really, really good, which is exciting. So before I tell you anything else you guys think I’m having worse ADD, I’m going to get back to work and get these projects pushed out the door. I’m also going to jump off because I’m completely lost, I can’t find the new office, so I think if I turn off the Marketing In Your Car and start focusing I should be able to find it, in theory. We’ll see. Anyway, I appreciate you all, thanks for listening and we’ll talk to you soon.

Jun 6, 2016

It’s time to focus on your “one thing”.

On this special late night episode Russell talks about how he learned to stop being a jack of all trades and focus everything around one thing. He also reminisces on some of the harder times he’s had before he got this far.

Here are some interesting things you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • Russell tells how he used to be a “Jack of all Trades” and how that limited his growth.
  • Why at first he thought it was a bad thing to be pigeon holed as “The Funnel Guy” and why he changed his mind.
  • And why everything he does now is focused around Clickfunnels and why that is the key to his success.

So listen below to find out how Russell went from “Jack of all Trades” to “The Funnel Guy”.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to a late night, well not too late, it’s about 8 at night, so a later night Marketing In Your Car. Alright everyone, so I’m heading back to the office, we are day two of our hack-a-thon, which is so much fun. So we had the last, we had about a 4 hour smack-down today deciding the future of Clickfunnels and it got heated, it got a little bit….a little tension, but it was all good because it’s just interesting. I love my partners and love the people in the company, everyone has, we’re all definitely people who are great at what they do, so we have strong opinions, but when all was said and done, a couple of things I think are very true. One is we all respect each other, like insanely, a ton. And number two is that we care about the customers, and that’s really where the conversation keeps going to, is what is best for our customers, which is awesome. Way better than, what does the board of directors want, which is once again why I will never do the whole VC thing, on top of all the other jokes. But it was really good and we have some really cool directional things that we’re doing that, some things make me nervous but they’re going to be huge. Game changing type things. So I’ll share more as we keep going on, but I just wanted to kind of share that.

And then I wanted to talk to you guys about something that I think is really important, that’s on my mind. It’s interesting, I looked at the last 12 years of me being in this business, and first year I was just hustling and tried to make a little bit of money and I did and that was awesome. And then I tried to make a little more and I remember I was just hustling. We’d do a promotion and make $15- $20K and then I wouldn’t do anything for 3 or 4 months. Then we’d try something else and we’d make a little more, here and there. And I remember one day one of my friends who’s in the business was like, “Did you pass six figures yet?” I was like, “ No.” because in my mind six figures a year is insane, that’s not even possible. Then I was like, wait. I started doing the math, I was like “Oh my gosh. I did, I passed six figures this year. That doesn’t make any sense to me. That seems outside of logic.” It wasn’t something I believed was happening. So then I got excited, now I got a goal. I want to make a million dollars in a year.

So we went towards that goal, and went towards that goal. It’s funny because I think it took me 3 or 4 years to cross a million dollar mark, and there’s some mental barrier. I missed it by a few ten thousand dollars 2 or 3 years in a row. I just remember I was like, why can I not break the million dollar mark in a year? It just seemed so impossible for some reason and I couldn’t figure it out. And then after I finally did break the million dollar mark, then that mental barrier was gone and I shot to the next level and we got to the point where I think my best year we did 8.9 million in the calendar year, and I think we did 10 if we looked at it from a start day. A 365 start day from the peaks. But in the calendar year, from January 1st to December 31st, on tax is 8.9 million was the biggest year I had. After that is when the company crashed, if you listen back through all my old marketing in your car’s you’ll hear all those stories. That’s not for today.

Then we restarted, and we started growing and we stuck at 3 million dollars a year, for 5 years in a row, stuck, stuck, stuck. We tried focusing, which got us to 3 million, we were like let’s diversify, let’s launch 10 companies. We launched 10 companies and we still made 3 million. Then, it was just thing after thing after thing.  And then we started having a little more success when some of our other offers started going bigger. Neurocell did well and a couple of other offers started doing well. Anyway, it was just……but it still, then I think we were hovering around 6 million or so. I was like, “How do we get back to 10 million without having a hundred employees? How is that possible?” And I remember going to marketing events and people would be like, “Okay, this is the whatever guy. This is the whatever person.” And everyone would have their thing, and be like, “Russell, what’s your thing?” and I was like,, “We’re all things marketing. We do copywriting and we do funnels, and we do traffic.” We just kind of did everything. And I always thought that was a strategic advantage. “You can go to this guy to learn whatever, but we’re going to teach you the whole thing.” And that was always our whole thing. We want to teach everything.

Just by nature, we were good at everything, so we wanted to show everything and teach everything in this market and that’s what we did. And the problem is we just kept getting stuck and stagnant. And I never could figure out why. And then the whole Clickfunnels thing came and it wasn’t something we even invented the conversation. People had been talking about funnels, we’d been talking about funnels for 8 or 9 years. And I remember at the time, Ryan Deiss Traffic and Conversions Summit was all about funnels, seems like it was a hot topic right when we were building this tool. It really was a perfect storm when we launched it and all these things and it took off. And I wrote my book, and my book wasn’t ever really about funnels. Like if I was to re-title it now I probably would change the title, at least the subtitle, to be more about this is a funnel book. But it didn’t it was just me teaching my process, but it all came down to funnels. When you look at the whole process, it was all funnels. And people read that book and because that came so close to Clickfunnels people associated it as this is the guide book or the handbook for funnels and this is the software, and that means Russell, therefore, is the funnel guy.

But at first I didn’t like that because I was like, there’s a lot of people teaching funnels, I’m not the funnel guy, I’m the guy who does everything. And it’s interesting, but that’s kind of like I had this weird pride thing that I wanted to bigger than funnels, or I wanted to be whatever, but people kept kind of pigeon holing it, you’re the funnel guy, you’re the funnel guy. And finally after a while I started embracing it and shifting things and now all of our products are being tied to that. Funnel Scripts, here’s the scripts to your funnels. We had High Ticket Secrets, which is your high ticket funnel, and we had all these  other things that we have rolled out before and since. And then we started tying things to Clickfunnels. We have our Quick Start Program, which is helping people set up. We’ve got our funnel certification program, even my Inner Circle, interesting enough, transitioned to a funnel inner circle. Someone even mentioned it, last meeting. The reason why we’re in this room is because Russell’s the best in the world at funnels. I was like, how interesting is that? And I really think that the big….I mean obviously there’s a lot of things that happened, but one of the biggest thing for us that took us from where we’re at now to this year, I don’t want to share numbers or anything, but it’s going to be, I mean 3 or 4 maybe even 5 times more than my biggest year of all time. It’s just kind of crazy.

And I really feel like it’s because we picked our thing. And that’s what we’re focusing on. Everything we’re doing is around this one concept of funnels and we’re trying to become the best in the world at funnels. Our coaching’s around funnels, our products around funnels. Our front end offers are around webinar funnels and book funnels. Everything is tied to this conversation that we are trying to become the best in the world at, and I think that that’s one of the keys. As much as I hated to go that way and I didn’t want to, and I fought it for so long. Because I’m good at a lot of things, I wanted to be all these things, but I don’t think that’s the key. The key is figuring out what are you the best in the world at? What is your thing? And then everything you create is tied to that one thing. You know, Ryan Deiss just posted, I think Digital Marketers, he’s says it’s been 5 years now and I was reading this post. It was really cool, I really enjoyed it. But he was talking about how every year their business model changes. They were this, they were this, and they were this. You know, one year they were funnels, the next they were consultants, the next year they were whatever, and this year they’re doing certifications and it’s kind of like, their business keeps changing and I know they’re doing well, but my guess is that if they would pick a track and stick with it, and they’re trying to obviously, one of them is going to become the thing for them, but if you were to ask people 3 years ago who does funnels in the industry everyone would have said Ryan Deiss, but they shifted away from that. They shifted their focus to the next thing. It was the machine in email marketing and then it was…..and now it’s certifications. So I’m hoping they find their spot, I think certifications; I think what they’re doing with certifications is unique and cool and nobody else is doing it. We’re definitely not going that direction. I think that there’s this area that they’re going to carve out and just kind of own. I hope that’s the plan. I hope. I love to see what they can do if they execute hard on that for 3 or 4 years and just focus there.

I look at us we’re focusing now on this one thing and I start looking at a whole bunch of things are going through my mind right now. How do I build a community? Surround a topic? Our community, we’re funnel hackers. We funnel hack. We can have live events, hack-a-thons, the funnel hacking live event. It’s funnels and …. And it’s suddenly all these things and if you want to build a cult or a culture, it comes down to becoming the best in the world at one thing and then tying everything you’re doing around that concept.

Kind of a fun idea behind that. One of my close buddies, Chad Woolner, he’s a chiropractor and he’s been kind of trying to figure out his spot in the world outside of his practice. What does he want to do? How does he want to serve people outside of that? A little while ago he decided he wanted to help serve chiropractors and help other one’s get to the point that he’s gotten, really free themselves from the startup of a practice and those kind of things. So he started a podcast, he’s doing all these things, and they’re all good and he’s teaching everything from how to do this to this, all these things which are broad and good. And we were at a camping trip the other day, and I was sitting there and I was like, “Would I go on Paychat to learn how to grow my Chiropractic business?” and I was like, “I don’t know if I would.” Not that he doesn’t know his thing, because he does, but I don’t think he’s the best in the world at all those things that he’s teaching, all those things. What could Chad be the best in the world at. And I was thinking, and this isn’t the answer for everyone, but for him I was like, “Dude, you’re probably the only Chiropractor on Earth that knows anything about funnels. You build funnels, you build your own funnels, online funnels, offline funnels. I would venture to assume that you are the best in the world at Chiropractic funnels right now. That should be your thing man. You should shift all your branding and everything around that one thing and make that your focus. If that was your focus and I was a chiropractor I would come to you in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t come to you to learn how to build a chiropractic business, because you don’t have the biggest Chiropractor business, so I wouldn’t come to you for that. I would go to whoever did. But you’re the best in the world at chiropractic funnels. I would come to you for that. If you were to come to an event, let’s say there’s a big event in your industry you could say ‘hey, I’m the Chiropractic Funnel Dude.’ They would allow you to speak because you are that person.”

And I was looking at the other Chiropractic guru’s and there’s a social media one, there’s different ones and each of them would have their little spot in the ecosystem. I’ve always, again like I said, I always was kind of resistant to that and fought that, but now I really think that’s the key. Anyway, I just wanted to leave that while I’m driving back to the office to kind of think on. What is your thing? I know you’re good at everything, because you’re amazing. So of all those things, where, when someone says, “Oh, so and so, they’re the funnel dude. They’re the social media dude. They’re the eat fat and butter dude. Or put butter in your coffee dude.” Or whatever your market is. What makes you unique? What makes you different?

It’s kind of funny, I was looking at our old products, we had micro-continuity, which was cool, but it was just another random thing where now I can be like, “hey micro-continuity funnels.” And suddenly takes a concept and wraps it in a way that is unique to me and now it gives context and now people care. Anyway, just some thoughts. Hopefully that helps some of you guys and I hope you take some time to kind of carve out where in the world you fit into your ecosystem. And don’t fight it because you feel like you’re better than it. Own it. And I think that’s how you go deep with people and your audience. That’s where you’re going to see the biggest transformation. So there you go you guys. I hope you enjoyed that. That’s all I got. I appreciate you all, thanks for listening. Thanks for being part of this crazy community we’re trying to build, and I’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye.

Jun 1, 2016

Something cool I learned from wrestling…

On today’s episodes Russell talks about hiring a new energy coach and how she is similar to having a wrestling coach. He also talks about why having some kind of coach is helpful in giving you an outside perspective on your life.

Here are some fun things you will here in this episode:

  • Why Russell hired a new energy coach, and why he almost always has some kind of coach in his life.
  • Why seeing things from just your own perspective is not enough and you need an outside perspective to help you work through problems.
  • And how Russell is trying to learn to take the time to look back at a coach and is soon going to have forced meditation to do it.

So listen below to hear about how having an outside perspective on your life can help you.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car.  Good morning everybody. I hope you guys are all doing amazing. I am heading into the office now as normal. I probably should just quit saying that because you guys are all riding with me every day and you all know that’s kind of the game plan.

But I wanted to share with you guys a cool insight I had two days ago. I need to preface it, because in my mastermind groups every year we get a group amazing women who join who self identify themselves, so I wouldn’t say this if they didn’t say it, but since they do I can tease and I can play off of it. But, they come in and usually everybody introduces themselves, “Hey I’m so and so and I’m in the woo woo niche.” Woo woo typically means all of the mindset and spiritual healing and all these things that are grouped in, in the woo woo, right. So that’s kind of our joke in the Inner Circle like, “You’re one of the woo woo teachers.” It’s kind of funny. So with that said, I do believe in a lot of those kind of things and I think there’s a lot of value and stuff and a lot of cool things that come from that.

Anyway, one of our members….some of you guys may have heard of them or met them, but if not, they’re amazing. Their names are Justin and Tara Williams and they run a couple of podcasts. One in the real estate market which I……if you want to flip houses, these guys are amazing, they flip like 100 houses a year, but that’s not the kind of business I want to be in, but if you do go check it out. I don’t even know the name of the podcast there is. They also do one called 8 minute millionaire, which is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s really, really fun. And then Tara just launched a new podcast called, I’m going to mess up the name; it’s like the Energy Healing Podcast. She launched it and I kind of saw them launching it, but I didn’t know much about it, and then at the group she got up and kind of presenting and explaining what they’re doing. And we were teasing them, “Oh no, you’re in the woo woo market now. You guys went from hardcore house flipping to becoming a millionaire to woo woo in a year, which is kind of funny.”

But it was awesome and she showed the process and the model that they’re doing. It was really, really cool. In fact, maybe I’ll talk about it another day, but if you want to see a really interesting, simple, clean model, I’m really kind of watching them close, because I think it’s cool, but if you go to and make sure you spell it right. I’ll make sure... my sister-in-law transcribes these; I’ll make sure she goes to the right site, so it’s right in the transcript. If you go to, it’s a very simple page telling you a story, you opt in, they get you to listen to the podcast. The podcast pushes back to an energy healing calm, and then eventually I’m sure they’ll go to hiring coaching and a bunch of stuff like that. But it’s simple, the podcast is the traffic generator, and then you look at the podcast, she did a really cool job of when you come in and taking you through an indoctrination. First thing she introduces the podcast, second podcast episode tells her story and then after that it goes through a 21 day jump start. 21 days of hope to help you become indoctrinated and understanding energy healing. Why she does it, how she does it, all these things, which increases your desire to want to go get the coaching call, and things like that.

Anyway, needless to say, I’m going through the process. While she’s at the Mastermind, she reads my energy, totally the woo woo realm of things, so if you guys don’t believe in that kind of stuff, I totally understand it, but I was like……it was strangely amazing and interesting and yeah. So we actually, during the mastermind I had them come over and talk to my wife and I more about what they do, and did a session with us then, and then I drank the kool-aid and signed up and paid them a bunch of money to do some of my own sessions. So my very first call was on Monday, which was Memorial Day. So I woke up early in the morning and did that and it was interesting. I would say I’ve done a lot of coaching, a lot of coaching, probably more than most people on earth over the last ten years, but I would say that it was the most specific personal development, life coaching, whatever you want to call it, session that I’ve ever had. I’ve had a lot of good things that are….but the problem is they are more generic; the way she does things is very focused on me. Anyway, I will leave it at that because there’s a bunch of stuff that is outside the scope of this podcast. I wanted to share that first off because I think the model is really, really interesting. Second off, during my session I learned something really interesting about myself, that I think would be good for you guys too.  So therein lies what we’re going to be talking about for the next 5 minutes till I get to the office.

So during my session we were talking about just things and how I work. She was asking me, “There’s some kind of wrestling analogy here that you need to figure out and explain to me.” And I was like, “Okay.” So I’m kind of thinking through it and I don’t remember exactly what she said for this to kind of come up or anything but, I remember the moral of the story and it was talking about wrestling, and any of you guys that have ever been to wrestling match, this is kind of how it works. When you’re in high school they’re 6 minute matches, when you’re in college they’re 7 minute matches, it’s basically 2 minutes for each period, there’s 3 periods. First period both of you start on your feet, then after 2 minutes, or in college the first period is 3 minutes, then there’s a quick break. The break literally is maybe 10 seconds, it’s long enough for the ref to flip a coin, see who gets their choice, whoever wins the choice can say they want to go top, bottom, neutral or defer. Top means that you get to start on top of the guy, bottom means you get to start on the bottom, where you’re on the mat and the other guys on top of you. Neutral means you get on your feet again and defer means you let the other guy choose and you choose the 3rd period. So that’s kind of what is top, bottom, neutral or defer.

So that goes really quick, you pick “I want bottom.” And then right before you walk back to the center of the mat and kneel down you look back at your coach for a second, maybe 2 or 3 seconds, a really short period of time, just long enough for your coach to be like, “Dude, Russell, he’s leading his right leg, look for that. You’re missing it but he’s leading his right leg.” Or “Hey Russell, keep your elbows in. You’re overextending your arms.” Or whatever that little piece is. And my coach is able to see what I’m not. Because I’m right there, my face is in the middle of this thing. We’re beating the crap out of each other, there’s heads and all sorts of things are happening. And I’m aware of as much as my subconscious mind is picking up from all my training and my practice and everything, but there’s things from the outside I’m not able to see just because I’m so close to the thing. So I look back for a second and the coach is like, “Hey, your elbows are flying, keep your elbows in.” I’m like, “Oh crap, I didn’t even realize. I’m getting out of position.” Or “Hey look for the under-hook on this guy, he’s reaching.” Or “Hey, look he’s stepping.” Or whatever it is, they give me a second, maybe 2 seconds of really fast coaching from an outside perspective. You go to the middle, boom you start again. You go for the next 2 minutes,  the period ends, you come back, reset, you’re standing there and look over to the coach and the coach is like, “Boom, here’s this outside nugget that you’re missing.” And then the match is over.

And what’s interesting, if you look at those little things, it’s tiny periods of time. Seconds, maybe 5 seconds max. But you’re getting this perspective from outside, from something that…….I think about this a lot. For me, and I don’t know if I’d say this in all situations, but you got Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods is better than his coach. Typically if you’re in competition, you’re better than your coach, you’re coach may have been better back in the day, but they’re not actively competing. So you’re the best, you’re technically better than your coach in that period of time, but the coach still has a different perspective that you don’t have. He’s able to look from the outside and be like, “Wow, Russell is doing a lot of good things right, but this is where he’s getting in trouble. This is the piece…” or whatever those things are. And it’s that outside perspective you get for a second. And one of the big takeaway’s from my session with Tara was understanding for me in my business, I’m in the heat of it. I’m going a million miles a minute and doing all sorts of stuff just like I’m in a wrestling match, and the thing I was missing was I wasn’t taking that time to look back at a coach, look back at whatever. And it could be a coach, it could be a spiritual thing, through prayer, which I think is probably more of where I need to be focusing at. It could be, you know whatever, but it’s taking a second and looking back to get the outside perspective so when you go back to battle you have that ability to execute better.

So that’s kind of where I wanted to share with you. For each of you guys it’s going to be different. I think for me, and it’s one of my things I’m trying to work on for the next month or so and really figure out, is where are those times for me? I’m not a big fan yet of meditation, but I know people who are obsessed with it and seems like in my world, everyone is getting more and more obsessed with meditation and I just don’t feel like I have the time for that right now. Some of you guys know I just bought a flow tank, so the flow tank is going to be at my house next week, it’s being delivered. When you do a flow tank session, it’s like an hour sitting in this tank floating in salt water, you just kind of sit there for an hour, so it’s going to be my forced meditation time. I don’t even know how to meditate. So I’m probably going to, when I’m locked in there push play on some meditation thing that forces me to meditate. But it’s going to be my time to force me to stop and look back at my coach. So meditation could be a thing, it could be hiring a coach.

I look at one of our Inner Circle members who’s been killing it, just finished a new webinar and sent it to me today and was like, “I’m so excited.” And I felt bad because I’m so excited about the webinar, but there’s 3 final mistakes almost everyone makes in a webinar and she made all three of them and I was like ahhh. And I feel, I almost feel bad being that coach that’s like, “Hey, this is the three places I see that you’re already making the mistakes,” because I know how much time they’ve put into the presentation and all these things, but that’s what they’re looking for. That outside perspective. “I’m in the battle, I’m creating, I’m doing all this stuff and it looks perfect to me and I look back at the coach and the coach is like, “It’s looking good, but you’re overextending, your elbows are out.” Or “You’re stepping too hard with your left leg and that’s why he keeps taking you down.” Or whatever that thing might be.

So hiring a coach or mentor, I’ve been a big believer, and it’s funny because I haven’t for the last year and a half just because  Clickfunnels got a little crazy. But prior to that in my life, I always had a coach, someone I was paying for coaching, and it wasn’t always like a business coach. It was a health coach, or a life coach, relationship coach. And right now I’ve got my new energy coach, so it can be all sorts of different things, but always having some coach that you’re paying so you have someone to look back to and be like, “Hey I need an outside perspective. What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong?” So again it could be meditation for you, could be prayer, could be hiring a coach, could be all those things combined. Kind of my big takeaway for this week is that while I am good in the heat of battle, I’m doing well, better than I’ve ever done, I need to take those moments to look back and get the outside perspective from somebody or something else that I might be missing right now. Because no matter how good I think I might be, I’m missing things. So that’s what the outside perspectives for.

Anyway, that’s what I wanted to share with you guys today. It’s cool, I’m excited. I’m excited to see where my journey goes with Tara as a coach for a little while. And just see the different things I get from that. So I’ll share the cool stuff with you guys. But that was the big takeaway for me. So think about that you guys. I’m sure that you’re all amazing at what you do, but look back at the coach to get the outside perspective. That’s what I got. I’m almost to the office today you guys. I got calls. Ugh. I hate days when I have calls from noon to 4. It’s killing me. I just want to build funnels.

Anyway, so I’m going to film from 9 until noon. So I’m going to go bust out four things really quick, then get on calls all day and that’ll be my day. And then tomorrow, we’ve got all Dylan, Todd and Ryan, my Clickfunnels co-founders/partners are flying in for 3 or 4 days and next we’ve got the whole team flying in. So tomorrow will be a fun day of getting crap done, planning for world domination. Taking a step back so we can move 50 steps forward and it’s going to be good. I’m sure we’ll be broadcasting live from some of our secret sessions, so hopefully you guys are tuned into Periscope and Facebook Mentions and all the other places we’re posting cool stuff because we’ll be sharing inside, behind the scenes of what’s happening. Alright guys. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day, and I’ll talk to you guys soon.