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Welcome To Russell Brunson’s Marketing Secrets Podcast. So, the big question is this, “How are entrepreneurs like us, who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital, who are spending money from our own wallets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and services and things that we believe in out to the world… and yet still remain profitable?” That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Russell Brunson, and welcome to
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Mar 31, 2015

A quick update from the book launch, and our two year celebration.

On this episode Russell talks about losing power at his house and in his whole neighborhood. He also talks about how his product launch has been going and what the next steps will be.

Here are some other super cool things you’ll hear in this episode:

  • It’s Marketing In Your Car podcast’s birthday and to celebrate Russell announces the launch of a new podcast called Funnel Hacker TV.
  • Find out some of the cool stuff that you would see on Funnel Hacker TV.
  • And hear Russell’s goal of copies sold of his new book.

So listen below to hear about all the cool stuff that Russell has going on.


Hey everyone! This is Russell, and welcome to Marketing In Your Car.

All right, so today we were getting ready, and I was actually juicing with Aiden, and we started juicing and all of a sudden VROOM! The whole power in the whole house goes out, and I was like, “Oh, crap! Did we hit a fuse?”

Turns out, the power went out all around my whole neighborhood. Everyone’s power’s out, the school’s power is out, and anyway the kids are having so much fun and going crazy because of the huge power outage.

And it’s funny, like, you know, obviously we know we use power for a lot of things. But it’s funny how much stuff you use power for when you have no power. Like, literally it was just so funny, like trying to do everything, like every little thing you do, like:

“Oh, I can’t do that. Oh, I can’t do that. Oh, I can do that.” Internet doesn’t work, security alarm doesn’t work, the garage door opener doesn’t work, like every single thing.

But luckily I was able to get out the door. Oh man, and I am just hitting the main street, and there are cars lined up all the way out, which means that I’m guessing the power lines… Oh, yep, power [laughter].

The power lines are out, too. This is great. I love this kind of thing. Anyway, so that’s what’s happening in my morning so far, which is kind of cool. Hope you guys are having an awesome day.

I wanted to talk about the product launch. People keep asking me and, “What’s happened? Last I heard, Russell, in the podcast, this was what was going to be happening, and then we haven’t heard back from you.”

So yeah, sorry I haven’t messaged you back. It’s been kind of a crazy life, but things are going awesome. We launched the book last Tuesday, so we can go today, at the time I’m recording this, and in that time we’ve given over -- we’ve sold 8,000 books.

A little more than that, but a little over 8,000 books now, which is awesome, and our upsell-downsell sequence is working magically. We’re averaging… I think we’re averaging collectively about $32 for every book we give away, which is great from the upsell-downsell sequence.

We’re really happy with that, and now we’re starting into phase number two. Which is where we’re getting people from the book sequence into the invisible funnel sequence, which is the second step in our funnel stacking process.

The third step then will be the webinar, the Funnel Hacks webinar, and the fourth step will then be the coaching. So it’s kind of cool to see how the numbers all shake out after all four steps of the sequence, but so far, so good.

Okay, so I’m at the intersection now. There are cops everywhere. [Laughter] There are cops -- oh, that guy, some dude got in a huge wreck. So there’s a guy in a huge wreck, then you got cops out in the middle, like flag people letting one car go at a time type thing.

So anyway, this is exciting! This is like what the end of the world’s going to be like, I bet. The power will be out. It’ll be chaos, cars slamming into each other. It’s going to be awesome.

Makes me wish I was in the prepper market right now. If I was in the prepper market, I’d have my… I’d be going crazy with my free offers. [Laughter] Anyway, it’s kind of fun.

So today, what should we talk about today? There are so many fun things happening right now that I could share with you guys. One cool thing that I think would be kind of fun to let you guys in on is, I’m going to be launching a new podcast, which is cool.

This has been my staple podcast. In fact, my brother told me last week or earlier this week that we just passed the two-year episode from the first Marketing In Your Car upload -- the first download, first person downloaded it.

So it’s been two years that Marketing In Your Car has been live, so it’s technically our birthday today.

So for our Marketing In Your Car birthday, if you want to give us a present, go post on Facebook if you think Marketing In Your Car is cool. That’ll be a great Facebook present, but I’m about to launch a new podcast, and I’m really excited for it.

It’s been called the Funnel Hacker. It’ll be at It’s not live yet, but it will be, hopefully, within a week from now. And what we’re going to do in this podcast is, each week we’re going to go and funnel hack somebody’s funnel.

It’s going to be cool, and so I’m going to bring a guest on, and I’m going to show them the, you know, show the four or five, however many different pages in their funnel, and we’ll show each of those pages.

And the person, the guest will talk about each page, what they did, why they did it, the psychology behind it, all that kind of stuff, which will be cool, and then it’ll be kind of awesome. So that’s going to be kind of the process.

Oh, I’m also going to talk about the email sequencing, and also where they’re generating their traffic and their leads from. So it’ll be fun, every single time absolutely going to be a new funnel.

So one week will be a high ticket funnel, one time it’ll be a tripwire funnel, one time it’ll be a membership continuity funnel, and just different things all the time, and I think it’ll be fun for everyone to kind of see behind the scenes.

And then I had this really cool idea, where when after somebody watches a funnel… so you go and you watch, let’s say, someone’s cool high ticket funnel, and after it’s done I always think, like, how do you monetize these podcasts, right?

I have a friend, John Lee Dumas, who… he is Entrepreneur On Fire and he tells me he charges like, it’s crazy, like $3500 an episode for earned advertising fees.

[Coughs] Excuse me. Sorry that my cough’s coming in. So what was cool about it is that, with that is he does a podcast every day of the week.

It’s probably something like three or four a day if I was making that much off each one. So that’s how easy it is with advertisers, but, you know, I’m not big on like going out and getting advertisers and all that jazz.

I would be if I had his following. I definitely would be, actually, but since I don’t, I just do kind of my own thing, and so what I’m looking to do is like, how do you monetize this?

And so I thought, how cool would it be if we show -- we funnel hack someone’s funnel, we show off the whole thing, and then at the end of it I say, “Hey, who here would love this funnel?

“You know, I just rebuilt it in ClickFunnels, and there I have a ‘Share Funnel’ link. You click on that and it’ll pull this, his entire funnel inside your account, and then you can go edit it, and mock it up, and make it look wicked awesome.

“But all you got to do is you got to be a member of our membership site, the Funnel Hacker Pro community,” or whatever it is, and then so get people to upgrade to our continuity membership site, where each time I show off a funnel, they get the Share Funnel link.

And that way, they can go and take the funnel they just learned about, and clone it and do it in their business, so kind of fun. I’m excited for it. It’s going to be super-awesome. So that is the game plan with, which should be coming out here in the next week. It’s going to be awesome.

So anyway, that’s kind of the main stuff I want to talk to you guys about is give you an update on the book launch. We’re selling books like crazy. Phase one is almost complete. We’re, again, a week in, 8,000 copies.

The goal: I’ve got to hit 11,000 copies. That’s where we’re -- that’s kind of our big number that we’re shooting for. So I think we should be able to get that pretty easily, since it’s a four-week launch, and we’re in week one, and we’re almost already there so it’s exciting.

My overall goal, I think, is sell 20,000 books. I’d be really excited with 20,000 books, so that’s kind of -- that’s the magic number that I’m shooting for, and we’re going to be pushing hard.

We’ve got a whole bunch of people competing for the Ferrari to try to win it, and it’s been really cool, so anyway that’s kind of our game plan.

But anyway, I’ll keep you guys in the loop as things keep progressing. I’ll talk to you guys about phase two in the funnel stacking process, phase three and phase four as they are implemented, but it’s all good.

It’s really fun and I’m excited for today to go and get some of this stuff implemented, and see what’s going to happen when we unlock phase number two of the product launch!

So I appreciate you guys listening. Hope you enjoy this, and again, for the Marketing In Your Car birthday party, if you want, please go share us on Facebook. That would mean the world to me, and we’ll talk to you guys soon.

Mar 24, 2015

A secret million dollar education only for Marketing In Your Car listeners.

On this episode Russell talks about his upcoming book launch and what will be included when it comes to marketing his new book.

Here are some fun things to listen for in this episode:

  • Some of the things Russell worked on until 3am to prepare for the launch.
  • What makes this book so exciting and why you’ll want to get your hands on it.
  • And how watching the process of launching this book could be a free education for you and you should pay attention.

So listen below to get excited about Russell’s new book.


Well, well, well… it’s three in the morning and you’re hanging out with me doing Marketing in Your Car.

Hey, everyone! Yes, yes, yes… it is three in the morning, and it’s raining outside, and I’m driving home, and I’m freezing cold! You may be wondering, Russell, why you up at three in the morning?

And the reason is because tomorrow is a very exciting day. It’s a day that I’ve been looking forward to for a year, and it’s all coming down to right now, and so when everything’s about to happen, you don’t sleep, right?

Sleep is for people who are broke! I heard that in some video one time. Anyway, so three a.m. I’m just leaving the office right now. The book launch is about to start in about 13 hours from now. No 12 hours, 11… 11 hours from now, 11 hours from now we are going to be live, and you’d think…

I’ve been doing this for a long time, like 12… 12-plus years, and you’d think that I would just be calm and like, oh, it’s going to be really, really good. But I’m freakin’ out, like what if… what if nobody wants to promote it?

What if Facebook shuts my ad account down? What if my email list doesn’t go though, and I get hit on UR or IBL list again? What if… like there’s so many what if’s that could happen!

What if… I’m giving away in this contest, and nobody even promotes? What if… I don’t even know what else. There’s so many, there’s so many what if’s, and it’s funny because people are always like, “Oh, you know, shouldn’t be nervous.”

This is whatever, but I am. Like it still gets me nervous every single time. We don’t do product launches very often anymore, and this is part of the reason why. I hated the stress behind them.

It’s nice having a business that makes, you know, a million bucks a month without having to do product launches, but we’re doing one because I felt like this deserved one. It’s my first book, and I don’t know about you, but if you’ve ever written a book, it’s like giving birth to a baby.

Like how much work goes into it, and now that it’s done, I just want people to know about it and hear about it, and so as you know, probably, I’m giving away my Ferrari to whoever can help me “sell” the most books.

I say sell in parenthesis because it’s free, plus shipping offer, and I did a webinar or a podcast a couple, I think last week, about some of the strategies behind what we’re doing.

We’re doing a concept called Funnel Stacking. I invented a new concept called an Offer Wall and a whole bunch of cool stuff coming. Like if you guys want to funnel hack some cool stuff, you need to be watching what’s happening, so I’ll walk you through the process.

I kind of talked about it the other day, but now that it’s done and all the pages are in place, now I know it with extreme clarity -- so it’s kind of fun.

So it begins with my free plus shipping book, and… oh, I’m so proud! Like the video turned out amazing on the sales page. We got really powerful testimonial videos. Well, I could just… it turned out really cool, so I hope people love it.

They get the book, and I decided to put in a three-day workshop that I did with my $10,000 a month clients, or $10,000 a year clients. I almost didn’t put it in, but it’s like you know what?

I just freakin’ want to blow people’s minds. I want to over-deliver times a thousand, and so they get the free book. They also get, it’s like 10 or 12 hours worth of me teaching all the stuff inside the book at a live event, and it’s really good.

Like I honestly could sell that for $1,000 or more by itself, and I’m just giving it away. So, hopefully, that’ll inspire people to come and hang out in my life events more, right? [Laughter] If nothing else!

So that’s the offer. They’re paying $7.95 shipping and handling. It’s insane! So that’s what it starts off with, and there’s an order form bump for $37 bucks: You can get the audio book version as well as a lost chapter, called “The Dream 100,” that I created.

You can get that for an extra $37 bucks, which I think everyone will take that, right? For me, I would take the audio book version, without even thinking twice, like this audio book version.

And by the way, I don’t know if I… I might have podcast about this. The whole week is kind of a blur. But I went and found some guy someplace who had a recording studio and recorded the entire book last week.

Nine hours recording it, and the guy’s been editing ever since, and it’s 3:00 in the morning, he’s just eaten and he’s still not done editing it. So I told him, I’m like, “Dude, this book goes live tomorrow. I have to have the audio book version back.”

So I don’t even really know this guy and he’s pulling an all-nighter tonight. Ah! It’s just awesome! Awesome, awesome guy to get the audio book version done in time! Which is cool, so that’s the thing.

Then my first upsell is my Instant Traffic Systems… Ah! I created a super cool page in Click Funnels, I’m really proud of for my upsell page.

Like it’s the coolest upsell page I’ve ever seen, so I’m really proud of that. Re-did the video, and selling my $197 Instant Traffic Hacks, which is really cool, and the second upsell is my Perfect Webinar System, which is a newer product we just put together.

Perfect Webinar Secrets, it’s a $297 product, and that’s going to be the second upsell, and then that’s kind of it. At that point, they land on the order confirmation page, and on the order confirmation page we had a bunch of things.

First off, I’ve had people come to an invisible funnel style training, which is called the DotComSecretsBlueprint Workshop, where they come in to put their credit down, and they actually go through a live experience with someone on my team, and at the end of it, if they like it they pay $197, and if not they don’t have to pay anything.

On that Thank You page, the confirmation page, which I’m calling an Offer Wall, then we also, I give them three other free plus shipping offers. One is for my DotComSecretsLabs monthly, which is my new $50 a month newletter.

They get a $500 marketing gift for free, if they sign up for that, so that’s kind of a cool funnel -- which, by the way, you should also funnel hack that funnel if you want to do any kind of continuity program.

Then we give them a free copy of the Perfect Webinar script, free plus shipping, and that sales process is super cool, too. Oh crap! I forgot, they were for a mom. I forgot to create that. I was going to do that tonight. [Laughter]

Well, good thing that… Okay, I think tomorrow is coming soon, and then the old DotComSecrets Lab book also is on the Thank You page, and they also get a gift, two-week, free trial access to ClickFunnels.

So it’s really cool, and then so that’s the core funnel, but then breaking off of that there’s four other funnels. There’s the DotComSecretsBlueprint Workshop funnel, which an invisible funnel.

Then there is the DotComSecretsLab’s monthly funnel, which is the continuity, which I talk about in the book. Then there’s the other… the two other free plus shipping funnels.

And so anyway, I’m practicing what I preach in giving people -- I’m trying to lie, to lay out -- is that the right word? Lie out? I’m trying to lay gold out so that, you know, getting the book, people will get insane amounts of value -- getting the training, getting all the stuff.

But I’m trying to -- like I’m leaving hints, I’m leaving clues, and I know that you guys, you’re the Marketing in Your Car crew. You guys listen in. You’re paying attention, you’re intelligent, so you’re going to see that, and I want you to notice the stuff.

Like don’t just go and buy it because you’re in the heat of the moment. Like study it. Look at -- like funnel hack me, you guys!

Like this is gone… I’ve spent like insane amounts of time, putting this all together, and you know, it could bomb, it still could bomb. I hope it doesn’t bomb, but it could.

If it does, that’s fine, but there’s a lot of strategy and thought and stuff that went into this and I’m proud of it. And I think that for those of you guys who were paying attention, you’re going to get a free education just watching the process, so make sure you do.

Anyway, I’m home, I’m tired, and I’m awake at the same. It’s one of those weird feelings. So anyway, I’m going to go try to crash for three or four hours and get back up, and then get this launch out the door!

So I appreciate you guys listening in. I hope that you take some time and watch the process. And that if you do, it’ll be a little secret gift I’m giving you guys because you’re Marketing in Your Car fans and listeners, and I appreciate you guys.

So thanks again, and we’ll talk soon.

Mar 16, 2015

Just super grateful today for the gift of entrepreneurship…

On this episode Russell talks about the opportunity he had in the last few days to sell his Neuracel business. He also briefly mentions the birth of his new baby girl.

Here are a few other cool things you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Russell was able to hold in his hands the biggest REAL check he’s ever seen.
  • How he will still be able to have a hand in the Neuracel business even after having sold it.
  • And why we should all be grateful for our opportunities and blessings that come from being entrepreneurs.

So listen below to hear about Russell’s exciting news.


Hey everyone, this is Russell. It's really late at night right now. I'm driving home, and wanted to say, "Hey," to all my "Marketing in Your Car" followers.

Hey, everyone. First off, I appreciate you guys listening, especially this late at night. [laughs] I know it's probably a normal time of day for you right now, but I probably sound a little tired right now. I'm driving home from a long day, after having our new baby, baby Nora. It's been kind of insane on our side. My wife's got to take care of her, obviously, and I've got to take care of four other kids, so it's been crazy. [laughs]

We had football games today and birthday parties today, and I was driving around all day, and then I went and picked up food, and then came back, and then I just went grocery shopping, and now I'm coming back. Anyway, I'm kind of worn out, but just wanted to smile for a little bit and say, "Hi," to all you guys, because things are good. Things are fun.

We did something really exciting on Friday. I've been working like crazy trying to get everything done for the book launch, and I'm so excited for you guys to see that. I think it's going to be really exciting. I did a podcast a little while ago about the whole funnel stacking concept and everything. I think you guys are going to enjoy just seeing the process, and so again, funnel hacking, when I do it, but notice that it's a deep funnel. You're not going to see it all in one day, and so pay attention, take notes.

Anyway, I'm excited for that. The other exciting thing is that as I was rolling in things happening and craziness, and it was a crazy week. I had our Decade-in-a-Day on Friday, which is like we do these one-hour consult for our new incoming members, and so I did six of seven of those, and just all this stuff, and then at three o'clock in the afternoon, I jumped in my car. I drove over to this big legal building, and had to go get name-carded and get someone to buzz me in the building, all these things, and went up to the top floor overlooking all of Boise. It was beautiful, and I was there with one of my friends who just purchased Neuracel from us. It was kind of crazy. We signed paperwork and it was interesting, because I've been really excited about this for a long time, and I was freaked. I've been nervous on it. I feel the same way like if I sold a house to somebody. I feel nervous about if they're going to like it, are they going to...all those kind of things. And so part of me's been nervous about that, "Is he even going to like this? Is he going to be excited? What is...?" Those type of things.

I remember I was driving there and I got a Vox from him saying, "Hey, we just got the cashier's check. We're so excited. We're going to come to meet you," and I was just like, "How cool is this?" What a cool win-win. It's exciting for him to come and buy this company from us, and it's so exciting for me to be able to sell a company, and I feel like we created an offer that was a win-win for both of us, where it was a really good win for us, it was a really good win for him, and just a great experience all around. It was so cool. We went up there in the building, signed the paperwork, and he handed me a check, the biggest check I've ever seen in my life that was a real check. [laughs] Just so exciting.

So I'm just grateful. I'm grateful for the gift we have of being entrepreneurs where we can invent things and create things and try to provide value to the world, and what's cool is that when we do it right, and we do it the correct way, we get the world, the market, whatever you want to call it, that we're selling these things to, that we're putting the value and the ideas out there. They reward us by giving us money, and for me, I've always focused on the customers giving us money, which has been really fun, and it's just cool to see somebody else's value of something we've created enough and be excited enough that they actually want to buy it and own it. Anyway, for me it was just a big day, something I've always wanted to do, first time ever.

I've sold websites before. I had sold one website for a little over $100,000, I think $114,000. That was my biggest. I think that might have been the only website I've actually sold, actually. No, I think I've sold two. Anyway, I've only sold a couple of websites here and there. This is the first time I've sold a real business. I've always wanted to do that, and it was just cool to see the process and see the whole thing, and to see the finality on our side of seeing this thing end. We'll spend the next couple of weeks transitioning it over, and what was cool for me is that one of the people that bought it is actually one of our coaching students, so I'm going to have a chance to be able to still have my hand in the business a little bit through proxy, through sharing ideas and stuff. It just makes me happy that I can still be part of it, even though it's not mine anymore.

Anyway, it was really fun and just grateful to be an entrepreneur. I hope you guys are grateful for this opportunity as well. I know that some places in the world, this is not possible, and other times in history when this was not possible, and we just live in such an amazing day and age, and I'm so blessed and grateful to be here and to be able to have a life like this, and an opportunity like this. I think all of us are so blessed to be living in a time and a date where things like this are possible.

Anyway, I'm just grateful, and so I want to share that with you guys, and I hope you guys are grateful for this blessing of entrepreneurship that we all have, and sometimes, some ideas that we have make money, some don't. Some lose a lot of money. I think I've probably lost more money than most people ever dream of. [laughs] But every once in a while, it works, and that's what makes it all worthwhile. Anyway, just like I said, I'm grateful to be an entrepreneur, and I want to share that with you guys tonight. I hope you're grateful as well.

Just got home. The garage is shut behind me. I'm going to do in, and take the groceries in, give all my kids a kiss, and tuck my little baby into bed, and I'm going to pass out. [laughs] I'll be ready for next week when we do the last phase of our preparations for the product launch. I actually rented a studio. It's like a professional recording studio. I'm going to go on Tuesday and record the audio version of my book, so I'm just excited. So much fun stuff.

I appreciate you guys listening as always. I'm going to go in, crash. Just be thankful, you guys, again for this gift that we have of being entrepreneurs and the ability to create and to give and to share and to serve. I'm grateful to have that chance with you guys.

So thanks again, and we'll talk to you guys all soon.

Mar 12, 2015

The four funnel sequence we are using to launch the DotComSecrets book.

On this episode Russell talks about his new Funnel Stacking book. He mentions his plans for the marketing the book.

Here are some of the exciting things you’ll hear during this episode:

  • The name of the book and why it was chosen.
  • The way Russell plans to market the book.
  • What the three core funnels are and other interesting things in the book.

So listen below to hear about new Funnel Stacking book.


Good morning, everyone, I want to welcome you to the inside of my car.

Alright, guys, so, today I wanted to — I’m actually driving to the gym right now and I had an idea to share with you guys. So, some of you guys know I’m launching my book in two weeks from yesterday. So we’re going to try to hit the New York Times Best-Seller List, among some fun stuff and anyway. So I’ve been working on the funnel, and I’m really excited for it and thought I would share with you guys, because maybe it will give you some ideas on your own.

So, first thing is I decided instead of just doing one funnel, I’m going to try to do funnel stacking. I think that this is going to become a bigger trend for people, especially after we kind of do it this week, or during this launch. So, there’s basically going to be four funnels inside of this funnel. So, it’s like a dream inside of a dream inside of a dream, right? So that’s kind of the idea. We will call it funnel stacking.

That’s kind of a cool name. Anyway, so the first funnel is going to be the book launch. So the first thing is going to be a book. It’s going to be free plus shipping, and then we’ve got an order form bump. If you don’t know what an order form bump is, I think I did a podcast, like, a few months ago about it. And actually, we’re about to launch a new dot com secrets monthly continuity newsletter.

And my due, the very first issue is all about the order form bump. So, it’s a really cool thing. Basically it’s like someone puts in there, like, step one in the sales page says “Where do you want us to ship you the book,” then step two says “What’s your credit card.” And then right before the submit form there’s a little bump there that says “Hey, how would you like to add this to your offer for an extra, whatever, $37?”

So for ours, what we’re doing is, I mean, going back before that, I think I figured out a perfect order form bump. So the order form bump is going to be next Tuesday I’m renting out an entire recording studio. I’m going to record an audio version of the book, so I have, like, an audio version. And then I just run a bonus chapter of the book, the lost chapter, called the Dream 100, just how to get leads into your sales funnels.

And so, what I’m going to do for order form bumps is “Hey, how would you like to have the audio book version of the book plus the lost chapter called The Dream 100, How to Get How Many Leads Into Your Funnels, for an extra $37?” So, quick, here’s a boom, a $37 order form bump, which I think will crush, I think we’ll get half the people to buy that. So, that will be cool. Then the first upsell we’ll probably make in some traffic systems, and the second upsell will probably be the Perfect Webinar systems.

So that’s going to be the kind of the initial, like, sales funnel number one, right? So that happens first. And then we transition over – I think I have allergies today, that’s why I probably sound kind of funny. I’ve been sneezing all morning, so I apologize for that. Okay, then, so after we finish that one, then we transition over to sales funnel number two, which is called Will This Work In Your Business, or This Won’t Work in My Business, something like that.

And so, yesterday I actually filmed, I spent about eight hours filming this workshop that basically takes what’s in the book. We have a blueprint called the Dot Com Series Blueprint. And basically, it’s a blueprint where I took a group of nine people through yesterday. And one was a realtor, and one was a chiropractor and one was a info product person, one was a coach. So we had, like, a lot of different types of businesses there.

And so we went in there, and taught this process where Grayson took everything from inside the book but broke it down into, like, what’s the first step, second step, third step, fourth step. So they had very, you know, very straight line to where they were starting out to where we’re going. And so that was kind of the event. And so, we’re going to be doing an invisible funnel version of that event for people, where basically it’s $0 and then they pay $197 afterwards, if they love it. And so that will be the second funnel.

And then we’re actually doing those live. We’re going to have, we’re going to be having small group classes. It will be like one facilitator for ten people facilitating these little classes, like I did yesterday. So it will be really, really cool. So that will be funnel number two, it will be the invisible funnel. And that goal there is, you bought the book, here’s how to [Inaudible 04:18] liking this book until you, to make it work for your type of business.

Funnel number three then is we’ve got this really cool hand sketch video called The Death of a Website, talking about how websites are dead and sales funnel is the new thing, and it gets people to register for the Funnel Hacks Webinar. So that would be the third funnel in the process.

And then funnel number four, in the process, will be, we filmed the video yesterday with Mike Stanczyk. And you guys, if you listened to yesterday’s podcast, you heard kind of his story. So I think we’re going to call it Rick Kid, Poor Kid, or something like that. And it’s him telling his story about his experience with our coaching program, and from there we’re going to be selling our coaching program.

So that’s kind of the game plan. That’s what we’re doing. So it’s going to be kind of fun to see. In our old funnels, because it was one funnel, we had averaged, you know at Dot Com Use Labs we had averaged about $40 per book in the sales funnel. And this one, I’m really excited to see, I think will be, you know, who knows, it will be 2, 3, $400 per book. It’s really in that funnel sequence, the funnel stacking.

So, anyway, we’ll see. I’ll let you guys know as it happens, but it’s kind of an exciting time, you know. So I’m at the gym now, have a great day, you guys, and we’ll talk soon.

Mar 11, 2015

Two guys joined our “Inner Circle” on the same day, one quit. Where are they at now, 12 months later?…

On today’s episode Russell tells a story about a friend of his, Mike Stazyk, who took a risk and how it paid off. He also talks about why taking risks is important for growing your business and how to set Lead or Gold deadlines.

Here are some interesting things you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Mike Stazyk took a risk by spending his college tuition on something that could make or break his business.
  • Why Mike’s friend who didn’t take the same risk is still struggling with his own business.
  • And why setting Lead or Gold deadlines is important for growing your business.

So listen below to hear an interesting story about a kid who went from knowing nothing about marketing to making it big by taking some risks.


Hey everyone! It’s Russell and it’s literally three in the morning right now. I’m driving home, and this is another very special, exciting episode of Marketing in Your Car.

All right, so I guess it’s three a.m., I’ve just dropped someone off at the Hyatt place, and I wanted to tell you a story about him.

So his name is Mike Stanzic. Some of you guys may know him. If not, you should get to know him, he’s amazing.

But Mike, he’s here in town because we’re trying to film a kind of promotional video with him, talking about our coaching program, and just kind of hang out with him and have a good time and it’s been really cool, and I wanted to tell you guys a story about him because it’s pretty impressive.

Actually, I’m going to tell you two stories, and these two stories are going to illustrate why he is successful, and why -- if you’re struggling, if you’re struggling to be successful right now at this time in your life -- you need to look at what he’s doing, and it’ll help you understand what you need to do to get where you want to be.

So Mike was a college kid. He had dropped out of college and was like trying to figure out what he wanted to do. I think he said he had like $23,000 in his bank account that was meant -- that he had saved up for his college tuition.

He went to this Tony Robbins event, and at the Tony Robbins he met this guy, and they kind of became friends and stuff, and Mike didn’t know anything about Internet marketing.

He was involved in a network marketing program but didn’t know anything about Internet marketing, and this other guy was big, like had been studying Internet marketing.

And so after the Tony event, they were driving home, and they were just kind of talking, and this guy was telling Mike all about Internet marketing and how it worked and all these cool things, and Mike was like, “Well, I could use that for my Internet marketing business.”

And anyway, his friend basically said, “Hey, there’s this guy. His name is Russell Brunson, and I wanted to join his coaching program. It’s really expensive, but it’s going to change my whole life, and I think you should join it, too. We should join it together. It would be awesome!”

And so Mike got excited, and said, “Okay, let’s do it. Let’s join this thing together,” and so they joined.

And so, anyway, so this is the next Monday, so next Monday we get a phone call at our office from the buddy, and he signs up for our $25,000 Inner Circle Program, and then like four hours later Mike calls up and signs up for the $25,000 Inner Circle Program.

And I guess what happened, you know, Mike told me the story now, is that his buddy was like, “Hey man, I’m going to do it! I’m going to do it!” And he’s like, then he called Mike, “Hey, I did it! I sent the check in. The money is going, like I’m in, and you need get in, too.”

So Mike is like, “All right, I’m in,” so he went in and actually did it. Wrote a check, sent it in. Got involved in the program, and basically, yeah, he got in the program.

And then, Mike called the guy back like later on that day or maybe it was the next day and to talk about it, and the guy was like, “Aw! I couldn’t afford it.” Mike is like, “What?” He’s like, “Yeah, I couldn’t afford it.”

He’s like, “Are you kidding me? You couldn’t afford to like… Like you just told me you sent a check. Well, I wrote a check based on that.” Like he said, “I send my college tuition on this thing. It was like every penny I had in my bank account.”

And the guy was like, “Sorry I can't do it,” and so Mike was like stuck at this point, and, you know, the buddy called us and canceled. But Mike had stayed in and basically Mike was like, “You know what? I committed to this. I can't… I got to do it.”

So he went through and did it. He showed up at our next Mastermind meeting or our first workshop, as green as green can be. The guy didn’t know anything about Internet marketing or anything.

And we started the Mastermind group and there’s 18 people or so in this group, and each person is supposed to get up and present their business, and before I started it, I said, you know, “Does anyone want to go first?”

And Mike jumps right up and stands in front of the room -- doesn’t know anything about anything! Stands up there, starts drawing a picture of his supplement that he sold through his MLM, and said, “This is what I have,” and that was it, and so we started working on this thing.

Man, he just jumped in and just worked hard and spent the next four months, building out his first funnel and launching it. Making some money, and then kept going from there and ended up learning how to drive traffic, and just kept growing and evolving.

I’ve been watching him do this stuff, and anyway he came today, he was kind of talking about what he’s doing. I didn’t realize his last week alone he made 10 grand.

Last month I think it was close to like 30 grand or something crazy like that, and what was interesting is that he told me that his buddy, the guy that had signed up and then canceled, basically had just reapplied for school because he’s frustrated and his business hasn’t grown.

He’s just stagnated and he was going back to school now to figure out Option B, and it was just kind of cool to see this tale of two people, right? Two people who started at the exact same situation, both made the same commitment.

One followed through and one didn’t, and where is their life at now? What’s the difference? You know, what’s been happening, and it’s just kind of cool to see that.

And just to kind of like put you in perspective of like the type of person that he is, he was telling me a story tonight that he wanted do this partnership with this guy that he was going to be calling, and it was for this mortgage broker thing.

The guy told him, “Hey, you need to start cold calling mortgage brokers,” and Mike was like, “All right.” So he grabbed a phone book and starting cold calling mortgage brokers. He didn’t even know what the pitch was but started dialing numbers, and saying, “Hey, so we’ve got this thing…”

And didn’t even know what it was, and was trying to like explain this thing, and he didn’t even know what it was. The first one went and it totally bombed, so Mike called the guy back, “Hey, it bombed, but this is what I said…”

And the guy is like, “Well, that’s not what we’re selling. This is what we’re doing,” and so he kind of tweaked it.

Anyway, he kept dialing, and just cold calling mortgage brokers out of a phone book; selling a product he didn’t even know what it was, just because the guy said, “you need to do it.”

And he just jumped in and did it and did it and did it and boom! And eventually landed like four or five mortgage brokers in this deal, and just did it, and I was telling him how impressive it is for me.

Like he’s the kind of person when he just moves forward and he hits something, and then he just keeps moving forward, he keeps moving forward and he keeps moving forward.

And I told him how rare that is, like people don’t just do that. Like most people, they start moving forward, they hit something and they stop, and then they stop.

Maybe they’ll move forward again, they hit something, they stop. And the reason why he’s successful is because he doesn’t stop. When he hit something he keeps going and he keeps going. He doesn’t let fear or excuses or no money or whatever, he doesn’t let the fact that he doesn’t even know what the product is, stop him.

He just goes and goes and goes and goes, and I look at this kid now, 20… I think he’s 22 or 23-years-old. You know, he’s ten years younger than me, and this is a guy who’s got the world on his fingertips.

He can literally do whatever he wants now. Because he just brute-forced through this, he understands funnels and traffic, and I’ve seen him build funnels now for himself and other people, and he’s learned the process and it’s just… it’s amazing.

And so, I wanted to share that story, first off, because it inspired the heck out of me, and hopefully inspires the heck out of you as well. I hope that it makes you guys look at yourself, and then kind of look internal and look at like what are the things that keep you from moving forward sometimes?

You know, it’s kind of funny, on the flip side of that I had a phone call today with another person who joined our coaching program, who signed up, went through the initial program.

Went through my initial consult I do with them, where I kind of steer them in the right direction. I map out a business model, a funnel for them, and gave them everything on a silver platter, and then for two months he didn’t do anything.

And then, two months later he calls me and is like, “Hey, so I haven’t done anything. I can't remember what you wanted me to do. Can we do another call, so that you can re-explain to me what you told me two months ago?”

I was like, “No, like if you didn’t take notes, if you’re not paying attention, I’m not going to do it for you again.” Like, and then, the guy said like, “Oh, well, if I can't talk to you on the phone, I want a refund for my money.”

All these things, and I was like, “Dude, like two months ago I gave you a business model on a silver platter. Since then you’ve had the ability to Vox me any time you want. How many times have you Voxed me? Zero.

“You’ve had a chance to inbound call my two business partners every single week. How many times have you inbound called them? Zero.”

You know, and it’s just this guy who’s frustrated and upset, and look at him versus Mike, what’s the difference? Okay, one person doesn’t make excuses.

One person doesn’t let… I don’t know what would get in the way. One person doesn’t let any… just moves forward, and knows that success is right there and just goes and grabs it.

Where another person, I don’t know if he’s been there for two months. He hasn’t been working, that’s for dang sure, and now wants to blame it on me or blame it on whoever and it just drives me crazy.

And so, I want to make sure that you guys are more like Mike. Not like Mike’s friend, or not like the other guy that I’m talking about. Don’t be that kind of a person, you guys. I want you to be successful.

So anyway, I hope that helps. It’s three in the morning. I’m so tired, I don’t even know if anything I said even makes any sense, but that’s how it works.

So, you guys, if you’ve come to my events before or heard me talk about this, I talk a lot about a concept called Lead or Gold, where when I set goals or have ideas, I always set what I call a Lead or Gold Deadline.

And that story comes from -- I heard John, John Carlton, and Gary Halbert tell the story years ago, where they talk about how like the Mexican mafia, how when they need something to happen, right?

They go to the government and they say, “Hey, we need to change this law, so that we can get more drugs,” or whatever, right? And the government is like “No, we can't do that. That’s stupid. Like we’ll never do that.”

They say, “Okay, that’s fine.” And then, that night they’ll break into the government leaders’ homes and they’ll jump, you know, come and grab them and hold a gun to their head, and hold the gun in one hand in a bag of gold in another hand and say:

“Hey, you know what I talked about earlier today? You need to change it, right now, and you’ve got two options: Number one is lead, and you’re going to die. Or option number two is gold, where you’re going to take my bribe, and those two options, Lead or Gold.”

And when those are your options, Lead or Gold, it’s pretty easy to take the gold, okay? And so for me whenever I try to get something done in my business, I set what I call Lead or Gold Deadlines.

Like this has to happen, right now, and I do not deviate from it. I set these deadlines in there. In my mind, they are Lead or Gold. I will die if I do not create this deadline, and that’s why I’m out at three in the morning.

Because I set a Lead or Gold Deadline on a project that I’m doing tomorrow, and it’s 3:09, and I’m finally getting home because my Lead or Gold Deadline, I had to hit it. I didn’t have the opportunity to weasel out of it.

And anyway, that’s one thing I do, you guys, to help me be successful and help make sure I get stuff done.

So anyhoo, I’m home. I’m done. I need some sleep because I’ve got to be up in four hours to go and give the presentation I just finished a few minutes ago.

But I appreciate you guys. Thanks for hanging out with me tonight. I hope that you got something from this podcast.

I appreciate you guys. Go out and conquer, go serve the world in your way. Change somebody’s life today, and if you do that, all the stuff we talk about is going to be worth it.

So thanks, you guys, I appreciate you, and we’ll talk soon.

Mar 5, 2015

The small tweak that goes from zero sales to unlimited sales.

On this episode Russell talks about his perfect webinar script and why everyone who isn’t making money off of it is making the same mistake.

Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode:

  • What is the one mistake everyone is making and how to fix it.
  • Why initially making someone believe in your product is more important than teaching them.
  • And how you can make someone believe in your product = money and once that happens you can teach them and change their lives.

So listen below to find out what the one mistake is that everyone is making and how you can avoid making it too.


Alright, so, I’m in a good mood today. I just got an email from one of my friends saying he tested click funnels. He’s got a funnel that he’s been making a couple million dollars a year with for like five years.

He hadn’t touched it, but he rebuilt it and click funnels launched it. It’s getting a 62% conversion rate. Boom! There you go. It’s another amazing success story through click funnels. We are getting literally dozens a day. It’s amazing. I love it!

If you’re not using click funnels, you don’t belong on this podcast my friends. It means you hate good stuff – you hate money. If you hate money, you should not be here for sure. Anyway, I want to talk you about something today.

This has been kind of a fun thing. Some of you guys have gone through the perfect webinar script. If not, we’re going to be launching it as a free shipping offer in the very near future. You’re going to be able to find it at or actually on perfect

Somehow it got expired and the dude could sell it back to me for $5000. So I said, “You know what, I’m buying for $10. Anyway, that’s kind of a funny story.

Anyway, it’s been fun because we’ve had tons of our higher-end students go through it. We did a whole two-day workshop here in Boise. It’s been fun watching you guys going out there and just crushing – person after person after person.

There have been three or four people – or actually more than that. I would say five or six people who have gone through it who have launched a webinar and it didn’t work, didn’t work, and didn’t work; and they asked me, “Hey, can you look at my slides? What do I need to do differently?”

It’s interesting. Every single one of them – not just one or two – every single one of them that is not working yet, I told him to make an almost identical change. All of them made the same change. All of the webinars now work.

They all followed the script. They used the one thing and they used the three secrets. But for the three secrets, they shifted from marketer/salesperson to educator. They try to teach; and they teach, teach, teach. They have so much cool stuff, and they are trying to make it amazing. That’s good because you want to teach and inspire.

But, but all of them did – I think they knew it but they just didn’t do it – is understanding that in a 90 minute presentation you cannot teach people how to do your thing. So, trying to do that is a disservice because they are getting a fragmented part of it. What your goal is and what your job is is to inspire them and make them believe. If they believe that whatever you are selling or teaching or doing – that they can actually do it – than they are going to invest in your program.

Now you can actually help them and serve them and change their lives. So, the entire goal of the webinar is not to teach them something. The entire goal of the webinar is to get them to believe that what you are talking about is possible – not just possible but possible for them. If they believe that it’s possible for them, they will give you money.

It’s very important to understand that. It’s the same with any kind of sales you guys. It’s not so much – it’s funny if you ask our two sales guys – they each do millions of dollars a year in sales. If you ask them anything about Internet marketing, neither of them knows anything about Internet marketing.

But they believe in me and what I can do for somebody. They believe in that, and they can get other people to believe in that as well. That is really the key. So, with all of my students’ webinars that we came back to and I had them shift out their three secrets for training into storytelling.

That is telling stories about them and about other people and how this concept that they are sharing – the secret – how it works through story. I had them cut out all of the teaching – not teaching any of the technical parts but just talking about what it is and sharing results and stories to make it so that people believe that it will work for them.

When they shifted those things, it all worked for them. So, what I want you guys to understand is that stories cause belief, and belief causes people to give you money. When you understand that, it will change your business.

So quit teaching and quit educating until after they have bought your product, you guys. You are not doing them service as much as you think you are. Create stories that cause belief. After they have belief, they will give you money. Now, you can change their life.

Does that make sense? Alright. I’m at the office. I’ve got a fun day planned. I just wanted to drop that one on you guys really quick. Thanks so much for everything! I’ll talk to you guys all soon.

Mar 3, 2015

The power of doing awesome…

On this episode Russell talks about the arrival of his new baby daughter, Norah. He explains why changing the way you answer a simple question can change your outlook on life and how others see your.

Here are some fun things you will hear in today’s episode:

  • Why Russell and his wife Collette were unprepared for baby Norah to arrive.
  • Why Russell and his family always say they are doing awesome when some asks.
  • And why the enemy of “great” is “good”.

Listen below to hear the exciting news of Russell’s new baby girls birth.


Hey guys and gals and everyone who is hanging out with me today, I hope you guys are doing awesome. I’m on day three now having a brand-new little baby.

I can’t remember if I told you guys yet or not, but we just had a baby at the end of February. It was a month early. My wife woke up at 430 in the morning and said, “Russell, I think my water broke.”

So, we started the process, and sure enough a little baby came a month early. She’s doing awesome. She’s really big. She was 7 pounds and 1 ounce when she came – really healthy. We got to take her home yesterday which was really cool.

It’s been amazing. I got her home last night, and now I have my early morning weightlifting. Fortunately, my mother-in-law is in town and can watch the baby for little bit.

We’ve named her Norah Jane Brunson. So, that’s been fun. It’s funny because we thought we had an entire month to plan. We had nothing planned yet, which has been a fun experience of hurrying and buying everything we need and trying to coordinate schedules and get everything off.

We have all these plans this week that we now obviously have to cancel and move things around and shut things down and just go crazy with things to get all the free time so I could hang out with the family for this week and get things under control.

Anyway, it’s been crazy little bit. We are all tired now. We are worn out and everything. But, I just want to jump on and say “hey” for one. I miss you guys and I hope you are doing everything.

Secondly, I did a podcast about this a long time ago. If you go through the archives I’m sure you can find it and listen to it. But, it has to do with just our attitudes toward things.

I was talking in that podcast about how my kids – we trained them a long time ago – if someone asks us how were doing, we don’t say “good.” Everyone says, “How you doing?” “Doing good. Doing good.”

The world is boring because everyone’s just doing good. It’s a bad thing. So, probably two or three years ago I decided that when someone asks me how I’m doing, is that of saying that I’m doing good I’m going to say that I’m doing awesome.

It’s funny because we go to the airport at four in the morning and you’re buying some gum or something the ladies like, “How you doing today?” When you say, “I’m doing awesome,” there always like, “What, really?”

You can really catch people off guard. So, we trained our kids about a year ago at dinnertime we sat around that I had them each go through and talk about this. The rest of the world is doing good. We are doing awesome.

I would say, “How you guys doing?” They would say, “We are doing awesome.” I always quizzed them all the time too. Whenever I see them in the morning I go, “Hey, Dallin, how are you doing?” “I’m doing awesome Dad!” “Hey, Ellie, how are you doing?” “I’m doing awesome, Dad!”

We get everybody saying they are doing awesome. It’s funny how just that little tiny shift can change everything. They used to laugh because four years ago we had our last kid. His name is Aden, and he is four now.

We were in the hospital, we had this nurse who was crazy negative. I just remember she was so miserable all the time – so much so that my wife actually left the hospital early because she didn’t want to stay on her shift anymore.

She literally called me up and said, “Hey, come get me. I’m leaving because I just don’t want to be on this nurse’s shift. She’s so miserable.” What’s funny is that this time we’re having a baby and we go to the hospital. It’s four years later! Who would think that would see her again?

But all of a sudden, Collette said that she was sitting there in her room and there were some nurses talking outside. Then, the nurse shift changed. A woman said, “Hey, good morning. How you doing?” And the nurse said, “I’m miserable. Blah, blah, blah,” and she went on and on and rattled off about 10 things about how miserable her life was.

Then, she came in and it was the same nurse. This lady has literally been miserable for the last four years. She is not changed her state one bit. It’s funny how people live in that horrible state.

So, what I want to tell you guys today is that first of all, I’m happy. Life is amazing and good. There are so many problems still, but I wake up every morning and I’m grateful for my family, for my kids, this fund business we get to be in, and all the cool stuff we are learning, and just how amazing everything is.

This morning I woke up and I can’t tell you how tired I was. We were up all night with the baby. My kids asked me, “Hey dad, how you doing?” I said, “I’m doing awesome!” If anybody asks how you are doing today or for the next week or for the rest of your life, don’t say you are doing good.

Good is the enemy of great. Say you are doing awesome. Teach your kids that, and share it with people around you. It will make everyone better and keep you in a better emotional state. It’s amazing how just that little shift to shift your entire day, your entire week, and your entire life.

So, I’m at the gym. I’m going to go workout. I am tired. I am worn out. But, I am doing awesome, and I’m excited. I appreciate you guys listening, and we will talk soon.