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Welcome To Russell Brunson’s Marketing Secrets Podcast. So, the big question is this, “How are entrepreneurs like us, who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital, who are spending money from our own wallets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and services and things that we believe in out to the world… and yet still remain profitable?” That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Russell Brunson, and welcome to
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Jun 29, 2015

What I learned this weekend from hustlers on Craigslist.

On today’s episode Russell talks about the difference between entrepreneurs and employees.He tells of some recent experiences where he realized that he no longer wanted to work with employees and only wanted to work with entrepreneurs.

Here are some interesting things to listen for in this episode:

  • What made it obvious that a dude at Tate’s Rental was an employee and not an entrepreneur.
  • What Russell had to do to get a pool guy out to his house to fix his pool by the 4th of July.
  • And how you can go from being an employee to entrepreneur or even an intrepreneur.

So listen below to find out how you can be more than just an employee.


Hey, everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to Marketing in Your Car.

All right, so I want to make that welcome a little more dramatic than normal. I hope that was all right and sounded cool. I'll keep testing out different tonality on our intro.

Anyway, hope you guys are doing awesome today. So I have something to discuss with you that's important, very important, for you who are business owners and for you who may be employees.

So my question for you is, how can you tell the difference between an entrepreneur and an employee?

Now by looking at them you might say, "I can't tell by looking at someone if they're an entrepreneur or an employee." But it does not take much to figure out who they are.

Let me give you some examples of what happened to me over the last week. I'll show you how simple this is to figure out. Who's the entrepreneur and who's the employee?

For example, last week I had Rob come out and he's painting. We have a detached garage and he's painting this huge wrestling mural inside of it. It turned out amazing.

But there's part of it, because it's a really tall garage, where we had to get one of these scissor lifts, that's what they call them, so he could get up to the top and paint the top.

So we went to a place called Tate's Rents, and they rent all sorts of stuff. So we're at Tate's and we walk in and we're like, "Oh, there it is, that thing right there." That's what he needed.

So we pull in, we go talk to the guy at the desk. And we're like, "Hey, we're here to rent one of those lifts that go up really big."

He's like, "I don't have anything like that."

We're like, "Are you sure? Because I'm pretty sure we saw one right out there?"

He's like, "What, the scissor lift?"

We're like, "Yeah, the scissor lift. That's what we need."

He's like, "Yeah, we've got one of those."

I'm like, "Cool. I want to rent that."

He's like, "Well, we don't really have the trailer for that scissor lift, so sorry I can't rent it to you. I don't have a trailer."

I'm like, "Really?" I look out the window and there's like 18 trailers. I'm like, "Can we put it on one of those trailers out there?"

He looks at me kind of annoyed like, "Yeah, I guess we could." He pushes a button and we go talk to the guys outside. "Hey, guys, get the scissor lift and put it on the trailer."

He's like angry at me that I wanted to rent something. He was trying so hard to not allow them to give me money because he didn't want to annoy himself. Which all he had to do was click a little button and say, "Pick this up," and somebody else had to go out and grab it.

All he had to do was push a button and tell people what to get. But he did not want me to do it because it was going to take time and effort or brain power or something to do it.

So my question to you: is that man an entrepreneur or an employee? Okay, obviously you can tell he is a hardcore employee.

Had that been an entrepreneur, and even if the scissor lift had not been there, he would have said, "You know what? That's a good question. We don't have a scissor lift here, but hold on. Let me find one somewhere in Boise." And he would start calling every single place because he wants to make money.

That's what entrepreneurs do: we figure out a way to make crap happened. That's what would have happened if that guy had been an entrepreneur, right?

Another example, so our pool has nine issues we need to fix. I counted them. So I call pool company A and I'm like, "Hey, we got this pool. My goal is I'm probably going to be spending $20,000-30,000 over the next seven days to get this pool fixed up. I would love to get you guys out here to fix it."

The person on the line is like, "Our guys are all busy, so no one can come out this week or next week. But in three weeks we can come out and have someone look at it and give you a quote."

Three weeks. I was like, "Nope."

So I hang up the phone. I was talking to an employee. I didn't want to deal with him. So I called the next place. This place is like a high-end pool place here in Boise.

So I called them up and I'm like, "Hey, in the next seven days I'm going to be dropping $20,000-30,000 on my pool. I need some help. Can you send someone out here today to give me a quote?"

"Oh, well we're about two and a half, three weeks out before we can send someone out to give you a quote."

At that point it was going to be another three or four weeks for them to fix it. I was like, "Are you kidding me? I want the pool fixed today."

The lady is like, "We can't. The first opening for the guy to give you a quote is three weeks away."

So this time I'm like, "Maybe everyone is going to be busy. Maybe I should just book it and I'll cancel it if I need to."

So I book it and I call around again. Same thing. This guy's like, "I can be out there in two weeks," so I got all excited. Two weeks later he didn't show up, so I got really mad.

The earlier guy was supposed to show up. He had texted me. So I called him twice, texted him three times trying to ask him some questions. He didn't respond back to any of them.

Finally the day of his appointment he texts me, "Okay, I'm coming out to see your stuff."

I'm like, "No, dude. I texted you and I emailed you and you never responded back. So you are officially fired. I'm not working with you. I won't work with people who won't respond to me. It's ridiculous."

So then the third guy comes out. I give him a list of nine things to fix. He shows up at our house, doesn't knock on the door or anything. He goes in the backyard, fixes one of the nine things and then goes home. Never communicated, never talked to us, never told us, never anything. Just fixed one of nine things and left.

So at this point I am infuriated, as you can probably tell. I have been trying to get crap done. I was like, "You know what? I've got to quit dealing with employees. I've got to find someone who's hustling, someone who is an entrepreneur who wants to make money."

So I post on Craigslist this ad that says, "$1,000 cash bonus for the first person who responds and can help me fix my pool before the fourth of July."

And then the ad goes on to say, "The fourth of July I am trying to have a pool party. There are nine things broken on my pool. I have tried the three biggest pool companies in Boise to come out and nobody can make time for me."

I said, "I'm trying to drop $20,000-30,000 in the next seven days to fix this pool. And for whoever will help me spend this money I will give you, on top of whatever you charge me hourly, you can charge me whatever you want, I don't even care, I will pay you an extra $1,000 just to show up here and get the crap done because I am so sick of waiting on regular pool people."

So I post that out there. This was like 11:00 at night. 3:00 in the morning the first entrepreneur responds saying, "I can do it. I will be there."

Two hours later, the next entrepreneur responds. All through the night. From like 3:00 in the morning to like 7:00 AM, all the entrepreneurs who are hungry, who are up working their butts off, are responding to my ad, telling me why they're the best person, selling me on why I should pick them over everybody else.

And then all day long for the next two days I'm getting messages from entrepreneur after entrepreneur after entrepreneur. "I can do it. I'll drop everything."

"For $1,000 I will call in sick to my day job and I will be there and I will make sure this happens."

It was amazing. I was like, "These are the kind of people I want to work with."

I want to work with entrepreneurs who will work nights and weekends to hustle to make some extra money. All these pool companies, I told these guys, "I will pay double what your hourly rate is typically if you can just send somebody out today or tomorrow or tonight or 3:00 in the morning." And no one would do it.

And finally on Craigslist I found some hardcore entrepreneurs who are hustling, who are looking for money. So this one dude now comes every morning at 6:00 AM before his other job. He's been working his butt off for some extra cash.

And when he was done, you know what he told me? He said, "What else can I do? Can I take your garbage to the dump? Can I mow your lawn? I noticed this." All these other things he noticed about my house that I could use his help with.

I'm like, "Heck yeah, man." He starts cleaning stuff up, he starts earning money like an entrepreneur.

I'm like, "That guy I have respect for."

And then the one guy couldn't do everything. We had a concrete slide that needed to be redone. So finally I get this dude who's like, "I'm a concrete guy. I can fix your slide for you."

So he comes out, busts his butt in 109-degree weather, cleans the whole thing all up. Then he gets so excited. He's like, "Man, this is cool. I want to take ownership of this project. I want this to be the most amazing thing in the world for you."

He goes home that night, spends like four hours watching YouTube videos to figure out the best way to seal and do my slide the right way. Comes back, "Hey, man, it's going to cost you a little extra. This is why it's important and what it's going to do for you."

He had a job he was supposed to be at this weekend. He cancelled his job because there was a better opportunity for him to make more money for me. He spent two and a half days, three days, working his butt off to get this slide done in time.

That man is an entrepreneur. So that's the difference, you guys, between an employee and an entrepreneur. You can always tell in a heartbeat. If you walk into a restaurant three minutes before closing time and they're like, "Oh, sorry, we're closed," that's the employee.

If you walk in and the guy's like, "Hey, come on in. We want to make this an amazing experience for you," and he serves you and treats you well, that's probably the entrepreneur of the business.

So a lot of times when I get bad service I just ask, "Who's the entrepreneur here in the company? Because I don’t want to deal with employees who are going to whine about doing their freaking job."

I want to deal with entrepreneurs who are going to bust their butts, who are going to figure out ways to make this happen, who are going to make some money. That's the kind of person I want to work with.

So that's it, guys. So my question for you is, which one are you? Are you an employee or an entrepreneur?

If you're an employee, you'd better fix it quick. Because if you're an employee, you're going to stay that way for the rest of your life.

Even if you're being entrepreneurial inside of another company, it's different. We call those people intropreneurs, who are able to exert their entrepreneurship inside of their company.

I look at my company and I've got some people who work for me who are intropreneurs and some who are employees. The intropreneurs make more money. I give them raises all the time.

They're the ones who are out there figuring out what to do and finding ways to make things better. The employees are the ones who do what they're asked to do. They do a good job of it and that's why they have jobs, but they're not making way more money because they're just doing what I asked them and not figuring out what they can do.

That's the difference and it's time for you guys to figure out which one you are. If you are an employee, you probably should stop listening to this podcast. If you're an entrepreneur, you're in the right spot. This is where we love and embrace your type.

From now on, I'm no longer hiring crappy companies. Craigslist will be my spot to find people to fix my stuff, because that's where the entrepreneurs are hustling, looking form more money, looking for more jobs, looking for more opportunities to serve. And that is where I will be putting my money.

Have an awesome day, you guys. And I will talk to you soon.

Jun 18, 2015

What happens behind the scenes when people come to Boise and let Russell hack their funnel…

On today’s special episode of Marketing In Your CORVETTE Russell talks about how you can win a Corvette. He also recaps some of the cool stuff that happened at his Hack-a-thon event.

Here are some fun things you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why Russell is driving a Corvette today.
  • What you can do to get your hands on this very Corvette.
  • And find out why sometimes paying someone a lot of money to do something for you instead of learning to do it yourself is worth it.

So listen below to hear about the hack-a-thon and some cool things that are coming up.


Hey, everyone. This is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you to Marketing in Your Corvette.

Hey, guys. Yes this is a special Marketing in Your Car, because today I am in my brand new Corvette. There's kind of a story behind this, because I'm not the kind of guy who just goes and buys new cars.

In fact, I've had the same car for like eight years, or seven years now. Anyway, a long time.

But at the Funnel Hacking event we launched our dream car contest, which my goal in the next year is to give away 100 cars to people like you. You deserve one and you need one. So that's kind of the game plan.

To kind of show off, we got a new Corvette and had it there at the event to show everybody what could be their dream car. Because a Corvette is kind of like my dream car.

Anyway, we had it shipped back from the event and I'm in it right now driving and this is the first podcast in the new car. And I've got to tell you, this car is awesome.

I'm not that big of a car guy, but this one is really, really cool. So I'm excited because I'm going to be hopefully giving away a ton of these over the next 12 months. In fact, next week our goal is to launch the dream car contest.

We kind of soft launched it at the event, but we were just going to reveal and open up and let everyone see it. We added this really cool element inside Click Funnels just for our affiliate program.

You see this little car, and as you get more and more members, the little care will move across until boom, you hit the goal and you get the car. It's pretty awesome. You should see that next week in your affiliate panel, as long as I am able to get it all done in time.

So that's the game plan there. Anyway, today I just wanted to talk about something really cool that happened. I had an idea for a program we wanted to put together a little while ago. In fact, I think I mentioned it on the podcast.

We thought it would be cool to create something we're going to call a hack-a-thon where we've got people coming out to Boise and we spend three days just building out their sales funnels for them. So we're trying to build out a webinar funnel and a high-ticket funnel.

And at first we had the idea, we got excited and we started selling it. We sold three people and then I was like, "You know what, let's just stop and make sure this is a good idea before we sell anyone else."

We kind of stopped. And then today, the last three days, we had some people in town and we did it, and it was awesome. We had a good time and basically what we did is day one, first we just kind of sat down and had everyone define what they're doing, where they're at and where they want to go.

We went through everyone's business to get a good idea of that. That was the first half of the day. Then we went to lunch and after lunch came back and I worked one of them and focused on rebuilding his entire webinar, as well as his webinar funnel.

We found a bunch of little holes and mistakes and got things fixed. That was day one. And then the other two people went and they met with the guy who runs all our Facebook ads, and then they met with our guy on my team who does all of our Dream 100 affiliates, those type of things.

So that was kind of day one. Then day two, everyone rotated around. So I spent the next half a day working on the next group's webinar and the funnels for that.

And then the last day I did the other person's. Then today we went out and had one of video guys go and film and capture all the videos we need for the high-ticket funnels, for the webinar funnels. And they turned out amazing.

In fact, I'm beat up. We did that all day today and I'm tired. It was awesome. So we created it and the goal was to get two funnels, a high-ticket and a webinar funnel for each person.

And I thought we could get it done in three days, and we probably could have. But there's a lot of moving parts involved. So they're all like probably 80 percent done and so I’m kind of waiting to get the video editing done.

Next week I'm going to get them all finalized and next week we're doing kind of a big reveal, giving them their funnels and showing them off and giving them their Facebook ads and let everyone have a chance to go out and execute on them and see what happens.

So it's kind of exciting as a whole to put it all together. It was a really fun process. Who knows if we'll do it again in the future? It was a lot of work.

Part of it is I'm still in the process of moving my house. I would go there for eight hours a day and then I'd go home and we'd go to the old house and we'd spend six hours cleaning house back and forth. That on top of all the kids and everything else.

I think I'm just worn out from all those different things happening at the same time. We'll see if we do it again in the future. But right now the goal is to get these guys up and running and really successful.

It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. So what I was thinking for you guys to hopefully add some value to your day today, is think about whatever it is that you are teaching people to do.

Every one of you guys has got different businesses and things like that. Obviously you can teach it, you can do different variations. But I encourage you guys to sit back and think about creating a version where someone goes out and you get to do your magic.

Because I know a lot of us teach our magic. We teach what we do to have success. But what if you went and just applied your magic for someone and did it for them?

I'm not a big fan of creating done-for-you type services typically. But if you have the opportunity to do something like that. For us, we charged $25,000 for somebody to come to this. I think if we did it in the future we would probably charge more.

Because I don’t think I want more people. We want a smaller group, so we probably would charge more. So charging a lot for it, but then you really give somebody a cool experience.

What was cool is the group that was here, the common theme among them is that they all are very much like me. They're kind of impatient. I want things done now.

So they were willing to pay more to get it done quickly, as opposed to joining our Inner Circle group. Inner Circle is good, but I don't want to spend next year working on it. I want to get it done now.

So they wanted stuff done now. So they were willing to pay extra, pay more for that. So just for you guys, think about that. There's a segment of your audience who wants things done faster. They want to have whatever the result is now.

They don't want to wait for six months or a year or whatever it's going to take. So there's a premium there for everyone. What's cool is, I don't know about you, but I don’t typically have a chance to work this close to anybody ever.

And so it was really neat just to have a chance to connect with each of these people who came on that level. And really see what you're doing and how you can affect people. It was awesome.

I recommend looking at that and testing something out. Test out something and offer it to your list or your customer base. Just say, "Hey, this is what we normally do. We normally teach you guys this stuff, but how would you like to come out and spend a lot of time with me and I'll help you do this?"

Just see what happens. It's an amazing experience on their side. It's amazing on your side. You'll get connection with people you don't get any other way.

It was awesome. So there's my tidbit for today. Other than that, I appreciate you. Next week is going to be a fun week. We're going to be rolling out new affiliate programs, dream car contest, a couple other cools things.

If you're watching what we're doing, I think you're really going to enjoy it. I hope you're having fun marketing your businesses as well, and go get your dream car. Just plan on getting it, because I'm paying for it if you guys are a part of the contest.

And if you get this one, I recommend getting a Corvette. I'm not a car guy, so I don't really know what it is. It's blue, it's awesome. It just looks cool. If this is the one you want, just let us know and it can be yours. This car could be your car.

All right guys, I'm out here for the day. I appreciate you all and we will talk soon.

Jun 12, 2015

Let me share with you three different stories that happened today…

On this episode Russell talks about his experience with three different salesmen and the reason it was so different which each of them.

Here are some interesting things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • What aspects of Russell’s experience with buying a Love Sac made it a great experience.
  • Why buying a fridge with money burning a hole in his pocket didn’t go well.
  • And finally why Russell’s carpet cleaner does a good job, but still isn’t as successful as he could be.

Listen below to find out what made each experience with these salesmen so different.


Hey, everyone. This is Russell Brunson and I want to welcome you to a late night Marketing in Your Car.

Hey guys and gals. It's been a while since we've done a late night one. But I'm actually heading home from the new house. I'm heading over from my new house to the new office and then heading back to the old house.

Anyway, it's been a fun-filled day of running errands and getting things set up and all of those things happening during a move, while packing boxes and shipping things and packing. I'm a little beat up.

Anyway, I just left the house and going back to the office to get one more quick thing done. Because I'm in the office this whole week it's like one of those little things that have to get done and haven't gotten done yet. They tend to happen late at night or else they just don't fit in anywhere.

We'll make it work, right. But today is interesting. I had a chance to work with a lot of different types of people, different businesses. Really interesting how different people responded.

I just want to share some with you because I think there's things to be learned from all of them.

The first business I interacted with today was a company called Love Sac. You may have heard of them. They make big bean bags and these couches they call sactionals and a bunch of things like that. I've always wanted some Love Sacs, so we had a whole bunch we were going to order.

So I went and found them online, found ones I like and then the little support agent popped on the side asked if he could help. I was like, "Okay," so I asked him a couple questions.

Support side was amazing. He came through and answered my questions. It was actually yesterday that I talked to him the first time. He figured out my questions. He actually went online and basically when I told him found a whole bunch of different variations and options and sent me different prebuilt couches that would fit what I told him.

Truly amazing experience. He gave me his personal cell phone number if I had any questions. Just an awesome experience. So this morning I was ready to go buy. I called and was going to order.

I called him and said, "I'm going to order. Just making sure that's fine." So he said, "No problem."

I asked him how long it would take to get them to me and he said it would be six weeks. I was like, "I don't want to wait six weeks. Is there any way you can get them to me in two weeks?" Because I'm kind of an impatient entrepreneur.

He says, "Let me find out." So he gets off the phone and who knows what he does, probably calls a bunch of people.

He calls me 30 minutes later and he's like, "We can't get them in two weeks, but what we can do is ship you one couch so you can have it in time for your party you're trying to do in two weeks. And then when it's done you can ship it back to us and I'll ship you the new one. We'll be making the new one but we'll just basically give you a loaner you can use during the time."

I'm like, "Really?" I was like, "I don't know if I'll ship it back. I never do those kind of things."

He says, "I'll set a notification on my calendar so I remember on July 5 to call you back and make sure you get it shipped back."

I'm like, "Dude, this is insane."

I was like, "I don't think I want to do that."

He was like, "How about this? We'll ship you this and we'll ship you out covers and then you can change the covers to the color you want." He was totally doing everything possible to make sure I could have a great experience.

And then when I went to go buy he was like, "Oh, by the way, use this coupon code to save $1,000."

I put in the coupon code, boom, saves me $1,000. Then I ended up buying another Love Sac so it put me back to zero. I didn't actually save any money, but I got an extra Love Sac out of it.

So amazing experience. All around A+++. This guy did amazing. So that's something hopefully you can learn for your business and your customers. I was just like, "I wish all my customer support agents were like that.

We try. I think we have the best support team in the industry, but it was above and beyond. It was really impressive. So there was that. Also I screwed it up and put in the wrong shipping address. So he went and fixed all that for me. Just awesome.

The next experience, I wanted to buy a Sub Zero fridge. I hear they're the best and they're amazing. I get all excited and I want one today. I don’t want one tomorrow. I don't want one a week from now. I want it today.

So I find out there's a place close to use that sells them. So I drive down there and I get there and they're like, "Hey, how's it going?"

I’m like, "Good. I'm here to by a Sub Zero fridge."

She's like, "Okay, well come back here to the showroom and I'll send back a consultant."

I'm like, "All right." So I'm going back there, walking around the showroom, looking for probably 15 minutes at fridges, which there's only like 10 fridges in the whole place. I'm like spending three minutes at each fridge.

And I'm kind of anxious because I have money burning a hole in my pocket. So this lady comes up to me. She's like, "Hey, sorry, I'm the only consultant here. I'm about to leave for an appointment on the other side of town and the other person is gone. I don’t have time for you right now. But if you write down your name and number I can get back in touch with you."

I was like, "I'm here because I want to buy a fridge today. I want to leave today with a fridge."

She's like, "What kind do you want?"

I'm like, "Sub Zero."

She's like, "That's going to be a minimum of 10 grand. I don't want you to have sticker shock. That's probably going to be outside of your budget."

I’m like, "What are you talking about? You're blowing me off. I’m telling you all these buyer questions. I’m trying to write you a check for 10 grand and you're telling me I probably can't afford it."

And then I’m trying to ask her a question and she's like, "I'm in a rush. I've got to go."

I have all these notes that I was trying to ask her. So she photocopies the notes and then says, "Either me or someone on my team will call you tomorrow." The she scurried off and left.

I'm sitting there in the store with nothing like, "Are you kidding me?" If somebody comes to your store with money burning a hole in their pocket, where's the entrepreneur? Where's the salesperson that wants my money?

I was so frustrated I drove across to another place and bought a fridge right there. If she calls me tomorrow I'm going to say, "You know what, I told you I was going to buy it right then and I did buy it right then. I bought it five minutes later across the street at your competitors."

So there's salesperson number two who just doesn't care and just lost a huge commission because they weren't paying attention. So busy getting to the other appointment that she's not looking at the cash sitting right in front of her. If there's cash there, pick it up.

Anyway, it just drives me crazy. There was that one. And then a third person. This guy I've got a lot of compassion for. He's the guy who's cleaning the carpets in our house. So he came in today at 8:00 and he left at 11:30. He put in a 16-hour day today cleaning carpets, busting his butt.

He did an amazing job. I was really impressed. He's coming back tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM to finish up the project. Just an awesome guy.

What's funny is that I actually did a podcast about him probably a year ago. Some of you guys may have heard it. It wasn't a Groupon, it was a City Smart. It's similar to a Groupon we bought from him.

He came to do our carpets. And since then we've had him do it three times. Four then. Then we decided to have him do it this time. And I remember last time we had a conversation with him he was talking about how bad of a deal Groupons and Living Social and things were for him, because he always lost money and all these things.

I feel bad because this guy is working so hard and he's spinning his wheels. I don't think he's noticed the fact that I bought a Groupon and since that Groupon we've probably spent $3,000-4,000 in carpet cleaning with him since then.

I don't think he realizes that it's landed him customers. He's totally missed that part of it. And so today he asked me, "What do you do for a living?"

In fact I had three different people today who came to the house for different projects ask me what I did for a living, which made me laugh. They see a punk kid in a T-shirt and shorts and flip-flops and a big house and they're like, "What in the world?" It was kind of funny.

Anyway, he asked me, "What do you do for a living?"

I'm like, "I'm an entrepreneur." I kind of talked about what I do.

He's like, "I'm an entrepreneur, but I'm not good at it. I can never make money or sales or anything."

It made me laugh. One of my friends and someone I respect is a guy named Joe Polish. Joe was a carpet cleaner for years. I actually bought his carpet cleaning course and went through it because I wanted to learn what he was teaching his carpet cleaners.

So this is probably five or six years ago. That's how much of a nerd I am in marketing. I study marketing in other industries, just like it applies to what I'm doing.

So anyway I’m studying all of Joe Polish's stuff about carpet cleaning. Really good things. So I understand how to run a carpet cleaning business and how to get sales.

So every time he's come to my house to do our carpets, I always ask him the same buyer question. I’m like, "Hey, how much would it cost to have you come back every three months and just spot check and re-clean things up?"

Because one of the big things Joe Polish teaches is like, "Hey, customers are good, but you can put them on continuity and they'll come back every three months and they're worth four times as much money to you," and all these things.

So I'd ask him and he'd be like, "I don't really do anything like that, but you can just call me in three months if you want me to come back."

Anyway, I asked him again tonight. I was like, "What would it take for you every three months to just show up here? I don't think about it, just clean carpets. Every three months you're here like clockwork."

He said, "I don't really do that. Call me in three months."

So tonight after he was talking about how he's struggling in his business and stuff, I was trying to have some compassion on him and see if I can help him.

I said, "Have you ever heard of Joe Polish before?"

He's like, "Yeah, I've got his stuff, Piranha Marketing."

I'm like, "Have you gone through it?"

He's like, "Yeah, I've gone through it all."

I’m like, "That stuff's really good, man. Have you studied? Have you looked at it?"

He's like, "You know, I've gone through it. But whatever." Whatever the reason. "I'm just a one-man band. I've got no time to do all those kind of things and everything."

I feel so much compassion for this man, because he's trying, he's working hard, he's busting his butt. He's trying to do the best, but he's missing the basic marketing principles, the basic things that could exponentially grow.

The sad thing is he has them. He bought them and they're probably sitting there on his desk. I'd be shocked if he's gone through past the intro CD. Just the questions I've asked him of things that are in the course, I've gone through it so I know what he needs to be doing to maximize his revenues.

But he isn't and wasn't. My heart just goes out to him. So I just wanted to share that with you because there's such different experiences. One that was just 100 percent spot-on perfect. One that was 100 percent spot-off horrible, and one who's trying and working but just doesn’t understand it.

He understands his craft. He's awesome at what he does. I don't want to say he's oblivious because that doesn’t sound right. He's oblivious to the marketing principles that make his type of a business grow and expand.

I wanted to tell him. For all you guys out there who are funnel hackers, I wanted to be like, "Man, you just got to funnel hack, like what Joe's doing. Funnel hack what all these people are doing."

That's the process in any business. If I was a dentist, I'd go find the richest dentist on earth and I'd funnel hack him. I'd figure out what in the world he's doing, what his people are saying when someone comes to the front door, what he's doing to generate lead. I would be doing that like crazy.

If I was carpet cleaning, whatever business I was in, the first thing I would do is funnel hack every single person. Figure out exactly what they're doing.

So anyway, I'm going to see you tomorrow. I might talk to you a little bit about it. I just got to the new office and the alarm is going off. I've got to remember my password.

You guys are in for a live show. Boom, got the password right. So anyway, I said tomorrow I'm going to pull him aside and try to share some of these things and help him to understand.

Because he's close. He's got the hard work, but hard work with the right knowledge and information, when you have that correct, then that's when everything exponentially grows. That's where he could get results that he wants without putting in more effort; actually putting in less effort.

He could achieve a lot more with it, but it's just about understanding the core marketing principles. For you guys, hopefully you learned something from those three different people I interacted with today.

Hopefully you'll think a little bit more about what you're doing and focus more on the marketing and the sales principles. Funnel hack your competitors, online, offline, wherever you're at. Because those are the principles you need to grow and be successful in this or any business.

Okay, I've got some projects to do. I've got to bust them out. I appreciate you guys listening in. Have an awesome day and I will talk to you again very soon.

Jun 10, 2015

The secret I learned from an old course I found on eBay.

On this episode Russell talks about loving the work you do can make it hard to get what you wanted in the first place and that’s why having a set schedule is so important.

Here are some interesting things you will hear on this episode:

  • Why loving what you do and getting addicted to work can actually keep you from other enjoyable things.
  • And why having a set schedule will help you not overdo work so you can enjoy the other parts of life.

So listen below to find out why having a set schedule will help you avoid becoming a workaholic.


Hey, everybody. This is Russell and I want to welcome you to Marketing in Your Car.

Hey, everyone. So I was in the office today for two hours and about 27 minutes getting some stuff done as quickly as I could and then racing back to the house to go play some more.

We were playing and goofing off and having so much fun last night. My kids are there swimming and I'm not. I've just got to get home because I'm going crazy. I don't want to be working today.

I'm driving home and I started thinking like, I don't know about you, but I really, really enjoy what I do. Like too much so I think.

Like when I’m at home I'm thinking about going to work and things like that. And on my vacations I just want to get back to work. It's kind of this obsession. Hopefully you guys as entrepreneurs feel that.

It's funny, I was listening to podcast from Jason Moffat the other day and he was talking about how if he sold his business he would be done. He'd never work again. He'd just do cool stuff.

I was like, "Not me, man. I just want to keep working and working." And for the last two or three days I've been like, "That's kind of sad."

It's like a means to an end. What are we trying to do? Most of us get into this business because we're trying to accomplish something or do something and then when we get there we have so much fun in the process that we just keep doing it. Which is good. It's good that we enjoy what we do.

But it's also like, if you're not careful it will consume your entire existence. I don't know about you guys, but I love eBay. I only go to eBay about once every five or six months, because every time I do I end up blowing a couple thousand bucks.

I do the same thing when I go to eBay. All I do is I search like every old guru's name I can think of. Like Jay Conrad Levinson, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Chet Holmes, Tony Robbins. Old school direct mail boot camps.

I try to buy old courses on eBay because you can always find the good old stuff there, like tons of stuff. One time I found this tape set, and it was Jay Conrad Levinson and Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes. It was called Guerilla Vs Gorilla.

Anyway, I bought the tape set. I tried to find it online like a digital version. They don’t have it anywhere. So I bought this tape set and I bought this thing on Amazon where you can put a tape in and it will record to an MP3.

So I had my brother go take all the tapes and record all the MP3 and then change it to an audiobook format. That's the format I like listening to my stuff in. I was going to put it on my phone so I could listen to it for however long it took me to listen to it.

So I was listening to it and it was really cool, just these two guys' different teaching strategies. Jay Conrad Levinson is like boom, boom, boom! Dropping bombs of gold, thing after thing after thing. Just rapid-fire insane bombs of gold.

And then Jay Abraham is more like the strategic stuff. Anyway, Chet Holmes came with a practical application. It was amazing. In fact, I should go find whoever owns the rights to that and beg them and buy it from them. Because it was one of the best products I've ever gone through. It was insane.

So anyway, going through this whole training, one of the things I remember, one of the bombs of gold that Jay Conrad dropped that was just so valuable, he was talking about our habits.

He said a lot of times entrepreneurs get into business and they work 100-hour weeks so they can get to the point where they can work like four-hour workweeks, like Tim Ferris's four-hour work week or whatever your goal is.

He said the thing is when you create a habit it's hard to break it. The problem is that you do that, but you get into this habit of working 10, 12, 14 hours a day and after five years of doing that trying to get to this goal, but the time you actually could do it you have such an engrained habit that you can't ever leave.

It was interesting. He said basically if you want to be successful with that concept from day one, if you want to live a four-hour-a-day work life, you have to set that from day one. Otherwise you create the wrong habit and you'll never be able to get back to it.

He said if that's your habit from day one, then you'll stick with that. And you'll adapt and get all the same stuff done that you needed to, the bigger and smaller type formant.

Anyway, I thought it was kind of interesting. So I'm kind of using this new moving process and everything as an experiment where I'm going to try to set my actual dream schedule now.

Because when you move it's like you're shifting and you're shaking up all of these habits. Suddenly I'm waking up in a different bed. I'm looking out a different window. I'm ordering different food. All those kind of things.

So my wife and I as we're moving in, we're buying different food or buying the food we want for our new habits. I'm really excited about, I read a blog post from Preston Ely a little while ago who is one of my favorite people/writers in the world.

It's amazing. If you search Preston Ely and then something like daily routine. Actually I think it's Warriorinaire, like millionaire and warrior put together. Like morning routine or something like that. It's the coolest blog post.

I probably read that at least 50 times. It's him minute-by-minute, what he does in his morning routine. I keep reading his, and Tim Ferris is always interviewing people like, "What's your morning routine?" and all these kinds of things.

I don't want to just have a morning routine out of me just kind of bumping into one. I want to craft one perfectly. In fact, I even bought a domain name called When I get mine mastered I'm going to make a whole video showing it off.

I'm trying to create that right now and trying to create my work schedule, my workout schedule and my fun schedule. I want to have time with my kids and make this new pattern today.

Because I don't want to set it six months from now when I have more time. I want to set it today. Because like Jay Conrad Levinson said, I need to make that pattern happen today and really solidify it so that moving forward it's there. I've always got it.

So that's kind of my goal with what I'm going to be doing. I’m excited for it. I just wanted to sort of give that to you guys. Hopefully it will give you permission to stop what you're doing.

Maybe you're not moving like we are, but do the same kind of thing. Shift your bed. Turn your bed around. Go through your covers, throw out all the crap and re-buy a bunch of stuff. Or do something to just radically shift your perspective on everything.

The way you wake up in the morning, what you do, and actually crafting a morning routine, crafting a blueprint, crafting how you eat. Consciously designing these things so they can become the pattern. They can become the habit.

That way, if you follow it for the next month, two months, three months, it becomes the pattern. And if you're following that pattern the right way, it will just change everything for you. You'll be able to stick to something and it will just make everything more awesome.

That's what I’m doing. I'm excited for it. I hope you guys will try it out as well. I'm giving you permission to do it. So just do it.

Talk to your spouse or significant other and say, "We're throwing all this stuff away. We're doing this. We're moving this." And just design it by choice, as opposed to what you're doing right now by default, and then watch the results that come.

Anyway, I am officially at the new house. Oh man, I'm so excited. I'm going to go swim, have some fun. I will talk to you guys all again later. Thanks everyone.

Jun 9, 2015

Is the pursuit of a worldly desire an OK thing to go after?

On today’s episode Russell talks about finally getting his dream house and why it was important for him. He also shares why having a goal of a worldly possession isn’t a bad thing.

Here are some fun things in this episode:

  • Find out what it took for Russell and his family to finally get their dream house.
  • And why it’s okay to have a goal to get something you really want, even if it seems stupid to other people.

Listen below to hear Russell’s excitement over his new dream house.


Hey everyone. This is Russell Brunson, and I want to welcome you to a very excited Russell today. And I'll tell you why in a second here on Marketing In Your Car.

All right, so I want to tell you guys really quick and just let you know that I just got the keys to my new house. Woo-hoo! Oh man, I just want to celebrate with you guys, because this has been, you have no idea how long this has been in the making.

So for those of you who don't know me, I am not a car person at all. I got the Ferrari, I was like, "Eh." I got other cars, I was like, "Eh." Cars mean nothing to me.

The only dream I've ever wanted is like my dream house. I just have wanted it forever. And a couple years ago we almost bought one, and then we had some company issues. If you've listened to past podcasts you've heard the stories of the ups and the downs and all that sort of stuff.

We had actually had this amazing house we had basically purchased, put down all this earnest money and we lost it all. It went away and we never got to actually live in it.

And then the company collapsed. Long story short, rebuilt it. For me for the last eight years I've been working towards my dream house, getting my dream house. That's my one tangible worldly thing that really drives me.

I hate that it does, because I'm a big believer in being driven by passion and people and helping and all these other things, and money is like how we keep score. But the one worldly thing that has been a driving force for me for a long, long, long time.

In fact, all my friends and partners and people who work with me are scared that I'll never show up at the office again now that we've got it.

So we found this house two years ago. It's amazing and I have been looking at it every day for two years, trying to get to it and trying to get it.

When you get a  big house, the monthly payment is not the big issue. It's like the down payment. To get a super, jumbo loan they want you to have like 20 percent down, plus like 10 percent in your bank account. You have to have a lot of money just in cash to be able to go and get that.

So we were working and saving and doing a whole bunch of stuff. We found the dream house about two years ago, and finally we've been working through how to get it and how to time it with when school gets out and kids and all these things.

And then the people who owned the house have been complete nightmares. The most annoying people I've ever worked with in my life. I hope they listen to this so they can know how annoying they are. They've just been a nightmare.

Even last night, we packed a huge moving truck last night, and we signed yesterday, we put a down payment down. Everything is done. We just have to wait for it to get funded or whatever.

I messaged them like, "Hey, do you mind if we swing over and drop off some stuff in the garage so we can reload this truck again?"

And she wrote back and said no. Who does that? I'm giving you millions and millions of dollars here in less than 12 hours and you won't even be cool for one second. Anyway, super annoying.

But, I just got the message. I was at work trying to get some stuff done and I just got the message that the house is funded. It's officially ours. They'll come and drop the key off.

And so I am blowing the rest of the day, blowing work, blowing everything, heading home, grabbing the kids. We're going to head over to the house and we're going to jump in the pool.

I don't care if it's freezing cold, if it needs to be heated, if it's dirty. I don't even care. We are jumping in the pool and we are having a blast. I'm so excited right now, as you guys can probably tell.

What I wanted to, I'm trying to think of how I can provide value besides just me being excited for you guys. Hopefully my excitement gets you guys excited.

Second thing is, I had a teacher at Boise State, my finance teacher. It's funny because everyone looks at business different ways, right? Some people are like, "The goal of a business is to create jobs."

And some people say, "The goal of a business is to provide value to the customer," or whatever.

His approach was, "The only goal of a business is to provide wealth for the business owner. That's it." Everything else kind of just happens. It happens to create value for other people and all that.

The only goal of a business is to create value for the business owner. I've struggled with that because, again, from a moral standpoint we are creating jobs, we are serving people, we are doing things.

But when it's all said and done, if the business owner is not getting paid, he's not going to put his neck out there and risk the time and energy and effort and everything to do that, which is what creates the value for everybody else.

So the value in all these other things that happen are all the side effects of the company. And I agree with my teacher that the one core goal of a company is to make the owner wealthy. So there's that.

But then again I have the other moral dilemma. So for me I've always kind of struggled with that. But for me, I've always had just one major worldly goal, whatever you want to call it, and I still struggle with that.

Sharing that outwardly is kind of hard for me. I don't know if you can tell, I'm kind of stumbling over my words, just kind of sharing this with you.

But I honestly feel like it's okay to have something like that because it's what drives you forward. And you driving forward is what creates value in all the other aspects.

It causes the ripple effect that helps the customers of yours to get value, which then hopefully gives them value. It's this whole ripple effect.

For me, I've had this one worldly goal for so long that has been a driving force that hopefully the wake of me moving towards that goal has affected tens of thousands, if not more, people. And that's been kind of my goal for it.

I hope it's not too selfish. I hope you guys can celebrate with me. And I hope at the same time for you guys that you won't feel too guilty having a goal like that.

Some of you guys might be in a house like me. Maybe it's a car, maybe it's a vacation, maybe it's something. And don't get carried away. Don't make that the core focus, because people that do turn into bad people.

People in this business, I've been around it long enough to see what money does to people, and it corrupts people and makes people do stupid things and it makes people not be themselves. I hope and I pray that never happens to me.

But again, I guess I'm trying to give you guys permission, if you need that. And some of you guys don't need that. But if you do need permission to find one worldly thing like that that's going to be a driving force that gets you up in the morning and get you moving forward and get you excited.

While in and of itself that thing is dumb and it's stupid and doesn't matter and we know that, the pursuit of that thing can cause a wake and a wave and a ripple or whatever you want to call it, that can affect and change and touch and serve so many other people.

Anyway, that's it for today, guys. I don't have anything else. I'm just two excited. I'm two seconds away from my house. I'm going to jump out, grab my kids, give them a hug and a kiss. We are jumping in the moving van and we will be out of here. I appreciate you guys.

For those of you who are in the Ignite Inner Circle waiting for boxes back from me, I had an hour blocked out today to respond for you guys and I can't do it now. I apologize in advance.

But I will get you guys. I love you, I care about you. And as soon as I jump in the pool I will come back and finish up my work so I can keep you guys moving forwards as well.

I appreciate everybody's listening in. Have an awesome day and we'll talk to you soon.

Jun 4, 2015

See behind the scenes of what happened at our first annual Funnel Hacking Live event.

On this episode Russell recaps, step by step, the stuff that went down at the Funnel Hacking Live event.

Here are some exciting things to listen for during this episode:

  • What happened each day during the live event, such as car racing.
  • How the event raised $25k for World Teacher Aide.
  • And all the other cool stuff that you missed out on if you didn’t go to Funnel Hacking Live.

Listen below to hear some of the cool highlights from the Funnel Hacking Live event.


Hey, everyone. This is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you to Marketing In Your Car.

All right, everyone. I keep getting questions and Facebook messages and boxes and everything. For those of you guys who were not at the Funnel Hacking live event, if you weren't there, honestly I think you missed out. We had an amazing time.

So I just want to give you guys a recap, for all those who have been asking and wondering. It was fun. For those of you who are Marketing In Your Car members who were actually at the event, I allowed you to pull me aside and say, "You know, Russell, I heard your podcast about how nervous you were before the event, but this has been amazing."

I appreciate you guys who were there and supported us. We had a good time. So I'll kind of walk you guys through what happened. I'm going to share everything because that's kind of how I am.

If you haven't learned that now, I'm very transparent and I always want to know. I don't want to share numbers to brag, because that's annoying. I hate people who do that. But I want to share them just so you can kind of know what happened so that if you're trying to do an event, you can look at what we did as a gauge of what might be good or bad or whatever.

I hope that helps. I remember when I first started going to Bill Glazier's mastermind groups and he would share his numbers. Then it was like, "Oh, so that's how much money people make."

When he shares with me how much money per head they were making on people in the room at the events, I was like, "Oh, now I have something tangible I can assign things to, to see if I was doing it right or wrong or somewhere in the middle."

That's why I'm going to share and that's the only reason why. It doesn't really matter how much money I made. All that matters is that you guys are getting some cool, actionable info.

Let me break it down.

First thing we did is the day before the event we flew in and we actually had our top JV partners, some of our Inner Circle members and some other friends and stuff come and we went to this exotic racing place. We went and raced cars, like Ferraris and Lamborghinis and it was super cool.

And we got some amazing footage of everyone having fun, having a good time. And then Jeff Walker, who won the Ferrari, he was there too so we filmed an amazing, I mean crazy amazing promo video, with him there, that we ended up showing on day two of the event, which I'll talk about in a minute.

I'm sure we'll post that video online so you guys have a chance to see it. But it was amazing.

That was the first day. It was really cool just to get to know everybody at a more intimate level and build a relationship and give everybody a really cool experience.

Even people that make crazy amounts of money, I thought they would be like, "I'm racing cars, blah blah blah."

But they all loved it and were so excited and blown away and grateful for the experience. So step one, if you've got affiliates to do cool stuff like that, do cool experiential type things where you bring them all together.

The reason why we did the Ferrari stuff is I knew when we were giving away the Ferrari for the book launch, I knew only one person could win. I know that a lot of times if you can't win a contest, if you know you're not going to win, you won't even try.

And we need a lot of people to try. So we said, "Hey, let's do a top 10." And we eventually opened it to the top 15 partners, who get to come to this Ferrari racing.

So now it's like you either win the Ferrari or you get to come and race Ferrari's with the top 15 people. And that's what got a lot more people to promote than typically would, I think. I think that was a big part of it.

That was really, really cool. Next day, we didn't start in the morning, which turned out to be really nice. I think I'm going to keep doing events that way. In fact, I had Stu McLaren and a couple other people message me, "This is so nice to be able to wake up the day of the event, come in, register, go out to lunch, hang out and then you don't start till 1:00."

That's what we did and it was awesome. We didn't start till 1:00. We started at 1:00 and kind of did a recap of Funnel Hacking. Then we did a session on list hacking. Then we did Richard Cousins, who is one of our Inner Circle members, come and share his list hacking funnels, which are pretty intense.

He showed those off. Then we took a break. When we came back from the break, then we did a session on your dream 100. I've talked about that with you guys before in the past. We talked about your dream 100.

And then we opened up a new feature in Click Funnels, which is called Backpack, which is our internal affiliate system. And we initially were going to charge a lot for that feature, but we decided to give it away to all funnel hackers who were there for free and add it to their account, and people were going crazy.

I had Todd, Dylan and me, my two Click Funnel partners, up on stage, and we kind of shared that all. It was really cool because I felt like we were like Steve Jobs at Apple announcing a new feature, which was cool.

We released the feature, people went nuts. They had a break. When we came back from the break we brought Stu McLaren, who is one of the coolest, just one of my favorite people on earth.

And he and his wife started a charity called World Teacher Aid. So we just made a video. It was really cool.

I had a chance a couple years ago to go to Kenya with him and see this feeding program and school building program they were doing. So I made a video.

And we launched a new thing inside of Click Funnels where basically every time you create a Funnel, $1 goes toward World Teacher Aid. And I showed the video and it was cool.

I was crying and my wife was crying. Everybody was crying. Stu was crying. It was just really powerful and emotional. It was neat.

Then what we did is for everyone who was at the event, if they wanted the recordings of the event, all they do is donate some amount of money to World Teacher Aid charity.

And from that we raised I think about $25,000 from the audience, which is actually going to build two classrooms. Then us as Click Funnels team did another classroom.

So we paid for three classrooms in Kenya, which was kind of cool. And it just really got everyone engaged in the community there. Everyone felt like we were moving towards a common cause, which was just really neat.

If you're doing any kind of events or community building or things like that, I highly recommend finding a really good cause like that to get everyone moving towards and believing in it and donating towards. It was really cool.

That was day number one. Then that night we did roundtables with 10 people each. Pick a roundtable. We catered these hors d'ouervres and food and snacks and everyone came in.

And you could sit around roundtables and network and ask questions to a bunch of speakers. That was a really cool experience too. Really good networking last night and people had a great time and it was awesome.

That was day one. Day number two now, we started early in the morning. I'm going to forget everything, but first was I got up and shared our book funnel and my thoughts on free-plus-shipping and trip wire offers.

Then Perry Belcher, one of my favorite people on earth to learn from, he got up and showed his trip wire funnels, how they built Survival Life into a $25 million a year company using nothing but free-plus-shipping trip wire offers.

And after he got done, then Trey Lewellen and one of our Inner Circle members, got up and showed their free-plus-shipping funnel they're doing with gun targets and they're just crushing it right now. So he shared his little funnel which was awesome.

After Trey was done, then we brought up Todd Brown, who was our number two affiliate. And we all thought he was going to win the Ferrari and at the last minute he didn't. But just one of my favorite people on earth, and brilliant marketer.

We wanted to do something cool for him, so we brought him up on stage and we launched our dream car contest where basically any Click Funnel affiliate who gets 100 people into Click Funnels, we will cover the lease payment on their dream car.

And so we brought him on stage, talked about what he did, gave him a check for the first year of his dream car and then announced the dream car contest.

And then he gave a presentation showing basically what he would do if he was going to try to win the car, and walked through the step-by-step process in about 30 minutes about what he did to promote the book and what he would do to promote this.

That was awesome. Such actual, "This is exactly what you need to do to be an affiliate and win Russell's car." It was perfect. He talked about that, which was cool.

Let's see, what happened after that? Then we went to lunch and then after lunch, then we showed the video that we made of Jeff Walker at the Ferrari racing.

We showed that video and then brought him on stage and awarded him the Ferrari, which was really cool. And then after that, then he got up and spoke and showed his funnels, his launch funnels, and showed the whole process there, which was cool.

He gave everyone his launch funnels, which was awesome. And after that, then I got up and shared a presentation that showed people how to become a six-figure-a-year funnel consultant.

That presentation was the last of the night. At the end of it I was going to sell our Funnel Certification program, which we were going to sell for $5,000. But we gave the attendees a $1,500 discount. They got signed up.

We did the presentation. I used the Perfect Webinar Script that you guys can all get for free at Plugged in my presentation to that, did the pitch, and it was insane. I've never had a table rush like that before.

And we sold half a million dollars from that one presentation, which I still can't even fathom. That's better than anything I've ever done, ever. That was just crazy.

We were planning on opening up and doing a big webinar to promote the Certification program, but we more than sold out. So we're closing it next year. We're not going to open again until next year at the next live event, which is reason for you, if you want to be certified, you've got to be at the live events. It's the only place to get access to the certification program.

So that was awesome. And now we're going to do a week-long event in Boise where we certify a whole bunch of people. We just got the rooms booked. It's going to be so crazy cool.

We've got a classroom style where it's like a school classroom, which we'll do the training for the first half of the day. Then we have three other rooms we broke down into horseshoe shape.

The second half of the day we're going to go into these rooms and actually work for like four or five hours on the funnel we're talking about, on the concepts. So we'll have people going around the rooms helping and strategizing and all those types of things, and then back-and-forth.

It's going to be amazing. We're going to live-stream it for those who couldn't come. It's going to be so awesome. That was cool.

And then that night, back up to the event, then that night after the presentation, then we took all of our Ignite Inner Circle members to a really nice dinner and fed them. Everybody got to hang out and network and that was really cool.

And that was Friday. Then Saturday morning we got started in the morning. How did that happen? Man, it's all a blur now.

So Saturday morning we started at 8:00. I got up initially and I shared all of our high-ticket funnels. Then I had Robbie Summers from my team get up and show how he sells someone on the phone.

He got up there and did role-playing and brought people on stage and closed them. It was really cool to see that.

And afterwards we had Garret White, the master warrior, get up and show his high-ticket funnel that he's using inside of Click Funnels. He's doing between about $300,000 and $400,000 a month.

He came up, and Garret, he cracks me up because part of us are very similar. We come from very similar backgrounds. He played football at Boise State, I wrestled at Boise State. Very similar religious upbringings.

I think we both respect each other, but we definitely have different styles about us. I'm very quiet and one way, and he's the opposite where he's up there commanding the audience and dropping the F-bomb every other word and things like that.

But man it was powerful. And it was interesting. 98 percent of the audience was just mesmerized and loved him, and two percent got really offended, which we kind of knew might have happened, by just kind of the way he is.

It was important, though, because I wanted him there because that's what people need to be doing. The way he basically divided his audience and showed his funnel.

The goal of his funnel was to divide an audience. It was amazing. It was powerful. So anyway, that was amazing.

Let's see, did that take us to lunch? I can't remember. Yeah, that took us to lunch. No, that was pre-lunch. Then after that, then I did a session on the perfect webinar, showing the scripting, the funnel, all those kind of things.

Then Jay Boyer got up and showed 17 of his webinar hacks where he shows his whole process that he uses to close people on webinars, which was amazing. Then we went to lunch.

Then after lunch we came back and we revealed the next big feature launch inside of Click Funnels, which is Acitonetics. We showed that and people went nuts. It was awesome.

So Actionetics and we also previewed the new funnel marketplace that is almost live. And so that was after lunch.

Then I did a session on what happens if your funnel flops, and funnel stacking. So I shared that at the end. And then we wrapped up the event and I stood in line for two hours taking pictures with people. I was so tired, but it was awesome.

I just had such a good time hanging out with all of you guys and being there and seeing the impact of Click Funnels and what we've been doing is having on people's lives. It's just been so much fun.

I appreciate all you guys who were there. During that event, we kept talking about our Ignite Inner Circle program, and in the back if people were interested they had a chance to sign up.

So all said and done, just kind of a recap of some numbers. We raised about $25,000 for charity. From certification sales we sold over $500,000. From Ignite Inner Circle sales we sold over $300,000.

And then between ticket sales and everything else, when you round it all up and tie it all together in a bow, the event did just about $1 million, which was cool.

And we only really sold one thing, which was cool too. I didn't want it to be a pitch fest, but I wanted to make sure we monetized it. And we only had one offer and it worked.

So next year we'll do the same thing. We'll have one offer. We'll relaunch the certification program next year the event and we'll also obviously be talking about Ignite Inner Circle and those who are interested will go talk and get signed up and register for that as well.

That was it. Feedback was amazing. So yeah.

And we pre-sold tickets for next year's event, which is going to be at the end of March in San Diego. So we'll get info about that up really, really soon. That was what happened. It was a lot of fun and I'm almost home, you guys.

I hope that helps, and I hope that helps you recap the event and see behind the scenes with the numbers and the metrics and how it all worked, how we choreographed it.

We had a couple calls to Bill Glazier ahead of time and I appreciate him helping me choreograph the event and kind of make it in a way that gets people maximum value, able to monetize it, but not in a way that people are turned off by it.

Everyone gets a ton of value and it just turns out to be awesome. That's what happened. That was kind of how it all ended. Again, those of you there, I appreciate you being there.

Those that weren't there, get on board for next year because these tickets will sell out fast. We already sold out, I think a third of the tickets sold out live.

So if you want to go, be sure to book it ASAP because it will not be around long.

Thanks everyone. I appreciate you guys listening in and we'll talk soon.

Jun 1, 2015

How $7 kept this guy from becoming successful.

On this special episode Russell and his wife, Collette drive to the airport for the Funnel Hacking Live event. He talks about how some people let stupid things get in the way of being successful.

Here are some interesting things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • Why a customer who is mad about not receiving a copy of his book on time is no longer attending the event.
  • And why not going to the event over something stupid is causing him to miss out on very valuable information that could contribute to his success.

So listen below to hear why letting stupid things bother you could be getting in the way of your success.


Russell: Hey, everyone. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to an exciting Marketing In Your Car. Today I'm here with my beautiful wife Collette. Can you say hi?

Collette: Hello. 

Russell: She's so embarrassed to be on the podcast. But we are heading to the airport, getting ready to fly out for the Funnell Hacking Event.

All right, so today's message for you guys is one that -- well first get to the airport safely. My wife's pretty sure we're going to die. She's not used to this podcasting while we're driving.

We're about to go through and we're going to survive. Okay, so today's message, this morning I was getting ready to head out, jumped on Facebook to make sure everyone was still coming to the event, and that the party's still on.

It was, which is good. But then there's some dude who posted in our group basically saying they still hadn't gotten The Dot Com Seekers book, which I understand. It's been a little while. I've posted like 50 times why it takes a long time.

But anyway I kind of responded back and said, "Hey, this is why."

I said, "It was a pre-launch of the book. That's why it didn't get shipped until recently."

And then the publisher, we're going through a publisher so we don't really have control of it.

My wife's making me punch it past another car. Oh man, if you guys witness this death, tell our kids we love them.

So anyway, I told him basically about the reason my book was late. I basically said, "In exchange, we gave you a $2,000 course for free. And basically you paid $7 shipping and handling. It's going to be all right. Just calm down and everything will be all right."

Anyway, the guy comes back and like private messages me kind of all flipping out about how, "If I was to go to Denny's and if I ordered a steak, I don't care if they'd have brought me free donuts and ice cream. I ordered a steak and I want the steak."

Anyway, just something like that, which whatever.

We're going to be okay. I promise.

And the thing that bugged me he said about the book: "I would have bought Click Funnels and I would be at your event this weekend, but because I didn't get the book I refuse to invest in those because it just left a bad taste in my mouth," or something like that.

And it just made me think about how often we let stupid things get in our way from being successful. Like, honestly, this guy could be using Click Funnels, which would give him the ability to change his entire company, change his life, as all of you guys know.

But he refused to do it because his book has been shipped late. He could be at the event right now, networking with 600 other amazing entrepreneurs who are changing the world in their own way.

But he didn't, because he's annoyed that the book showed up late. And I think that sometimes people, and this guy is a perfect example, he's just putting all of these roadblocks in his way to success because he's just annoyed, instead of being grateful for all the stuff he's getting and all the value he's getting from me and from us and from everything.

And then after a back and forth I apologized and I was trying to be a nice guy, and then he messaged me and said, "Well I tried Click Funnels, but it doesn't work for real estate agents."

I'm like, "Dude, you missed the whole point of everything. Had you have watched the 14 hours of the training," oh cool, some jets just flew over, "If you had watched the 14 hours of training, you would understand how to use Click Funnels as a realtor."

Had you networked in group, had you have logged into Click Funnels and gone through the training, had you have showed up at the event, you would know exactly how to use it for what you're doing. But instead, you're confused because you let a stupid thing keep you in the way of being successful.

So the moral of today's lesson is don't let stupid things keep you in the way of being successful. Just blow it off. It was $7 you spent.

Anyway, I hope that makes sense. Now we're getting in traffic now and we're still pretty good on time. We have 13 minutes before we have to be there.

Anyway, so I just wanted to leave that with you guys today. Just make sure that you're not the one keeping yourself from success over little trivial things. Let things roll off your back and look for the good in things and look for all the awesome stuff that can happen.

And if you do that, you could be successful. You could be at the live event. You could be using Click Funnels. You could be changing your life.

Instead you're annoyed about something outside of any of our control. So I hope that helps. Collette, any final words for the listening audience?

Collette: Stay lovely. Vegas, baby!

Russell: We're heading to Vegas. All right, we'll see you guys. We're going to be in Vegas here in a couple of hours. I appreciate you all and we'll talk to you soon.