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Welcome To Russell Brunson’s Marketing Secrets Podcast. So, the big question is this, “How are entrepreneurs like us, who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital, who are spending money from our own wallets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and services and things that we believe in out to the world… and yet still remain profitable?” That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Russell Brunson, and welcome to
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May 31, 2016

How to get people to profitably join your podcast, follow you on social media, and so much more.

On today’s episode Russell talks about an idea he has for the Marketing In Your Car podcast and how to get more subscribers.

Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode:

  • Hear about some interesting things Russell has coming up this week.
  • Find out what awesome idea Russell had to get more subscribers to the podcast and why you should funnel hack the idea.
  • And find out how you could possibly get a hold of the first 250 Marketing In Your Car podcasts on one device in the near future.

So listen below to hear the details of Russell’s exciting new idea.


Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright everybody, I hope that the weekend was amazing for those who are listening live. Those who….I guess it’s never really live, those who are listening in kind of real time, for those who are listening some other time, hope you had an amazing whatever today was for you. And I have got some crazy, cool things happening this week. I’m excited.

We’ve got…..we’re launching the Keto Funnels for the Pruvit company which is going to be cool. It’s not live today but it should be live by the time most of you guys hear this, within a day or two. So if you wanna see a little bit behind the scenes  of what we’re doing go to, that should be live, like I said, in a day or two. We’re going to be rolling those out, funnels for a network marketing company, so it’s kind of a big experiment. We’re going to be testing out, if it works good here, we’ll probably do it with other companies. Anyway, it’s kind of a little sample test to see if we can build out funnels for companies and make it so that a company person basically comes in, drops in their Pruvit ID and unlocks all these secret funnels, so it’ll be kind of cool to see how the first test goes. I think it’ll do well, we’ve built 2 pretty amazing funnels for that company and I think that people are going to love them and do a lot of good stuff with them. So that’s kind of plan number one that’s happening this week.

Also Bio-hacking Secrets should be going live. We would be going live this week, but we have to record one more product, so Anthony’s flying back out for that early next week. We’ve got the hack-a-thon starting. So we’ve got, this weekend basically Clickfunnels partners and co-founders are all flying in, and next we’ve got pretty much half the dev team, maybe more, maybe the whole dev team, a whole bunch of the dev team, a whole bunch of the marketing team. So for a week we’ll be doing a whole bunch of crazy, cool stuff, while we’re filming episodes for Funnel Hacker TV. There’s a lot happening, which is fun, also at times, overwhelming, not going to lie. But it’s good.

I got a couple of big projects I’m trying to get out the door and then I can start focusing on some of the fun things that are going on with Funnel Hacker TV. But today I wanted to share with you guys an idea that hopefully will be a big idea for some of you guys. Because I think I cracked the code on something. If you think about how most people grow, I’ve been thinking a lot about it, I know Snapchat is the new cool thing, and podcasts is cool, and blogs are cool and all these things are cool, right? The problem with most content things is that the way you get traction is first off, you’ve got to do it consistently for forever which kind of sucks. For most of us it takes a long time before you have success. I was doing this podcast for probably 3 years before anyone listened to it. But I didn’t care because it was fun and it was an easy format. But it was hard because, luckily I was monetizing my life in other ways, but this is your marketing strategy, it sucks. If your marketing strategy is, let’s go blog, let’s go podcast, let’s go Snapchat, things like that, it’s tough. So I’m always looking, how do we beat the system? How do we make it so that we can get customers and people to subscribe profitably? Where we make money every time somebody joins our podcast or gets on Snapchat or whatever that thing might be.

So I’ve been thinking about that. How do I do that? What’s the best way? I have an idea and I’m going to be executing on it, and I hope a couple of you guys copying me, because if you do that’d be awesome. My guess is that most of you won’t but hopefully one or two of you will because that’ll make it worth sharing the idea. What I’ve been looking out is, I’ve been doing…..We’re getting close to episode 250 in the Marketing In Your Car Podcast, which is crazy. Don’t you guys think? We’ve been hanging out 250 days, we’ve been sharing this message together. So that’s kind of cool. My problem is when we go pay, “Hey go subscribe to Russell’s podcast.” It’s expensive, and it’s hard to track, it’s less effective, it’s not the best thing in the world right? I know it was almost impossible to track as when we were trying to guess , we were spending $100 to get someone to subscribe to your podcast. it was obviously free things in your list of a bunch of other things to do, but for me to buy ads to get people to build my following, crazy expensive, not worth it, not even worth the time and energy. That’s why putting out good content is good, people share.

A lot of you guys have found out about this podcast because people shared it with you or whatever. So those are the good things having good content, but I don’t want to rely on good content to get my message out there. Because no matter how good your content is, at first it’s not spreading. So how do we do it? So I had this idea. Building a funnel specific to getting people to subscribe to my different channels and things like that. What I was thinking about doing, and a couple of ideas and tips kind of came  along with this thought process, but one of them I was looking at all the podcasts I’ve done in the past and there’s 5 or 6 that are focused on webinars that are really, really good. Things that I wish everybody could listen to. So I’m like, what if I take those 5 things and I’m like, “Hey opt-in for the 5 top webinar strategy’s” or whatever, they opt in and boom, I just give them the links to those 5 podcasts. So that’s one way I can start paying to get people to opt-in and have some kind of metric, but it still doesn’t make me really money up front. So I’m like how do we do this?

So my big thought, my big aha, I’m excited for this, is I’m going to be taking 250, well as soon as we get 250 episodes, we’re getting close. I’m going to make……I’ve been sourcing it in China. In China we’re getting these really cool pre-loaded MP3 players, and I’m going to pre-load the first 250 episodes of Marketing In Your car on that thing. So I’m going to go and actually pull out the audio intros and exits, just so you don’t have to hear the same song 250 times, for those of you guys that binge listen. But I want to encourage people to binge listen. So what better way than to do that than to give them devices with all those things pre-loaded on it. It ends up costing me $5 or $10 in China to get one of these MP3 players. It’ll be wrapped in my logos and all that kind of stuff, and I’m going to do a free plus shipping on it.  Free plus shipping you’re going to get 250 of my top podcast episodes. So that’ll be basically the offer, and we’ll have some kind of order form bump and some kind of upsell, right? Whatever that is.

So now, I can go on Facebook and get my email list and other people’s lists, and all the traditional marketing channels to give away this MP3 player, which people who download my MP3 player with 250 free episodes of my podcast, what do we know about those people? They’re probably either interested in my podcast, or they will become because now I’m giving it away to them to binge listen to them really, really easily. So they will come through that funnel and after that funnel, now this is my, in my mind it’s my funnel to connect people to all of my social outlets. So day one would be a thing like, “Hey, thanks so much for listening, the MP3 player is on its way, but I want you to subscribe right now so that you can get all future episodes. Because episode 251 and beyond are not on this MP3 player, so you have to click here to subscribe. So, boom, we’re getting people subscribed to itunes that day.

So now I’m causing consumption and then I’m getting people to subscribe. And then day number two is going to be something like, “Hey guys, this is Russell. You know what Snapchat is? Here’s 5 cool snapschats I sent out in the past, I want you guys on this list, because if you’re not getting my Snapchats you’re missing out on some cool crap that’s coming directly to you through the Snapchatty-thingy.” I actually haven’t started using Snapchat yet, in fact I don’t know how it works, but I know it’s the big next thing, so I’m like, how do you get people to subscribe? Well it’s hard, you have to train them.

So I’m going to get a freaking pay for ads until somebody to go download Snapchat, search for my name, click on my button, that’s the most inefficient way on earth to grow a following, it’s horrible. But for people who have said, “Russell I’m going to pay you for 250 of your episodes.” those people are a little more engaged and now I have a full day focused on, “Hey guys, today’s a Snapchat day. Anyone who has a Snapchat you’re going to get blah blah for free. Go and do it.” And we bribe them and motivate them to get them to subscribe to Snapchat. The next one can be like, “Hey guys, this is how”….I don’t know, LinkedIn or Pinterest, or Instagram, or whatever, I’m going to use that communication funnel after somebody gets this free plus shipping thing to connect them into all of my social channels and that’s going to be the funnel. So that way in theory if we execute it right, usually it costs us about $10 to get a free plus shipping buyer, and if we can make $20 or so from that initial funnel, that’ll cover our shipping costs and basically now we’re breaking even, and now I’ve got people’s attention, to now get them into our other channels for free, and in a really cool way that’s not them clicking on an ad in Facebook, but actually watching a video of me educating you, coaching you how to do it, telling them what to look for, to how it all works. And that’s kind of the thoughts. So that’s my thought you guys. So I’m going to be  building out really cool, I don’t even know what we call it, a funnel with the sole purpose of profitably acquiring subscribers to my blog, podcast, Snapchat, all those other things.

We should probably come up with a cool name for it. What do you guys think? What would be a cool name to use for it? Call it the…..oh what if we call it, have you guys ever read the article called the Thousand True Believers, or A Thousand True Fans, is that what it’s called. Oh and there’s a book called the True Believer which is a book about how to start your own cult, not that I’m studying how to start my own cult, but if I was, I would definitely be reading the True Believer. What if we call this the True Believer Funnel. The True Believer Creator Funnel. That’s too many words. Let’s call it the True Believer Funnel, this will be just between us people. You guys on the Marketing In Your Car and that’s it, nobody else gets this one right now. So this is the True Believer Funnel. That’s what we’re going to start focusing on, where we can profitably acquire people into our cult, sure. That’ll be the game plan.

Anyway, that’s my thought. Hopefully that helps some of you guys, gives you some cool ideas. Again, you don’t have to be as elaborate as me, with 250 episodes on, you can go pick 5 episodes and sell it for $7 or you could do like I’m doing. Burn them on a CD. Initially we burned it on a CD we just never sold that one. But as a MP3 player it’ll be super cool, it’ll grow and grow the way we’re looking for, plus I can put on all my other follow up sequences and a million other things. Anyway, that’s totally the game plan you guys. So feel free to Funnel Hack it, rip it off. But you will see me executing it very quickly. We’re getting MP3 players designed right now. My brother’s cleaning up all the audio from past Marketing in Your Car’s making it easier to listen to, and I got to get to episode 250. When those things are finished, we will have an MP3 player with 250 episodes pre-loaded on it, for your listening enjoyment.

That’s the plan you guys. Alright, I am outta here. I got a busy day and I’ve got field day today with my kids at 1, so I’ve got 3, about 4 hours to bust through all my projects, then I am out. Which I am kind of excited for, the day’s I only have 3 or 4 hours to get stuff done, I typically get more stuff done than the days that I have 10 hours. It’s forcing me to get everything done in a compressed amount of time to get to my kids field day today. Cause this is the last week of school for them, so it’s going to be really, really fun. I am in charge of the tug o war, so I’m going to be….just picture this, me vs 10 little kids in a tug o war. It’s going to be so fun. I’m excited. Alright you guys, have a great day and I’ll talk to you guys soon.

May 26, 2016

The most ninja thing I learned at this week’s mastermind group.

On today’s episode Russell gives a quick history of how his Inner Circle came to be. He also talks about some cool things he’s learned at this week’s Inner Circle groups.

Here are some fun things to look forward to in this episode:

  • Hear how Russell’s first attempt at having a mastermind group worked (and didn’t work).
  • How when his mastermind groups started growing he was able to set a limit, and easily fill it.
  • And how this week’s Inner Circle taught him how to be like Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat.

So listen below to find out more about how Russell’s Inner Circle came to be and how to channel your own Sub-Zero.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everyone, I gotta keep making the intro more and more cheesy every single day because that’s the best way to do it. Anywho, I hope you guys are doing awesome, I’m heading into day number 4 of the mastermind meetings. It has been amazing, to say the least.

Let me kind of give you a background on the Inner Circle. It’s kind of cool actually. I launched the Inner Circle, probably 3 years ago and I had a mastermind group in the past but the first time it was 7 or 8 years ago. I launched a mastermind group; I think I sold 2 people into it. I was like, “Crap, if they show up there’s only going to be 2 people and it’s going be dumb.” So I invited a bunch of my friends and stuff and tried to make a full group. It was always okay, but I don’t know. It just wasn’t’ amazing. So we ran it for 2 or 3 years and finally I was like, let’s stop running it. So we turned it off and didn’t run it for a long time.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago we decided to launch coaching again. It’s funny how your mindset shifts. We had sold coaching at 5 so this time I was like we’re going to sell it at 8. So we sold it at 8.  And then I was like, now we’re going to do it at 10 and we bumped it to 10. Then I was like we’re going to do it at 12 and we bumped it to 12. But it wasn’t really a mastermind group, it was more this other thing.

Then I met this guy who had sold a $25K mastermind group. He said he was signing up 2 people a week. I was like, I don’t know if that’s even possible. It seemed like too far, too foreign to even be a possibility. But I was like, let’s just add that as a thing and maybe we’ll sell one or two. So we did and then right away we sold one. I was like, “Crap, now we gotta fulfill on it and we gotta sell more.” So we started slowly selling it. I think at our first mastermind group we had 8 people at it. And that was kind of cool. I was like, alright. And then by the second one we had about 20 people at it. And I was like, “Dang this is getting big.” I remember Bill Glazier’s mastermind group I grew up in, he only allowed 18 people in the group. So with 20 we had a full group and we were giving everyone an hour in their sessions. And then it kept growing and growing. Soon we got to the point where we had 35 people in the group. I was like, Dang. So we shrunk it down to where everyone had 30 minutes. It actually ended up being better because people spent a lot less time talking about nothing and a lot more time focused. So I was like, “Okay, cool. We’ll keep it at 35, keep it there.”

And then the next meeting we had 45. So we shifted to 3 days and it hit 3 days and it was too much, everyone was fried. I was like, “What do we do.” Finally I was like, “I’m going to break this into 2 groups. We’ll have 2 groups of 20ish.” So we broke into 2 groups, by the time the 2 groups showed up, they both had 30 people in it. We were at 60 people in the group. I’m like, “Oh crap.” So we had 2 groups. 1 one day, and 1 the other day. We had a crossover day, so we had dinner together and it was really fun. We’re like, cool we’ll keep 2 groups and we’ll be fine. Then the next time we had 2 groups and both groups had about 40 in it. And I was like, “We can’t facilitate 40 in a group, it loses the experience.”

Excuse me, my throat is dry from a lot of talking. Anyway, I was looking at it, we’re almost 80 people. I can’t believe we have 80 people at our $25K a year program. It didn’t make any sense to me. And this comes back to one of the big things we had over the last 3 days so far. When is enough, enough? So I said, “You know what,” and actually I had years ago, Dan Kennedy asked me, “What’s your number?” I’m like, “What do you mean?” he’s like, “What’s your number? When are you going to be happy?” and I’m like, “I don’t know, a billion.” And he’s like, “All you entrepreneurs, especially the young ones, you just want money, so you just work and work and work. You don’t have a number so you just keep working til forever. You gotta have a number otherwise you are going to burn yourself out. And you will find out that this business you created because you wanted freedom and a lifestyle will rob you of that.” And I was like, “Crap.”

So a few months ago, I was looking at Inner Circle and I was like, “What’s my number?” At that time I also said, “From now on we shut down our lower end program.” Which was a $10-12K a year. I said “You know what, we’ll just close that down.” Which was crazy because it was almost a $2 million dollar a year business and I just turned it off. It’s not worth the effort anymore. So I turned it off, which was really scary.  Then the only option became $25K which is why so many kept joining it. So a couple of months ago I said, “What’s my number?” We’re at 80, I’m going to have 100. And when there’s 100 we’re going to shut it down.” And so I said that was the number and within two weeks we got to 100, which was crazy.

So that became my number. I said, “Look, that’ll be it. A $2.5 million a year business for me coaching and that’s it. We’re not scaling, we’re not growing. It is what it is.” And I said, “With 100 people, how do we do this?” And I looked at some of the other groups out there. One of my friends groups, they run a similar thing and they grew the same thing, about 100 people. They have 100 people all come to one meeting. So I went to that meeting and I didn’t like it. I felt like I didn’t get anything out of it at all. So I was like, I don’t want to make mine big like that. The format that I get the most value out of is the one with 20 to 25 people in the group and everyone got to share. So I said how about this, we’re going to break it into 4 groups of 25 and that’s what we’re going to do. And we will lock it out. So that’s what we did, we capped it out at 100 people, 4 groups of 25. And that is now the Inner Circle.

So we had 25 people here Monday and Tuesday. 25 people here Wednesday and Thursday. And then next month we got 2 more groups that will come through and that’ll all 100 people. So that’s kind of how we shifted our Inner Circle and it’s really cool. It’s nice because these groups don’t have 30 or 40 people, we’ve got 25, so it gives us where we have more time and less stress. It’s really cool, just perfect right now. The only thing that’s lame is it’s hard because all these people want to join the Inner Circle and they can’t, which is a good problem to have.

So I told these guys, “Look, this is how it works. Your seat is here and you’re locked in forever. The only way someone else can get in is if one of you guys leave.” So we have these guys from Ukraine, and one of them, Vlad was like, “I just thought of a good business opportunity for me.” And I was like, “What’s the business opportunity?” he’s like, “No more seats are available. I will sell my seat for $50K. I will come as the partner and they will come as the person. I will get just as much value at this thing as everybody else.” I was like, “I guess that’s brilliant.” It made me kind of smile. It’s really fun.

We’re having a great time, and that’s what’s been happening. So the first…..I wish I could drive with my notebook out, because there have been so many transformational shifts even for myself and I think for everybody else in the group. It’s just been really, really cool. I’m trying to think how deep should I go? And I’m kind of late too because I’ve been dragging my feet a little bit. Not going to lie, I’m a little bit tired. So a couple of the….let’s see. How much do you guys want to know? I should just do a session where we sit down and I share the top 20 things we got from mastermind. One of the cool ones, I’m curious if any of you are…’s hard to explain this without being able to visually show it. How many of your prospects struggle with procrastination when you’re trying to get them to buy from you? So there’s my question for you. I want you to think about it. I’m guessing that most of them do right? It’s the reason why urgency and scarcity are such big driving points.

If you look, I’ve done a couple of podcasts on this topic. It’s a big thing. Urgency and scarcity is what gets people to buy. In fact, Justin and Tara Williams are in our group, they’re awesome. He was telling me, “We pretty much figured out that the only thing that gets people to buy is urgency and scarcity. So once a month we launch something and then take it away so we can have urgency and scarcity.” It’s pretty awesome.  But I was like, “Why does it take urgency and scarcity?” It’s because of procrastination, they procrastinate.

So Darrin Stevens, who’s a ninja, a real world ninja. He’s not actually a fighting ninja, but marketing, sales, MLP, hypnosis ninja dude. The guy’s amazing. But what he’s amazing at is so interesting. He runs events and they’ll make $2.5 million over a weekend at an event, which sounds amazing. But when you look at it, his events will have 70 people in the room, which makes it freaking amazing. He’ll close 80%, 90% of the room with a $30K offer. And the events are free for people to come to it. It’s not a buyer event. People come, put the 80 people in the room and he pulls out $2.5 million, it’s insane. I don’t know how he does it. But he was talking about it and showing us a lot of things they do, all about rapport building. It takes them 3 days at an event to get enough rapport to be able to close people at $30K. So they talked a lot about how you build report.

His wife Jackie talked about universals and truisms. Universals are things that are universally true like for example, come into the room and trying to get people to say yes subconsciously, over and over. Similar to trial closes I teach, but it’s this subconscious thing. Universals like, “How many of you guys in the room are business owners?” 90% of the room raises their hands. “How many of you guys here, work for business owners.” So now everyone’s said yes, because that got everyone. They’re universal. “How many of you guys in the room are men? How many of you guys are women?” Boom, you just got everyone to say yes, because everyone is a man or woman. Little things that seem dumb, but they’re training the subconscious mind to say yes. That’s universals and truisms are things that are like, “Hey it’s a beautiful sunny day out here in Boise, Idaho.” And people are like, “Yes, it is a beautiful sunny day here in Idaho.” It’s something that’s true in the moment. So it’s like, “Hey, we’re so happy that all of you made it here today.” Did all of them make it there today, yes they did. So that’s a truism.

Anyway, they’re using all these universals and truisms to build rapport. They’re using breathing techniques, they’re using all these things to try to build rapport with these people, which is cool. And then this one was the ninja one for me. He talked about procrastination. He’s like, “People procrastinate. The reason why…” He draws a picture of a pirate ship on the board and said, “Here’s a pirate ship, who runs the pirate ship? It’s the captain, right? Who actually takes care of the ship? It’s the crew. You’ve got the captain and the crew. Who’s in charge? Obviously the captain’s in charge. The captain is like your subconscious mind. It’s moving things but then the crew is your subconscious mind that’s actually doing all the stuff to make it all happen. What happens when the crew does not like what the captain is doing? It causes a mutiny. That’s what happens.  Consciously you’re selling somebody something that subconsciously it’s something out of alignment, so your subconscious has this mutiny which causes procrastination. So how do you get people to not procrastinate?”

He did this technique and I wish I could show it to you, but he did it all with his hand. What he does is he starts speaking to the different parts of the subconscious mind. So you have the right hand, I’ll hold up my hand, “On one hand you guys are really excited and motivated and you really want to be par t of this, but on the other hand,” he holds up the left hand, “On the other hand you’re freaking out. You’re unsure, you’re insecure, you’ve struggled in the past. Blah blah blah.” So he’s holding up both hands like the right brain and the left brain or whatever. Like two different conversations.

Oh crap, I just cut somebody off. Sorry dude. I’m such a bad driver. This is why you shouldn’t be podcasting and driving. It’s as bad or worse than drinking and driving. Good thing we’re in Boise, Idaho which means this guy probably doesn’t have a gun, if we were in California I would be scared for my life, not going to lie.

Anyway, so now he’s got two hands up. He’s got one hand he’s got you really want to do this, the other hands like, you’re confused and nervous, and those are the two parts. Conscious and subconscious, the two things that cause someone to procrastinate. It’s these two internal conflicts. So he does this left hand, right hand, and says, “These two things can come together.” And he brings his hands together. So subconsciously he’s brought the conscious and subconscious mind together and pushes it out. Similar to, have you guys ever played Mortal Kombat? Sub-Zero shoots out the blue fire ball? It’s kind of like that. Right hand, left hand brings them together, clasps his fingers together and then pushes it out like a fireball to the audience. So he’s taking the two parts of the brain, brings them together and then pushes them out to the people. It does that over and over again throughout the event. Every time they’re talking about something, he’s looking like, “What are the two conflicting parts of the mind that are keeping this from saying yes?”

So it’s like, On the one hand, you probably think it’d be awesome to have Clickfunnels. You’re excited, you think this’ll be easy. But on the other hand you’re thinking I don’t have time, I’m not a techie person, but if we can bring these two things together and then he pushes them out, and help you guys to see the value of this. Then it becomes a no-brainer. Boom, he’s just taking this internal conflict that causes procrastination, he’s brought those two pieces together and pushed them back on the audience and now those conflicts are gone. How ninja is that? How freaking amazing and cool is that?

It’s been funny because for the last 3 days now everybody’s been doing fireballs at each other during their presentations and stuff, it’s amazing.  For me, this is ninja. I’m totally using it on my stage presentations from now on when I speak and everything else. But where else can I use this? So I’m trying to figure out how to do it with my slides. I’m going to add in my slides something like, add a picture of me with my right hand out, a picture with my left hand out, a picture of me putting them together, and a picture of me pushing it out. And I’ll push through these slides as I teach the concept. On the one hand you’re probably excited, on the other hand you’re probably stressing out, but if we put these things together it’ll help you! Boom. Then you will be successful, and you will join and life will become good.

Anyway, that was a cool one. I hope it makes sense when I’m explaining it. But watch the marketing I do in the future, you will see me using this in Periscopes, in videos, in hangouts, in webinars. Because it’s the most ninja, amazing, cool thing I’ve learned in a long, long time. So I’m going crazy, I’m excited. That was just one tiny, itsy bitsy, teeny little nugget we got in the Inner Circle, and it’s been 3 days of a waterfall of things like that.

Anyway, I am almost to the hotel now, I’m excited. I’m going to go in there and do some subconscious procrastination killing, Sub-Zero fireballs at people, and I think you guys should too. That’s what I got for today you guys. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day. If you want to get on the waiting list to be in the Inner Circle and one of these guys are crazy enough to not re-up, that’s the only way to get in right now. Just go to, apply there and that’s it. Alright guys, I will talk to you all again very, very soon. Bye everybody.

May 23, 2016

This is the key to selling almost anything to anyone.

On today’s episode Russell talks about epiphany’s and how to use them to sell to your audience. He mentions a book he read that introduced him to the concept of techno-babble and why that’s bad for business.

Here are 3 exciting things you’ll hear on this episode:

  • How you should use your epiphany moment to sell the product or service to your audience.
  • Why using techno-babble totally turns your audience off.
  • And why sharing your epiphany with your audience can lead to them having their own epiphany.

So listen below to see how to use your epiphany about a product or service you are interested in, to sell that product or service to others.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to an Inner Circle version of  Marketing In Your Car. Alright ladies, gentlemen, friends, foes, anyone who’s listening to me right now. Hopefully there’s no foes, but I guarantee there’s people who hate me who are listening though. So those of you guys who are out there hating me and listening to me. Thank you anyway first for subscribing, I appreciate you just as much as the people who love me.

Anyway, we’re heading into another week of Inner Circle meetings, so I’m excited. Those who are in the Inner Circle, we basically capped out the group at 100, so if you didn’t make it in, then that was your fault. I’ve been talking about it for 3 years. So it is capped out and sold out. We basically broke it down into 4 groups of 25. So the first group and the second group happen Monday, Tuesday, and then Wednesday, Thursday. And next month will be the next two groups. So if you’re interested in being in, in the future, the only way to get in is if someone else drops out. So those people who hate money will be the ones to drop out. Those who love money and like to get more money will continue to stay in for forever. So that’s kind of how it works. Just cross your fingers and hope somebody hates money and then you’ll have a chance to actually get in. And the way to get in at that time is go to and apply, we’ll put you on the waiting list, for if and when that ever opens up again.

So that is the pitch for something that’s already sold out. So there you go. For those of you guys who just want to hang out and talk to me while I’m driving, I’ve got an idea for you guys today. I’m going to share this in the meeting, but I thought it was really important and it’s kind of been one of the big epiphany’s I’ve had over the last two weeks or so, as I’ve been thinking through things and looking at stuff that works and why it works. I’m a big believer in….a lot of times we do stuff unconsciously, we’re unconsciously competent, we do cool things, but we don’t know why they work. So I like going back looking at why did that work. It worked for some reason, and if I understand why that worked maybe I can use it in other places where I can more effectively craft it and engineer it so it’ll do better. So that’s kind of my thoughts.

The thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot, I’m not going to call it copywriting, because it’s not that, but it’s related to copywriting. It’s the copywriting sister or something. It’s the way better looking sister too. It’s important. I spoke last week or two weeks ago at a network marketing event, and I didn’t have any notes prepared. I didn’t know what I was going to speak about, I just didn’t know I was going to get up in front of about 100 people, I think about 100 people or so, from the Prove It! Community and talk about what I thought was important. And I was thinking about network marketer. I was literally, they were announcing me, I was like, I don’t know what I’m going to talk about, what should I talk about and I was praying for inspiration. And all the sudden what popped in my head was this concept of a bridge.  And we’ve talked about bridge pages before and other things, but I was thinking of this concept of a bridge. I was thinking about how most people, and I’m going to talk about network marketing, but I don’t want that to turn off the non network marketers, because this is true for every business, but network marketing especially.

So most of us, we get into a business, whatever business, whatever we’re selling, or whatever the thing we’re in, we’ve gotten there. We didn’t just immediately jump in. What happened is that something happened in our life and it’s somewhere along the line we had this epiphany like, wow I need this thing, this product, this service. Or the reason why you created whatever product you sell, you have this epiphany, so I want you to kind of…..that word epiphany put that in your pocket, we’re going to come back to that in a minute. But you had this epiphany and then because of that you got into whatever it is that you’re selling today. Whatever business it is, there was some epiphany that happened to you that got you into this thing. And then you got into this thing and you became obsessed with it. You started studying it and learning it, you learn all the jargon and the keywords and all these kind of things that came from that. And you became very educated, so now you know all these things about this topic, and now you go and try to sell to other people and your using all these terms and this rational that stuff that logically you learned about the product or services.

But you forget that typically you didn’t come into whatever it is you’re selling logically, you came into it emotionally. You had this emotional epiphany that got you into that thing. But then you learned all this logic because you get excited about the topic and then you go try to sell people logic later. And therein lies the issue. One of my friends named Kim Clavier, she’s an old time network marketer, 12, 15 years ago I read one of her books called “If My Product’s So Great How Come Nobody’s Buying it?” Which is a great title. And in that she talked about this concept of what marketers do and she was talking about network marketers, but this concept is called techno-babble, where they come in and start spewing these terms and phrases and all these things down someone’s throat that they learned, and it totally turns people off. But that’s what we do because we’re so proud. “Oh, we’re the number one blah blah, we’ve got the industry leading blah blah, it’s ground breaking.” All this crap that we spew out, all the logical stuff that we learned that strengthened our belief in the product is what we start spewing out at people. And the problem is they never had that initial epiphany. Therefore, all this logic you’re spewing on them, just offends them, totally offends them. It’s annoying, it’s frustrating. Dude, don’t try to pitch me on this crap.

So what I was thinking about as I was walking on stage after they introduced me, was this concept of our goal as marketers is we have to give our audience the same epiphany that we had. Because that’s what sells somebody is the epiphany. So if tell someone, “Hey I woke up.” Let’s say for me it was ketosis , I always tell people “Your body needs ketosis, it’ll help you lose weight.” all these things and they’re like, “What are you talking about.” They don’t know what those words mean. So if I come back and I say, “hey what was the epiphany that helped me understand ketosis?” for me I had a friend one time, who was in ketosis and I was totally making fun of him at dinner one time because he was eating chicken and broccoli and not having any dessert. I was like, “Dude, you’re a moron.” And he explained ketosis to me, kind of like a campfire. So those of you who are in a Prove It! Company, if you’ve ever seen the campfire explainer video, that’s how I came up with that video. The concept of that video, that’s what bridged this epiphany gap for me, and that is why I am a believer in the product and the service so much, because I had that epiphany, oh this is why it works.

So I made that explainer video, all I did was I tried to take people from where I was at and give them the same epiphany I  had. That’s the bridge I created to get them over here to my company. So stepping now, is for us as marketers, we have to cut out all the techno-mumbo jumbo crap that we’re so used to saying to try to sell people stuff. Because that’s not what sells them. What sells them is the original epiphany that you had that got you to sell whatever it is that you’re selling. You have to remember what that epiphany was and then the story that gives them the same epiphany you had is the key. So it’s not  you telling them your epiphany, because that doesn’t help. It’s you telling them a story that gives them the same epiphany that you had. Because when they have that epiphany, that’s the key. Then the selling isn’t hard, it’s easy.

So I want you guys thinking about that. Take a step back in time to wherever it is that you were when you had the epiphany that got you into whatever product you’re selling and think about that and figure out what that story was and then figure out how to tell the story. It could be through video, it could be through a sales letter, it could be through a webinar, it could be however, but you’re going to share how you had that epiphany. And when they understand how you had that epiphany, excuse me, when they have that epiphany then they’re in. Then you can support it with all the logic and all the techno-mumbo jumbo that you guys are so proud of, but don’t lead with that, because that will turn them all away. Whereas if you lead with the epiphany and they have that epiphany, they will come seeking the logical explanations, to strengthen that for them. That’s the secret, that’s the key.

Anyway, I’m excited. I hope that helps you guys. If you look at how I crafted that story by the way, I had had an epiphany two weeks ago and I was trying to give you that same epiphany. So did it work? I could have just told you that the key is you need to have an epiphany and then you need to have a bridge story to connect that epiphany. If I would have told you that, some of you guys would have been like, alright epiphany, sweet Russell. But because I told that story and the process, I told you guys how I had the epiphany, hopefully some of you guys had it as well. So I practice what I preach. I used on you what I’m telling you to use on your people as well.

Anyway, I hope that helps. It’s like a dream inside of a dream inside of a dream. Did we just have inception here? Anyway, alright guys, I am in downtown Boise, and the traffic’s crazy. Pretty sure I’m going to wreck, because I’m driving with one hand, shifting with one hand and on the phone with the other hand, so I better go before I die. I appreciate you all, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you all again soon.

May 19, 2016

PLEASE don’t be as stupid as me. This is your lifeline.

In today’s episode Russell talks about when he was a new entrepreneur and thought he didn’t have to pay taxes when you make money online and how his dad helped him not go to jail. You will also find out how his dad can help you with your online businesses.

Here are some interesting things you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why Russell thought he didn’t have to pay taxes and when he realized that maybe he needed to.
  •  Why you need to have a business structure in place that will protect you from creditors and predators…
  • And how you can get help with taxes, business structure and bookkeeping from Russell’s dad right now, before he triples his prices.

So listen below to see why you might need some of the services in your business that Russell’s dad provides.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Car. Alright everybody, I hope things are going amazing. I’ve had an interesting last couple of days. I’m heading home right now to go work on the pinewood derby, which has been another part of my crazy couple of days. But it’s all been good.

Monday and Tuesday we had Anthony Diclementi came out Boise, Idaho and we were working on episode number one of Funnel Hacker TV, which the first funnel/business we are building and launching is for, coming soon to a funnel near you. It’s kind of exciting. It’s been fun, we’re filming the process and story and everything like that. Also, while we were here, working on biohacking me, with some of the stuff I’m looking for.

Trying to get my energy to last longer throughout the day so when I get home at night, all my good energy isn’t wasted on work and I have a ton of energy left over for my kids and wife and everything like that. So that’s been really fun. And then we’re also working on helping me lose a little extra weight, so that I will be a little bit sexier by my…when is it, by summertime. So for those of you reading the transcript, I said that with a lot of sarcasm, that’s not really what I believe, but those listening can hear my voice.

Anyway, it’s been really fun. We did all sorts of crazy things. We were doing these breathing exercises in the mornings where you…anyway, it’s kind of cool. We do this huge hardcore, oxygenation thing where you’re breathing fast and heavy to the point of getting light headed until you’re about to pass out, and then you hold your breath. I held my breath for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Is that insane? It doesn’t make any sense. But if you guys want to do that kind of stuff, it’s in the book and it’s coming out soon. It’s pretty exciting. We held our breath for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. And then when I was done I felt like a million bucks. It was crazy. So I did it yesterday and today, and I’m kind of addicted to that. Not going to lie. So that was cool, and then a whole bunch of ninja, weird things that you will see in episode number one, which is kind of cool. So that’s kind of some of the stuff I’m working on. And I hope you guys are all having fun without me.

What I wanted to talk to you guys about today is something that came to me….My car is like a million degrees. I’m sweating bad. So this is something that happened to me as a young entrepreneur and recently happened to a really close friend. So I want to warn and help all of you guys just in case it happens to you.

As a new online marketer I learned how to sell stuff, and people bought stuff and it was awesome. And then I took that money people bought things with and I took it and spent it on other cool stuff I wanted. And it worked really good, it was this perfect circle that worked for 2 years. Until one day, I was at my family reunion, and I was telling my dad, “Dad, I’m making money.” Because he was asking, “When are you going to get a job.” All those kind of things. “Dad, I’m actually making money online now. “ and I was showing him. And I was kind of showing him some of the stuff I was doing, the money I was making. “This campaign I made ten grand, this one over here I made 22 grand.” These little things, and he was excited. He was like, “Cool. How are you paying taxes?” And I was like, “No dad, the cool thing about this is it’s the internet. There’s no taxes. You don’t have to pay taxes.” Showing how naive I was. He looked to me, “Russell, you have to pay taxes.” And I was like, “No if you sell online you don’t.” I realized later that might be true with sales tax in some states, but it’s not true with income tax. I had lesson number one. Lesson number two was, “Who’s doing your books.” I was like, “I don’t know what that means. I read a lot of books, is that what you’re talking about?” He’s like, “No. Someone’s gotta be making sure that you’re making money, not losing money. All these things.” I was like, “ I don’t even know. This is all foreign to me dad.” And he’s like, “Let me help you because I don’t want you to go to jail.”

So he came and flew to Boise once a month for probably 3 or 4 months. And he tried to catch up my books, so he’s going through my Paypal account and going through my check register. If he asked me, my check register was horrible. I literally had a whole bunch of checks, and I’d write the check and give it somebody and I would write the date and the dollar amount in my register and that was it. I wouldn’t write who it was to or what it was for, or anything. I don’t even think I wrote the day, I just wrote the dollar amount on the stub thing. So he’s like, “I got a whole bunch of check numbers with dollar amounts but I have no idea what they are for.”  We had a whole Paypal account with thousands of transactions that we didn’t what they were for or anything.

It was 2 or 3 years worth of that stuff, so he came up once a month for two days at a time, trying to catch me up and get me to the point where I wasn’t going to be in big trouble if the government came and asked me what I was doing. We figured out how much money I actually owed the government, and we paid that. Then from that point forward, we were at a clean slate and we could actually move forward. That has been hugely important and successful in any kind of businesses. So that’s something that was really needed for me.

A little while after my dad came to one of my events and kind of told that story to our audience, and he talked about also business structuring. I wasn’t structured at all, so I was paying all these extra taxes, FICA and Medicare and a whole bunch of other things. And I had no protection, so if someone would have sued me because of ZipBrander or one of my initial, my early products. How to make a potato gun. If they would have sued me, I would have been in big trouble, whereas now we have protected ourselves. In fact, we’re working on a webinar right now with him called Creditors and Predators, it’s like how to structure your business to protect yourself from people who want your money. It can be the government, it can be lawyers, it could be a lot of things. And so that’s kind of the thing we’re working on.

But he came and talked about that with our group, and he offered to help set up people’s businesses, as well as do bookkeeping and stuff like that. So he built up a little small team of people to do bookkeeping. And he kind of does it now for internet entrepreneurs like me and like you. It’s not a huge business but he’s got….in fact, he at that one event spoke and signed up 8 or 9 people at that event, and then since then it’s all been word of mouth. A lot of you guys I know are using him just because of word of mouth, but he’s never once promoted or advertised since then. It’s been like probably 7 years. And it’s just been word of mouth among marketers like us.

Anyway, that’s kind of the back story. So what happened, fast forward now a little while later, one of my close friends who does some work for me. I was like, “Hey man, I need help with this thing.” He’s like, “I can’t, I’m stressing out about taxes.”  I’m like, “Why are you stressing about taxes?” he’s like, “I haven’t paid them in two years, trying to figure this out. I’m going to go to jail. I’m freaking out.” I’m like, “Okay man, I’ve been through this I know exactly what you’re going through. Here’s my dad’s email, email him and you’ll be saved.” And then he did, and within two or three weeks my dad’s team caught him up and got him to today. Got him covered for back taxes and now moving forward has been a clean slate. And my buddy is like, “Dude, the stress is at zero. I love your dad, thank you so much for that.” And it made me think, I’m betting a ton of you guys that are using Clickfunnels, that are on my podcast, that are just reading our stuff are probably in that situation.

Either one of two things. One is that you are behind on your books, or you’ve never kept books, or you’ve been selling stuff and hoping it never catches up to you. If that is you and you’re in that spot right now, I’m here to give you a life line. The second type of person is someone who maybe you started on a business you created, an LLC or something and you threw it up and hoping everything is right, but you have no idea if your structured right, you have no idea if your taxes are right, you have no idea with whatever. Which was also me. Or you’re structured but you’re not doing any entity layering, so you don’t have one company that holds your assets, and one that’s working in public, so if someone sued you, they can’t take away your websites and things like that. If you’re in either of those situations where you’d like to make your structuring better, more solid to protect yourself from creditors or predators, or you need to get caught up on taxes, or you’re paying too much for a bookkeeper that sucks. Any of those reasons are good reasons to contact my dad. He is insanely cheap. I keep telling him that he needs to raise his prices. He specializes in rich internet marketers yet he’s charging super discounted booking fees. Cheaper than you can get from a typical bookkeeper, which again I……

Anyway, you can never profit in your home town. I’m like, “Dad, first step one, you need to double your prices, and that should be the entry. Plus you need to charge people 10 grand to set up the entity.” All sorts of stuff. He also, he told me this too and this is insane. So for those of you guys, if he does the bookkeeping for you, a lot of times they do your taxes at the end of the year for free. It’s just insanely cheap and inexpensive, at least for today. It will not be for forever, because I am working on a webinar with him, which I mentioned earlier called Creditors and Predators. And he wants me to do the webinar which I’m excited for except for the fact that, if I’m going to do that two things have to happen. First off is  Zuckerburg has gotta get paid, and second off, I gotta get paid. Therefore I am more than doubling, probably 3x-ing the price so that Zuckerburg can get paid for Facebook ads, and I can get paid for me helping him to pitch his services. So that’s coming in the very near future.

And most of you guys will be on that webinar, and you will be amazed at what you are missing in your business, you will realize that your entity structure is wrong. You realize you’re over paying for bookkeeping. You realize that your back in back taxes, you’re paying too much in taxes, a bunch of things like that. And when you are sold in that webinar it will be too late, because at that point the prices will be normal. But for those of you guys who are Marketing in Your Car listeners, you’ve got a window here. My dad just finished tax season, and his people just finished everybody and he’s like, “We’ve got room for a few more people. Not a lot, maybe 5 or 10 people max to come in and we can get them all caught up and set up between now and when the webinar goes live.” So if that is you guys, and you are looking for any of those things, entity structuring, protections, lowering taxes, someone doing your bookkeeping, somebody to catch you up, somebody to look at your entrepreneurial business when you realize you’re selling stuff and that’s all that you’re doing and you want some help, I highly recommend my dad.

He saved me, he saved tons of other of my friends and colleagues in this business and he’s here to save you as well. So this is my gift to you guys for being Marketing In Your Car listeners. I get zero dollars and zero cents for recommending this, outside of the fact that when I go home for Thanksgiving dinner, my dad feeds me Thanksgiving dinner and that’s pretty sweet. So that’s payback for that and the fact that he pretty much supported me my whole life. So I get nothing out of this, it’s something that’s a service for you and it’s something that I think a lot of you guys are benefiting. I would say if you’re anywhere from the start up phase, to probably two or three million dollars in revenue, maybe up to 5 million, that sweet spot is about where most of the clients they’re working with now are, so that’s a good fit. You get above that, it might be smart to get somebody in house to run everything, that’s what we had to do as well. We had to get a full time CFO to manage everything for us because it’s gotten a little bit crazy over here.

But that is what I wanted to share with you guys today, so if you’re interested in that, just email my dad, his secret email address is Yeah, if you go to the website, the websites not even done, it’s an old website because he was going to get setup, then he started getting referrals like crazy so he never finished it. So if you go to the site you will see an unfinished website. In fact, I need to make that a Clickfunnel page, so I will make that, add that to my to-do list for my dad.

Anyway that’s kind of what happening. So if you need help, you can go to my dad, tell him I sent you. Say, “I heard it on the podcast, I’m in.” and he will get you setup and figured out. That’s about it you guys. Other than that, don’t do what I did and think that you don’t have to pay taxes, because I really honestly thought that, which is kind of funny now. So that’s it you guys, I’m about headed home. Headed to the pinewood derby weigh ins. They weigh them the night before, which is kind of funny and then they lock down all the cars. So then the next night they have the weigh in’s that way nobody can go and through on a whole bunch of weight over night. It’s kind of funny. So that’s what we’re doing right now. It’s going to be really fun. So that’s what I got for you guys. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you guys all again soon.

May 16, 2016

Come hang out with me while I’m driving with my hands off the wheel.

On this special episode Russell drives a Tesla while talking to Michael Rutherford about how he became the top earner at Prove It! And how he earned his Tesla. Also find out how you could also earn two free cars!

Here are a few cool things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • Why Russell is sitting in the drivers seat of a Tesla, but not really driving it.
  • How Michael Rutherford became the top earner at Prove It!
  • And how you can earn not one, but two cars by following Russell’s and Michael’s advice.

So listen below to find out how a car that costs 6 figures could end up in your driveway for free.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to the Tesla sponsored addition of Marketing In Your Car. Alright everyone, I’m in San Diego right now. I’m driving by Sea World. I’m in a Tesla driving, I’m going 70 miles an hour and my hands are not on the wheel, my feet are not on the ground. I’m floating, it’s the craziest thing in the world. So I thought what better time to do Marketing In Your Car than right now. Because I don’t even need to be looking….I’m going 72 right now, I’m looking backwards, no hands on the wheel, I’m looking at the camera’s around me. This is freaking nuts; I don’t know how this is legal. You’d think that when Elon Musk was like, “We’re going to build a car that you don’t have to look at the road..” Oh it’s slowing me down.

Speaker 2: The car in front of you is slowing down, so it slows down automatically.

Russell: Oh weird. So the car in front of me slowed down so it automatically slowed me down. You think that the government would be like, “Elon no, people are going to get in wrecks.” And instead he was like, “We’er going to do it anyway.” And now I’m driving it. I’m not even driving the car, I’m sitting in the passenger seat and this is insane. So that’s what’s happening right now as we speak. We’re actually filming an episode of the reality TV show. We’re at the Prove It event right now. I spoke at it earlier today, we’ve been documenting this whole journey which has been really fun. So when Funnel Hacker TV comes out make sure you watch the episode on Prove It funnels. Do I need to grab the wheel?

Speaker 2: Just touch it so it knows you’re alive. Alright you’re good.

Russell: Cool. Anyway, so today we went and talked to the leadership team and got them all fired up about the new Ketone funnels coming out. We got 2 funnels coming out for them. And then right now we’re driving the Tesla to the Tesla dealership, because I’m getting a Tesla through Prove It, which is  kind of cool. So if you guys haven’t won a Clickfunnels car yet, you can come to Prove It and get a Tesla car. You can get 2 cars, one for every other day of the week, that way you’d never have to drive the same car twice in a row.

Anyway, it’s pretty insane. If you guys haven’t driven in a Tesla yet, this is really weird. I seriously feel like I’m about to die, I’m on the edge of my seat. So I’m sitting here with Michael Rutherford, who is the….are you the number one money earner? I know you don’t want to brag about it, but are you?

Michael: Yeah.

Russell: Number one money earner at Prove It right now and tell them something cool.

Michael: Okay so the….about Prove It or just in general? Or about the car?

Russell: This is marketing guys, they want to know about marketing. How did you become the number one money earner in Prove It, I’m curious?

Michael: Lit myself on fire, utilized the product to its highest capability and I told every living being that would listen to me for even the smallest amount of time, and I did it with a high level of passion, belief and expectation and I didn’t care what they thought and I just kept going. And the really cool thing is results follow passion. If you have passion take action and results will come and it’s like a pinwheel. When you get a little result, you’ll take more action which creates more belief, which you’ll take more action, give you more belief, get more results and it just keeps going and going. And then the next thing you know, a car that costs 6 figures that drives itself shows up in your driveway and you get to drive it for free because you gave people the option to buy a product that would change their life. It doesn’t matter what you do, doesn’t matter what you sell, what you share, or what you teach, what you coach. Doesn’t matter what you do, do it with a high level of passion and don’t stop. Just do it more than anybody else and you’ll be number one, if that’s your goal. Maybe your goal is just to find passion, so take action and passion will find you. That’s one of the things that’s really been fun. So it’s crazy cool to hold the camera with Russell while he’s driving, or while the Tesla’s driving us.

Russell: He’s filming me, I’m recording him.

Michael: We got another camera in the back seat and the car’s driving us.

Russell: I wonder if Brandon’s getting nervous back there. He’s holding the camera watching us not watching the road. It’s just crazy.

Michael: Hey guys, life is crazy if you dare to take big action. And it’ll reward you every time.

Russell: How long you had your Tesla for?

Michael: I’ve had my Tesla for 3 weeks and it’s currently being completely Prove It customized at a place here in San Diego called SD Wraps.

Russell: Is that where we’re going right now?

Michael: We’re going to the Tesla dealership and depending on time, there’s a place called SD Wraps that’s got Lamborghini’s, Bentley’s, Tesla’s. The coolest cars all being wrapped and customized by them. So yeah, it’s pretty wild.

Russell: That’s awesome. So that’s what’s happening today. So there you go you guys. There’s some words of wisdom. Now you can say you guys have all been in a Tesla with me. Because you’ve been sitting in a Tesla with me for the last 4 minutes 29 seconds in Marketing In Your Car time. That’s what I got for you guys today. Tonight I’m speaking at the No Excuses event. We’re going to be presenting the MLM version of the Funnel Hacks presentation that I spent the last week building out. Oh, it’s telling me to hold the steering wheel again. Are we going to the right spot or do I need to ... We’re going the right way.

Anyway, I’m going to be testing out that presentation and the offer tonight. To the network marketing industry and we’re going to be sharing how funnels work in the offline world. I don’t know if you know that, I’m showing them tonight the Home Party Funnel, the Hotel Meeting Funnel, and the…I haven’t thought of a cool name for the third one, but I’m showing this is how hotel meetings happen, this is the online equivalent. This is how home parties happen, this is the equivalent. So it’s going to be awesome. I’m excited. There you go guys. I’m going to check out and make sure I don’t die. But I want you guys winning a car, either through Clickfunnels, Dream Car Contest. You can go to, or come join me in Prove It and win a Tesla through here. Or join both and get two cars. Because 2 is always better than one. Alright that’s what I got for you today, talk to you soon. Bye everybody and see you on the next episode.

May 12, 2016

Some interesting thoughts behind the scenes of my MLM funnels.

On today’s late night episode Russell talks about why he changed his presentation for two events this weekend to be targeted more towards network marketing. He also shares a few fun things that will be coming up soon.

Here are 3 cool things you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why he needed to customize his presentation for this specific audience.
  • What YouTube video inspired a new t-shirt design he’s working on.
  • And find out if Russell is finally going to be a guest on The Profit.

So listen below to hear about some exciting things that are coming up.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson welcome to a very, very late night Marketing In Your Car. I know, I know. I swore I’d never do these things again, I swore I was gonna wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning, but It’s becoming crunch time. A whole bunch of things are happening and I’m running out of hours in the day to get them all done. I’m speaking this weekend at a network marketing event. Actually 2 network marketing events. One of them is for Prove it, I’m going to be getting these guys all excited for the Prove It funnels we’ve been creating for them, so I’m trying to get those done. There was a big yawn.

Anyway, I’ve got some work to do to get those done still. We’ve got one of them that….two of them we’ll be showing off at the event, hopefully one we’ll be launching on what day is it? The next Tuesday. That’s kind of the game plan there. Then I’m speaking at the No Excuses event, and I was going to just do my Funnel Hacks webinar that we’ve been doing forever, but I really felt like I wanted to do one that’s more focused on how people can use Clickfunnels for network marketing. Because everyone always asks me, “hey, show me a network marketing funnel.” I’m like, “Dude, technically all funnels are network marketing funnels. The power of network marketing funnels are share funnels. That’s the magic behind it.”

I wanted to show them how the whole process works. So yeah, that’s kind of what I’m doing. I’m re-writing the whole webinar. And it took forever the first day. I think I might have messaged you guys about that. It took me quite a few hours to just figure out the headline. That was hard. And then the 3 secrets, I had to re-write a whole bunch….a ton of time, 2 or 3 hours worth and then finally got it. Then I started building the actual framework of the webinar, and trying to make the stories and interesting parts. I realized there were a couple of things that would be really cool if they were sketched out. The dude that does all the sketches in my books, his name is Vlad. So Vlad had to sketch, I do a really ugly sketch, then I send it to him and then he turns it into an awesome sketch. So I was getting all those done tonight, because he doesn’t work for me full time anymore. So usually I give them to him and hopefully by the next morning he’s got them. I messaged him earlier today like, “Please, can you jump on tonight?” So I just finished sketching those out and handed those off to him, and then I just got a message from him 2 minutes ago saying he was on them right now. By the time I wake up I should have all the sketches done.

Then I just gotta start plugging all the webinar together. I have to create a couple of demos because it’s always scary to do demo’s at a hotel event because half the time the internet goes down. So I gotta create demos tomorrow. Also Robert Kiyosaki’s webinar is coming up. I gotta write all the email sequences, prior to actually writing custom ones for them. Because next week’s the webinar for their list.  I think the last webinar they did, I had 10 or 15 thousand people registered. So we’re trying to make sure we capitalize on it right and do it correctly. So we’re kind for writing a bunch of stuff for them and make it a custom funnel. I think they’re going to start promoting it on Monday, and then the webinar is happening on Thursday through the weekend. So anyway, just a lot of pieces happening between now and then. So that’s why….hence the late night, and not an early morning tomorrow, probably.

So anyway, that’s kind of what’s happening over here. I just wanted to jump on and say hi to you guys. Excuse me. I should not be this tired, but I am. What else cool could I share with you guys? How about this? So a couple of cool things, I’m not even sure before, but they’ve been really impactful. You know we always talk about funnels, that’s obviously a big topic of conversation with me and you guys. So you look at, where’s traffic coming from, what’s up-sell one and up-sell two, down-sell, where’s it go, what’s the next funnel? Look at that progress. But now we’re trying to look deeper and deeper in each step of the funnel and how we can make things better. I told you how I had a call a while ago with some VC guys, and the numbers they were looking heavily were a cost to acquired customer, average lifetime value customer and churn. So churn is something we’re looking at a lot. So what we’ve been doing is adding in stick sequences into everything. So if you join Clickfunnels, and everyone should have got it by now, so you should have probably seen this, but we put everyone through a 21 day ignite your funnel on-boarding sequence. So every day for 21 days you get an email talking about the on-boarding process. So that was a big thing that had a huge increase, decrease in churn, increase in stick.

So Funnel University we just rolled out, I think I had a 9 or 10 day email sequence that’s all about stick strategy. How do we get people to stick in Funnel University? For me it’s all about letting them know what they actually get. Because a lot of times people sign up to get the free thing and they don’t know what they are able to consume, so really showing inside the members area and showing them what’s inside the software. Showing people things deeper. So those are a bunch of cool things that we’re doing. So I would recommend for you guys, look at that. Look at post buy sequences. What are you doing to get those people to like you more? And to consume what you have? Consumption is the key. If we can get people to consume its awesome.

And then one last thing that I wanted to share with you guys because I’m really excited. IF you go to Google and search for cross fit college humor. The first video that pops up, click and play that video. It’s my favorite video ever. I think it’s the only Youtube video I watched like ten times. It’s these guys at Cross fit, they keep messing up saying Cross fit’s a cult, I mean it’s a way of life. And it’s so funny. Anyway, there’s two or three episodes of these guys doing the Cross-fit/Cult thing. I always joke when we were building Clickfunnels, we wanted to build our own community. So I always joke, I think I’ve said a couple of times on the thing, “We’re trying to build our own cult, I mean community.” And that comes from that episode, it’s always the standing joke. Anyway, we just started a design on this new t-shirt. It’s so awesome. It says, “Funnel hacking, it’s a cult” and then “Cult” is crossed out and it says, “Way of life” so “Funnel hacking, it’s a way of life.” But cult is crossed out. And then on the back it says #itsacult. Anyway, congratulations, you’re part of the funnel hacking cult. No, but it all comes from that video. So now you guys know the inside joke. When those shirts come out you’ll be like, “I know where Russell came up with that and why he thinks it’s so hilarious.” Hopefully it doesn’t offend anyone; I just think it’s funny.

There you go. Alright I’m home. I’m going to bed. Oh crap, except for the garage door opener is not in my car. I’ve got two cars and one garage door opener so I always shift them back and forth, and I’m in the wrong car. That means I get to get out of my car and actually go in and unlock it, actually I’m going to go, because the wrestling room lights are on, so I’m going to walk back here. Hopefully you guys don’t mind hanging out with me. I don’t know what else to talk to about right now. Everyone else in the whole world is asleep. So the other cool thing that’s happening is next week, Monday and Tuesday Anthony DiClementi, we’re launching a company together called Bio-hacking Secrets, and he’s actually flying out here and we’re going to be filming him. He’s part of one of the first episodes of the Funnel Hacker TV. So that’s going to be really cool. We’re going to be filming him and me; we’re going to work out here in the wrestling room. I’m going to take him through a wrestling work out and show him it doesn’t matter how good a shape he’s in, but when a wrestler takes the oxygen away from your brain, you can’t survive. Cause there’s always him beating the crap out of me for the next two days, so I got a shot for a little bit, and that’s kind of what we’re going to be doing. Oh man, its dark back here.

And then……yeah anyway. Just a lot of fun things happening over the next two weeks. So he’ll be here Monday, Tuesday filming. And then Wednesday is the Robert Kiyosaki webinar. And after that’s done, I’M going to take a nap, because it’s been an insane 10 days. It’ll be cool.

Oh and then another thing that happened today. Sorry, you guys are getting all the stuff because I have no one else to tell all these things, so you’re getting it all. Marcus Lemonis text me today and said, “Hey, What’s your email address? I need to get you to come out and record a show with me.” So we just emailed his producers and they’re trying to figure out a date in the next 3 weeks for me to fly out and go film or be in one of the episodes of the Profit. How crazy is that? It’s crazy. I’m excited. Alright guys I’m going to bed. I’m really tired and I’m totally rambling, but hopefully some of those ramblings are fun for you guys, because they’re fun for me. Have a great night and I’ll talk to you guys soon.

May 10, 2016

You have to get your customers to vote with their credit card.

On this episode Russell talks about why your opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to marketing. He recalls an article written about Rippln that didn’t go well, and why the authors opinion wasn’t important.

Here are some interesting things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • Russell recalls reading an opinion article about a sales video he had done for Rippln and why in the end, it didn’t matter.
  • He explains why the only opinion that matters is the customers who vote with their credit card.
  • And he also go over why he wont’ give his opinion to his Inner Circle members, when it comes to their businesses.

So listen below to hear why your opinion does NOT matter.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson, and this is Marketing in Your Car. Alright everybody, I hope you are all doing amazing. I had two days in a row of 5am wake ups. So this is good, I’m getting into the cycle, into the late night, or early night going to bed, late night, or early morning…..yeah early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. Is that true? Well, I hope so. I’m testing it out right now. It’s been going good so far. This morning I was working on the Funnel University stick sequence and one of the emails talks about this article I wrote one time called Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter, or it might have been Guess What? Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter. I think I said it more like that.

Anyway, I pulled up the article and I reread it and it made me laugh and smile and I wanted to share it with you guys because it’s important. And the fact is your opinion really does not matter when it comes to marketing. In that article I talked about how one morning, this is back when we were in the middle of the Rippln Launch and I had done this video and one of my buddies texted me at 5 in the morning, he was like, “Hey man, you’re on Tech Crunch.” I was like, “What? I’m on Tech Crunch? This is awesome.” And then his next text was, “It’s not good.” I was like, “Oh crap.” So I went to Tech Crunch and there was an article. And the title of the article was titled: What Not To Do In Your Startup Launch Video or something like that. And I start reading this thing and he goes line by line through the copy for the sales video I created, and he just ripped it apart. He hated it, venomously. Is that the right word? He was so mean about every single thing and just ripped it line after line. And at first I was like, my heart sunk, I was sick to my stomach.

And then I stopped for a minute and started thinking, well all these things were his opinions about why he hated this video and why it was not a good video for a tech startup and all these things, but then I started looking at the numbers and what we had achieved with that little cheesy video that he hated so much. And I can’t remember, at the time I think it generated 300 or 400 thousand opt-in members. And we were average 30 thousand opt-ins a day from this one video. And I was like, it may be that he didn’t like it, but it didn’t mean it didn’t work. It was working perfectly. And I started thinking back, about all the split testing stuff that we used to do. The way Todd and I used to do our split testing, I would go and create the best version I possibly could and he would make up these tests, and half the tests I was so embarrassed by. I was like, “Don’t do that, it looks bad.” Things I didn’t like. And I was like, “No there’s no way that’s going to beat my control. The thing I created is perfect. This is my opinion.” And 9 times out of 10 Todd would beat my control. Almost every time.

I realized really quickly, my opinion doesn’t matter. I have my opinion but it doesn’t matter. What matters Is how people vote. And it’s funny because a lot of times we think, I’ve seen….drives me crazy, businesses that run survey groups, have people fill out surveys, all these kinds of things to try to get feedback on their product. What they’re going to buy or not buy and all these things. And there’s a time and a place for those things. But the reality is that none of that matters either. The only thing that actually matters is will customers vote with their credit card. That’s it. If they will not pull their credit card out of their wallet and vote with their credit card it doesn’t matter.

They can say, “Oh yeah, I would definitely buy that product.” Or “I’m definitely more like this.” Or whatever. They’ll tell you whatever. Whatever it is you’re looking at, but the only thing that matters is not your opinion, it’s not even your customer’s opinion. The only thing that actually matters is them voting with their credit card. That’s how they vote. They can’t vote by saying, “Yes I would do that. Oh yeah, I’d buy that.” Only way that they can vote is by actually pulling their credit card out, that’s the only vote that matters, that is if you look at….that’s how it should be with the presidency. You should vote, but you should vote with your credit card. And the more money you’re willing to spend voting on a candidate, the more votes you get. Because then it actually matters. The only thing that actually matters is how they vote with their credit card. That’s the only truth, everything else is opinion and opinions don’t matter.

It’s funny, as a marketing educator, it drives me crazy watching other marketing educators, and a lot of them say blanket statements that they feel are true, that I know aren’t true. And I’m not going to tell all the specifics, because the person’s really cool. But I’m in a Mastermind Group, and they wanted me to give a talk, a short talk. So I was giving this short talk, ahead of time they had this public speaking coach, who wanted to get on the phone with me and walk through my talk with me. So I got on and was kind of interested in what he had to say, and what was interesting was that he kept sharing all these opinions about the stuff I was doing wrong and how I should have done it instead and all these things. And while I have a lot of respect for the guy and his opinions, I know that his opinions were wrong. Not because I’m arrogant or I’m boastful or anything like that, I might be but that’s not the reason I knew they were wrong.

I knew they were wrong because I had split tested these messages. I had split tested the verbiage and how I used it. I knew which one out converted. He used to tell me, “No you have to go this way.” And I was like ugh. I was respectful and I was like, okay. And I did it that way for him and for the group, but I knew it was wrong. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that his opinion was wrong because we had split tested. And I wanted to step back and be like, “But you know, I have run hundreds of thousands, if not millions of visitors through a path, that uses the message, you’re trying to get me to use, vs the one I’m using here and I know that this one wins. Every single time. I don’t even have to guess any more. It’s not worth testing anymore because I know based on millions of people voting or not voting with their credit card, that I’m right. And it’s just killing me because……but I respected him and the situation so I followed that even though I knew it was wrong.

And I just want all you guys to understand, our opinions really don’t matter. I get people in the Inner Circle all the time, “Russell, can you look at this page and give me your opinion?” I’m like, “No, I don’t want to give you my opinion. My opinion could dramatically screw things up. As we’re building I will give you my opinion because this is the direction I would go, based on everything I know, this is the best chance of success, so create that first and then I’m not going to give you a review because my opinion doesn’t matter. The only opinion that matters, is the opinion of the buyers in your specific market. So create it the best you can, and then you go and you buy ads, and you get people to come, and then they vote with their credit card, and that’s how we know if we got a winner. If people vote with their credit card. If they don’t, I don’t care how pretty it is, how many awards it wins, or how nice it sounds. The only thing that matters, when all is said and done, is will people vote with their credit card. And that’s the key.”

So the sooner you are okay humbling yourselves, I’m the same way, I have to continue to humble myself and I do every time Todd destroys me in a split test, every time something I create doesn’t work, or every time we test things and we figure out things that do work, I get humbled every single time. I realize that man, I’m not as great as I think I am. My opinion does not matter. The only opinion that matters is that of my customers who are pulling their credit cards out and voting.

So watch that closely. Watch what is causing them to vote with their credit card and watch what’s not. And that’s how you’re going to learn and that’s what you should base your judgment and opinions on. Not on what you like or don’t like, because what you like doesn’t matter. The guy at Tech Crunch did not like my copy, yet it was probably the highest converting message I had ever written. And because he thought it was wrong, does not make it wrong. People were voting, and that’s the only thing that really matters. So there’s your marketing lesson for today. I’m at the office. I’m going to go get some work done and try to get some customers to vote with their credit cards. So that’s the plan. Anyway, I appreciate you all. Have a great day and we’ll talk to you guys all again soon. Bye.

May 6, 2016

Why it’s hard to be a Mom (as a Dad), and my interesting call with the VC’s today.

On this episode Russell talks about a meeting he had with some VC’s during which he confused them by already being profitable. He also picks up his son Aiden who tells an interesting and confusing story of his own.

Here are 4 fun things you’ll hear in today’s episode:

  • Why Clickfunnels doesn’t need money from VC’s and why the VC’s were confused about it.
  • Find out how you can confuse VC’s too.
  • Hear Aiden tell a story about Norah.
  • And find out why he wears Harry Potter glasses.

So listen below to find out how to confuse VC’s, and to hear a cute 5 year old tell a story.


Hey everyone this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in the Mommy Mobile. Hey everyone, yes I’m taking mom duty on today. I’ve got Norah in the back seat, we’re going to pick up Aiden from school. I happen to be one minute late already. It’s hard to be a mom, no one ever told me this, but it’s hard.

Anyway, so that’s what’s happening today. The reason why I’m a little bit late, is we just got off a call with some VC people, which is kind of cool. First off, they’re super cool people, I really enjoy them and everything. But it was interesting conversation. You guys want to hear behind the scenes of some of the funny stuff? In fact, I’m going to title this podcast, how to confuse the VC’s. Because it’s interesting, they have been trying to talk to us for a while and we basically said, “We’re not looking for money, sorry.” And they’re like, “We know you’re not, but we still wanna talk.” And we’re like, “No, we’re not interested.” And they’re like, “Please? We’ll fly out to Boise.” And we’re like, “No.” Anyway, so finally got the call set up. But it’s just funny. I feel like we’re in a good position….Can you guys hear Norah back there, guys?

Anyway, I feel like we’re in a good position. I told my team, “I feel like we’re the hot girl that doesn’t really want it, so everybody wants her so much more.” Anyway, we’re not interested in taking it, but we thought it might be fun to talk to them. Maybe, who knows? Whatever. But we had a conversation, and it was cool. Like I said, super cool guys, enjoyed that whole thing. But it was interesting, if you look at what they’re looking for, there’s 3 core metrics that the VC’s want. They want what’s the cost to acquire a customer? What’s the lifetime value of that customer? And what’s your churn? Those are the 3 core metrics that they asked about that we kind of knew going into it.  And what’s cool is that because of all the funnel stuff that we do, and hopefully you guys are doing, it totally confuses the VC’s.

They have one way of doing things. What’s your cost to acquire a customer? And we’re like, “All of our customer’s are free.” And they’re like, “No, that doesn’t make sense. How much does it cost?” And I’m like, “Well, if we buy ads from Facebook straight leads to a trial, it’s like $150 a member.” And they’re like, “Wow, that’s really good.” And I’m like, “Yeah, it’s really good but we don’t do it.” And they’re like, “Why don’t you do it? You should be spending that money all day long.” “Because we’re a start up boot strap. The money we’re spending is out of my own pocket, and we’re good enough at funnels, that if I’m not profitable at breakeven point of sale, I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to go in the whole too much. If I had a hundred million dollars in VC’s, sure we’ll go waste money on dumb marketing, but we are smart enough to be profitable up front. This is how it works, we’ve got front-end offers, or my free book offers, or The Perfect Webinar script or things like that. What happens, is we buy ads on Facebook, cost us $10-$15 to acquire a customer there, but we make $30-$45 in the funnel, therefore we make $25-$30 from every single customer that comes into our world. And we have a huge follow-up sequence in place that we promote that then gives us all of customers for free. In fact, we make money ahead of time, before they ever become a customer, and then our email sequence gets them into our program for free.”

They’re like, “That doesn’t make sense.” I don’t think they believed us. I was like, “No, this is how it works. We do have a customer acquisition cost on different channels, like affiliates we pay out 40% up to 45%, we give away cars and stuff.” And they’re like, “What? You give away cars? Why would you do that?” I’m like, “Because that’s awesome. That’s how it works. It’s all about recruiting sales teams. Then people come in now we’re selling on-board, we’re selling certifications, things like that. So we’re crazy profitable.” They don’t understand it because they come from worlds that aren’t profitable typically. So we’re showing them our numbers and then we show them the numbers and he’s like, “Wow. I don’t think you guys understand what you guys have right here.” I was like, “Yes, we do. This is why we’re not looking to take money. Everything’s fine. We’re really good at funnels.” Then the next question was, lifetime value of a customer, right. That one was an easier metric, but we’ve only been in business for a year and a half so it’s hard because our customers have to start using us, if they don’t leave us very high. So we showed what the lifetime value of a customer was, but it’s not accurate because the numbers are growing so fast. Alright I’m at the school, I gotta pick up Aiden, I’ll finish up this podcast when I get back.

Alright, I got Aiden and he’s talking about some movie called

Aiden: No it was called

Russell: Anyway, to finish off my thought….oh wait, what?

Aiden: Also, do you want me to tell you a story?

Russell: Yes, tell us a story.

Aiden: Okay, so at first starts with and its….wait, I actually kind of forgot it Dad.

Russell: Alright, so that’s Alright, let me talk…

Aiden: That’s only half of it.

Russell: I’m going to talk for a minute and if you wanna tell them the rest of the story tell me okay.

Alright so the last have of the story is Churn. They’re like, “What’s your churn?” we’re like, “If you look at the last 3 or 4 months, it’s decreased dramatically.” And they’re like, “how much?” and we’re like, “well I think it before it was at 16% and we added in this one step in the funnel and it dropped it to 12% and then we added in this 21 day ignite your funnel, communication funnel, our on-boarding funnel after they come on, and we dropped down to 9%.” And they’re like, “You dropped it that much in a short period of time?” and we’re like, “Yeah, that’s what we do. We test things, we test all the steps and process and try to decrease churn and we’re always looking to get it better and better and better.”

Anyway, it was just so funny because I don’t think they’re used to these kinds of things. They’re used to having a bunch of money and spending tons to acquire a customer. I was listening to a thing the other day and it talked about Hubspot. They said that Hubspot cost them $10,000 to acquire a customer. Excuse me, maybe it was $1,000 to acquire a customer. Something crazy like that. I’m like, “Are you serious?” It’s so much easier when you understand what you guys understand, what we understand with all these front end funnels. That’s the magic. And then the webinar funnels are profitable, dramatically profitable up front. It doesn’t make sense to them.

Aiden: Dad?

Russell: What bud?

Aiden: I remember it.

Russell: Alright Aiden remembers it, hold on, he’s back.

Aiden: Okay, then the person says, That’s Norah. That’s Zap.  So that’s Norah, and that’s Zap? No! That’s Norah, and that’s Zap. So that’s the rooms zap. And then the baby’s Norah? No! This is Norah, this is Zap.

Russell: You guys all getting that? So, this is Norah and this is Zap.

Aiden: This is Norah, and this is Zap? Yes!

Russell: Nice. So there….I don’t know what he’s talking about, it’s something……Is it a movie you saw?

Aiden: The end. Yeah.

Russell: Oh the end. So that’s a movie…Did you watch that today or is that something you made up?

Aiden: …..but I still like make it .I didn’t watch it today, but I just have to do it on the movie. Like on a camera, then everybody will watch it and they’ll like it.

Russell: That makes more sense. So Aiden right now is wearing some cool Harry Potter glasses.

Aiden: Because I’m a big fan and my eyes are really hurty.

Russell: Because he’s a big fan and his eyes are really hurty. So we went and took him to an eye appointment and his eyes were amazing. So we ordered some…but he wanted Harry Potter glasses really, really bad, huh bud? So we went on Amazon and ordered some, but the wrong ones came. What were they? Did you like the first one’s that came?

Aiden: No.

Russell: No, he did not like the first ones. So we ordered some new ones, and they came and looked awesome. They are about half the size of his head, but he wears them everywhere. Wore them to school today huh?

Aiden: They also like them. They’re really ……..

Russell: And his friend said, “You look weird with them.” But he still loves them.

Anyway, so that’s what I got for you today. I gotta bounce and play with my kids. Just wanted to share that, I thought it was interesting. So that’s how you confuse a VC, have really profitable up front funnels, lower your churn through on-boarding funnels. Increase your lifetime value by having an amazing product and they’re going to be like, “What>? That doesn’t make sense. Why is it so good?” And hopefully you’ll get people coming to you as well. Anyway, I hope that helps you guys. That’s all I got. I’m out of here. Appreciate you all. Talk to you guys again soon. Oh what? One more thing. Say it again.

Aiden: Bye.

Russell: Aiden says bye. Bye everybody.

May 4, 2016

Step one in our planning for the new

On today’s episode Russell talks about an idea he has for a new show about Russell and his team doing funnels for businesses. He explains what kinds of things you’d see on the show.

Here are 3 cool things on this episode:

  • What the name of this new TV show would be.
  • What companies Russell already has in mind to be on the show.
  • And what kind of behind the scenes stuff you would be able to see on the show.

So listen below to hear all about Funnel Hacker TV.


Hey, hey, hey, I hope you guys are doing amazing, welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright, so I did one this morning, a podcast, which was 3 minutes long because I was preparing for our meeting, and I was talking really fast, but hopefully some of you guys got some cool value out of that. But I have something I wanna talk to you guys about, but I’ve been all bottled up because I’ve had 9o’clock meetings, when usually I’m in the car right before 9. Anyway, I’ve just had less time to talk and hang out. So I’m going right now to the store to grab some stuff for my wife, so this gives me a cool opportunity to share some cool stuff for you guys. Hope you don’t mind.

So I am crazy excited right now about something that we’re doing that I think is going to be amazing. I don’t know. I’m kind of nervous to tell you guys, not even everyone on my team, not even my partners know this yet. Todd will probably find out about this from this podcast. And maybe Dylan, I don’t know if he listens or not. Kind of what we’re thinking. How has marketing been done up to this point? It’s all about creating cool funnels, driving traffic and that conceptual thing. Or doing Periscopes or hang outs, or cool things. All I’m trying to figure out….I’m trying to be the next level, the bleeding edge, the next cool thing. I was trying to really figure out how do we….I feel like we built a really cool brand and a community and all this kind of stuff. How do we expand that? How do we take that to the next level and make it bigger and better?

So that was the question. Last week my wife and I were out visiting our nanny, who just had a baby so we went and saw her and saw the baby and everything. So we were driving around and talking before we went to Jack in the Box. Was it Jack in the Box? Anyway, some horrible fast food restaurant, that tastes way too good, and definitely not on any of the diets on earth, but nevertheless we went there with the kids. And as we’re driving we’re talking about HGTV’s Flip That House, and we’re talking about just some things like that and as we’re driving all the sudden this inspiration I feel it just hit me from above thinking…saying, the cool thing about those shows is that they pick a house, rehab a house, you watch the whole process and in that process they’re telling the back story and all these things. They have this sub-story of things happening. Each week there’s a house that they’re finding, they’re rehabbing it, flipping it or whatever and making it awesome. That was our favorite one, with Chip and Joanne Gains, but all the house shows are similar.

I was thinking about it, we’re working on a lot of side projects. Things I’m kind of doing on the side. Funnels I’m building for companies that we’ve traded equity for, stuff like that. And I was like, wouldn’t it be cool if we made our own reality tv show and showed behind the scenes, so people could actually see  what happens? And I started thinking of different funnels I’m working on and one of them is Bio-hacking Secrets with my friend Anthony Diclementi. We’ve already recorded so much cool footage of him with his Cryosauna with laser lights, and all these crazy….the visuals are already amazing, because we’ve been filming the whole process and we’re about to launch it. I’m like, you’re building all this stuff behind the scenes and no one gets to see it and it doesn’t really help the Clickfunnels community other than some of them hear about it later. But I’m like, what if that became a thing and each week we pick a funnel that we’re building anyway and we build it out live and everyone gets to see the story? And it’s not just like a boring thing us in the office like, “Blah blah blah.” Make it fun and exciting and have story lines and a whole bunch of things like that. So that’s kind of the idea.

So we’ve mapped out the first 12 episodes, 12 funnels and some of them are projects like Bio-hacking secrets, the prove it funnels we’re working on, a couple things like that and some of them….For example, tomorrow I’m actually being interviewed, or he’s interviewing me or something I guess, I don’t even know. Robert Kiyosaki are getting on meeting and we’re recording it, gonna pre-record this intro for the webinar. Because me and him are doing a big webinar next month. And he can’t show up on them live because he’s going to be out of the country, so we’re filming the intro together and then we’ll show the intro and I’ll do the webinar live to his whole list. And his list is crazy huge, so we could in theory, I don’t know do half a million or million dollar webinar, and wouldn’t that be a cool episode to film that whole thing? Film me tomorrow as I’m driving to the office, freaking out excited and there film behind the scenes of me interviewing Kiyosaki and us being on this thing together. And film the webinar actually happening and showing all the nervousness before and showing people registering and showing up and stats and numbers, and doing the webinar and showing the pitch, the close, the percentages. Just showing the whole thing. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Or with Bio-hacking Secrets, we’re about to launch. It’s a free book funnel, plus a tele-seminar funnel, plus a webinar high ticket funnel. All of that Is 90% done. So we’re going to fly Anthony out and film the story of us launching this thing, and how we buy the ads and how we get the right things and testing the campaign and seeing what’s converting and what’s not converting. Doing all the stuff we do anyway, but showing you guys behind the scenes of it, in a really cool, fun exciting thing. Wouldn’t that be fun? So that’s kind of the first half. Again, I’m trying to think, how do we make this fun and engaging and exciting. Recently one of our fellow funnel hackers started working for me, and he’s in the office, sits right behind my desk. His name is Steven Larsen, some of you guys may know him, so he’s been actually…I’ve been focusing a little more on strategy since he’s been here and he’s been focusing on building out and we’ve been kind of going back and forth until something looks really good. So I thought on the show, instead of me talking about it and building it and being really annoying person who thinks he’s really important, instead wouldn’t it be cool if its like, I’m coaching, which I’m doing anyway, but I’m coaching Steven through building these funnels and doing the whole process. And he gets to ask questions and be in on the strategy meetings and all these kinds of things. And that way you guys get a unique view where it’s not just what in my head what’s happening, it’s me explaining it to him what’s happening. So he’s kind of in proxy for the rest of the audience, learning along as this thing is happening, as we’re building it out and seeing behind the scenes as we do the pages and the funnels.

Anyway, I’m so exciting. So we started filming some of them today. We’ve been working on the Prove It funnels. We filmed behind the scenes of us doing the whole strategy session, pre-launch stuff. Next week I’m flying out to actually speak at a network marketing event and a Prove It event. So we’re going to film me in the air flying there, telling the story and those kind of things. And then my next book’s coming out, so we’re going to film that story. And we’re going to show behind the scenes of that book funnel. I’ll show you behind the scenes of the Tony Robbins book funnel. Dave Ashworth book funnel and all the other ones we’ve done and just kind of episode by episode build out different things and show you behind the scenes of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, and why we’re doing it. And the actual numbers, and the actual stats and having complete transparency.

And the other cool thing we thought, if we have an episode that goes live, on the site we’ll have the episode there, you could see each month by month, we could do income reports similar to what John Lee Dumas on Entrepreneur on Fire. Show each month, Bio-hacking Secrets launch. Month one we did this, month two, month three. Show the running stats of what each of these little business, each of these funnels is actually generating for us. And just try to be complete transparency. You guys can look at what we’re doing and then funnel hack it for your own businesses.

So that’s the idea. I’m excited, I hope you’re excited. We’ve been so crazy. We have some crazy ones. One of them we’re flying down to Columbia to go drop ship roses. One of them…..anyway, we’ve got some crazy, crazy stuff that you guys are going to love, and you’re going to have the chance to see behind the scenes of everything. So that’s the first part. The second part, I’m not sure if I should even talk about this yet, but we’re trying to figure out how to make, and this idea came to me, I actually did a Periscope tonight, asking our Periscope followers, “What do you guys think about this?” Trying to get them engaged with the idea and get some other feedback, what they’d want to hear and see in the episodes.

One thing I kind of talked about was, I don’t know if you guys watch the show the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. You shouldn’t, but if you do you know what I’m talking about where they every night that it’s on, people all around America have these big bachelor parties where they get their friends and family, everyone gets together and they watch the episode together live and they talk about it for the next week waiting for the next one. I was like, what if we build these really cool things like mini hack-a-thons or something where each week when the episode is live; people could run a hack-a-thon in their local area and invite their friends and family members have everyone come over and watch this thing, and watch it streaming, and see the actual ups-ell unfold and see how cool it is. Wouldn’t that be awesome. We were thinking about even having it kind of like a pre level certification. Our certified partners could run bigger versions of these, but having this as like a pre thing where you pay a little bit to get in, and you get in we send you a box, and the box has got like 10 Funnel Hacker t-shirts and it’s got a special gift that’s only for people who are hosting funnel hacking parties. And it’s got…..we’re talking about, Steven had an idea of making a lead pages dart board and having that there. A whole bunch of awesome stuff.

But that would be the thing and that would get people all around the country each week as we release these episodes, we release them at the same time, getting everyone on board, getting everyone to watch together, and commenting and sharing and talking. Make it a really cool, interactive community type building thing where we’re all experiencing this together at the same time. That’s my thoughts. So with that said, I would love to hear your guys’ feedback. Hit me up on Facebook or whatever and say “Yay” or “Nay” or “This is stupid” or “this is awesome” or “I would love to watch that and share it with everybody I know”. Because we’re trying to make this a cool thing. It’s gonna be called Funnel Hacker TV. Some of you guys have seen we had two episodes of Funnel Hacker TV in the past, but we’re going to try and make this into a real thing. I think it’s gonna be amazing. So I’m crazy excited.

We’ve got, we started filming the first ones today. We’ve got a couple more tomorrow. The fun thing I’m learning is, and I’ve always been pretty good at project management, because that’s what I’ve normally been doing. But now we’re project managing 13 funnels at once because we’re filming different parts and different things with each one. And trying to make sure we have each of the sections for each of the things. It’s gonna be amazing. I just wanted to share it with you guys. Please keep it a secret. Don’t tell anybody else. Hopefully it gets you guys excited and gets you thinking about cool things you can do in your own community to get people more engaged and more excited and I think this is going to be it for us. It’s going to take the marketing to the next level. And just the community and this whole brand we’re trying to build and take it more mainstream and make it more fun and just make it not a software program. We don’t want this to be that. We want this to be a cult, I mean a community. So that’s the game plan. I appreciate you guys. I’m walking in the store to grab my wife’s stuff. I’ll talk to you guys soon. Have a great night, appreciate you all, and that’s about it. Talk to you guys soon. Bye.

May 3, 2016

These five minutes will change your business forever.

On today’s episode Russell talks about why his company has started doing stand up meetings everyday and how it has helped hold employees accountable for what they do every day.

Here are a couple of cool things to listen for in this episode:

  • How these standing meetings hold people accountable for what they did the day before and for what they plan to do each day.
  • And how they can also help direct your team toward the correct priorities.

So listen below to find out why you should be doing standing meetings in your company.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Car. Alright everyone, so some of my new friends in the Inner Circle were teasing me about our introduction man, what he says, “and now your host Russell Brunson”, so now that I hear that it makes me laugh, so I hope you guys are laughing too.

Some of you might be wondering, why haven’t you done a podcast for a while, and then the second question would be Russell, why are you talking so fast right now? And the reasons are the same. Both of those reason’s are the same. It’s because we started this new thing in our company that’s really cool. It happens every day at 9am, which is in three minutes from right now. So I’ve got three minutes before I am officially late. So as the CEO, I can’t even call myself the CEO without laughing, it seems like such a real business term. Anyway, as the CEO of my corporation, I gotta be there, or else that’s just not cool to not be there. So I’ve got three minutes to explain this concept to you guys and jump on the call.

So this is what it is. What we’ve been doing in our company, the dev team started doing it a month or two ago and then recently we’ve kind of pulled in me and some of the other guys, because I think it’s really effective. So we do these really quick stand up meetings and we do it every single morning at 9am. And it typically takes less than 15 minutes and we’ve got 15 or 20 people that attend that meeting. So it goes pretty quick for how many people are involved. The way it works we use gotomeeting, and when we log into gotomeeting there’s a list of all attendees in alphabetical order, so it starts with the first person on the list at exactly 9 o’clock, which 2 minutes from right now. So the first person gets on and says, “Hey, this is Russell. Yesterday I did blah blah. Today I’m focusing on blah blah. And these are the roadblocks I have.” The next person goes, “Hey, this is Russell. Yesterday I focused on this, it went awesome. We crushed it. Today I’m focusing on this. I have a two potential roadblocks, I can’t figure out this or this. Can I get so and so to talk to me afterwards?” Boom, next person, next person, next person. And we go through and what it does is a couple of cool things. First off, it holds everyone accountable for what they did yesterday, to make sure people actually showed up and did your jobs, so that’s a cool thing.

If you’re having issues in your company wondering, “What do these people do all day?” And I know that’s a real thing because I have thought that in the past with other companies we have built. I remember firing 60 people in one day and coming in the next day waiting for a million balls to drop, and nothing dropped and I was like, “What did all these people do?” Anyway, that lets you know what they’re doing each day. And what’s cool about it is you can be like, “Why are you wasting time on that, that’s the stupidest thing in the world. You should be focusing on this.” And you can quickly redirect people to the correct behaviors, so that’s number one. Number two you find out what they are focusing on today, which once again half the time our dev team or other people on the team are focusing on something that you don’t really care about as the CEO. You could be focusing on something, for example: We’re launching Funnel University and everyone’s only focusing on something that means nothing to anybody and it’s like, “No, that’s cool but that’s our number one priority, you should be shifting to this.” And third thing is all of us get stuck. We have blockers in our business that hold us back from the thing we’re trying to accomplish and a lot of times other people on our team don’t know what those blockers are and that’s what’s actually keeping you from the success you want and need. And so we find out what the blockers are while you got everyone on the team there, so now you know, “Hey I gotta help Todd with these two things because he can’t progress with his job until those two things are done.” It’s pretty cool.

So I’d recommend….because I hate meetings. We haven’t done meetings in years because meetings are so boring and so long and everyone wants to talk about stuff that doesn’t actually matter. We do a meeting and I count…I remember sitting in a meeting and counting how much I paid each person per hour and doing the math and being like, “ That meeting cost me $2300.” Or whatever it was. And being so angry because not only does it cost $2300 but the opportunity cost of us getting our crap done was even bigger. So this is awesome because it’s like 15 and if you a small team you could get done in 5 minutes.

So I highly, highly, highly recommend it. And that’s about it, I’m late for the meeting so I gotta bounce. I hope that was helpful for you guys. Start doing standing meetings, that’s the process, there’s the format. So far it has become magic for us, I hope it works for you as well. And that’s what I got for you today. Talk to you soon, bye.