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Welcome To Russell Brunson’s Marketing Secrets Podcast. So, the big question is this, “How are entrepreneurs like us, who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital, who are spending money from our own wallets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and services and things that we believe in out to the world… and yet still remain profitable?” That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Russell Brunson, and welcome to
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May 11, 2017

Yes… this is the last one ever :( BUT… don’t worry, something even COOLER is about to start!

On this final episode of Marketing In Your Car, Russell announces that there will be no more episodes, but that the podcast is re-branding as Marketing Secrets podcast.

Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode:

  • Why Russell decided to re-brand the podcast and how he obtained the new name.
  • Where you can find the new podcast, Marketing Secrets, and what to expect.

So listen below and don’t forget to subscribe to the new podcast at


What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, I want to welcome you guys to the last, this is kind of a bittersweet moment. But this is the last, officially, last ever Marketing In Your Car. Oh, that makes me kind of sad. But with every death comes a new rebirth, at least I think that’s what they say. If not, they should say it, I’ll probably start saying it. It’s kind of cool actually.

So the end of Marketing In Your Car, it is the end. I’ve been doing this now for 3 or 4 years, and I love it and I’ve got a lot of you guys listening on, but I’ve wanted to kind of do a re-branding of it for a long time, but I didn’t have the right name, the right thing, the right hook, the right something that was amazing. And if you can’t do something amazing, then why do it? That’s kind of my thought. And then the other day, my friend John Reese, he posted something, that he was selling one of his domains. It was a domain back from when I got started, I remember it was a blog he had and it was called I was like, “Oh my gosh, Marketing Secrets is so cool.” I know that every product either is something secrets, or hacker. But for whatever reason, those two words I love and I wanted this one.

I did a deal with him and now I own and this podcast is now being re-branded as Isn’t that cool. So the real reason is Marketing In Your Car, I know for all you guys that hang out with me, this is a cool thing, but when you see it in iTunes store, it seems kind of childish. Maybe not childish, because I’m a cool childish, but it doesn’t seem like, non of that mass appeal that I really wanted, and does. It’s so cool and exciting.

So a couple of cool things we’re going to do. First off, I have a new iTunes cover we’ll be posting on Monday, so next time you look at your phone you’ll see this new thing and be like, “Wait, what is that.” It’s got my face on it because I wanted you guys to know what I look like, so there you. It says Marketing Secrets on it, if you go to it has places to subscribe, all those kind of things like that. Plus all the posted episodes, plus the other cool thing we’re going to do, instead of just doing the audio like this right now. I’m going to start doing it as a video and post the videos on as well. So some of you guys that like video can check it out there too. So that’s kind of what’s happening.

Anyway, I have a Facebook Live starting in two minutes, but I wanted to jump on real quick and give you guys a heads up of what’s happening, what the changes are, so you’re not freaking out next week when you see the new stuff, but you’re more excited. So Marketing Secrets Podcast is the new name that this show will be known for. We’ve got a new intro that’s so cool. I’ve never been proud of my Marketing In Your Car intros, I’m not going to lie. This one, Steven Larsen spent like 2 days working on the audio to make it awesome. The script is like a very big us versus them, sticking it to the man. So all of us marketers who don’t cheat, can all be part of that, which is exciting.

I’m at the office, because my Facebook Live starts in one minute. So I’m running while I finish this one. But it’s exciting, so look Monday for Marketing Secrets podcast, same feed, same everything, nothing has changed. But you’ll see new icons, new things. I think I’m going to start doing each episode as “Secret number one” boom, “Secret number two” so it’ll be kind of cool that way too. All the old back archives will stay and remain forever, because I don’t know, maybe someone wants to listen to me someday, that’s kind of cool.  So they will be there forever.

And that’s about it. Okay I’m about to run into the office, but one last thing for you guys to know, is if you haven’t started…….yeah, I’m super late huh. Alright, I’m running, so the last thing that I would make sure, if you haven’t seen the new show, if you go to, we’ve got two episodes that have been live so far and we’re doing three episodes a week of that show, and it’s been amazing. So go check out and I’ll to you on Monday, bye everybody.

May 8, 2017

He may be evil, but one of the best marketers ever…

On this episode Russell talks about teaching kids at church about Satan’s marketing plan and how he is taking some marketing pointers from Satan.

Here are some of the odd things you will hear in today’s episode:

  • How being able to teach a lesson at church about whatever he wanted got Russell thinking about Satan as a marketer.
  • And what kind of things we can learn from Satan that will help with our ability to sell the negatives as positives.

So listen below to find out what Russell has learned from Satan himself.


What’s up everybody? This is Russell, welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I hope you guys are pumped for today. It’s Monday, we get to build funnels today. Steven Larsen’s little daughter just sent me the cutest message ever about building funnels. Every Monday or so, not every Monday, but most Monday, all the good Mondays, Steven messages me in the morning and says, “It’s Monday baby, we get to build funnels.” And he did it today and he had his cute little daughter messaging saying the same thing. It was so cute.

Steven: Whoo! Yeah baby, it’s Monday!

Steven’s Daughter: Oh yeah baby, it’s Monday!

Steven: We get to build funnels! Whoo!

Steven’s Daughter: Build funnels, whoo!

Russell: Anyway, I’m excited. I’m heading in. Dylan and Wynter Jones, Dylan is my co-founder in Clickfunnels, Wynter is his twin brother who is also a ninja. They are going to be here this next two weeks building out updating the editor, making sure that everything is even more amazing than it already is, if that’s even possible.

Jaime Smith is in the house, he’s going to be working with us to take over the world. And then Todd’s coming next week, Ryan might be coming after that. Anyway, it’s just fun when we have a bunch of people coming out to plan world domination and to better serve all of you guys. So I’m excited for that.

So during my short commute today, I want to share with you guys something kind of fun. Yesterday I taught a class at church and it’s kind of cool because it’s, usually there’s a lesson or curriculum, but once a month they let people kind of pick what they wanted to teach, so I got one of those lessons, which was really cool. I got to pick whatever I wanted to teach. So I was like, “What do I want to teach today?” So what I decided to do was to basically look at the marketing plans of Satan and how he is getting people.

I think my group probably thinks I’m weird because I was like, “Look, everyone here is talking about church and religion and all that kind of stuff, but I’m really impressed with how good Satan is at marketing. He’s getting people to do all sorts of crazy stuff that they shouldn’t normally be doing.” And I talked about, those that know me know that I was a Mormon missionary when I was 19 years old, for two years. I talked about it, “That was a hard sales pitch, we were going door to door trying to convince people to give up alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea, all premarital, post marital, or not post marital. Premarital, extra marital sex, ten percent of your income for the rest of your life. And if you don’t screw it up, you may get salvation.”

That’s our sales pitch, which is a pretty tough sales pitch. But I was like, “Satan’s sales pitch is even harder. He’s selling eternal damnation. That’s what he’s got to sale. How in the world is he getting so many people? Because that’s what he’s got to sell. As a marketer, I’m fascinated. I want to study this.” So my lesson was breaking it down about what he’s doing and why he’s doing and all sorts of stuff. But what’s interesting, not that we should learn from Satan, this podcast is going really bad.

But if we were to learn from Satan, because he’s really good at marketing, it’s interesting there’s a scripture in Isaiah that basically says that in the last days, wo unto them that call evil good and good evil. And that was kind of the premise. If you look at what Satan’s done, instead of him just going directly and trying to market the thing, because the thing is really hard to market, eternal damnation, who really wants to buy that, right? So instead what he does is he takes things that are evil and makes them good and things that are good, it makes them appear evil. I’m not going to mention those, because I’m sure I’ll get in rants and fights with people, so I’ll let you interpret that how you want, but that’s what he’s doing now days. He’s looking at those kind of things and he’s figuring out how to position them differently so that people think that they’re good. So that bad is good and good is bad.

I think he’s doing a fantastic job, if you look at the world that we live in today. I try not to post things on Facebook, but sometimes I do. It’s insane that some things that are so good, I’ll share and I’ll get comments from people that are the opposite side and I’m like, “Wow, how in the world did you interpret it that way?” But that’s what he’s done, he’s done a really good job.

So how can we use this lesson from Satan in our marketing? I don’t know if I should, maybe I should stop right here. But again, a master marketer, obviously. So think about that, in your business. A lot of times there are things that aren’t as good, so how do you not spin those things, but how do you position them in a way where the negatives are actually positive, and the positive are also positive. You don’t want to do it the other way.

But think about that. This is kind of a, I don’t know if this is a good podcast for me to have. Maybe I should delete this. I don’t want people to think I’m studying Satan for Marketing, I’m not. I’m just saying it’s interesting. Always looking at the positive. When we launched Clickfunnels it was interesting, we were doing, we launched a webinar selling funnel hacks and it was about 4 weeks before we launched the Funnel Hacks course. So the negative was if you signed up you have to wait 4 weeks before you get in. But I was able to sell towards that. “look, this is the deal. You get in, you get the software, you get all this time to study it and get prepared. Then in 4 weeks we’re going to start live training. That gives you plenty of time to get you ready and prepared.” so I’m selling it as a benefit.

Then the next week, because I keep selling it. I’m like, “Hey guys,” to new people coming in, “Hey in 3 weeks we’re starting. You got 3 weeks to get ready.” Then the next was 2 weeks and then 1 week, and then “hey the live training is starting tomorrow. That’s why you gotta get in.” Selling that big positive benefit. Then the week after, so we started the training, so I’m still selling, obviously selling it. And I was like, “Hey look, this is the deal. For everyone, the live training started last week, that means you guys are at a huge benefit. If you sign up right now, you can go watch last week’s training today and get caught up and by week two you will be ready.” And for week 2 I was like, “Hey this is the deal. Live training started 2 weeks ago. So excited for you guys, you get to start ready.”

So no matter where I was in the sequence I was always selling the benefits of the fact that they had 4 weeks before it started was a huge benefit. The fact that it started 2 weeks ago was a huge benefit. No matter where it was in the mix, I had to sell that as a big benefit. Same thing with when the live training was actually over. It was no longer live, I couldn’t sell the fact, when I’m selling live it’s like, “You get to come on and ask q and a, it’s going to be awesome.” Whereas after, there’s no live training, so I can’t sell that as a benefit. So I’m like, “The huge benefit about this is you don’t have, everyone else had to wait six weeks to get this stuff, you can go watch it all this weekend if you want.” Then that becomes the big benefit.

So it’s just finding those things that may not be as good at making them, or finding things that someone might look at as a negative and turning it into a positive. So there’s Satan marketing lesson 101. Oh man, I’m going to post this and I’m sure some of you guys will hate me afterwards. Hopefully the rest of you guys will just laugh and move on with the rest of your day. That’s all I got.

Alright you guys, appreciate you all. I’m at the office, I’m going to go repent and get back to focusing on helping you guys out. Alright talk to you soon.

May 5, 2017

A cool think I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk that radically shifted my social strategies.

On this episode Russell talks about what cell phones have in common with 1950’s TV. He also quickly gives some stats from the book launch.

Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in today’s episode:

  • How searching for a pitch that he remembers from 2015 Russell came across some awesome words of wisdom from Gary Vaynerchuk.
  • How you cell phone is similar to 1950’s TV.
  • And how Russell plans to dominate every available channel the way he has dominated Facebook.

So listen below to find out how you can benefit from looking at cell phones as if they were TV in the 50’s.


Hey what’s up everybody? This is a sneaky late night, I’m sneaking out of my house to go grab something at the office, Marketing In Your Car. So this is cool, I don’t think I’ve talked about this with you guys before. If I have, humor me and pretend like you haven’t because I think it’s important.

The other day, it was funny I was, an event I was at in 2015 and this guy did a pitch that was awesome from stage. So I tried to find that presentation so I could see, because I wanted to model part of the presentation for something I was doing. So yes, I’m always funnel hacking and I had these weird things in my memory where I can remember things from, I see a good pitch and it was in 2015, and I remember it. In fact, I remember a pitch from 2004, 2005 from John Childers that’s amazing too, that I went and found so I could listen to and hear him do his pitch again.

Anyway, what I was doing, is basically I was trying to find this pitch. It was an event I was at in 2015. I remember the speaker, I remember the day, everything. I was trying to find it and I was searching everywhere. I had actually purchased the recordings of that event, but the link where the recordings I’d purchased had now expired. I contacted the company, they wouldn’t give it back to me or they didn’t have it anymore or whatever. So then I was trying to buy them on EBay, I couldn’t buy them on EBay. I tried everywhere. I spent way too long trying to search for this presentation, because it was literally like a 2 minute pitch that I wanted to find. It was probably like 8 hours, the time I wasted on this thing.

But I knew that if I found that one little piece, I would know how to pitch this thing I’m trying to sell. I didn’t find it, but I did find some notes that somebody was there and there was a single sentence that gave me kind of, that reminded of what the hook was. So I am kind of re-building that pitch based on my memory and one sentence that I found after 8 hours of digging. In fact, I ended up finding the entire event, I had to pay some dude insane amounts of money to go and black market find it for me. I don’t feel guilty because I bought it before, but normally I wouldn’t do that.

So he gets it to me, sends me the whole thing. I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” All the videos of everyone in the presentation is there except for the one I am looking for. I’m like, “Dude, where is this?” and he’s like, “How do you know it’s missing.” And I’m like, “I have the notes from somebody who was at the event. The same event that I was at. These are the notes, it says the name of the presentation. This is where between this one and this. You gave me the two other ones, but not the one I needed.” Anyway, I never got the video. So there’s the sad ending of that story. But there’s a happy ending.

But while I was doing that, one of the videos I found during the thing was actually on YouTube, it was the keynote speaker at the event, it was Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary Vaynerchuk is obviously the keynote to almost every event ever, I think. I love the dude, but he’s probably not going to keynote ours, because he just keynotes too many places, so it’s not that special I think. But he’s awesome, I think he’s awesome. Anyway, I was listening to, sorry I’m at the office now. I was listening to, on YouTube while I was searching for it, I found his recording from that same event and I had missed his presentation because I was out in the hall doing whatever I was doing.

So I was like, I’m going to watch this while I’m searching. So while I’m searching I was watching this presentation. What is cool, sorry my alarm’s going off here. Good, I gotta disarm the alarm, now we’re good to go. So I’m in there and I’m watching this presentation while I’m searching for this other video and I’m listening to it and Gary said something that was like, boom. And maybe that was the journey I got sent on to try and find this one ten minute video clip that I didn’t find. But in the journey is where I found this piece and it was this gold nugget that is so good.

So Gary was talking and what he said that was profound, he said, “Our phones, the thing that’s in your hand right now probably, is the equivalent of the TV in the 1950’s.” And then I was like, what’s he talking about? And he went on to kind of explain it and he said, “In 1950’s if you turned on the TV, what was there? three channels. ABC, CBS, and NBC and that was it. So people turned on the TV and had to watch one of three channels.” In fact, that’s what Tony Robbins said to me. When I first met him he’s said, “You know when I got started there were three channels and I just advertized on those three channels and I was everywhere and we made insane amounts of money. And when media split, that’s when it became hard.” But he had a 20 year run. Every channel you turned on Tony was there, and everyone knew who he was all the time.

And then, I’ve done a whole podcast before on how media splits and turns into more channels and cable and soon it gets really, really hard because it’s all fragmented. What’s interesting is that, he said, “Our phones are like TV in the 1950’s because that was the thing in 1950’s, three channels. Right now on your phone, there’s 3 or 4 channels that actually matter. There’s 2 or 4 channels that everybody goes to get all their entertainment and their information and those kind of things.”

If you think about it, think about the typical app, there’s the app store or whatever you want to call it, it’s insane, there’s millions of apps. So you think it’s this huge flooded thing, but the reality is, think about your phone right now and your habits. How many apps do you go to every single day consistently? And probably like 5 or 6 times a day. I was thinking about that and thinking about myself and there’s definitely a pattern. When I’m bored I open up the social tab and I go to Facebook, Instagram, messenger, Snapchat, anyway there’s 4 or 5 things I go to. When I’m done, I close it down and get back to my work.

When I get bored and get stuck or whatever, I come back and open up those 3 or 4 channels to see if anything interesting is happening on any of them and then I come back and I leave. And that’s what TV was, right. When he started saying that, he’s like, “If you understand that, everyone’s got these phones and there’s only 3, 4 or 5 stations everybody’s listening to.” So what are those channels. Facebook is a channel, Instagram is a channel, Snap chat is a Channel, YouTube is a channel. What are the channels that are there? There’s not that many, there really isn’t. There’s only a handful of them. And when he said that I was like, “Oh my gosh.”

And I’m really good on one channel. We’re good on Zuckerberg. We dominate Facebook, but we haven’t been good at the other ones. So we started, if you’ve been watching, I’ve been really working hard at Instagram lately, it’s been growing and actually doing really well for us. If you’re not following my Instagram, please follow my Instagram. I think you just go to, I think. But I’m not sure.

So we’re starting to do stuff on Instagram and on YouTube we’re actually on Monday launching our big YouTube channel. On each channel we have a different strategy. For me, the ones we’re trying to dominate are Facebook, Instagram, I kind of gave up on Snapchat, if I’m completely honest. Instagram is just easier and better, I think. So we’re doing Instagram hard, Twitter, we ignored Twitter for our entire lives and then it turned out we’re getting insane amounts of traffic from Twitter. People are talking about us and we didn’t even know. So now we’re like, crap we should do something in Twitter. I’m going to go learn how to tweet. So I’m starting to get into that again. And then YouTube.

So there’s the four or five channels. We’re not trying to be the biggest dude on YouTube, but I’m trying to get, so my audience when they pull out their phone and are searching the four or five channels, they’re going to see me on everyone of those channels. I started looking at that and I was like, holy crap. I always thought the internet was so big. We’re trying to advertize everywhere. But if you flip it like that, all the sudden it shrinks it down. This is your mobile experience. This is your phone, there are four channels your people are on. How do you get in front of your people on those four channels? That’s it, and it’s really not that hard.

So that’s been, that’s my strategy and you’ll see that happening more and more over the next few weeks as we’re rolling out each channel more aggressively. And then we’re having a strategy and putting people in place to make it consistent and cool. And I’m not talking about, a lot of people go and make a video and then rip the audio and put it on 30 different places. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about understanding the intricacies of each channel and making unique, cool stuff for each one. Some of you guys are just beginners and you’re starting. And if you’re starting don’t do this yet. I’m in 14 years and I’m starting to do this kind of thing.

But after you’ve mastered one channel, I think that everyone needs to be good at one channel if you’re going to grow. I met a friend earlier this year who is really good at Instagram, but he’s not good at any of the other channels. But he’s awesome there, making tons of money.  But again, I’m a big believer in first you have to spend, I’ve been smacked too many times by too many channels.

But I think starting at one and mastering it and then after that’s in place, then going and mastering the second one, third one. With that said, we’re at the point now we’re kind of mastering the other ones and plugging things in. That’s what my goal was, to really be dominate in the 4 or 5 channels on everybody’s phone in my marketplace. So whenever they get bored they pull it out and I’ve got something interesting and unique in each one.

Who’s doing this successfully right now? The only people I know who are really doing it successfully in all of the platforms…oh and speaking of, also podcasting. Podcasting is one of those ones as well. Gary Vaynerchuk is fantastic, he’s the best one I’m watching to model. He’s the one that kind of brought this idea up. He knows something and I’m impressed with that. I’m impressed with, he saw it, because I didn’t see that until he told me. Now I see it. He saw it, he gets it. So watch him close, watch what I’m doing closely.

Go to each of these channels and not many people are on all of them, but find the people you connect with, who are good in each one and model those people, funnel hack them. That’s what we’re doing, we’re looking at what kind of images are other people doing in Instagram? What kind should we be doing? What kind of posts here? What we’re modeling in funnel hacking all the time.

I hope you guys are funnel hacking and modeling me. You should be. I’m on a path trying to figure this stuff out. Not everything I do is right but if I do it consistently, it means it’s working. Know that, model it, funnel hack it.

Anyway, so those are the channels and one other twist. And this is something that I am excited for. On top of that, we’re going to try to create our own channel. And I’ve got a play that’s halfway in play right now, I’m excited for it. I’m not going to ruin it or divulge too much yet. If it works, it’s gonna, for my community, for my tribe, for you guys, it’s going to add one more layer of awesomeness. It’s going to be this really cool tribe app thing that brings us all together into our own distribution channel. Our own media network. Our own TV show. Whatever you want to call it. It’s going to be cool. You’ll see it. Stay tuned and pay attention.  You’ll see the cool stuff that’s happening.

Anyway, that’s what I want to share with you guys today. That mindset, I heard it from Gary, took me about a week to internalize it. Now you’re hearing it from me, I hope you guys think about it and internalize, because I think it’s something really good. Alright I’m walking out of the office.

You guys want some updates on stats. I’ve got a big monitor in front of me showing me all the stats. So as of today, actually let me refresh this because it might be better than this. Unless it automatically refreshes on its own…as of right now, sorry this monitor is kind of weird, I’m trying to figure out how…there we go, reload.

Okay, book sales, we’ve been live a little over two weeks so far. So there’s a couple of cool metrics I’ll share with you guys here. If I can get it to work. Alright, so as of right now we have sold 30,503 copies of the book, which is amazingly exciting. I think so. If I break that down, 23,834 people have taken the Expert Secrets book. 6,692 have taken the Black Box. Also have, if you want to know, lets see. Okay, so the….sorry, the metrics, I can’t…we shifted some of the funnels so some metrics aren’t perfect. But that’s okay.

Upsell number one 7.84% of you guys are taking that, which is either the MP3 player or the audiobooks, of both the Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secret, which is cool. 3.22% are taking Expert Evolution upsell, which is new and we just rolled out last week, which is really, really cool. And then our average cart value right now, from the whole campaign, $32.40. Our total collected money is $989,095.30. So probably by tomorrow we’ll pass a million dollars collected on this funnel, which is cool and gets me excited. To have a new funnel inducted into the two comma club. I’m going to do one more thing. I’m going to reset the stats on here because I want to see……

Okay, so we’ve made some changes to the funnels, so I wanted to see a couple of other metrics, based on that. Sorry, you guys are geeking out with me in real time. Hopefully the suspense is killing you though and getting you excited and not annoying you. If it’s annoying you I’m sorry. You can skip to the next episode, but if you like suspense that’s good. So our actual cart value since we shifted the funnel over $33.29, which only seems like a small update, but it’s actually really big. Because when we first launched our average cart value was really high because all of you hyper active guys went and bought a ton of them. And it dropped dramatically afterwards. So it’s actually up 7 or 8 bucks from the normal traffic.

So the order form bump is at 13.65%, which isn’t bad but it’s not….I wanted it to be closer to 20, so it’s not bad. And this is interesting, so if you, look upsell number one is the MP3 player, there’s three options on the page. You can either buy the physical MP3 player or the digital audiobook files or you can get both. And both for the same price as one, so it’s kind of a funny thing. But 81.56% took just the digital audiobooks, 15.64% took the digital and the physical. And then 2.79% took just the physical, even though it’s the same price. That was the decoy offer, yet they still took it, which is kind of funny.

Anyway, those are the metrics, hopefully that’s kind of fun for you guys. Anyway, it’s been fun. I love this game, it’s a fun little game. So we are in the process right now of tonight actually at midnight, we switch over from our normal affiliate commissions to $20 CPA, so hopefully tomorrow everyone’s going to start promoting like crazy for the last 7 or 8 days of the launch, which is really fun and exciting. We’re going to sell some more books, our goal is to get that about double where we’re at right now and then we got one more fun thing that we’ll be executing at the end of the book launch which will make everybody, all the affiliates a lot of money. And it will serve all the people that bought books, help get them to where they want to be, so I’m excited for that.

Setting the alarm, back in here, I’m going to head back home. My parents are actually coming to town tonight. Howard Berg, the world’s fastest reader is coming in town tonight. And then tomorrow we’re filming a bunch of videos with him. So we’ve got a fun journey happening in the next day or two and I’ll be sharing it with you guys. With that said, have an amazing night you guys. And I’ll check back in with you soon. Bye everybody.

May 4, 2017

Behind the scenes of what happened over the last ten years to make that experience happen.

On this episode Russell talks about a Facebook Live interview that he did with Tony Robbins and how it was the first thing he had ever asked Tony to do in their 10 year relationship.

Here are some of the cool things you will learn in this episode:

  • How Russell was able to do a Facebook Live with Tony Robbins to promote his new book.
  • Why Russell has never looked at his relationship with Tony Robbins in terms of what Tony could do for him.
  • And why the ROI with relationships is the cultivating and building of that relationship.

So listen below to why Russell believes so strongly in building relationships without expecting something in return.


What’s up everybody, welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I have good news and bad news, you guys. You want the bad news or the good news? The good news is I got some cool stuff to share with you. The bad news is, maybe this is good news, I don’t know. I think, and I’m a little nervous about this, but I think I’m ready, you guys ready for this, to rebrand the podcast. What?

It’s been called Marketing In Your Car for the last, I don’t know how long I’ve done this for, but I bought the domain and concept initially ten years ago. It’s been cool and I like it, but I’m thinking about changing. I wanted to change it, I think we’ve talked about this a couple of times. You are my therapist sometimes on these things. I was going to change the name of it a couple of times, but I haven’t, and I haven’t and I haven’t’. Then yesterday something happened. I had to find something that wasn’t just better, but a billion times better and I think I may have got it. I’m not going to tell you what it is yet, but I’m excited because it’s like a billion times better. So there may be a new rebrand coming up here soon. So if you guys like it, you’ve got to let me. I’m excited for it, so excited.

So that’s something I’m going to give you. I gotta step back. Today was a good day, yesterday was a good day, yesterday was insane. We had our certified partners in town. We had a big group of 45 people here, and some of our inner circle members were the ones that were actually some of the business owners that the certified partners had a chance to interview them, figure them out and then go out and actually build the funnels all night for them. Then they come back and present their thing. It was really fun.

It was fun, to kind of capstone at the end of the certified partner program. I have a chance to speak to them at the very beginning, and then kind of sneak in and watch what they were doing and that kind of stuff, and it was really cool. Now most of  them left today. And then, yesterday the other cool thing, as you know we’re in the book launch. We’re almost, a few books away from 30 thousand books, we’ll definitely pass it today. And not that this matters, but on the, if you look at how much money is made inside of the cart for every book. Probably tomorrow my guess is we will pass $1 million dollars collected through this funnel. Through the front end funnel, not counting the backend stuff, which is also really cool. Which means the Expert Secrets book will officially be inducted into the two comma club, and we’ll order my own big old record plaque. Yes, I’m just like you guys, I want one every single time I have a funnel that makes a million bucks. We will be ordering one of those.

Today or tomorrow we will be passing 40 thousand active Clickfunnel members as well. So many cool things happening. That is so exciting. And then to step back on another thing, as I’ve been doing this book launch, as you guys know, I’ve been doing all these Facebook Lives, these interviews and they’ve been going awesome. Kind of exhausting, not going to lie. Plus, we’re doing a juice fast this week, which is the second juice fast I’ve done this month, which basically means when I’m not juice fasting I’m overeating, because I keep having to come back to it.

What’s funny, Dave Woodward and his wife Carrie, were teasing me behind my back because I got all these guys to do the juice fast with me this time. Dave was like, “Why is this so hard? Why isn’t Russell complaining.” And they’re like, “Russell’s a professional dieter.” And we were laughing because I actually am, if you think about it. I spent 12 years of my life as a wrestler, wrestling. And what I did, every single Monday I would come in and be 30 pounds overweight and every Friday I would be 30 pounds down and I would weigh in and then start the vicious cycle over again. Over and over and over again for 12 years of my life.

I didn’t mind it in wrestling, but you don’t realize the pattern that sets. So I had this epiphany the other day when I’m hanging out with Dave and Carrie, I might have already talked about this, I don’t remember. But basically my pattern in life is that same way. Every Monday, from Monday to Friday, I’m at the office and I eat perfectly, I usually lose about 5 pounds a week.

Then Friday, Saturday, Sunday I just can’t stop myself. It’s insane. So I think it has to do with my wrestling patterns that I instilled over 12 years of dieting all week and then pigging out all weekend. That’s my pattern and why I can’t ever lose weight. Because I lose weight Monday through Friday and then the last three days, I had my weigh ins and then I can eat whatever I want, then Monday I start over again. So I’ve been professionally dieting now for 25 years, which is kind of cool, except for its lame.

Why would I tell you that story? Oh yeah, that’s why I’m on the juice fast again. Someday I’ll figure this out. It’s a psychological problem I know, I gotta fix that. I gotta fix my brain. Which I actually working on from multiple different angles, so that’s good. Now that I’m aware of it I can effect it, which is hopefully the key for some of you guys.

Alright, step back,  it was really cool. We had my interview with Tony Robbins yesterday, he was interviewing me. I’ve interviewed him before, he interviewed me on New Money Masters Series. We’ve kind of done back and forth on some of these things. And it was crazy because in true Tony fashion, he tells you, “Hey, we’re going to start at this time.” And then they shift it 10 times throughout the day. So I felt bad because we had other poddcst interviews lined up and we had to keep bumping people and shipping things around. So if I bumped you yesterday because of Tony, I’m apologizing, but come on. It’s Tony, it was so cool.

I’ve known Tony now for almost 10 years, which is crazy. It’s been a decade since I’ve known him, which is insanely cool. And in that time, I’ve never asked him to do anything, I just love him and what he does so much that I was like, how can I help him? We helped, we created a book funnel for him. I paid my own costs, paid my own flights, paid my hotel. It all came out of my own pocket, I spent probably 20 grand building a book funnel for him and just gave it to him as a gift.

I’ve coached his people and I’ve helped consult him and other people on his team. Iv’e done a lot of things like that. I’ve spoken at his events, anything I can do, I’ve tried to do and just help him, and not with an ulterior motive like, “Someday, he’s going to get me.” I have a joke with one of my buddies who always jokes, “I’m your real friend, I’m not here because you’re successful, I’m your real friend.” I’m like, “Whatever, it’s a long con. You’re waiting ten years from now to cash out.” So it’s always this joke, “How’s the long con treating you?”

So why I say that, with Tony it was never a long con. “Okay, ten years from now he’s going to maybe promote me.” It was never like that, it was like, Tony’s freaking awesome, he’s helped me so much. How can I help and serve and give back. I don’t think I could ever give back what I got from him. So anything we’re doing is just cool. But think about, I helped him from giving what I’m best at and gave that to him for free. I paid him to come to my event. I’m a customer. I’ve done all those things, and just because I’m trying to give back to him in a little way. And obviously he gives, every time I help a little bit, he gives back so much more.

He came to our event, we paid a lot of money for him to come to the event as our keynote, but then he came back and went for 5 hours and just blew everyone’s minds and it was insane. Anyway, long story short. I have never asked Tony to promote anything ever. This came around, the book came out and it was the first time I was ever like, “hey, would you be willing to do this?” And he’s like, “Yeah.” And what’s crazy about that is I think so many people go into relationships, looking at what’s ROI for me in this deal? Should I invest my time and I think that that’s the reason why most people don’t get deals to happen and they don’t have longer term things happen. You know what I mean?

If went to Tony like, “Alright what’s my angle, how am I going to get him to help me?” It never would have happened, I don’t think.  But because I was like, okay Tony’s the man, how can I help him? To now 10 years later, a long time later, but 10 years later he comes back and does this really cool and it was amazing.

So some of the results. We did the Facebook Live interview. We actually did it first on Skype because he just wanted to not have it live, live. In case, something bad  happens. So we did live and he’s like, “cool, you guys can run it.” So we took that and edited it real quick, chopped off the beginning and the end. Put it through an OBS, which is a streaming platform, and did a Facebook Live on Tony’s page. We had 1.8 to 1.9 thousand people watching it the entire time. 5 hours into it, we had 70 thousand views and 3 or 4 hundred thousand reach. This morning it was 100 thousand views and close to a million reach. I think 19 thousand clicks have come from it.

Which is crazy, if we were to buy a Facebook ad and get 19 thousand clicks, let’s say it…I mean that’s probably 20-30 grand in ad costs just to get that. And this is all coming organically from Tony’s page, his recommendation. We’re selling tons and tons of books. Then this virtual book tour, one of the cool things we’re doing is with everyone, we’re doing the Facebook Live on their page. So it lives on their fan page and then we’re going in, their making us admin on their account and we’re actually paying my money to boost their Facebook Live to their audience.

So now we had the opportunity where they’re allowing us to spend my money to promote to their audience, and now it’s going out to all 2.2 million of his followers it’s going to keep growing and growing. And my guess, next we’ll have a million views on that video. It’s just huge, it’s a huge winner for us. We were going crazy celebrating and we continue to, and I was just so grateful. First off that Tony was willing to do that because he’s so protective of his brand and everything. It means a lot to me that he was willing to do that. But second off, I just want you guys to realize that I can’t tell you how many people a day that I meet that come in that are all about, you can tell as they look at you……I just assume it’s what really good looking women struggle with, you meet a guy and you can tell that they don’t really care about you, they’re just interested in everything else.

I get that a lot. It’s hard. As soon as I meet people, even at the certified partner event, a couple of people I met, I was just like, I could tell I was a piece of meat. They were looking me up and trying to tell, this is how we’re going to get this thing from him. It’s just like, I hate that. Whereas, people I do deals with, similar to Ton or whatever, people who come in and genuinely care and serve and help and do stuff.

Last year, I think we only promoted one person last year, Stu McLaren, why? Stu’s awesome. For the last ten years of our life he’s never once asked me for anything. He’s always helped me and served me and given me cool opportunities to serve other people, just such a cool person. So when he came he was the only person we promoted for the last year. And this year we’re probably not promoting anyone. It’s just like, we don’t need to do that. We don’t have to do that. Tony didn’t have to do that. It didn’t help him at all. But the right people, it’s like you’re giving back to them from the relationship.

If I can say anything to you guys, I would say start focusing on relationships without trying to figure out, what’s the ROI in this relationship. I know that I’m very big on that. If you take the disc profile, I think it’s the disc, one of the traits of, one of my traits, everything for me is ROI. What’s the ROI of this conversation? What’s the ROI of doing anything? If there’s not an ROI I don’t like doing it. But with relationships I try to not have an ROI. Just go into it and look at the other person as a human being as opposed to an investment.  And just be like, how can I help this person? What do I got that can serve them?

And if you do that from a real, not a fake standpoint where you’re actually in it for the long con, but you’re in it for, this dude’s awesome. I want to help him. Good things will come to you, and that’s how relationships are actually built. You don’t get into relationships with people, typically where the first date you’re trying to size them up and figure out what you get out of it. It’s the one’s where you’re coming in and serving and turn it into amazing relationships. Especially when both people are serving, that’s when the most magic happens.

Anyway, there’s a book called Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty, I think it was Harvey Mckay? I don’t know, I never actually read it, but I read the title and that’s the gist I’m trying to share with you guys today. Dig your well before you’re thirsty, because someday you’ll be thirsty. Someday you’re going to have a book launch in ten years from now or whatever that is. Because I dug that well, and I’ve been digging it for ten years, now when it comes, now it’s actually happening.

Same thing in this, it’s interesting, this business for me was always, used to be all about reciprocation, people promote you if you promoted them. It’s like 3 years ago when we launched Clickfunnels we said, we can’t do that anymore. We just can’t. Otherwise our business won’t be able to grow. And it was scary for me, I was like how are we going to grow this company if I’m not reciprocating? Well how else can I reciprocate?

So for the market, for partners, for everyone I’m like, I’ve got to reciprocate by just giving everything all the time. And what’s crazy is people who are promoting this book launch, I look and there’s some of my mentors, people who I look up to more than almost anyone. I look at Mark Joyner, my very first mentor. I look at Alex Mandossian. All these people helping us promote and none of them are doing it like, “Russell you promote me and I’ll promote you back.” They’re all doing it like “man, Russell you have given so much to whatever.” To them, to the community, or whatever and now they’re promoting. It was insane.

So I almost feel like, I always thought the only way to get to do that was through reciprocation and it kind of is true, but it’s a different kind of reciprocation. Not just you promote me I’ll promote you. It’s like legitimately spend the next three years of your life seeing how you can serve your market and the people around you and people and just figure that out. And then when you do they’ll say yes. And that’s cool. That’s really, really cool.

So it was a big break through and hopefully it was good for you guys. So dig your well before you’re thirsty. Build relationships without trying to get anything in return. And then in the long term who knows what will happen. But something might happen, whereas if you go the other way, nothing is going to happen. There you go, you guys.

And the last thing I’ll say is when you cultivate and build those relationships, that is the gift in and of itself. That’s the ROI. I look at Mark Joyner, my first mentor, who we had come out for Funnel Hacker TV, we’ve worked with him. That relationship with him for me is huge. That was worth way more than any him promoting. You know what I mean? Just the benefits of that, getting to know him and being able to know him in a more personal level, was worth 10x more than him ever promoting for us. So I think that’s the result. Getting deep in the relationship is the result, that’s the ROI you’re looking for, any other ROI’s that come are just gravy.

So focus on that relationship and how you can help people and that’s the key. Anyway, I  know that’s not like marketing tactile, like what’s the tactics? Here’s the tactic, become really good friends with people and try to help them. It’s not a sexy tactic, but it’s the most important one. So there you go. Alright, I’m out you guys. Have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye everybody.

May 2, 2017

Two cool things you probably didn’t know, that should help you with whatever it is you’re trying to sell.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how being in a live interview made him realize things about his books. He also reveals some top secret information that you won’t want to miss.

Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode.

  • How being in a live interview caused Russell to think on his toes and helped him realize something about the art and science of business.
  • And what is the big secret about Expert Secrets that most people don’t realize.

So listen below to hear some cool insights Russell has had in the last few days while doing a bunch of live interviews.


Good morning everybody, this is Russell, welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I hope you guys are awake because today is certified partner day. We’ve got almost 40 certified partners in Boise at our new office, which is exciting. So I’m going to head out there and in 9 minutes I’m gonna…holy cow 9 minutes, I gotta speed. Always late for everything. The good news is they can’t start without me, I hope.

So I just had a quick message for you guys, because I thought it was interesting. It’s been fun as I’ve launched the book I get to do tons of interviews and podcasts and all this stuff. So people ask you questions, and some questions people ask are the same ones every single time. But other people ask questions that make you go hmmm..How does that song go? Things that make you go hmmm.

So a couple things got me thinking and I’ve got some cool ideas. So I want to share with you guys two things. Number one, it came out of one of the conversations. It was funny because it was someone, I can’t remember even who it was, they were drilling me about, “Why in the world would you write another book? I thought you hated writing books?” I’m like, “I do, it’s so hard.” And then I was like why, why, why and then finally, it’s weird how when you’re on the spot live and you can’t edit and all the sudden magic comes out. I started thinking, I always tell people that this business there’s an art and a science to this business and the problem is the people focus too much on the art, or too much on the science.

If you have the art, it looks good but doesn’t make any money. If the science structurally is right, but there’s no money. It’s gotta have both. We talk about increasing the sex appeal, making things exciting, that’s the art side of this business. But then there’s the science part, which is funnel structuring. I was thinking about it, Dotcom Secrets is the science part of this business and Expert Secrets is like the art. It’s what you’re putting on top of the pages and the structure that make it work, they make it convert, make people interested and engaged and keep coming back to you.

As I said it, I was like that’s so cool. Dotcom Secrets is the science and Expert Secrets is the art, and you gotta have both because this business is a business of art and science. That’s why a lot of people struggle with it. They’re either really good on the technical side or really good on the artsy side, it’s a blend of the two, which is why I think most people should have partners because it’s hard to have everything. No one’s got everything, well maybe a couple of people but not everyone.

So that’s number one cool thing I thought was cool. Number two, if you guys came to Funnel Hacking Live, Todd Brown got up and spoke and shared an example of two books. One was how to outsource your business for profit, or something like that, and one was called the 4 hour work week. And obviously, as you know the 4 hour work week made Tim Ferris famous, and rich and a whole bunch of other cool things. But it came because the hook was right, but both of them are teaching outsourcing. It was the same concept, just the way they packaged it was different.

I wanted to share with you guys something that some of you know, but most of you don’t. This is a little top secret just for you guys who are hanging out on the podcast. I’ve had a lot of friends who are copywriters. It seems like every copywriter wants to go and launch his own copywriting course, and guess what happens to almost all of them? They all bomb, and you know why? Nobody wants to buy copywriting. It’s not exciting or sexy or anything. It’s bleh.

I remember watching, I mean I love John Carlton, but I remember watching the first time he launched his Simple Writing System, I’m like this guy’s the best copywriter in the world, I went to the page and I was like, “Huh.” How do you sell copy? It is not sexy or exciting or anything. I always thought that was interesting. I’ve had so many copywriting buddies go and launch copywriting courses. I’m like, “ugh, Nobody wants to buy copywriting courses. There’s a few people, but not many.”

So what’s interesting, this is my little hint for those who are paying attention. Expert Secrets is my copywriting course.  I didn’t call it copywriting, but what’s the book about? It’s about finding your hook, finding your angle, finding your offer, finding your market, creating an actual offer, telling stories, breaking belief patterns. It’s copywriting, but I didn’t call it copywriting.

That’s what I’m going to give to you guys. Think about that. Think about how you position your offers because it’s the difference between making a little bit of money and making a crap ton of money. It’s all in the actual positioning of the offer. Make sure you don’t call it something like How to outsource for fun and profit, because nobody wants that. There’s a few people, but not many. They want a 4 hour work week. That’s what they want. So understand that, understand that it all ties back to what you call your product.

In fact, we’re about to launch our new coaching program. We had two different names for it, both were cool names that people would not give us any money for. We sat there in a room on a whiteboard, actually it was a blackboard with white markers, but that’s beside the point, for like 4 or 5 hours. No not that long, 2 ½ hours, trying to figure out the right hook for it. All the sudden it came out and it was like the angels in heaven were singing. We’re like, “That’s what people will give us money for.” So we changed all t he branding and everything because of it.

Alright guys, I’m walking in, the certified partner meeting is literally happening in 4 minutes. So I gotta go. Talk to you all soon, bye everybody.

May 1, 2017

Where you should start focusing your efforts…

On today’s episode Russell gives a quick recap of his week spent with the Harmon Brothers working on a script for a potentially viral video. He also talks about compounding numbers with business and how focusing on one thing will help you compound your customers.

Here are some of the interesting things you will hear in this episode:

  • Find out what Russell has learned about compounding his customers by focusing all his efforts on pushing people into Clickfunnels.
  • Learn what you need to do to follow in Russell’s footsteps.
  • And find out what 3 big things Russell is trying to do this year to get his business to reach the $100 million mark.

Listen below to find out what invention is actually greater than compounding interest.


What’s up everybody, this is Russell. Welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I just dropped off Dallin, one of my twinners, actually the first born. My first born of my loins. Is that what they say? I don’t know, maybe not. Anyway, at dance class, and I’m heading into the office.

I’m exciting this week, I did this last month too, I did a juice fast week and I lost a bunch of weight and then I went crazy, so I’m doing juice fast week again this week, which will be good. And I just got back from last week, so crazy. Last week, I forgot to tell you guys, I was going to do some podcasts and stuff, but then I didn’t. Sorry about that. We went out, if you guys know who the Harmon Brothers are, if not go to and check it out. They’re the guys that do all the funny viral videos. We did an exchange for them. They had this, one of their viral videos was called and it went really viral but their funnel wasn’t doing that well, so we helped them build the funnel in exchange for them writing a script for us.

So we went to a writing retreat this week with them, last week with them. It was cool, they rented a cabin in Sundance for two days, they had 3 writers write scripts for us. They brought them in and then we got to listen to all the writers scripts, which were insanely amazing. From the three scripts we picked the best one and then the writers went down to the basement for 3 hours. Took all the best jokes from the other two scripts and weaved them into the other script and then they came back. And we liked it and gave them feedback and it went back and forth, back and forth for two days until the end they came with this script that is legitimately the most amazing thing on earth.

And then the plan is we were going to go out and produce it, then on Friday I got an email from them saying, “Hey, Russell, it turns out we really love the script, and we really love you and your team and we want to work with you guys on this and actually produce the whole video.” which is exciting. I’m actually heading to the office right now because I have a call with them to figure out the deets.

And for those, who aren’t cool kids yet, deets means details. So figure out some details with these guys and if it works out they’re going to produce the video for us, which is insanely cool. And just by nature of the script, we went and created ten new things on the back end to create…. I can’t even tell you about it now because it’s so vague still in my head, but it’s amazing.

Anyway, I’m really, really, really excited for it and excited to share it with you guys here hopefully in the very near future. But yeah, it’s awesome. If this video hits like it can and it should, I think, at the beginning of the year I said there’s a couple goals I have. Our goal was to get to 100 million members, not 100 million, that would insane, 100 million dollars, which is also insane actually. So the goal is to get to 100 thousand members and I think we started the year at, I don’t remember what we started at, but we are at, I think wait, 39 thousand? Or maybe 40. We’re close to 39 or 40 thousand members. Somewhere in there.

I was like, well I got two big plays to try to, I think I have 3 or 4 big plays this year. For me, I’m always like, I’m going to try to hit a homerun, but I might not. If I hit three or four singles that will equal a homerun. I think, I’m not a baseball guy, but I think so. So I try to have 3 or 4 big things. So number one was book launch, which is going amazingly well by the way. We’re almost two weeks in, we’ve sold 28 thousand copies I think. So that’s going really, really well. Phase two of the launch is starting this week, which is cool. And then number two was this viral video, which now looks like it’s going to hit, which that could bring on an extra 20,30,40 thousand members, so that’s cool. Number three is an infomercial that we’re going to be filming later on this year.

Anyway, we’re just trying a bunch of Hail Mary passes. Getting all my sports analogies messed up. Hail Mary passes, home runs, grand slams, I don’t even know. Double leg to their back, choke them out. A bunch of different things. I told everyone on my team if one or two of these things hit, we’ll hit it. The book launch is hitting perfectly right now, which is awesome. And now the video looks like it’s going to hit. There’s our two and if we get the infomercial as well, it’s going to be amazing. So fun stuff happening over here. I’m just excited.

What I wanted to talk to you about today, I want to help shift your mindset a little bit. I talked a lot about this at my inner circle, at my last inner circle meeting. It’s about compounding interest, maybe not. So compounding interest, some dude who’s famous said that the greatest discovery in the world is compounding interest. So me, someone who doesn’t understand finance and doesn’t really care to that well. I was like, alright, I don’t know what that means, but it sounds awesome. And then I tried to invest because I heard that, and then I saw that I hate investing stuff, so I didn’t really like that.

I kind of left the whole compounding interest thing on the side even though they said it was the greatest invention of mankind. And I went on my way to keep trying to sell stuff. So now fast forward til today, what’s interesting, and again I have no idea if this actually relates to compounding interest, probably doesn’t, but in my mind the concept of compounding, creating something everything else you do compounds upon that core thing. That probably doesn’t make any sense yet, but I’ll put it in perspective.

So for me, for the last 14 years of my life, minus the last two, every time we would do something it was a lot of work and then we would launch something and make a bunch of money. And then that work would disappear. It would evaporate, right. That was the info product game and that was launch game. That was us launching businesses. So with a lot of my business was launching different businesses in different industries and the problem with that, you launch it and then with the customers you got it, if you lock in their business next week, those customers don’t compound.

So if you’re focusing on one business, which is my message to all of you all, and everyone in my inner circle all the time. Focusing on one business because then at least your customers are compounding. Everything you do brings more people to your list, more customers, things like that. It’s a compounding effect from there. So that’s a big, that’s compounding, which is good. That way when you’re focusing all your rollouts and launches and products and everything in one niche, at least the customers are compounding. So every time you do it, it gets better the next time.

When I launched my very first product, it was Zip Brander and I only had 5 customers. Then I launched my second one, which was Article Spider, I got like 30 customers. Then the next one, and over the last twelve years it kept compounding. Customers kept adding up and getting bigger and bigger until today. So it’s always compounding, which is cool from a customer compounding standpoint. But what’s even cooler, is until we had this thing called Clickfunnels, even within that, we still launched and made a bunch of money and get more customers, but then it was back to the drawing board every single day.

What I was telling everyone in our inner circle, and what I want you guys to think about too, figure out your one thing you’re selling, your core thing. For me, Clickfunnels is it. I know obviously, everyone can’t have a Clickfunnels, but everyone can have something like that. It might be a membership site, it might be software, something where it’s like, it doesn’t have to be recurring, but I think it should be. Something where you’re consistently pushing people into this thing that is compounding. By that, what I mean is it’s really cool, when we first launched Clickfunnels, I’d get a text every morning from Stripe telling us how much money we make. And we have 10 different stripe accounts, so we’d get 10 texts a morning. It’s kind of cool, we’ll see the launch we’re doing, we’ll see for the book funnel that’s been launched, it’s done with the 27, 28 thousand books, I can’t remember what we’ve sold right now. It’s almost a million dollars in cash collected.

I’ll see a big huge thing, “$250,000 deposited today from stripe.” Or 100,000 or whatever. Those are cool, I like those they get me excited. But what’s cooler is watching the Clickfunnels one, everything we do now always compounds upon Clickfunnels. They’re coming to buy the book, where do I push them. If you guys went to the book funnel you know. You come for the book, I push you to Clickfunnels. You come into anything and it’s always pushing back to that thing. And I’m watching the compounding of it.

I remember when we first launched Clickfunnels, I would get a text some days there was 0 dollars, some days it was like 10, some days like 100. You see different things. As we double down and really focused all of our efforts on that, that number grows. I remember it got to the point where it’s like, every day we were making $10 thousand dollars a day. And my texts from stripe would say 10 grand a day. 10, 10, 10. I’m like, cool. Then it got to 12, then to 15, then to 18, then to 20.

It wasn’t necessarily that I was promoting Clickfunnels, but I was promoting all these front end offers to push people into Clickfunnels. And that number kept compounding and compounding. From 20 thousand to 30 a day. From 30 a day to 50 a day. 50 a day to 80 a day. 80 a day to 100 a day. 100 a day to 120 a day. 120 a day to 130 a day. It keeps going up and up and up. And it was fun because now it’s like, that’s the goal. That number. Everything is compounding upon that number. Even though I’m not directly ever selling Clickfunnels, all these things I’m doing are continually pushing people into that.

And that becomes for me, the KPI, everyone’s got a KPI in your business. For me it’s that. What’s the daily number we get from Clickfunnels? And as long as you’re doing a lot of cool stuff, that number should go up every single day. For us it goes up every, it’s crazy. I’m so, I can’t believe this is every day, it keeps going up. It’s because there’s so many things compounding now upon the one thing.

For you guys, A couple of things. First off, if you’re doing more than one business, stop because you’re not compounding. Every one of your efforts is watered down in half. When you’re focusing on one core business, everything you do now gives you more customers which compound, which means you get better and better every single day. That’s number one. Number two is having a focal point of where you’re taking all these customers. Something hopefully continuity based, residual based and then knowing that’s the key. Whatever, 250 thousand, or 100 thousand, those big days from the different rollouts are exciting and cool, but I don’t care about them.

The only thing I care about is that compounding residual number. Because that’s the thing that actually matters in the business. That’s the life blood of the business. So it’s continual focus and energy on that. So again, step number one, compounding. As soon as you’re focusing on one business and one customer base that’s how you compound. Then number two is pushing all those people into one core continuity and compounding there. And I don’t know about compounding interest, it’s the greatest invention in the world, but I tell you what, focusing on one business and on one continuity and pushing everyone into that, I think that’s the greatest invention of all business.

Anyway, that’s what I got today you guys. I’m at the office. I’m going to go prep my call to Harmon Brothers. We’re going to build this video out. We’re going to change the world. It’s going to get everyone in the world to become entrepreneurs, start using our software, which is so cool. And I’m excited for it. Appreciate you guys. If you haven’t got your book yet, go to Get your copy of the book. We re-tweaked the whole funnel. So you may wanna go see the new version of it. There’s a whole bunch of new upsell, downsell process, now it’s a lot better. It’s increased our cart value by a lot, which is kind of fun.

I’ll have to tell you that story another day. There’s a really cool story, when we were at the cabin that happened, so remind me and maybe I’ll tell you that another day. If I forget, let me know. It was really, really cool though and it created a new OTO upsell offer that’s converting really, really well. And it’s pretty exciting. That’s all I got  you guys. I appreciate you all, have an amazing day. Talk to you guys soon.

Apr 24, 2017

This is when, what we do, becomes a really fun game.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how many copies of the book have sold in the first 6 days and what his goal is. He also talks about how making tweaks to your funnel after it’s up and running can help you beat the control.

Here are some cool things in this episode:

  • Find out how many sales Expert Secrets got in the first 6 days and how it compares to Dotcom Secrets.
  • Find out how Russell cleared his head in order to come up with new ideas of how to tweak the funnel and increase sales.
  • And hear what Russell recommends to beat your control.

So listen below to find out how you can make a good funnel even better after it’s been up and running for a few days.


Hey everyone, this is Russell. Welcome to a rainy, very rainy Marketing In Your Car. I just dropped off Dallin, my oldest twin who is my son who loves extracurricular activities, at dance class, early morning. So heading back into the office now and excited.

So the book launch has been live for I think, almost 6 days now. And in 6 days we sold a little over 20 thousand books. What? Crazy. Last year it took us the entire month to sell 20 thousand. I don’t even think we got to 20 thousand, we were close to 20 thousand. I can’t remember exact numbers back then.

It was pretty exciting for us and we haven’t even pulled out the big guns yet. Those who are watching, some crazy stuff’s happening. At 20 thousand and I think we should hit at least 50 or 60 thousand books sold, which is really cool. So I’m really proud and excited for that.

So I’m heading into the office right now because a bunch of things are happening. In fact, the number one thing, well it’s interesting, I don’t know about you but when you’re in the middle of a book launch, launching a million things at once, which we’ve obviously been doing. So my stress levels are a little higher than typical, not stress levels but you know what I mean. Just a lot of stuff happening. It’s been interesting, I think it’s almost like you’re so close to something that you can’t, you don’t know what to do.

So the book launch has been going really well, in fact, our average cart value right now is about $34. So for everyone who buys the book, on average we make about $34 in the funnel, which is great. We keep thinking, how do we make it better, how do we make it better? There’s got to be a way to make it better. I’ve been blank. I don’t even know what to do. I look at it like, ahhh I got nothing.

So anyway, I bought a thing called a float tank a while ago, it’s in my house and I hardly ever use it. I feel bad. In fact, I clean it more often than I use it, it’s kind of a pain to keep. Looking back now, I definitely would not get a float tank in my house. But they are cool. I promise you, somewhere in your hometown, there’s probably a float tank place. If you Google float tank and your city I bet you’ll find one. But basically it’s a huge salt sensory deprivation tank. It’s like a thousand pounds of salt, so you lay and float on the top and sit there. Typically I do my float tank, I go in there and listen to music or listen to CD’s or talks or whatever. But this time for some reason the music thing wasn’t playing, and this is Saturday night, yes Saturday night. Went in there and music thing wasn’t going to work. I was like, ahhh whatever, I’ll just try to focus and do my whole meditation thing. And I’m not a very good meditate-er at all, by any stretch.

But I sat there and laid there and tried to focus on my breathing, and tried to think about the major things. And it was cool because the first time, I think I had time to reset and not be in the motion of everything. I just sat there for like an hour. I sat there for 45 minutes, and I passed out and woke up when my alarm went off. But I didn’t get any great ideas while I was sitting in there, but I feel like it was a flush. Like a cleanse or something because then when I went back inside, it was probably like 11 o’clock at this time, maybe almost 12 o’clock.

A float tank when you, an hour in the float tank feels like you slept for 5 or 6 hours, so I felt really good. I got up and was like huh. So I ended up staying up til like 2 or 3 in the morning. The next day I had church, which was yesterday, I’m at church and all the sudden the ideas started flowing. I was like, what? Where are these coming from. And it was almost like there was a blockage and that flushed it and then all the sudden it was like, it just started flowing and I’m sitting there and I’m like, oh my gosh I can’t even keep up with these. So in church I tried to pay attention and listen and be good, while I’m taking notes, I can’t forget this stuff. This is really good crap, I gotta make sure I won’t forget it.

So I’m like typing in my notepad and try to go back out and focus and then all the sudden it’s like, keep flooding in the ideas. It was like, gall, this is so cool. So I got this huge flood of inspiration. So this morning I woke up early, at 5:00, which I’m already hurting really bad. It’s 8:30 and I can barely keep my eyes open. I don’t know, this is going to be a long week I think. But I got up and started re-tweaking our funnels. Our average cart value right now, I think, what did I just say? 34 or 36, I can’t remember exactly what it was as of this morning. My goal is to get to 40, and I think I can and I have some ideas.

So I’m going to be plugging in all these split tests and different things. I’m actually going to record two different upsell videos right now. Because I think I figured out what I messed up on, which is so cool. It’s the part I love about funnels. So for anyone that’s got funnels that don’t work, you need funnels that do work.  I want to stress this process. I talked about it at Funnel Hacking Live, and I’m going to talk more and more about it. In fact, if I ever happen to do book three, hopefully I never do. But if I happen to do it, this will be the premise of it. Not the premise, but the beginning of it, understanding this piece of it.

So basically, we drive traffic, we spend time, and we look at the numbers. Based on the numbers we try to figure out, now we know what it is, how do we make it better? It’s interesting, if you look at the copywriting world, what will happen is that, big companies like Agora and Boardroom and things like that, where they’re very copy intensive and they hire the best copywriters in the world. The copywriter, whoever writes the copy is called the control. They get a royalty on that control as long as it wins. But as soon as the control is written, all these other writers come in and try to beat it, beat the control.

So they’re all trying to write different headlines, intros, hooks, angles, different things to beat your control. They’re not rewriting the whole letter, they’re just taking what you already had and trying to figure out what can increase it. And if they win, then they get the royalties. So that’s everyone’s job, just try to beat the control. It’s almost like for us, after you get the funnel launched and live and everything, it’s coming back and saying how do I beat the control? And then trying to figure that out.

So it’s cool, you can step back and look at all the pieces. So I look at over the last 6 days, and I sold a lot of books, but we got a lot of data. What’s our opt in percentage, and how many people are actually putting in their credit card? How many people are buying the Black Box versus the book? How many people are buying the order form bump? How about the upsells? The downsells? Then looking at comments on Facebook and other things and trying to see where are the sticking points.

After you identify those, then it’s not that hard to come back and tweak it and shift it. So I’m excited today, to try to retweak those. Amongst the fact that we also are doing another 20 Facebook lives today to promote the book. So it’s going to be kind of crazy. But that’s kind of the game plan. So that’s what I’m doing today. I hope you guys are doing it as well.

Look at your funnels and try to beat your control because it’s a fun game. And if you’re too close, like I was, go rent a float tank for an hour, go float in it, who knows? Maybe like me all day, start flushing out. Or find someone else on your team and have them try to beat the control. Or hire someone and say, “If you beat my control, I’ll pay 100 bucks a try, or I’ll pay you a thousand if you beat it.” Or whatever, and just have people start making it a game, because that’s when it starts getting really, really fun.

Anyway, this week I’m going to take you guys on some fun journeys. We’re actually going to, if you know who the Harmon Brothers are, if you’ve ever seen the Squatty potty commercial, or Fiber Fix, or Snap Books, or any of the awesome viral videos, we’re working with them to write a script for Clickfunnels, so I’m heading down to Utah tomorrow, I think. So I’ll take you on the journey and tell you all the cool stuff I learn along the way as well, hanging out with those guys. Anyway, I’m at the office, going to get some work done, create some videos, make some funnels, try to beat my control and that’s going to be fun. So we’ll talk to you guys soon.

Apr 20, 2017

The method behind my new blog, podcast, and YouTube channel.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how many book sales he has so far. He also talks about the new blog he is doing and how he plans to have time to do it, and how he’ll keep it consistent.

Here are some of the coolest things you will hear in this episode.

  • Find out if Russell was able to reach his first week goal in book sales within the first 24 hours.
  • Hear what Russell’s new blog will be about and find out the cool way he has come up with to get it done consistently despite his hatred for Word Press.
  • And finally find out how to get a hint about a top secret item Russell recently purchased that he thinks is super awesome.

So listen below to find out if Russell will beat or match his goal number of books sold in the first week.


Good morning everybody. Guess what? Guess what? First off, it’s raining outside, which is cool. Second off, I’m heading to the office which is cool. And third off, it’s been a little over 24hours since we launched the book and guess what? We sold over 10 thousand copies! What?

Honestly, my goal when we first got started was 10 thousand copies the first week. Because last time it took us almost a month to sell 10 thousand copies, like, “If we did it in a week that would be amazing.” We did it yesterday. It wasn’t quite 24 hours, it was 27, technically it was a little longer than a day, but I’m counting it. I’m calling it 10 thousand in a day, because that’s what we did.

Anyway, so insane. Everyone who first off, bought, thank you everyone who promoted, thank you to everyone who’s continuing to promote, that’s awesome. This morning I woke up, we were at 12,500 books and it just keeps on rolling. So I’m just going to keep on rolling and see what with the Dotcom Secrets book either we’re almost or we just hit 100,000 copies or somewhere in there, total for the last 2 ½ years. So I think with this momentum we’re going to hit 100,000 copies this month. That was our initial goal, which I thought was kind of farfetched but now I’m like, “Dang, I wonder if we actually could.” Which is crazy and exciting all wrapped up into one amazing thing. Anyway, that’s kind of what’s happening over here on this side of the world. It’s just insanely cool.

Alright, so today I want to talk about, I think I’ve talked about this before, mentioned it, but I’m trying to get it live today. It’s technically it’s kind of live, I didn’t mean to get it live, but I forgot I made a new footer graphic, and everyone in the footer started clicking in, so now technically it’s live because there’s comments and things happening.

First off, the nice thing with Clickfunnels now is you can save sections. So I created a cool footers section, that I’m putting on all of my pages. Actually there’s two footers. There’s a footer for my main pages, and then there’s a mini footer for sales and upsell pages. So anyway, there’s two footers, but I designed them perfectly and now I just, every page I make, I just go to add it, boom, boom, boom and then they’re on all the pages.

So the one above it, it links to my new blog, which is a journey of how I went from zero to a million copies of the book, which is kind of cool. I’m calling this a journey blog, which someone may have already called that, but I’m copying it. I initially saw Groove HQ do it with their software. They told this journey of how they went from zero to 100,000 MRR. And then I saw Neil Patel do it. Zero to 100,000 visitors a month on his blog. So I’m doing it, going from zero to a million copies of the book sold.

So I think I got the first 8 posts up there. For the last two months I’ve been doing these posts, one a week, kind of going through all the prelaunch stuff with the book. So it’s kind of cool, it’s this journey blog that takes you through this journey because I figure, I think blogging is boring because it’s just these random blog posts about whatever. But with a journey blog, it’s kind of like these podcasts. People tell me they listen to two or three episodes of the podcast, they get hooked and they go back to the very beginning and binge listen to every episode, which is kind of cool and hard to do when you have a two hour long show. That’s why I like doing these short ones.

You can go and you can binge listen and it’s the same with this blog. I want people coming in on week 22, reading something cool we did and be like, wait, there are 80 thousand books sold, how did they start this journey? They can start on page one and going through and boom, going through this whole timeline journey of zero to a million and binge read up the entire blog. So that’s kind of the goal with the blog, which I think is kind of cool. So you guys can see it, it’s at I haven’t really started promoted it yet. So if you want to see it, I’m trying to get it all done today. Because I’m also adding links to all of our courses, our products, everything else I do on that blog. Just because right now, I don’t really have anywhere that has that.

People always ask me, “Where can I buy your stuff Russell?” I’m like, you have to randomly find a place. Soon it’ll be like, go to, my blog is there and you can find links to all of our products, events, training programs, software. So that’s kind of what’s happening over there. But it’s kind of fun.

So the journey blog is happening. We have a YouTube show that’s going to be happening. And obviously we have this podcast, and it’s kind of cool. I’m starting to get a way to publish in all these different platforms.

I’ve struggled for the last 14 years figuring that out. How do you blog? How do you video? How do you do all these different things? And it’s really figuring out for you if it’s something you can be consistent at. When I launched this podcast it was like something that, I call it Marketing In Your Car because, as you know, it’s the drive from my house to my office and I do that every day. And usually I don’t have time to do anything else. I’m driving. So it’s the perfect time for me to do. I know I consistently can do it. Which is why it’s been 350 or 400 episodes or whatever. Because it’s an easy thing for me to do.

The blog was hard for a long time, because I didn’t know how to blog or why to blog, and now I have a thing. It’s like, once a week I document what we did this week to sell a million copies of the book. It’s just like, “Oh I can do that.” I don’t actually write the blog. I hate Word Press. In fact, every time I log into Word Press, I don’t swear but if I were a swearing person I would be cursing. I hate it. So I figured it out. I got two guys on my team, Levi, who’s a really good writer. So I vox him my blog post. He logs in and writes the whole thing. And then Jake is a great designer comes in and designs it all up. Now I got a blog post. I’m a blogger.

All I do is I do one vox a week on Friday before I leave. Recapping what we did in the last week to sell a million copies of the book, which is super cool. Something I can actually consistently do. YouTube thing is the same thing. We’ve been trying to figure out a nice YouTube strategy and we’re about to launch a TV show called Funnel Hacker TV, which is insane. The only problem with it, it’s an hour long episode, and we’ve recorded 10 episodes the last year and then all this effort to get them all done and live. So they’re going to be going live in a little bit.

But I was like, my YouTube strategy can’t just be big hits, I need something in between so what I did is I bought this little Sony camera, this little handi-cam thing. And we’re calling Funnel Hacker TV behind the scenes show. So as I do everything throughout the day, I’m just carrying this little thing around recording and telling the story. “Okay, this is what’s happening. This is where we’re going.” Telling the story. Then there’s a dude I met, named Kevin who’s awesome. I just drop all the videos from the camera each night into drop box and he’s turns them into these cool shows. It’s like, I just gotta carry this camera with me and record stuff, and if I don’t feel like recording in the day, then I don’t. But if I try to 3 or 4 days a week to have actually cool stuff happening, drop it in the dropbox for him, he makes a video and now we’re….anyway, that’s going to be the YouTube channel that we’re launching soon.

So it’s kinda cool. I’ve got a couple different channels happening. I always tell people that you shouldn’t try to publish at 12 places right at the get go, but eventually you should be moving towards that. But mastering one channel first and then slowly adding things in as you can. But now that I’m getting into my daily routine, into my routine, it’s not super difficult or super hard. It’s just taking a little bit of time. It takes 6 minutes a day to do my podcast, it takes 10 minutes a week to do my blog and it takes an extra minute throughout the day each time I’m doing something, just kind of explain what I’m doing, instead of just doing it.

Anyway, it’s kind of cool. That’s what’s happening here. So there’s the timeline blogs, because that’s the next thing. YouTube channel will be next after that. Oh and then there’s other cool stuff. But I don’t want to get you guys overwhelmed. People are like, “You do too much stuff Russell.” I’m like, “No, I spend a year or 5 or 10 years figuring out how to plug it into my daily routine and then it’s not doing a lot of extra work. It’s just like oh.” “Russell, you’re a blogger now.” No, it literally takes me 10 minutes a week, so it’s not that hard.

Alright, with that said, hopefully you guys are thinking about your content plan and schedule and things. And figuring out a way to do it that you can be consistent with. I got one last hint for you guys, I’m not going to tell you the answer, but I’m going to give you a hint.

If you go to and I think it’s just the number, you’ll see our two comma club and all our members. And in the video I tell a story about somebody who for me, broke the four minute mile. Okay, I want you to go and watch that video because there’s a hint, something….I just purchased something related to that video and I can’t tell you what it is yet. But it’s insanely cool. I’ve only told one person ever and it’s Stu McLaren and I told him right before he did an interview yesterday, because I couldn’t hold it in anymore. No one else knows yet, it’s kind of top secret. People will find out two weeks from now. Anyway, watch that video, I purchased something insanely cool based on something I talk about in that video. That’s all you get, that’s the hint. Stay tuned for future episodes to find out the answer. But it’s super cool, and I can’t even wait to share with you guys. That’s all I got. Appreciate you all, have a fun day and I’m going to go work on my blog. Bye everybody.

Apr 19, 2017

A behind the scenes glimpse of what’s been happening the first twelve hours of our book launch.

In this episode Russell gives a quick recap of the first twelve hours of the book launch. He shares how he felt when it looked like the average cart value didn’t look how expected, and what happened next.

Here are the important things you will hear on today’s episode:

  • Why you should always schedule launches for the afternoon rather than the morning.
  • Why the average cart value was so low, and how that made Russell feel.
  • And finally find out what the final numbers of the first twelve hours are and how it compares to the goal for the first week.

So listen below to find out how the big book launch turned out yesterday.


What’s up everybody, this is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome….oh crap. I almost just, backing out of my driveway I literally just almost backed into a wall. And you guys would have caught it live here on Marketing In Your Car.

I hope you guys are all doing awesome today. Today, well yesterday was book launch day. And today is the day after book launch day and I bet you’re wondering how it’s going. So I wanted to tell you.

As you probably know, actually I can’t remember exactly how much I told you guys. Leading to the book launch, as with any launch, there’s a lot of stress and time and energy and stuff that goes into it. So Monday night we basically were at the office super, super late. And then at 3 o’clock got done, went home and came back Tuesday. Luckily we set up the launch time for 4 eastern, which we had 2 o’clock our time. So we had til 2 o’clock to get everything done, which I highly recommend on launch day.

We used to launch days at 9am in the mornings. It was always a nightmare, so we push them out late in the day, that way you’ve got time in the morning. We had about 5 hours. Everyone got back out here at 9, so we had 9 til 2, so 5 hours to get everything done. And we start moving and scrambling and going and going. It’s crazy, no matter how much stuff you have, that’s why it’s good to pick a launch date, because otherwise you’ll never actually get done. Because we never would have gotten it done ever. Even staying up all night and all morning, everything, it still was I think 9 minutes late before the funnel went live.

It’s funny, because you have wish list stuff you want to do to make it smaller and smaller and smaller, til the point where you’re like, “Alright, this is what we HAVE to do.” And then it’s like, “Oh crap, it’s got to go live, what are the stuff we have to cut out?” and it’s just kind of crazy.

So you launch it and sit back and you wait. And this is honestly for me, the worst time. It’s weird because you feel like it’s going to be this huge climatic boom, but it’s like the opposite, you get this huge climatic thing and then it stops. And then you’re just like, “What’s happening?” and then we start sending emails, but because us and 8 million other affiliates are all emailing the same day from Actionetics, Actionetics gets backed up and our emails aren’t going out and all sorts of other stuff starts happening. But luckily a lot of people were waiting, anxiously waiting to buy. So book sales started coming in, boom, boom, boom.

So we’re watching the sales come in at first and then we’re watching the stats and numbers to see where things are at and obviously it’s hard because the first group of people to come through are your hyperactive buyers, it’s you guys and you guys jack up our stats. I don’t trust our stats that early. But it’s still you’re watching to see and be curious. So we’re watching all the stats and the stats looked good but there’s this new stat dashboard in Clickfunnels, I didn’t even know it was there. I remember we talked about it at Funnel Hacking Live, but I hadn’t seen it. So I clicked on it and it was amazing because you can see the sales from everything.  Front end products, upsells, order form bumps. Everything. So you get a glimpse of here’s what everything is.

So I’m looking at it all, based on numbers it looked good. Then there’s this number up here that said, “average cart value.” And the average cart value number was horrible. And I was like, “huh?” I keep watching it and as one hour turned into two, and the average cart value number kept getting worse and worse. I was almost to the point of depression and honestly I was coming back to my team like, “Okay, what do we do? Do we go and add in a whole other upsell?” because the cart value wasn’t as high as we needed it to be and all these millions of things start going through your head, so I’m like, “ I don’t want to add another upsell.” because I wanted…. this funnel is, as we talked about in the last podcast, is a short funnel. There’s offers in there, but it’s a short funnel because I was trying to shorten it. But then there’s longer on the value size.

So over the next 21 days, where it monetizes amazing, but I don’t know if affiliates are short sighted typically. They’re not looking at 21 days, looking at what happed today. So it’s like, I need to be high enough to make sure affiliates were happy and all that kind of stuff. Totally stressing out, freaking out and trying to figure things out. And then I think Steven or someone was like, “I forgot to reset the stat data before it went live.” Which means all our test purchases were in there and everything. So it’s like huh, so I had John go and actually pull all the data. Delete all of the other purchases and he’s drawing a map and everything, looking at everything.

He came back and like, “Here’s our numbers.” Boom, boom, boom. “Based on our numbers our average cart value right now is $39.” And I was like, “What? No, the stats here say it was at $19.” And he’s like, “no, based on the actual numbers we’re at $39.” And I’m like, “Are you kidding me.” $39 is perfectly aligned with what we need to make this whole thing work. And all the sudden, it was funny, I went from wanting to cry and rebuild the whole funnel to, wait a minute this is exactly how we needed it to be. So there’s this huge sigh of relief. Then I’m like, “wait, make sure you’re right. Do the numbers again because I don’t want to be celebrating and then find out in an hour from now that I shouldn’t have been celebrating. So do the numbers again.”

“Yes, this is exactly what it is.” We looked at the numbers and it was like, oh thank heavens. There was one stat in our stat dashboard that wasn’t correct and then also a bunch of other data. But when all was said and done it was awesome. Then I was like, “This is awesome. Let’s put some fuel on the fire.” So I did a Facebook Live  and started doing more stuff. Then finally all my emails started going out at like 6 or 7 at night. and now it’s been 12 hours and as of today we have sold, this morning it was 6300 copies of the book. What? My initial goal was 10,000 week one. And now Dave told me this morning our goal is 10,000 for the first 24 hours. So that’s about to happen.

So I’m going to go in there right now. I’m about to virtual book tour, which basically means I’ve got 15 people lined up today. We’re going to be doing Facebook Lives’ onto their audiences, they’re going to interview me about the book and when the interview is done, we’re going to logging onto their account, we’re going to be playing ads to promote that Facebook Live to their audience. Which is I think, the future of JV, but we’re the first to kind of really test it. So I’ll let you guys know how it works. But it’s basically going on a book tour, like real authors.

Real authors? I shouldn’t say that. If you look at traditional people, when the book comes out, what do they do? They go on Jay, I guess it’s not Jay Leno anymore. I haven’t watched TV for so long. They go on Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, The Today Show, they do the media network that way. So we’re doing that, but we’re kind of doing it through Facebook. So we’re doing Facebook Lives’ to people’s audiences.

Then affiliates typically don’t, I don’t know they’re short, I mean they’re amazing people and I’m the same way, but as affiliates, I make fun of myself, we’re kind of short sighted. We want to see cash immediately, and we don’t want to do anything for that cash. Because we don’t have to, we’re affiliates. We’re just good at making money. So we have to do that. So basically it’s like, “Okay you get on, you have ten minutes to interview Russell and it’s done. And then Russell will spend his money to promote that post to your people. And that’s the goal and the game plan.”

So that’s going to be fun, we’re trying that today. In fact, it’s starting in 14 minutes. I got to go. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. But that’s the recap so far of the first 12 hours of the book launch. It’s been amazing. Average Cart Value is sticking at about $38-$39 dollars. If you do the math on that, 63….we’re at about a quarter of a million dollars in cash collected the first 12 hours on the free book offer, which is awesome. So funnels work you guys. Once again, proving it, practicing what I preach. If you haven’t bought the book yet, go to Buy the book, slowly the funnel is working. It’s exciting. Anyway, appreciate you guys, have an amazing day and we’ll talk to you again soon. Bye everybody.

Apr 18, 2017

Hours before we launch our new book, these are my thoughts.

On today’s episode Russell talks about his book launch and how the funnel works and why he thinks it will increase cart value.

Here are some cool things in this episode:

  • Why Russell thinks shrinking the size of the funnel will help increase cart value for his book launch.
  • And why building a relationship on the back end is so important and has the potential to make much more money.

So listen below to hear how the funnel works for the book launch today.


Good morning everybody, guess what today is? Today is book launch day and I’m so excited with this really weird underlying feeling of being so tired. We totally were up last night at the office until 3 and now it’s 9. So that’s 6 hours since we were…..that’s 4 ½ hours of sleep. That’s pretty good. So a little tired, but feel good and excited and nervous all wrapped up into one huge thing.

The book launch goes live in 5 hours from right now. So we’re going in I have to finish the initial sales page, sales page for selling only a free book, it’s pretty intense and amazing and exciting and I cannot wait for you all to see it. In fact, by the time you hear this, it’ll probably be live. So that’s what’s happening today. We’re going live. This is 18 months worth of work and effort and stress all coming down to today.

It’s funny because it’s interesting at our events we do a hack a thon and make people stay up late and work and get a project done. At our certified partner event we make people do a hack a thon where they stay late. At our FHAT event we do that. There’s something about having a deadline that makes things get done. Because we’ve had a long time to work on this funnel but until it was like, k this is happening tomorrow. There’s just something about deadlines that make things actually get done. It’s kind of like how urgency and scarcity makes people buy, urgency and scarcity makes you get stuff done.

So we’ve got 5 or 6 of us hanging out at the office last night, we ordered sushi, working on the funnels and the pages and the videos and all the stuff. It’s turning out cool. So I know they’re all doing testing now and making sure all the order flow works and nothing breaks and all these kind of things. But that’s kind of what’s happening. I’m excited.

This is going to be a short one because I’m almost to the office already and I got a lot of work to do to get this thing live. But my one thing I wanted to share with you guys that I thought was cool, I talked to the inner circle group about this, back in the day I used to think that the goal of funnel was to sell people a thousand different ways. So we used to have these funnels that were really long. Not a good long either. It was like, upsell, downsell, upsell, downsell, just kept going until people hated me. And I thought that was the power of funnels and it’s not.

You can make a lot of money off somebody once through a funnel, but if you do it right, you make a lot of money off them forever. It should leave them having a better experience than without buying. Or it should make the buying experience better and not a worse experience; otherwise the funnel was a bad thing. And I don’t want these to be bad things for me or for anyone.

So I’ve been and you’ve all been into funnels where you get caught in this trap of upsells and downsells and it’s horrible. So my whole mindset this launch is how do we shorten the funnel? Which seems counterintuitive, but I want to shorten the funnel and then extend the value on the back. So what that means is basically when you go to book funnel you notice a couple of things. Page one you put in your shipping address, then page two basically you go from the book, to we upgrade you to the funnel hacker black box and also put in the fast product creation training.

So even though it’s a free book, during the check out process people will spend almost $70. So we increased our average cart, potential average cart value that much even though it’s a free offer. And then we just only have one real upsell. So the upsells there. If you say no to those there’s a downsell, but other than that it’s over. And then the transaction ends and on the thank you page, this is where we start the extending of the relationship building side of it.

So you come in the thank you page, there’s a 90 minute video of me training, which is one of my best, I’m proud of it, one of the best videos. So they get that, they get 90 minutes of education and training and it’s amazing. And the call to action at the end of the training is an opt in to this web class. They opt in to the web class and there’s 2 hours and 20 minutes of training that happens over the next few days.

Anyway, when you look at it, it’s like I’m extending, I’m shrinking the cart while still increasing the average cart value, then extending the value on the back side of it. But anyway, that five day class pushes them into a $997 Clickfunnels thing and then from there it transitions to the next thing. But it’s just interesting.

So my thought for today, first off make your funnels cool so people have a good experience and they enjoy the process. Shrink the size of the funnel while increasing the average cart value in a cool way that people enjoy. Then extend the back end follow up funnels through the training and education to build the relationship moving forward with people. Anyway, that’s my thoughts. I might be completely wrong, but I think I’m right. So we’ll find out soon, like 5 hours from now. Anyway, appreciate you guys for listening. I hope you have an amazing day and we’ll talk to you guys soon.

Apr 17, 2017

My new secret formula to sell everything I sell, for free.

In this episode Russell talks about his new book funnel that is launching this week and how he shifted the way he is selling it to hopefully make the offer irresistible.

Here are some of the interesting things you can look forward to in today’s episode:

  • How shifting an offer by making it free, makes the offer irresistible.
  • How Russell can still make money when everything is free.
  • And How Russell is using things he recently learned from Brendon Burchard in his book funnel.

So listen below to find out how you can still make money when everything is free.


What’s up everybody, this is Russell. Welcome back, I’m glad to have you guys here. I just got done with my daughter’s soccer practice, or not practice, it was a game and they did good. Now I’m heading home to go grab sandwiches for everybody. My wife and I took different cars because I had to film an upsell video real quick. Anyway, I got the upsell video done and then flew out here to the soccer game and now I’m heading back home.

I’m grabbing some Jimmy Johns on the way for the kiddos, some sandwiches for the adults, which will be kind of fun. So that’s what’s happening in my personal life. But I got something, I don’t normally do this, this time of day, but I’ve got something exciting I want to share with you guys that I think is going to be huge, huge, huge for value.

One of the things on my mind right now is offers. How do you create an offer that’s so irresistible that people have to give you money? There’s no logical way. One of the biggest, sorry, I didn’t finish my sentence. There’s no logical way for someone to no to you. Alex Mendosian from the Inner Circle, as we were talking, he’s one of the kings of creating offers that are so good you have to be an idiot…..he figures out a way to first off, to build gyms by giving people exactly what they want for free. But then, he’s getting paid 500 dollars to do that, don’t ask me how he does it, because it’s a little complicated to explain.

Then he got gym owners to basically let him come in and build their gyms for them, for free and in exchange they give him 50 thousand dollars. Once again, how does he do that? I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s pretty cool. And it’s awesome, so he’s really, really good at that. There’s other people who are really good at. I watch as other people struggle. They’re like, ‘Man, I created this course and no one’s buying it.” And it’s like, “The problem is you’re selling the course. That’s not sexy, nobody just wants to buy a course.” You have to understand that. To create, if you look at when we launched Clickfunnels, you look at the webinar that’s taken us to where we are today, if you notice this one little intricacy, I didn’t sell Clickfunnels on the webinar.

“What Russell? I thought you sold Clickfunnels, that’s how you built it up so big.” No, I didn’t. If you look at the offer, what the offer was when you buy Funnel Hacks for $997, you buy this course that’s amazing for $997, when you do that you get Clickfunnels for free for the next 6 months. That’s the offer. You look at that and you’re like, huh. Yes I want Clickfunnels for free, so I will buy the course.

So I created an offer that’s, because what they really want is Clickfunnels. I’m like, I’m going to give you Clickfunnels for free, who wants it for free? “I want it for free.” Sweet. When you invest in this training course, you get it for free. That little shift was huge for us. Before I was selling Clickfunnels, and you get this Funnel Hacks thing for free, what they really wanted was Clickfunnels, so I give them that for free when they buy the course. Shifting the offer. Same products, same deliverables, different way you structure the offer.

As I was telling you about Brendon Burchard, Brendon was showing me some of their offers and this one, I’ll kind of walk you guys through it, but he showed me this really cool process he does called the seven day launches, and I showed the inner circle meetings. I walked everybody through it in our groups. People are all going nuts, we’re about to launch our first, which I’m excited for. But what’s interesting is as I was looking at his offer, it’s brilliant because….How do I explain it?

Basically he creates a course for people live, so you get to watch for 12 hours as he creates an actual course, and you see the whole thing live. So then the average mind would say, “Okay, the product I’m going to sell now is that course.” The context of this is kind of hard, because you guys don’t have the back story, but just pretend like you understand. He creates a course, let’s people watch it live and at the end he offers a product. So the logical thing would be to sell the course, they just saw it, they want it. But he doesn’t sell the course, instead he sells a different course, gives a huge 50% discount on that course. When they buy that they get the thing that they just watched him create for free.

So it’s shifting the offer, which is the magic. So as I’ve been kind of thinking through this, I was launching, we’re launching the Expert Secrets book in a few days, and today I came in the office and the funnel I had was good, they were all good offers, but a good offer doesn’t make you tens of millions of dollars, like an insane, irresistible offer does. So I kind of took our existing funnel, scratched all that and said, ‘we’re starting over.” And I shifted the whole thing and we changed the funnel and the offers and now it’s insanely good.

Should I walk you guys through the whole funnel? I have a little time, okay we’ll do that. So this is what’s going to happen in the funnel. Somebody will come to the page and you’ll notice all the ads about free book, free book, free book. Why would I do that? Irresistible offer. Free book, you cover shipping. The message is always like, I’ll pay for the book, you pay for the shipping. That’s the message, irresistible offer, “Okay I want the book.”

They go to buy the book, they put in step number one, shipping address. Step number two says, “cool, here’s the book for free like we said. Or you can upgrade right now and get the Funnel Hacker Black Box, which gives you both of my books, plus these other four books, plus these other cool things and it’s just $37.”  So they can upgrade, which is again another irresistible offer. You’re going from this to this other thing and it’s still irresistible. So there’s the irresistible offer.

Then there’s an order form bump, which again is another irresistible offer. “hey you’re going to get blah for free when you buy this training course at a huge discount.” Or something like that, I haven’t figured that one out exactly yet. But there will be a training course there, which is awesome. Then the upsell.

The upsell was going to be, I recorded both Dotcom Secrets, and Expert secrets audiobooks, I was going to sell that. My hard cost is kind of expensive. It’s about $40 for me to have these MP3’s that are shipped. They’re not Chinese ones, they’re actually American ones and they’re more expensive, but they’re really, really cool. You can do double speed on the MP3 player and a bunch of other cool things. So it’s a really cool offer product. I was going to sell that but I’m like, Okay, my hard costs are I think close to, I can’t remember exactly, I think close to $40. So I was like, what if I sell this for $100? But I’m like, I have to pay affiliates 40% commission, it gets really expensive really fast. So there’s not very much margin there, but I need the margin in there to be able to do what I need to do. I need the margin to be able to buy ads and all those kind of things.

So I’m like, what would I do? So I said, what if we do this, what if we increase the price to $150 for the MP3 player. And then its expensive MP3 player. I was like, wait. What if we shift the offer. So we shifted the offer. So what I’m doing now instead is like, “Look, if you guys want I will give you this MP3 player for free. You get it completely free. But to get it for free you have to invest in this course right here which is A Perfect Webinar Secrets training course. The training course sells for $297 but what you’re going to do is you’re going to get, because you’re on this page, you get a 50% discount. So you get the entire course for $147, you get half off, if you buy right now and you get the MP4 player for free.” Boom.

Boom, did you guys hear the bomb drop? Boom, irresistible offer. Because who doesn’t want the MP3 player for free? You want it and you’re like, you only get it when you buy this course, but you get a 50% discount on that course and all the sudden it’s an irresistible offer.

I look at my other courses I’ve done in the past, usually like $197 to $297 offer, I’m getting 5-7% that take that. I’m excited to find out what the percentage is on this. My guess is I’ll be in double digits. We’ll be hopefully at least in high double digits. That’s kind of cool. We’ll find out, time will tell.

I remember a long time ago, Anik Singal and Mike Filsaime put out a product called Launch Tree, and I remember one of the things they said in there was, “You want to say the word free a million times on the upsell page.” For example let’s say you sell ten CD’s on the upsell page, you want to be like, “You get these 9 CD’s for free when you invest in this one right here. You buy this one here you get the other 9 for free.” Try to figure out how you make your offer free. It’s all about how you make it free, free, free.

Now I’m giving away a free MP3 player, when you get 50% discount on this course you need anyway. So that’s the irresistible offer. And then if they say no to that, the down sell is like, “okay, how about this, if you don’t want the MP3 player, it costs me $50 to ship it to you anyway. How about this, it’ll save us both money. I won’t ship it to you, you get the digital copy, it’s only $97 dollars.” So we drop sell that and then I’m going to do one other cool thing on the down sell. You get the digital whatever or it’s like, “How about this, or if you decide to actually get the MP3 player, I’ll throw in these other cool bonuses as well.” To push you over the edge.

That’s going to be kind of cool. Then the next page I’m going to thank them and then I’m going to say basically, “It’s time to start your education and this first three chapters of the book are about building a massive movement. This is a 90 minute presentation I did at Funnel Hacking Live about building a mass movement and I want you to watch it now.” And then they watch the video, which it helps understand building a mass movement, building a culture, attractive character, all that kind of stuff that builds out the first three sections of the book. They watch that and then they bought after the video, tells them to go register for the Funnel Hacks webinar, register for that. It’s an auto webinar and it puts them through to sell them the thousand dollar product of Clickfunnels.

So that’s the first part of the funnel, the first point of sale. So they go free book, or they can get the black box, then they get the order form bump, then they get the MP3 player for free, basically everything so far has been free for the most part. And then they get the get the training video for free, they get the webinar for free. And if they buy funnel hacks they get Clickfunnels for free. Everything I’ve sold so far is free, yet my average cart value, my potential average cart value is like, 15, not quite that, 1300 bucks so far, which is awesome.

Then after the webinar funnel ends seven days later, so this whole funnel, point of sale is 7 day follow up on the webinar, and then what’s exciting is….what was I going to say? What’s exciting is then, after day seven then I transition them to I don’t know if I told you guys this when I was hanging out with Brendon, I might have told you on the plane. But he did a big product launch for, it was a $2 thousand course and he sold like 2200 copies and then the week later he sold the swipe files to that launch where it was like the sales videos, the transcripts, emails all that kind of stuff. For $97 he sold 6500 of those, something crazy like that.

So what I’m going to do is at the end of the funnel, like a week later be like, “Hey you just went through this cool funnel. It was a book funnel, plus webinars, a whole funnel stacking thing. What I’ll do is if you want, I’ll give you all the swipe files, the emails, the everything for free, once again it’s free if you join Funnel University.” Boom, get them into Funnel University. And when you join Funnel University you get my Funnel Stacking book and a bunch of other things for free.” So it’s free but they pay me $97.

So it’s coming back to how you make things free, even when they’re paying. So they get that whole cool thing for free when they join Funnel University. And then for 2 days I’ll be pushing that offer then we’ll down sell, if they don’t want to pay $97 a month, which is what we’re raising the price to, they can get a trial, but they don’t get the free things shipped out to them. Boom, the next three days and from there we transition into the seven day launch, Brendon Burchard, I’m messing up his name….his style funnel, which is basically training for free for three days. And then giving that thing that they just watched you record for free. They get it for free when they invest in your next thing and then the next thing is going to be our Secrets Master Class or the FHAT event. And that’s kind of the funnel. That’s the first 14 days.

That’s kind of what’s happening. I know it’s hard to see that visually as I explain it, but hopefully you’re getting the concept, you’re understanding how you make everything for free. That’s the key I wanted to share with you guys today. Making offers so irresistible that people have to say yes.

I hope that helps, I hope it helps to start thinking through your offers. If you’re selling a course for a thousand bucks, that’s just a course, it’s going to be hard to sell. But if you sell your sales scripts for $997 and they get the whole created course for free, then it becomes, you know something like that, then it becomes an irresistible offer. They’re like, “I need the sales scripts. I’ll pay $1000 for that because I want the other stuff for free.” How do you structure that. What do you have and how do make that offer as sexy as possible?

I think I did a podcast a couple of months back about turning up the sexy on your offers. It’s kind of something similar. But just thinking about that. How do you add free into everything? Hopefully it gives you enough case studies and ideas and examples. Worst case scenario, if you don’t understand what I’m talking about then on April 18th or beyond, probably by the time most of you guys hear this, it’ll be live. Go to, get your book and watch the process in motion. Buy slowly so you don’t miss any of it. I hope you guys enjoy it. Appreciate you all for listening, subscribing and hanging out with me all the time in the car, or wherever you may be right now. With that said, I’m at Jimmy John’s right now, I’m grabbing some sandwiches, go feed the kids. Then I gotta get back to finishing out this funnel so it’ll be ready for you guys to see. Alright we’ll talk soon. Bye everybody.

Apr 14, 2017

This week has been insane! Let me tell you a little about what’s going on.

On this episode Russell talks about being stressed out about his upcoming book launch while attending Inner Circle with his last two groups this week. He shares some of the things he was able to do for the book launch, while still be present at the Inner Circle meetings.

Here are the awesome things you will hear in today’s episode:

  • Why everyone pays special attention to Russell’s funnels and why that forces him to have to make his book launch funnel especially awesome.
  • And what new plan Russell has now given to all 4 Inner Circle groups to help everyone ascend their businesses to 100 million dollars at the same time.

So listen below to find out what hiccups Russell has run into with his book launch, and what new rule will now be implemented on Inner Circle members.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and I want to welcome you guys to Marketing In Your Car. It’s been a little bit, I haven’t talked to you guys since the airplane trip, which I think got posted today. For you guys it’s right now, but for me it’s been a little bit. This week has been insane.

Starting with Inner Circle, we had, as you probably know at this point, we have 100 people in my Inner Circle, and basically we have 4 groups of 25. So last month we had the first 2 groups of 25, so that’s 50 people, and then the last two Monday, Tuesday here, and then Wednesday, Thursday. So I just finished up the last group. I wish I could share what happens in there because it’s amazing.

So many cool entrepreneurs and people and it’s insane that I get paid to help facilitate and hang out with these guys. So it’s been good but the one thing that’s been tough, my book launch starts on Tuesday. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little stressed out. A lot of stuff has been happening to get that all done and ready and I totally didn’t plan it well with Inner Circle the week before. So it’s been a long one. I’ve been up all night and then trying to be super present all day and it’s just been a lot. I’m tired, I’m worn out. I wish I could take a long 3 day weekend, but tomorrow I gotta get a bunch of stuff done and then Monday, and then launch Tuesday.

It’s all good, fun problems to have but I’m just not a very good scheduler, I don’t think. And what’s crazy, Tuesday night I was going to bed and I got one of the, what I thought was going to be the sales video for the new book funnel and the video was insanely good, but it wasn’t the right video for the sales page. And I was like, “Oh crap. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have time to make a new video for Tuesday’s launch.” So I started stressing out and started looking at the book funnel.

I had this really cool idea, insanely cool but it just wasn’t working and I didn’t know why. Anyway, I just hated the way the page look so that night I was insanely stressed. I was like, “Oh my gosh. I have no video, my funnel doesn’t look good.” My funnel has to be cool because I’m kind of the funnel guy who everyone’s looking at. If my funnel is ugly or doesn’t work, that’s embarrassing, especially since this is probably my biggest front end I will ever have. The focal point of my traffic and stuff for the next two or three years of our business and I need to make this perfect.

So I was, first off stressing out about both those two things. So this is, what night is this, they’re all blurring together, this is Monday night. So I just got home from the Inner Circle meeting, Monday night. This was probably like 11 o’clock at night when I had this epiphany of “I’m screwed. I don’t know what to do.” So I started going crazy and I’m trying to think of all these options. How do I make this page, first off work the right way? And all the sudden I remembered this page on our old Neurocel funnel, and that was the very first funnel we ever did, and so it was one of the free plus shipping ones we did before we turned it into the one that took off.

But there’s this part of the funnel that was so cool and I remember it and I was like, I needed to find that. But I can’t remember what the page was, it wasn’t archived or on the way back machine, so I couldn’t find it there. I was going through all my old emails, trying to remember which designer it was. It took me about an hour and a half and then I found it in some of my old email addresses in a random email from a designer that I forgot was the guy who actually designed it. I found it and I was like, “That’s it. That’s the…if I get that, it fixes the funnel.” But I was like, I don’t know how to do that in Clickfunnels. Then I was like, wait a minute, the designer who did that, he lives overseas, the guy’s awesome. I haven’t talked to him in probably a year.

So I messaged him that night. I was like, “Do you happen to be awake right now, because I need something super important, super urgent.” The guys’ name is Okey, he was my main designer forever, but when Clickfunnels came out I started doing all my own stuff. I was like, “Okey, if you’re around  I need your help.” And he messaged back, “Yeah, hey. What can I do for you?” and I gave him this huge thing, “Basically I’m designing all these pages….” It was, I’m not going to lie, it was a pretty big order, what I asked him to do. And he’s like, “Yep, I’m on it.”

So he started running with that, thank heavens, I sent him tons of assets and he was running with that. And the video thing I was stressing out about and then I kind of had an idea, there was another video that the guy that did the first video, he sent another video that was, I watched it, it was legitimately amazing, but it wasn’t mine, so I couldn’t use it. But I was like, “oh my gosh, this is perfect.” But he gave me this process and a script, so I was like, “Okay, I gotta go to bed.” It was 1 in the morning at this point. I had to be up in like 5 hours for Inner Circle, so I was like I gotta get to bed.

So I went to bed, woke up in the morning and Okey had already designed the pages to send to me and I cannot wait for you guys to see them. They were amazing. And then during Inner Circle lunch, I had a 30 minute lunch, rewrote the script, got it ready, talked to Brandon who does all of our video stuff. I was like, “Hey Brandon, I need to film this, but it’s gotta happen, I don’t know when.” So last night actually, he came to my house at like 9 o’clock at night. He set up the curtains and everything to film the section of the video, we started filming, and it was a 3 ½ minute video but it took us 2 ½ hours to film it. Partially because my brain is fried, partially because I was changing it on the fly. We were rewriting the script while we were going. Got it done at about 12:30 last night.

And then Brandon, on top of that. The new sales page for the free book, there’s literally 20 documentary video testimonials of different people in different industries and markets, and he’s pulling 16-18 hour days trying to get all those videos done. All these things that are happening while I’m at Inner Circle meeting freaking out. Trying to serve these entrepreneurs at my highest level, being as present as possible. Then we have a lunch break, running into the other room and coordinating all these crazy, insane things and then running back and being present.

We just got done with the last day of Inner Circle, my son had a choir thing, had to tell everyone bye and take off, jump in my car, run to go see the choir and that’s where I’m at now. We just got done with the choir and I’m heading over to take the kids out to eat somewhere. So my wife’s in a different car than I am, so I have a minute to talk to you guys. So that’s kind of what’s happening over here, and it’s crazy and I’m so excited because the book launch is happening.

What I want to share with you guys is just one tip that I think is cool that we’re implementing and I’m really excited about it. And I think it’s cool. It came from, I think I’ve probably talked about this. But I geek out on old marketing courses. There’s something about the old ones, I like them more than new things. So I listen to a lot of Gary Halvert, a lot of Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Frank Kern is still one of my favorites, I listen to Frank’s stuff all the time. And Matt Furey, who is a legend. He hasn’t published anything in ten years, but I still have all his old stuff.

I was listening to one of his old things, back when we had one of our huge snow storms, I was shoveling our walks with our snow plow thing that I bought that I ended up running into both my Corvette and Lexus and into our house. I destroyed so much property. Anyway, that’s a story for another day.

But anyway, I’m listening to Matt Furey and he’s talking about, at the time, this was ten years ago, there was a membership site and he had a rule with the membership site, he said people would leave and say I’m going to come back 3 or 4 months later, and they never did. Anyway, so I thought, that’s pretty cool. So I was like, I want to implement that, but I was really scared. So at Inner Circle, we have 100 people and for the most part people stay all the time, but there’s always some people that are like, “I’m going to put it on pause for 5 or 6 months, and I’m going to come back.” And it just bugged me because I didn’t think it was fair to them, honestly, or me, or the rest of the group.

And my goal with Inner Circle was take a group of 100 entrepreneurs and move them from a million dollars, to ten, to a hundred and I walked through really cool presentation twice this week, showing them that that’s the plan and the path. This is where we’re going and how we’re getting there.

I was like, “I don’t want to keep bringing new people into Inner Circle because I can’t, I don’t want to restart over at ground zero, every single time I want to take everyone as a group together and ascend everyone and get to the point where we’re at 10 million, and then a hundred million as companies. How many people’s lives are we impacting? That’s my goal with Inner Circle. There’s a lot of people, big mastermind groups that try to scale them, and that’s their business model. For me, Inner Circle is not my business model, it’s a by-product, and it’s something that I love because it keeps me sharp and relevant, and keeps me with my hand in literally, a hundred different businesses in tons of different markets. It gives me the ability to see some unique things. And that’s the value that I get out of it, plus the money’s not bad. But it’s not my business. Clickfunnels is my business, this is a by-product of it.

So didn’t want to burn and churn and bring in people, I want to keep 100 people and I want to send these people and their businesses and their lives together as a group. So because of that, I decided we’re going to create this thing. I think I talked about it with you guys a little while ago, but we’re going to call it Inner Circle for life, it’s going to be something where if you’re in the Inner Circle, you’re in. And if you leave, we’ll still love you but you just can’t come back in. If you’re not getting at least your 25k worth, then it’s not, you shouldn’t be here.

So we made that rule and it was scary to kind of present it, all four times. But it’s cool because there were a couple of people who were upset, and there were people who honestly hadn’t gotten a return on their money, and if you didn’t get a return on your money after going through this process for the last twelve months, it’s probably not the right fit. For those that did, it’s the cheapest 25 thousand dollars you will ever spend, on earth, ever.

So with that, we launched that and today was the last day I presented that, basically showing the Inner Circle for life and that’s the game plan. It’s cool because everyone is rallying behind that and it’s becoming a thing and now it gives me the ability to work with the group at a different intimate level. And I think for a lot of your high end programs, you guys should look at that, making it something where it’s Inner Circle for life, or whatever your program is, and keep people in so you can keep ascending and working with them.

In fact, the only way of getting in the Inner Circle now, as of today, you have to go to the FHAT event and there has to be room to get in the Inner Circle, and if there is we hand pick people from the FHAT event. So that’s the only way to get into the Inner Circle now, which is kind of cool. So with that said, I am here with my kids and my wife. I’m going to bounce. Appreciate you guys, and we’ll talk to you guys again, probably tomorrow. See you guys.

Apr 12, 2017

A bunch of the cool stuff I got from my day with Brendon Burchard.

On today’s special Marketing From An Airplane, Russell talks about a meeting he had with Brendon Burchard and why he is taking a private jet back home to Boise.

Here are some of the cool things you will get to hear in this episode:

  • What cool ninja tricks Russell learned from Brendon and what ninja tricks Russell was able to give to him.
  • How Brendon is able to take 17 weeks of vacation a year and why Russell wants to be able to do something similar.
  • And the different approaches Russell and Brendon have when it comes to people recognizing them in public.

So listen below to hear about the awesome things Russell learned from Brendon and find out why you should never use the bathroom on a private jet.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you guys to, actually Marketing in Your Airplane. Hopefully you guys can hear me, it’s kind of loud in here. I’m literally in my own private airplane right now.

Let me tell you the back story. So earlier yesterday, actually it goes back a couple of weeks ago. A couple of weeks ago I went to a Mastermind meeting at Dean Graziosi’s office and a bunch of cool people were there. And one of the cool people was Brendon Burchard. Brendon and I met probably ten years ago. I always respected him, and we kind of talked a few times, but we never really got to know each other. That was the first mastermind we sat together for the whole day. Towards the end I was just like, man, if you look at our industry and then the personal development industry, we’re on the outside obviously because there’s no other options but in our world, me and him are definitely have the biggest companies.

We never hung out, we never shared notes or talked about what worked or what didn’t work, things like that. So I messaged him a couple days later, “Hey, we should get together and just hang out, and share notes on what we’re both doing and hopefully get some ideas.” And he was like, he gave me three days, “I got this day and this day and this day.” In different parts of the country, and I was like, “Vegas sounds perfect.” because it’s an easy flight out of Boise. So I booked the thing and then yesterday morning I woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning, flew out to hang out with him. We hung out all day and then I’ll talk about what we talked about here in a minute.

But then at the end of the day I get a message from Melanie, my assistant, actually voxed me and said, “Your flight got delayed, and it was a connecting flight, so that one you’re going to miss. I’m trying to find another flight, everything direct is sold out.” And all sorts of stuff. She couldn’t get me out that day. And then Brendon is like, “Oh don’t worry man. I’ll take care of you.” I’m like, “What’s that mean?” He’s like, “Hold on.” And he called a couple of numbers and he’s like, “Okay, there’s a jet picking you up in the morning and they’ll fly you back to Boise.” I’m like, “are you kidding me?”

Dang, look at that. Oh you guys can’t see it. I’m looking out the window and there’s a jet flying past this jet. There’s jet streams. What? That was cool.

Anyway, he’s got an account with JetSuite. He just called them up and then they flew to Vegas, and they picked me up this morning and now we’re flying back to Boise. And I’m literally the only person on this plane. There’s 4 seats, 2 pilots. And it’s the coolest thing in the world.

Also, by the way, we’re starting a vlog, so I’m recording this, so if you guys in the future can see our vlog, it’ll be episode three and we’ll show the whole story. Behind the scenes, show you the flight, if you guys want to see the visuals. You should probably see what I just saw, that’s where you go to check it out. Anyway, so that’s what’s happening right now. I’m flying back home and again, I was trying to fly in the morning and out at night, so I could get back home for Ellie’s soccer game tomorrow, but I missed it unfortunately.  Instead I’m flying in a private plane home, which is insane.

So I’m doing that right now. So while I’m flying home I’ve been kind of taking notes on the cool stuff that Brendon and I talked about. And I obviously can’t share with you, something I just can’t share because they were things he shared with me in confidence. But there are some things I definitely can share.

The number one cool thing, is this cool thing called JetSuite, which is the thing I’m on right now, literally. They pick you up, they fly you, they….I don’t know if it’s possible to get in Boise, but it’s definitely, at first gotta figure out. Honestly I walked right up, jumped in a plane. There’s no waiting and it’s funny because I bill my time, if someone wants to hire me for an hour, I don’t even know what it would be right now. Last time I did, it was 5 grand an hour. Since then I’ve had like five people try to do it, and I turned it down because I didn’t have time for it. Let’s just say it’s 5 grand an hour.

So I saved an hour being in airports. Probably two if you look at landing and coming. So that’s two hours. That’s 10 grand right there I just saved. And then on the flight, there’s wifi, there’s nobody here coughing on me, or sneezing on me. If I had business partners, and my wife and kids, I could get some cool connection time on the plane as opposed to sitting in a normal plane cramped and miserable. So that right there is awesome. So I’m going to be looking for that.

Let’s see, another thing, what’s interesting is Brendon and I were talking, we have different super powers that are different. I think what I’m really good at is building out amazing front end funnels that are profitable from day one. I look at every one of the funnels that we built, especially free plus shipping funnels, all those ones are optimally designed so that when we put a dollar into advertizing, it puts $50 back out immediately into sales. You guys have seen us talk about that, all our break even funnels and stuff like that. I’m really good at that.

And then I look at Brendon, and Brendon’s not quite as good at the front end funnels, but what he’s really good at, when someone comes into his funnels, for the next 400 days there’s a sequence he goes through and takes them through the 16 or whatever different courses he sells, he pushes people to different events, everything. He does 9 events a year and never promotes any of them outside of the follow up sequence that happens.  He brings someone in the funnel and then the sequence goes for 400+ days, fills 9 events a year. So with all the info products, all the courses, I’m not really looking to share his revenue, but you know, well over 8 figures, multiple 8 figures in this process.

So for him, he’s got these front end funnels that aren’t profitable up front. He drives insane amounts of traffic, and by day 60 he breaks even. It takes 60 days to break even and he knows that. So because of that he goes and spends tons of money of Facebook ads, YouTube ads and radio, those are his three big traffic sources right now, which is cool. I’m going to try radio with my book, which I cannot even wait to do.

And then I look at my business, I’m really good at break even, being profitable right out of the gate, but my long term funnels aren’t that long. I think it’s because, and I talked about this with the inner circle members. I think I had a podcast that talked about this too. But my creativity in our business for a long time was creating new offers, new businesses. That made 3 or 4 million dollars a year, and then we transitioned into having one focus, Clickfunnels, and created offers to get people into Clickfunnels. We went from 3 million to 30 million.

Then my goal to go from 30 to 100 is focusing on new traffic sources. And I look at Brendon, that’s what he’s done. He has these funnels and he’s focusing on traffic sources that he can bring in and then they break even after, hopefully within 60 days of bringing people in. So that’s been kind of my biggest takeaway, is that. He does typically someone comes in his funnel and there’ll be two or three weeks promoting one of his courses, and then he’ll have a two week buffer time. Which is two weeks of him sending amazing videos that tell stories, build relationships and doesn’t sell anything.

Then after two weeks of buffer, he sends people back into another two or three week period where he’s selling the next course. Then he’s got a two week buffer. Back and forth for 400 and something days, which is insanely cool. And I think that my problem, why I haven’t done that in the past is because I’m so excited about the new offer I’m creating all the time, I don’t want people in the long sequences, and I don’t know how to promote the next offer. And he was like, “Why do you keep creating offers.” He’s like, “That’s my problem, I have 16 courses. Why don’t you stop creating courses, and just plug them into this sequence and then you can just focus on driving traffic. That becomes your focal point.”

And the interesting thing about traffic, traffic is the one part of my business that doesn’t require me, which is interesting. The funnel part requires me, because it’s all my creativity, my voice, my videos, but on traffic, it’s like I can step back, and it’s John on my team and his team underneath him who drive the ads, that becomes the focal point. And it’s interesting because I love and I get so good at creating lots of funnels over and over again that I spend insane amounts of time, way too much time.

Brendon told me, I think he takes, I think he said, 17 weeks off a year. I think that’s what he said. 17! 17 weeks. That’s like 4 months, that’s more than 4 months. Over 4 months a year he takes off. I can’t do that, I don’t do that. I’m always in hustle mode, and I think that’s because I’m always creating the next funnels, push all the ads into that funnel and sell it as opposed to all these amazing funnels we’ve created and just put them into a killer, long sequence and then focus on the traffic. Which even the traffic part does not take my whole time. That was the big takeaway for me, that was the huge aha.

So I just kind of look at Brendon, imagine if you took your funnels, you broke even, you 3x’d on day one like we do with all of our funnels. Then instead of break even on day 60 you tripled on day one, and then from there you kept doing what you’re doing. So he was excited about that. I was showing him all our ninja hacks to 3x on day one. And he was showing all the ninja hacks where he can basically not work, because he’s got all the courses lined up sequentially. And it’s interesting, the logical sequential order of things, I always thought that Experts Academy was his biggest business, but it’s not.  In fact, High Performance Academy is his thing, his biggest, that’s his mission, that’s his “date with destiny”.

Tony Robbins has Date with Destiny, which is his pinnacle. For him High Performance Academy is his pinnacle event he’s trying to get people to. And so all of his funnels are focused on getting people, he has no sales people, no nothing. He also has a 30 thousand a year mastermind and a 60 thousand dollar a year mastermind, and a 250 thousand dollar a year, and all those masterminds he doesn’t have any sales people to sell them. They all just come through funnels, which is insane.

I’m like, “But with a sales person it’s really easy, it converts just as many people.” He’s like, “yeah, I don’t worry about that. I just put it out there and some people buy. I just jam enough traffic into it that if one out of every 10 thousand people buy, it all works.” I’m like, “Crazy.” It’s fun to see this whole business through a different lens than my own, which is really cool. So that was one of my biggest takeaways.

So for you guys, if you’re all like me and you work too hard, I think that’s the key. Quit creating tons of new funnels, which I know we all love, it’s so exciting. But focus on, it comes back to follow up funnels, action funnels, like we talked about at Funnel Hacking Live. It’s interesting, I think I did a presentation in December that showed how every dollar made in our break even funnels made $60.73 in our follow up funnels. That was with it in a short, 30 day follow up window, as opposed to what Brendon’s doing where it’s like 400 days.

So anyway, that’s something that I was literally sketching out in my notes from on my private plane. So crazy.  On the plane, trying to figure out how I’m going to do that and what is the sequential order of my products. If someone comes in, my first thing I want to have is Expert Secrets, from there Dotcom Secrets, from there what is the sequential order? What’s the pieces they need and the order they need them? How can I do it the cool way where I spend a couple of weeks getting people into the program, a couple of weeks telling stories, building value to now they love us, and a couple of weeks transitioning back and forth, back and forth.

I think my biggest fear when I look at this is how am I going to create 400 days follow up sequence? And I look at Brendon and he didn’t do a 400 day follow up sequence. He would build one and then another one. I think what I’m going to do is, here’s my thought, and I may change it, but I’ll share with you guys and maybe it’ll give you guys some ideas on your own. I’m going to spend the next 30 days building out a 30 day follow up funnel. So if someone buys the book or anything, whatever they buy, what’s the first thing I want to introduce them to? They buy the book and the book is the initial sequence or whatever. Then all those people, from all my front end offers, so I’m looking at I think 10 or 11 front end offers to bring people into it, all my break even funnels that I love.

So I have a break even funnel, they go to the initial sequence there, after they do then we dump them from there into, and I’ll probably call to action funnel and call it the first 30 days, and then the first 30 days will be like, here’s the process for the first 30 days. Our number one goal for the first 30 days is to get them to buy Clickfunnels. So boom, I’ll take them through the sequence process and they’ll buy Clickfunnels, they’ll watch the webinar, we’ll indoctrinate and tell stories and all that kind of stuff. From there, we’ll share a bunch of content, maybe some Funnel Hacking Live videos to give value.

Then number two, now we got that. What’s the next thing we want to take? So then I’ll probably call it the second 30 days and then the third 30 days. I’ll probably create an action funnel for each one. And at the end of the first 30 days after I build that second 30 days, I’ll go back to the end of the first 30 days and I’ll add in a step in the action sequence that says, “When they finish day 30 move them to the second 30 day sequence.” Then everyone will be past that, then it will be automatically into the second sequence and that way I can just build out 30 days at a time and not stress out about how I’m going to build 400 days. No I’m just going to build 30 days at a time.

And then everyone that buys will be dumped in the first 30 days, here’s the sequence they go through. Everyone will go through the same sequence, same everything. Then at the end of that I’ll start building the next 30 days. Whenever I get it done, then I’ll dump all leads into the second 30 days and then I’ll hook it up so that everyone new coming in past day 30 si on the automatically shifted to the next action funnel. So it could be kind of cool. So maybe after I do this, this is actually a cool product.

That reminded me of something else. Okay, this might be a cool product I do. After I get the first 365, here’s the first 365 day follow up sequence, I may just want to buy that book. Here’s every email for the first 365 days when someone comes into our funnels. So maybe I’ll do that. Yeah, that’d be a cool product. So in a year, I’ll sell that to you guys if you want it. Yeah, that’d be kind of cool.

So this is a cool thing I got from Brendon, which is crazy. This is a couple of years ago, he did his, I can’t remember which course, Expert Academy, one of his products. He ended up selling 2500 of them at $2 grand a piece. A lot of money. Bu then afterwards he was like, “What do I do with all these people?” he was so proud of all the videos and email sequences and all the stuff he had built, so what he did was he took all of the prelaunch videos and burned them on a dvd and then got them all transcribed and then he took all the email swipe files, all that kind of stuff, got them all transcribed, put them in this big book and then he sold, I think for $97 you get the DVD, then the transcripts of the campaign. So anyway, so he sold for $97.

From that he sold over 60 thousand copies, 600 grand, 60 thousand copies at $97 a piece of the marketing material for people to see and model, which is crazy. Insanely crazy. In fact, oh my gosh I got an idea. I’ve got Funnel Hacker Swipe, what if I did that with every campaign we did, start selling the swipe files? That’s interesting. Maybe I do it inside of funnel u? I don’t know, just gives me ideas. But it made an extra $600 grand after just selling the prelaunch materials to the same audience. 3 times bought the marketing material as people who bought the actual product. It’s crazy that people buy the product, the $97 thing he still sells at events everywhere else, people buy that and go through all his marketing material, and then they go back and buy his thousand dollar product now because they want it.

It’s kind of like what Frank Kern does. If you look at Frank Kern business funnel, he creates a product then launches it and after he sells him showing you what he did on that funnel and that’s it. Its like swipe files. Here’s the campaign plus the swipe files and it’s insanely cool. Anywho, so much cool stuff.

Alright, a couple of other cool things I learned from him. He’s obviously, he’s done two products with Oprah, so one of the interesting things he does with every one of his funnels, he has to make sure it’s Oprah proof. Oprah and her people literally go through all his funnels and it has to be clean enough that it’s Oprah proof.  I started thinking about that, are my funnels Oprah proof? Where someone like Oprah came through would they be offended, would they not like it or whatever? Oprah’s obviously not someone I’m going after, but who is the person I’m going after? Who are the people that I want to make sure….thinking about that, is the copy and positioning and all the stuff in your funnel, who is the dream person you want to go after? Would it pass their inspection and be like, this is cool and not scammy or spammy.

In fact, I went to one of my funnels the other day and some weird email came out and I was like, “Ugh.” I remember I hired this guy to write emails and he wrote that email and I’m like, it’s not congruent with me or what I say. So it’s something to think about. The other cool thing he showed me how to do with YouTube ads. So the thing with YouTube ads, there’s a YouTube ad that will be a video of him sharing  3 tips from his book and it pushes people to the book. And the people who watch that will be targeted to watch video number two, which has 3 more tips, and then push the book and then he targets those people to go to video number 3 which is now a recap, “Here’s the 6 tips I talked about before” and pushes them back to the book. And then if they haven’t bought the book after the 3 videos, then he puts them on a “Do not solicit” list. If they haven’t bought from three videos, they will never buy and they have no hope. And you should never follow them or show them ads again.  He puts them on a do not solicit list, which is kind of cool. Kind of a cool strategy as well.

What else, what else? So many cool things. I hope that gives you guys some cool stuff. It was legit amazing, and now I’m sitting in a jet. I have a new love and respect for Brendon. I always said he was cool, but I just didn’t know him or understand him and I think that I had kind of a misconception of him sometimes because, and it was interesting because I always thought he , in his mind he was kind of like me, he sees himself as a marketing dude, teaches marketing stuff. And as I talked to him, it’s completely opposite, he thinks of himself as first off an author, and then his goal, his whole dream in life is personal development and high performance, things like that.

In fact, his next book is called something about high performance as well. He spent two years with a whole research team creating insane stuff, building a test that measures high performance, that’s his huge passion. And he’s like, “I always teach the marketing stuff, you teach marketing better than me. Frank Kern teaches marketing better than me. I’m not the best marketing teacher but you’re all my people who come through all my high performance stuff that want to know how I build this company. So I do Expert Academy once a year just to be like, ‘here’s how I do it. I’m not the best but here’s what I do.’ And it’s become a big thing, but it’s not my focus or main thing. I don’t promote it, I don’t have any front end support. The only way people even know about Expert Academy is on day 200 of the funnel he introduces it to people.”

I was like, that’s really fascinating and interesting. Anyway, I thought that was really, really cool. That’s what I got. So that’s all I wanted to share with you guys I think today. So I’m going to be, I don’t know when I’m landing, but I’m going to keep taking notes and map this thing out. You guys will probably see the fruits of this. My goal, my big takeaways from this whole meeting is to be able to take my amazing funnels and build out an amazing sequence that extends for a long time and putting everything in sequential order and things like that. That’s my number one goal.

And my number two goal to that is from that be able to take more time off. He said he takes 17 weeks off in a year. I don’t know if I could do that, I think I would stress out. Plus, he doesn’t have kids and stuff like that. So he and his wife are able to be like, “Hey lets go to Bali this week.” Or “Hey, let’s go over here.” So they book out, they plan out each month where they’re going and its crazy. I can’t do that, because my kids have school and all these things. But maybe I could be like I’m going to take Friday off, or what if I came home every day at 3 when my kids got home,  or what if I did stuff like once a quarter took a weekend with my wife, or whatever those things are.

So I’m going to start playing with that. That was really inspiring for me. Oh the other cool thing I got from it. I did a podcast the other day how twice in Boise that day I had people come up to me, “Hey Russell.” And ask me questions about me and caught me off guard and I didn’t know how to handle it. It was cool, we were sitting there eating lunch and some guy ran up, “Russell Brunson, I’m a funnel hacker.” And it was kind of awkward for me, and I didn’t really say anything and the guy laughed and an hour later Brendon and I were walking and some guy ran up to Brendon like, “Dude! You’re Brendon Burchard!” It was kind of cool, we both had it happen to us while we were hanging out.

He handled it so much better than I did. It was so cool to see. I was just like, dang. Now I……it wsa cool to see that because he didn’t do what I do. Act like an idiot. He turned around and was like, legitimately excited, “You know who I am? How do you know about my work?” and the guy was like, he wanted to tell him, it was cool Brendon told me he learned that from Paula Abdul. That’s what Paula Abdul did. First off act all excited like, “Whoa.” Then ask them “how do you know my work? How do you know what I do.” And then they’ll be excited to tell the story of how they know you.

He’s also good at, my biggest problem is I think I fear the conversation with people because I don’t know how to end it. I get stuck in these awkward situations and I run away. So what he does is really cool. He asks them that question and then he starts turning his body like I gotta keep going, “That’s really cool. Okay, well we’re in a rush, we have to go but thank you so much for being a follower and a fan. Just so grateful for that.” And something like that. And then we’re able to break away and leave. I even told him after, “Dude, that was so good for me to see. Because I don’t know how to handle it. I don’t know how to take that kind of stuff. I’m not used to that. It just freaks me out and I look like an idiot. That way you handled it was super cool and it was fun to see that in a live version.” So that was pretty cool to see as well.

Anyway, that was the weekend, it was amazing. Now I’m sitting on a private jet and this is crazy. Only weird thing about it is if you look behind me, there’s a little toilet seat, and there’s a little curtain. Luckily I don’t have to go to the bathroom, but if I did that would be the only thing about private jets that’s not cool. There’s not a real bathroom. It’s like one of these seats you lift up the lid and there’s the potty, pooper, whatever you want to call it, the toilet, the crapper, whatever you want to call it. There’s the little curtain that you pull halfway over. And I guarantee it’d stink this place up and the pilots would kill me. I’m grateful I don’t have to go to the bathroom. Other than that, private planes are cool. Note to self, take one and make sure you go before you go.

There’s the practical advice. What’d you learn from Marketing In Your Car? I learned if you ever fly in a private plane, you go to the bathroom before you get on otherwise you stink out the pilots and they’ll hate you. Oh man.

Anyway, alright guys. Appreciate you, I can’t wait to get going with some of this stuff. Hopefully you guys got some cool lessons today like I did. Thank you Brendon, if you’re listening to this, for taking the day with me. That was the real cool thing, he was in the middle of editing his book, he still took the whole day and he was so present and relaxed and if it was me, I’d be stressed out the whole entire time.  Just coming back to he has his life structured to be able to handle this type of stuff and it was really impressive and cool to see. Anyway, I got a ton from it, hopefully you got something as well from listening in. Appreciate you all and I’ll talk to again when we get back on solid ground. Bye.

Apr 7, 2017

Do you remember the day that you became?

On this episode Russell talks about the moment he became a wrestler and how he felt and how that relates to the moment he became a marketer.

Here are some of the cool things to listen for in this episode:

  • Why Russell nearly became a basketball player instead of a wrestler and what changed his mind.
  • What the four or five things Russell believes he is down to core.
  • And why as humans, we are constantly in search of good feelings and how they shape our lives.

So listen below to hear about the moment Russell became a wrestler, and the moment he became an internet marketer.


Hey everyone, good morning. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Sorry I’m stuttering, I’m actually on the freeway right now. Normally I do these things closer to my house so it’s a little less chaotic. But this morning I had to get up early. And I didn’t get to bed last night until almost 2 o’clock. Because we got Wynter Jones is in town and a couple of other people. So I have a good excuse to pull all nights, working on funnels. So we did last night and then I had to get up this morning because we had a film shoot at 6:30 at this amazing location we found down in Nampa, Idaho. It’s kind of out in the ghetto and then you walk through the door and it’s this amazing building with stone walls, Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling, it’s amazing.

A bunch of people who work for Disney, a bunch of animators in there, so it’s a bunch of super creatives….whoa, crap. I’m on the freeway, some people stopping.

Anyway, all these amazing creative people in there that are building, I don’t know, movies and animations and stuff like that, a whole bunch of Macs, and smart people. It was really, really cool. So we filmed something in the basement there for Mark Joyner when we filmed his episode for Funnel Hacker TV, which is coming soon. We filmed in the basement because it was this really creepy, nasty basement. We filmed the sales video for Mind Control Marketing there and it turned out so cool.

But I remember I was like, “Oh that upstairs was so cool. Someday I want to film in there.” So we were filming the book promo video for Expert Secrets and that’s where we decided to film it at. So that’s what we were doing this morning. We got there super early and we were trying to film before anybody woke up. And the crazy thing, I went to bed almost 2 o’clock and my alarm went off at 5:15 and I had two alarms, just in case I slept through them both. Anyway, at 5:45 I sat up and I was like, “What?” both of my alarms had turned off. I was like, “Oh my gosh.” So I had a freak out. I had to run and get ready and shower. I’m doing a juice fast this week, and luckily I didn’t have time to eat because I couldn’t eat.

But I jumped in the car and raced down here, and I was a couple of minutes late. Then the guy who I guess Brandon said that he forgot to RSVP until we were actually coming. So the dude didn’t show up. So Brandon’s calling him at 6 in the morning. Luckily one of the employees showed up early and got us in. So we got in there and started filming and…..sorry, I’m pulling off the freeway exit right now.

So we started filming and we only have like 30 minutes before their entire staff and team showed up for work. So we had to go fast. So we get everything set up, anyway, it turned out really cool. I’m excited to see what, how it all turns out. So you guys will see it soon on, when the book is all done.

But that’s what’s happening. I’m heading back from there. I’m super tired, so I might go home and take a nap for a little bit. Because we have another long day today of amazing stuff we’re building out. Not only are we trying to get the Expert Secrets funnel done this week, we’re also trying to get Super Funnel, Exit Funnel and a whole bunch of other cool things that all tie together for the whole launch. That’s a story for another day. But that’s kind of what’s happening.

So I had a message I wanted to share with you guys today because I thought it was interesting. I recorded a video yesterday, and I don’t know about you but I, in Expert Secrets I talk about how everybody needs to build an index of stories you’re going to have. You never know when you’re going to use them and how you’re going to use them. So a lot of times this podcast is a testing ground for me to tell a story. Then I tell stories at the office and I tell stories when I speak and in a million different places. It’s funny, Brandon who has been filming me every day for the last two years, he was like, “dude that was a new story, I’ve never heard that one before.” I was like, “Really, I’ve never told that. It’s been in my inventory of stories forever.” But apparently I never told it.

So it was basically a story about the day that I became a wrestler. When I was growing up my dad was a wrestler, but I was going to be a basketball player, because that’s what short, white guys do is we become basketball players. So every day I practiced basketball, and I knew that’s what I was going to do and be. I don’t want anything else besides being a basketball player.

So that was kind of my, what I thought my future was going to be. And then my dad though, was a wrestler growing up and I guess I had wrestled for a year or two when I was, I don’t know, 5 or 6 years old. But apparently my parents said I hated it. So I dropped out of it and was never going to do it again. But then, lo and behold, in 8th grade as I’m pursuing my basketball career, it was bad because I remember Spud Webb back then, was a little short guy who was shorter than me, but he could dunk. I was like, “If Spud Webb can dunk, then I can dunk.” And I never, I got taller than Spud Webb, but I still couldn’t dunk. But that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, I thought I was going to be a basketball player, but one of my buddies two doors down from me, he went to wrestling practice and came home and started to tell my dad, “I went to wrestling practice today.” And my dad was like, “What? There’s wrestling practice here? I’m a wrestler and my son’s going to be a wrestler.”  So that was kind of what happened. Sorry, I’m driving and doing three things and I keep dropping everything. So not what I should be doing. If you guys were watching, I’d probably be getting yelled at by someone.

Anyway, so my dad was like, “We need to go to wrestling practice.” And he tried to get me to. I was like, “No, dad. I’m a basketball player. I’m not going to wrestle. Come on now. There’s no wrestling in the NBA, how am I going to do this?” Finally my dad forced me to go to wrestling because he’s like, “Nope, we’re wrestlers in this family.” I was like, “What? I don’t want to wrestle.” But he kind of made me go. That was 8th grade.

So 8th grade I did wrestling and I kind of liked it but I was like, it’s not basketball, come on now. So I just told my dad, “I’ll wrestle right now but…” and the way school worked in Utah for me, 9th grade was basically junior high and 10th grade was high school. 9th grade had started and I was like, “Well, I’ll do wrestling in 9th grade. But my sophomore year I’m going out for the basketball team because I’m a basketball player.” And he’s like, “Okay, whatever.”

So 9th grade I started wrestling and I start liking it, but not loving it. I remember my very first wrestle off, and the way wrestling works, it’s kind of cool, it’s not like the coach picks who’s going to be first tier or second tier, all that kind of stuff. You wrestle and whoever wins, wins. So they line up all the weight classes, there’s like 5 or 6 people in my weight class and then you have a wrestle off.

So you wrestle everybody else to see if you’re going to be first string, second string, third string. So there’s one dude who is really good, he was varsity, then there was a JV guy and a couple of other guys and then there was me. So we all got to wrestle and the guy who had been JV the year before, I had him in a wrestling match and I was like, I had no plans of winning. I just thought, he’s a high school kid, he’s a man for crying out loud. I’m a little kid.

Anyway, we wrestled and I beat him. And the coach is like, “Congratulations, you’re going to be JV this week.” And I’m like, “What?” and he’s like, “Yeah, you’re going to wrestle in a tournament.” I’m like, “Are you kidding me?” So I go home and tell my parents. I’m like, “I beat the guy in the wrestle off.” My dad’s like, “What?” and I’m like, “Yeah, I’m going to be wrestling this week.” And he was all excited obviously and told my mom and told, you know, everybody.

Fast forward now a couple of days, it was the wrestling tournament, we were wrestling Bingham High School. I remember we get to weigh-ins and I’m a little tiny, skinny 130 lb kid at the time. So I get on the scale and you know, you strip down to your tighty-whities and you step on the scale and look at your weight. And then the guy who I’m wrestling gets on the scale, he steps up and I look at him and the dude had a mustache. I don’t know about you, but to this day I can’t grow a mustache. I’m not still not quite manly enough to do that. He had a mustache, and again this is in high school.

I was like, “Are you kidding me? I’m a little kid. This guy in a mustache is going to destroy me.” I was so scared. So I remember after weigh-ins, we’re getting warmed up and I see my dad and I’m like, “Dad, the guy I’m wrestling has a mustache.” And my dad’s like, “What does that matter?” I’m like, “I don’t know but he’s like a real man Dad. I can’t grow a mustache.” Anyway, I go out there for this match. I go out there I’m wrestling, I’m going through the whole match, I’m wrestling this guy and I don’t remember much about the match. All I remember is at the end I won. I stood up and I shook his hands and I remember looking at him in the face and I was like, “I just beat a dude who’s got a mustache.”

And then the ref raised my hand. As soon as I raised my hand, my head went up and I look at the audience, it’s the bleachers, and in the bleachers there’s two people, my mom and my dad. My dad’s standing up clapping and that day I became a wrestler. I was like, this is the greatest feeling I have ever felt ever. I never got that from basketball, never got it from anything else. I’m a wrestler, that day I became a wrestler.

I was thinking about that. I was like, different parts of our life we identify with different things. For over a decade of my life, I was a wrestler. I still am in my mind. I identify with that, that’s who I am. At my core, there’s a few things I am, I’m a wrestler, I’m a Mormon, I’m a dad, I’m a husband, there’s a couple of things and I’m an internet marketer. There are things, four or five things I really self identify and each of those situations, I know the day that I became that person. I know the day I became a wrestler. I know the day that I became a Mormon. I know the day that I became an internet marketer. And it’s when you have that experience and you’re just like, “Dang, that feeling, I never want to lose that feeling again. That was the greatest feeling in the world for me.”

For my business, I remember when it was. I got online and I was trying all these things, you’ve probably heard my back story a million times. I was trying thing after thing after thing and all sorts of stuff and nothing was working. I remember the very first time I created something and put it out there and somebody bought it. And it was $20 and the $20 came to my Paypal account and I was like, “Dang.”

I remember coming home and telling my wife, I had a Paypal credit card at the time. We had no money in the Paypal account, but i had a Paypal credit card. Someone bought and we had $20, and for me as a college kid, $20 was insane. I came home and told Collette, “We made our first sale.” And she’s like, “What? You made a sale?” I’m like, “Yeah, someone paid us $20” and we were so excited we went out to dinner that night. And we used my Paypal credit card and paid for dinner. I mean, it wasn’t a fancy place, probably Burger King or something, that is my favorite restaurant. But we went to Burger King or something and I think we went to a dollar movie.

But it was like, I earned this. This is something, because at that point, my parents had supported me my whole life. My, I had Summer jobs, but I was wrestling all the time, so I never had a real job. Then I got married, my beautiful wife supported me. She was doing two jobs. For the first time in my life, I had created something that made money. That night, that dinner, that was mine. That was my gift to her. I created something that paid for that dinner. It paid for that movie. That night is when I became an internet marketer. I had that feeling. I love this feeling. I never want it to leave. I want that for the rest of my life.  And then I became obsessed and passionate about it.

So for you, I’m curious. I want you to think about it and hopefully it’ll be fun for you to go back and think, but what was the day, think about whatever it is your business is, the thing that you’re so passionate about giving and serving and sharing with people. What was the day that you became that person? That you became a wrestler, that you became a marketer, that you became a fitness coach, that you became whatever it is for you. What was the day that that happened? I want you to think about that, and that’s my gift for you today.

Because as I thought about it yesterday I was just like, what a cool experience. It’s just cool. I hope that this gives you a minute to remember that time for you and enjoy it. Because that feeling is what drives you now. You had that feeling once and you want it again and again and again. I want you to remember that because it was interesting, when Tony Robbins came to Funnel Hacking Live he talked about why we do things and it all came down to basically we do things, everything for humans is about a feeling. We want that feeling. We want to feel good, we want to feel loved, but it’s a feeling. That’s why we do everything.

That’s why people turn to drugs, to try to get the feeling. That’s why people turn to love, they want that feeling. That’s why people turn to all, it’s all about feelings. Sometimes we have a feeling and that’s what drives stuff, but forget about it. We don’t think about it, we don’t….just remembering that feeling of me getting my hand raised yesterday, it was, it felt good. You forget about that. We’re always racing for the next good feeling, but sometimes if you stop back and just think about the feeling you had, the day you became who you are, because that’s the feeling you’re chasing after every single day.

That’s honestly a feeling I chased for 12 years of my life while I was wrestling. That feeling of raising my hand and looking in the stands and seeing my dad, that was the feeling. That’s why I woke up super early in the morning, that’s why I stayed up late at night. That’s why I cut weight week in and week out, day in and day out for years. It’s the reason I got my eyes cut open. I had stitches, I had blood, the reason I sacrificed my body, my time, my energy, my effort, my everything, is because of that feeling. I wanted that again.

So what’s cool about us, as humans, we’ll stop and remember we can get that feeling again. So today I want you guys to sit back and I want you to remember that feeling. And that’s my gift to you. Just enjoy it for a little bit, before you go chasing it again, because it’s there and you can remember it and you can bring it back.

So I hope that helps you guys, it felt good for me today. Hopefully it felt good for you as well. And that’s all I got. I’m almost back to the office, I’m going to let you guys go. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day, and talk to you guys soon. Bye everybody.

Apr 6, 2017

Let’s talk about your moral obligation…

On today’s episode Russell talks about his book, Dotcom Secrets being mentioned on another marketing podcast, but how the host says Russell’s methods may be too aggressive. He explains why it’s okay to be aggressive when you are passionate about what you’re selling.

Here are some of the awesome things you will hear on this episode:

  • How Russell’s book was mentioned in a top ten list of marketing books.
  • Why Russell feels like it’s important to be passionate about what you’re selling.
  • And also why Russell isn’t afraid to call out his competitors on what he believes is inferior software.

So listen below to find out why being aggressive is essential to selling something you truly believe in.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright everybody, so today I’ve actually got a Go Pro on me as well. We’re thinking about starting a behind the scenes reality TV show, showing the behind the scenes reality TV show. That’s what Funnel Hacker TV is going to be. So I’m filming a whole bunch of stuff today, and I found a really cool dude and we’re going to see if he can turn this into a cool daily video thing, showing behind the scenes and if we can, that’d be awesome. And if it doesn’t work out then this might be one episode thing. So I’m excited for it.

But I’m heading to the office today. A couple of cool things, first off, I may have ordered my own life size Batman suit. It was custom fitted and it may have showed up on Saturday and I may be trying it on today for the first time. I’m so excited. Those of you guys who are JV partners, you will see this on the Expert Secrets JV page because we’re going to be giving away a bunch of these super hero outfits, which is going to be really fun. Batman is one of the ones, and it’s the one I really wanted, so I got it. And I’m really excited about that.

I wanted to talk to you guys about something today, because it’s kind of interesting. This morning I was getting ready and listening to a bunch of podcasts and there was this one podcast that I like, and on there the episode was talking about my favorite marketing book. I was like, “Oh please, please, let my book be one there. Please, please.” They started going through their top ten marketing books and they went through and about half way through they said, the guy who is one of the hosts said, “My next book is called Dotcom Secrets, by Russell Brunson.” I was like, “YES!” so excited.

He started talking about how cool it is, the sales funnels and stuff and then he said something that I was just like, “ahh..” he said, “You know some of the stuff Russell teaches in the book is kind of aggressive, and if you don’t like those things, you can kind of tailor it for your own needs.” I kind of stopped for a second, I was like, aggressive? Are you kidding me? Oh crap. My camera just tipped over while I was driving.

But I was like, aggressive? And I was thinking, I hate that people think that what I do is aggressive. Not that I hate that they think that it’s aggressive, I hate that they think that being aggressive is bad, that’s a better way to put it. Because I was like if you, and this comes from Jay Abraham, I first heard it from him. Actually I think Matt Bacak was the first person I heard say it, but he was quoting Jay Abraham. It was basically saying that if you believe in the product or service you are selling, then you have a moral obligation to do everything in your power to get it into the hands of your customers.

I don’t know about you, but I feel that. I feel like I have a moral obligation and I try to serve people and teach people and train people who also, they’re not just trying to get rich quick on the internet, but they feel like they have a moral obligation to their audience. They’ve created some product or service or thing that they feel can change the world and when you have that, you need to be aggressive about it. Otherwise people are going to miss it. For me, I’m just like I want people missing out on all this stuff I’m sharing between Expert Secrets, Dotcom Secrets, with Clickfunnels and all that kind of stuff. I don’t want them missing it because they’re like, “Oh you sound kind of excited, but you don’t really push me over the edge.” I want to push people over the edge because I believe in it that much.

I was thinking back about my life at different eras, for things that I really believed in. And one of them, a lot of you guys know I’m a Mormon, and I went on a two year mission. I was in New Jersey, Cherry Hill New Jersey, in Morristown, Camden, all over the southern two-thirds of New Jersey. I was out there every single day knocking on doors.  I’ve had people in the past be like, “Why did you do that? Why did you push your religion on people?” I’m like, are you kidding? First off, I wasn’t pushing my religion on anyone. I was trying to share something I really, really believe in. Second off, I’m being aggressive because I believe it matters. I believe in what my message is so much that I’m willing to go out there and knock on doors, I didn’t get a penny. In fact, I paid my own way because I believe it so much.

It’s the same thing with this business. I believe in what we do so much that I’m going to be aggressive about it. I just want all of you guys that if you feel weird about being aggressive and marketing aggressively and trying to sell your product, it means you don’t believe in it enough. That’s the only logical thing that I can say. For some reason you don’t believe in your message. You need to believe in your message so much that you would literally go out and knock on doors, without getting paid a penny to go and share this with people, because that’s how much you believe in it. When you believe in your message that much, then everything else will take care of itself. You will go out there, share, talk and you’re not going to be embarrassed to go and make a video or talk about it, or do a podcast, or interview someone, or drive traffic, or lose money, risking to try and do this thing. It’s not going to matter because you’re going to care so much about your message, that all those other things just fall apart.

So I would argue that if you’re struggling in your business right now, it’s because you don’t believe in your message enough. Because you don’t believe in your message enough, you’re not being aggressive enough to share it and get people. I literally want to get people when they walk by and grab them and say, “Dude, there is a better way.”

It’s funny, people ask me, I got a lot of people who just like, “I can’t believe that you talk about your competitors like ConfusionSoft and Lowkey Pages. I can’t believe you call them out and say their names.” And I’m like, “Honestly, as an entrepreneur, I’ve used those tools in the past. It was expensive, frustrating, hard to get. I feel for those people and I want to save them from these things that are keeping them from the success they deserve.” That’s how passionate I am about, I’m not afraid to call people out because I’m like, “Look, if you’re over here, you’re going to spend twice as much money, take ten times longer, and you’re probably not going to be as successful. Where if you come with us to what we’re trying to share with you, do you understand what the difference….”

That’s how much I believe in what I’m trying to share. And until you believe that much in what you’re sharing, I think you’re going to struggle. In fact, it’s interesting, this is back probably 7 or 8 years ago. Before I knew what message I was trying to figure it out. I was selling different things, I was trying stuff. I remember, I had different programs I created. Some I was insanely passionate about. Some of you guys remember Microcontinuity, I was nuts, passionate about that. And you could hear it, and the sales were amazing because of it. I couldn’t stop talking about it. That was my life.

And then I had other products that didn’t do as well, and I remember one of my friends, Garrett Pearson, I don’t know if Garrett even remembers this or not. I can’t remember where we had this conversation but it was during the middle of some other launch after Microcontinuity and he asked, “how are sales doing?” and I was like, “They’re doing alright.” And he’s like, “I can tell.” And I’m like, “What do you mean, I can tell?” and he’s like, “I can just tell by the passion in your emails about how excited you are and I know that…” and I don’t remember the rest of what he said, but I remember him saying that. He could tell by the sound of my emails how excited I was.

And that’s how he was guessing how much sales were coming. And I was like, isn’t that weird. I’m writing an email. You can’t hear my voice, you can’t sense anything, but just when I’m really believing in something, the way I speak about it and to it, is different.  Enough that Garrett reading an email on the other side could tell how passionate I was. And obviously, a lot of other people did. Maybe not consciously, but subconsciously they recognized it and because of that, they didn’t buy the product.

So if you’re kind of thinking, “Oh yeah, my products good, it’s nice.” That’ll wear off in everything you do. It’ll wear off in your emails, in your podcasts, in your webinars, every single communication point. If you don’t believe in your product so insanely strong, it’s going to come off and sales are going to tank because of that. Even if you’re like, “I followed the script, why is no one buying?” It’s because you don’t believe in it enough to have the passion you need to get people to say yes.

So what I would say, for those that think that I’m marketing aggressively, or if you’re trying to figure out where you fit in this whole thing, you need to be obsessed with your product or service and your message. So obsessed that you are willing to go out of your comfort zone completely and share things and talk about things and that passion that some people will call aggressiveness, is what would get people to buy from you. And it’s going to rub some people the wrong way.

I hope this isn’t sacrilegious. It might be. I don’t think it is, I hope it’s not. If it is, I apologize and I repent in advance. But I was thinking about this, when you study Christ and you study his life and you read the Bible and those teachings one of the things that he says is that, and it’s the reason why Christ taught in parables. He taught in parables and people would hear the story and be like, “Okay, cool. I get it.” But then there’s so many layers in the parables that go deep. And he said, and I’m sure I’m going to mess up the quote, but he said something to the effect of, “My sheep will hear my voice and come to me.” Christ was speaking, giving his message and sharing things like that. And everyone can hear it. But his sheep, his people will come and they will actually follow him. They hear it at a different level that it affects them.

I think for all of you guys, it’s the same thing. A lot of people out there are going to be turned off, they’re not going to like it, whatever that is, but your sheep, your people will hear you and they will follow you.

It’s interesting, the other day we had a guy came to the office. Someone who I have tons of respect for. He happens to also be a speaker. He speaks at events and he gets paid to speak. And while we were sitting there, I kind of smiled and said, “Well, there’s two ways to be successful in the speaking world. Number one, you get paid to speak, you be a celebrity. For example, Tony Robbins spoke at our event. He’s a celebrity so we paid him a lot for him to speak.” I don’t think I’m allowed to say how much we paid him, but it was multiple six figures. It was a lot. I think we were doing the math and it ended up being $50,000 an hour that he was on stage, or something crazy like that. It’s a lot because he’s a celebrity.

And this guy was like, “Yeah well, I could never get paid that much.” I was like, “Yeah, neither can I.” but there’s a second way you can speak. So you speak and then you sell. Tony Robbins spent, X amount of hours on our stage and we paid him a lot for that, but three weeks later I spoke at Grant Cardone’s event and Grant did not pay to speak, he did not pay for my flights or hotel. I cover my flights, I cover my hotels. I did my own stuff. I booked my travel, for crying out loud. I get there and I stood on stage for 90 minutes, a fraction of the time. I did my presentation, sold my product and I think when all was said and done, I think when all the checks cleared it was $850,000 that we made from that presentation. I was like, “You can be famous and make blah, or you can learn how to sell. I got paid 4 times what Tony Robbins got paid.” Not because….and the only reason is because I know how to sell right.

So I share this story with this guy and if someone told me that, “Hey Russell, you made almost a million dollars in less than an hour.” I would have been like, “What? What did you do? Explain to me, give me that information. I need to know that.” I tell this guy and he’s like, “Wow, cool.” And then he changed the subject. He did not hear my message, he did not….we talked about it before. My sheep will hear my voice. Some of you guys, when I tell you that, you’re like, “Holy crap, I’ve got to learn that. I’ve got to master that skill.”

The first time I saw someone on stage and they sold and they did 100 grand in 90 minutes, I was just like I have to learn that. I don’t know what that was, but whatever it was I have to figure out that skill set. Because that is something I want to do, I need that. The same is true with your message. It’s okay to be aggressive. You’re going to turn off some people, but your sheep, your people, your whatever you want to call them, will hear your voice and follow you. And it’s the key.

So don’t be afraid of being aggressive if you truly believe in what you have. You have a moral obligation to share it with everybody in any way possible. If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, you gotta find something else to sell, or you gotta change your believe patterns. Because if you don’t believe in it, there’s no way someone’s going to give you money. Because their belief in giving you money is based on your belief in the thing you’re talking about. The more powerful your belief is, the easier it’ll be to get them to believe as well.

So that’s what you got guys. It’s okay to be aggressive, you’ve got to get them to believe. With that said, I am about to go. I’m starting my juice fast today. Stephen just showed up in his motorcycle, he’s got a backpack full of juice. Oh man. He’s got a t-shirt that says, “You’re just one funnel away.” I’m going to get some juice, and I’m going to go and get started. Because I haven’t eaten yet today, in fact I’m not eating for the next four days because I’m on a juice fast. That’s what happens when you binge all week, all spring break long. That’s what I got you guys, I’m out of here, have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon.

Apr 6, 2017

My strange encounter at the grocery store at 10:30 at night, and what that has to do with you getting more traffic into your funnels.

On today’s episode Russell talks about being recognized twice in one day while out running errands in his home town and why that makes him nervous. He also talks about the next steps he will be taking to go from $30 million a year in revenue to $100 million a year.

Here are some interesting things you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Find out the two places where Russell was recognized and how he reacted.
  • See what moves Russell is making to grow his business and why that may lead to him being recognized more often.
  • And find out how Russell plans to dominate every social media platform.

So listen below to find out why Russell needs to get used to being recognized while he’s in public.


What’s up everybody, this is Russell. Welcome to Marketing In Your Car. It’s actually, I’m not sure what time it is for you but it’s late night for me. I’m coming home from the grocery store. And I’ve had something interesting happen to me  twice today. I’m excited to talk about this because I’m not sure what to do with it and maybe you guys can help me. It also ties into my other, it’s a negative weight against the goals I’m going after. You guys are my therapy session for tonight. I hope that’s alright.

Okay, so the first thing is. It’s been spring break and my kids and wife and I have been having tons of fun doing stuff. We decided to get them some of those watches, have you seen those watches where you can, they can text me and I can text them, they can call me? When kids are gone, you always know where they’re at. There’s GPS on it, so any given time you know where your kids are at. You can call them, you can text them. It’s pretty awesome.

So we went and bought some of those, but they didn’t show up until today. Today we went to go get them from the store. We’re in there getting them all pre programmed, everything working and then I’m sitting there. And what’s funny is my wife, she has something happening this morning, so she got dressed up, she looked gorgeous. But me and the kids, the kids were all in their jammies, I was in my sweats. My hair’s all over the place and I’m just like, I told my wife, “I’m so sorry. We’re going to embarrass you going out today, but I don’t want to get ready.” So she looked gorgeous and we all looked like, we just got out of bed, because we kind of did.

So we’re at the store getting everything put together, but it doesn’t matter because I’m at the Verizon store, so who really cares. So I get stuff all checked out and all the sudden one of the workers there says, “Russell Brunson.” I’m like, “Yeah?” I assumed he was reading something off of whatever. He’s like, “How did you build such a big following?” I just froze. I didn’t even know what to say. I’m like, “Um…a lot of hard work.” And he’s like, “Didn’t you just write a book or something?” and I’m like, “Yeah, I wrote a book and I have another book coming out next month.” I didn’t know what to say. It was the most awkward thing. I was like, you know that scene in Dumb and Dumber where he comes out and says, “Hey Big Gulps huh. Alright, well….See you guys later.” That’s what it felt like.

I didn’t know what to say, I was so out of my element. It was just awkward. I felt bad because I was like, a horrible host or I don’t know what exactly it’s called. It was just kind of, I felt bad. And when I got in the car with my wife she’s like, “Why didn’t you talk to him more.” I’m like, “I don’t know. I could’ve, I should’ve.” It totally just caught me off guard. I didn’t know what to say. I felt bad, I hope that……I always want to be nice to people. I’m sure he’s like, “That Russell dude is weird. He seems really nice on his podcast and stuff, but he’s weird in real life.”

And then tonight, so it’s like, 10:30 at night and I’m at the grocery store listening to podcasts, I’m in my, once again, my sweats. I’m walking around getting stuff, doing my thing, listening to podcasts, having a good time, taking my sweet time at the grocery store because it’s kind of fun on late nights and no one’s around. I’m doing that and start checking out, so I take my headphones out because in case this cash register person wants to talk to me. I’m putting stuff on the belt thing and as I’m doing that, all the sudden I look back and there’s a guy standing behind me. He’s like, “Hey, is there a Ferrari in the parking lot?” I was like, “I don’t know, maybe.”

Then someone grabbed him, “The lane over here is open.” And he left. I was like, Okay, that guys must, I assume he knows who I am. Because I used to have a Ferrari, it was kind of awkward. It was kind of like, once again I was like, I didn’t know what to say.  “Maybe….ugh.” I’m sure I sounded so stupid.

It’s funny because in the past no one ever knew who I was, which is nice. In fact, in Boise I never advertized hardly here because I didn’t want anyone to know. Because it’s kind of nice to have some normal life. And then it’s been funny, every once in a while, maybe twice in my life, I’ll be in the airport and someone will be like, “Russell Brunson!” and it’s kind of cool because someone recognizes me in the airport, how cool is that? But now it’s happening more often in my own home town. It freaks me out a little bit.

So why does that freak me out. I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of flattered by it, it strokes my significance and I like those kind of things, but it’s also like I don’t want to be on. I still like going home and not being on. I’ve been in the grocery store twice today in my sweats. I don’t like being on so it makes me nervous, I have a lot of fear about that.

It’s funny because this year the book’s coming out and the book is like mass market. I think it’s going to do well, hopefully. And we’re going to try to do an infomercial with it and if we do that it’s going to be on TV, we’re doing radio ads, so it’s going to be on the radio. It’s going to be out there. And then Clickfunnels is continuing to grow and there’s a lot of cool stuff happening and I’m trying to get me and the message and all that stuff out there, but then I had this nervousness of the more I’m out there the more people might know who I am, which I guess is okay, but I don’t know. It adds another layer of what makes me nervous and all that kind of stuff.

With that said, I’m going to tell you what was really fun about today. A couple of things, first off, it’s general conference. So for the Mormons out there, you know what it is. For those who aren’t, twice a year we have what we call General Conference, it’s two days. Saturday and Sunday where basically the leaders of our church, the prophet, the 12 apostles, a bunch of people all speak. We get donuts and we sit at home with the TV and watch church on TV with the kids. It’s pretty fun. That was today, Saturday and then tomorrow we have that again.

So after the conference, I went to Best Buy and I bought a blogging camera, I bought some other stuff. And basically I’ve been thinking a lot about this, one of my things I’ve been digging and drilling deep in the Inner Circle members this session has been diversity. I’ve been around now for 14 years, and I know, I remember what happened when I got slapped by Google, a lot of times, paid, then free, then free, then free, I got slapped a ton. Facebook got slapped a year and a half ago, and luckily we got through it. Facebooks been really good.

In fact, I feel like we penetrated Facebook. We kind of were all over it. I’m sure that if you ever have been on one of my pages, you see my face every day and I apologize I’m not better looking because you have to see my ads all the time. But we’re pretty much dominating Facebook, we’re everywhere. It’s fun and we’re having great success with it and it’ll continue to grow. But we’re doing really, really well there. But I hate putting all my eggs in Zuckerburg’s basket. So we do a lot of other stuff. Like Dream 100 and we have partners, so we’re growing there. But I’m also looking at what are the other core platforms, because we’re not doing great in the other platforms and I want to go deep into each of them.

I tried Snapchat for a little bit, I was pretty consistent with it too, but we just can’t. …Snapchat is hard to grow. I think I’m moving off Snapchat, so I’ve decided to give up on that platform. But I’m really excited about Instagram. Instagram is cool because it’s actually better than Snapchat, plus, easier to grow an audience. I started doing Instagram whatever it’s called, Instagram lives this week. And I already get more viewers on Instagram live than I did on Snapchat. I’m like, crap I should’ve been doing this for the last year.

So that’s been kind of a cool thing. So I had a chance to meet a dude who’s the number one guy in my industry in Instagram. He’s got a huge 3 million person following. So I’m friends with him and we’re paying him to help us grow ours and promote us. So I’m trying to go deep into that channel. So I want to just, again, it’s all diversity in platforms and channel and people. So I’m trying to go really deep into Instagram. Then my next big play is Youtube. We’ve never had an awesome YouTube and I want to own it.

So we’re launching, some of you may know if you’ve been listening to the podcast, Funnel Hacker TV, which is going to be all on YouTube, obviously on Facebook and other places, but I want to force the audience to go to YouTube to consume and grow it. So we have a lot of cool stuff happening in YouTube right now, but it’s just not growing that big. But I think Funnel Hacker TV will be because it’s actually a TV show that’s going to be awesome.

But then with that I want to, we have 10 episodes that we’ve recorded that are being edited and are mostly done. When the book launch ends, so are we six weeks away, well book launch is two weeks away, so six weeks away from launching Funnel Hacker TV. Funnel Hacker TV episode one will launch as soon as the book launch is over. And then basically once a week one will be coming out. So those will be really cool. But to stimulate those, because those take a lot of energy and effort to do it. I’m starting a Funnel Hacker TV behind the scenes, which is basically going to be me doing a daily vlog. Casey Neistat style. Yes, I have been watching a lot of Casey Neistat, I’ve been geeking out on him, he’s really cool and I like him a lot and I like what he’s doing. I may be trying to get him to speak at Funnel Hacking Live, which would be cool. So lately I’ve been watching him and I was like, “I want to do that.”

He’s awesome, he has all his own camera’s, videos himself, and edits it all and I don’t have any skills like that. So I found a guy in our community who is posting in our Facebook group. We have like 50 people asking to help edit videos, but there’s one guy that for some reason I really just liked him a lot. So he’s doing the first test when we’re starting next week. Basically I’m going to be video blogging this whole behind the scenes thing and then each day he’s going to take all the footage and dump it all in a drop box the next day and take it and try to make a video blog, Casey Neistat style, and it’s going to be living on YouTube and that’ll be kind of its home. It’ll be what, I don’t know if it’s the right word, but it’s going to help boister up the funnel hacking show. My goal is to go deep into YouTube and dominate and to own it and just figure that out.

So we’re going to be hiring all the best YouTube people in the world to get to understand it and know and spending a lot of money and energy and effort. So we can dominate that platform so that it’s a big platform as we have on Facebook. We’ll have the same thing on Youtube, the same thing on Instagram. Just keep going to the core of the platforms that our people are at. Same thing I want to master TV, I want to master radio and potentially direct my own magazines too.

So if you look at me, that’s my, in fact, I wish all you guys were in Inner Circle, if you were all in my Inner Circle, this would be so much easier, I could show you all how to step deeper. But at Inner Circle meeting I was showing people, my first 8 or 9 years of my business was all about creating offers and we’d jump from offer to offer to offer. We got stuck at 3 million bucks a year. And then as we figured out which offer was our best, which was Clickfunnels, then we shifted into instead of creating a bunch of offers, we kept one offer but then we created, I used my creativity on different front end offers to get people into Clickfunnels. My webinar, my books, all these things are creative things we’ve created to get people into the one thing we’re trying to sell, which is Clickfunnelsl.

So there’s little nuances, when I go from zero to 3 million dollars, I got stuck there for 5 or 6 years we couldn’t break past that. I was focusing my creativity on lots of new offers. When I shifted my creativity from instead of creating a bunch of offers to how can I sell more people into one offer? That’s when I went from 3 million to 30 million. And my goal to go from 30 to100, shift my creativity from different offers to mastering traffic. So my creativity is going to be focusing for the next year to two years on traffic. Does that make sense?

So in my early life it was like every month we’re launching Neurocel is our supplement. Our thing in the weight loss market, Body Evolution. Then we’ve got the thing with dating market. Then we got this thing in the couponing market, and every month was rolling out our new offer. Again, that’s where we got stuck at that level. And then when we focused everything on one offer, Clickfunnels, first it was the webinar, promote that. If you listen to the podcast, every single week for an entire year, nothing but the podcast, then we added the book funnel in there. Excuse me, the webinar and the book funnel both pushing into that. Now I got the next book, the perfect webinar script, a bunch of front ends that all lead to the thing that’s all we’re really focusing on selling, Clickfunnels.

When we focus on one singular thing, it went from 3 to 30, then we go from 30 to 100, I think we’ve got enough front end offers, I don’t want to create anything new. I just want to focus on creativity within traffic. What are all the ways we can get traffic into it? So it’s mastering all these other platforms and getting creative and figure out how we can be the best in Instagram, the best on TV, the best… and really spending the effort and energy to do that, and that’s really how we’ll scale to the next level.

So anyway, as I was showing the Inner Circle members, this is a million dollars businesses, creating different offers figuring out what people like. You go from a million to 10, to 20 it’s like, now you figured out what people like. Now focus on things, front end funnels to get people into that offer and then going from 10 million to 100 million is now focusing on creativity in the traffic.

So for me it’s like that. But the thing that sucks though is for me to go and do that and get them more traffic, what do I gotta do? I gotta put my face out there and then what happens? Its 10:30 at night and people are asking me if I have a Ferrari while I’m checking out at the grocery store. That’s my fear. So there’s the conundrum. But it’s all good problems to have.

Anyway, I just more wanted to catch up with you guys because that was funny. But a lot of times we have a goal that’s pushing us one direction, but then we’ve got our fear of something else pulling us the other way and it keeps us in the middle, and I just don’t want that to happen to me. I thought if I confessed it on a live podcast, I guess it’s live right now but it’s not live when you listen to it. If I confessed it on the Marketing In Your Car podcast then I gotta forsake it. I don’t know. I don’t know how that all works.

Alright guys, I’m done. Take the groceries in and get to bed. We’ve got a long day tomorrow watching conference in our jammies, eating donuts. It’s going to be amazing. Then Monday is when I have to repent of my sins. Monday I’m doing a week long juice fast because I’ve eaten enough carbs in the last 48 hours to basically be all next week and the week on. So I’m going to jump back into normal life mode. Plus I’m going to be vlogging, which is fun.  One of the cool things about vlogging, is that it makes my life not boring.

Which is what is kind of fun about Snapchat or Instagram. It forced you to realize if your life is boring or not. It’s documenting all these things throughout the day. And if I don’t do anything, it’s going to be a really boring show. The next four days is actually insane. I may or may not have purchased a full custom fit batman suit that may or may not have showed up yesterday. So that’s going to be on episode number one. Because I gotta open it, reaveal and show JV videos behind it and a bunch of other stuff. That’s insanely cool.

Then we’ve got a whole bunch of other things. Anyway, you have to watch episode one, if and when it ever gets done. So anyway, that’s the plan, but it’s going to be fun. So I will share you guys a journey of what we’re doing to dominate all the platforms and if you were at Funnel Hacking Live, we sold a course called Fill Your Funnel that will eventually be at, but the live training actually starts on Monday, which is kind of cool. But we’re taking people through this journey with us over the next year, how do we scale traffic. It’s going to be kind of fun. So we’ll probably open up registration for it in a couple of weeks, if you guys are interested. Go to get on a waiting list and you can get your funnel filled with prospects who want to give you money. That is my focus at least for the next 12 months and probably on.

With that said, appreciate you all, have a nice day. Have a nice night and we’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye everybody.

Mar 31, 2017

Until you’ve come completely okay with failing, it’s going to be really hard to succeed.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how people are scared to take a risk because of the personal responsibility if they fail.

Here are some of the interesting things you will hear in this episode:

  • The biggest reason people are afraid to take risks and why it’s so scary.
  • How Russell’s mission for the Mormon church helped prepare him to cope with rejection and failure.
  • And why we shouldn’t be afraid of people seeing us fail because people only pay attention to themselves.

So listen below to find out why you shouldn’t be afraid to take some risks with your business.


Good morning everybody, welcome back to Marketing In Your Car. It’s a rainy, rainy day here in Boise. It’s like a monsoon outside, it’s kind of fun. But it’s still spring break so I’m going to go get some stuff done for the next three hours and then I’m coming back to go roller skating with the kids. And our kids have never been roller skating before, so it’s going to be kind of a big deal and really hard, I’m sure. But it’ll be fun.

So I wanted to share with you guys today, something, a kind of cool interesting thing. I had my call with Tara a couple of days ago and on there we were talking about some of the things that make people successful and unsuccessful. There’s a lot that goes into it, but one of the things was really kind of interesting and fascinating, as we were talking about it. It is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t have success, and it has to do with….can you guys guess? Drum roll please…..

The personal risk involved. It wasn’t just risk, because there’s risk in everything. “What if I lose all my money?” there’s always a risk of whatever you’re going to try, but it’s a personal risk. How will I personally cope with this if I fail? What’s going to happen to me as a human being? What are people going to think about me? That’ll be the worst thing in the world. It’s interesting because, maybe it’s because most of you all know at this point, hopefully, that I am Mormon. So I spent two years on a mission. I was in New Jersey, Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I spent a lot of time knocking on doors and a lot of people telling me no. A lot of people yelling at me, a lot of people cursing me out in their native New Jersey tongue and it was fun.

It was scary at first though, not going to lie. I remember my very first day on the mission, I went out there with my companion and we started knocking on doors and I always assumed I was going to watch him knock for three or four weeks, then when I was ready I would go and do it. But that was not the case. The very first door he knocked on. He did his little thing, and the next door he knocked on the door and said, “You’re up.” And then stepped back.

I was like, “What? No.” So I’m like, all nervous so I say, “Hey my name is…” and I’m totally stuttering through this thing and about half way through, it was this cute little old lady who’d answered. I was like, she’s going to be so nice, we’re going to teach her and it’s going to be so great. Then boom, she slammed the door in the middle of my thing. Mid sentence, mid word probably. I’m like, “Huh, well that’s awkward.” And I remember at that time, I turned around in the driveway and we were walking back out and there were these cars driving by, and they started honking. And I was like, “Oh.” Because you guys remember, I grew up in Utah,  there’s always people when missionaries drive by, you honk and wave, “Oh it’s the missionaries.”

So I hear this honking and I’m like, “Oh cool. I’m a missionary now. This is so cool. They’re going to wave at me.” So I look back and these guys are waving at me, but not in the same way that I was used to do when I saw missionaries. They were honking and they were sticking their heads out the car and flipping me off,  and like “Go back to Utah!” I was like, “Oh man, these people hate us.” And at first it was really, really hard. But then, we knocked on more doors and more doors and eventually, thousands and thousands of doors, I stopped, I was so ashamed of myself with rejection. They’re not rejecting me, they’re rejecting something else, whatever, it’s all cool. And I was fine with it.

It’s interesting, if you look at, this is a side note for those who wonder. If you look at network marketing, or door to door sales, you notice one common theme. 90% of all the network marketing companies are founded in Utah, and 90% of all direct, door to door, like Cutco knives, alarm systems pest control, they’re all founded out of where? Utah. The reason why is because they have all these Mormon missionaries who have spend their whole life knocking on doors for 2 years and getting rejected. They have forgone, they no longer care, they don’t have this personal fear of rejection. So they’re able to do those things.

So I think maybe I’m kind of lucky because I have that so many times, being rejected, that I don’t really fear that much anymore. That’s what keeps a lot of people back. Just that fear of “What are people going to think if I try this and I don’t succeed?” All the personal risk of putting you out on the line. It’s scary.

It’s not so much the financial, I think sometimes we hide behind the financial. “Is it going to make sense? Or not make sense?” In fact, it was funny at Grant Cardone’s event, after we came back off the stage and I was in the back and he was all excited about the presentation and everything. And then he was like, “I’m going to get out there and tell everyone to buy. If they don’t have money, they should buy anyway, if you’re already broke, what’s an extra $1000 on your credit card. It doesn’t matter, just buy it.” I was like, at first kind of laughed, and I’m sure that’s one of his closing techniques. But I was like, it’s so true. If you’re already in debt, what’s an extra thousand bucks. But it’s the personal risk of what if I try this and fail. That’s the real fear. It’s not like, “My credit cards are almost maxed out.” Who cares? That doesn’t really matter when all is said and done.

It’s that personal risk of “What if I try this and it doesn’t work. I tried all these other things and it didn’t work.” In fact, I think that I have a lot of friends and family members who have gone through a lot of school. They keep going to school and they’ve got their bachelors and their masters and they keep going on and on and on. I think part of it is they like learning, but they’re so scared of jumping in and trying that they never do it, right.

Being an entrepreneur is less about learning in a formal setting. Formal setting’s is the safe happy place. Nothing could possibly go wrong. You study and learn and you take a test and fail or pass or whatever. But there’s no personal risk ever. So people stay in there forever. Being an entrepreneur is the opposite. You’re out there with no shield, no breastplate, no nothing. You’re running out and people are shooting arrows at you like crazy. And if you’re so scared of personal risk, you’re not going to be willing to run out there. You’re in trouble because it’s tough. Honestly.

It’s funny, the problems you have when you’re small versus the problems you have when you’re big. I remember being smaller and trying to figure out how to make more sells. Now we’re so big, it’s like how do we slow sales so we can keep up with customer support and the technology. There’s a whole new set of issues that come. But every single day there’s something. I remember I heard, I think Dan Kennedy said, once every month and entrepreneur faces a decision that either bankrupts their business or takes it to the next level. And that was back, direct mail days, radio, or TV. Stuff like that. Now days, I don’t know about you, but for me it’s a daily thing. Every day it’s like, alright. Put it back on. What’s the choice?

And I take personal responsibility. This is my choice, I think it’s going to work, I don’t know but let’s just go. Boom, we take it and we go and we go and we go. And I think instinctively you get better, but I make a lot of mistakes still. But instinctively get better and better at it. It’s interesting, in some of my coaching programs, one of the biggest things that people, I let everyone in my Inner Circle vox me. What’s interesting, most of the voxers that I get are people telling me, “this is what I want to do. Do you agree with that?”

It’s interesting because what they’re looking for is confirmation and again, there’s nothing wrong with this, I’m just explaining it. It’s interesting as I watch it. What they’re looking for is somebody else to hand the personal responsibility to if it fails. They want to be able to say, “Russell said this and so if it goes wrong, Russell told me this.” As opposed to “This is my business, my life, I’m going to try it out.” I’m okay with that. I don’t mind it. In fact, it’s what keeps me sharp, keeps me going. It’s really, really fun. I enjoy it. So I’m not saying it’s negative, I’m saying it’s interesting that that’s what most of the questions are that come to me.

It’s more like, they know the answer, they just want to be able to get me to approve it so that way if it goes wrong they’ve got somebody besides themselves to place the personal responsibility on. And it’s just fascinating to me. Even at the higher levels, there’s still that fear of personal responsibility. The personal risk. Those things that go into it. So I don’t know the right answer to that other than you should all get door to door sales jobs, or become Mormon missionaries and go get rejected for two years. I know for a lot of you guys, that’s not the right answer. But it’s becoming okay with that and realizing what’s the worst case scenario? If I try this thing and it fails, does anyone really know.

It’s like the credit card thing. An extra thousand dollars on your credit card. Does it really matter? Does anyone really know that even exists besides me and maybe my spouse?  That’s, again, I don’t know the right answers to that, but it’s becoming okay with that personal risk, because you have to do that or else it’s going to be really hard to jump. Otherwise you’re going to be stuck in this learning mode. People always tell me  they have information overload, what I’ve found with pretty much all of them, it’s because they’re scared, so scared of the personal risk involved. They like the safety of learning so they study and they learn and they study and they learn and then they don’t do because they’ve learned so much that the information overload is the way to take personal risk off of them. “I’ve got so much stuff from all these people. I don’t even know what to do.” So they claim information overload and it gets them frozen in the spot. So they keep learning, “I gotta learn through this information overload.” And they’re just stuck in a safe place that the school system screwed us up, giving us.

And I think you gotta get out of that. You gotta get out of the learning and that concept and just jump. Just running and jumping. So for you, and I’m talking to you, who’s listening to this. Not everybody listening, just to you. You’ve gotta be okay with that. If you fail, it’s not that big of a deal. Nobody else even knows it’s happening besides you. That’s what you gotta understand. We all think everyone is looking at us, the problem and the reality, is that everybody is looking at themselves. We’re all self conscious. I’m as guilty as everyone else. We’re all self conscious of ourselves.

So we dress the way we do, and we do our hair. We do all these things because we’re so self conscious and we don’t want everyone else to think something about us. But the reality is everyone’s doing that. Everyone’s looking at themselves, nobody is looking at you. So when you understand that, I hope that gives you permission. Nobody’s actually looking at me. Nobody really cares. I have people come up to me and they’re like, they start confessing all their failures to me and I’m like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” And they have all these things.

In fact, it was interesting I was at Boise State was wrestling UVU and the head coach at UVU was my old high school Greco freestyle coach. One of my favorite people in the world. I look up to him like no one else.  So we’re at the tournament and Boise State beats UVU. After the match I run down and I’m so excited to see him. I’m like, “Greg, how’s it going?” and he looks and he’s like, “Well you saw how bad it was.” He just starts kind of justifying why they lost. I was just kind of smiling. I was like, “I didn’t even watch the match. My kids were running around like crazy. I didn’t even see the score. I’m just excited to see you.” And he was like embarrassed they lost and trying to shift that personal risk on, “Here’s the reasons why we lost.” Trying to justify. I’m like, I just wanted to see you. I don’t even care. I couldn’t have cared less who won. I was just excited to see you.

And ij think that’s what we all gotta understand. Nobody else really cares about you and what’s happening that much. It’s all you and you’re putting this stress and pressure and all those things on you. If you take that off a little bit then you’re okay. If I risk and if I fail, what’s the worst case scenario? Who cares? No one really is looking that close. It’s you. It’s you becoming okay with you. Because that’s a big part of it too. You’ve got to become okay with you. It’s interesting, the personal risk and responsibility is more like you becoming okay with yourself. Because nobody else really cares.

Anyway, I don’t know if that helps or not, but I hope it does. This rain outside is now shifting to snow. It’s crazy. The weather is insane. Everything is turning green here in Boise between the cold winter and the long snow in the winter and then this. Kind of fun. Alright you guys I’m going to go in and get stuff done before I go roller skating. Appreciate you all, I hope you have a great day and we’ll talk to you soon.

Mar 28, 2017

What I learned this weekend while playing both Mom and Dad.

On today’s episode Russell talks about the difference between masculine and feminine energy. He shares what he learned from Tony Robbins about what causes all relationships to fail.

Here are some interesting things in this episode:

  • What the difference between masculine and feminine energies are.
  • How a woman can cause a man to lose his masculinity, which cause the deterioration of the relationship.
  • And what Russell is doing to combat his constant need to produce instead of just being present with his family.

So listen below to find out how learning about masculine energy versus feminine energy helped save Russell’s marriage.


Hey everybody, good morning. This is Russell once again, you probably know that at this point. But welcome to Marketing In Your Car, I hope it’s been good. It is officially spring break here in Boise, which means the weather is nice, the kids are out of school, we’re wearing shorts. The last time the kids were out of school we had our two weeks of snow days, like two months ago. So it’s nice to be on the other side. It’s been so fun, we had a chance to go swimming with them, and playing and movies.

What I want to talk to you guys about is my struggle. I’m curious, my guess is if you’re an entrepreneur, you might have this struggle as well. It’s really hard to just be. I don’t know if that makes sense or not. Just to be present in one spot and I’m thinking a lot about this over the last day or two. My wife was at the Tony Robbins event last week, so I was, we had four days of Inner Circle, she left during the fourth day. After that, we have a helper who helps Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday was all me and the kids, and I loved it.

But it’s hard. I mean it’s hard work, yes. It makes you love and respect and appreciate your wife a million times more, when you get to be the mom and the dad. But more so than that, I think it’s just different. Because I work really, really, really hard, probably too much. If you ask any of my people in my world, but I love it.
I think it’s, there’s two types of work. There’s directional and then there’s circular….I don’t know if that makes sense. I’ve been kind of geeking out a lot lately on masculine and feminine energy and things like that as well. In fact, if you go to Tony Robbins Date with Destiny, he has a whole day on relationships, it’s fascinating. Basically, it’s funny, no matter what problems you’re having in your relationship, if you go to regular counseling they try to fix the symptom of it.

They’re like, “you need to talk better.” Or whatever those things are right? That’s what they’re touching on. The foundational breakdown of every relationship is actually the loss of the polarity between masculine and feminine. So Tony’s whole thing is don’t fix the symptom, come back to the issue. What happens is men start becoming women and women start becoming men. As soon as the polarity for masculine and feminine dies, the whole relationship falls apart.

It’s really fascinating. That’s why in every relationship that’s successful there’s a masculine and a feminine. Sometimes it’s the females’ more masculine, sometimes the male is more feminine. It’s interesting, if you look at it. It’s such a not marketing topic, but it still gets me excited.

If you look at, I’ve got friends who the man is more feminine and their wives are more masculine. Almost always there’s this thing where the polarity between the two has to match, and that what causes connection. So Tony’s whole thing is you fix that, you fix some of the masculine and feminine, because what happens….alright, we’re going to go on a longer tangent I think, because I’m getting excited.

So what happens in a relationship is you get married and there’s a masculine and a feminine, and again, I don’t even care. I’m not going to get political or non political, but in all relationships. From… I don’t even know the politically correct way to say it. I’m not going to go into that part. We’ll leave that there for your imagination. Any relationship, masculine and feminine.

Let’s say you get married and at first the man’s very manly, and the woman is very womanly, and everything goes good. And then what happens, if you look at how masculine energy works, and how feminine energy works, the way that feminine energy causes change is through criticize, so women will criticize them to try to get them to change, it’s just kind of a thing that happens. Believe it or not, it just happens to be that.

What happens at first, the first year or two, or five, or seven years of marriage, the man has the masculine energy and that doesn’t bother him and they’re fine, but after a while it breaks down the masculine energy and the sudden as soon as the man stops, the criticism keeps happening and then all the sudden there’s a point where all the sudden it breaks men down and then they break from being masculine energy and absorbing those things to hurts their feelings and then all the sudden they switch to feminine energy.

And as soon as they do that, that’s the deterioration of the relationship. Everything bad happens after that. As soon as the man, the masculine becomes feminine, then women lose their attraction to the man and then the women end up becoming more masculine because they have to step up for the man. All this stuff happens and it all breaks apart. Tony’s whole thing is it shows you when a man becomes a man again, boom, instantly the masculine and feminine polarity comes back together and the magnetism happens there and all the other problems fall away. Really fascinating.

I learned that at a time when my wife and I were really struggling, and I realized at the time I had become very feminine. I still struggle with that part of my life, to be completely honest. When I’m at work, I’m very masculine and when I’m not sometimes I slip into my feminine, but any of the issues we have, it’s weird how I can tie it back to me switching into my feminine. Anyway, it’s really weird.

Why did I bring up this? Oh yeah, so as I’m thinking about masculine and feminine trying to understand. What is masculine? What is feminine? Really understanding those things, masculine energy is more moving towards something, there’s my goal. I need to go hunting and kill and go get that thing. Whereas feminine energy is more circular, if that makes sense.

I remember the first time I kind of got this, was with my wife 5 or 6 years ago. I was home with the kids on a long weekend and I was struggling with it all day long. Stressing out and she’s like, “What’s the matter?” I’m like, “I don’t know. We’re just sitting here playing games. The same game over and over again. Then we’re doing this, there’s no point to any of this. We’re just here.” And she told me, “That’s the point.”

When I got that, I was like, huh. I was able to stop trying to get somewhere and sit back, I don’t know if this goes against what I talked about earlier. It’s more the feminine energy being able to be, and be present and stuff like that. It’s fascinating. What’s interesting is as I was with my kids this weekend I was noticing my feelings. Why do I feel…..I’m having so much fun, but I feel things.

I think what I was feeling, as I was trying to identify it, I’m used to going, here’s the thing. Go hunting, kill, get that thing and come back. I’m running, and I’m so comfortable in that zone or that whatever, that I’m able to do that. But then when it’s just being, being present and just be with the kids, it’s really, really hard. Really hard for me. I don’t know if you guys feel that as well. It’s just not natural to me.

So this weekend was really kind of fun because I was trying to do that. I try to be present and try to be there. And it’s this insane mind game with my mind coming back to “No, go produce.” No, I need to be present. This is where I am. The back and forth between that was fascinating in my head. To watch my struggle constantly. So this week it’s spring break week. I’m trying to figure out how to get more balance in my life. I don’t know about you guys, but I think a lot of us struggle with that.

So I’ve been looking at that. Okay, how do I this week with my kids, how do I do that? How do I be present and also have a producing thing in me that I need to be able to do that thing? So today, for example, I woke up really early at 6 and I had a call with Tara, and I had a bunch of projects. I spent two hours and produced. And when it was done I unchecked, and I looked at my clock. Okay, right now it’s 7:30 or whatever. Til 10:30 I’m going to go and just be. There’s no point and that’s the point.

So I went out with the kids and I had a good time. We just hung out. It wasn’t stressful because I knew at 10:30 I was going to jump in the car and come and produce. So basically, this is where I’m at now. I’m driving to the office. Well, I’m at the office, in the parking lot waiting. But now I’m going to go produce. I’m trying to make it finite. So it’s not producing for forever. I’m going from now until I think 4:00, I have a dentist appointment. So I’m going to produce til 4:00, I have one big project to get done and when it’s done, the rest of the night I have to be done. I’m going to go home and me and some of the kids will watch some Lord of the Rings, and we’re just going to go and be present. Not produce, which is going to be hard.

But I did the same thing yesterday and it was really cool. Except for right before we started watching the movie, I had all this stress and things I was trying to figure out. I was like, I could create this thing while I’m watching a movie with the kids. And then I was just like, no I’m going to be present and I’ll worry about it tomorrow. As soon as I was able to turn that off and say okay, I’m not a producer right now, from this point to this point. I’m just going to be and that’s the whole point. I can do it.

And I did and it was awesome and I had such a good time with them. So anyway, I don’t know if this helps you at all, but in my mind it’s, at least the last two days have been really cool. I’m excited to test it out this whole week. I hope I can keep rolling with it, because it gave me so much more good times with my kids and my wife. And it wasn’t uncomfortable because I was segmenting that. So for me, like I said, I’m going to start chunking my days, this is my time to be a producer and this is my time to be, and be okay with that. And when I’m trying to just be present and be here I’m going to not try to produce. I’m going to forget about production and moving forward and going after a goal.

Because the goal is just to be there. Anyway, I hope that helps some of you guys. It’s helping me to overcome my entrepreneurial issues.  Anyway, hopefully one of you guys out there heard that and it helps you as well. So with that said, I’m going to go produce. I’m going to go hunt something, kill it, and bring it back home. I’m excited for it. It’s going to be exciting. Thanks so much for everything guys and I’ll talk to you soon.

Mar 24, 2017

Behind the scenes of one of the most amazing Inner Circle meetings ever…

On today’s episode Russell recaps some of the cool stuff from the last four days of Inner Circle meetings. He also shares his insights on a TV show he loves and talks about his new Batman suit.

Here are some cool things you should listen for in this episode:

  • The new rule that will be enforced within the Inner Circle.
  • Why they came up with this rule in the first place and why it will help Russell to go deeper into his teachings.
  • And hear Russell’s crossover prediction with one of his favorite TV shows.

So listen below to find out some insider stuff from Russell’s Inner Circle.


Hey everyone, this is Russell and this is a late night Marketing In Your Car, I hope you don’t mind. I’m actually just about to start watching 24, before I do I wanted to kind of reflect on the last 4 days and share some cool stuff with you guys.

We had our Inner Circle group here in Boise. We had 2 Inner Circle groups. One group on Monday and Tuesday, and a second group on Wednesday, Thursday. It’s the first Inner Circle at the new office, which was so insane. Because that was the whole reason I moved into this new office, if I’m completely honest. It’s because I wanted to have a room to do Inner Circle meetings in. A year and a half ago, almost 2 years ago, I went to Joe Polish’s Genius Network Event at his office. We were in his office and we walked up the stairs into this room, it was layed in a way where you could have a lot of people in it. As soon as I saw the room, I was like I want this.

I took a bunch of pictures of it and then went home and messaged our realtor and said we wanted a place and we started looking around and all the sudden I remembered this place we looked at before. I didn’t like the office before because it was layed out really weird, but I was like if we gutted the whole thing and rebuilt it, we could do this. So we put the offer in and now a year and a half later we’re in and we just did our first Inner Circle meeting, which is so cool.

So there’s lesson number one. When you see it, then you gotta go and get it. Which actually reminds me of one of my favorite stories, it was a story I’ll probably mess up the details. I think it was at the grand opening of Disney World, and they were there opening day and the news and the reporters and everyone’s there. And they’re opening up Disney World and at the time, Walt Disney had passed away and one of the reporters standing next to Roy Disney, who was Walt’s brother. He looked at Roy and said, “Hey, it’s a shame that Walt didn’t live to see this.” And Roy looked back at the reporter, he said, “No, you don’t understand. Because Walt saw this, that’s why we’re here today.”

It’s such a cool thing, so many of us have a vision of what we want and we don’t get it. Anyway, I hope that’s inspiring. I saw it, and I didn’t think about it. We had got it, and now it’s here and it’s insane.  I think it was cool and it was fun having our own room because we can control the energy and the music and the motion.

Thanks to Garret White, he came to one of our last Inner Circle meetings at our hotel room. They used to be in hotel rooms and he kind of shifted how we do the format of stuff, which has added a whole other level of energy to it.

It’s crazy, in Inner Circle, there’s a hundred people in it. But we broke it down into four groups, 25 in each group. So we had 25 that came Monday, Tuesday. 25 came Wednesday, Thursday. And then in April we’ve got two more groups that come through.  It’s funny because April groups are packed. We had to shut those groups down because we had so many people. These groups are smaller and I get super nervous during smaller ones. Because I’m like, “They’re not going to meet as many cool people.” And all these things, but it seems like the smaller groups almost are better sometimes. Because the smaller the more intimate, we get a lot more done.

The two groups, I wish ….first off, I can’t even believe that I get paid to be in that room with these entrepreneurs and people that legitimately are changing the world in so many different areas and have so many unique ideas and things that I would never think of or fathom. To be able to sit there, honestly for four days just have a chance to absorb their ideas and mindset. Watching these people and we have companies from smaller companies doing whatever, up to, one of the guys in our group is the main marketing guy for the Truth About Cancer, they did a launch, did 20 million dollars. They’re about to do a launch, and my guess, this new launch they’re putting out called the Truth About Vaccines, and they’ll probably do 50-60 million dollars.

Then there’s people in the software space and people in the….it’s so unique. I’ve been to other mastermind groups but it’s like everyone’s in the same industry so it’s hard to glean much because everyone’s trying to do the same thing. It’s so diverse. It’s almost like there’s not two people in the same genre of business so it’s just insane.

And so this is kind of a cool thing and this is what I wanted to share with you guys because……I might be ruining the surprise for Inner Circle members, but the first few groups at the end of it, I basically got up and thanked everyone and we gave everyone these shirts that say Inner Circle For Life on it. And I told them, “Look, this is the deal. The Inner Circle for me was never about making much money. I make good money on it, but you know Clickfunnels is what makes my real money. This is kind of a thing, in fact, there’s been multiple times where I almost shut it down because I don’t know if it’s worth doing and pursuing because it’s pulling me away from Clickfunnels, which is my focus. I finish I four day event like this, I can’t even fathom not having this in my life, how much I get from it. From the group and the people.

My goal with this was never a big coaching program where I could just keep running people through it, bring people in and let them back out the other side, which is how most other mastermind groups that are out there happen.” So because of that we set a cap, about a year ago…..and I think at the time we had 37 people in it. I was like, “If I was to know how I could facilitate this, I can’t facilitate more than 100 people the way I do it. So I’m going to cap it at 100 and when we get to 100 we’re going to stop selling it and close it out.”

And at first it was kind of a dream. I didn’t think that was actually possible. Then after we kind of put that limit on it, it grew almost instantly. It was crazy, bloomed and filled all the way up to 100 so we shut it down. What’s interesting is after we shut it down, then there’s always some kind of float where one or two people go out and then people come in and it goes back and forth.  It just kind of…applications come in and if we have spots we call them, if not we don’t. That’s kind of how it works. We have people fight and beg to get in sometimes.

So that’s kind of what happens, but recently, over the last few months, there’s been probably 5 or 6 people that have been in Inner Circle and then they’re like, “I love it, I don’t want to lose it, but I’ll put it on pause for 3 or 4 months and come back later. Hold my spot, though.” I was like, a couple of these first off, it’s not really fair to me or my team. I was like, it’s not really fair to them. It’s really not fair to the rest of the group. I said, “My goal is not to keep bringing new people into this group, my goal is I want to take this group and go deeper and deeper and deeper.”

So I basically told them that today.  So because of that, we decided to set this new rule. We gave everyone a shirt that says, Inner Circle For Life on it. The rule is if you need to leave the Inner Circle, for whatever reason, it’s totally cool and we’ll always remain friends but if you leave, you can’t get back in.  That’s the new rule, that’s it. So if you leave, your spot’s gone.  And what’s interesting is for the most part, everyone is laughing and cheering and excited for that.  And I didn’t tell everybody this but while I was sitting in the meeting, just today, not like the last four days, just today, we got 17 applications for Inner Circle during today’s session.

I almost wish I told them that. If you decide to leave, there’s a line up. 17 people today applied for your spot. And that’s coming in all the time. Some days are less, some days there’s 10, some days there’s 5. Whatever, but today alone, 17 applications came in for Inner Circle, and there’s not any…I actually have no idea. But I mean, it’s pretty dang close. If it’s not full there’s one or two spots. But then when those are in, it’s done.

Like I said, what I kind of told them is that if you cancel, we still love you, but you can’t get back in. And I want people there, in the Inner Circle for life. Because I want to be able to go, because even we have a new batch of probably 8 or 10 people that came in new since the Funnel Hacking Live event, it kind of got it back up to being at capacity. And today at, or the first day I spent the first 3 hours sharing the insanely cool stuff that we’re doing that I don’t have a chance to share anywhere else. So I’m showing all this stuff and I’m like, ahh….New people don’t have a foundation to build on this next level stuff. I’m trying to show what we’re doing to get from 8 figures to 9 figures, which is insanely ……it’s kind of crazy.

We went from 7 figures to 8 figures in a year and then I think in two to two and a half years we’ll pass 9 in a year. Which is crazy but how do you do that? It’s really shifting from…the traffic source isn’t how you do it, how you scale. I remember showing these guys all this stuff, but it sucks because some people, the newer people aren’t ready for that yet, because they don’t have the foundation of the last twelve months. The first twelve months of the Inner Circle is all about getting your front end funnel and lead in acquisition right to where you can consistently bring in people.

Not everyone, but the majority of the Inner Circle have that now. They’ve got funnels coming in consistently. It’s like, okay now we gotta build on this. So I wanted to shift and go super deep and I did, but I had to back step and spend almost 30 to 45 minutes giving the foundation. Here’s kind of to catch everyone new up. This is what we gotta focus on and you still gotta do that, but now let’s jump into where we’re going.

So many cool things I wish I could share with you guys. I wish everyone could be inner Circle. I wish it was possible. One of the cool things we were sharing was basically there are, and if you study Jay Abraham at all, there’s three ways to grow a company. Get more customers, get them to spend more, and then get them to buy more often. That’s the only three ways. Get more customers, get them to spend more, and get them to spend more often.

So you look at that, it’s like well how do you execute on that? So getting more customers are all about acquisition funnels. What are the funnels you have in your business that are there to acquire customers? Again, that’s the whole months of the Inner Circle have been getting our group masters at customer acquisition. I’d say more than half of our Inner Circle has a front end webinar that they’re consistently driving leads into every single day. It’s an acquisition thing. I would say the other half are other types of funnels. Some are book funnels, some are high ticket funnels, but most everyone has a really good lead acquisition funnels in place. That’s step number one, how to get more customers.

Step number two then, how to get your customers to pay more. That type of funnels is what we call an ascension funnel. We’ve got step one, the acquisition funnel, acquiring customers. Step two is ascension funnels for ascending customers. So I showed them behind the scenes of our ascension funnels. How are we getting people from dollar trial Clickfunnels to $97 a month to $297 to our $3000 to our $10000 and then to our $25000. What are the funnels inside of our business that are ascending people.

Where else can I talk about this kind of stuff. People have to be a certain level to understand this part of it. So I want to keep the group so I can keep going deeper, but I showed them acquisition funnels. I’m sure some of you saw Follow up Funnels. At the Funnel Hacking Live event I did a presentation about Follow up Funnels and we did it all for my birthday. Probably didn’t all sink in, in a week or two. But that ascension funnel is huge for us. It’s ascending people up from $97 a month to $300 a month and it’s huge for the growth of our company. So that’s number, again Number one, get more customers through acquisition funnels. Number two get your customers to spend more through ascension funnels. And then number three is get them to buy more often, and that’s through your monetization funnels.

So now it opens this question. What are all the monetization funnels that are possible? What could they be? So I was showing the ways for monetizing people on the back end. What’s interesting, this comes back to the new book, the new opportunity. So in the Expert Secrets book, the foundation, I wish I could…I wish you were sitting here and we were all on the same page. So three ways to build a culture, three ways to build a mass movement, attractive character, future based cause, and then the new opportunity. Then there’s two ways to structure the opportunity. One’s an opportunity switch and the other’s the opportunity stack.

Opportunity switch is usually your acquisition funnel, you’re switching them to a new opportunity and then everything else you sell that person in the future is an opportunity stack. So the monetization funnels are what are the other opportunities I can stack within this vehicle? I know for some of you guys, especially if you just got on my podcast are like, “What is Russell talking about? This sounds like math or PHD or something.” But if you go back through and listen and read the book…again, I just got done spending four days with my advanced members, so I’m geeking out.

So hopefully, those of you guys who are at that level are kind of geeking out with me. And those who are beginners are thinking, “I don’t know what he’s talking about, but this sounds amazing. I’m going to go study and this will make sense pretty soon.” When I was in school I remember my teachers talking, I had no idea what they’re saying and by the end of the semester I was like, “Oh, that’s what they’re saying. It’s still boring but at least I get it.” This won’t be boring when you get it. You’ll be like, “Oh my gosh. I’m making insane amounts of money.”

But that’s it, there’s three ways to grow a company. Acquisition funnels, ascension funnels, and monetization funnels. That’s it. So when you understand that, how these things flow together. Here’s an acquisition funnel, how do those link to ascension funnels? And how do those link to monetization funnels? Boom, there’s the process.

And then what’s cool is me showing…I talk a lot, and if you read the Dotcom Secrets book, I talk about hot traffic, warm traffic, and cold traffic, right. And typically I would say, if you get anyone online teaching traffic, they’re teaching hot or warm traffic. Hot traffic’s your market that loves you, so you just, they give you money because they love you. Then you go one step back to your warm audience, people always call this cold traffic, but it’s not. My definition of warm audience are people who are in your market but don’t know who you are yet.

So if I use Facebook ads, just by the nature of how you’re running them, you are running interest, right. They’re interested in internet marketing, they’re interested in weight loss, so you’re running ads to those people. That’s warm traffic.  Again, people always tell you it’s cold traffic. It’s not cold, you’re targeting interests, so it’s warm.

What cold traffic is, and I’ve been geeking out and studying Gary Halverson recently. Gary and also Kennedy, Dan Kennedy, he was talking about it in Renegade Millionaire, which is a cool course. But he was saying, every marketer’s dream is to be able to, and he’s talking about direct mail. Every marketer’s dream is to be able to take the yellow pages, or the white pages and just mail direct mail through the white pages and have it convert.

Offline this is the easier to quantify. You’re….well, it is for me because I understand a mailing list. If you understand a mailing list it works, right. Here’s your own mailing list, that’s your hot market. Your warm market are other buyers in the market that you are. You will rent lists of buyers, that’s your warm. And then cold is the phone book. So that’s the next level I’m trying to get with a lot of these guys, which is, even for us, we’re just starting to dabble in legitimately cold traffic right now. But I showed them what people in our industry are doing.

I showed them Brendon Burchard, what he’s doing right now with radio. He gets cold audience, the phone book people to come into his funnels.  I showed what Dean Graziosi’s doing with infomercials to get cold people in. I showed  just other things. That’s the next level. How do you structure, how do you switch your offers. I show them our hot market, this is how we structure an offer. Our warm market, that’s the Dotcom Secrets book was all about. We created it for our warm market, people who understood marketing and sales and had some kind of business. This book was for my warm audience.

The Expert Secrets book was designed for two reasons. One it would be a really cool book you guys are all going to love. And number two, it was built for cold audiences. Built so I could go mail the phone book and get everybody to come in. At least that’s the goal.

Anyway, I’m actually getting tired. I may make zero sense right now. It’s just exciting. So why am I sharing this with you guys? A couple of reasons. First off, for all of you guys who are selling coaching this would probably be for you. Number one is don’t just build a program where you just push people through. That’s how most of them are done out there and it’s like you’re just pushing cattle through. You can make money along the way but you don’t get to go deep with people.

So like I said, the first thing is we limited ours and said, okay we’re only going to have 100 people in our group and we did. And we figured out a way to facilitate 100 people that doesn’t destroy me, but also gives the group and people what they need from me. But then it also makes the group insanely strong because there’s so much, it’s just so awesome. So that’s step number one.

Step number two is try to build a culture. When people come in, when they leave they can’t necessarily come back. Most of us allow customers to leave, come and go. And I understand. We do that in Clickfunnels and other things. I was listening to a Matt Furey CD from like, I don’t know, 10 years ago and he’s talking his members. He had a continuity program at the time and he said, “You can cancel any time you want, but if you cancel you can’t come back in.” I was like, “That’s cool.” It puts more personal responsibility back in their hands and it kind of does for you as well. You’ve got to carry a good enough experience too that you can keep people in. It can be a challenge for me.

Mandy who helps run the Inner Circle with me, we brought it up to her and she was game, and I was game. So we were like, alright. Let’s do this. It was interesting because I shared it with half the group, the first 50 entrepreneurs that came through the last four days. For the most part, all of them were really excited by that.

So I encourage you guys when you’re hiring coaching to do two things. One thing is limit the number, number two is don’t let people leave and come back in. And it’ll force you to be better. It’ll force them to commit. And it’ll give you the ability to go deeper with people. And all the stuff I shared with you over the last 18 minutes and 28 seconds is stuff that probably over a lot of people’s heads and I understand that. But when you’ve been in the room with me for a while, those things start lighting up and all the sudden it’s like, “Oh my gosh.” It becomes more clear.

For me, it’s taken a long time to get this clarity and even in Inner Circle, we’re layering things on. Every meeting we’re layering things on. We’re layering and then I just look at the, I was thinking about last year, for example. Last year, at the last funnel hacking live, when people started coming into the Inner Circle that was the first time we started talking about building a culture. And started talking about epiphany bridges. All last year my entire focus with that group was building a culture and epiphany bridge stories, and perfect webinar. That was our message for the last twelve months.

And look at it now. Look at those who came through. We’ve got, I always brag about them. You guys can guess who they are, I’m not going to say their names again because…..alright I’ll tell you, it’s Brandon and Kaelin. Their webinar, they’re getting 500 customers a day right now off a webinar.  A perfect webinar that they did through Facebook Live. It’s so cool. They’re doing the best with their webinar, but seeing person after person after person, Tara Williams did her first webinar and closed 20 or 25% of her audience. Just killed it.

And then Alison Prince did her first webinar, She joined Inner Circle six weeks ago. She never heard who I was and then she was at Affiliate Summit, and I was the only speaker that who didn’t get drunk, who wasn’t drunk speaking. So she called our offices, and she joined the Inner Circle, came to the FHAT Event, wrote a webinar and this Monday, four days ago, she did her first webinar and did $20,000 in sales and now she’s got this tool that will make her millions over the next six months or so. I’m not sure exactly where I was going with this. It’s been a long week, a long night.

It’s just fun because she can go deep with people and that’s what I want. I want to be able to take this group, my Inner Circle and I don’t look at it as a way for me to make money because this is a way to legitimately change the world and go really deep with these entrepreneurs. And it’s just fun.

Anyway, I hope that helps. It could be just rambling, and if it is, I apologize. You can just skip this episode and listen to the next one when I’m not quite as tired. But it’s been amazing. The last four days have been fun. It’s been a hard week though. It’s funny, Monday and Tuesday we had the first group. Tuesday we did a little dinner party that both groups could hang out at. Then Wednesday my wife flew off to go to a Tony Robbins event. So she’s gone. Luckily, we’ve got a helper who helps out during the day, she helps with the kids. Wednesday night, I forgot I had to teach scouts. I got done with the meeting, I had to come home, get my kids. My twins are in scouts. I grab the kids, get our scout shirts on, leave my little daughter with the other kids, we race over and I teach scouts for an hour. Race back home and get the kids to bed.

It’s funny, without your wife here, I know my wife works hard, but it always seems easier….I shouldn’t say this but from an outside view, it looks easy what they do, but when you’re in charge of doing it you’re like, “Wow, they really do a lot. Who knew this whole time?” you know what I mean? Playing dad and waking up early in the morning and getting kids ready, getting their lunch ready, getting stuff done. The hustle and bustle, getting them on the school bus, getting their hair combed and boom, they’re out the door. And I’m like, oh crap. Inner Circle starts in 30 minutes. So I’m running, showering, shaving, racing out the door.

I get to Inner Circle meeting like 5 minutes late. I’m like, “I’m so sorry. I’m not used to playing mom and dad.” Then run the Inner Circle and today was an emotionally impactful day, it was awesome. So as soon as I get done with Inner Circle and I had to race and get my kids and get my daughter from soccer practice, and then they had a big school art party tonight. They were all starving because we didn’t have time to eat dinner yet. So we swung by KFC and ate a bunch of chicken and root beer, which was super unhealthy and everyone’s angry and tired.

I got them all to bed and now I’m sitting on the couch rambling. The last four days have been insane. Anyway, I’m excited for tomorrow. Tomorrow’s going to be a little more relaxed. I have some projects I gotta get done and then I’ll be having some fun while the wife’s away. And then she’ll be back and then we’ll be good.

Not sure why I’m telling you guys all this stuff. I must be tired or lonely or both. Anyway, I’m going to go watch 24 now because it’s still the best show on TV, even though Jack Bauer is gone. I’m going to cross my fingers that he comes back. In fact, I don’t know if you guys watch, 24’s got the new….I can’t remember what it’s called, the new one. Jack Bauer is not in it, but he’s the executive producer, but at the same time I’m also watching Designated Survivor where Jack Bauer is now, I guess it’s Keifer Sutherland, but Jack Bauer, he’s now the president in that show.

I’m thinking what’s going to happen is somewhere in the middle there’s going to be a crossover event where it’s 24 and all the sudden people at CET are going to realize that Jack Bauer is actually the president and they’re going to be like, “Wait a minute, you’re Jack Bauer.” And then he’s like, “Wait a minute.” And then Jack Bauer faked as the HUD secretary in Designated Survivor….anyway, it’s going to be amazing.

If you’re not watching either of those shows you have no idea what I’m talking about. But if you watch both of them you just had a geek out moment with me and you’re like, yes. They’re doing a crossover event, and Jack Bauer is coming back. Hopefully because that would be amazing. If I was writing for both these guys, I would be.

Alright I’m going to stop before I say something really dumb. Anyway you guys, I appreciate you all. Have an amazing night, weekend. We’re a few weeks away from the launch of the new book. Oh w’ere doing something cool. Okay, one more thing.

So the new Facebook Messenger stuff is the new craze. Everyone’s talking about how cool it is. Everyone’s convinced it’s going to be the greatest thing in marketing since sliced bread. I think it’ll be cool, but I don’t think it’ll be that cool. But I think it’s going to be cool for a while. I’m pretty sure people like me will abuse it and then Facebook will take it away. So I’m not banking on it as a long term strategy, but definitely banking on it as a short term strategy.

And then if it does happen to stay long term that would be awesome. But I feel like it’s way too easy to abuse. But while it’s abusable, we’re going to. So basically what it is, you can get people, you can run an ad in Facebook, get people to click on something and then it ads them to your Facebook messenger, and then you can send out auto responders and mass broadcast to everyone who’s ever subscribed to your Facebook messenger, which is awesome.

So I recorded a quick little video today, and we’re going to run it tomorrow through Facebook live and basically give away the first three chapters of the book if they click on the, if they join my Facebook messenger. So my goal is to try to get, I don’t know, 20-100,000 people in the next month to get the first three chapters of the book for free through Facebook messenger. Then when we go live, I can have 100,000 people to spam, I mean mass market, I mean communicate with about our book launch happening. It would be pretty amazing. Anyway, I’m excited.

And I also got, so many cool things. I forgot, so for our affiliate contest, we’re kind of having a big super hero theme, Todd found these Superman, not Superman, but Batman, Ironman, costumes. But they’re not costumes, they’re legit. I bought one, they’re 3 grand. They custom fit it to you. Then they mold the metal. I’m pretty much Batman. They ship me it, they took a picture, they’re about to ship it. It should be here, I think, early next week. I’m going to be doing a bunch of JV videos with it. And we’re going to be giving away a bunch of those outfits to people who win our affiliate contest. But I’m actually going to be Batman within a week.

And it’s not like the wimpy Batman from back in the day. It’s the Batman vs Superman. Even though Ben Affleck is lame, the suit that he wore, he looks like the biggest baddest Batman of all time. That’s the one I bought. So I’m really looking forward to that as well.

Alright guys, well 26 minutes. It’s the equivalent of 22 normal Marketing In Your Car podcasts. So I’m going to be done for today. Appreciate you guys. Hopefully this makes some sense. Talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.

Mar 20, 2017

Here’s an update at what happened at Grant Cardone’s big event.

On today’s episode Russell recaps his experience at Grant Cardone’s 10x event. He shares some of the hiccups that happened as well as the successes.

Here are some of the cool things you will hear in this episode:

  • What some of the things were that went wrong at the beginning of Russell’s presentation.
  • How many sales Russell made with only 4 sales people taking orders.
  • And find out why Grant Cardone and his team said Russell had the best sales pitch they had ever seen.

So listen below to find out how well Russell did at the Grant Cardone event.


Hey good morning everybody. This is Russell, and it is a little bit rainy and kind of nice today. I’m heading into the first Inner Circle meeting of this year, actually. It’s kind of cool. And it’s the first Inner Circle meeting from the new office, which is even cooler. So I’m definitely looking forward to that and it’s going to be cool.

I just got back from, if you’ve been listening to the podcast in sequential order, you know that last week we went to speak at Grant Cardone’s event, which was pretty cool. So I’m just going to give you a quick recap on that because it turned out pretty awesome.

Basically, I was doing an event out there, but I couldn’t go the whole time because I love my kids and my wife and I wanted to be with them, but also there was a whole bunch of buyers in a room. I was like, “I want to go speak to them, ask them for money and get them into Clickfunnels.” So Friday morning we jumped in a plane, flew all the, it’s crazy going east. From Boise to the East coast, we flew all day long. We left, we almost missed our flight actually, but then we left here at 8am I think and we landed on the east coast at 7 or 8 pm. You lose all the time, and the layovers and all that kind of stuff. So the whole day is shot.

So that was then, then the next morning I woke up and I was, there was one person speaking before me and then I was up. So that night before, I always get nervous until I see the room. So I’m freaking out nervous, and I go see the room. The room was huge, it was really long. Funnel Hacking Live we do it width wise, so I can be closer to everyone, this was long. Anyway, super long room. There was a little over 2200 seats that were there.

So I’m looking at the room, this is going to be awesome, so excited. So I went there that night, worked on my slides, made tweaks and changes. To make this match more stuff for his audience. I went to bed and woke up in the morning and it was game time. So I went down there to the event. The room was packed, tons of energy, tons of people. It was so fun. Obviously, slightly nerve wracking as well, it gets me nervous.

What’s kind of frustrating is we had all these things for them, this is how the room needs to be set up, we need to have tables, sales people and all these things. I don’t think they believed us. They didn’t give us any sales people to sell. We had luckily, two of our inner circle members, Alex Hermosian, Layla were there. So they came to help us sell. Dave Woodward was with me, so we had three people and they were trying to find other people from the audience. So we had 2200 people and basically 5 sales people. They didn’t have any tables, so we kind of brought some tables in to take sales from.

So it was not an ideal situation at all. But whatever, you do what you do, right. So I get on stage, it was fun. Grant got up the first morning he spoke, and I’d never heard him speak before. It was fun to see him, he’s all exciting. Then they had a lady spoke right after me. Then I got to introduce him on stage, it was nuts how big the room was. I felt kind of nervous at first, I started speaking, and I got, kind of a jumbled mess at first if I’m completely honest.

Then I started going through my slides and I realized they were using the wrong slides. These were not the slides that I gave them. These were not the slides I spent four hours on the day before on the plane and in the hotel room, getting it tweaked for these guys. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, what do I do? Do I just keep going, or say something.” So I’m even more flustered and I’m like, “These are not the right slides. Can you change them real quick?” I was freaking out. But luckily, pretty quickly they changed them out. I was like, “Thank heavens.”

So I start going on my presentation, and as I’m doing it, again at the very first it was kind of weird. I switched one thing around, I had put Garrett White’s testimony, if you guys have seen the webinar, I moved it up earlier in the presentation, but it was too early.  So I showed the video and usually at that point in the thing people are laughing, but I showed it and it was kind of flat. I was like, “Oh crap.” I jumped a little too early. I changed it after I got back in the plane, for the next presentation. Shifted some things around.

But by the end, I started getting into my pitch and Grant Cardone is sitting on the front row. And I see him, every time I’m doing something he’s taking notes as fast as he can. Taking notes, taking notes. I’m like, “This is kind of cool. The dude who teaches sales is studying my sales pitch.” It was pretty cool. So I do my whole thing. Boom, we get a table rush, people running to the side. I finished the presentation and I go back behind the stage and Grant came up to me, “Dude, that’s why I’m not able to sale on stage. I’ve never done it the way you just did it.” And then all his team were like, “That was the best sales pitch I have ever seen.” Over and over and over again.

I was like, this is coming from these guys. It was very flattering. I was patting my own back, not going to lie, which was pretty cool. So then, when all is said and done, I went outside and took a bunch of pictures with everybody and then our guys, our four people in there taking sales, with an audience of 2200 people, four people taking sales, which is crazy.

After the break, comes back and I walk over to Dave and he’s got this huge stack of order forms. I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” At the same time, we had to check out of our room, we were passed our check out time. And we called for an early checkout and they told us no, and we’re like, well we’re going to be down there anyway, sorry. So we went back to the room, Alex and Layla came up with us and started counting order forms. I’m packing my bags and trying to get ready so we can leave.

This is crazy, and this is considering the fact that we only had four sales people and not things ideal for selling. Had we had like 20 or 30 sales people, I think we probably could have doubled this. If we would have had  a couple of things tweaked around. But regardless, the number of sales we made were, and I was selling a $2000 product. It was 300, I can’t remember. When all is said and done, actual money was about $750,000 in sales. So three quarters of a million dollars, from the activity.

Remember two podcasts ago I was like, “Basically I’m going to be flying down to Florida and picking up a check and flying back.” And that’s kind of what happened, which is cool. The way it works, so you guys know how the event seminar world works. The promoter gets half, so we’ll be processing orders this week and then we’ll send them a check for half of that, then we get the other half, and we get a whole bunch of members and hopefully we inspire people to use Clickfunnels, even those that did sign up, it was cool.

The funny thing is in presentation I talk about how we used to charge people 100 grand to set up a funnel and 10% of what they make, but we stopped doing that, because I don’t have time for those right now. I had two or three people, I had two people for sure and one person in between that came up like, “Okay, I want the 100 grand deal. Where? Do you want a check? You want me to wire the money?” We’re like, “I don’t really do that anymore.” Anyway, it was kind of funny.

But that’s about it. So there’s a recap of what just happened. And it was fun and thankful for Dave Woodward, and Alex and Layla for helping get the sales, making it happen. Those guys closed more sales in a 20 minute period of time than probably anybody on planet earth. It was awesome.

I’m at the office now, I’m going to go get things set up for the Inner Circle, I will talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody.

Mar 15, 2017

This is the part of business that I honestly hate the most.

On today’s episode Russell shares what he feels are the worst parts of being a business owner including having to fire people. He talks about feeling horrible whenever he has to let someone go, even if they needed to be let go.

Some of the other things you’ll hear in this episode are:

  • Why when you start a business you don’t think about some of the not so fun parts that come with it.
  • What some of the parts of owning a business suck the most.
  • And why after 14 years of having employees, it is still so painful for Russell to let people go, and how he finds solace in it.

So listen below to find out the parts of being a business owner that suck.


Hey everybody, good morning. Today is a beautiful day, and I’m grateful. Yesterday was a tough day, but today is beautiful. I’m out here, riding my bike again, it’s a little chilly and I wore shorts today. Probably a little too early to be in shorts. I think I could do shorts or I could do bike, but doing both this early in the morning is probably not a good idea. I’m feeling it already.

Anyway, I hope… I gotta go back and listen to the last podcast I did on my bike and see if you guys can hear what I’m talking about. Hopefully the wind is not too bad. I’m heading into the office today, we’ve got a webinar for Funnel Scripts 2.0. It’s actually Funnel Scripts, but Jim’s at a lot more and we’re doing it. It’s been a year since we launched it, so we’re re-launching it and raising the price and it’s going to be fun. So that’s what’s happening today in about 90 minutes, less than that. It’s happening here, pretty soon.

I’ve been thinking a lot, most of the podcast I just talk about happy-go-lucky stuff and cool things we’re doing and stuff like that. But sometimes business sucks. Sometimes it’s hard and something I want to talk about today, and I have another idea for a podcast that I might share in the future. I’m nervous about sharing that one but I’m just going over my regrets of the past ten years. Because I do have regrets.

I almost did a podcast a little while ago, but then I wimped out. I have it in my head and I think I will soon, but not today. Today is not so much about regrets as much as just the sad side of business. It’s tough because when you get started as an entrepreneur,  I don’t know about you but I just wanted to sell stuff. I just wanted to create and sell, create and sell, that’s the fun part. That’s the part of business that’s so much fun. Initially when you start it, it’s just you in your basement or closet or on your laptop in your bedroom. Whatever it is, maybe one day you get a partner and you’re starting and you’re starting the creative process and doing stuff and having fun and selling, trying to sell………dang it’s cold. My fingers are numb.

But what’s interesting, at first you have all these problems. “I can’t figure out how to sell, I can’t figure out how to do this. No one’s buying. I can’t get traffic…” all the problems that happen at the first of your business, right. And I understand those, I remember those. I worked with a lot of people going through those. That part of business kind of sucks too. But after a while you figure out what are you selling? What do people actually want? What are they excited for? You figure out how to get traffic and eyeballs consistently. You start doing some cool stuff there. And that part becomes really, really fun.

Everything is working and you’re like, “Sweet, all my problems are solved. Making sales, making money, things are good.” But then what happens? You start getting a lot of customers, they start emailing you, and you get more of them, and then eventually you start drowning in supporting all the customers that come in. I remember for a long time I prided myself, “I answer all my own emails.” And then after a couple of years of that I couldn’t do it anymore. I went crazy. I couldn’t go on vacation, if I was on vacation I was stressing out.

I couldn’t create anymore because I was so busy. So finally I had to hire someone to help support. And that freed me. As soon as you hire your first support person you’ve got people. There’s payroll and taxes and all these new problems introduced. And as you keep growing, you try to figure out ways to maximize your time and figure out things you like the most and do that and start outsourcing and hiring people to do the other parts. And you go from one person to two to five to ten.

Now in Clickfunnels, we have just shy of 100 people now. Crazy. I swore I would never get back to this spot. But we’ve been a lot smarter this time around. With 100 people there’s all sorts of new challenges and issues. Especially in my business where 90% of your employees are entrepreneurs and they all want to be selling stuff and it’s hard to keep them focused. That’s a constant struggle on my side. There’s other things, tax issues, trademarking, now we’ve got all sorts of people out there using Clickfunnels, so now we’re hiring a full-time legal person just to scour the internet for compliance. It’s like, ugh. Success breeds a whole new level of challenges and hard things that you don’t think about when you’re trying to figure out how to sell something at the beginning.

But they come and there’s just different, what do they call it? There’s different Swont Analysis. Strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. There’s different opportunities at each level. But of everything the thing that I think sucks the worst in this whole business is when the people you love and care about and people who have done great work for you that for whatever reason you have to let them go. I still can’t get over that.

I remember the first time I fired someone I cried for the next hour. The person was a horrible person, looking back now, not only should I have fired them, I should have called the cops and locked him up. But I still cried like a little baby. Yesterday we had to let go a couple people that I’ve known a long time, that I care about. It didn’t, it wasn’t the right fit anymore. Man, for me it destroys me. All day yesterday I couldn’t even function or think or eat.

I hate it because I know what our business means to me and if someone took that away from me, how I would feel. I think I’d place all those things on them. It’s horrible. But it’s one of those things that has to happen and doesn’t always make logical sense but sometimes you…..I don’t know.

So I just wanted to share with you guys today because I know, depending where you’re at there’s different pains you are all going through. There’s different pains every step in this process, but the ones for me that are always the worst, is parting with people that are amazing, that you care about and you want to succeed. This is what the one thing that has given me comfort. I feel like if someone’s not completely happy in a spot or doesn’t fit, doesn’t make sense. Sometimes, us, as business owners, try really hard to make it work and try to, what do they say? Put a round peg in a square hole, or vice versa.

We can do that but I think not only does it hurt the business, but I think it hurts them more often than not. So usually there’s this huge pain of being able to let somebody go. But looking back now at the last almost 14 years now of having employees and seeing some of their journeys afterwards is like, it was so much pain letting that person go. But I look at what came from that, and it was the best thing. If that, if we hadn’t ever done this, that new door in their life wouldn’t have opened.

For example, I can’t give the details, but someone we had to let go about 6 months ago, probably 8 months ago now, it was really painful. I care about them, their family, their kids. It was, I bawled my eyes out. But I look now 8 months later and where that person went to at their next job, opened up the door, which radically changed that person’s life.  Had we have selfishly kept them, it wouldn’t have served us or them.

Anyway, so that’s the only thing that kind of gives me solace. Is that the right word? Solitude? Solace? I think solace. Anyway, it makes me feel a little bit better at times like this. Anyway I just wanted to give you that podcast and let you know, wherever you’re at, whatever the challenges are you are struggling with, I get it. I’ve felt it at different levels. I think the biggest thing is just understanding that and being okay with it and just keep moving forward. Don’t lose sight of your vision of what you’re trying to create and who you’re trying to serve.

At the end of the day that’s the most important thing. There will be people who come and go and help you on your mission in different stages and I think those people are brought into your life and out of your life on purpose for different reasons. When you look at it that way, hopefully it makes some of the challenges a little bit easier. With that said, it’s a beautiful day today. It’s webinar day, it can’t get better than webinar day. We just sell some amazing stuff and change people’s lives, so I’m looking forward to it. I’m grateful for the sun shining this morning, and grateful for all of you guys. With that said, I will talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.

Mar 14, 2017

Your real mission is to gather people and serve them at your highest level.

On today’s episode Russell talks about having a gathering and how you build one. He shares the kinds of gatherings he already has, and how gathering gatherers can help build your business.

Here are some of the cool things in today’s episode:

  • The different examples of gatherings you and your people can be a part of.
  • And how what you are doing has an impact on someone else’s life, which in turn has an impact on someone else’s live and you have the ability to impact many more lives than you originally could.

So listen below to find out how to gather and impact more people than you ever thought possible.


Hey everyone, good morning. This is Russell and I am heading to, not the worst place I can go in the morning. The worst place would be probably the accountants, they’re definitely the worst. Number two used to be lawyers, but my lawyer now is super awesome, so that’s cool. Number three is the dentist, so I’m heading to the dentist right now, which is not my favorite thing, but it’s that time. I got some weird thing on the left side of my mouth when I bite down. It really hurts, so hopefully they can fix that and I hope I don’t have any cavities, but I’ll let you guys know.

But this morning, I woke up and had a coaching session with one of my coaches, Tara Williams, which was really, really cool. She said something that I thought was cool and it got my mind thinking and then more and more cool stuff started happening. But we’re talking about the new book, and if I’m being completely honest there’s a lot of stress and pressure on me right now. Even though the book’s finally done, there’s…of course I can’t just sell a book you guys. I got all excited and had this idea for this Funnel Hacker Blackbox, which then meant I had a whole bunch of other stuff. And then there’s a bunch of….anyway, a lot of stuff going together to make this, I want to make this buying experience when you guys buy the book, the most fun thing ever. I want you to be like, “that was so fun we should buy it again.” That’s the goal.

So with that we’re just making a really cool funnel that would be really cool for you guys to funnel hack and then watch and learn and really hopefully model and use in your world. But we’re talking, oh I almost turned left and I’m glad I didn’t because there is insane traffic, and I’m already late for the dentist, so that was close.

But what we were talking about is gathering. What we do is we’re gathering people. So I think about each of your businesses, we talked about this from a list building standpoint, or from getting customers or things like that. Or I’d be putting products and services out there in the world. And you’re doing that to gather certain types of people to you. That’s the whole point of what we’re all doing. We create some amazing things that cause value in the world and in people’s lives. They get those things and then they gather to you.

Ten year ago those gatherings were like, “Okay, well people are on my email list.” But there was no physical gathering. Then we started doing events and there was kind of a physical gathering of people. Now, I look at facebook groups and it’s become kind of like the gathering spot. Most programs have a facebook group. We have that, we have our Funnel Hacker Group, which is all of you all. If you’re not in that by the way, you should come. We’ve got 50,000 people in that now. 50,000, if you go to it redirects you to our facebook group. Because I couldn’t remember how to get people there, so I bought

But there’s 50,000 people gathered there together talking about what we’re all talking about. And then there’s, for different products we sell, like Inner Circle’s got a different group. People are gathered together. We communicate and hang out in this group. So we’re gathering. So for each of you guys, that’s kind of big piece of this pie. How are you gathering people together so that then when they’re together and they’re congregated together, you can serve them in the highest way that you are able to. Those are your products and services and training and podcasts, and coaching and blah. Supplements, whatever it is you’re selling, that’s really the goal.

Businesses become less transactional and is now more gathering people and figuring out how to serve them. That mindset shift is pretty big. There’s these gatherings and what was kind of cool. We were talking about, with the Expert Secrets book we’re gathering. That’s, I didn’t know this was my goal, but what’s interesting, and even with the Funnel Hackers and Clickfunnels and stuff, I am gathering gatherers, which is super cool when you think about it.

My goal is to gather all these people together and get them to start mass movements. That’s the whole point of the new book. How to build your own movement of people you can change and inspire and help and serve.  So that’s my goal, is to gather all the gatherers, which is insanely cool and a huge honor. As I’m just thinking about that as a calling or a mission or whatever you want to call it. It’s a pretty cool thing. My job is to serve you guys so that you can gather more people and serve them. And hopefully during this whole process we have a little bit of impact on the world and we change people’s lives and we make things better and give people hope and faith in the future and what’s possible and make everyone’s journey’s here on the world a little bit better.

It was interesting, I heard someone talk about this before. Tony Robbins at our event was talking about why we all do what we do. He said, “When it all comes down to it. We’re doing it for feeling.” I was like, huh. How weird is that? We read books because the feeling, we watch a movie because of the feeling, we hang out with people because of the feeling we get. Feelings is what drives everything. It’s the feeling that we’re seeking, that we’re trying to get. A certain feeling we liked in the past, or that we didn’t like, we’re trying to stay away from that feeling.

And I’m not sure how this whole thing ties together, but when all is said and done, our goal is to gather people together so we can help them to feel good. I know that’s simplifying, way over simplifying the whole thing. Or is it? That’s kind of the thing. Why do I gather all of you guys together? I’ll say guys and gals. Why do I gather you guys together? Obviously there’s something I’m excited about and I’m sharing it. And it’s a tool and a theology and thought process that helps you be able to share your messages.

By me sharing it, I feel better. I feel happy. It makes me, it gets me excited, being able to share these things and seeing the light bulb go off in your heads. But then you gather people and you’re not necessarily teaching what I’m teaching. But you’re teaching your own thing. Maybe it’s weight loss or fitness, I guess weight loss and fitness are similar. But whatever it is that you do, you’re gathering people together and selling them products and services that make them feel good.  And that’s kind of it. If you really boil it down.

Anyway, I thought that was interesting. I just started thinking about that. How do we give people those good feelings? How do we make support better so that people have good feelings when they deal with it? How do make the product better so they have better feelings? It’s all about feelings, that’s what we’re all looking for. That’s why people fall in love, that’s why they do drugs, on the positive and negative side, they’re all looking to get a special feeling or to stay away from a feeling they don’t like.

Anyway, I thought that was interesting. I don’t really know the point of my ramblings today other than I thought it was really cool to kind of look at this as each of us are gatherers. You’re gathering people. You’re gathering your tribe. You’re gathering your people that resonate with you and your message and who you are. And then after you’ve gathered them, you can serve them, help them and you can try to effect their lives by making them have better feelings. Feeling better about themselves and things around them, about the future and all those things.

What’s interesting is that when people are happy they treat other people better, it’s this huge compounding thing. It’s like a ripple, I hate using that because if you guys listened to the podcast back from day one, back when we were working on the project Rippln, but it never went. That was the whole concept. Throw a rock into the middle of a pond, what happens? There’s a ripple and it keeps going all the way out to the edge of the pond. And that’s kind of what we’re doing. We’re gathering people together, give them this ripple in their lives and it goes out.

It’s kind of corny when you say, “We’re going to change the world.” But we kind of are. Isn’t that cool when you think about it that way? The thing you’re doing has an impact and it changes somebody else’s life and it changes somebody else’s and it kind of ripples out.

So anyway, with that said, I just wanted to state that everyone keep on doing what you’re doing despite some of the pressure and stress and things that go into it. The ups and downs and failures and successes. All of those things are all wrapped into it. When all is said and done, what’s the real purpose? We’re gathering our people. Gather your people, they will come to you, the right people. And not everyone’s going to come to you or me or anyone, there’s people who can’t stand me. Especially after some of my fun jokes and stuff recently. There’s a lot of people who don’t like me. That’s cool. I don’t mind. It used to bug me, but it’s okay now. Because what is important, is my people, the people I am congregating will hear my voice, come to me and listen and I’ll be able to have impact and hopefully cause a change and make their lives better.

Like I said, my goal is to gather gatherers, and I think what fires me up more than anything is knowing that if I can affect you and help you gather more people, or serve more people at a higher level, if I can affect you and again, I’m not talking to everyone listening to this podcast, I’m talking to you. Yes, you the one listening right now. If I can affect you, to help people and to cause that gathering amongst your people, how cool is that? There’s thousands or millions of people that you can affect, that I never could. Because my gifts aren’t what yours are. But your gifts are special.

And I don’t want to, I think I might have bragged them yesterday because I’m so excited about it. But Brandon and Kaelin from Inner Circle, their numbers are insane right now. They’re getting 500 people a day joining their program. 500 women a day are coming and they’re helping these women look at themselves differently and lose weight and feel better. And usually what happens, I don’t know about you, but when I get on a weight loss kick, what do I do? I tell my friends and family and spouse and kids and we all, it’s a ripple effect that goes out there.

And I can’t do what Kaelin does. I can’t do what Tara does. I can’t do what….I’m trying to think of everyone in my inner circle. All the people we effect in the work, I can’t do what you do. But if I can help you gather more people and serve them at a higher level, that’s the key. That’s my mission.

Anyway, I thought that was kind of cool. I hope it helps you think about what you do a little bit.  And understand that that’s the goal, gather your people and that could be through building a list, podcasts, groups, whatever it is, you’re gathering people together and you’re trying to serve them at the highest level possible. That’s it, that’s the game. When you do that, they’re going to feel good. And when they feel good, people around them will feel good and it’ll trickle down. Kind of cool.

Anyway, I’m getting close to the dentist, but I’m still stuck in a lot of traffic, but I’m going to bounce, cause I am behind on my Voxers and my inner circle members need some responses, dang it. So I’m going to go catch up with them. Appreciate you all and we will talk soon.

Mar 13, 2017

An observation on people’s webinars who aren’t having the success that they want.

On this episode Russell talks about The Perfect Webinar and how people get confused about not teaching and goes over what you need to do.

Here are some interesting things in this episode:

  • How much money Russell is hoping to make this weekend at a seminar.
  • And why you should be teaching the “What” and selling the “How”.

So listen below if you are struggling with The Perfect Webinar, this might be why.


Good morning everybody, this is Russell. I’m out riding my bike to the office because today is a beautiful day. I hope the wind’s not too loud. Anyway, there’s a huge hot air balloon out in the sky. This is a sign that it’s going to be an amazing day, it’s gotta be.

And then this morning I woke up at 5:00, which was awesome, I got three hours worth of stuff done, well probably two and a half hours before the kids were up. I’m feeling good and excited for today. This whole week is going to be amazing. This weekend I’m flying out to speak to Grant Cardone’s audience, teach those guys about some funnels, which is going to be so much fun. In fact, I’m going to fly for forever, by I fly Friday all day, I land and speak Saturday morning and fly home Saturday night. So twenty four hours, less than twenty four hours and hopefully we’ll go and you it’s kind of funny, I used to be a public speaker. I was doing that and that was my job, my gig, my thing.

I would figure out how much money I would make per attendee, then I’d be like okay, so based on this means I’m going to make x. For example this weekend Grant said there’s 2100 people in the room, if that’s true and his people, how do I say this nicely? They are funnel beginners, I’ll say funnel beginners for recorded history. My guess is if I screw it up, I should close 30% of the room. If I do awesome, it should be 50%. So let’s say 30%, let’s say there’s 2000, I’m not that good at numbers, especially while riding a bike.

So that means 30% would be 600 people, what I sell from the stage is 2 grand, so 600 would be 1.2 million and then I get to keep half of that. So I would bring home 600k. So basically I’m flying across the country to go pick up a check for $600k and I’ll be back in 24 hours. Isn’t that exciting? I’m excited for it, and hopefully I’ll close more than 30%.  I’m hoping 50%, so we will see, but I’m excited.

It’s funny, because I’m not allowed to share how much we spent to get Tony Robbins to come, Marcus, all those guys out it in their contract and I’m not allowed to say, but it’s a lot. Somewhere between, on the low end 70-80 thousand, to the high end, over a quarter of a million bucks and beyond. Those guys are like famous people, so I’m not famous, but I know how to sell, so my check is actually bigger than them.

It’s funny, one of my first speaking mentors is John Childers, he used to talk about that, “I’m not famous but I make 10x of what Norm Schwartzkopf makes on a speech because I know how to sell from the stage.” I always thought that was cool. It’s really cool now, looking and being like dang, that actually happens now.

I wanted to share something with you guys today because I think it’s so tough and you learn this as you keep doing it. So Perfect Webinar, dang I’m out of shape. I’m just moving my feet barely. I should not be this tired, but it is freezing cold out here. My fingers are red and numb. Anyway, what was I going to say? Oh yeah.

So as I’ve been teaching this, the biggest thing how to get people to break, everyone was in teaching mode, and so they teach for the whole webinar and they’re not making any sales or very few sales. I was like no, the content of the webinar is not about teaching, it’s about using stories to break false belief patterns and rebuild them. So people are shifting that singular, and crushing it. For example, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to brag about this, I’ll do it anyway. So Brandon and Kaelin in the Inner Circle, who are amazing, I’ve talked about them a bunch. They joined Inner Circle a year ago. They did 80,000 dollars that month. It’s been now, almost a year, and this month they did a million dollars in a month. Which is nuts and insane and amazing. They’re amazing. So fun to watch them.

So some of you will get it and just crush it. Someone will get it sometimes and forget other times, but one of the big things, mistakes people are making is they shift all 100% to belief breaking and they tell a story but they’re not teaching anything. They’re like, “Well you said not to teach.” I’m like, “I said not to teach, but if you look at the epiphany bridge script, which you guys get more access when the Expert Secrets book comes out, but I’m walking through my epiphany, you hear the back story, the internal and external fears, and from there, you go on this journey and you have an epiphany, and from there you create a plan. So what is the plan? The plan is this what. What am I going to do? So first I’m going to try this and then this, and you walk people through what the plan was. Then in the plan you hit conflict, which causes emotions. You talk about the conflict, the issues that came up. Then you got the resolution and you have the resolution of the external and the internal.” So that’s like the process. But when I’m talking about the plan, I’m talking about, I’m going through it step by step. This is me teaching. I’m showing this is my plan. This is what I did. Step one I did this, step two… you’re showing the “what”. You’re not going into the “how”, but you’re showing the “what” when you’re showing the plan.

I can get people a plan, “Here’s the plan. You gotta build the funnel.” But they still gotta invest because they gotta understand the “How”. But I gotta give them the what. That gets them inspired, they see, “Oh my gosh, that’s going to make people feel like they’re learning” When they see the “what”, and then when you sell, it’s the how.

So I just wanted to kind of throw it out there in case anyone’s like, “I’m doing what Russell said, I’m not teaching anything.” I’m like, “No, it’s not that you’re not teaching anything. You’re doing it through story, with the goal of breaking the belief pattern and then when you’re walking people through the plan, that’s where you’re doing the teaching of the “What” not the “how”. When you understand that part, that’s what makes it crush it.

So I hope that helps, but I’m at the office. Not too bad, about a 5 minute bike ride from my house. Good to know now. Anyway, appreciate you all for listening. Have a great day, great week. And if any of you guys are going to be at Grant Cardone’s seminar, come say hi and please, please wear one of your funnel hacker t-shirts. Funnel Hacker, It’s a cult, we’re not confusion soft, any one you got, make sure to wear it. With that said, I’ll talk to you all again soon.

Mar 10, 2017

Behind the scenes on what I’m recording today.

On this episode Russell talks about the new survey element now available for free on Clickfunnels. He also shares his plans for what his team is calling Superfunnels.

Here are some of the interesting things in this episode:

  • Find out what Superfunnels is and what it will do.
  • How Superfunnels will be able to sort new members by their market.
  • And hear about the cool new survey element within Clickfunnels, which is free.

So listen below if you want to know how Superfunnels is going to work and what it will do for you.


Good morning everybody. Welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I’m heading out and I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of tired. It’s funny, people always ask me, “Russell, how do you stay so positive all the time? How do you keep moving? How do you get so much stuff done?” and the honest truth is sometimes I’m tired and sometimes I don’t want to move forward. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to get stuff done. But I do anyway. So I don’t know. There’s your personal development lesson for toward. Just keep moving forward.

There’s a really cool cartoon called Meet The Robinsons, it’s one of my favorites. When my kids were younger, the twins were younger, we used to watch it every day. But the whole message in it is “Keep moving forward. Keep moving forward.” That’s how it is.

Today I’m a little later than normal, it took me a little longer, but I’m done. I’m moving forward, and I actually am excited for today. This is why, last summer, it’s been a long time, we decided that we needed to figure out who was using Clickfunnels and speak to them differently. Because right now we kind of have one message that we shove down everyone’s throat, which has worked but I know there’s a lot of people who haven’t bought or been alienated or whatever because they’re like, “How does Clickfunnels work for me?”

So we messaged a guy on Ryan Levesque’s team. We’ve nicknamed him Survey Steve, he’s awesome. So we had him do a deep dive survey, which if you know much about me, it’s hard for me to go deep on things. Deep dive survey is so stressful for me. I always run really simple ask campaigns. “What’s your number one question about blank?” and that’s it. Whereas Survey Steve, he wanted to go intense and run the ones that Ryan talks about in his book. I was like, “Sweet man.”

So we paid him and ran this intense, crazy thing and came back with all sorts of awesome, juicy data and we were really excited. We were going to try to get this huge new, we’re calling it Superfunnel inside of our office. That’s the code name. The code name is Superfunnel. We were trying to get it done before the Marcus Lemonis thing, then we didn’t. So I kind of put in on the backburner because I have a few things going on in my life, if you haven’t noticed.

So Superfunnel’s been on pause, but it’s in the back of my mind. This is what we have to do. The book launch is coming up in about six weeks and I know that Superfunnel’s got to be done by book launch because people, we’ll get a whole new herd of people coming into Clickfunnels. At that time we just want to make sure this new Superfunnel is done.

So what is aSsuperfunnel. Basically the results from Survey Steve, was we had basically five different, well I think there were seven, but we were able to combine a couple, because they made a lot of sense, but into five markets in Clickfunnels. Each of those markets uses it differently and we needed to speak to those guys differently. And as you know last week we launched the new survey element inside of Clickfunnels, which is the most ninja, amazing thing on planet earth. If you haven’t used it yet, we haven’t talked about it a ton yet, because we’re just letting people use it first and then we’ll start bragging about it in a week or two, but it’s legitimately amazing.

So we’re using that. When the Superfunnels is done you go to, there’ll be a video of me basically saying, “Hey, this is Russell. Welcome to Clickfunnels.” I’ll say something about, “you’ve probably heard about funnels, that’s why you’re here. You’re probably wondering if a funnel is right for me, if so which funnel should I use. Well I don’t know the answer yet either. There’s hundreds of potential funnels. But if you take this quick quiz down below, we’ll find out what funnel is right for you.”

And then I’ll have a training video show you exactly the funnel, how to use it in your business. So they take this survey, click the button, it pops up, the survey element goes through, they take the survey and we identify which of the five markets they are. And then there’s a video. Basically for each of the five submarkets, we’ve found three core funnels that would work out best for them. There’s going to be a video that I’m recording today, of me showing, “If you’re an author, speaker or whatever, these are the funnels I would use, here’s how they work.” Boom, we make a special offer.

“Oh, you’re in retail. These are the funnels I’d use. Here’s your special offer.” “Oh, you’re a ecommerce, here’s the funnels I’d use, here’s your special offer.” And kind of go through them, boom, boom, boom.  Thing by thing.

Anyway, that’s kind of the plan. Somebody just pulled in behind me, but awkwardly blocking me, so I couldn’t back out now. Anyway, if I get shot I’ll tell you to….if something weird happens. We had someone the other day……This lady is literally taking a picture of our office, she’s probably listening to the podcast right now. You can come say hi if you want.

We had someone the other day Facebook live outside the office like, “I’m outside Clickfunnels headquarters.” It’s kind of funny for us to see people excited about our office. Anyway, that’s happening today. So hopefully soon you guys will see Superfunnel, and we call it Superfunnel because it’s not just a survey and five videos, that’s the beginning. There’s a survey and five videos and based on that there’s five different follow-up funnels, there’s five different…..a whole bunch of stuff on the back end. It’s pretty awesome, but that’s kind of what’s happening.

Anyway, I’m getting these done today and then what’s fun, if I get these done today then next week I can spend time actually building funnels, which I haven’t done in a while. I’m so excited. So excited. Anyway, that’s all I got you guys. I’m going to bounce and let you guys go. Think about that in your market, I recommend and encourage you guys to play with the survey element inside of Clickfunnels, it’s free you just gotta go and use the version 2 editor. Click on survey and it’ll work. It’s intense.

It does as much, if not more, than a lot of the software products out there charging two or three hundred bucks a month. You get it for free. Is it okay if we over deliver? Are you guys okay if we over deliver? I just want to make sure you guys are okay with that, if not I can quit, we can quit making features and doing awesome stuff. Alright, thanks you guys. Talk to you soon.

Mar 9, 2017

Let me show you behind the scenes of what I’m doing on my birthday launch.

On this episode Russell talks about doing a Facebook Live presentation of the Follow-up Funnel presentation he did at Funnel Hacking Live for his birthday. He explains why they are doing the Facebook Live presentation and what it means to go all in.

Here are some of the cool things in this episode:

  • What the 3 ways to grow a business are, according to Jay Abraham.
  • Which of those 3 ways Russell has been focusing on and which one he is focusing on now.
  • And find out what else Russell has planned for his birthday.

So listen below to find out how you can be all in, it makes a great birthday present for Russell!


Good morning everybody, this is Russell and guess what today is? Today is my birthday. I’m an old man. Everyone’s like, “Take the day for yourself.” And I will be, but first, what good is a birthday if you can’t use it as a way to sell a whole bunch of stuff. Come on now.

So I’m heading to the office for the next two hours because we got a cool promotion happening and I want to explain the what, the why to you guys so you can see what’s happening.

Alright, so how do I start this? Let’s see….When I was first learning marketing and all this exciting-ness, almost 14 years ago now, it’s fun because I’m learning all these things and I thought they were so cool but I didn’t have a chance to use it. Now I have this cool chance to start using everything.

So Jay Abraham said there’s only 3 ways to grow a business. Way number one, get more customers. Way number two, get those customers to buy more. Way number three, get those customers to buy more often. For me, the first two or three years of my business was all about number one, get more customers and it still is, I’m not, not trying to get more customers. In fact, I’m trying to get a lot more customers. But the primary focus of our business for a long time was way number one, get more customers.

So now,  as we’re moving into two and a half years, moving on three, one of our big conscious decisions is, everything’s working well, we’re still getting a lot of new customers, that’s under control, it’s working, it’s growing. So the way number two now is to get these customers to buy more.  More customers, get them to buy, then get them to buy more often. Those are the three ways.

I’m driving to my office and the school bus is coming and all these kids are running out into the street. Sorry, I just gotta make sure I don’t hit any little kids. Oh, they’re so cute.

Alright, that’s our focus. For us, how do we get our customers to spend more on everything we’re doing? Obviously more often, that’s creating more courses and products and things getting them to buy more often. So that’s always kind of in the mix as well, but its not the core thing. The core thing is number two, getting them to spend more. So for us it’s all about ascension now.

So for those of you guys at Funnel Hacking Live, you saw when I did the Follow-up Funnel presentation, what was the strategy behind that, do you think, outside of just it was really fun and we got to make fun of Infusionsoft, or Confusionsoft and Lowkey pages, we got to take some swings to try to topple the dictator, which I talked about yesterday, which was really fun.

But the main thing was we’re trying to, there’s a lot of things, watch the presentation, there were a lot of subtle importance. Number one is to cause a seed of doubt in any other system besides ours. Number two is show people that email auto-responders are the past. And the new opportunity is Follow-up Funnels, to show them that we are the only people that control the funnels, so that all the stuff we’re doing, that Actionetics is doing. We’re the only company that can do that.

We’re trying to do a whole bunch of things, but when all is said and done the real major goal of that entire presentation was to get people to start spending more, to ascend. To move from a $97 a month plan to a $297 a month plan. And if you look at the last 2 ½ years $97 a month plan is way more money just because the volume of people. I think we’re at 33 thousand active members, we passed this week. So the majority of them, obviously are paying $97. In fact I think 10% are at the $297 level.

So the goal is getting that 10% to 20 and then 20 to 30 and getting people to spend more, Jay Abraham 101. Rule number two, get them to spend more. So that what’s this presentation was about. We did it at Funnel Hacking Live. I think most of you guys were there, saw it. It went crazy and we made a special offer for if you went all in. You can go over there and upgrade. They get a shirt that says, “We are not confusionsoft”, they get stickers that say, “I build funnels.” They got temporary tattoos, they got funnel hacker stickers, they got 15 follow-up funnels, share funnels with their account. A really good offer. And all they do is upgrade.

But what is cool. We did it all on their phones, we had someone at the very beginning of my presentation had everyone hold up their phones, and login into their Clickfrunnels account on the phone. And then when they got to the end pitch, it said, “Hold up your phone again and go to” and they go to and what happens is there’s a button that says, “Here, see if you’re all in.” and if they’re not all in they saw a picture of Macauley Culkin from Home Alone slapping his face, saying, “Ahh, you’re not in. Click here to upgrade.” They click the upgrade and it automatically upgraded them from $97 to $297.

If they were all in it took them to a page that said, “You are all in.” and they get a bunch of really cool stuff. So that was basically the offer. And we got the majority of the room to go all in, into upgrading and to become full members of our cult-ure. And it was awesome.

So today for my birthday, what we’re doing, we’re streaming that live for the entire world. That presentation, we’re going to try to get everybody to go all in. In fact, this month, even without this promotion I think this month will be the first month that our 297 dollar a month members are worth more to us than the $97 a month. And still it’s a fraction of a percentage, but each member is worth three times as much to us. Maybe it’s after this promotion, anyway, we’re getting close to crossing that, which is one of our big goals, obviously.

So today what we’re doing, we scheduled a Facebook Live on my birthday, starting in 25 minutes, from right now. And in fact, I’m in the office sitting in the car telling you guys this because I’m getting excited to go in there and get all this kicked off. Basically we’ve been promoting, Facebook Live let’s you schedule events now. So you schedule it and promote it and people can subscribe to the event. And I don’t know what happens, I’m assuming Facebook texts you or messages you or something to let you know it’s going live, I hope. So that’s the plan. We promoted hard yesterday, I did a Facebook Live pushing, a pre-facebook Live. I sent emails. Everything trying to get people to subscribe.

The only thing, it doesn’t show you how many people have subscribed unfortunately. Anyway, we’ll figure that out. So we’re going live, and he’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to go on first and we’re using OBS, some new Facebook Live software. It’s basically, hold up a camera and I’ll be talking for 10-15 minutes first, and then I’m going to click play and we’ll play the actual video from the live event so you’ll get the same energy and emotion and everything of us on stage, and then at the end I’ll come back on and make a special offer and push everyone to go all in.

In fact, if you’re listening to this and you want to go in, go to Isn’t that a cool domain name? We had to pay a pretty penny for it., pretty cool. And then everyone can ascend and upgrade. But I recommend watching the Follow-up Funnel presentation, in fact if you want to just see the presentation I posted it on, you can go there and actually watch it if you miss this, if you want to watch it in the future. Watch the presentation, see how I did, see all the subtleties of what I did and how I did. Why we’re creating an us versus them, how we’re getting people to want to upgrade. We’re causing seeded doubts in all other options beside us. We’re showing, again, it’s not an improvement offer. Notice how we structured it, it’s not improvement, it’s all about new opportunity.

Anyway, there’s a lot of cool things we did, and we’re really proud of the presentation. Even if you don’t go all, which you’d be insane not to. But even if you don’t you’ll learn a lot from watching the presentation and seeing what’s possible. So that’s the game plan. I’m going to go in there and test it out. And hopefully we get half of our members to go all in today and to ascend up and I’m excited. I’s going to be a lot of fun.

And that’s all I got. I appreciate you guys, I’m going to jump in here and go live for my birthday.  Then when I’m done, my wife and I are going on a hot date and I’m done for the rest of the day. Then I’m going to pick my kids up from school and we’re going to goof off and eat junk food and it’s going to be amazing. Then I gotta do scouts tonight. Oh, scout leader. Anyway, it’ll still be fun. So that’s my plan today. All of you guys have a good, celebrate my birthday fun, come hang out with us, come watch our stuff, and we’ll talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.

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