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Welcome To Russell Brunson’s Marketing Secrets Podcast. So, the big question is this, “How are entrepreneurs like us, who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital, who are spending money from our own wallets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and services and things that we believe in out to the world… and yet still remain profitable?” That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Russell Brunson, and welcome to
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Aug 28, 2015

My thoughts on how we have to drive traffic in the very near future.

On today’s episode Russell talks about what platforms he is now putting content on and why he is doing it that way. He also mentions what he believes the future of the internet means.

Here are some things to listen for in this episode:

  • Why Russell thinks that Google will change the way you can put up content within a year.
  • Why he thinks now is the time to change, rather than wait until you are forced to.
  • And find out some of the things he’s doing differently now, and how you can do it too.

So listen below to find out how to change how you can get content online, and why it’s a good idea to be there first.


Hey everyone! This is Russell Brunson and I want to welcome you to Marketing in Your Car.

Hey, everyone. I hope you have been having an amazing time. We’ve been pumping a lot of content and having fun with it. I hope you guys have been enjoying it. If you haven’t seen it and you’re like, “What are you talking about, Russell? All I know about is your podcast,” go to and you will start seeing all this stuff.

We got Periscopes happening during the days. We got Marketing in Your Car in the morning. We got cool blog posts. We got a whole bunch of value we’re giving out to the world because we want to change your life, your company, your business and help you touch more people. So that’s kind of our game plan and we’re having fun doing it.

And today, I want to talk about, “Russell, why are you doing all this content? What is the point? What’s the purpose? Why in the world are you doing this?” And I had a conversation with one of my friends last night. He was over wrestling in the wrestling room. So as you know, I just built my own wrestling room at my house. So we were wrestling. We’re having a good time. And we’ve been talking about stuff afterwards.

And he runs an Amazon business and he just got the Amazon slap. And I was kind of joking about the slaps that I had gone through since I got started 12 years ago. The initial Google slap crumbled almost everyone I knew. Then you got like 18 different SEO Google slaps, Facebook slaps, merchant account slaps. I’ve been through quite a few slaps in my day. So now when they happen, I’m just like, “Yeah, all right. What’s the next thing?”

So this year, like we were killing it with Facebook stuff and then boom! We got the Facebook slap. And we are still doing well with Facebook but it’s not like it was pre January. So, it’s just kind of those things that most people, it happens and they freak out and they run away because it’s like the whole world is coming to an end.

But for me, because I’ve been on the cycle enough times, it’s kind of like sitting in the ocean, the waves go up and down and up and down and there’s the ups and the downs and you’re just going to ride the wave and not give up and keep your eyes open for like what’s the next trend. What’s the next thing happening? Where do we need to be focusing our time, energy, and all that kind of stuff?

And I really think, and I’ve kind of mentioned this before but, I think that the future of marketing online is… and I hate saying this because my friend, Justin Brook has been telling me this years and I keep telling him, I just keep teasing him. But unfortunately, he is right. I look at what the advertising platforms want. That’s what we’re going to look at because we want to be leveraging their audiences and we look at what they want.

Now what we want is we want to drive people to registration pages and opt-in pages and things like that, right? That’s our goal. Their goal is not to allow us to do that. Their goal is to deliver an amazing experience to their audience. They want us paying to show their people amazing content, which is funny. Anyway, it’s just kind of funny.

So right now with Facebook, we’ve seen that. We’ve seen that with other networks like Google, like – and you see the kind of the more native advertising networks nowadays which are all like you’re driving to content, to articles, and things like that. And I believe that within a year from now, not everywhere but for most places, it would be very, very difficult to drive directly to a registration page. I don’t think that’s going to be the model anymore.

I think what the model would be is we have to find our voice. This comes back to everything I talked about in the DotComSecrets book, creating your attractive character, figuring out your voice, learning how to communicate with your audience, and putting those messages out there and finding kind of your style and then becoming a prolific content writer or if you’re not a writer, it can be videos, it can be Periscope, it could be audio, it could podcasts. You do whatever you want.

And I don’t think that most people should do like 50 different platforms. I’m just doing a lot because I’ve got a big team so I’m able to do more than most people. But for most of you guys, like you should pick a platform and say, “I’m a video guy. I’m an audio guy.” Whatever you are, pick that thing and start producing consistent amazing content and then use that content as a tool to wrap people back to your core offer. So push people to your registration pages, you push people to your opt-in forms, your applications, whatever it may be because that’s where they will allow you to buy ads.

I believe that – my guess is that within a year from now, it will be next to impossible to get anything approved in Google unless it’s you promoting a blog post. That’s it. I think that’s the future.

And so knowing that now, man, like why in the world would I wait until that happens? Now is the time to jump on that. And so, that’s why we’re doing it. And so my goal on my side is I’m trying to do three blog posts a week and three podcasts and then a Periscope five days a week. And it has given me the ability to create stuff and touch people in different ways. But the cool thing is, not only am I just doing that to put it out there… like I’m adding content to the blog which is one thing, but now I’ve got the ability to take that content and promote it out through a lot of places.

If you look at the way we structure our blog, when I do my blog posts I have this really cool sketches, similar to these sketches that were inside the DotComSecrets book. Now, I can leverage these sketches on Facebook, I can put them on Instagram, Twitter, all these things like that. Now, I’m finding each of the platforms like how they want to accept content and then I’m using the content I’m putting out there in that way, if that makes sense.

I read about kind of this concept a little bit in Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, I think it’s Punch, Punch, Jab or Jab, Jab, Punch or I don’t know, something like that. But he talked about looking at – what does Facebook want? What does Instagram want? What do all these different networks want? You got to figure out what they want and you got to tweak your content to match that and then put it out there. And then when the content is in that native platform and you’re able to promote it and drive traffic and all those kinds of things and you get people to then raise their hand and click and listen and participate and then eventually come and push them to what you really want them to do.

And so for me, I’m looking at – I think in the future is I will never be able to promote a webinar registration page. But I will promote amazing content which will drive people to opt in and then my entire opt-in sequence where we push people to the webinar registration. Like in my mind, that’s the future. That’s where everything is going. And so now, not tomorrow, not six months from now, now is the time to start that path. And we have started it. We’re moving forward and that’s where our focus, our energy, and our money and our time is going into.

So, it’s interesting. If you listen to some of the past podcasts, I talked about funnel stacking. If you look at my business, I’ve got my book funnel which then leads to my webinar funnel which leads to my high ticket funnel. I’m stacking multiple funnels together. But I look this content thing as like a pre-funnel.

In fact, I have this little diagram, I’ll probably have a blog post about it soon, but it looks like… I have my little value ladder but then it drops one step down from the value ladder and it’s like one rung lower then where most people normally start, and that’s the content site. That’s putting those things out there to then get people in and then start sending them up through your value ladder.

So, that’s kind of cool. A good cast study of it is, yesterday I did a Periscope during the middle of the day… talking about the new coaching application funnel I just built out and how I’m kind of excited it was done and how we are giving away $25,000 to somebody for building out their breakeven funnel, and I kind of just talked about that...

In Periscope, I clicked the button.  I’ve never put it on a Periscope. I didn’t even know how people find out about my thing. I think it’s Twitter-based but I’m not positive. Yeah, probably.

So anyway, so I had a hundred people show up on Periscope which was awesome. And then I started talking and I just showed the application form on my phone. Next thing we knew, we got about ten applications almost instantly, which for me we average about between $1,300 and $1,400 per application. So I just made $13,000 with me doing a really quick Periscope post.

But then I took that video and we then put it on Facebook and then started promoting it. And then this morning, we got another around 10, 15, 20 applications from that and it was me promoting a Periscope, which then led back to my other offerings. So it was kind of interesting I think.

And again, that’s where we’re going. So create cool content. Inside the content, you push people back to the front of your value ladders into the, whatever you want to call them, the welcome gates, entry gates, the step one into entering your world. And that’s kind of how it works.

So anyway, that’s what I’m doing. That’s what I think you guys should be doing. And hopefully, that will help give you guys a glimpse into what I believe the future is and where we’re putting our time, our energy, and our money and our effort because I’ve been doing this rollercoaster ride for a long time and I think that’s where the shift will be for the next two or three years. And so, I want to be there first and I want you guys to be there first as well.

So that’s what I got. Hope you guys had an amazing time. By the way, if you would like to be one of our – if you like to have the chance to win the $25,000 with our funnel build out contest, go to You can see a video of me talking about a breakeven funnel. I’ll be talking about how we’re going to be doing a 10-week program helping you build out a funnel. And the winner is going to win $25,000 cash prize. It’s going to be awesome.

So, that’s it. Check it out. And I will talk to you guys all again tomorrow.

Aug 27, 2015

I promise you, your customers are begging to give you more cash. Just take it! Please! For the love…

On this episode Russell talks about how people he has encountered refuse to take money he offers them and why it’s so frustrating. He gives a couple of examples of people he has hired to do things that won’t take more work when he offers it.

Here are some interesting things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • Find out why Russell’s landscaping company refused $1000 to mow a weed field.
  • See why the company who Russell pays to clean his pool, wants Russell to fix the slide himself.
  • And find out why you should look at what you do and see if there are extra piles of cash lying around that you can pick up.

So listen below to find out if you are missing out on some big piles of cash.


Hey everyone. This is Russell Brunson and we are back to Marketing in Your Car.

All right, all right. Before you make fun of me, I’m not riding my bike today. It was really hard. It took me 25 minutes to get to the office and then on the way home I wasn’t recording. So I was just cranking as fast as I could. It took me 18 minutes to get back home. So it was quite a workout and today, my legs are sore. Old Man Brunson is taking the easy way. So I’m driving today.

All right. So I think the last two podcasts, I’ve kind of gone on little rants because I wanted to go on little rants. Today I’m waking up in a good mood and so I am going to – not go on a rant. We’re going to have some fun.

So I do want to – hopefully give you something that will give you some value that I’ve been thinking about and I want you to understand and hopefully every business owner who’s listening to this understand that right now, like you’re doing your business. You’re doing your job. You’re doing what you’re good at and my guess is that you’re making some money and you’re excited and you’re like this is awesome and – but the problem is that if you were to stop for a second and stop looking at what you’re doing and look up and then look around really quick, there are piles of cash all around you that you just have to go grab and pick up and that would be your money as well. It’s just sitting there. It’s just like boom, there’s cash.

But you’re not grabbing it because you’re so focused on doing the thing. So let me give you some real world examples that happened to me this week so you can kind of understand this. So the first one was our lawn guys and we got – we moved into our new house. We got a ridiculously oversized yard, we’re on five acres and like two of the acres is kind of like a field but three of the acres are our home and all this stuff and grass.

So these guys come once a week and they mow it and it takes two guys like three hours to mow, plus a bunch of dudes doing like the edging and stuff, right? And next – like next two are the same thing but like two acres of our thing is unfinished. It’s kind of like just whatever field and because of that, like the field grows and it’s like a nightmare and it’s like all these weeds, right? So my wife was like, “Hey, can you guys mow that?” And they’re like, “Oh, no you wouldn’t want us to mow that. You should just go get a field mower and do it yourself,” and we’re like, “Well, we don’t want to do it ourselves. Like we hire lawn people so they do it for us,” and these guys are like no, like just – like just go to – whatever the rental place. You can rent something like for a hundred bucks and you can do it.

So first time, I’m like, “You know what? That will be fun. I will just whatever. It would be good for me to like do some manual labor.” So I go down to Tate’s Rental and I rent the thing for 100 bucks. I bring it back. I spend three hours. I mow the whole lawn and we had a good time and it was nice, right?

So now, a month and a half later, weeds are as high as me again and guess what I do not want to do. I don’t want to do it again. I want to pay someone. In fact, I would love to pay the people that we hire to do my lawn to do my field right next door and I was thinking about like what I would be willing to pay for that. I think like conservatively, I would pay an extra $1000 a month to have these guys do that.

Once a month they come and just knock out the field, right? So I was thinking like how much profit would that be for them. So it’s like if they have to go rent because they don’t have a field mower which is their excuse why they don’t want to do it, right? We don’t have a field mower.

So they would have to go to Tate’s like I did and rent it for $100. So one-tenth of the profit going to fulfillment cost. They have to pay someone for three hours of work to do it. So you’re looking at – they probably pay their guys 12 bucks an hour so they pay them $10, $20, $30, $36. So you’re in $136 and from that, you’re going to make 800 and whatever. I can’t do math while I’m driving. I don’t want to get in a wreck that way. Whatever that difference is, almost 900 bucks in pure profit just by picking up the cash that’s sitting there, right?

But instead they told me like, “No, you should just do it. No, go do it. Go do it.” All right. So there’s example number one but it gets worse because they’re not the only ones. Almost every company is doing this.

So I’ve ranted before about our pool companies which we’re trying to get to come help us, right? I think pool companies are the worst. I don’t know. Anyway, so the pool dude is at our house and my wife is like, “Hey, our slide is not right. We want to pay someone to come and fix this. Do you guys do that?”

And the guy is like, “Yeah, we could do that but all you got to do is go to the store and buy some Epoxy and just slap it on there and it will be fine.” She’s like, “Well, we don’t want to do that. Can we hire you guys to do that?” The guy is like, “No, it’s really easy. Just go and get some Epoxy and you can slap it on the thing,” and he’s trying to explain to her how to do it. So after three times of her asking if we can give him money, and he rejecting us, telling us how we can do it ourselves, but we don’t want to do it ourselves. We got no desire to do it ourselves. We want to give somebody money to do it. Why don’t you like money? After three times, she quit bugging him because she can tell like he’s getting annoyed because we can’t figure out how to do it ourselves. OK?

Your company is a pool company. We give you money every week to come and clean our pool. We would love to give you money to do this as well. Money is just sitting there. They could just pick it up, they’re not.

Okay. Now, they come once a week and clean our pools, right? So then I come home from the office the other day. There’s a big note on the door because we weren’t there and it says, “Hey, so we were cleaning your pool and we noticed that the filters are dirty and they’re probably old. So you need to go pick up some new filters and install them. That way, it will keep the pool cleaner.”

Okay, does anyone see an issue here? You’re the freaking pool company! You should be the ones going and getting the filters and putting them in and charging me for it! I would love to give you money. Do you think I have any idea first off where the pool filters are in the pool, second off, where to buy the pool filters, third off, how to like unscrew the thing and install the things? Like no! I want to give you money. You are the pool company. I hired you to do pool things for me.

I want you just to take care of it and bill me for it. But instead there’s a big stack of money that you could just take. You explain to me in a handwritten note how I should go and change the filters. Come on!

Anyway, those are like three crazy examples. I still can’t even fathom. Like, if the entrepreneur in these companies knew what their employees were doing, they would roll over in their graves, right?

If they’re alive, they would shoot themselves and then roll over in their graves because they would be so upset at how much money they can make if their stupid employees would just grab it. Like just take it. It’s right there.

All right. Man, this turned into a rant too. Maybe this is the Russell Rant Show. Anyway, I’m hoping that this is a benefit to you because I promise you, in your business right now, you as the entrepreneur or the employees on your team are probably leaving money, stacks of cash that people would love to give you and in fact they probably tried to give it to you and your employees have told them no or maybe you’ve done it.

Maybe you’re like, “Oh no, I don’t do stuff like that.” Someone hires you to build a funnel and they’re like, “Hey, can you write copy for me?” I don’t write copy. I’m above copy.

Okay, maybe you should charge them for copy and find a copywriter to do it and make some money on the spread. How many places are you just leaving stacks of cash? So I want to encourage you guys over this next week while you’re doing what you do to pay the bills, to slow down and stop. Look around and just look around all the piles of cash that’s sitting there and be like, “Oh, there’s one right there.”

These people would probably love to give me more money if I help serve them a little bit more. OK? People always get upset – not always but there are people who get upset about upsells and trying to ascend people up through their funnel and I don’t get that.

If you think about it, if you’re providing more value for your customers, your customers will be ecstatic to give you more money. Okay? I went to the dentist and he told me that my teeth were crooked. I need a retainer. I was ecstatic to give him money because it meant that my teeth were going to get clean. It wasn’t that I was annoyed that he was trying to sell me something. He was giving me more value. OK? And I promise you guys that there are things you can do in your business right now to give your customer more value and they will give you big old fat stacks of cash.

The cool thing about that kind of cash is that kind of cash is all profit. Okay? Because you don’t have to go pay for an ad. You don’t have to go drive new people. You don’t have to convince them or sell them or anything. All you have to do is be smart enough to look and see it and then be like, “Hey, you want me to help you there?” Yes, that would be fantastic. I would love for you to help me there. You want me to help you there? Yes! And it becomes really easy.

So that’s my gift for you guys this week is for you to pause, step back, look around at all the piles of cash sitting around you and just go take them. They want you to take them. They’re begging you to take them.

My wife and I are so upset these guys won’t take our money. We’re trying to find other people to take our money because the people we hired to take our money won’t take our money. That’s the reality of the world we live in. They want you to take their money. So just take it. OK? You’re doing yourself a favor. You’re doing them a favor and the whole world will be more happy because of it.

All right. There you go guys. I’m at the office. I appreciate you guys. Have a fantastic day. Look for the piles of cash. Because they’re there just waiting for you to pick them up. I appreciate you guys and talk soon.

Aug 26, 2015

This is the FIRST marketing on your bike podcast! 🙂

On today’s special episode Russell rides his bike to work and talks about why you shouldn’t sell to people who are broke. He also tells some of the things he learned while trying to sell to people who didn’t have money and didn’t want to work.

Here are a few things you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why selling to broke people will get you nowhere.
  • Why raising prices Russell was able to weed out all the broke people and actually made selling easier.
  • And why the people who are broke and unsuccessful are that way because they are trying to find external reasons when the problem is actually them.

So listen below to find out why you should never sell to broke people.


Hey everyone! This is Russell Brunson and welcome to the first ever Marketing On Your Bike. Yes, you guys, today I am riding my bike to the office and doing our podcast at the same time. Hopefully, the wind is not too loud.

Hi, everyone. So, I’m excited for today. I’ve been wanting to ride my bike to the office for as long as I had a bike which has been like a week. So it’s happening today. I have no idea how long it’s going to take to get there but we’re going to find out here in a minute.

My wife is convinced that I’m going to die today. In fact, she had all the kids gave me a hug and a kiss before I left because she thought I was going to be dead. Mostly, because I don’t want to wear a helmet and I’m sure that some of you guys out there are – whoa! I’m out of shape already. Some of you guys are very safety conscious people. But from my house to the office is one street, one long street and it’s all back roads.

And so, I don’t want to wear a helmet. I am not going to lie. So if I die, that’s why you guys will be witnessed to that. So anyway, I’m not wearing a helmet today. I’ll see how bad it is and maybe I will wear it tomorrow but yeah. This is harder than I thought it was going to be, to talk while riding while carrying a backpack of stuff. But it’s all good.

Okay, so today, a couple of things, last night I did a podcast. I was talking about Periscope and how excited I was and how I’m going to post in that platform. And then literally an hour later, we got approved by Facebook for their Facebook Mentions Product. Did you guys see that? My wife just drove by. She’s dropping the kids off. She said, “No texting while you’re biking.” Oh man, she thinks I’m crazy.

Anyway, so I got home and I got approved in the Facebook’s Mentions Program which means according to Facebook, I am officially a celebrity. So with their Mention Program, you can use their – I guess you get like a blue checkmark saying that you’re a celebrity. And then on top of that, you also get to use their platform where you’re... it’s kind of Periscope but for Facebook.

So, I now got access to that, which my Facebook following is way more larger and more prominent than my Twitter following. So anyway, I’m going to try some things on that too and we’ll kind of see what happens between Mention and Periscope and it will be fun.

So today, my message for you guys is that… I’ve got to figure out how to pause this so I don’t die at the light up here… Anyway, my message for you guys today is, don’t sell things to broke people. And that’s it. You guys can take that and you gain today what you needed to know. No. Hold on. I’m switching hands with the phone. One second here.

All right. So, it’s funny. If you look at my business, if you read the DotComSecrets book, you know about this. I talked about how a few years ago, I realized I was not in love with my current clients. And the real reason why is we were selling stuff to people who are broke. We were in the how to start a business online business and we were selling – we were helping start a business. And our typical package is almost $5,000. And we sold a lot. We sold tens of millions of dollars’ worth of that.

But the problem was like most of these of people who are were coming to us like they didn’t have money to start a business. And as you know and I know, business is not some make believe thing. It’s something you have to build and create and it takes money and capital and time and energy and work. Weird…you have to work.

In fact, I remember at one of my events back then, there were these guys there. And two older guys and we were talking about everything and they’re in the office in Boise. And basically I told them what they had to do. I’m like, “Guys, you have to create something. That’s how it works.” And the guy literally told me, “Well, I got into this to get rich quick. And if I have to make something, I don’t want to do it.” This was what the guy told me. I’m like, “Are you kidding me? You’re only here to get rich quick and if you can’t then you don’t want to try.” I was just like blown away.

So, that was my reality for four, five years. And then we shut the call center down. We stopped selling high end coaching and we kind of walked away from that. And then when I wrote – in the DotComSecrets book, I talked about this, how like I realized my biggest problem was… it was like my dream customer... I was getting the wrong customers, customers I didn’t want. And people first of all couldn’t afford. But then the people who can’t afford it – what I found like there’s a reason why they can’t afford it typically. And then obviously, there is an exception to every rule. People have hard times. There’s a lot of stuff like that.

But the vast majority of people who can’t afford to invest in your program, they can’t afford to invest in your program because of something outside of just like, “I need to make more money or whatever.” Like typically, they are struggling with a whole bunch of stuff. They got other underlying issues that got them there typically. Like these guys from the event who basically didn’t want to make money. Let’s just get rich quick. We don’t want to work that’s why we’re here.

Anyway, so when we did re-launch our coaching program two years ago, we jacked up the prices. It started at $8,000. We raised it to $10,000 then we raised it to $12,000. That’s our lowest right now. Then we have our $25,000 and then we have our $100,000. And what happened by raising our prices is it naturally weeded out all the people who couldn’t afford it. And what was really interesting to me is that when I did that, all of my headaches disappeared almost, not all of them. But I think 99% of my problem clients couldn’t afford it and they were gone.

And it was amazing. Like last year’s coaching event, amazing. Most of my coaching clients have me on Voxer so they can ask me questions. And they are like good people who have businesses, who are successful, who are trying to grow them and scale them.

And so, that was my reality. And I was just like, “Man, people are amazing. Everyone works hard. Everyone gets it.” It’s funny. I think we had two refunds in the last two years from our coaching program and both of them we from people who joined at the $12,000 level and had to have payment plans. They couldn’t afford it. And I’m about to have a talk with my sales guys today because I kind of have of this re-awakening and re-epiphany that if someone can’t write a check to join the coaching program flat out, no payments, they can’t write a check, they’re not a good fit for the program. And I’m recommending for you guys the same thing. If someone can’t afford to pay you like don’t sell to broke people.

So again, I’ve forgotten this lesson. We did our funnel hacking event earlier this year. And we wanted to sell certification program and give people the ability to learn ClickFunnels but also learn how to go and sell ClickFunnels and make a lot of money as a certified funnel consultant, right?

And so, when we did it, we decided like I wanted a lot of people here so we can have a good community and stuff like that, so let’s lower the prices from our typical $12,000 and let’s give people access for I think it was like $3,500 bucks for one person or five grand for two. So, at $3,500 if you – whatever.

And then because I love these people so much and I want to serve them in the best way possible, OK, let’s do this for a week. And in that week, we’ll teach them everything. We’ll teach them funnel strategy, how to use ClickFunnels, how to sell ClickFunnels. Let’s bring our top salespeople in and let’s bring people that do our videos and showing them how we our video. Let’s show them everything we got and let’s serve these guys at the highest level possible.

And so, we sold certification program, a bunch of people come in. And again for the most part, amazing experience.

Then this morning, I get a Facebook message from one of the guys who was there and this guy – his comment illustrates exactly what I’m talking about like why you should not sell to broke people. And again, it comes back to they’re broke for a reason. That’s honestly my opinion.

So, in the Facebook message, he thanks me for the event, tells me it was great and then explained why he’s not going to ask for a refund, which is like day one, wrong mindset. Anyway, so it was like from step one like his mind is wrong. He’s trying to convince himself why he shouldn’t ask for a refund. This is why he’s not successful in life…like flat out. So there’s number one.

And then he goes on to say that three of the days were amazing and life-changing and so awesome for him but two days were a complete waste of his time and that’s why he wanted to ask for his money back because two of the days, we weren’t entertaining enough for him or whatever.

And one of the days he complained about by the way was sales. So I had my top sales guy, someone who in the first quarter of this year, so from January to March, sold $1.2 million worth of funnel services. I don’t think there’s a human being on earth who sold more funnel stuff than this guy. He came and he spoke for three and a half hours showing our sales scripts, doing live training, closing people live in front of the whole room, and showing how he generated $1.2 million in three months selling funnel services for me. OK. It’s probably something I should teach in a funnel certification program, wouldn’t you think? Trying to teach people how to be funnel consultants?

Now, I want to caveat this with, most of the people in the room got it. They’re not morons. They saw the value. In fact, one of the guys who is in the $12,000 program, he came. He has done like two or three calls with Robbie and then went through it again. He said, “Man, every time I do this, I get more value, more insight.” He said, “That was so valuable for me, to come and hear Robbie do it again live. I’ve probably seen that presentation ten times or variation of it and done three or four calls with Robbie and still like – that alone was worth the trip.”

So this guy tells me – so, this is the guy that Facebooks me, “Russell, I’m broke. I couldn’t afford the $3,000, let alone, a week from my family. But I made the sacrifice and I came and then I wasted half a day listening to some guy talking about sales. I didn’t come here to learn sales. I came here to learn to be funnel consultant.” And I’m not going to – I hope he listens to my podcast because this is for you if you are listening because you got to fix your brain. This is why you’re not having success right now in life – in any area of your life. It’s all tied back to the same thing.

The reason why $3,000 is hard for you, it be might be expensive and all stuff for you is because you don’t know how to sell. Do you not understand that? That session was specifically created for you. OK? If you can’t afford the $3,000 to be here and you’re complaining about the sales section, that’s why you’re struggling in life because you don’t know how to sell. It’s the only thing that matters in this whole game.

You actually building the funnel does not matter… like you can hire someone for a couple of hundred bucks to build the funnel. You being able to sell it is the only thing that matters. OK?

Now, I want to talk to you about another guy who is in the certification program in the same room and listening to the same presentations, but someone who has been successful all aspects of his life, has multimillion dollar business, was in the room because – and again, someone who doesn’t want to necessarily build funnels but he’s like, “I’m going to be in that room for a week because I know that Russell is going to be dropping tons of hints and gold and bombs and things that I can use in tons of different areas of my life. I have no idea where. I understand that some sessions are not going to be for me but there are going to be some gold nuggets there.”

So this guy sitting in the session, someone who did not want – who has a whole team who sells, everything, still shows up, still participates and gets value out of every session, little things for him or people on his team or for whatever. And he also understands that sometimes some sessions aren’t for you. And instead of whining and complaining, realizing that there are hundred other people in the room that we are also trying to serve beside you. You’re not the only person on earth.

So he gets it. He goes through the training, comes back and on Tuesday, posted on a Facebook group how based on one thing that he learned from Robbie’s presentation, he called someone up and sold a $12,000 funnel. Boom! Three X’d his money instantly because why? First off, he was there to try to figure out like the one or two little nuggets he needed to amplify what he was doing.

Second off, he paid attention every session. Even though he may not have wanted to listen to the sales session, he paid attention. And then holy crap! There’s some value there.

And then third off, he went home and instead of spending an hour Facebooking me the reason why he wasn’t going to ask for a refund, he freaking picked up the phone and sold somebody like we taught you.

Anyway, it blows my mind sometimes and it kind of re-reminding me the reason why we don’t sell to broke people. This guy I believed had to do payment plan to come in and all that stuff. And I get that. And there’s a time and a place. But for me and my company, I don’t want to deal with people like that. I want to deal with people who get it. I look at my $12,000 clients. They’re easy to work with. They work hard. They don’t complain. They are moving forward and they’re using us as a guide to give them ideas and tips and move in the right way.

People come in at $5,000 or $3,000, they’re basically, at least in my world, expecting you to hand them a business in a box that prints out cash as oppose to, “Teach me how to build a business that will print out cash.”

Anyway, it’s just a big reminder to me. When we do certification program next year, we’ll probably going to, I don’t know, three, four, five times the price. Have a smaller group to weed out the tire kickers and weed out people who are broke and only focus on the higher level people because I look at the few complainers we had and all of them are broke. That’s it. That was the only commonality in them is they were broke.

And again, while there are some people that – there are circumstances in life that caused people to do that. And nine times out of ten, from my experience, I’ve been doing this for 12 years now, is that the people who are broke, they are broke because their minds are broke. Their mindsets wrong. They are making decisions and doing things and approaching life the wrong way. And until they fix that, never going to be successful, OK?

Until this dude can sit in the room and listen to a guy who did $1.2 million in funnel sales in three months and say, “Man, there is value there for me. I’m going to listen to him and I’m going to go and freaking apply what I learned,” as opposed to messaging me and trying to convince me or try to explain why he’s not going to ask for a refund. And until he can change his mindset, he will never be successful.

My bet, I’m prophesying, I’ll get a message from him sometime in the next 30 days after he had not picked up the phone, he has not sold a funnel, he hasn’t done a single thing we taught him, has not listened or applied, which is probably the pattern in most of his life, I’ll get a message from him in the next 30 days asking for a refund because now it’s going to be my fault he did not success as opposed to him paying attention, taking ownership for himself, which is again, another commonality between people who are successful and those who aren’t.

So, for you guys listening, whoa! I’m out of breath. This is hard to ride a bike and talk on the phone and not get killed at the same time. But I’m impressed I’ve been doing this so far.

So here’s the value for everyone listening in. OK? If you are broke right now, that’s OK. But the reason why you’re probably broke, my guess is that you look for external reasons to figure out why you’re broke. This guy is looking for external reasons. You need to look internally. It’s you. I couldn’t say it any nicer. It’s not me. It’s you. OK? You got to understand that.

Until you take ownership of yourself, until you quit trying to make these mistakes, until you stop spending an hour writing an email trying to convince or explain to me why you’re not asking for a refund and freaking do that work, get out there, pick up the phone and start dialing. Do the process that I showed you like eight times in Boise. Go find someone you can serve, work for them for free, build a funnel, blow their minds with it, with the value you can provide someone then take that case study, showing what you did, how you served someone, what the results were you got from them, and then find other business owners like them and then sell that process to them. That’s how you become a millionaire.

And if something breaks in the process, you can’t look external for somebody to blame. The only person to blame is yourself. It’s you, not them. The process is simple. Guys, if you want to sum what the whole certification event was, that’s what it was. Find the market you want to be in. So I want serve chiropractors. Find a local chiropractor that you believe in what he does and work for free. Blow his mind. Build out a funnel. Try all those traffic strategies. Work on this list, setup Facebook ads and everything. Build a funnel. Get that thing working and you’re working for free.

After you’ve done that, now you’ve got a proven model that works then you go to every other chiropractor in town and sell that for $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 and you become rich overnight. That’s it. How do you think Robbie sold $1.2 million in funnel services in the first three months of the year this year? It’s pretty simple.

What we did, first off, I worked for free Drew Canole and we had success there. And then I got some clients like Liz and a bunch of people. We had results there that blew their minds. And we got tons and tons of proof and case studies now. And now, when people come, they see the results and they want that for themselves. And it’s not hard to sell now. OK?

But my guess is it has been… not even a week since the funnel services has been done. And if you guys haven’t – those who were there, if you have not made at least one phone call, you’re not following my process. If you don’t have someone that you are working for for free right now then it’s only on you. It’s not on anybody else. So hopefully guys, you’re listening to this. You’re listening to my message. Hopefully, the guy who Facebooked me, and my guess is one of two things is going to happen. One is, he’s going to get offended and he’ll ask me for a refund anyway, which is fine.

Or number two, is then take it to heart and realized, “Man, it’s me. Not them. Maybe I’m the one that’s keeping me back. Maybe it’s my fault I’m not successful.” And maybe he’s going to change his mind. Maybe he’s going to change his ways. Maybe he will figure out that he needs to listen to what I say and do what I say and apply it and then he’ll be successfully.

Anyway, there’s my rant. I love you guys. I know that you guys are doers on my… that are listening to this. And if you’ve been struggling up to this point, just try to look internal at yourself, figure out what you are doing and what you are not doing and that’s holding you back and you got to change it because you’re not going to have success, you’re not going to make any amounts of money until you change yourself. OK?

If I look consistently, people pay me $12,000, $25,000 and $100,000. We’re giving the same thing. The difference is their mindset. They get it. They understand that what we provide is a piece and what they provide is the rest. They get off their butt and implement it. Until they do, they’re not going to have success.

So, I hope that helps. And maybe actually, one more kind of story. I don’t know how long I’ve been riding for. It’s going to be like 3-hour podcast for all I know. One other story I want to share with you.

So there was a guy that joined our… at the funnel hacking event, who joined our $25k Group. The guy is awesome like one of my favorite people so far. And it’s funny because he jumps on Voxer, he’s like, “Hey Russell, what do you think about this?” I’m like, “Yes, I love it.” He said, “Cool!” And he goes and works on it. Three days later he messaged me, “OK, I tried that. Facebook shut me down. So I tried this. I tried this. I tried this. Nothing is working. I’ve been trying this. What do you think about that?” I’m like, “Cool! But change this.” And then he goes back. And he’s working his butt off.

He is taking personal responsibility. He realizes that his success relies on him and he’s using us as a guide to make sure that we got feedback like, “Yes, this is right. No, this is wrong. Change this. Try this. We’ve tried this over here, try that.” And he’s using it that way.

And this dude is like since the funnel hacking event to now, now he’s more than made his money back and now he’s like, “How do we grow this? How do we 10 X? How do we get it to a million, to two million, to ten million dollars?” And he’s going to get it because he takes personal responsibility and he’s not sitting around and waiting. He’s moving forward, moving forward and using the training and the people and the resources we give them as checks and balances to make sure things are working right. And that’s why that dude is going to be a multimillionaire very, very soon.

So those of you guys who are listening, I hope that helps. I probably offended some of you. If I offended you, that means it’s probably an issue with you to be all honest. Hold on. I’m crossing the street. In fact, that’s a really good test as if I’m talking to you directly. If this offended you in any way that means this is your issue.

And I hope that you can look at me as a coach and a friend and as a mentor and someone who cares about your success. And don’t get offended and do exactly what this dude probably did who Facebooked me last night. Don’t try to look for other excuses and other reasons why you’re not successful because if you’re offended by this, it’s you. It’s you, my friend. And until you fix you, it’s going to be hard for success in any area of your life.

So, hope that helps. Appreciate you guys. Love you guys. I’m here to serve and to give and help and inspire and change you guys. I hope you get that. I hope you see my passion and my commitment because when all said and done like I’m fine. My business is fine. Everything is good. I don’t – I’m not doing this for my health. I’m riding my bike for my health. But all these things that I do is to serve you guys because I care. I didn’t make a ton of money off the certification program. My goal is to get people using ClickFunnels. That’s where I make my money to help people use our tool better.

And a certification program is a way for us to serve and we served our freaking butts off. I was there for five days and my entire staff was there for five days. The two co-founders of ClickFunnels, Thursday night, pulled all-nighters, they did not go to bed. They’re helping and serving. They’re not doing that because it’s some external thing. We’re doing that because we care about you guys. If you get any other coaching program in our industry, they go to bed at 6:00 o’clock at night. They leave. We were there serving because we care and we want you guys to be successful.

So, I hope you understand that. I hope you feel that. We’re here for you guys. And that’s about it for today. I’m out and I’ll talk to you guys soon.

Aug 26, 2015

I want to give you a quick recap of what happened during the certification and I want to show you what happened the very first time I accidentally Periscoped.

On today’s episode Russell talks about the event and what some of the best parts were and why it was so amazing. He also shares his strategy with Periscope and the plans he has for it.

Here are some interesting things to listen for:

  • Why there were a few people that didn’t get anything out of the event and why that reflects more on them than it does on Russell.
  • A few highlights from the Certification Event, including the best part.
  • And what Russell’s strategy for Periscope is and why he thinks it will be successful.

So listen below to hear what Russell is starting to do with Periscope.


Hey everyone. This is Russell and welcome to Marketing in Your Car.

All right. So I’m excited for today and for everything and for so much fun stuff. So I guess my call today with you guys, I got a couple of things to talk to you about and we need to discuss. So first is I feel bad. I was going to vox you guys…or not vox you guys, I was going to give you some messages during the certification event last week but it went so crazy and it was amazing and I just ran out of time and I had people – I was driving around in the mornings and anyway, needless to say, it was a smashing success. Of the 120 people there, everyone had an amazing time except for four people which I was going to do a whole podcast about – I was going to call it "The Anatomy of a Loser" but I thought I’m just going to focus on the good.

Four people didn’t… one of them went through all four days. The last day he showed up and said he got zero value from the entire week so far and wanted a complete refund which basically means he’s a stone cold unethical liar because I had other people crying saying it changed their whole life and it was amazing.

I was going to break down why I don’t like this person now. Actually you guys want to know why? Well, I want to keep this positive but anyway, it’s funny because the guy left and he said, “Hey, do you mind if I stay the last day.” No, you freaking are refunding. We’ve supported you, my entire team has been working with you. We have been here literally until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning every single morning helping you. Of course he didn’t show up for those which is kind of funny. He skipped all the night sessions and didn’t do the homework assignments or any of the other projects and he wants a refund. Then has the nerve to say, “I got zero value from this. I’m going to try to make some more money. That way I can invest in Russell’s higher ticket programs later on.”

My response was: “No, we do not allow losers into our higher end programs.” People who, freaking, will use your time for four of the five days of the event and then the last day come and ask for a refund after they didn’t do the assignment, which we pulled an all-nighter on Thursday and people loved that. That was the best part. That was annoying.

The other person is one of my friends. He sent three people from his team, three women and I will – anyway, they didn’t show up for the last three days and they went home and told Perry that it was a complete waste of their time. They didn’t show up for the last three days. So outside those four people who I will deem losers and I shouldn’t say it. That’s not nice. But that’s how I feel. It was really upsetting. That you can go through and have this amazing experience… we have literally – I had people coming to me crying at the end about the experience. We help people build out entire businesses and they had a chance to work with the clients.

It was, as a whole, one of the best events we’ve ever done. I just had 4 people of 120 that are coming with that attitude and by the way happened to be the four people who didn’t freaking show up and do the work and it’s just – anyway, that’s how life is, right?

So there you go and that’s why I didn’t honestly message you guys because I was frustrated by those people. I didn’t want that to cloud it. Now you guys got the cloud but now the cloud is gone. Everything else was amazing. It was awesome. We had – my favorite part of it was on Thursday. We brought in three business owners and I consulted those businesses in front of them and kind of mapped out funnels and then all those guys, we got done like 6 o’clock at night. They had to go out and pull an all-nighter and they got to pick which one of the three funnels they like the most.

We had a chiropractor, someone who owns a certification program and someone who’s doing survival info products. So they got to see my map of the funnel and then they can make up their own if they wanted and they had to create the entire thing, all the pages, all the funnel, all the sequences and literally people – some people didn’t go to bed. They pulled all-nighters. They worked the whole thing and then the next day on Friday, everyone who had killed themselves building funnels, they had everyone kind of vote and we picked the top three in each category and the top three got to present it for the entire group and for that business owner and then the business owner picked who they thought was the best and they won a $1000 cash prize. We had big old stacks of $1 bills.

It was so much fun and it was amazing. I can’t even tell you like some of these people what they built, how amazing it was. They built funnels and had ideas and concepts I never even dreamt of and it was just – gall, it was amazing! And then obviously salt that off with the dude who comes back and said that he didn’t learn anything. Oh, how did the hack-a-thon go for you last night? I went to bed. Well, you missed the most important part. So yeah, it makes sense that it didn’t have any value for you. Anyway, just makes me laugh.

It was interesting. I went to Tony Robbins’ 'Date with Destiny' which is Tony is the best on earth. It’s a five or six-day event and in the last day he does a session. He was like, “Who here has not had a breakthrough in the last five days?” and sure enough like 20 people raised their hands and it was kind of awesome. Tony went through and just made them all look like idiots in a nice way or basically like help them see they had breakthroughs but they just weren’t intelligent enough to notice it, right?

Anyhoo, so there’s my rant. It’s over. Let’s focus on the positive. So this is what I’m talking about today because this is something that I think is  crazy exciting and I feel like I’ve missed the boat on some things and I don’t want to miss the boat on this. I don’t want you to miss the boat on this. So a couple of things.

First off, a lot of you guys know Gary Vaynerchuk and I watched him as he grew Wine Library TV from nothing to this huge thing and his whole thing was like “I do a video every day. I’m consistent. Every day I do a video.” Alright…

I thought that was kind of cool and I think my big takeaway from that was consistency, consistency. And then I heard a little while ago that there’s a guy, I think you guys know him, his name is Eric Worre. And he – I don’t know if this is true, this is my understanding what I heard happened but he was kind of a good guy, making money but not like the biggest name on earth and he went and he hired Gary Vaynerchuk and Gary basically said make a video every day. Be consistent.

So he did and now five years later, he has done a video every day for five years and he has got – he does these live events where he gets 10,000 people signing up. He did a webinar last month with Tony Robbins. He had over 100,000 people register and it’s insane. Eric Worre is a smart dude, genius, really nice guy but I don’t feel like he’s the most charismatic leader in the world. I wouldn’t have – you might be watching his videos and like OK. But I was like “how has this dude got so many people that follow him?” and it’s consistency, right.

So I’m going to do that with Marketing in Your Car. This is the most consistent I’ve ever been with a content publishing platform and I like it but it’s kind of like it’s delayed publishing. I record it. You might listen to this a week from now or two weeks from now or six weeks from now. One thing I do like about podcasts that has been really interesting is that I’ve done, like I don’t know, 150 episodes or something for the last like three years and people will come and they join Marketing in Your Car and then they go on these binges. Like one of my coaching clients, one of like the coolest people I’ve met this year. His name is Noah.

He was just messing with me. He’s like, “Hey, man.” Him and his wife, they’re amazing coaches and entrepreneurs and they drive around the country in like an RV and they just work from wherever they’re at, right? Which is super cool and he said – he said, “I went on the Marketing in Your Car binge and listened to like half of the episodes in three days,” which is cool. It’s funny. If you look at our stats, that’s what happens. People come in, listen to one to two episodes and they like it and they binge and they go through the entire like last three years of my life.

It’s kind of cool because – anyway, so I like that part of it. It’s kind of cool. But one thing that I don’t like is just it’s not instant, right? Not instant like if I want to send you a message, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get it right away. Like we did – a couple of weeks ago, I did the whole like – my number one entrepreneur supplement. I wanted to kind of test this. If I send this out, how many responses do I get? How long does it come? What’s interesting is I got a lot better response from that than I had assumed I would which is cool but there has been a long drag on it. There’s this drag that I’m still getting people coming in now and I will probably get those people coming in for the rest of my life. It’s kind of interesting. How there’s that drag…

So there’s that. I remember when Twitter first came out. It’s like I don’t get it. I remember hanging out with Frank Kern. We were doing a project together and so I flew out to his offices and we talked about Twitter and he’s like, “The coolest thing is I tweet and wherever I tweet, within like five minutes, there’s a thousand visitors go to wherever I just tweet about.” I was like, “That’s kind of cool. It would be nice to be able to get 1000 clicks anytime you wanted just by tweeting something, right?” And obviously Twitter kind of came and went and most of those guys don’t tweet or twit or whatever you call it. They don’t do that anymore, right?

But conceptually, I said that’s really cool. So I started getting Twitter and I got all excited. By that point, like nobody cared and I’m assuming people still tweet or twit, whatever you call it. But I don’t even know. So I kind of missed that platform.

Now Periscope, so this is my entrance into Periscope, right? So that has been happening for the last like month or so and I keep seeing different people popping on it and the first time I was – I downloaded the app and somebody was like, “Hey, you should Periscope.” And I’m like; I don’t know what that means. Downloaded the app, I found it was hooked to Twitter, so I integrated it with my Twitter account, or whatever.

Anyway, one day I’m driving around. My phone bleeps and I look down and it’s one of my friends, Stacy Highland, and she’s like – it said Stacy is starting – she’s – whatever, she’s Periscoping live. I was like I don’t know what that means.

So I clicked on it and it popped up and instantly I’m talking – I’m watching her talk and she’s like, “Oh, hey Russell just logged in,” and she said, “How is it going?” and I’m driving around in Boise for the next like five, ten minutes and she’s just like sharing this really great training and then it ended. I was like that was the coolest thing. I just – my phone beeped. I clicked the button. I’m watching her stream live and then she’s done and I was like there’s this instant thing where I could push – where she pushed content to me. I didn’t even know how it popped on my phone honestly.

So that was kind of cool. So then I was like OK, I want to figure this Periscope thing out but I hadn’t had time yet. Now, fast forward like a month later or a couple of weeks later, which is yesterday actually, I was working on Actionetics. I was building out my email sequence in there and I was editing the footer in my email to have like here’s my Twitter following and my Facebook and all those things and I was like I’m going to add my Periscope thing. I don’t even know what my Periscope thing is.

So I opened my phone app and I’m clicking around and also accidentally clicked the button for like to publish and I click on this thing and within like – within a minute, I had 50 people. I didn’t even know who these people are and how they found out about it. I don’t even know.

I hooked this up to Twitter, so maybe they saw me tweet it because I think Periscope tweeted it out. Anyway, 50 people are on and we were just hanging out and talking and sharing some cool stuff and that fast I had this instant like direct channel to people instantly and I could – I had their focus and their interest and it was awesome. Then when it was done, I think that Twitter stores it for like a day and then it kills the video.

So I sent it to my brother. I’m like hey, every time I do the Periscope, you got to grab it. We’re going to turn it into a video. That way I can post it on my blog and I can now start doing all the other stuff. But I’m like, this is now a platform where I could publish daily where – so what I’m going to do now is every day at the end of the day, when I get – I’m doing Marketing in Your Car usually when I’m driving to the office or driving home but typically I’m driving to the office and I’m sharing my thoughts for the day and just cool ideas and then I’m going to start using Periscope when the day is over. Hey guys, this is what I did today and I will just kind of show off the cool stuff I’m doing and just use it as kind of an over the shoulder - like this is what I’m doing today. This is what I got done. This is what I’m working on. It’s exciting. Just share with people and see what you’re actually doing.

I also want to use it as a way to amplify my content. So like I’m trying to get to a point where I’m doing like a blog post every – a couple of times a week or we’re doing – everything we’re doing and it would be cool like to use Periscope. Hey guys, I just wrote a blog post. This is what it’s about. If you like that, go over there and comment. I’m using this as a tool to live stream – in live real time to go get people to go comment on my post and my Facebook thing or whatever it is. I don’t know yet.

But that’s kind of the concept. So I’m excited for it. If you are a Periscoper, come check me out. Come – I think you just got to go to Periscope. You just go in there and you search for @russellbrunson. And then my brother is storing them all on our blog which is We haven’t really launched that yet but its happening and all the Marketing in Your Car are there along with the transcripts. A bunch of cool stuff is happening over the blog soon.

So anyway, I’m excited. I think Periscope is cool. I think that you guys should all start looking at it. That’s one of my big initiatives I’m going to be doing. I will try to do a Periscope a day and hopefully in five years from now, I will be like Eric Worre and have events with 10,000 people at it and I can get 100,000 people show up on webinars.

So that’s my goal and hopefully you guys use this as a platform too because I know it’s here. I know there’s going to be a ton of competition. Facebook is coming out with one, a bunch of them are coming out with one. The reality is it does not matter which one you use. Just pick a platform and stick with it because that’s the key is just being consistent. So I picked my platform. I don’t care which other one comes out. I’m focusing there and we’re going to start growing this thing out and come hang out with me on Periscope. Thanks everyone. I’m out of here and I will talk to you guys all soon.

Aug 17, 2015

Russell explains what and how the certification program is going to work this week.

In today’s episode Russell talks about the upcoming Certification Event. He quickly runs through the itinerary and highlights some of the coolest parts.

Here are some fun things to listen for in this episode:

  • What makes this certification different and better than other certifications out there.
  • What some of the coolest parts of the event are that attendees can look forward to.
  • And why having an actual workshop at the certification is so cool.

So listen below to hear about some of the fun and valuable stuff that will be happening at the Certification Event.


Hey everyone. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to a Saturday edition of Marketing in Your Car

Hey everyone. I’m messaging you today as I’m out running errands. So I won’t end at the office I’ll end somewhere else. Who knows where? It could be anywhere. But just had some cool ideas and thoughts and wanted to just hang out with you guys. I miss you!

So first off, I wanted to say that if you’re listening to this, it means the update worked which I think it worked anyway. We were able to move from the old RSS feed in iTunes to the new one and I just saw today that the new image was up so we have a new image which is pretty sweet.

I’m thinking about getting a new theme song too. My first theme song was written like in the 80’s. Those who listened to the first hundred episodes would know. The next one is like I just basically wanted a new one really quick, so I found a little jingle on Audio Jungle, hired a dude on some voiceover site and boom, we had the current intro which is good but it’s not amazing, right? So I’m thinking about getting an amazing one done since we’re still doing this like three or four years later. Might as well make an awesome intro. So that’s kind of my thought. So yeah, I think I’m going to do that. So I’m excited for that.

Okay, so what have I got for you guys today? What do I have for you today? That is the question. I’m actually excited. This is – it’s Saturday today and on Monday, we will have a little over a hundred people from around the world here in Boise, Idaho and we are doing the first ever ClickFunnels certification program and it’s something when we first put it together, I was excited for but I didn’t know what to do. OK. I will be honest. I was excited to sell it. That gets me excited. That’s what fires me up. I love figuring out the pitch and the hook and the angle on how to present it and all that kind of stuff.

Some of you guys were at the Funnel Hacking event so you saw me pitch it. I used the Perfect Webinar script to a T. I did not deviate from it. In fact, I had people afterwards who bought, who were just like, “I was watching it and I knew exactly it was going to happen every single slide and I still had to buy.”

So it works in case you’re wondering. If don’t have the Perfect Webinar yet, go to and go get the free script. It’s like $4.95, we ship you out the script and the DVD and then you get digital access as well. But yeah, so that’s that and we did it and we sold over a hundred people into it, anywhere from $3500 to $5000.

So it was awesome. So that’s exciting from the sales stance. Then we have like – how to make this so this is like an amazing experience for people. We don’t want to just be like this dumb thing. So we’re trying to figure out a way to make this just amazing. I think we did. It’s going to be fun to see but I will kind of walk you through this because for those who are coming, you have an idea what’s happening and for those who aren’t, you will see what’s going to happen next year. I think we will try this once a year.

So it will be incentive for you to come next year when we do it and then – or if you do it in your certification program, just kind of an idea. So the one thing that I didn’t want to do is I didn’t want to make this like all the other crappy certification programs that are out there on the market. Most of them, it’s like you log on, you watch like an hour-long video, you take a quiz and then you get certified. It’s just like embarrassing and not real and fake. We want to make a legitimate like cool certification program.

So this one is five days which I don’t know why I said five days but I thought it sounded cool in writing the pitch and then I was like, “Five days? What are we going to talk about for five days?” But actually it worked out good. We’re actually like really going to be close on time now. The way it’s going to work is they’re going to come in on Monday and from – we have a couple of different rooms. This one room, it looks like a college classroom or it’s like a whole bunch of like stadium seating type thing. So I get to come in and teach in there which would be awesome for like three hours.

I will be teaching the whole intro there and they go to lunch. They come back from lunch and then we got three breakout rooms that’ll hold about 40 people each. So everyone will go to the breakout rooms and then they’re going to be on their laptops and their computers actually doing what it is that we just taught them.

Then before they can leave that day, they’ve got to pass off to make sure that they have all the skill sets for that section of the certification program and so that would be day one. They did day two. I teach in the morning then we break out after lunch and maybe they will work on a thing. They create the thing and then they get to come through and get passed off.

We do the same thing with teaching – first off teaching how to use ClickFunnels, then teaching high ticket sales or teaching how to create videos, how to write copy, how to do the offer, how to do ascension, how to – different funnel psychology and strategy and actionetics, a whole bunch of just cool things all wrapped into one. It’s going to be awesome.

That’s what’s going to happen. Then on Thursday after lunch we’re bringing in – actually during lunch, we’re going to be working lunch, because – just to make enough time. I have three business owners coming in and they’re going to each of these groups of 40 and the business owners are going to say, “This is my business,” and they’re going to kind of walk them through it and they’re going to let – it would be kind of like the show The Apprentice when they start working with a business. The business owner comes in and they get to interview the business owner and ask him a bunch of questions and they got to go and do the task, right? It’s the same kind of thing. There will be multiple groups. There might be five groups in each of these rooms who would be doing it. They’re going to be competing.

So they’ll go - all of them will interview the business owners. “OK. What do you do?” I got three really cool business owners all in very unique different businesses coming in and they will go and they will interview him and then figure out what kind of funnel they’re going to build and then they go back and they’ve got from noon until 4:30. So they’ve got about almost five hours to go and record the person, video, edit the videos, create the funnel, create the sequence, integrate the autoresponder. Like the whole kit and caboodle has to be built out in four hours and then it’s basically those three business owners and there will be like five groups for each business owner.

So that business owner will get a pick from the five groups. Who did the best job? And then we will bring everyone together back in the main room and then we will have our own vote and then the winner will get a big prize and then what we’re going to do – because in my world, we don’t just work for a little while and then we go to bed. In my world, when you got something that needs to get done, you get it done. So that’s what we’re going to do.

So as soon as that part is over, then we’re going to go and we’re going to do an actual hackathon where it would be like 5 o’clock at night and we’re going to hand out a business to – we will break down into groups of threes. It would be smaller groups and basically we will hand out a business profile and then say you’ve got from now until 3 o’clock this morning to go and create this.

We’re going to give each a pack of Ignite which is our – one of our supplements. It keeps you awake and they get a go and pull an all-nighter to create this funnel for this fictitious business and the winner is going to win something amazing and it will be cool. They can pull an all-nighter. It’s going to be awesome. The next day, everyone has a chance to present theirs and the winner will get some awesome prize.

So that’s what’s happening. It’s going to be amazing. So it’s – yeah, it’s not a seminar. It’s an actual workshop which I’m so excited for them. It’s going to be fun to see how the whole thing goes and I think it’s going to be amazing and I’m really excited for everyone who’s coming to go through this experience and I think that what they’re going to leave with is going to be amazing. It will transform people’s lives on both sides. It could transform their own, cause I think that funnel consultants can and should be making six figures a year. I don’t think it’s – that’s a stretch by any – like at all – I think this should be pretty simple to do.

So that’s the one side and the second side is that when you create good funnels for people and they’re able to get more clients into their companies, it serves them, that business owner, plus it serves their end clients. So it’s kind of a three-pronged approach and I’m just grateful to be able to help facilitate it and be part of it. So I’m excited. It’s going to be fun. I’m at my destination now.

So I’m going to check off and I will probably message you guys throughout the certification this week. I got a long drive into downtown Boise every day. So I will share the cool stuffs happening, the insights, other cool stuff. Oh, and maybe I will tell you a little bit about Actionetics. I got to play with it all week last week and it is amazing!

You guys think ClickFunnels is a game changer. Just wait until you see Actionetics. Anyway, I’m out. Talk to you guys soon. Have an awesome day.

Aug 14, 2015

Are you not seeing new episodes? This is why…

On today’s episode Russell talks about what to do if you are no longer able to get new episodes of Marketing In Your Car. He also talks about about getting started with the blogging world.

Here are some fun things you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What happened to Marketing In Your Car and how you can continue to get new episodes.
  • Why Russell is getting started with blogging and what you can expect to see with it.
  • And find out why Russell would never sell Clickfunnels.

So listen below to find out how to continue to get the latest Marketing In Your Car episodes so you don’t have to miss a single minute of information.


What?! What happened to Marketing in Your Car? Alright I’ll tell you. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Car.

Hey, everyone! So, if you’re listening to this episode it means one of two things; one you like listening to Marketing in Your Car and number two, you’re wondering what happened to Marketing in Your Car? Did it end? Why are there no new updates on iTunes? Why am I not getting any more episodes, right? Well, I’ve got good news for you, and I’ve got great news for you. Good news for you is I am still doing Marketing in Your Car. It’s not gone anywhere, it’s not changed. The only thing that happened is we’re moving it from one blog RSS feed to a different one. And the last time we did that about 30% of our listeners no longer got updates on their phone or on their… however they get iTunes… or, however they get the podcast. And for 70%, it didn’t affect them, so for you, if you have an episode that’s after this one, you’re probably fine. But if you are looking and you keep seeing this episode and there’s no new episode beside this one you are all wondering, “Russell where in the world is Marketing in Your Car I want a new episode?” What you probably have to do is download or unsubscribe and then re-subscribe or something like that. I don’t know. That’s what people had to do last time and they were able to get it back. So, yeah, so that’s about it, so nothing to freak out about. Do not worry but if this is the only episode you’re seeing in your feed it means it might have been some weird thing that iTunes did and you guys have to like unsubscribe and re-subscribe or tinker around a little bit and then I will be back in your ear during my morning drive. So I just wanted to give you guys that.

And some of you guys maybe thinking, “Russell why in the world are you moving your RSS feed to your thingy and blah, blah, blah” and actually and “Why have you done this twice now Russell?” Well the real reason is… I keep trying to become a good content marketer and it’s kind of hard, like you got to be consistent. In fact, the one thing I have been consistent with ever in content marketing is this podcast which has been really fun. So initially I had on which eventually we wanted to turn into a Clickfunnels, like I wanted to build the whole thing in Clickfunnels, so I had to move the blog. So I moved the podcast over to and then started getting every single episode transcribed, which, a lot of you guys probably don’t even know about. The problem with that is it’s now only on and nobody’s ever actually been to that site I don’t think, maybe they have.

And so right now if you’ve listened to the past episodes recently we had hired Neil Patel for a day and he got me all pumped up again about blogging so we got a new blog setup that’s going up right now. It may or not be live when you see this but it’s at, and on there it will be a couple of things. First of Marketing in Your Car episodes and transcripts will all show up there. So all the goodness of me driving and hanging out with you guys will all be there which is kind of fun. Also,, for a little while I had that also as an iTunes thing but I think I’m just going to strip it out and just make it just a YouTube channel. I am getting too many publishing, too many ways and things which is just confusing to me and everybody so I am just going to simplify things. So, that’s going to become in just a pure YouTube channel and that also be pulled into And then, you guys will be amazed, you’ll be excited to hear but I’m going to start blogging. And I never wanted to do it for a long time because I was like, “I don’t like – like how do you blog? You know, like I know how to blog… but how do you make it interesting? How do you make it so you’re not just like every other person?

I’ve seen a lot of big brands and big people recently who blog and all their stuff just looks like everybody else’s, and I don’t want to do something if it’s going to be a “me too” which I’m sure you probably notice about me. I like figuring ways to innovate and making these better and cooler and all that kind of fun stuff, so finally it came to me, 12 years in this business and I finally figured out how to blog for me. And it’s all about finding my style and my tone, and my voice and those kinds of things. And so what am I going to do for blogging which I am really excited about is kind of similar to the DotComSecrets book which if you bought the book you’re awesome if not then why are you even listening to this? Seriously? Go to and get it for free.

But in the book, as you remember, there’s tons of like – every one of the core concepts that we do I kind of hand sketch them out because I am a very visual learner. If you came to my office and we had a conversation I’d be in front of a whiteboard the whole time, so I thought if I’m blogging that’s how I should blog. That’s my voice, that’s how I speak, that’s how I share. So what I am doing is my goal is three times a week to blog and every blog post will have a sketch out image like that talking about a concept along with the article and hopefully some cool case studies and images and its going to be really fun so that’s kind of what’s happening.

So soon this will be the home of all my content. It will be at So some of you may think, “Russell why in the world are you on the Clickfunnels blog? We noticed you also launched a blog at Clickfunnels. Yes, there’s But one big core thing with Clickfunnels that I wanted to do that it’s different than DotComSecrets. As you know DotComSecrets is my voice and me and my face all those kind of things which is fun because you get popular and you get easier to do deals and there’s a bunch of benefits that come from like a guru –based business but there’s a bunch of negatives too. You can’t sell a business like that very easily and a bunch of other things. And so what I wanted to do with Clickfunnels is we’re trying to build a company that is not based on me. And so if you look at how I try to have things structured, it’s not a 100% perfect but we’re trying to structure it where Russell Brunson of DotComSecrets is like an affiliate. A super affiliate, the biggest fan of Clickfunnels in the world because we are. But my voice and my everything will be heard there primarily whereas is a software company and I am sure I will guest blog on that blog but the core voicing for messaging can’t be me otherwise it’s not a sellable asset in the future. So if you look at right now, we got Steven, you guys heard from a couple of episodes back who is our head content developer. He’ll be doing a blog post a day and that’s kind of a full time job for him. And we’ll probably bring in other guest bloggers and things like that and I am sure that I will be a guest blogger in the future. But supporting that we have multiple voices not just mine because that’s how we’re trying to grow a business that will someday sell. Not that we want to sell it, in fact I don’t want to sell it. I had a lot of arguments about this with my partners.

We may someday when we’re bored but that’s like 50 years from now. So as of right now – in fact it’s funny at the Funnelhacking event someone asked that question they said you know, “Infusionsoft went public…” and this and that “Lead Pages is taking our money, what’s your guys’ plan?” And I was like – I told them I said, “For the last 12 years I have been working towards like my dream business and this is it.” And I was like “If we will sell the business and I woke up tomorrow I wouldn’t know what to do with my life. I wake up tomorrow I want to do Clickfunnels. So as far I’m concerned I am not selling now or ever.” And I got a standing ovation for that so, apparently that resonates with some of you all which is cool.

So anyway, that’s kind of where it’s at. So as far as some value for you guys think about some of the stuff I talked about, if you were building a guru brand find one central spot to communicate and try to make it more simple, that’s one big strategy I am focusing on right now. And if you are building a secondary company that is not guru-based you can still use your guru to be the fuel source for it initially like we’re doing with Clickfunnels but long-term there are big benefits of not branding yourself all over the place. Like my face is not all over – oh crap, actually the new version is. It’s out converting the other one, dang it. So my face is currently on the new Clickfunnels sales letter, but that’s just because it’s out converting it. But you know what I am saying, I’m not saying like, yeah anyway hope that helps.

All right cool. Well I appreciate you guys. Again if this is the last podcast in your feed just go refresh it or re-download it or re-subscribe to whatever it is to make sure you don’t miss on any future episodes because I have some crazy, cool, amazing fun, exciting awesome stuff for you guys coming up in the very, very, very near future. And that’s what I got. Thanks everybody and we’ll talk soon.

Aug 11, 2015

What REALLY happened during the 60 minutes we had with Tony…

On this episode Russell tells the story of his hour with Tony Robbins and all the juicy details leading up to it.

Here are some cool things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • Find out how Russell was able to get an hour with Tony Robbins.
  • Hear about all the tense moments Russell and his team experienced while waiting for Tony to arrive
  • And find out what Tony thinks about Clickfunnels

So listen below to hear all the amazing details behind the scenes of Russell’s hour with Tony Robbins.


Good morning everyone, and welcome to Marketing in Your Car.

All right, all right, so everyone keeps asking me. I've been getting hit up all over Facebook and Voxer and everything to hear the story what happened this weekend with Tony Robbins.

And so I thought instead of me telling the same story a million times, I'd just tell it once here. So that's the game plan. So you guys have a chance to hear what really happened.

If you haven't seen the pictures yet, this weekend we had a chance to go and film Tony Robbins, which was super cool. So kind of the backstory behind it. A little while ago, you may or may not remember, he launched his new book called: Money. I'm blanking on the subtitle of course, but it's basically a wealth investing book about how to invest your money to make a whole bunch of money.

And he went through and interviewed like 50 of the world's wealthiest self-made billionaires and found out how they did it and wrote a whole book on it.

When the book launched about 10 months ago, he sent me a preview copy and told me what was going to happen. I was like, "I'm really good at this whole book funnel thing. Let me help you with it." I showed him some cool tips and tricks and things we were doing.

He got all excited. He said, "Here's my team that's doing it. Can you get with them and help them do it?" So I called his team up and his team was not like an internal team. It was a team he had hired to do this who had never actually done an info product funnel in the past.

And was very threatened by the fact that I was willing to help him for free because they were getting paid a lot of money to do it. So they fought me tooth and nail on everything. We actually built the entire funnel in Click Funnels and it was a million times better than theirs and they still wouldn't use it, it was just nuts.

And Tony was like, "I'm so busy speaking everywhere. You've got to coordinate with these guys." And they shut me down. So eventually I just gave up and quit trying.

I was like, "I tried to help, but if I can't help, then I can't help." So fast forward to like six months later, Tony gets a hold of me and calls me on the phone.

I think I might have emailed him my book results and said, "Hey, here's what we do with our book. I thought that was pretty cool. If you ever want me to help you with it again, let me know." And like a month later he called me up so we had a call and I just walked him through the things I thought they did right and the things I thought they did wrong, and some simple tweaks and changes.

And it kind of ended there. I didn't hear back from him for a little while. And then like a month or two later I guess he let go of that old team and was going to bring it all in-house.

He said, "We're bringing it all in-house. We're going to redo this thing, do it the right way, kind of the way you mentioned. Do you want to coordinate with my team and work with them? That would be awesome."

So I get on a call with their team. And this is kind of a newer marketing team that has just been assembled and they're in charge of this whole thing and none of them had ever done it before.

And so they got on a call with me and I kind of consulted them through how to do it. And then you could tell by the sound of their voices they were like, "Well, okay, good luck. We have to go figure this out now."

At the very end I was like, "If you want, I'd be willing to do it for you guys. It would be really fun for us."

They were like, "How much are you going to charge?"

"I'll do it for free."

They're like, "What?"

"Yeah, pretty much my whole goal in life is to make Tony Robbins think I'm cool, so I'm going to do it for free to make him think I'm cool."

And they were really relieved on the other end. They were like, "Are you serious? That would be amazing." They got so excited.

I said, "The only thing is if we're going to do this, we're going to have to redo the videos, because the offering is wrong and the sequencing is wrong. Almost everything is wrong in this funnel. We've got to redo it all. So you've got to coordinate time for me to go film with Tony so we can re-film the whole thing."

They were like, "Okay, we'll take care of that."

So that was about a month ago. So for the last month we've been figuring out the right offer, the right sequencing, the right upsells, downsells, the order form bumps, all kinds of things with his team. And then we had to find time to film with Tony.

So we were hoping to go out and film at his house, and that almost happened. But then Tony was doing Business Mastery in Vegas this weekend and they were like, "How about instead of coming to his house you go and film him during Business Mastery."

I was like, "Oh, crap. All right, fine." Because that would have been really cool to go to his house. But this was almost as cool. So that was kind of the backstory leading up to this.

So then that was this weekend. So this weekend we were flying out. So we woke up Saturday night. So Saturday night, they told us what hotel he was in, which was not where the event was at, by the way. I found out later.

And it was in these towers. So they were like, "If you can get a room in the towers and film there, that would be really cool."

So we called and we ordered a suite at the towers suite. This is funny, the cheapest suites are $2,500 a night. I was like, "Oh, crap." So we got one suite for one night so we could do this whole thing.

So we booked a suite. So we get there. When we got to Vegas the suite wasn't ready yet so I texted Tony's people like, "Hey, our suite's not ready yet. We're set up. Can we come to the event and see what's happening?"

That's when they told us, "Sure, it's over at the Cosmo." So we jumped in a taxi, drove over to the Cosmo and got there at the event and they gave us little name badges that said we were staff so we could come in and do whatever we wanted, which was kind of cool.

So we came in, we sat in the back. And then I just watched Tony onstage for like two hours. Which if you've never seen Tony onstage, it's like amazing. I could sit there and watch that for days and not even get bored.

So I watched Tony onstage for two hours, which was really, really cool. Then we got a call from the place saying our suite was done. So we had to jump out and leave and go back and get the suite all ready.

So we went and got the suite all ready. When we first walked in, for $2,500 I thought we were going to have this amazing suite with this huge view and everything. We walk in and it's this really gold, busy, nasty, I don't know. It was a really ugly room to be honest.

And then our view overlooked the dead part of Vegas where there was nothing there. I was like, "Are you kidding me?" So we spent an hour getting lights set up and equipment and stuff. We couldn't find a view that looked good outside. All the views did not look good.

I was like, "Aw, dang it." So finally we found this one spot from one of the bedrooms that actually looked over this kind of cool area and it looked really cool. So we set up everything in this one bedroom.

So everything was kind of going good, putting things together. Then I get a text from his assistant that says, "Hey, do you mind lowering the room temperature in the rooms to at least 63 degrees?"

I'm like, "All right." So we go and crank all the air conditioners in all the rooms down to get it down to 63. So it's like blowing freezing cold air in there, we're all getting stuff set up and ready.

And then all the sudden there's a doorbell at the suite. Ding dong! And we go and answer it and it's the head of Tony's marketing team who's been helping us with this project. So he came in and was talking with us and we were talking for like an hour and he was the one communicating with the team.

Then he gets a text, "Okay, Tony is still onstage." I think he was supposed to be there at 5:00 in our room. So we get everything ready by 5:00. We were ready for it to happen.

And at 5:00 he gets a text like, "Tony's still onstage for 10 or 15 minutes." Which in Tony time probably means another hour or two hours. And so we started talking to him and waiting and every 20 or 30 minutes he gets a text like, "Tony's still onstage."

Okay. And so this whole time you can imagine our nerves are building up and I've got this lump in my stomach and I'm sweating cold sweat because it's freezing cold in the room and I'm nervous and I'm shaking and I can't stop shaking because it's so cold and I'm so nervous.

It's just crazy. So finally we're waiting, we're waiting. And finally the text that Tony has left the hotel and is coming towards us. We're all excited, going crazy. So we're getting ready. And 15-20 minutes later all of the sudden the doorbell rings at the door.

And of course in my mind I'm like, "Tony's here!" I'm going crazy. I had some people in there and I was like, "Record this with your iPhone. I want to capture every cool thing that happens."

So they got their iPhones out to record. I go to answer the door and it's a lady and she's like, "I'm here to drop off stuff for Tony." She had like a green drink and then some makeup, some powder for hair and makeup type things.

So she came and dropped it off in the room and she left. "Okay, that was not Tony. But calm back down, relax." We're trying to be all cool and not act like little groupies or whatever.

And then a few minutes later the doorbell rings again. So we run over to the door and this man comes in. He's got a headset thing on and he comes and shakes my hand really strong. This dude just let me know that if he wanted to crush my hand he could have.

He like shook my hand and I was like, "Wow." He whispers really quietly, talking to me.

He's like, "I'm security. I need to do a sweep of the hotel."

I'm like, "Sure, come on in."

So he came in and sweeps all the rooms, does an interior sweep or whatever. I don't know, to see if there's weapons or bombs or superfans. I don't know what he's doing. So he's coming in and we're like, "This is so legit."

He's got security guards sweeping the premise before he comes in. Then the guy says, "We're clear." So the guy leaves.

So we get a text from Tony's people again saying he's in the hotel. He's upstairs prepping with the scripts. I wrote the scripts for all of the upsells and stuff, so he's prepping on the scripts, trying to prepare himself for it.

So we're waiting, waiting and a few minutes later the doorbell rings. I'm like, "Oh no, it's Tony!" So we're getting all excited again. The cameras are out and it's the security guard.

He's like, "Tony will be down in 10 minutes."

I'm like, "Okay, you could have just told me that." Anyway, so we're waiting 10 more minutes. Then the doorbell rings again, everyone gets excited, we come out and it's not Tony.

It's the security guard again. He's like, "He's coming down the elevator."

I'm like, "Why do you have to tell me that? Why can't you just wait outside the door until he's here? You're freaking us out."

Then we close the door and we're waiting, like "He's in the elevator. He could be here any second now. We're just going crazy and all of the sudden we hear three, four, probably five people coming down the hall."

I'm like, "Oh man, here it is." I open the door and there's like Tony's whole entourage around him and then he comes in and he's just bigger than life as always.

He comes in and he's like, "Russell, so good to see you. Thanks for taking on this project." He gives me a hug, which we got the whole thing on tape, which was kind of cool on one of the iPhones.

He gives me a hug and then says, "What's the plan? What are we doing?"

I'm like, "We're filming back over here." And we were like over an hour past when we were supposed to start, and he had a hard deadline of an hour. So we had like exactly an hour block now.

First we had two but then we cut it down to an hour. So we're like, "Okay, we got to move fast."

So we move him back over to the room, get him all set up, microphones set up, do sound test. And he's sitting there in his head rehearsing the scripts and stuff. And I'm like awkwardly sitting there like, "Do I say anything? Do I not? This is Tony Robbins. I don't want to mess with his flow."

And finally he broke out of state and came to me and started asking me questions about my wife, my kids and my family and business and it was really cool. We kind of had a moment there just to reconnect, which was fun.

Then he said, "Okay, let's get started." So I kind of prepped him on script number one. He had three or four of his content team, who are these girls and they come and like do all the content stuff and they prep things for him. So he was asking questions and they were looking up all the answers for different things he was going to be talking about in the scripts to get exact numbers and stats and details and stuff.

So they were looking things up and feeding him lines and everything. Then boom, we start recording. We got the first video done. Then we did the upsell video, then the second upsell video. And then we did a video for the coaching application for his high-ticket sales process.

And then we were kind of done and we wrapped up. And so he's pulling the mic off and I'm like, "Do you mind if I show you something really quick?"

He's like, "Sure."

So we had in the other room our laptops setup because we were building his funnel out in Click Funnels. He had heard about Click Funnels but I wanted to show it to him. I knew he hadn't actually seen it. I was like, "Hey, check this out."

So I showed him Click Funnels and he was like, "Wow, this software looks amazing." Which we were just like, me and Dylan Jones, one of my Click Funnels partners, we were going nuts jumping around like, "He thinks it's amazing."

And then I showed him my book funnel. I was like, "This is how it works. You see page-by-page how the stats are. You see the numbers and you see everything."

He was like, "This is amazing. This is more visibility than I had in my book launch."

I was like, "Yeah, that's why we use Click Funnels. It's amazing."

And then he saw one of our stats, which was how many people filled out step one of the order form, but not step two. We had like 90,000 leads and then from that we had like 26,000 sold.

He's like, "Why is that number there?"

I'm like, "Well a lot of people fill in step one but they never fill in step two."

He's like, "We need to make a video to talk to those people."

I'm like, "All right." So we ran back in the room, re-miked up, got everything ready. And then clicked record, and recorded him saying, "Hey, I saw you filled out step one but not step two. What's the matter? You need to go get your credit card."

It was really fun. We made a fun video there. We did that and then came back out and we showed him Click Funnels again, showed him the rest of the pages, showed him the pages we had started building for him.

And he was really excited and then he said he had to go obviously. He gave me a hug and just basically thanked us for working on this project and said if I ever need anything that he's here for me, which was cool.

He said that I'm one of the few internet marketers he trusts, which was cool. And then walked out the door and he was gone. It was 7:11 when he left, so he was there for almost exactly an hour.

And when he left, we all were like, "Ah…"

We were stressing out so bad from everything. The room was freezing cold so we cranked the heat back up and we just sat there for like 10 minutes talking about how cool that was.

And then we were like, "We haven't eaten all day. We are starving." So we went down and ate and just talked for the rest of the day about how cool everything was. So that was the experience. It was amazing.

We're just honored to be a part of it and to have a chance to help Tony and help him get his message and everything he's doing out to the world. We're just so grateful for him for allowing us to have that experience.

Because it was so awesome for everyone who was involved and it was so exciting. So that is what happened. Now you guys know. And now hopefully our goal is to have this new funnel up and live by the end of the month.

You guys have a chance to see it. So you should go buy the book and support him and support what he is doing, because it is amazing. All right, guys, that's all I got.

I'm at the office, time to go work. Have some more fun and we'll talk to you guys soon!

Aug 7, 2015

Get secret access to, what Russell considers, the #1 supplement for entrepreneurs.

On this episode Russell talks about a tool he’s used the last few months to help his performance. He talks about all the benefits he has gotten from it.

  • Find out how many supplements Russell takes everyday and why that makes him a supplement expert.
  • Hear what went wrong with the Bulletproof Coffee diet and why Russell needed something else.
  • And find out what new supplement helped Russell drop 26 pounds in a short period of time while keeping his energy up and his hunger down.

So listen below to find out what awesome supplement is Russell’s new favorite.


Hey, everybody. This is Russell and I want to welcome you to Marketing in Your Car.

All right, everyone. So this is a special episode. I think this is the first episode that I'm going to tell you, you need to buy something. Usually I us this just as an outlet for me to talk about cool stuff and share stories and whatever.

But I've never sold you guys anything, and I don't really want to sell this to you either. This will make more sense in a minute, but this is a tool that I've been using for the last two or three months that has given me a crazy performance increase and it's something that's not even live yet.

You'll probably hear about it in like six months or so, but there's a little gap in the window right now that I can let you guys in. I think there's enough value that I'm sharing with you guys who are my faithful Marketing in Your Car listeners. It's not even something that I'm sharing with my list right now and probably never will.

Maybe I will, but I'm not for sure because there's a reason. Okay, let me step back. This is the reason: it's a network marketing program. I had sworn of network marketing programs forever. I'm never going to do one again for a lot of reasons.

But these guys sent me this product. I took it and the results that have come from it have been nothing short of amazing. And so because of that, I want you guys on it, not because I want you in MLM, because I don't care. Not because I want you to build a team, because I'm not building a team. None of that crap.

Just because you need it. And so for some of you guys that's going to be enough I know because you'll take my word for it. Some of you guys might need a little more story, so I will give you a little more backstory.

A lot of you guys know that I take on average anywhere from 40-60 different supplements every morning, mostly because I really enjoy taking supplements and the different effects that different ones give me. Some give me more energy, some give me more focus, some give me more different things.

I'm very particular about what I put in my body. I test everything, I see what works and then things I like I stick with. So I'm also very much someone who is not big with synthetic things. I like clean, natural stuff like that.

That's some of the premise. With that I always have friends who are like, "Of all the 60 things you can take, what would be the best one?" And it's hard because it depends on you. There's so many different variables and aspects.

What are you looking for? Are you looking for more energy? More focus? More clarity? More endurance? More creativity? There are so many different things, so it's hard for me to just say, "Take this one or this one."

That is until now. There's one thing I've been taking that I would say if I was to get rid of everything and just take one thing each day, it would be this. In fact, over the last week or so it's all I have been taking. I've cut back most of my stuff.

Because I want to feel the benefits of it isolated from everything else. So there's the nerdy chemical Russell talking. So there's the first part of the story.

Second part of the story, some of you guys may have been following or have watched some of the bulletproof movement. Dave Asprey has become a friend and someone who is a hyper Click Funnels user. In fact, all of their pages outside the Wordpress blog now are built inside of Click Funnels, which is exciting.

He introduced the whole concept of bulletproof coffee. It blew up. It went huge. It's been all over the news. It's been everywhere. He wrote a really good book called: The Bulletproof Diet.

And I've got one problem with it though: I'm a Mormon. I don't drink coffee. So I could never use it. But I kept seeing all my friends having these dramatic, amazing experiences with bulletproof coffee.

And so eventually I went and studied it to see how it works, and then I made a Mormon version of bulletproof coffee, which is kind of closer to bulletproof hot chocolate. Only it didn't taste very good.

Anyway, I went back and forth and eventually over a four- or five-month period of time I figured out a way to make it amazing and I loved it. I loved all the effects the came from it. I love the clarity and mental focus and all these things. There's a whole study and a whole bunch of stuff behind high fat diets.

In fact if you've listened to my podcast for the last couple years, you've probably heard me talk a little bit about some of those things. But from a “mental ability to dominate my competitors” standpoint, I say it with a laugh.

But really, for me to be able to wake up and go to work and have mental clarity for an eight-hour day, the bulletproof Mormon version, the bulletproof hot chocolate, whatever you want to call it, it helped me more than anything, any of the supplements or the things that I take.

The one problem is that unlike a lot of people, I never lost weight on it. In fact, the opposite came true. Earlier this year in January I was actually 222 pounds, the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I got my bodyfat measured and I was 25.9 percent which is also the highest it had ever been. I was depressed.

Because I'm loving this bulletproof coffee concept. Everyone I know is losing weight on it except for me. I'm blowing up and getting fatter and fatter and fatter, even though I love all the external benefits that came from it.

So I ended up stopping it because no matter how good it made me feel I couldn’t keep gaining weight for all the obvious reasons. So I went back to more of a traditional bodybuilding diet, started losing some weight slowly and that's kind of where I was at.

And then one day my friend sent me this thing in the mail. He said, "Hey, I know you're doing the whole bulletproof thing."

I said, "No, I'm not doing it anymore because I'm getting fat."

He's like, "Well try this, man." He sent me like a week's worth of these sample packs and said, "Try this out for a week. Go back on a high-fat diet, do everything you did before and just see what happens."

And so I'm like, "All right." I went back for a week, started taking these things. And two things happened. First off, this stuff tastes like candy. Not kidding. It tastes like somebody put a popsicle in a cup, melted it and you get to drink it. So that was awesome first off.

The first time I took it was a Sunday. I was about to head out to church and hadn't eaten breakfast yet, so I downed the stuff really quickly because he had sent it to me. Then I had a busy day at church. I didn't get home until like 4:00 in the afternoon.

I hadn’t eaten anything all day. When I got home my wife is making dinner and she's like, "You hungry?"

I was like, "I'm not. How am I not hungry? I should be starving right now. I'm not even tired." Usually if I don't eat during the day I'm tired.

I was just like, "I feel amazing. I've got energy. I feel full. I don't know what's happening. Oh wait, I took that thing this morning."

Literally, one sample and I was sold. I called the guy up and I was like, "Ship me as much as you can."

He said, "I can't. We're sold out."

I'm like, "What do you mean you're sold out?"

He said, "We're pre-launching right now. We only have X amount and it's gone."

I was like, "Dude, I need some." It took him about a month for him to ship me out a month's worth. So I had four or five weeks where I remembered what it was like but I couldn't get it.

So I finally get the stuff. I start taking it again and it's amazing. I feel the same stuff but even more so than when I was doing bulletproof stuff. It's amazing. There's no fat in this stuff, so you get all the benefits and the clarity and the focus and all those things without the fats.

You can do the high fat diet if you want. You don’t have to. I was doing it. What was awesome is I got the benefits from it, but then what was cool for me is I started losing weight. And I found out later it's because this stuff lowers your blood sugar levels and gets of all your cravings.

A whole bunch of really good things. I looked at my weight. I went from the end of January at 222 pounds to now, just by using this magic stuff, I am right now 196. So I am down a lot of pounds. 26, 28 pounds, something like that.

And my bodyfat percentage is well below 20 percent now and it's plummeting. And I’m not really doing much different. I was working out consistently before and working out consistently now. All I did was I just added this stuff and I'm able to get more done. More focus, more energy and I'm losing weight.

So I am a big fan of it. I'm not trying to sell you on MLM. I just think you need it. You're an entrepreneur. You're trying to make money, you're trying to be successful. This is a tool you need.

I gave it to my dad. He's addicted to it now. Half of the Click Funnels team is on it. The other half, I don't know if they're waiting for it, but eventually they will.

So I just wanted to let you guys know about it. Right now it is sold out again. It's so funny. You can only buy it behind the scenes. It's really hard to get right now. Even with that, they're averaging $35,000 in sales a day.

It's nuts. And so I ordered six boxes a month ago and so far one of those six boxes have come. The other ones are still on backorder. So to get it is hard, but it's going to get harder. I want you guys getting this ASAP.

It's probably going to go live in two or three months to the public. That point is just two or three months away. If I was you, I wouldn't want to wait. I went nuts waiting six weeks. In fact, I'm nuts right now.

I've got my kids on it right now. There's a version that has a little bit of caffeine and a version that's caffeine free. All my kids are on it, my wife is on it. And my kids are downing it so fast I'm almost out of it again.

So anyway, I just wanted to let you guys in because this is a tool you guys need. If you're entrepreneurs, if you're high-performance, if you want to be more successful, you need this.

So if you're interested, this is what you've got to do. Again, I feel stupid because this is not an MLM pitch. It's going to cost you $350 for month one. That will give you all the MLM crap, the info kit and all those kind of things that I don't really care about.

But the cool this is you get basically two months' worth of product that first month. And after that I think it's $100 or $150 a month to keep getting it, which is totally worth it, which is kind of cool.

So what I recommend doing is spend $350. You get the stuff that will give you enough for two months' worth. Just try it out and just see what happens. I promise you guys you're going to lose weight, you're going to feel better, you're going to be amazing. I can't even explain it.

So if you have questions and you want me to answer a bunch of questions about it, sorry I'm not the kind of person that's going to do that because I'm not building MLM. I’m not into that kind of stuff. I'm not recruiting you. I'm not doing anything.

I'm saying if you trust my opinion on supplements as someone who takes 50-60 supplements a day, if you trust my opinion on it and you want to achieve more in a shorter period of time and you're in, you say, "I trust Russell, I'm in." Then I've got a secret thing planned out for you guys.

It is for Marketing in Your Car people. I haven't set up the page yet but I'll set it up tonight. If you got to what should we call it? We'll call it insider.

So Go there and I'll have a little form. All you have to do on that form is put your name and your email address and say, "I'm in."

When you fill that out it's going to send me an email. I'm going to manually go into my back office and I'm going to type in your email address. It's going to send you an invite and then you have 24 hours to go and spend $350 for the first kit.

That's it. You'll get the stuff. And if you don't think it's freaking amazing, then you're crazy. If you do think it's amazing, then I get it. The other thing I'm going to put on that page is I was so inspired and loved the product so much that one night after I took it I sat down and I wrote an explainer video script for these guys.

And it's not done being animated yet, but the script and the sketch is there so I'll put it on the page. It will help you understand why the product works. So if nothing else, just go read that script. You'll be like, "That's pretty cool," and you'll see that video when it comes out in a couple months.

That way you'll get kind of the gist of what it is. If you're in, just name, email and you're in. I expect if you fill that form out, you need to sign up in 24 hours because your invitation will expire and that's going to be your one shot.

I'm not selling you anything. I’m not looking for fence sitters. If you're interested in testing it out, test it out. I promise you guys will love it. So that's the game plan.

Again, what did I say? and I'll have a form there tonight. My brother should post the podcast tomorrow so we'll see these coming in.

This is a very limited thing. When the site goes live, it will pull away. One of the things I'll give you as a bonus, for anyone who signs up, what's today's date? I'm looking at my phone right now. Today's date is the 6th of August.

How about this, my anniversary is August 10th. So if you have ordered by August 10th through that link that I send you guys, I should get your address. If not, I'll ask for it. I will ship you out a box of our Ignite supplement.

It's a pre-workout drink that tastes amazing. It gives you tons of energy and it's something we use when we're doing our hackathons. Don’t take it every day, but take it whenever you need extra energy to make it through a long all-nighter trying to get some stuff done.

I'll send you guys a free box of that. That expires August 10th, so if you guys are listening to the podcast on August 12th or any time in the future, you can't get that bonus. But that one is good till the 10th. I'll just get your address and I'll ship you out a box of that for free as a gift for trusting me.

And I promise you guys will love it. So that's the game plan. That's all I've got. So I apologize for pitching you guys. I don’t normally do this. It's been 150 episodes and I've never done that. But it's something that you guys want and you need. I will make money if you sign up, but that's not why I'm doing this.

I'm doing this because of how much more money you guys will make when you have more focus, mental clarity and the weight loss that you guys want. So that's the game plan. I appreciate you guys. Have an awesome day. You can go to and let me know if you're in. All right, thanks guys.

Aug 3, 2015

The answer may shock you…

On this episode Russell talks about how he is able to take breaks and spend enough time with his wife and kids and yet still meet deadlines.

Here are some cool things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • Hear how Russell was able to pass his classes and get on the honor roll at BYU after barely graduating from high school.
  • Find out how he was able to take what he learned on how to pass classes in college and apply it to his business.
  • And hear how he is able to meet deadlines and still spend a ton of quality time with his family.

So listen below to find out how Russell is able to have a successful business life without sacrificing his family life.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Car.

Hi everybody, welcome to today. I hope it’s been amazing for you. I’ve been having an awesome morning routine. I’m working on trying to perfect my morning routine, making it a consistent part of my day and trying to figure out what things I like and things I don’t like, and a whole bunch of really fun stuff like that.

I had a good one today. I had a really fun, woke up early in the morning with Nora about 6:30 and then played with her while I was getting my supplements ready, and she fell asleep and went out to the new wrestling room and worked out, and then I got back from there, went and woke up all my kids and jumped in the pool and swam.

Anyway, it was amazing. I’m really liking the new morning routine and trying to get it perfected because I might - I may have just bought I may be making a video here in the near future showing it. I’m trying to perfect it right now because what I have found is that what you do in the morning is kind of what the rest of your day is going to be like.

How do we perfect that? I’m excited. Anyway I had a really cool question this weekend from a friend and a listener. I thought it was something that’s probably good to touch upon. His question was, “Russell, do you ever take a break or are you always working? Are you home for a little bit and then try to sneak back out to go back to the office and things like that?”

I thought that was a good question that I wanted to address for a couple of reasons. First off, I don’t want you guys thinking that all I do is work even though I do a lot of work. Second off, I want to kind of just address what the purpose of our whole reason why we got in this business is for.

That’s my game plan for today’s message. The question is, “Do I ever take a break?” The answer is yes. In fact, I try to take more breaks than I do all-nighters -- a lot more of them. You know, I’m a big believer - in fact, I spoke this weekend at one of my friend’s events.

One of the people asked me a question like, “Russell, how do you get so much stuff done?” and I kind of told him, “You know, the way I get lots of stuff done is probably kind of messed up compared to how the rest of the world gets things done.”

I talked about when I was in college, you guys know I really struggled in college but I remember I had this I think engineering or some kind of class. I remember in that class they talked about a concept called JIT production -- just in time production -- where you get everything done just in time for things to be done.

I remember when we talked about that, it made sense to me. I remember thinking about as a student, I always struggled with, “Hey, you’re going to have finals at the end of the semester.” A lot of my friends who were really good students would be good at every night, they would study for 20 or 30 minutes.

By the time the final came, they knew the information and they would pass the test. I could never do that. I tried. In fact, I guess that’s why I think I hated high school was I was always trying to study. “Just study so you know all this stuff better,” but it seems so pointless. Why am I - anyway, it just drove me crazy.

I remember my first year in college, I went to BYU. I shouldn’t have been at BYU for a lot of reasons but the main one was I wasn’t an academic smart kid. In fact, I applied for BYU and I got a letter back saying, “Sorry Russell, you’re not smart enough to attend our university.”

I was like, “Oh, that sucks,” and then two weeks later, I was at the high school national tournament. I ended up taking second in the country, came in All American, and when I was there, all these coaches started, “Hey, we want you to come to ASU, we want you to come here,” all these places.

Then I remember that day I saw the BYU coach. He said, “Hey, we want you to come to BYU.” I said, “I can’t. I applied and failed.” He laughed and said, “Don’t worry, we take care of our athletes.” The next week, I got a letter from BYU saying, “Congratulations, we reevaluated your application and you’re in!”

I ended up going to BYU. I was there and school was not a little bit harder, it was a lot harder, way over my head. I had to really work hard and focus to be able to just pass whereas high school I could just do what I needed to do, and I would pass. This is like just to get a passing grade, I had to work really hard.

BYU, they have a testing center. What happens is final weeks, everything shuts down and you can pick whenever you want to take your finals. I’m taking my math final Monday, my science final Tuesday, and whatever that is.

What I would do is I would schedule my test so Monday night at 8 PM, I’m taking the math test. I wake up super early Monday morning, and I lock myself in the basement. I would read the entire math book in a day so everything is in my head.

Then I would go take the test, and pass it. Then the next day, “Okay, today is science,” and I would wake up super early, study for 18 hours, learn everything, read the entire manual again and jump in and take the science test and pass. I would do that through all my tests.

It gave me the ability to compress what most people were doing over six, eight, ten weeks, whatever and get it done in a day and still be able to pass. I actually got really good grades at BYU. I actually even made -- you guys will be proud of me -- the honors list.

I was on the athletic honors board which was pretty cool since I never got over a 3.0 in high school, and got a 3.4 at BYU and I was on the board of the smart athletes, smart student athletes which is still funny to me.

Anyway, I was looking at my business and it’s very similar. I don’t plan things well. We have our certification program coming up in two weeks. Everyone is like, “Hey, what’s the plan? What’s happening? We need a schedule. We need dates and times, all this stuff.”

I’m like, “Do you guys honestly think I’ve started preparing it yet? That would be foolish of me.” If I started preparing now, a couple things would happen. First off, I’d get scope creep. It would getting bigger and bigger, and I would somehow magically fill all of the time it would take for the next two weeks.

Nothing else would get done. That by the way is why most entrepreneurs are failing in life because you try to plan things out six weeks, eight weeks, ten weeks in advance. Because of that, you spend so much time doing all the stupid stuff that doesn’t matter, you never have success.

Whereas for me I say, “Okay, the certification program is this date.” I back up to how long I think it’s going to get that done. For me, it’s about two days of planning and preparation. I know the two days prior to the certification program starting, I’m going to start working on it.

During that two days, I’m going to call my wife and she will know ahead of time -- plenty of time, two weeks in advance -- that I will not be home these two nights. I’m going to be pulling all-nighters, whatever it takes to get this stuff done, and she’ll be okay with that. Now this is a lesson for the men.

If you call your wife at six PM the night of and say, “Hey hun, I got to pull an all-nighter tonight,” she will resent you and be upset and angry. You tell her two weeks in advance, she’s cool with it, not a big deal.

That’s what I do. I tell her two weeks in advance what’s going to happen. Then I get in there and lock myself down. I don’t leave until it’s finished. Now most of the time you guys hear from me are during times like that when I’m in crunch time and I’m pulling all-nighters because that’s when it’s really fun to talk to you and share stories.

That’s what’s happening but that is not an all the time type thing. They’re very finite periods of planned crunch time. It’s just like me going to college. I’m locking myself in the room and reading the entire exam book so that when I take the exam, I’m prepared.

That’s how I work on my life. In between those times, I have a lot of things that are happening but I’m very big on deadlines. I know that this is due on this date, and then I backdate what I need to get done, and then if it’s going to be one of those things where I know it’s going to be a lot of extra time, then I know it’s going to be an all-nighter or whatever, I just plan that ahead of time.

But most of the time I don’t. Most of the time, my goal -- and I’m not perfect at this but I’m trying to. I’m getting better at it is that I try really big to be present wherever I’m at. For example, this week my goal is I’m working -- it’s 10:30 right now. I woke up this morning and did my morning routine, hung out with my kids, had some fun, hitting the office now, 10:30.

I will be leaving the office at five o’clock today. On my drive home, I’ll talk to some of my coaching clients to get that done. When I get to my house, I will turn my phones off. I will leave them in the car, and I will be present for my wife and my kids.

That will be my break. That night, I will come home, we’re going to goof off and have some fun, jump on the trampoline with them, have dinner. We might go on a walk, put the kids to bed. I’ll hang out with my wife. We may watch TV, whatever it’s going to be but I’m present and there with them in that time.

That’s my break. The reason why my wife is okay with me saying, “Hey, these two days, I’m not coming home because I need to get stuff done,” because the other days, she knows that I’m there and I’m present and I’m hanging out with them.

I’m trying to make those times as amazing as possible. That’s kind of how I do it. Yes, I do take brakes as often as possible. In fact, everyday I’m trying to take a break from five or six o’clock at night until midnight.

Some of my friends always tease me, “Russell, how in the world do you do all this stuff plus have time to watch all these shows and all this other stuff?” That’s why because I know that when it’s time to get crap done, I get crap done and when it’s time to have fun and just be present, I make that time and I try to protect it and guard it as much as I can.

Again, I’m not perfect. If you ask my wife, she’ll say, “I know Russell sneaks out. He checks his phone sometimes,” and I’m not perfect by any stretch but I’m trying to be and I’m getting better at it. While you guys hear a lot of the crazy all-nighters and those kind of things, that’s not the majority of my time.

If it was, I would burn out and crash, and be really tired, and I wouldn’t be able to have a functioning life and family, and kids, and everything else that’s really the reason why we got in this business. I tell entrepreneurs all the time that one of the biggest challenges they’re going to have is not becoming success.

It’s going to be when you become successful, you’ll become so addicted to the process that a lot of times, you will give up the main reason why you got into this. You know, people get in because they want time freedom, more time with their wife or kids, or their family, whatever it is.

They become so addicted with it that they give up their wife and kids and their family, and they keep doing it. I’ve been in that spot in my life before and in my business before. I’m trying to make up for those things now and make changes, and try not to have that.

I just want to stress for you guys that this whole business, this game is fun. It’s too much fun sometimes but it’s not the point. I think that sometimes we think it’s the point. I had a friend recently who was having some marital issues and was struggling.

It was an issue between the business and their spouse. I just said, “Look, this business is a game. It’s stupid. It has no real purpose whatsoever outside of something to entertain us. Your family is the only thing that really matters.”

There’s a famous prophet in our church and he said, “No success can compensate for failure in the homes,” David O. McKay. I’m a big believer in that. In fact, one of my close friends and mentors, David Fry, every time he speaks on stage, he says that.

He says, “Before I get started ,I want to talk about something important.” He says, “No success can compensate for failure in the home.” It’s true. Business success, this stuff is all stupid. It’s a game. It doesn’t matter.

When we die, it’s gone. The only thing that really matters is our relationships, our family, what we do with our spouses, how we treat our kids, and who we help them to become. Don’t forget that part. Don’t get so obsessed with the journey and the money, and the joy outside that we forget about the reason why we actually got in this business, the reason why we actually do what we’re doing.

Hope that helps you guys a little bit. If you haven’t take a vacation for awhile, schedule one in. Block out the time. I was listening to Garrett J White, the master coach and mentor, friend, and a really cool guy. The message he keeps sharing over and over again is talking about if you want to have it all, you got to schedule things.

You got to schedule time for your wife and for your kids. You need to have date night once a week and all these kinds of things. It was just really kind of refreshing, the message for me this morning as I was thinking, “Yes, I’m moving towards that direction of having more fun.”

In fact, my wife and I had an amazing date last week. You know, normally when we’d have a date, we’d wait two or three weeks before our next date. This morning, after I listened to Garrett, I walked into the house.

This is after I got out of the pool with the kids. I said, “Collette, we got a date tomorrow.” She said, “What is it?” I said, “I’m not going to tell you. Just bring your swimming suit. It’s going to be amazing.” That’s the game plan.

Once a week, a bunch of other cool stuff; anyway, appreciate you guys. I’m at the office, going to put in a full day and then go home and take a break and be with the kids, be with my wife because that is why we do what we do.

I hope you guys have a great day today and we’ll talk soon.