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Welcome To Russell Brunson’s Marketing Secrets Podcast. So, the big question is this, “How are entrepreneurs like us, who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital, who are spending money from our own wallets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and services and things that we believe in out to the world… and yet still remain profitable?” That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Russell Brunson, and welcome to
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Oct 26, 2016

Continuing my thoughts from yesterday…

On today’s episode Russell talks about a couple in the Inner Circle group that has implemented the things they learned at the last Inner Circle meetings and how building a culture has worked for them. He also apologizes to people he may have offended in the last podcast.

Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode:

  • What kinds of things Brandon and Kaylin did to help build their cult-ture, and why they are the best implementer’s ever.
  • And why Russell didn’t intend to offend people with the last podcast, and why he is just trying to motivate.

So listen below to hear how you can follow Brandon and Kaylin’s example to build your own cult-ture.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and I am heading home from the first days of the inner circle, which were just amazing. I’m a little tired, a little worn out. I have two more days the next two days. I gotta get some good rest, start over the party tomorrow with the next group of our awesome members. I’m looking forward to it.

But I just wanted to do a couple of things. First off, I know before I headed in Monday, I talked a little bit about the fact that I want people taking the stuff and running with it. And I had a couple of people who messaged me afterwards. I wasn’t speaking to anyone specifically, but as a whole. I want everyone believing more in themselves, and that’s the message I was trying to get out. I was probably ranting a little bit, I don’t remember. I don’t anyone to think that I was mad at them specifically, but I do want people to believe that you’re good enough now. You’re ready, you can do it.

Hopefully that was the message you got, because that was the message that was intended. It’s funny, it’s interesting, in our coaching program that’s a commonality. I do a lot of coaching, but the majority of it is really people asking for permission. “Hey, I think I should do this, what do you think?” And I’m like, “It’s awesome.” Or maybe not.

That’s what a lot of people need and I get that. I’m in the same spot. I’ve got my coaches in different aspects of my life, but I would say for most people, give yourself permission. You can do it, you’re good enough. Use that as fuel on that side, and hopefully there was nothing negative that you guys got from that. That was not my intention. Sometimes I push record, and I’m in a weird mood. But there you go.

So a couple of cool things from Inner Circle today. One thing that’s interesting that I’ve found, this is kind of funny. You know how when you learn from somebody and you see them from afar for a long time and their name is their name. For example, Mark Joyner is my first mentor, so I always called him Mark Joyner, Mark Joyner, Mark Joyner. So the other week Mark was out here working, in fact I’ll say it right now, I felt awkward. When Mark Joyner was here, it was funny because Brandon who was doing video stuff, he kept calling him Mark. I was like, “His name isn’t Mark, its Mark Joyner. Why are you disrespecting him like that?”  And that’s how I felt. And I realized that. I didn’t think much about it until I realized recently almost all of the Inner Circle people, when they say something to me it’s never “Hey Russell” it’s always, “Hey Russell Brunson” and I think it’s interesting and I totally get it.

For me Mark Joyner was always my mentor. Dan Kennedy, Tony Robbins, I never called him Tony. That felt awkward calling him that. It’s kind of a fun thing I’ve noticed. Tons of people here keep calling me Russell Brunson. It’s funny because in your normal life, you never call somebody by their full name, but in those situations…’s so fascinating to me. I thought it was kind of cool.I definitely look at that as a term of endearment, which is kind of cool. So I’ll leave that there.

And then the last cool thing I’ll share, and then I’m almost home which is kind of nice because I need some sleep. With our Inner Circle group, we have a Monday/Tuesday group and then a Wednesday/Thursday and then on Tuesday night we have a big dinner with both groups. So we just did that tonight, just got out of it.

And it was cool because Brandon and Kaylin, at the last Inner Circle meeting one of our big things, and if you follow along with the podcast, I’m sure you heard it. It was all about building your cult-ture and what you have to do to build that up and grow. And it was really, really cool, they are some of the fastest implementers that I have ever met, hands down, ever. So they basically went home. On the flight home they were like, “Okay we’re building a culture.” And they changed their branding, their name, their Facebook, everything. They re-did in the last four months, and they came back tonight and showed, “This is everything we’ve done based o three months ago, to build our culture out.” And it was amazing.

If you’re in the Inner Circle, we Facebook live it in the Inner Circle Facebook Group. So you guys who are Inner Circle members can go watch that. And if you’re not, it’s time to join the Inner Circle, what are you waiting for? Oh, maybe the fact that’s it’s sold out. Maybe you can beg your way in if you’re not in it yet.

It was amazing, thing after thing. I was taking notes as fast as I could and it was amazing. The coolest thing is the result of them focusing on building a culture and all these kind of things. Its crazy, there churn decreased by ten percent, which is hundreds of thousands of dollars. They now do these, kind of like our Funnel Swag t-shirts we do. They do these Lady Boss Swag launches where they’re like, “We have this new t-shirt designed. There’s a hundred in these sizes. Go. First come, first serve. When they’re gone, they’re gone.” They sold $25,000 in t-shirts in 24 hours and then closed it out.

They’re doing those kinds of things and they’re using it to sell programs and to upsell things to upgrade and to get people to actually fulfill and get things done and lose weight and there’s all this built in accountability. It was amazing to see what they created just from this thought that we had about building your culture.

So for any of you guys who heard me talking about that over the last few months, it’s time to start running and doing like they do. Because man, 3 ½, 4 months later, to see what’s happened because of that and because of their action based on that has been amazing. So there you go guys. I’m doing it, if you want watch Brandon and Kaylin, they’re doing it. A bunch of other people in our group, they’re doing it. Time for you to do it as well.

So there you go. I’m at home you guys. Appreciate you all for an amazing night. Know that I care about you guys and that if I ever say anything mean, it’s not to be mean but it’s to hopefully get you guys to take action. Because you are good enough, you can do it. The people that you serve deserve it. So there you go. Thanks everyone, have a good night and we’ll talk to you soon.

Oct 24, 2016

You’re good enough now!

On today’s episode Russell talks about why people in his life that ask him for help building funnels should just follow the blueprint he has laid out, and then they can’t fail.

Here are some interesting things you will hear in this episode:

  • How many friends have asked Russell to build funnels for him in the last 10 days.
  • Why it’s not that hard to build funnels yourself if you follow the guidelines that Russell is handing over.
  • And why its important for everyone to learn how to build their own funnels for their own business.

So listen below to find out how Russell figured out that building funnels for other people is really a disservice to them, and why he doesn’t want to do that.


Hey this is Russell Brunson and welcome back to Marketing In Your Car, you guys. Glad to have you here. I am on my way into the first of four Inner Circle Mastermind meetings that are happening in the next two weeks, which is kind of exciting. It’s actually really exciting for a couple of reasons.

First off, as some of you know, depending on when you are listening to this, we are in the middle of the elections, which is pretty much a train wreck. The good news is that I’m in a state where everyone always votes republican, therefore no has to run any advertising here, therefore I don’t have to see any of the ads, which actually I would like to see the ads. I’m sure they are hilarious and funny and depressing all wrapped into one. But I want to see that.

I don’t get a lot of the noise of the election, which is kind of nice. I’m sure, especially a lot of you guys in swing states are getting bombarded by it. The second thing is that we’ve got, as you know, 100 people in the Inner Circle, which means there’s 25 people coming today and tomorrow. 25 people the next two days and then next week we’ve got 25 and 25.

So the next two weeks before the election, I’m going to be stuck in a room with a hundred of the coolest entrepreneurs on earth. All of which, I don’t know the right verb or noun, but all of whom are trying to change the world in their own little way. They are looking at what’s happening around the world. They’re turning the tv off and saying, “I could be better.”

They are trying to be a positive change and impact on people’s lives and companies and it’s amazing. That’s what I get to do and completely flush out the noise of the media and spend time with people who give me hope and faith in the world. Because to be completely honest, there’s sometimes I look around and I don’t have much hope or faith in people or in the world. So I’m just excited and grateful for those who are in the Inner Circle, to be able to spend this time with you guys.

So first off, thank you. I’m excited to be with you guys here, for those who are inner circle members. And it’s been fun. One of the things I do every Inner Circle meeting is look back at the last 4 or 5 months since our last meeting, and look at what are the coolest things done, have had the biggest impact. Looking at those things, what are the coolest things I can share? So it’s been fun kind of putting those things together the last day or two. Printing out little handouts and getting people ready to show some cool stuff.

So I don’t have time obviously to go deep into all those things, I’m going to spend probably 2 or 3 hours today showing everybody the cool stuff. Then we’ll have everybody else share all their cool stuff, which is so fun. So I basically get everybody’s ideas over the next 8 days. It’s going to be insane, I love it. I’m so excited as you can probably tell.

But the one thing I wanted to message to you guys about, there’s been this really weird, recurring theme over the last 10 days of my life. It started, today’s Monday morning, just to give context. So it started a week ago Thursday, so about ten days ago. So from Thursday til the next Sunday, like 4 days, in those 4 days 6 people in my own personal life, so this is not talking about Clickfunnels members, because I’d say the number if you did that would be about 10x. But 6 people in my personal life all came up to me about partnering with them on sales funnels.

And they’re all close friends and I don’t want to just, I’m talking down about any of them, because they’re all amazing people with great ideas. But they’ve all consistently come to me with basically, “I’ve got this idea, lets partner on it together and we’ll split the money.” And I get those deals all the time from Clickfunnels members, to be completely honest.

We probably get a dozen or so requests a day, if not more. We just can’t answer them, we just ignore them or tell them no. But it’s weird; it’s strange when it’s like your friends. Even friends that didn’t even know what funnels were or what I did or anything. I see them randomly at soccer games and they’re like, “Hey, so….” I’m like, “Oh, come on.”

So what I want to tell them and you and everybody listening, is something that’s very, very, very important. I’ve been doing this for a long time, which is why I think people want to lean on me. “Hey Russell, do this or help with this.” I want you to know that I have been giving as many clues and hints and cheat sheets and blueprints and things as possible for you guys to look at and to model and to copy. I don’t know what else I could possibly do, besides just doing it for you, which doesn’t serve you, it doesn’t serve anyone. You have to learn this process, and if you don’t want to learn this process then you shouldn’t be doing this. You should go back and do whatever you want to do.

I don’t go to my friends who are doctors and be like, “Hey man, so this is the deal, I’ve got the flu, I want to cut myself open. Can you help me cut myself open? Just real quick show me how it works. I know you know you know how; you went to medical school for 12 years. I know you know how to do it.  Just come over, show me how to do it real quick, so I can do it. Or just do it for me, cut me open.”

That’s not how it works. You have to earn it. In fact, it’s been interesting since I’ve seen, and it’s kind of one of the downsides. I’ve had people and I’ve gone and helped them. A really good example, and I’m just going to be blunt. The guys at Flex Watches. We came in and just did their whole thing for them, gave it to them, it was on The Profit. It was really cool. But the problem is that since we short-cutted all the thinking for them, now they’ve got this thing and they don’t know what to do with it. And they can’t figure it out because they didn’t have to earn….I just ran a red light. Crap.

They didn’t have to earn this, they just got it handed to them. So because of that, now they can’t think on their own. They can’t figure out the next step. All these other things they’re stuck on. They just messaged me yesterday, “Hey Russell, um, it’s not working very well. What should we do?” if you would have created it, you would have thought through these things, you would have seen the vision and all those things. IF I just hand it to you on a silver platter, you miss all that, which means that I get tied into doing it over and over again.

And every single person I’ve done that with, and I’m seeing it a little bit now with some of the Funnel Hacker TV episodes, where we just build a funnel and hand it off to the entrepreneurs. Same thing, we hand it off, but they haven’t thought through all those things and now it’s almost like a disservice to them by doing it.

And I don’t want to do that. You guys are smart enough now to do this on your own. For some reason everyone wants permission and I’m going to give you permission.  You are good enough today. You can do this. You just need to go and do it. You don’t need me helping. You don’t need me doing it for you. Yes, that would be great for me to do it all for you, and I totally understand that, but that’s not what this is all about. Because if I do that, you don’t learn what you need to learn.

You cannot truly serve someone, I don’t believe, unless you learn this side of the business. This is the only really important part of the business, is the marketing. The marketing of the thing is so much more important than the actual thing. I know I’m going to offend people with that. “No, my things the most important thing in the world.” And it is, but unless you’ve mastered the marketing of that thing it doesn’t matter because no one’s going to know about it.

“But Russell, I outsource my marketing.” Are you serious? That’s like outsourcing your love making. What’s the point of being married if you just outsource that crap? That’s the best part. Don’t you understand? Why in the world would you outsource that part of it? It’s the most important thing. It is more important than the thing you were actually selling.

So it’ s time for everyone to stop having excuses and stop saying, “I wish Russell would do it, or someone else would do it.” It’s time for you to bite the bullet and just figure it out. It’s really not that hard.

So this is what you got to do. First off, read the Dotcom Secrets book, 5 times. And I’m not saying that because eI like my book. Literally study it. That’s 12 years of my life put into a book. So you can go and read 500 books like I did and 300 courses and spend 10 just looking at it, or you can get the cliff notes. If you haven’t read my book at least 5 times, you haven’t read enough. You don’t understand these concepts.

So there’s number one, read the book over and over again. Number two, I would say go……. I’m trying to get my parking ticket in the parking garage. Sorry about that. I’m driving a stick uphill, it always stresses me out.

Number two, now that you’ve done that you’ve got to become a master. You need to funnel hack a lot of people. So you need to go buy a bunch of people’s products, to see the process. Buy my products, not because I want you to give me money, I do, but that’s not the purpose. The purpose is that I want you to see what a good sales funnel looks like over and over and over.

Spend a thousand bucks. “But Russell a thousand dollars, I can’t afford that.” If you can’t spend a thousand bucks at this point in your life, you need this more than anyone. You need to go find a business partner who’s got a thousand bugs, who’g going to let you funnel hack other guys. Because if you don’t have a thousand bucks at this point to invest in your business, you don’t have business having a business. I understand that, I’ve been broke. When I got started I was completely broke, but you’ve got to figure out a way to get money. Because if you don’t invest something you can’t do it.

Third off, get a Clickfunnels account. “Oh Russell, it’s so expensive.” Are you kidding me? It’s not expensive. Holy crap, I can’t believe….when Frank Kern heard we launched Clickfunnels, Frank Kern said, “You should charge $5000 a month, minimum for this service.” And he was dead serious. I was like, “No, we’re going to make it $97 a month.” And he was like, “You’re insane.” And I was like, “We’re going to do it anyway.” And we did it anyway, and guess what? And then there’s a $300 a month Actionetics. And people are like, “I can’t afford $300 a month.”

You are running a business. This is the foundation for you running the world. $300 a month, if you can’t afford that, once again, go get a side job until you get $300 a month extra. It’s only $30 a day. If you get a job paying  $15 bucks an hour, 2 hours a day extra to pay for the foundation for your entire company. Or find a partner or something. But you have to have that.

Now I remember back when I got started, because I couldn’t do it for $300 a month, I had to have a programmer and a webmaster and host and a designer, all these things that you no longer have to have. Do you understand that?

Third off, I’d recommend you guys get certified. The Clickfunnels certification program, even if you’re never going to sell funnels for other people, is amazing. It’s like school. It forces you to do homework assignements and be accountable and actually do something. It would be so good for you guys. If you’re not going through our certification program yet, do you hate money that bad that you don’t want to learn and master this skill? Go to, go through the webinar, sign up for the certification program. It’s a little expensive, but it’s worth it. It’s a lot cheaper than college or type of tuition you’re doing, but go and do it.

I don’t even know where I’m at. There’s a bunch of things. This is the key guys. It’s time to immerse yourself. It’s time to stop relying on Russell or anyone else. I’m putting out as much stuff as possible. I’m doing Funnel Fridays, I’m doing this, I’m doing that. Funnel Hacker TV…I’m doing as much stuff as we can, not because I want to get a whole bunch of people who want me to build a whole bunch of funnels. I don’t want to do it. I want to build my own funnels.

I want to give you guys so much inspiration, so many clues and blueprints and just ways to master the skill that you can’t possibly fail. The thing is you gotta geek out on it. You gotta get excited. You gotta say man, this is the most exciting part of this entire business, this piece of it. Then start immersing yourselves in it. Immersion is the key. Because this stuff is not that complicated, but you gotta be excited about it. You gotta get into it and look at it from many different angles and it’s time to look at it as a business.

When you do that, you can do this. It’s not that hard, it’s not rocket science. It’s funny, people keep asking me,  I had a guy interview me the other day, “What’s the future of funnels?” There’s no future of funnels, it’s the same as always. Simplistic, easy, powerful funnels. Look at my funnels, they’re all simple, easy, they all convert, and make money.

Which kind of funnel should we use? There’s one of five funnels. If you read the Dotcom Secrets book, there’s millions of funnels you could make, I only use six funnels. That’s it, some variation. All my products are variations of 5 or 6. Master those 6 six things. It’s a finite number. It’s not some moving target that gets bigger and bigger. It’s very finite. This is what you have to master to be amazing. That’s it.

So there you go. I hope that I didn’t offend too many of you guys, but what I want you to understand is first off, you are good enough right now. This stuff is not super hard, but it does take some focused immersion time. The more you can immerse the better. Start with the book, if you have no money just buy the book., immerse yourself in that. Read it 5 times.

That’d be number one. Then as you can invest in things, invest in more. Just reading the book will give you guys the foundation and the strategy and then you can go deeper with funnel hacking people. Then you can get software, then you can go and try to get certified. But I would keep looking at this as an investment. Keep reinvesting into yourself because that’s the key to how this whole game is played.

You guys have it easy, seriously. I don’t know how many more times I can just give you guys funnels that are pre done or show you funnels over and over again. I didn’t have that when I started and I’m not that smart. I guarantee almost everyone listening to this podcast right now, is smarter than me. Guaranteed. The only thing that I do is I’m really good at modeling.

I look at what people are doing and say, “Wow that’s awesome. How can I model that?” And I don’t copy; I hate people that copy things. But how can I model it, how can I make it better? How can I put my spin on this concept? But I model and I don’t deviate from the model that’s working. I just make little tweaks and make it my own.

I’m through building a funnel for one of the Funnel Hacker TV episodes and guess what I did? I found a funnel from 7 years ago, it was one of our best converting cold traffic funnels, took that and I modeled it and it looks identical to that one. Because that’s how I do all my VSL ones, they’ve all been identical because that’s how VSL ones convert. So I don’t try to deviate or make up my own thing, I just do it the same way.

Anyway, I hope that helps you guys. I’m out of here, I’m at the hotel and I’m going to go check in and hang out with the Inner Circle guys. We’ll talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody.

Oct 17, 2016

A play-by-play of what I got done this morning before most people were even awake.

On today’s episode Russell talks about his morning routine and what has been working for him. He also talks about his plans to film his morning routine so that it can help inspire others to do the same thing.

Here are some of the interesting things you will hear in this episode:

  • How a morning routine actually begins the night before.
  • How Russell is able to go from 4:30 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon before he eats, and how he isn’t even hungry.
  • And what having “a big domino of the day” means and why it’s important.

So listen below to hear about Russell’s morning routine and feel inspired to do something similar with your own morning.


Good Morning everybody, I hope you guys are having an amazing day today. Welcome back to Marketing IN Your Car. I appreciate you guys hanging out with me. I’m heading into the office right now and I’ve had an amazing morning. It’s 8:49, I have a meeting in 11 minutes with the entire Clickfunnels Dev team, which is exciting. We’re making a big directional change today, which is always scary, fear and scary. But it’s going to be the best for the customers, which is all that really matters when all is said and done. It’s going to be good for you guys, so congratulations.

I’ve got 10 miles left until I’m out of gas. I’m hope I make it to the office before then, because I need to make it. And I’ve had an amazing morning so far. I want to talk about it because we’ve talked about this in the past, but I think that the more I focus on it, the more everything else becomes more amazing. And it’s your morning routine. In fact, I bought a domain; I think I bought, I think this week we’re going to record my morning routine because people always ask me what is it and how does it work?

There’s some weird things I do and some cool things I do. I just wanted to show a little bit of all that put together. That is the game plan, so it’ll be kind of fun. I want to walk you guys through basically what the morning routine looks like, because it’s getting more and more exciting and fun and hopefully you guys get some ideas for yours.

So the first thing I found out is your morning routine starts the night before. It’s the hardest thing to get to bed on time. So I’ve been trying to get to bed by 10 o’clock each night. Kids go down about 9, and then I’ve got an hour to just scramble and get everything done and go to bed, which is hard because I’m a night owl. I’m the guy that usually goes to bed at 1 or 2 in the morning. So that’s been a big shift. And then days that I get to bed on time, everything works good. The day’s I don’t become really, really hard.

So I’m trying better. And on thing that’s been helping a lot, Joseph Clough who is one of our Clickfunnels inner circle members, he built a custom hypnosis track for me. He’s got an am one a pm one and a boost one for whenever in the day you need to take over the world, you listen to this other one. So it’s been cool, every single night I go to bed, I listen to that. It’s kind of getting me excited to go to bed each night because there’s this really cool thing I’ve been looking forward to and I get excited for it.

So last night I listened to that. In the future I’m going to try  to….I have a float tank, so I’m going to try to listen to it while I float at night. It’ll be like float while I listen to that and then go to bed. This light’s been red forever. The day’s you’re in a rush, the light takes forever to change.

Anyway, sorry my ADD kicked in again. So that’s how it began, and then fell asleep. And under my bed I have these pulse….I think it’s called Earth Pulse. These electromagnetic fields that go under my bed. And it’s kind of geeky and amazing at the same time to make you sleep better, recover faster and a bunch of other awesome stuff. So that’s the night before.

Then I wake up in the morning. I’ve been setting my alarm for 4:45, I think I’m going to start setting it for 4:30 though, because my pre-morning stuff seems to take longer than I hope. I keep thinking I’m going to get done in 15 minutes, but it takes 20 to 25 minutes. Anyway, today was 4:45, tomorrow it’ll be 4:30. So 4:30 my alarm goes off, I wake up, there are 3 major goals. One is thanks to Alex Charfen, hyper hydration. So I get a big Clickfunnels bottle full of water, I try to pound it as fast as I can, no matter how much it hurts and it usually hurts. I don’t know how people do that, especially first thing in the morning. It’s hard, drink as fast as I can.

Number two I mix together like 30 different powders. A lot of them are like mushrooms and B Manna, and Green Drink and Red Drink and a whole bunch of powders, so I drink that. So hyper nutrition’s number two. I want to get as many nutrients in my body as possible because I’m not going to be eating until 2 in the afternoon, so I want my body to have as many goods as it needs to run off of.

Number 3 is hyper oxygenation, which Anthony, my buddy at, and Wim Hof. Wim Hof kind of developed this method, and Anthony recorded this really cool audio for me where I can just push play on my phone and then I can actually listen to Anthony coach me through the Wim Hof. So I sit in my backyard in the fresh air and I do it. It’s hard, it’s what I dread the most in the day because it takes work to breathe hard, to hold your breath and all that kind of stuff, it’s not my favorite when it happens but when I’m done, it’s the equivalent of having like 10 shots of caffeine. You’re just wide awake and you feel good.

So that’s kind of what happens in the first….trying to get that all done by 5 o’clock. So 5 o’clock I hit the road running. I’m trying to spend 30 minutes of spiritual time. So some of you guys may or may not know, I talked about this probably a dozen episodes ago, I wanted to buy a first edition Book of Mormon on ebay, but I didn’t. But I almost did. I eventually did it.

So right now I am actually reading the original copy of the Book of Mormon, one of the first 5,000 that were ever printed. Which for me, is totally geeking out. Most of you guys who are Mormon are thinking, that’s awesome. The rest of you are thinking, that’s weird, why would you spend that much money on an old book? But for me, it’s awesome. So I’ve been reading that in the mornings, which has been cool. Try to get at least 30 minutes of reading in there.

And the last 30 minutes is, I try to nickname all my different times, so I’m nicknaming this my  big domino time. Where I have the next 30 minutes to figure out what is the big domino of the day. The big domino comes from Tim Farris, I heard him speak one time, “A lot of people go and make these huge to-do list and try to knock out a million things. I usually just sit around for 3 or 4 days at a time trying to identify what’s the one big domino and if I knock down that domino it makes every other domino, it knocks them down or makes them irrelevant. So that’s been my bid domino time. Where I’m planning and figuring out, for me to succeed today, what is that one big domino I gotta knock down? This funnel or this piece, whatever that big thing is and make that the priority and try to task out everything else to either help me knock down that domino or to get everything else off my place so I can focus on it.

So that’s what’s going to be happening. That’s kind of a new edition to the morning routine. From 5:30 til 6. Then at 6 o’clock, at least on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Dave and Stephen and sometimes Brent and John show up and we go for a morning jog to try and get more oxygen pumping through our body and then we lift hard. We lift for about an hour, probably about 45 minutes. Really heavy because that’s the way I like it. And then from there we jump in the Cryosauna, freeze the crap out of ourselves.

And then go in and hang out with my kids, get them out the door.  And then clean up and head out the door as well. At this point I still have not eaten anything, and I won’t. It’s 9 o’clock. So I’ll eat in about 5 hours from now and that’s the first time I will eat. And it’s funny because I used to always think, I have to eat to have fuel to have energy. But the interesting thing is if you are doing all these things, you get energy from oxygen, you get energy from the nutrients, you get energy from the water, you get energy from all these things. I don’t even feel hungry anymore. It’s kind of weird. I should be starving right now, and I’m feeling pretty good.

And my lunch time at about 2 o’clock, I’ll have the biggest salad known to man. It literally takes about 3 or 4 hours to eat. It’s got kale, and peppers, avocados, salmon, and a bunch of other cool stuff. And that’s….I eat that, and then I’m not that hungry the rest of the day. Usually at night I’ll eat some stuff because I like to socially eat with my kids and my family. And then start the process over.

So that’s my morning routine. So I think we’re going to record it and film it and show all the fun stuff and intricacies and hopefully inspire a couple of you to tweak yours. It’s been a fun development over the last 2 years trying to really think through it and figure it out and add things to it. I’m still not perfect, not going to lie. But the days that I execute on it correctly, like today, I feel like a million bucks. I’m excited to go in and conquer the world.

So I hope that inspires you guys to kind of sit back and think through your stuff and figure out what your dream morning routine is going to be. Because when your day starts right, it ends right. When you start wrong, it ends wrong. I know that because the days when I wake up and go and get French toast for breakfast, the whole day is done. I get nothing done that day.

The day’s I wake up and Wim Hof breathe, drink a ton of vitamins and minerals and get some spiritual time in, and figure out my big domino are the days that I actually knock down the big domino. And the days that I get home and have energy for my kids and my wife and it’s awesome. So there you go, you guys. So what’s your morning routine, that’s my question. Check out soon to a funnel near you. I think it’s I’ll be posting that here in a little bit. And it’ll be fun to actually show you guys behind the scenes what I’m doing and then hopefully get some of you guys inspired enough to go and do it on your own. That’s all I got today. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.

Oct 13, 2016

You’re so close, you’re actually missing it…

On this episode Russell talks about having a breakthrough while trying to write a script for a video to sell Clickfunnels. He explains why he’s been pitching it wrong for the last two years.

Here are a few interesting things you will hear in today’s episode:

  • How Russell realized that he hadn’t taken his own and advice and had been pitching Clickfunnels incorrectly for two years.
  • What super exciting actor might be in the upcoming Clickfunnels commercial.
  • And why Russell will no longer compare Clickfunnels to websites.

So listen below to find out how Russell plans to pitch Clickfunnels now.


Hey everybody, good morning. I hope you are as excited about today as I am, if not we gotta wake you up. What should we do? For me, if you guys want to know, there’s a song that instantly gets me in state every time I listen to it, it’s Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. So if you’re down right now, go get your Spotify account or go search YouTube or whatever, search that song and play it and it will get you ready for work. It does it every single time. In fact, we listen to it multiple times throughout the day. Every time my energy starts getting sluggish, the White Stripes bring me back and I’m ready to march on. So there you go, there’s one of my tricks.

Alright so today, I want to talk about something, it’s so interesting. I’ve been selling Clickfunnels for a long time. Two years, it’s been my focus. Been selling it and selling and we’ve done pretty okay, we’ve done amazing with it. Not going to lie. I’ll pat myself on the back, I am proud of what we’ve done. We are taking over the world and it’s been really, really fun.

We are stealing all of Leadpage’s customers, which is not even a goal for us anymore because I’m pretty sure we passed them in revenues and members and all that kind of stuff, so that’s awesome. Target number one done. That was easy. Now we’re going after InfusionSoft. That’s the next thing. And they are scared of us, they keep us out of their partner con because they’re like, “You guys are our competitors, you’re stealing all our customers.”

I’m like, “Dude, what do you expect? Your software sucks.” So that’s target number two. I say, give us a year, we’ll pass them and then we’re going to keep on going. It’s been really fun. I’m having the time of my life. It’s been amazing..

With that said, I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes you get so close to your own project, that you miss it. I’m curious how many of you guys have felt that way. For the last two years, my argument that I’ve been selling against has been that funnels are basically the evolution of the website. The death of the website was one of our promotions. “Websites are dead. Here’s a funnel.”

And I kept trying to tie these two things together. This is a website, this is a funnel. In my mind they are both online properties. So that’s the way I’ve been arguing it. Trying to convince people when I tell people, “Oh you know what a website is? Websites are dead. This is the evolution and it’s called a funnel.” And I keep going to this thing, and I thought that was the right way to sell it.

It’s so funny because, when you guys read The Expert Secrets book, which is coming soon to a funnel near you, it’s funny. We have a whole section in there about how to structure offers the right way. We talk about how to build a cult-ture, and in there we talk about the three things that have to happen to become a vehicle of change. To become a vehicle of change, there’s three things that have to happen.

Number one, the charismatic leader, or attractive character. Number two is a vision of the future. Number three is a new opportunity. There’s been no mass movements ever created on an improvement. Perry Belcher calls them improvement offers. An improvement offer is like, “Oh you’re going to do this thing better.” An improvement offer, first off they’re very, very, very, hard to sell. Second off, you can’t create a movement around that. And nobody gets excited. “Oh this is a better way to do a website.” That’s not the movement.

But that’s the way I’ve been pitching it and talking about it and coaching it. That’s what I’ve been talking about. What I realized….actually let me step back. It’s been fun, we’re working on, I think I told you guys before, we’re working with the Harmon Brothers, they’re the guys that did the Squatty Potty commercial, and Fiber Fix and a bunch of other ones.

Anyway, the Fiber Fix video when crazy viral but the funnel wasn’t converting. So we just rebuilt it all for them, launched it and it’s been live for 12 hours and so far we’re more than doubling their old funnel, which has been awesome. So that’s been really, really cool. But while we’re working with them, we’re trying to think about…..we wanted to work with them because we wanted to do a cool video, like a Squatty Potty commercial for Clickfunnels.

So how do we do that? Me and my team sat in a room for probably 3 or 4 hours trying to figure out the coolest way to pitch it, and every argument kept coming back to website vs funnel, website vs funnel. And it was hard, we could not figure out the right hook or right angle or anything. And 3 hours into this, I think it was by the time you’re like there’s so much pain because you can’t figure out the right answer and your defenses start going down and you stop trying to think you know everything and all the sudden, that’s when the magic happens.

Which is why brainstorming sessions are so important. We come in with our own ideas and our own things we want to do and then no magic happens until we’ve broken through and realized that you’ve gone through your pride and you’re like, “Huh. I’ve got to humble myself to figure out the answer to that one.” So we got to that point and all the sudden I’m like, “Hey, you know the book I’m writing. Chapter six we talk about this…the way we’re pitching this is an improvement offer. A funnel’s a little bit better than a website. That’s not sexy, it’s not motivating, it doesn’t do anything for anybody.”

I thought, for an entrepreneur, a funnel is a new opportunity. I’m about to use a bad word, but screw websites. The website is a dead antiquated thing that’s stupid. I’m not comparing it to that. You can have a website if you want. That’s not our goal. Our goal is to build a funnel; it’s a whole new opportunity. This is a thing you can plug into any product.

You take any product, you plug it into a funnel and boom it’s…’s not a website. A website does not do what a funnel does. It’s completely different, this is a new opportunity. What’s the difference between a website and a funnel? They’re completely different. A website’s some stupid thing you have over here that looks good. A funnel’s how you make money. And positioning it as a whole new opportunity, and when we did that, the coolest thing about it is no longer will we have to make the argument of website versus funnel because it’s irrelevant.

I’m not trying to improve upon the website; I’m talking about a new opportunity called a funnel. If you are a new entrepreneur, or want to be, or a beginner or startup, whatever that is, this funnel is the new opportunity. When you understand the power behind this, it changes everything.

And when we did that, it was like angels singing, lights come on and within 15 minutes we had the perfect script idea, concept, which we are working on right now and it’s so exciting. I think I told you guys before, we’re trying to get Jon Heder, the guy who played Napoleon Dynamite to be in the video. I don’t know if that will happen or not, but if we do it’s going to be amazing.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you guys because my guess is that like me, many of us are so close to our projects that we’re presenting it wrong. We went from 10,000 customers year one, to our goal of 30,000. We should hit that, we’re pretty dang close to that, we got a couple months left. So we should hit 30,000. And then our goal for next year is to 3x it again and get to 90,000. And if we’re completely honest, 90,000 is lame, I want 100,000.

More than 3x next year. How do we do that. Well, we’ve got to change the conversation, and it’s moving away from stuff like that and transitioning over. Transitioning to this opportunity and explaining it to the right market that way. And that’s the magic.

In the Dotcom Secrets book I talk about hot traffic, warm traffic, cold traffic. So hot traffic, those guys bought Clickfunnels because it was easier. Warm traffic is where we spent the last two years, people that are already kind of entrepreneurial and already doing stuff online. How do we convince them that this is the solution to their answers. Now our next phase to be able to get to 100,000 is how to take it out there to people who don’t even know this is a problem and presenting them with this new opportunity.

When we do that, that’s the magic. That’s when it comes like, “Wow. I didn’t even know funnels were a thing. Now that I see that my eyes have been opened. I have this vision of the future.” And if there happened to be a charismatic leader involved, now they’re part of a cult. That’s the goal now.

I’m excited, I’m so excited. I wish I could tell you guys more, because the idea for the sketch is so good. It’s going to be Squatty Potty on steroids. I’m excited. And we’re actually doing this one, so it’s kind of a funny story. It’s kind of hard to explain. I’ll just wait and let you guys….first off, if we get Napoleon Dynamite to be the character in this video, that’ll be one thing and I’ll be going crazy. I think we’ll get him.

And the second piece, obviously is just creating it all and putting it all together. It’s such a good idea I don’t want somebody to use it before we’ve executed on it. Anyway, usually I’m pretty much an open book. But this time I’m holding this one close to the chest just because it’s so awesome.

Alright that’s what I got. Appreciate you all. I want you guys to step back and look at your offers and think about that. Think about how you’re positioning them, and get an outsiders perspective. Ask people. If I was to ask ten people, “When you think of Clickfunnels, do you think of it as a better way to do a website?” I bet most people would say no, outside of the people who are probably consultants who are trying to pitch it and have heard me pitch it that way. You know what I mean?

We need to change that, we need to make this. For me, here’s this new opportunity and for you guys, the same thing. Present your offers as a new opportunity, that’s how you’ll get engagement. That’s how you’ll increase your sales, everything like that. It moves you from being in a red ocean, which we talked about in the past. Where everyone’s fighting over the scraps and there’s blood everywhere to a new ocean where you are a category in and of itself. And when you’re there it makes it really, really fun. Alright guys. That’s what I got. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you guys again soon.

Oct 12, 2016

My game-plan for personal growth so that I can increase my contribution.

On this episode Russell talks about the six human needs that Tony Robins teaches about. Four needs of the body and two needs of the spirit, which he explains in depth. He talks about how he plans to enter a new growing phase in his life which will lead to more contributing.

Here are some insightful things you will learn in today’s episode:

  • How Russell spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in courses in order to help himself and company grow.
  • Why Russell believes that the cycle of growing and contributing needs to be constantly moving in a circle.
  • And what two major things Russell is going to do with his team to help him grow in his business and in his personal life.

So listen below to find out how Russell plans to continue to grow and contribute in his life.


Good morning everybody, this is Russell and I’m so excited to be hanging out with you guys today. I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited for today. A lot of cool things happening over here. First off, I woke up this morning at 4:45 and jumped in the float tank and did some floating and meditating. I haven’t quite figured out the whole meditation thing yet, but I’m trying. It’s really hard. Maybe someday that will work. Regardless, I got to float in salt water, and it was warm like a bath tub for a long time, so that was sweet.

I went and lifted weights with Dave Woodward, which was awesome, and then hung out with the kids, and now I’m heading into the office. So a couple of cool things, one is we’re doing this really cool project with Fiber Fix, is a cool viral video that went viral a little while ago, but their funnel isn’t converting, so we’re doing this swap with them. They’re going to help us with this video in exchange for us helping them with their funnel, if we can beat their funnel. So the test goes live today and I’m crazy, crazy proud of the funnel, so I’m excited to see how that goes. So that’s going live today, with a bunch of other things.

But what I wanted to talk to you about today, because this is an exciting day, when I start talking and geeking out and getting really excited about it. And it kind of ties into something I’ve been thinking a lot about, and I’ve even done some podcasts about this. But I want to bring you guys in on this thing because it’s going to be really cool and exciting.

If everyone is doing it, we’re all going to grow together. So you can choose to be part of it or not. But if you choose to be part of it you will see insane amounts of growth in your life. So here’s what we’re doing, first thing, I need to set this up a little bit. If any of you guys have ever studied Tony Robins, one of the things he talks about is the six human needs. There’s four needs of the body and two needs of the spirit. Our body, a lot of people never actually get their needs of their spirit met, they just don’t because they never get to that level. But everybody gets the needs of their body met. So the needs of the body, I don’t know how many times we have to go into this.

Basically there are four human needs. Four needs of the body. One of them is significance. We need to feel significant. The opposite of significance is the second one, which is love and connection.  So there’s this internal dilemma we have as humans. We want to feel significant, look how great I am. But we also want love and connection, which is like look how great you are. There’s this connection. So two of the human needs.

Then there’s, I’m going to blank out right now….Love and connection, significance….then you’ve got variety. We need excitement, change, all these things happening. But we also want certainty. So there’s the other two human needs. Variety, which is craziness and new things, and then certainty which is like, I need to be certain in everything. So during this podcast, I don’t have time to go into all of those things. I’ve done some podcasts in the past and maybe I’ll do some in the future because it’s exciting. Part of our whole goal here on earth and in this life is to master our body.

So understanding those first four human needs and how to create addictions and how to break addictions all through those human needs is fascinating and we could talk about that for a year, in fact, maybe I will sometime. But after you get the body mastered and figured out, the next step are the needs of the spirit. The first need of the spirit is growth and the second is contribution. I always think about this, there’s times in people’s lives where we need to grow. You go to school, you’re growing. When you are starting new career, you’re in a growth phase. There’s a time in your life when growth is super important. But eventually you start to grow and some people get stuck in this. They learn and grow and study and they love going to school, they grow, grow, grow  but they never transition to the next need which is contribution.

When you’re going through this growth phase, you’re trying to become something. But eventually, if you just keep growing, the only person that benefits is you, which is kind of a selfish need when you look at it. But it’s necessary because as you grow and as you become something more than you are now, then you can turn around and contribute that to other people. So you contribute in a lot of ways. As an employee, you’re growing and then after a while that growth of what you’ve learned you start contributing to your company and help some people.

If you’re an expert, for a while you’re in a phase where you’re trying to learn and become something and then you turn around and start teaching and coaching other people and now you’re contributing. So there’s this transition from growth to contribution that’s fascinating. And again, we could talk about that forever, it’s so exciting. But that’s kind of what I wanted to do today.

Dave and I are talking about today about a bunch of things we want to do. We thought how fun would it be to create a phase in our life right now where we get back to growth. In Clickfunnels, what we’re doing, we’re in this huge contribution phase and we’re contributing. And I feel like, me personally and everyone on the team… personally, I went through ten years of growth, trial and error. Learning and studying and everything to be able to contribute at this level we’re at right now. And the problem is that I’ve seen this so many times from friends and mentors and people I know. There was a time where they grew and started contributing, but then they stopped growing and then the contribution stopped. And it freaks me out and I do not want to be that person who is not able to contribute anymore because I stopped growing.

I think there is a cycle between growth and contribution. Because as you contribute you start growing. And then it grows and you….there’s a really cool spiral that makes everything rise together. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve focused on my own personal growth. I do things here and there, things are happening where I’m trying to grow. But not where I was like, I’m going to go back and grow and really focus on growth for a period. I don’t know if that’s a month, six months, a year, two years. I don’t know what that is, but I feel like right now if I focus more on growth, it’s going to make my contribution bigger. So I’m excited for that.

I think back about the big growth phases in my life. When I first started this business, I went through a huge growth phase, where I was consuming for 18 months. I think we all do this, we consume, we learn, we’re trying things. We aren’t having success yet, but that growth we go through is what makes it so we can contribute and if we don’t go through that, it’s hard. In fact, it’s funny, it’s one of the things that….yesterday my coach, Tara that I was working with talked about. Some of the people we work with, we’re giving them….we’re building out a whole funnel and giving it to them and they didn’t have to grow to get it, so their struggling to have the contribution and have an impact on their business because of that. There’s value in going through that growth phase.

So when I first started my business I went through this huge growth phase that got me from not knowing anything to, “I now have something that I’m selling online.” There’s a huge initial growth. And then I started selling stuff and it was awesome and it worked for a while. Then I kind of stopped growing and I was just contributing from the momentum I’d gotten from my initial growth phase. And I was doing well, and probably the next year and a half, two years, I was in that contribution phase and was doing well. But then I started making enough money where I could start blowing money on courses.

Right now, we’re moving. We’re about to move offices, so I’m trying to clear off my 1,000 book shelves. It’s insane. Everyone in the office calls me a book hoarder and a course hoarder. And I’m totally hoarding these, but I went through this phase then for the next probably year and half, two years where I started buying everything. Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in courses and trainings and books and CD’s and everything. And I went through this time where I was just geeking out and studying everything.

And what was cool at this point, I had this little business it was fledgling, it was kind of doing well enough to support itself and give me money for my addiction which became marketing books and courses. But as I would learn things I would immediately go back and apply to the business and we started growing. Probably two or three years I went through this phase where I was buying everything. All my money went reinvested back into education. And I was going through this huge growth curve which gave me the ability to contribute more.

And after two or three years of that, then I stopped focusing on growth and started focusing mor eon contribution. It was good, and that’s kind of what brings us to today. So I kind of want to stimulate a growth period in my own personal life and my team’s life. I want to challenge you guys to do it as well. .This is what we’re doing. Dave and I talked about it today, I’m going to have a meeting when I’m at the office and get everyone on board because it will be fascinating and cool.

I’ve basically been taking all of my courses, because in the move I’m trying to clear off bookshelf space. I’ve got hundreds of thousands of dollars in  courses that I’m ripping all the CD’s and putting them in audio format and putting them on my iPad and my iPhone. I’ve got maybe 50 or so courses now that have been switched to that. I’ve got every Dan Kennedy course ever created. Every Jay Abraham course created. Dan Solomen, Matt Furey, John Rees, Mark Joyner, all of the classics, all of the good ones. Everything.

So now they’re in a format where I can start consuming them. So I’m going to do this with my team, I’m going to get all the people that, not everyone geeks out with this, but there’s a group that do, and I want to get the 5 or 6 of us together and say each Monday or Friday we’ll pick a course and each person picks a different course. Then you’ve 7 days to speed learn it. Go through it, take notes, study it. And then the next week later come back together as a group and say, “Okay, what did you learn from this course?” and have everyone share it. “These are the 5 or 10 things that I learned in this course that are applicable to us.”

So I just got this growth and I’m going to contribute it back to you now, and we can contribute it as a company, now the growth flows into contribution. And I figure if there’s 5 or 6 of us pounding through an entire $2,000 marketing course each week, I think the growth and contribution we’ll be able to do is going to be insane. So that’s part number one of this. That’s what we’re going to do.

I would recommend you finding a group of peers or friends or people in the Clickfunnels group, or people who work with you, but find a group and do this together. This is something that’s hard to do by yourself. If you’ve got some accountability it will be easier and better. It doesn’t have to be a $2,000 course, it could be an audio book, it could be pounding through a book a week. It could be whatever that is, but find a way to compress decades of information into days.

Tony Robins is the first person I heard say that, he said, “You can read a book that takes a decade of someone’s time and energy and put in a format where you can consume it in a day, and you can literally learn in a day what took somebody a decade to learn.” That’s the power of books. That’s what I want to do through here. I want each week for me to get a decade worth of stuff in a couple days. But multiply that by 5 or 6 guys on my team. I’m getting half a century  worth of stuff every single  week.  And as a team we’re growing and contributing and it’s going to be awesome. That’s kind of the first step.

The second step is, and I talked about this a little while ago, I want to, not just from a learning…..Did you hear that car, some guy thinks he’s way too cool. So that’s the firs thing, the second thing, I don’t just want to grow from a learning standpoint, that’s a big piece of this. But the other piece I want to learn, is I want to grow in other aspects of my life as well. I’m going to use this opportunity fo rboth.

What we talked about doing today, Dave and I. And I talked about this a little while ago, figure out all the different tests we can take on ourselves to figure out where we are in things. So Wellness FX for example, has an amazing blood work. You can do all this blood work and they ‘ll give you back this panel for everything, your testosterone levels, your fat levels, your cholesterol, everything. So I’m going to go and I think Dave’s going to go and try to get everyone else to go do  a Wellness FX and get our initial blood work done, and I want to do another food allergy test. I want to do a 23 Me test, which is like, I actually already did that one. But everyone else is going to get a 23 Me test, which is going to tell you your genetics.

We’re going to make lists of as many different tests like that we can take. Personality test, we did a disc profile recently. Other ones like that and try to get baselines of all this stuff, so I get to become more aware of all this stuff. My body, my personality. The love language test, all these things so I have a better picture of where I’m at to figure out where to grow from there. Half of growth is being aware of where you are today and most of us don’t really know. We’re kind of just wandering around bumping off things and hoping we’ll eventually get to where we want to go.

But the best way to get to where you want to go is having a map to help you get there. So we’re going to be doing all these tests to figure out , here’s the game plan and map of where we’re trying to go. We’re going to make an excel sheet and bust out as many tests as we can find. Personality, health, blood, urine tests, if that’s what it takes. I don’t care, whatever it is. Take tons of tests so we can get some baselines as well and from there make cool decisions.

So that’s kind of what’s happening. I’m going to meet today with my team and see who wants to get in on it. And we’re going to start going through a huge growth phase of our learning and also getting tests done to figure out where we’re at and figure out how to evolve and grow from there.

So we can grow more, contribute more, and help change the world even better. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some big visions to change the world and I feel like we’ve just gotten started. Anyway, I hope this gets you excited, it gets me excited. What I would do is find 3 of your friends and have them listen to this podcast and become accountability partners. Each of you pick a book or a course a week or whatever it is and start mass learning and figure out how you can apply it to your businesses and figure out how you can apply it to your life. If you wanted to test things as well. There’s a bunch of them, Wellness FX is a great one, it’s kind of expensive. But you get all your blood work on everything, it’s a good place to start. The Disc Profile is awesome. If you’re in my inner circle, we’re giving everyone in the inner circle the Disc Profile and Mandy is our, besides me, the other coach in the inner circle. She’s coaching everyone through which has been amazing.

But start finding those things so you can start getting baselines of where you’re at on everything. It’s going to be a fun project. So there you guys go, operation growth has now officially begun in my life. And it’s now, you’ve got permission to start on your life as well. I hope that helps you guys. I’m at the office, I’m going to go have my meeting. Talk to you guys soon, bye everybody.

Oct 11, 2016

How to become more aware of what’s bothering you so you can actually do something about it.

On today’s episode Russell talks about the value of having coaches in his life. He speaks of previous experiences he has and gives an idea of why having a coach in your life is good.

Here are some interesting things you will hear in this episode:

  • How wrestling helped Russell realize the value of having a coach.
  • Why Russell thinks that people who wen to school to be a counselor are no good.
  • And what advice Russell has for your company when it comes to coaching.

So listen below to find out why Russell thinks having a coach is so important.


Hey everyone this is Russell Brunson, good morning or good afternoon or good evening, depending wherever you are at. I hope you are doing awesome today. I was up late last night. I went to a…..I worked til about 3 in the morning, which was really fun actually. I’ve not done that in a long time.

But then I was getting delirious and I was like, “I gotta get to bed.” So I went to bed. Then I had a call with Tara, one of my coaches, at 6am. So I did 3 hours of sleep and then Iwas up and did my coaching call with her, which was really awesome as always.

Then I got the kids out the door and then passed back out for 2 hours, then I got up again. It’s a beautiful day, just so you know. It’s sunny here, leaves are falling, I’m wearing shorts and flip flops. It’s a little bit cooler and it’s just kind of nice. Last night we stayed up late with the kids playing Wolf in the Graveyard, running around outside. If you watch me on Snapchat, we had a bird. The kids were taking pumpkins out to the front porch at like 9:30 at night. We open the door and this huge bird, my kids are like, “Dad, there’s a bat!” But it was a bird that flew into our house and went nuts.

It took me 20 minutes to catch it and get it back outside. It was insane. The last 24 hours or 12 hours I guess, have been pretty awesome. That’s been happening today, just heading in now for a fun day. I was just thinking about, do you guys remember a couple of weeks ago? I was talking to you guys about hiring coaches and trying to figure out parts in your life that you’re not 100% happy with, and figuring out why. “Why am I not feeling good?” And then trying to find coaches to work through those things.

Sunday for example, for some reason Sunday, I kind of know the reason, but Sunday I was not in a good mood. I was sitting in the backyard after church, after dinner, sitting in this chair watching my kids play around. I was like “Why do I not feel good? Physically I feel fine. I’m not sore, kind of tired.” I’m trying to be very aware.”Why am I not feeling good. Something’s bugging me and my mind is trying to hide it so it’s not there, but what are the actual things?” So I was trying to think through it and it was frustrating me.

I’m trying to become very aware of it. That was one thing, and then from there, that was Sunday. But then on top of that I’ve been working with different coaches in different parts of my life, different aspects, it’s kind of cool. So my call with Tara today was all about things I’m frustrated by and we went in a whole different direction than we’ve ever been before. It opened up this whole new world of the understanding… relationships with other people and why some are really good for me and why some are not so good for me. It was really, really cool.

And then on the other side of that, one of my other friends, one of my Inner Circle members, his name’s Joseph and he does hypnosis stuff, he’s awesome. He started doing these things where he does custom hypnosis tracks. So he asked me, “Would you like me to build a custom hypnosis track for you?” I was like, “Are you kidding me? Of course I would, you’re amazing.” So he sent me this list of all these different questions, and it was kind of cool. It was basically a wish-list of “What are your limiting beliefs that are holding you back? What are the beliefs you wish you did have?” So I spent last night, probably until 2 o’clock in the morning, 2 or 3 in the morning writing all these things out and creating this thing.

So he’s going back now and building this custom hypnosis track to listen to at nights to help me break my false beliefs and strengthen the beliefs that I want and that I need and things like that. And it’s so cool. So I just wanted to kind of come back and restress and reemphasize to you guys how cool it is to try and step back and be aware of what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling it.

For some reason, us as humans, we don’t like, I don’t know what the word is…We don’t like, I’m going to use the word counseling, because it has a negative connotation. Because we don’t like counseling we fight everything else. The thing about sports, when I was wrestling, I always had coaches around me. So every match, from a match that we had done, I’d step off the matt immediately after my performance. My coach would say, “Look, you did this, this and this that were great, but I noticed that you’re stepping far with this leg. Or you’re leading with this arm, or your elbow is flaring up.” Just little things I was doing.

So right in the moment when it happened, I’d get this immediate coaching thing, so I would know that. I’d be like, “Okay, I gotta remember that for next time, not to do that.” And then the next match happens and the same thing. And the second the match is over, it’s like, “Boom. This, this and this. This is what I’m noticing. This is where you’re leading. This is what you’re doing.” It was this constant coaching process, every single match. Match in and match out.

And I’d have tournaments where I’d have….we’d do a Freestyle and a Greco tournament on the same time sometimes. We’d end up having 15, 16 different matches. So 15, 16 matches, and 15, 16 times throughout the day I’m getting coached on the little things. And every time you get better and better and better and better.

And for some reason in the real world we don’t do that. We do something, we get frustrated, we try to drown our problems in whatever the thing is we use. For some people it’s drugs, some people it’s alcohol, or TV or food, everyone has their thing we try to drown it, and hide it. And I think how much that doesn’t serve us, especially when there’s people, there’s some amazing people out there that can help us with all these different problems we have, different issues.

It’s funny, in the inner circle, one of my coaches, her name is Mandy Keene now, she got married. But Mandy was one of my wife and I coaches after we went through Tony Robins’ stuff. She lived here local in Boise and she’d done some work for our company in the past. We had hired her to be a coach for both me and her and it was awesome.

The insights we got from her, some one with outside perspective looking in. And these little tweaks and changes and how awesome that was. So we brought her in the inner circle. So right now it’s been interesting. Most people come in the inner circle because they have marketing or sales problems or they want to scale things.

They come and they want to work with me, but I think I don’t want to tell her or anybody this…..A lot of times people get more value from what she’s bringing. She’s doing coaching calls each week and figuring out limiting beliefs and what’s keeping them from it. And constantly coaching you, coaching an dpushing through. Tweaking and changing and this progression that’s happening within the inner circle.

And it’s funny, people cleared up these beliefs, they don’t have to fix their marketing, they fix the things that are holding them back and then their marketing and everything else starts working.

So I just wanted to replug this for all of you guys. Get better at noticing in the moment how you’re feeling. Like I said, on Sunday I’m sitting there, “Why am I not feeling so good. Something’s messing with me, I should feel awesome. I’m watching my kids, it’s a beautiful day. It’s Sunday. Everything should be awesome. Why am I not feeling good.” I’m trying to figure out what are those reasons.

Just like if I had a coach there. If I got off the wrestling match and I lost, I’m not going to go and hide in the bleachers and try to think I’m too good for a coach. No I’ll be like, “Coach what did I do? You can see a lot better what I’m doing.” He’s like, “Dude, your elbow is out every time you’re shooting.” “Really?” “Every time.”

So I pull my elbow in the next time I shoot and that problem is gone and I win the next match. We need to be doing those things more often for ourselves. Sometimes you don’t have a coach, at least in life typically you don’t have a coach following you around watching you. Everyday like, “you shouldn’t have done that.” So part of that’s gotta be on us. Slowing down and stopping and say, “Hey, why do I feel this way? Something’s messed up because I should not feel this way right now. I should be feeling good and I’m not. So why?” and think about it and figure out what those things are.

It’s probably tied to one of a few things. Probably tied to a relationship, multiple relationships, finances, tied to something. So figure out what it is that’s causing that, that incongruency that’s not making you feel good. And then, you know one way’s to try to figure it out on your own. But I think a smarter way is find someone who can help you with that.

And it’s not a bad thing. I didn’t become an awesome wrestler because I went through this bad thing of I had a coach help me. It was so embarrassing. I don’t like coaches. I don’t want anyone to know I had a coach. No, coaches are awesome, it’s good.

There’s business coaches, life coaches, health coaches. All those kind of things. I’ve been lucky in my life to have access to a lot of coaches. I think that for you guys, I would dedicate part of your budget towards that. And I would look at where’s the area you’re struggling with the most right now and find a coach to help fulfill that piece of it.

And if it has anything to do with making money or mindset now you can use the inner circle because you got Mandy and me. In all seriousness, there’s great people out there and find someone. There’s also bad people out there. I’m going to pick some fights today, I would say, oh man……

So I would say, don’t go the traditional routes. I have so little faith in traditional routes. Don’t go to a real marriage counselor. Go find the person who’s written books and spoken on stage and changed people’s lives and go find them. Anyway, that’s my thoughts. Find the people who are in the trenches doing it in masses, because they get a lot more info, intel, and insight than a person who learned in school. There I just said, okay leave it there.

Yeah, I went to a traditional counselor for a while, and almost everything that went through hurt more than it helped. So find people that you respect. Find someone that you can look and see what they’re doing for other people and do that way.

That’s all I got. I’m at the office, it’s like noon and I gotta get to work. Appreciate you guys, have an amazing day and we’ll talk to you all again soon.

Oct 6, 2016

My secret ninja system for getting a lot of crap done fast.

On today’s episode Russell talks about having a lot of projects this week and how he manages them in order to get everything done when he originally planned. You’ll also get to hear about all the exciting things he’s working on.

Here are some of the fun things to listen for in this episode:

  • Who Russell is working with to get a new video quiz put together and how he may get it for free.
  • How Russell plans to get 8 different things done on a pre-determined day.
  • And how he is able to be a good project manager despite failing his project management classes in college.

So listen below to find out how Russell is able to get things done by his deadlines and to hear some the exciting things coming soon.


Good morning everyone, this is Russell. I hope you guys are having an amazing day so far. It’s bright and early for me. My wife actually left me today, not like the real way. She’s going out of town on a girls trip for the next four days, which is scary and exciting and sad and happy and everything wrapped into one. So I saw her off this morning, she jumped in an uber and took off and now I am the mom and the dad. But we also have an event this week, so I’m driving right now to certification program and I just basically do the first 2 hours in the certification event which starts in 28 minutes and I’m totally stuck in traffic. So I’m hoping and praying to get there in time.

But it opens up a little window for us to hang out and talk about some important things which is pretty cool. Also today, thanks to Bart Miller, some of you guys if you are faithfully listeners and fans and followers, you know that we’re creating a tv show called Funnel Hacker TV and one of the episodes was with a guy named Robert Jones, who owns a beauty academy and we’re basically building out a whole funnel with them and his business partner is Bart Miller. And Bart and son are super cool people. Anyway, while we were out there they took me on a shopping spree to teach me how to dress. So they got me skinny jeans and shirts with cuff links and weird shoes and all these things, which is totally not Russell things. But today I’m wearing brown shoes, gray socks, skinny jeans, purple shirt with cuff links, and the cuff links look like Clickfunnels gears and it’s so cool. But I totally feel like not me. But whatever, that’s what we’re trying out today.

So I’m heading in right now and just getting so, so, so excited about so many cool things. I don’t know about your guys, the other night I read my kids a book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. You all remember that book right? If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want a cup of milk. If you give him a cup of milk, he’s going to want a look in the mirror to see if he’s got a milk mustache, if he’s got a milk mustache he….if he sees his milk mustache he’s gonna know his hair’s long and he’s gonna want to give himself a trim. If he trims himself he’s gonna have hairs…..and it goes through this huge thing. And the mouse ends up at the very end of it drawing a picture and putting it on the fridge. Sees the fridge and realizes he’s thirsty and wants a cup of milk. You know what would go good with a cup of milk, a cookie. And that’s the whole book.

So I read it to my kids the other day and then Monday came and I was like, “Here’s my major project I’m trying to get.” We’re revamping how we do our auto responder sequences, and really excited. So okay, this is the plan for the next two weeks focusing on getting this piece rebuilt and dialed in and I’m really excited for that. So we started mapping the whole thing out and getting everything in place but then we’re like, “Oh to get all these things done, we can’t do it yet because this has to be in place.” Which is all auto responders for us. If you look at, if you read the Dotcom Secrets book, we have value ladders and move people up through a sequence. For me,  basically all of our auto responders are leading on the front end  are leading people to this new quiz funnel we’re building where we have a really cool quiz, which identifies which one of 6 or 7 types of businesses you are. And there are 6 or 7 webinars in the back depending on what type of business you are. And you watch the webinar and we follow a sequence very specific to your niche, your industry, your market. And it’s amazing.

But that means before I can launch the email sequence I have to have the quiz funnel done. The quiz funnel means I have to get 7 webinars done. Then in front of the quiz funnels, I wanted to do a really cool video to make a quiz funnel, which means either I gotta make a video or we gotta hire someone to make a video. If we’re going to hire someone to do the video I want them to be the best. I think I told you guys yesterday, we had a couple of calls from the Harmon Brothers, who did Squatty potty and Fiber Fix and a bunch of amazing videos. And they need help fixing the Fiber Fix funnel and I want a video so we’re trying to swap….I don’t know if I told you this, they charge $500,000 to make a video, it’s insane. So I was like, okay that’s cool. How about I do your funnel for you, in exchange for video. So I’m trying to negotiate that, which may or may not go through.

At the same time I’m also talking to the Ackerman Brothers, who are these other guys who worked on the Poopourri video, really good script writers to write the script. I’m also taking my own whack at the script because I was like, well crap. I’ve written a couple of scripts in my day, maybe I can write it. So I started writing this really cool script based on the difference between being unemployed and being an entrepreneur. The fine line between being unemployed and being an entrepreneur and the whole script that I was writing is like, this dude down in his mom’s basement and his mom’s like….”Hey, what’s your son do for a living.” “He’s unemployed.” And he’s like, “Mom, I’m not unemployed, I’m an entrepreneur.” There’s a fine line between unemployed and an entrepreneur. What is that line? And they start going into all these different things. Just showing that fine line and the fine line is a funnel.

So we’re writing that as well, so now I’ve got three potential things, writing scripts and if I do write….and if the Harmon Brothers write the script I gotta fix the whole Fiber Fix Funnel. And the way it’s working with them, is basically I put the owe-ness on me. I like doing that sometimes. They showed me their conversion rates on the funnel and they told me what their conversion rates needed to be to start scaling media. So I told them, I’ll do this. I’ll do the work for free and you don’t have to do anything unless I beat that control. Unless I get to the numbers you’re looking for. So they were like, sweet. So I basically gotta come and do the whole thing for free. And if we smash theirs, which I know we can, then I’ll get them to do my thing for free on the other side.

So I got three people working on the script. So when the scripts done, then the webinar will be done, and when the webinars on the backend. So then we look at the webinar and basically these new webinars are going to be kind of front end of where everything is leading. So I’m changing the webinar pitch a little, similar but just kind of make it more mainstream. Right now the current funnel hacks webinar is very much towards, positioned towards the internet marketers. Because that’s like, this sexy candy that gets my market excited. But as we go more mainstream it’s a little over a lot of people’s heads, so it’s not dumbing it down, but changing the language patterns. So all the seven webinars we’re kind of rewriting to match the language patterns of each of the industries.

So then on the back of it, we’re tweaking the offer, which means we have to change the product a little bit. So I’m like if we’re selling funnel hacks, we should go back to funnel hacks and make a new version that’s even better, and then we’re like if we redo a version and it’s even better, we should also have a physical product in the mail because it will increase stick rate. Because if we increase stick rate it drops churn and everything else. So then we’re like, well now we gotta make a physical product. So then we started to look at the types of physical products, and there’s binders, there’s DVD’s, there’s booklets, there’s USB cards, there’s all these kind of things, so we spent a whole bunch of time going down that rabbit hole.

That was yesterday. So it started with, “Hey this is the project.” And then it was this whole if you give a mouse a cookie thing that took us on this huge, long path and I realized if I want to get the email sequences done I’ve got to update the core funnel, I gotta update the course, I gotta update the webinars, I gotta update the quiz funnel, get the quiz funnel done, then I can do the email sequences. And in my mind, I’m like I want all that crap done today, I don’t want to wait six months or three months or even a month. So now it’s like, how do I get all that done in the next two or three weeks? And that’s the question. Some people ask me, “Russell, how do you get so much done so fast?” And for me it’s because of that. I’m so impatient. In my mind I can see it all and it’s amazing so I want it all done today.

So that’s what I’m going to do at night. Since my wife’s not here I got all night long to work. So as soon as I get the kids to bed I just added 4 or 5 hours to my work schedule until I pass out. So that’s what I’m going to be working on for the next few days. It’s going to be so exciting and so fun. I’m just curious on you guys, if that ever happens to you as well.

So amongst all of that, that’s my project for the next however long it takes to get done. Plus we’ve got I think 7 funnels for people, or maybe 8 funnels for Funnel Hacker TV people that we’ve filmed part of the episode and we’ve got the funnels partially done. So this week we’re also launching Mark Joiners new mind control marketing funnel, which is so cool. It turned out amazing. Sean Stephenson, we did a webinar, not a webinar, we did a membership site funnel for him. I got the videos back and they turned out amazing. Anyway, Biohacking  Secrets, we’re launching the Biohacking store and Biohacking week. All those projects.

Plus book number two, this week should be done with the first round and then we start the editing process. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this book. Those who’ve been following, you know this summer I had about 230, 240 pages done of the book and one night I was sitting there reading it and I just wasn’t happy so I opened up Snapchat, I highlighted an entire book and deleted. Started over. And it was scary and one of those things just like, man I’ve spent six months doing this. And everyone who had read it was like, this is a really good book. I was like, I didn’t sign up to write a good book. A lot of people write good books. I wanted to write a great book. I talked to you yesterday how good is the enemy of great. So I deleted it and started over. I tell you what, now it’s a great book. I am very enthusiastically proud of it now. And I think that it’s going to change. Honestly, I mean it’s kind of one of those things people always say, we’re trying to change the world. But I honestly think that this book and the platform, obviously Clickfunnels behind it will change the world and that’s what I’m so excited for.

So there you go you guys, if you give a mouse a cookie. If you give Russell a cookie, that’s where it goes. If you’re all like me, and you’re an entrepreneur who does that, don’t feel bad because I do it too. So the question though, is it happens to most people, including me. Even last night I was sitting there like, I’m overwhelmed. I don’t even know what to do or where to go. So for me I just, one of my processes is, the day after I get done with an event is kind of write out all of those milestones and then place them in a chronological order. I think the problem that most people have; including me is that we’ll see here are the 8 things I have to get done, so we start dabbling in 8 of them, and we’ll do a little here, a little here, a little here and nothing every gets done because you are slowly pushing forward 8 things. So what I do, and hopefully this is the nugget of wisdom at the end of this. So after I get the, let’s say 8 different major things done. So I know there’s a quiz video, there’s a quiz funnel,  there’s a new webinar, there’s a home study course, there’s an updated online course, there’s the email sequences. So there’s the major…big things right.

And the first thing I do, day number one is that I know that each of these things, it’s kind of like… I failed all my project management classes, which is funny basically that’s all I do all day is project management. But I know there’s an order. I’m like next Thursday I want to work on this. I start working on Thursday, but the logo guys haven’t gotten back to me, all the pieces I need to execute on that thing, I don’t have. Then it’s like, crap okay. You start tasking out everything, you come back a week later and hopefully you have those things and all that kind of stuff happens, right.  So for me what I do is the first day is I go and I map out, here’s the 8 things. Then I look at what are all the things that I know I have to have to get this project done that take time, that aren’t on me. So logo people, copywriting people, design people, logo’s, merchant accounts. I look at all of those things that I know that aren’t me just sitting down and grinding it out. That for me to sit there and be able to grind it out, I have to have all these assets to make it possible. So I’ll probably do that today, just go out and start tasking out all the tangible pieces I know I need to get this project done.

Now everyone’s got it, so now in the background they’re all working on a dozen different things that I’m going to need in the future, but I don’t need yet. But I think through that ahead of time, so they’re all working on everything, then I pick whichever one, honestly the one that gets me the most excited. And then I dive into there hardcore and I focus on that. And I get it done. And then during that interim while I’m getting it done all these little pieces will be coming back and I’m like cool and I take them and throw them in a Trello board, I keep putting all the assets in there so I know that hey next Tuesday is the day I’m focusing on this. Everything’s there and Tuesday I log in and boom I can just run. There’s nothing holding me back.

So that’s kind of how I work. So I hope that kind of helps you guys. Because I know  a lot of people get stuck in that paralysis, or the process of I’m trying to work on stuff, oh I don’t have anything that I need to work on it. For me, that’s the number one thing, making sure that all those external things that I can think through that take more time than I’m going to do on that day to make sure they’re done. For example, this week we had a planning meeting for all the different funnels that we’re doing Funnel Hacker TV and I was like, okay here’s all the funnels and I was like, okay it’s Thursday, so that’s tomorrow it’s Biohacking Secrets day. So Thursday we’re building these two funnels, they have to be done.  Here’s the pieces I need. l was like Anthony I need this, this and this. Designer, I need this. So I gave everyone all the things I need. So the lst three days I’ve been coming in like crazy. I even hired some copywriters to do some bullet points. I sent them a whole bunch of stuff. I’m like I need these Thursday morning, can you do it. And they were like, it’s an extra $500 to do it in two days. I’m like done. I need them by Thursday morning, because Thursday morning I know I’m sitting and I have to get that funnel live so if I don’t have those, the whole thing falls apart. So that’s what it’s all about for me. It’s just making sure that everyone knows this is the day I am sitting down and I’m focusing on launching this project, so if I don’t have all these pieces back by this time, you are fired. Or whatever that might be, you know what I mean.

Because I don’t know about you, the worst feeling in the world, is you dedicate a day to get stuff done. Like I know tomorrow is Biohacking Secrets day. And I’m going to be busting out 2 funnels for them. And I know next Wednesday I’m finishing Mind Control Marketing with Sean Stephenson, so I have to have all those assets back that day, otherwise I wasted the day. I don’t want to get the funnel halfway done and have to rebook another day to get things done. I want to have everything done so that when I show up I can start, I can end and I can wrap that day up and know that projects completed. So what are all the things I have to have to get that done in time.

I have this huge dump truck in front of me going two miles an hour. So yeah, I hope that helps. I’m at the venue and I’m actually fifteen minutes early. Well I still gotta get in the parking garage, but as a whole this is not too shabby. Alright you guys. That’s all I got today. I hope there was some value there. I hope that you guys probably don’t do as much stuff as I do because it’s harder to get stuff done, but if you do hopefully that gives you guys a couple of ideas of how I do it. I appreciate you all for listening. We’ll talk to you guys all again soon.

Oct 4, 2016

A few simple ideas to get you out of your rut.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how making a simple change could help reinvigorate your business or how you feel. He also talks about how complacency can be bad for you.

Here are a few other interesting things you will hear on this episode:

  • How making a change to your own environment can help re-invigorate your passion for something.
  • What two things that Tony Robin’s teaches that prove he is not a motivational speaker.
  • And what change Russell made to re-engage affiliates in Clickfunnels and how it working so far.

So listen below to find out why complacency can be a negative thing when it comes to your life or your business.


Hey everyone, this is Russell again and welcome back to Marketing In Your Car. I hope you guys enjoyed the new intro. Was it pretty cool? So we’re matching and modeling, I’m not sure if I told you guys this, but the TV show intro which is coming soon to a Youtube channel near you. So it’ll be at, if you go there you can kind of see the actual intro, which is really, really cool. So this is kind of….we’re trying to like kind of blend those things together. So we decided not to change the name Marketing In Your Car, we’re keeping it Marketing In Your Car, but it’s basically Marketing In Your Car for Funnel hackers. Its showing you guys what we’re doing in real life each day as the funnel hacker.  Anyway, I hope that you enjoy that. For those that have been faithful followers for a long time, you know for the first 100 and something episode it was like a disco, 70’s music then we switched to a quick thrown together one and then this one is…..anyway, who knows. It could be worse, but at least it’s changed. Change can always be good.

So speaking of change being good. I wanted to talk about that for a little bit, because right now we’re going through some fun changes. We just bought a new office and now we’re rehabbing that. I think next week we start knocking down walls and kind of starting that change. You know last year we changed our home and moved to a new home, there’s just a lot to do with that. I was listening to a Matt Furey call. I don’t know I bought a whole bunch of these really random Matt Furey CD’s from back in the day and they’re all over the place. I think its like, the grab bag was 8 grand, every CD he’s ever done, so I just got the whole thing. So there’s one random one, so I don’t know if anyone could ever find it again, but he’s talking about the energy of a room and how you can change it. He’s talking about how if you go sit in your room and look around, or your office. Sitting in your office and looking around and see your desk, your monitor, your computer and there’s a certain energy that’s from that. And this is the Woo Woo side of things, so I don’t really understand this stuff. But you kind of feel that, right? You sit in there and you’re like, this is my world and my things. And what happens is, after a while we get comfortable in our situations and things. And sometimes that can be a good thing and sometimes that can be a very negative thing. Complacency is one of those things that’s like, if we’re complacent then we’re like, “Oh, I’m good.” And then you don’t try to grow.

One of my favorite things that I’ve ever read was in the book, Good to Great, it talks about how good is the enemy to great. Why are there not more great marriages? Because there’s a lot of good marriages. Why are there not a lot of great careers or jobs? Because there’s a lot of good ones. Why is there not a lot of  great companies? Well there’s a lot of good companies. So because of that people get complacent and they don’t grow. So good is the enemy to great, which is so cool and interesting and intriguing to think about. And so this is just thinking about changes and thinking about you know, moving offices in a couple of months. But even right now I’m in this office and I’m looking at everything and there’s definitely an energy or whatever you want to call it, but there’s something from that situation. There’s some positives and negatives. There’s some really good patterns I’ve developed in that space and in that spot where I’m sitting. And there’s some negative one’s too. So it’s like,  moving and change is good because it breaks this pattern. And it gets us out of a state of complacency. I think complacency a lot of times is what gets us in trouble.

Now there is, this is always a two edged sword. There’s the other side of becoming complacent. Complacent sounds like a negative, maybe it’s not for everyone, for me it sounds like a negative word, but the reality is it’s not always negative either. You know if you study Tony Robins, he talks about the two core things he does with people. He’s not a motivational speaker. If any of my friends call him a motivational speaker I’m going to knock them out. One of my good friends went on this huge rant about Tony talking about how he’s a motivational speaker and how bad it was, so I ended up buying him tickets an flying out to the event and making him go experience. I’m like, “Look, he’s not a motivational speaker.” So what it Tony? Tony focuses on two things. First is the science of achievement, so how do you achieve more in life, right. How do you get more done. And notice the words, the science of achievement, science. So there’s a scientific process to achieve something that can be replicated over and over again. So the first thing he helps people with is the science of achievement. And the second is the art of fulfillment. And fulfillment is harder, especially for super aggressive entrepreneurs who…we’re trying to achieve, achieve, achieve and no matter how much achieve, how much you get, how much you help and grow and whatever those things are that are important to you, you always on the other side, most of us struggle with fulfillment. Actually feeling like, man I’m good.

I gotta be honest, I sometimes envy people who are complacent, who can just sit there and be like, “I’m good.” So there’s a fine line of complacency that keeps you from living the life you want and serving the way you can and impacting people and places in this world versus  the other side of the coin, which is how to do you have fulfillment. How can you….and notice he said the art of fulfillment? So science is the system, it’s a replicate-able thing. Art is different. I like to talk about that with funnel hacking and Clickfunnels as well. There’s an art and a science to every funnel right. The science is like, the structure. Here’s how it works. The art is like, what gives it that sex appeal. Gets people excited and intrigued and gets them to opt-in and buy and register. So there’s an art and the science behind everything. I’m going down some rabbit holes on today’s thing, I don’t know why, you guys. I apologize.

But I think the main thing I wanted to kind of go on and hopefully I haven’t gone on too many tangents from this, but the main thing I want to stress is just look at your life and realize first off that good is the enemy to great and it’s okay to be happy and have fulfillment, but also look at things…, “I could do better. I know I could achieve more, I could help more, I could serve more, I could be more.” And look at those things and say, “Okay, what do I need to change this thing? What’s the pattern? What’s the rut I’m in that’s keeping me in this spot right now?” And a lot of times its as simple as changing your environment. Changing the way you sit, taking your office and flipping the desk around and moving everything around. And it’s such a weird thing, but that change will cause…’s weird. How does shifting my desk from here to here change things? How does me standing where I’m working versus sitting, how does that change things? All those kind of things, but it does. It breaks these patterns.

Our life’s a series of all these different patterns that we’re developing. Some patterns serve us for good, some for bad and some kind of just get you in a rut. That’s why we call it getting in a rut. So if you’re in a rut and you want to grow and expand I’d recommend change. And it can be, for now let’s look at changing environment, because that’s such a simple thing to change. It doesn’t take a lot of work, it’s just moving things around and shifting how you sit. Changing whatever it is.  Just a radical change of your environment. That’s what that Matt Furey thing was all about. Take your desk, flip your monitor around, move your desk. Change the pictures, open a window, paint a wall. Do all these and it seems so ridiculous and dumb, but that change will be the catalyst that will break a pattern and get you out of a rut and help you go from good to great. See that all tied together right? I’m totally counting that.

It’s probably my ADD mind today. We’re working on a new funnel. It’s going to be awesome. I think I’ve talked about this before, but we pretty much identified in Clickfunnels, there’s 6 or 7 different types of business owners who use Clickfunnels and they all use it for different reasons. So we’ve done a bunch of surveys and stuff to find out what those are and based on that I’m writing, it’s so much work, but I’m writing 7 different webinar pitches, one on each customer type. So that’s the project of a lifetime for me. Trying to get the first presentation perfect and then rebuild it for the other 6 to 7 markets. I’m kind of…..I say 6 to 7 because there’s one that’s a crossover and I’m debating on one presentation or two.  And then basically what we’ll have is a site where someone comes and they take a survey, from that it will identify what kind of business owner they are. And  from there we’ll have an email sequence, a landing page, a webinar registration. Everything that’s very, very congruent to who, what type of business they actually are. And that is what we are working on here at Clickfunnels headquarters. So my goal is in the next 14 days, have that all done, recorded, live.

And then the other cool piece I want, I really, really, really want, it’s been interesting. I want a cool…not a viral video, but that’s the best way to describe it, but a cool video to get people to take this survey, so I’ve been looking a lot. Obviously some of the fun ones are Squatty Potty and Poopouri and Vidangel is really good. Fiber Fix, the guys that did all those is a company called Harmon Brothers, so I’m working with them because they’ve got a funnel that’s not converting, so we’re talking about trading. Having them do a video for me in exchange for me fixing one of their funnels. But it’s just so many things happening. It’s like how do I stop everything to go fix their funnel, which we looked at. The problem is blaringly obvious so it’s a simple fix, but in exchange am I going to get a cool video that we can use to get people to take the survey that then helps Clickfunnels take over the world.

Lots of cool stuff.  So that’s it you guys. Speaking of changing environments. So this can work with your customer list as well, it’s kind of interesting. We’ve been doing this Dream Car Contest for the last year and a half, two years. Trying to get people engaged, we’ve tried all sorts of stuff to get people engaged. “Go give away Clickfunnels accounts, get a car.” So finally I was like, “Let’s change the message.” So we created a site called, if you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out. It’s like a training course, it’s completely free. I did a pattern interrupt, if you go to the page you will see it’s not a typical sales video. It’s me doodling and sketching things out and it’s… I don’t know, turned out pretty cool. The conversion rates are amazing. Just that change in messaging to get people re-engaged in our affiliate program has been huge.

We did the math, if we could get basically 100 credit card signups a day for the next 100 days, which is how many days were left in the year when we started the program, we’d be at 30 thousand customers at the end of the year, which is awesome. That was our goal. So we launched it and right now we’re getting a lot. Like closer to 200 members a day that are signing up right now. We get between 4 and 5 hundred to sign up for Clickfunnels that do step one of the process, but then….before it was closer to 70 or 80 a day that actually put in the credit card in step 2. Now it’s closer to 200 a day, which is awesome. So it’s working. But again the same message we’ve been talking about. It’s changing the environment. The frame that we push people through to get them engaged in the process. So it works on a lot of different levels if you think about.

Anyway, you guys I hope that helps a little bit. I’m at the office. I got a fun day of webinar building. So I appreciate you all. Have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you guys again tomorrow. Bye.

Oct 3, 2016

You’re actually doing everything backwards. Flip this and change everything.

On today’s episode Russell talks about positioning yourself in the market in a place where you can be vulnerable and relate-able and be able to make mistakes.

Here are some super helpful tips you should listen for in this episode:

  • Why when you position yourself as an infallible person it makes it harder for you to take risks.
  • Why it’s important for your market to see your vulnerability and to make yourself relate-able to them.
  • And Why it’s stupid to hire a life coach to teach you how to be authentic. Just be yourself and people will like you because of who you are.

So listen below to find out how you can position yourself as someone who can make mistakes so people can love you for it.


Hey everyone, this is Russell and I want to welcome you guys to Marketing In Your Car. I’m really excited, it’s been a while since I’ve done one and that’s because we’ve been trying to get a new intro for forever. This episode’s not going live until the new intro’s live. We tried to hire a company, we tried to hire another company, we tried another company. Nobody can do it, I just want to… guys’ that we’re hiring are professional-podcast-intro-maker people, you’d think they’d be good at making an intro. Anyway, we’re coming back to the drawing board and we’re going to do our own. So I’m going to do it this morning and my brother will get this one and he will get the intro, he’s going to make it, because he’s magic. And when this goes live we’ll have the intro. So hopefully you guys just heard the new intro and hopefully it’s cool. Did you like it? I don’t even know what it is yet, but I’m guessing it was amazing or else we wouldn’t have pushed it live. So I cross my fingers that it was amazing.

With that said, I’ve been missing you guys. It’s been a while. I’ve been driving to the office wishing I could talk but I was like, I’m waiting for the new intro, waiting for the new intro. So I’ve been hanging out again, so I apologize for slacker-ness. But the good news is because of my slacker-ness, Stu Mclarin told me he started listening to some past, back archive issues and got some good nuggets, so maybe you guys should all just start at the very beginning. Anyway, we have the new pre-loaded MP3 player coming soon. Just waiting on China. Apparently China takes week long holidays, the whole country. So they’re in the middle of a holiday. They were supposed to ship it all before the holiday, but they didn’t. So now we’re hoping they ship it soon. So that’ll be coming very soon.

Anyway, today I want to talk to you guys about something that’s very, very important. And it’s all about positioning. Now this is not the kind of positioning that normally we talk about which about how to find your positioning, how to put yourself in the right spot and elevate, blah, blah, blah. But what I’m talking about is the opposite, the negative side of positioning. Recently, and I’m not going to name names but some people I’ve been working with who have been insanely concerned about their positioning on everything and annoying so. And because of that, they have become completely irrelevant. They are, I’m trying to make sure I say this without alienating or anyone thinking they know who I’m talking about, it could be anyone. But this person, we’ll just say this person, is so concerned about positioning that they won’t do anything awesome anymore, because they are afraid that if they do something awesome and it fails it will lower their what? Their positioning, their status. So they’ve positioned themselves in this spot and they’ve drunk their own Kool-aid. They think they are the most amazing person on Earth and because of that, and because they’re so concerned about positioning, they won’t take risks or gamble or anything and they’d become completely irrelevant because of that.

This whole business, it’s hard to stay relevant. Especially when you’re an expert or a guru or whatever you want to call yourself. And you’re out there and you’re trying to keep on top of mind in market sharing. Keep people aware. So it’s been interesting. It’s made me think a lot about my positioning and making sure that I don’t position myself in a way where I become irrelevant because of how…..I could tell you guys stories about the stories, because it would make even more sense. It’s more so kind of a warning because I’ve seen it happen in the last week, multiple times, which is just interesting. It’s kind of all been on the top of my mind this week because I’ve seen it happen a couple times in the last week or so.

So for you guys, I want you to think about, and this comes back to the whole attractive character and how you position yourself and things like that, but I would definitely pick a positioning standpoint that allows you to risk, where if you fail, it doesn’t lower your status. For me, I’ve kind of put myself in a cool situation, where I tell you guys everything. When I failed, I’m like “Hey, I failed again.” And it doesn’t lower my status because I haven’t positioned myself as an infallible person who never screws up, I’ve positioned myself as someone who screws up all the time. But because of that, because of all the failures and the mistakes and issues and the problems, that’s how I’ve learned and how I grow and I share with you guys the pros and cons and ups and down. That’s what Marketing In Your Car initially was. Let me give you guys a glimpse at what we’re doing. And I’m not going to just sugar coat it and show you guys all the ups. I’ve had many episodes where I’ve talked up the downs. I’ve had episodes where I’ve been in depression and I’ve told you. I mean my depression usually lasts for a couple of hours, but I share those things with you guys because it’s real and it’s not fake and it’s what’s actually going to serve you the best. Whereas if I position myself as this infallible being who never screws up, man I’d be scared to try anything or test anything or risk anything, or be in the public spotlight because of that. And very, very quickly I’d become irrelevant and that’s what’s happened to the person or persons. Plural or singular, it’s up to you to think. That’s happened to them though, because they don’t want to screw things up and because of that they’ve become irrelevant. In their mind they don’t they have become irrelevant. But if you were to survey the market and ask people who should care who tey are, I believe that they’re kind of gone.]

So I just wanted to warn you guys about that. So not be so, and we’ve talked about this in the Dotcom Secrets book a little bit when we talk about the attractive character. We talk about, without your character flaws people can’t relate to you. But because of our positioning or our status, we’re so scared to share our character flaws that we just freeze. We don’t share anything and then we’re scared to fail because people will see our character flaws, man it causes so many issues. Think about any comic book character, what makes them interesting? It’s the character flaws. Superman is super boring until kryptonite is introduced now it’s like, sweet now he can die. Imagine if it was Batman vs Superman , the whole movie is this big climax and then Batman and superman step out there and Superman does his superman flying punch and batman is dead in 5 seconds. You’re like, “Huh, well that was boring.” If it wasn’t for Kryptonite, that whole movie was super boring, uninteresting. I mean, Superman as a character would be uninteresting if it wasn’t for Kryptonite. Batman’s the same way. What makes Batman interesting. It’s the fact that, he’s got family, he’s go these other people he loves who could be injured.

We watched Spiderman with the kids for the first time. Spiderman is this amazing being who can do everything, but if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s got MJ and his uncle and aunt, if it wasn’t for them and that character, not character faults, but the weaknesses. They’re not interesting characters. So understand that, you guys. By positioning yourself as an infallible person, not only does it make you way less money and be way less interesting to people, it also is gonna make you very irrelevant very, very quickly.

Have fun with yourself. Have fun with what you share with people. Let people know that you’re messed up because you are, I am, we all are. That’s the whole point of this human experience. We come down here and we come into these world and all of us have different upbringings, but what happens is some of us have a mom and a dad, some of us just have a mom or just a dad, we all come in different weird situations. And then we got through this life and we have all sorts of weird things, some things are messed up, some of us get screwed up early in our life. I’ve had friends who by the time they are 5 years old, things happen to them that would mess you up for the rest of your life. I don’t know how they’ve survived and how they’ve thrived through those. It doesn’t make sense to me. But for all of us to come out and act like, positioning yourself as this person who doesn’t ever fail. Man, it makes you un-relatable. The people I know who are doing the best today, and today is more important than ever before. Because it wasn’t so important even 5 or 6 years ago. But with the advent of social media and all these things….I was telling someone the other day. When I’m doing a webinar I see people Googling my name and Facebooking me, and when I share testimonials, people are private messaging my testimonials to see if I’m legit. People are fact checking you as you go, and you try to be all perfect and annoying and stuff like that, or you can just tell the truth. Just be you, who cares? It drives me crazy. Why won’t people just be themselves. You are good enough as you are. People will love you as you are. Just be yourself and just share the truth.

Ben Settle, he was making fun of life coaches that teach people how to be authentic, that’s a big theme right now.  Teaching people how to be authentic. And he was making fun of them, “Why would you pay someone $10,000 to teach you how to be authentic. Just be yourself.” And it’s so true. But for some reason we’re so screwed, we’re so afraid of people seeing past our shell that we put up all these barriers. That’s what……it’s causing the problem that you’re trying to solve. I was watching two nights ago, I was watching The Profit, it was the episode where the cleaning lady, and the cleaning lady is putting on this false facade and that was her…..she was trying to do that so people wouldn’t judge her so she could be successful, but because she did that, she was not successful and therefore people were judging her. It’s like the walls that we put up so we can get what we want are the things that are keeping us from getting what we want. It’s ridiculous. So if we would just all…..I was going to say grow up, but it’s the opposite. Go back to being kids where you are vulnerable and you don’t care about what people think. Go back to that time, that state and holy crap, guess what happens? The things you’re trying to get to happen right now. It’s really, really weird. The shells you’re putting up, this posturing, this stature, whatever you want to call it, that is what’s keeping you from your dreams.

Don’t do what Ben Settle was suggesting, don’t go pay $10,000 to have someone teach you how to be authentic, just be authentic.  Put yourself….it’s scary. “Hey Russell, you totally screwed up again.” That’s scary to put out there, but guess what? I do, and guess what happens the next day? Nothing. I wake up and everything’s still good. Some people think I’m annoying and they walk away and I’m grateful for that. And some people relate to me and they get benefit and value because of that and they walk towards me and that’s the key, you guys. So there you go. Fix your positioning and posturing, be authentic. Whatever you want to say, quit putting up those walls. I dare you guys, tell a story, however you publish stuff, if it’s through writing or blogging or posting, even if you don’t have a way to publish it yet, go find somebody you love and you care about and just be vulnerable. Tell them the truth about how you feel. And if you’re pissed, tell them you’re pissed. If you’re sad, tell them you’re sad. If you’re angry tell them you’re angry. Just let the walls come down and just try it. It’s so scary at first, but guess what’s going to happen? Only good stuff. Alright, I’m at the office. I’m going to go have some fun, you guys. Appreciate you all, I hope you enjoyed this Marketing In Your Car and I’ll talk to you guys all again soon.